Greg Norman enthüllt, dass die Rbel Golf Tour die PGA Tour ZERSTÖREN wird. Hier ist der Grund

Greg Norman enthuellt dass die Rbel Golf Tour die PGA Tour ZERSTOeREN wird. Hier ist der Grund greg norman

Greg Nor­man ENTHÜLLT, dass die Rbel Golf Tour die PGA Tour ZERSTÖREN wird. Hier ist der Grund Will­kom­men zurück bei Spor­to­pia. Für den heu­ti­gen Kanal bespre­chen wir, dass Greg Nor­man ent­hüllt, dass die rebel­li­sche LIV Golf Tour „Jahr­zehn­te“ vor­aus­blickt, wäh­rend sich der Show­down mit der PGA Tour abzeich­net. Golf­le­gen­de Greg Nor­man ist zuver­sicht­lich, dass die LIV Golf Inter­na­tio­nal Seri­es Jahr­zehn­te bes­ser sein wird als die PGA Tour. Greg Nor­man füg­te hin­zu, dass die von Sau­di-Ara­bi­en unter­stütz­te Golf­li­ga eine Finan­zie­rung von mehr als 2 Mil­li­ar­den US-Dol­lar erhal­ten habe. Er ent­hüll­te auch, dass die LIV Golf Inter­na­tio­nal Seri­es im Jahr 2024 eine Serie von 14 Events plant. Sehen Sie sich jetzt die­ses Video an, wäh­rend wir dar­über spre­chen, dass Greg Nor­man ver­rät, dass die rebel­li­sche LIV Golf Tour „Jahr­zehn­te“ vor­aus­blickt, da sich ein Show­down mit der PGA Tour abzeich­net. #Greg­Nor­man #PGA­Tour #LIV­Golf­In­ter­na­tio­nal Greg Nor­man 260-Mil­lio­nen-Dol­lar-STREIT Hier ist, was WIRKLICH pas­siert ist! https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​E​_​6​M​_​R​c​P​JUA Greg Nor­man ANKÜNDIGUNG zu NEUEN Golf­ver­an­stal­tun­gen https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​9​1​q​G​N​Y​0​w​ZlM Ich kann nicht glau­ben, dass das LIV Golf Invi­ta­tio­nal das geschafft hat! (Sau­di Golf League) https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​i​R​4​o​3​W​s​h​ES0

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82 thought on “Greg Norman enthüllt, dass die Rbel Golf Tour die PGA Tour ZERSTÖREN wird. Hier ist der Grund”

  1. Eit­her way, Greg is going to be making tens of mil­li­ons, so we know what his moti­va­ti­on is. But as for his Sau­di bos­ses, obvious­ly they are not inte­res­ted in making money so much as impro­ving their image by buy­ing famous ath­le­te friends. They would do bet­ter and gain much more credi­bi­li­ty, howe­ver, if ins­tead of inves­ting in famous gol­fers they inves­ted in caring more for their mil­li­ons of abu­sed for­eign workers.

    1. @Paul Mar­sh He enlis­ted some extre­me­ly into­le­rant, even “sca­ry” folks, wil­ling to spend any amount, to car­ry out some­thing he has, on the record, been try­ing to do for at least 30 years, to be the head of a new world order of golf.

    2. You are enti­t­led to your opi­ni­on. But when asked about the Sau­dis mur­de­ring that repor­ter his respon­se was peop­le make mista­kes. He’s making all kinds of excu­ses for working with them. Just man up and admit it’s all about the money and you don’t care about the repu­ta­ti­on of the peop­le who are direct­ly paying for it.

    3. @Gman H I don’t think you know know anything about Greg Nor­man… And the pic­tu­re is chan­ging with Dus­tin John­son, Lee West­wood, Ian Poult­ner and others jum­ping on board…
      Yes, we’­re all enti­t­led to our opi­ni­on but don’t think you’­re loo­king at the big­ger picture..

  2. Greg is a tool. So is Phil. And Ser­gio for that mat­ter. Nobo­dy in the US gives a crap about the Sau­di league..they won’t have any tour­neys here in the sta­tes. We’ll see how much coverage they get with Wes­tern news groups. They can throw around as much money as they want..the money needs to come back somehow, though. If you can’t get fans, view­ers, and spon­sors to cover’re just thro­wing money away.


