Große LIV-Golfer reichen Klage gegen PGA l GMA ein

Grosse LIV Golfer reichen Klage gegen PGA l GMA ein 9/11

Phil Mickel­son und 10 wei­te­re pro­fes­sio­nel­le Gol­fer reich­ten eine Kar­tell­kla­ge gegen die PGA ein und behaup­te­ten, sie sei­en von der Orga­ni­sa­ti­on wegen ihrer Betei­li­gung an der von Sau­di-Ara­bi­en unter­stütz­ten Liga sus­pen­diert wor­den. LESEN SIE MEHR: https://​abcn​.ws/​3​z​w​Z​0u3 ABONNIEREN Sie die You­Tube-Sei­te von GMA: https://​bit​.ly/​2​Z​q​0​dU5 MELDEN SIE SICH AN, um den täg­li­chen GMA Wake-Up News­let­ter zu erhal­ten: https://​gma​.abc/​2​V​z​c​d5j BESUCHEN Sie GMAs Home­page: https://​www​.good​morning​ame​ri​ca​.com FOLGE GMA: Tik­Tok: https://​tik​tok​.com/​@​gma Insta­gram: https://​insta​gram​.com/​G​o​o​d​M​o​r​n​i​n​g​A​m​e​r​ica Face­book: https://​face​book​.com/​G​o​o​d​M​o​r​n​i​n​g​A​m​e​r​ica Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​gma #GMA #PGA #Phil­Mi­ckel­son #Sau­di­Ara­bi­en #LIV

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15 thought on “Große LIV-Golfer reichen Klage gegen PGA l GMA ein”

  1. Sell­outs! Not­hing but gree­dy sell­outs! Turn your back on the coun­try, and the league that made you famous. I have no respect for any of you LIV traitors!

  2. Why are they suing? The Sau­dis are paying them enough money to live like kings the rest of their lives while “spen­ding time with their fami­lies” and they can play golf all day. All they have to do is show up; they don’t even have to win. Sounds per­fect­ly legi­ti­ma­te to me. 😒

    1. @Karenberries Is that a new indoc­tro-proc­to aff­lic­tion sin­ce most folks know about the other “ber­ries” problem…

  3. So, on the one hand peop­le like to yell restraint of tra­de, but the flip side of that coin is you can’t work for Citi­bank and at the same time work for JP Mor­gan Chase.….the dif­fe­rence is the play­ers are not “employees” like in my examp­le. That said, ever­yo­ne agrees to the terms of the PGA con­tract bet­ween ALL players.…so this is a true legal batt­le with argu­ments on both sides. The Courts will decide.

  4. Sounds like they wan­na dou­ble dip. Stay y’all’s asses in the Sau­di SCRUB LEAGUE. All the win­ners are scrub ass tour play­ers who have been irrele­vant at best for the past 5 years inclu­ding Dus­tin, Bub­ba and Herik. Props to the tour play­ers like Har­ry higgs and Joel Dah­man who have went on record about the Sau­di league play­ers try­ing to dou­ble dip.

    1. Yeah why don’t you talk about how Sau­di aram­co spends MILLIONS on the pga in adver­ti­sing ect oooooo you didn’t know that huh 🤔

    2. @Bootsie actual­ly, no I didn’t know that but if you bother to under­stand my reac­tion ins­tead of get­ting trig­ge­red you’d see I said not­hing about the human rights con­tro­ver­sy whatsoever. The PGA has sanc­tion­ed events in Chi­na. The US government does busi­ness with most of the­se human rights vio­la­tors. All I’m say­ing is that while they have attrac­ted some big names, and who can bla­me for that kin­da money, it has been was­hed up has beens who have won. Even with tho­se big names in it. And I for one have not been impres­sed with the coverage. The on cour­se repor­ting has been ter­ri­ble! ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE!

  5. Not sure who runs the ran­king sys­tem but LIV golf has app­lied for world ran­king points. there’s no rea­son they should­n’t be allo­wed to earn ran­king points so the play­ers will still be able to play in the opens in the Mas­ters becau­se of this. if they’­re denied world ran­king points I guess they’ll be able to sue them .

  6. Sau­di Ara­bia for deca­des has spent bil­li­ons of dol­lars sprea­ding the Wah­ha­bi reli­gi­on. Strict Wah­ha­bis belie­ve that all tho­se who don’t prac­ti­ce their form of Islam are hea­thens and enemies. The 9/11 atta­ckers were Wah­ha­bi belie­vers – ful­ly pro­gram­med thanks to the sup­port of the repre­hen­si­ble, Sau­di Roy­al fami­ly. A collec­tion of the most sava­ge, igno­rant, evil humans on earth.
    Now, the­se anti-Ame­ri­can ter­ro­rists have new friends – Gol­fers who have deci­ded to sell their mise­ra­ble souls for a few bucks to the slay­ers of Ame­ri­cans. To hell with each and every golf play­er who par­ti­ci­pa­tes in this scam aided by the for­mer pre­si­dent and trai­tor hims­elf, Donald con-man Trump. Per­so­nal­ly, I hope every one of the­se igno­rant semi-jocks suf­fers some hor­ri­ble per­so­nal cri­sis BIG TIME – I will open a good bot­t­le of wine and cele­bra­te their misfortune.

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