Golfunterricht – Wie man im Golf chippt

Golfunterricht Wie man im Golf chippt chip

Dies ist eine Lek­ti­on von PGA Golf Pro­fes­sio­nal Bret Hart­man über die Grund­la­gen des Chip­pens eines Golf­balls in Ihrem kur­zen Spiel. Ler­nen Sie mit die­sem Tuto­ri­al-Video, wie man Golf chip­pt. Wei­te­re Golf­kur­se sind ver­füg­bar unter: http://​www​.brethart​man​golf​.net/

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181 thought on “Golfunterricht – Wie man im Golf chippt”

  1. gre­at video man, thank you so much. im a total begin­ner and have real­ly been struggling with chip­ping. this vid exp­lain the why’s and not just the how’s. top notch 10/10

  2. Wow, I’ve been play­ing two years now and final­ly have my scores in dou­ble-digits ins­tead of trip­le. Hoping I can get a few more rounds in this year to try this out. Just the first two minu­tes have been real­ly helpful.

  3. So I just came back from cour­se and the tip kee­ping he weight shift for­ward with the top of the body real­ly works. I had the most solid chips I’ve ever had. Thanks

  4. He has a simp­le chip­ping phi­lo­so­phy, and he exe­cu­tes it well hims­elf. Howe­ver, a gre­at chip­per named Phil Michel­son says that you hin­ge your wrists as you turn back and unhin­ge as you come down and through. Ever­ything else with weight and stance is pret­ty much the same. Phil’s way may­be bet­ter for lower handicappesr.

  5. i did some in my back yard and it was phe­no­mi­nal how much bet­ter i got usal­ly chip­ping was my wild card shot
    ’now its solid

  6. Phil does not say that. Phil calls his the “Hin­ge and Hold”. Phil does not advo­ca­te “unhin­ging” your wrists at/after impact.

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  9. I teach at Roy­al Oak Golf Cen­ter in Roy­al Oak, MI and I just accep­ted a Tea­ching Posi­ti­on at the Rick Smith Golf Aca­de­my at Oak­land Uni­ver­si­ty at Kat­ke Cou­sings and Sharf Golf Cour­ses in Roches­ter, MI. Plea­se con­ta­ct me at 248–459-0488 for fur­ther infor­ma­ti­on. Thanks…look for­ward to hea­ring from you

    Bret Hart­man, PGA

  10. Con­ta­ct me at 248–459-0488…I Teach for the Rick Smith Golf Aca­de­my and at the Roy­al Oak Golf Cen­ter in MI. Look for­ward to hea­ring from you.

  11. love the video..really helps…gonna try …chip­ping is my worst enemy..i can never find a com­for­ta­ble stance when i try to chip

  12. good tips, having no bra­ke on your take back howe­ver cau­ses the short chips dif­fi­cult to con­trol. Stay­ing too rig­ged cau­ses you as an ama­teur to heel the ball.
    A simp­le drill:
    1, hold the club shaft lower until your right thumb is near­ly tou­ch­ing the metal of the shaft
    2, have your stance slight­ly open
    3, have your hands for­ward of the ball and the ball in line to your right foot.
    4, on the take back hin­ge your wrist but on the fol­low through keep your pos­tu­re DO NOT hin­ge your wrist forward.

  13. I love that you actual­ly hit some golf balls. A lot of the other peop­le tea­ching on You­tube never hit the damn ball and it dri­ves me nuts! Gre­at vid. Thanks for the tips.

  14. Thanks fixed my chip­ping instant­ly knowing what I was doing wrong. Was most­ly bla­ding the ball and shoo­ting the ball across the green at high speed

  15. This is a real­ly good video on chip­ping. I’ve been loo­king for someo­ne to exp­lain it in a way a begin­ner can under­stand. Thanks!

  16. I feel like my odds are hig­her with a hig­her shot…and so do a lot of pros, con­si­de­ring a vast majo­ri­ty of short game shots are with a lob wedge…

    That said, ever­yo­ne has their own game and needs to do what works best for them. If hit­ting bump and runs on every sin­gle shot works best for you, then do it. 

    1. This is just superb, I have been rese­ar­ching “best put­ting drills for serious gol­fers” for a while now, and I think this has hel­ped. You ever tried – Gray­son­yon Put­ter Pro­li­fic – (just goog­le it ) ? Ive heard some inte­res­ting things about it and my col­league got cool results with it.

  17. Thanks for the video. i just star­ted play­ing again a cou­p­le of mon­ths ago after an 8 year hia­tus. my short game star­ted out like i had never stop­ped but all of sud­den i star­ted shanking all of my chip shots and could­n’t figu­re it out; was at a total loss. found this video and remin­ded me a lot of fun­da­men­tals.. app­lied what you taught and has worked gre­at. thanks again.

  18. This tip hel­ped me break 80 for the first time. I saw this tech­ni­que on golf chan­nel aca­de­my but not exp­lai­ned as good as your video. Thanks.

  19. I real­ly loved your chip­ping les­son and easy to under­stand explana­ti­ons. I’m an expe­ri­en­ced gol­fer but still occa­sio­nal­ly and uncon­scious­ly try help the ball up. It’s super frus­tra­ting. I’ll be prac­ti­cing your les­son for sure. Thanks

  20. Quick ques­ti­on, do you keep the club face poin­ting towards the tar­get or do you open that up slight­ly? Also, do you keep you shoul­ders on the same line as your feet or do you clo­se them up to the tar­get line?

  21. You are a gre­at inst­ruc­tor! I tho­rough­ly enjoy­ed your inst­ruc­tion and it was also very edu­ca­tio­nal. You rock!