  4. Many top play­ers will want DJ money to join. Don’t think that will hap­pen thus a wate­red down tour with most­ly PGA hacks or over the hill play­ers wai­t­ing to get on the cham­pions tour

    1. you’ve Lost your mind….it’s the “arro­gan­ce” of the pga try­ing to threa­ten Anyo­ne who wants to chal­len­ge them….F the pga 🤬

    2. @Jarrell Babb Most peop­le, espe­cial­ly wealt­hy gol­fers, don’t give a f@ck about Sau­di human rights abu­ses. if the $ is the­re, that’s all that matters.

  5. Most top play­ers will want win major tour­na­ments & no amount of money will per­sua­de them to give up the chan­ce of win­ning majors until they feel they can no lon­ger win. Top play­ers are not short of money they have mil­li­ons in invest­ments that will see them live in luxu­ry for the rest of their lives. The ones loo­king for money are tho­se with gamb­ling or drug problems.

  6. This tour is not­hing more than a mar­ke­ting and “vani­ty” pro­ject for SA. It will not even be a “foot­no­te” in the histo­ry of golf, and any­bo­dy who thinks that this tour has some sort of “poten­ti­al” to be some­thing that any­bo­dy is ever going to care about, other than the play­ers and the foun­ders, is com­ple­te­ly delu­sio­nal. I’m hap­py for some of the lower tier and over the hill PGA play­ers who will be lucky enough to “cash out” on this tour, good for them. It will be a “solid” busi­ness decisi­on for some of them, but nobo­dy out­side of their fami­ly and friends will ever care about what they accom­plish on this “tour”. PGA tour play­ers play for money, yes, but also for “histo­ry”. This tour is a money grab for the play­ers, plain and simp­le, and no amount of spin will ever chan­ge that.

    1. The only delu­si­on is your per­spec­ti­ve regar­ding com­pe­ti­ti­on for the PGA Tour. Peop­le said the same thing about the AFL vs. NFL and if you’d like a more modern refe­rence take a look at the issue of NIL. Wan­na go fur­ther back in time? How about our par­ents and grand­par­ents say­ing Elvis was the Devil! 

      Dus­tin John­son has made $74m in pri­ze money in his 15+ year care­er and gets $125m just to sign. Take away the 40% tax and he just more than dou­bled his net worth and still has the tit­les and respect he ear­ned when he won tho­se events.
      My point is… peop­le and things evol­ve… LIV Golf is com­ing and the delu­sio­nal thing to do is to igno­re reality.

    2. @Kim Coul­ter I’m not “igno­ring” reality.

      I even con­cur that’s it can be a gre­at opti­on for many tour play­ers, even a Dus­tin John­son. He’s clear­ly a psy­cho­lo­gi­cal­ly spent car­tridge in terms of being com­pe­ti­ti­ve at the very top level of the tour, he’s not going to ever be con­sist­ent­ly com­pe­ti­ti­ve for major cham­pions­hips ever again. That has been obvious for over a year, he’s coas­ting, so to take this money and run, for him, makes sense.
      For guys like Lee West­wood, Ser­gio, Kay­mer, yeah, total no brainer.

      All I’m say­ing is that you are not ever going to be plau­si­b­ly play­ing for “histo­ry” on that tour. There’s a lot of play­ers who don’t care about that, and this tour is for them.

      As for me, you could­n’t get me to watch two minu­tes of the­se “exhi­bi­ti­ons”, becau­se that’s all they are. “Histo­ry” and “Lega­cy” mat­ter for fans, that’s what makes watching PGA tour events worthwhile, and this tour will never achie­ve that. 

      The only way this ven­ture sur­vi­ves is if, to your AFL/NFL point, may­be it can mer­ge at some point with the Euro­pean tour, which does have legi­ti­ma­cy as a “lega­cy” tour with real history.

