Golfwagen fällt aus | Stürze mit Golfcarts

Golfwagen faellt aus Stuerze mit Golfcarts 8-10-18

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120 thought on “Golfwagen fällt aus | Stürze mit Golfcarts”

  1. I got in a golf cart crash on pave­ment with my friend. The. cart was going too fast and it tip­ped. She had to get stit­ches abd I bro­ke a wrist
    We both have pain­ful road ras­hes all over from head to toe. We both also chip­ped our same tooth.

    1. @Have a good Day It’s been one mon­th, i go to the doc­tor to see about my bro­ken wrist. Me and my friend are both pro­bra­b­ly gon­na need phy­si­cal therapy

    1. Some cour­ses requi­re to put a credit card on file when u get a cart. My bud­dy tota­led one & had to pay their deductible

  2. First golfe3r clip, That guy coul­d’­ve real­ly been hurt. I mean, that golf cart was going WAY TOO FAST, and obvious­ly they were not watching what t5he4y were doing!!!

  3. 2:23 was my favo­ri­te! This clum­sy bitch just bails out, lea­ving the old geezer to cas­ca­de down the ravi­ne and fend for hims­elf! LMFAO!

    1. @Mijaro The Dre­adlord Anyo­ne who thinks sma­shing into someo­ne with a golf cart and pos­si­b­ly inju­ring them is fun­ny needs some serious help.….

    2. @John Mer­tes yea no… See I only care if the peop­le get­ting smas­hed don’t like it but if they’­re cool with it then there’s no need for me to be upset over some­thing that did­n’t hap­pen to me when the per­son it hap­pen­ed too isn’t bothe­red by it.

  4. If someo­ne hit me in a cart like i seen, they best hope i don’t get up, the­re is no rea­son for that kind of stupidity.

  5. Me: Try­ing to focus on hit­ting my ball on the green.
    My Uncle: Dri­ves his golf cart into me.
    Me: Goes fly­ing in the air!!!

    1. I worked at a cour­se for years, when you sign the cart out, you’­re agre­eing to pay for any dama­ges. And they did have to pay, I’ve seen guys have to pay for ent­i­re carts.

  6. White Pri­vi­le­ged!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Pos­ter for remo­ving my other comments. I think you should be sued for pos­ting this sta­ged des­pi­ca­ble non–sense.

  7. I tru­ly love most golf vide­os. Howe­ver, if anyo­ne, friends inclu­ded, ever hit me with a golf cart , I would sue them. That is total stu­pi­di­ty on their part, and the­se vide­os should be remo­ved, rather than encou­ra­ge others to think this is comi­c­al in any way. Also, this is why a lot of cour­ses are making us sign for respon­si­bi­li­ty if we dama­ge the carts.

    1. Ikr the ones were they crash into peop­le are fun­ny af but the peop­le doing it are so dumb. Like bruh, it’s not like they’­re gua­ran­te­ed to walk a way with just a scratch and a bruise.

    2. Or may­be just don’t watch the vide­os and let the rest of us with a back­bone enjoy them. The peop­le get­ting hit aren’t mad about it don’t get mad for them. They’­re not being hit at speeds fast enough to tru­ly hurt them.

    3. @Vic Fer­ran­te it depends on how hard you’­re hit. No one in the video was hit hard enough to break anything. and golf carts have no edge.

  8. Dob­son ranch. A day of neu­ro­sur­ge­ons golf meet. golf ball hit cart dri­ver in head, he vee­red off cour­se into a creek uncon­scious. He got up all “Wha hap­pen!” with croo­ked glas­ses and a goo­se egg and weeds han­gin’ on his head. I laug­hed and I was infor­med that made me a ter­ri­ble person.

    1. @Paeng Phattha­ra­porn dude how is that racist that’s liter­al­ly what they do over the­re🤣 I swe­ar peop­le are so sen­si­ti­ve today

  9. Some of the­se were pro­bab­ly acci­dents I under­stand. Acci­dents happen.

    But, from what I’ve seen, qui­te a few, if not all, were on pur­po­se. I’m a gol­fer. I’ve been gol­fing for qui­te a while.
    The fact the­se peop­le are sore careless on the cour­se is ridi­cu­lous. The Owners of said cour­se, spend IDK HOW Much money for Ever­ything on that cour­se. from the acres to the carts on the pro­per­ty. at least qui­te a few bil­li­on or mil­li­on dol­lars ( depen­ding on the cost of ever­ything, the pri­ce can vary). Owners of Cour­ses, have trust in the peop­le to use them If they are Public that is. Pri­va­te dif­fe­rent sto­ry. The Owners of Public cour­ses, trust peop­le are going to use it and tre­at their equip­ment cor­rect­ly. peop­le who dis­re­spect the cour­se, make me sick. Gran­ted when im gol­fing with my dad, we do Joke around and yada yada, but I still respect the course.
    do the­se peop­le rea­li­ze that they have to pay for the dama­ge they cau­sed? do they not rea­li­ze the OWNERS would have to pay? they all think it’s fun­ny becau­se they aren’t paying for dama­ges and also becau­se most of them are drunk off their high end. Peop­le like this make me cringe

  10. The­se morons have abso­lute­ly no respect for the game peri­od let alo­ne respect for cour­se pro­per­ty. All cour­ses should requi­re to sign a card pri­or to them taking one out.

  11. I work at a golf cour­se and we encou­ra­ge this beha­vi­or becau­se it is very amu­sing and we love not­hing more than to laugh of peop­le who dri­ve reck­less­ly with the golf­carts and puts the vide­os online. We have a lot of carts just wai­t­ing to be dri­ven hard. Plea­se drop by your nea­rest golf cour­se soon!

  12. Bunch of morons (pro­bab­ly drunk as well) beha­ving like idi­ots.… No sym­pa­thy for any of the dri­vers who may have got­ten inju­red – in fact I hope they did.… Feel bad for the peop­le they just ram­med into with the carts – hope they sue the sh!t out of the dri­vers… Also hope the golf cour­se charges/sues them for dama­ges to the course/carts.… A‑holes.…

  13. The golf cart clip from My 600 LB Life wasn’t even on this video! It’s whe­re the fat guy who had 2 who­le seats in the back of the golf cart and he feel off the golf cart thinks he wants to go to the hos­pi­tal to get pain­kil­lers, abu­se the sys­tem and couldn’t even get up after fal­ling off the golf cart!

  14. The­se are not Fails but rather Idi­ots who ruin it for the true gol­fers who ride. Becau­se of their anti­cs us gol­fers have to pay a hig­her pri­ce to play becau­se of all the cart that need repla­cing becau­se of the­se idiots.

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