    1. So hap­py to help. I have more key vide­os to impro­ving your game at http://​www​.brethart​man​golf​.com. May­be on the PGA tour this win­ter with big boys with will be some good vide­os as well. Check it out in my site. Will be post wit­hin 2 weeks. Thanks for com­ment, prac­ti­ce with a pur­po­se – time is more valu­able than anything – don’t was­te it prac­ti­cing the wrong things!

  22. As someo­ne who has yet to feel the thrill of actual­ly get­ting good enough to have a han­di­cap, I can only say thanks fro this les­son. I have seen a mar­ked impro­ve­ment in a very short time, and have beco­me more con­fi­dent that one day I will deve­lop some abi­li­ty in this game.

  23. Thank­y­ou Thank­y­ou Thank­y­ou Bret !! This just saved my short game !! Simp­le set­up and exe­cu­ti­on… magic ! I also found that by play­ing the ball a litt­le bit more nea­rer the toe of my lob­bie, I am mana­ging to get a nice high shot with a soft lan­ding. Saving me heaps of shots mate ! Back to shoo­ting in the 70’s !

  24. I was play­ing off scratch now I cant break 80 com­ple­te­ly lost my short game seem do ok when I prac­ti­ce but on the cour­se im topin it doughin it what is goin on!!!

  25. How does the boun­ce gets enga­ged when your play­ing the ball so far back in the stance? I’ve noti­ced a lot of the modern tea­ching is say­ing ball for­ward to enga­ge the boun­ce, your thoughts please?

  26. I was aver­aging 14 over, after watching this and put­ting it into my game I’m now aver­aging 7 over this hel­ped huge­ly thank you.

  27. thank ya sir, i was struggling w chips doin exact­ly wat ya show­ed ear­ly n this video and this has hel­ped just as ya sta­ted, i will b loo­king for more of ur videos !!

  28. ama­tu­er gol­fer here, had major trou­ble with this part of my game. I was doing it all wrong. took your tips and from the first time I tried I impro­ved big thanks

  29. How often would you sug­gest trai­ning on this and for how long like 1–2 times a week and for 30 mins ? to get results for a inter­me­dia­te gol­fer around the 20 ‑25 handicap ?

  30. Nice inst­ruc­tions, but I wan­ted to see how you chip­ped the clo­sest hole. You star­ted out describ­ing that hole, but as the video play­ed, the shot was hit to the cen­ter pin, which is much far­t­her The ori­gi­nal tar­get was much clo­ser. The­re was only about 4 feet of green to the first pin.. Thanks

  31. Wat­ched this video over the win­ter… chip­ping and pit­ching used to be the wea­kest part of my game now it’s one of my strengths. My han­dy­cap has drop­ped from 22 to 17. Not 100% becau­se of impro­ved chip­ping but I would say it’s a big factor

  32. The­re are several fac­tors in how to impro­ve your golf. One place I found that suc­ceeds in mer­ging the­se is the Gavs Golf Tac­tic (goog­le it if you’­re inte­res­ted) defi­na­te­ly the most incredi­ble gui­de i’ve seen. Check out all the inte­res­ting info .

  33. Thanks so much for this!
    You’­ve sim­pli­fied and exp­lai­ned this in a way that makes imple­men­ting it so easy.
    you’­ve gai­ned one loy­al subscriber/fan.

  34. After years of struggling with dif­fe­rent chip­ping tech­ni­ques, I saw your video yes­ter­day and tried it today on the cour­se. Fan­tastic – and so simp­le. The chan­ce of making a mista­ke is so small. Amazing.…amazing.…amazing. Thank you!!!

  35. I’ve been always a low to mid 80s shoo­ter could never chip right after watching your video I’ve been shoo­ting high 70s thanks 👍

  36. This is the one of the best chip­ping-inst­ruc­tion rela­ted vide­os that I have yet to come across. Con­cise­ly put and well deli­ve­r­ed. Its allo­wed me to be much more con­fi­dent in my set­up and mind­set around the greens. Instant impact. Thanks for sharing and impro­ving my game.

  37. Can’t wait to try this out this sea­son. Im more com­for­ta­ble hit­ting the ball from 150 yards away than hit­ting it wit­hin 20 yards.

  38. I agree with you Saman, a gre­at video explana­ti­on of this method, years ago when I first learnt of this open stanced stiff wris­ted pen­du­lum type moti­on of chip­ping, it made a huge dif­fe­rence to my short game, – you have to prac­ti­ce it a bit, to get real­ly good at it, but I remem­ber it being fair­ly easy to mas­ter, I have for­got­ten their names, but the­re were a few famous gol­fers who swo­re by this method and so do I.…a gre­at video, thank you.

  39. Ive just sub­scri­bed to your Cha­nel. This tip is ama­zing. It just sor­ted my chip­ping right out. Can’t wait to put it into prac­ti­ce on the cour­se. Thank you!

  40. Quick ques­ti­on, obvious­ly shoul­der rota­ti­on is vital in a chip shot, should you start your swing with the left shoul­der pushing rest of body out­wards, or the right shoul­der lea­ding the way?

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  42. I was lost, but now am saved. I was chip­ping off my front foot. The open stance was the mis­sing. The locked wrist weren’t the­re. Thank you.

  43. Abso­lute­ly bril­li­ant. Noo­ne ever told me that the chest and cent­re of gra­vi­ty is one of the most important aspects of chip­ping , which is WHY you stand in a slight­ly dif­fe­rent way . Also ope­ning your stance is to help remo­ve wris­ti­ness. Qua­li­ty video. Thanks.

  44. I’ve been batt­ling with the chip yips for a mon­th and this video fixed it instant­ly. So much bet­ter than the other two dozen vide­os that I desper­ate­ly wat­ched! Thank you Bret!

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