    3. @Jay Kay you make some fair points. But in terms of the cur­rent play­ers and “exhi­bi­ti­ons” as you yourself cha­rac­te­ri­zed them that ship has sai­led when you review the actu­al Niel­sen Num­bers. Ratings for PGA Tour are down ter­ri­b­ly for the deca­de and show not­hing that appears to offer the power to alter that cur­rent reality.
      You’re clear­ly a golf fan just as I am so for both our sakes let’s hope they can ulti­mate­ly do some­thing that sti­mu­la­tes future growth in the game.

    4. @Kim Coul­ter I’m a huge golf fan.
      As a mat­ter of fact, it’s the only pro­fes­sio­nal sport I watch any more, and I used to watch everything.
      It’s enor­mous­ly com­pel­ling to watch some­bo­dy try to hold their ner­ve to win a tour­na­ment, espe­cial­ly if they have never won befo­re. Was a huge Tiger fan from the start, roo­ted for him every step of the way on his auda­cious quest to break Nick­laus’ records. If not for some ter­ri­ble per­so­nal decisi­on making along the way, he would have won 100 tour events and 20 majors without brea­king a sweat. As far as cur­rent “ratings”, if the cur­rent tour is having a pro­blem, just ima­gi­ne how hard it will be for this new tour to grab a foot­hold. As soon as the Saudi’s beco­me “bored”, this thing is toast becau­se I just don’t see whe­re the money is going to come from. Nobo­dy in this coun­try is going to give two poops about this thing. As I said, their long term plan may be to mer­ge with the Euro tour. Bar­ring that, I just don’t think this thing has a future.

  7. Saudi’s no worse than USA.…. and ever­yo­ne buys their oil no mat­ter their stance on human rights.…Take the money!!

  8. Greg Nor­man is an ass­ho­le and always has been. He desi­gned our cour­se here is scotts­da­le and it was so bad the mem­bers­hip bull­do­zed the who­le 18 and star­ted over. Nor­man was a night­ma­re to deal with. Also KSL will never deal with him again after he desi­gned the Nor­man cour­se at PGA west. How many mar­ria­ges is he on?

  9. This LIV thing won’t be around next year let alo­ne in the future. Less talent More money NEVER works, qui­te literally

  10. Wan­ted to watch but unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly they have that scum­bag Ser­gio Gar­cia play­ing, I don’t like his style.


  12. It seems that the PGA Tour has the atti­tu­de that pro golf is “not all about money.” I beg to dif­fer as, for a pro­fes­sio­nal, it’s ALL about money. A pro gol­fer is a mer­cen­a­ry and why should a pro play at some­thing like the Quad Cities Open whe­re he might fail to make the cut and make $0 when he can play at a Sau­di spon­so­red tour­na­ment and make $500K or more plus appearan­ce money just to show up? West­wood, Gar­cia, and Poul­ter are no lon­ger in the top tier and, so, they’­re going for the dough and, if I had the skills, so would I. Remem­ber back when the NFL did not take the upstart AFL serious­ly in the ear­ly 1960s? The hap­pe­nings in the golf world should be inte­res­ting in the next few years.

    1. If the PGA bans play­ers, that would be discri­mi­na­ti­on. Pro­fes­sio­nal gol­fers are inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors. Any ban or thre­ats to remo­ve a play­ers record of wins would end up in a legal battle.

    2. The real pro­blem is they don’t have the top talent in the new league. This league won’t actual­ly make any money. Which is fine for now but when they rea­li­ze all they have is a second place hor­se, may­be the dol­lars go away. We shall see. They will need to get some young up and com­ing talent to cement the tour.

  13. I would rather watch PGA Tour any day rather than any ridi­cu­lous for­mat or team golf for­mat. Ryder cup is OK but golf is only at its most exci­ting as an indi­vi­du­al event with a big field. Small fiel­ds are OK but only once in a while. Of cour­se the Sau­dis will throw money at anything without thin­king as they have more money than brains. 

    They have done not­hing near what PGA and Euro­pean tour to help golf or grow the game befo­re this stunt to just come and take­over what the PGA and Euro­pean tour have done for mul­ti­ple deca­des. For them to say that golf is in trou­ble and that play­ers are unhap­py and should have more money is ridi­cu­lous. Golf has never been in a bet­ter place or bet­ter paid. Of cour­se LIV golf and Sau­di money can just throw money around like pocket chan­ge and I dont bla­me play­ers for capi­ta­li­sing on it espe­cial­ly the has beens and play­ers who can’t win any­mo­re. Dus­tin John­son is also enti­t­led to take the 150 mil­li­on on offer but it just shows this LIV are just dumb and a joke. Also the line up is a joke. They might as well have You­Tubers like Rick Shiels on the line up. Fair play to whoever ste­als the $4 mill. DJ does­n’t even have to win just show up. I hope he just let’s the other jour­ney men who are despe­ra­te for cash win as he alrea­dy has $150 mill in the bag.

  14. - – LIV Golf is just like any other busi­ness ven­ture and it’s exis­tence depends on it’s pro­fi­ta­bi­li­ty. I read that LIV has a $255M pri­ze money for 8 games which is an average of $31.8M pri­ce money per tour­na­ment. No golf tour­na­ment could sus­tain a $31M pri­ze money much less in a 3‑day golf tour­na­ment. Need­less to say, LIV Golf is a losing ven­ture and soo­ner or later it will fold. Sor­ry, Greg, you did­n’t do your math.

    1. The USA pays Sau­di Ara­bia that kind of money every sin­gle day for their oil, all while igno­ring the oil under our own feet. That’s pea­nuts to SA.

  15. Peop­le wants to bring up the atro­ci­ties of the Sau­di Government. Its typi­cal hypo­crit BS. The micro­pho­nes used in this­vi­deo are made in Com­mu­nist Chi­na whe­re they are exe­cu­ting peop­le for their Reli­gious views and their poli­ti­cal views. Is the­re a government on earth that is not cor­rupt. 1 word PLANDEMIC. Every LIV nay­say­er on earth enjoys the luxu­ries of pro­ducts sent here from cor­rupt and evil coun­tries. Jack Nicho­lis is buil­ding a golf cour­se in Sau­di as we speak. Has the PGA and MSM been thro­wing him under the Bus for his invol­ve­ment. No one here in the US gives a shit when our Government is cut­ting oil deals with the Suadi’s and rea­ping the finan­ces for the Busch fami­ly. That is OK but it is not ok for Athe­le­tes to go snag tho­se dol­lars. Give us a break !!! LONG LIVE LIV !!! HEADED TO A TRUMP COURSE NEAR YOU SOON. POUND SAND PGA !!!

  16. Yeah right. I would­n’t sup­port psy­cho isla­mic dic­ta­tor­s­hip golf over good ol Ame­ri­can golf.

    1. Yes, he cho­ked. While you were sit­ting on a couch with a beer bel­ly eating twin­kies. Who’s the “real” cho­ker? Ya…I thought so…

  17. DJ and Ser­gio can still play at Augus­ta til they die
    For now it just seems like a high end DP/pre Cham­pions League Tour

  18. Greg… you have Gary Player’s ok… not that it was necessa­ry ‚it was nice.

    So…now Greg Nor­man and the punks at the pga.

    Greg was world #1 gol­fer for many many moons. He men­tio­ned a world golf tour back when.. next thing you know. Some Laus with a Nick sna­ke bites Greg…
    Bob Tway.. unli­kely hole out.
    Lar­ry Mize… unbe­liev­a­ble hole out.
    Nick­laus won when Greg sim­ply nee­ded a par from midd­le of 18 green at the Masters…

    Fal­do over­co­m­ing 6 shot lead. .. naw.

    Now to the present

    Gol­fers pay a ton­ne to play this sil­ly game.
    PGA has 125 of the top MONEY EARNERS in golf.

    It is a select group of whom Jack nick­laus deci­des is worthy of being a golf millionaire. 

    Enter LIV… they pay a LOT more to golfers.
    A LOT more.
    As a pro­fes­sio­nal. . as a ho…
    Do you want the plaid or green jacket, the tro­phy 🏆 or the CA$H when you win?

    Oh that crys­tal blobb is so … nost­al­gia is gre­at. pro­fes­sio­nals play for cash not trophies.

    May­be when the pga can pay their boy golf pinks as much as the real men’s tour LIV…
    may­be then the pga will repre­sent golfs best.
    They do not.
    PGA has the worst discri­mi­na­ti­on sin­ce the kkk.
    Ask John Daly.
    Wins PGA yet strip­ped of ear­ned exemp­ti­ons, not per­mit­ted to play due to his off cour­se thing.

    Hypo­cri­tes and chauvinist .

    To dare cri­ti­ci­ze Gary Play­er. Golf’s Statesman…
    Fit­ness advo­ca­te and all around Hall of Fame that hel­ped make golf what it is today ..
    Bad form PGA.

    Jea­l­ous that LIV money will turn the pga tour into a JUNIOR tour whe­re kids can go get their mam­by pam­by tour­na­ment expe­ri­ence for the REAL WORLD and real pro­fes­sio­nal golf is played. 

    Who do you think you are pga?
    Expect all but 125 of all gol­fers to pay for rhe excess of 125, poli­ti­cal­ly cor­rect few?

    When then pga grows up it should pay their gol­fers as much. 

    Ryder cup.. never inclu­ded the world’s best. 

    Train wrecks dead ahead 

    PGA died taking pHar­ma, tob­ac­co and bank money. And they com­p­lain about human rights?
    AMA spon­sors tour­na­ments. . They sell pills that addict and MURDER KILL peop­le dead for profits…
    But wait, this is appro­ved by Con­gress kill with pill addict for pro­fits with the good sports at atf.

    Human rights? Bull crap.

    Chi­na is nicer than for­ced medi­ci­ne quacke­ry here.

    Whaa whaa.. pga.
    I am SO glad I quit play­ing your game.
    For­mer eli­tist .. the pga ‚now like the beggars ban­quet of Sau­di Leftovers.

    This is just one HINT of what hap­pens when pHar­ma can’t sell let­hal pills any more.
    Gone away, the pga glo­ry days of alco­hol inspi­red deca­dence fue­led by arro­gant pri­ma don­na eli­tists that let Tiger Woods in.. but whap­ped him when he nears nick lou­se records.
    Once can­na­bi­no­id sci­ence is accep­ted. . pills o pHa­ro­ah pHar­ma and the quacke­ry of fai­led medi­cal pro­to­cols will never again cor­rupt Con­gress nor spon­sor a golf ball much less a tournament.
    No let­hal pills can be sold any more.
    Ben­zo­dia­ze­pi­nes. . No.
    Opio­ids.. Fen­tanyl. . Never.
    Met­formin cau­ses cancers
    The list goes on, and you see. The pga says the Sau­dis are evil while their bud­dies ama kill over 600,000 Ame­ri­cans a year with can­cer. . Add ano­t­her 250,000 mur­ders by medi­cal mista­kes each year. 

    The­se are pga tour sponsors
    They help Con­gress make sure you never get the medi­cal value of can­na­bi­no­id sci­ence healing. . Why…
    The spon­sors would not spon­sor this juni­or tour thing for 125 darlings…

    Phil Mickel­son. .. you should never do a press conference … 

    Rory you look sil­ly… not wan­ting to play for more money?

    Hey I know , sin­ce all the alco­hol tob­ac­co a d fire­arm makers can’t affors to spon­sor (nor afford to pay attn : ), they could be the pga.. pro­fes­sio­nal golf AMATEURS.

    Pan­sy Gol­fers Assoc. and their new whi­ne. Why don’t let­hal pills sel­lers have money to spon­sor stu­pid golf tour­na­ments any more?

    For the love of golf, pro golf ama­teurs pga…
    I look for­ward to see­ing the world’s best com­pe­ting for more cash.
    Thats American.

  19. Sau­dis ambi­ti­ons are pure­ly oppor­tu­nistic, they know as much about Golf as I know about Oil. But the kick in the ass on PGA’s backy­ard is qui­te inte­res­ting. First becau­se it will keep us away from tho­se stu­pid over­weight fans shou­ting “get in the hole”.…, second­ly, becau­se , and that’s what it should be, Golf is Gen­tle­men game that does­n’t belong to “one orga­ni­sa­ti­on only”. Any­way, PGA isn’t able to tak­le the Asi­an mar­ket + may­be Fans will final­ly have free access to their favou­rite play­ers for free !!

  20. A clas­sic case of arguing over a cur­rent mar­ket valua­ti­on with a win lose men­ta­li­ty. Why not leverage the syn­er­gy of more invest­ment and grow the sports mar­ket share into a win win sce­n­a­rio? An inter-league super­bowl comes to mind.

  21. Spon­sors, logos, equip­ment, atti­re, press obli­ga­ti­ons… seems that money is more important than golf. I play to bet­ter mys­elf, and I feel good if my best day is bet­ter than yours. That’s it. ‘Sir’ Bob­by Jones reti­red at the apex of his care­er and was not focu­sed on money, just golf. It’s all about the money now. Sad. I recall Les­lie Neil­son in a movie wea­ring a golf shirt with big bold let­ters say­ing “YOUR AD GOES HERE”. Sums it all up I’d say.

  22. The PGA Tour has beco­me coo­kie cut­ter. Then trot out the same pro­duct week after week with CBS and NBC tel­ling us how won­der­ful the­se guys are both on and off the cour­se. “Oh we re so cha­ri­ta­ble and won­der­ful and all our play­ers are out­stan­ding citi­zens, husband’s and friends”. Like they are bet­ter than other peop­le. The­se guys laugh all the way to the bank. Best bud­dies in a play­off, who do you root for.

  23. No one is under any illu­si­ons that the PGA Tour is per­fect with its pos­tu­ring of being all magn­ani­mous­ly phil­an­thro­pic to its various­ly asso­cia­ted orga­niz­a­ti­ons (which ever­yo­ne of cour­se knows is most­ly tax deduc­ti­ble), but the­re is ALSO no record of it kil­ling anyo­ne who publicly wri­tes such things that point out it’s obvious­ly not perfect.

  24. Sau­di tour is like the Vin­ce McMa­hon foot­ball league XFL…but the PGA is acting like the NCAA as in the play­ers don’t make the league. If every PGA play­er moved over, the PGA is dead. Rather than making their pro­duct more mar­ket­a­ble to par­ti­ci­pants, they want to bul­ly cur­rent play­ers into com­mit­ting sole­ly to them. If the play­ers are that good, then they should offer some­thing com­pe­te time with new tour or shut up and deal with that play­er doing their own thing. Iro­nic that they pro­mo­te their league whe­re com­pe­ti­ti­on is what makes money, but they don’t want any com­pe­ti­ti­on of their own.

  25. So basi­cal­ly the PGA is requi­ring non-com­pe­te agree­ments and a few was­hed up play­ers have deci­ded they don’t want to sign it. For­gi­ve me if I don’t give a crap.

  26. Stop dick riding the us pga tour .. and stop say­ing ossi lol .. LiV­golF investments…
    Every high pro­fi­ler sports com­pa­ny in the world is working with Sau­di $.. f1 hor­se racing .. etc et.

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PGA Meisterschaft 2022 Turniervorschau Feld und Kursvorschau al smizzle

PGA-Meisterschaft 2022 | Turniervorschau, Feld- und KursvorschauPGA-Meisterschaft 2022 | Turniervorschau, Feld- und Kursvorschau

Rick gibt einen ers­ten Aus­blick auf das kom­men­de Tur­nier, das Feld und den Kurs. Die PGA Cham­pions­hip wird im Sou­thern Hills Coun­try Club in Tul­sa, Okla­ho­ma, aus­ge­tra­gen. _______________ ⛳ Neu­es Requi­si­ten-Tool: RunGood​Props​.com ⛳ Pri­ze­Picks 100 % MATCH Bis zu $100 – CODE: RICK https://​app​.pri​ze​picks​.com/​s​i​g​n​-​u​p​?​i​n​v​i​t​e​_​c​o​d​e​=​R​ick ⛳ Jock MKT spie­len: http://codes.jockmkt .co/landing/POWER