GÜNSTIGER gegen TEUERER PUTTERTEST (Inesis gegen Scotty Cameron)

GUeNSTIGER gegen TEUERER PUTTERTEST Inesis gegen Scotty Cameron cheap

Wie viel wären Sie bereit, für einen Put­ter aus­zu­ge­ben? In die­sem Video stellt Micha­el Har­ris Models von bei­den Sei­ten des Spek­trums gegen­ein­an­der an. In die­sem Put­ter-Test zwi­schen bil­li­gem und teu­rem Put­ter pro­biert er den Ine­sis 100 Mal­let und den Scot­ty Came­ron Phan­tom 12 aus. Da der Preis­un­ter­schied zwi­schen ihnen über 350 £ beträgt, woll­ten wir her­aus­fin­den, wo die Leis­tungs­un­ter­schie­de lie­gen! ► NEU FÜR 2020 – AUSGEWÄHLTE PRODUKTE Golf Mon­th­ly arbei­tet die­ses Jahr mit Tit­leist und Foot­Joy als unse­ren offi­zi­el­len Part­nern für Golf­bäl­le, Golf­ta­schen, Schu­he und Beklei­dung zusam­men Kau­fen Sie die vor­ge­stell­ten Foot­Joy-Schu­he und ‑Beklei­dung, die in die­sem Video getra­gen wer­den Her­ren­schu­he http://bit. ly/FJ_MensShoes Her­ren­hem­den http://​bit​.ly/​F​J​_​M​e​n​s​S​h​i​rts Herrenpullover/Zwischenschichten http://​bit​.ly/​F​J​_​M​e​n​s​M​i​d​l​a​y​ers Herrenjacken/Außenschichten http://​bit​.ly/​F​J​_​M​e​n​s​J​a​c​k​ets Her­ren­ho­sen http:// bit​.ly/​F​J​_​M​e​n​s​T​r​o​u​s​ers Her­ren­hand­schu­he http://​bit​.ly/​F​J​_​M​e​n​s​G​l​o​ves Her­ren­gür­tel & Acces­soires http://​bit​.ly/​F​J​_​B​e​l​t​s​A​c​c​e​s​s​o​r​ies Erfah­ren Sie mehr über die in die­sem Video ver­wen­de­ten Tit­leist-Golf­bäl­le http://​bit​.ly/ titleist_balls Erfah­ren Sie mehr über die in die­sem Video ver­wen­de­te Golf­ta­sche von Tit­leist http://​bit​.ly/​t​i​t​l​e​i​s​t​_​b​ags ► Wer­den Sie jetzt ein KOSTENLOSER ABONNEMENT der You­Tube-Sei­te von Golf Mon­th­ly – https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​g​o​l​f​m​o​n​t​hly ► Für die neu­es­ten Infor­ma­tio­nen Bewer­tun­gen, Pro­dukt­ein­füh­run­gen und Tour-News, besu­chen Sie unse­re Web­site hier – http://​www​.golf​-mon​th​ly​.co​.uk/ ► Like us o n Face­book hier – https://​www​.face​book​.com/​G​o​l​f​M​o​n​t​h​l​y​M​a​g​a​z​ine ►Fol­gen Sie uns auf Twit­ter hier – https://​twit​ter​.com/​G​o​l​f​M​o​n​t​hly ►Füh­len Sie sich frei, unten zu kom­men­tie­ren! ►Den­ken Sie dar­an, den LIKE-But­ton zu drü­cken, wenn es Ihnen gefal­len hat 🙂

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123 thought on “GÜNSTIGER gegen TEUERER PUTTERTEST (Inesis gegen Scotty Cameron)”

  1. The put­ter is the one club i don’t belie­ve you have to spend a lot of money on a good put­ter will be good howe­ver much the club cost

    1. @Cris 2 Far I agree with you but for ano­t­her rea­son; in fact, I think you’­re way off. The rea­son the put­ter is moot is becau­se you have to judge but can­not. Put­ting is too dif­fi­cult for humans, even the top pros. So, when you say, ‘judge the direc­tion and distance con­trol’, that’s the pro­blem – you can­not. The stats pro­ve it. The high-end £150 put­ters seem gre­at (some, any­way), but over­all, for non-pros, you won’t get much more out of a £300 put­ter com­pa­red to a £15 one; howe­ver, you will most likely have worse hands/body after a long time from the £15 put­ter. This is for two rea­sons: (1) not skil­led enough to use the tech from Tiger’s put­ter, for examp­le; and (2) too much luck invol­ved in put­ting to make it mea­ning­ful, even if it cost £1,000. You’­re eit­her gre­at at put­ting or you’­re not – the rest is luck as stats pro­ve (for pros, even more so for non-pros). Recall ter­ri­ble put­ters with loft from the 1910s to 1950s, for examp­le. The top gol­fers of their day, such as Bob­by Jones were tru­ly gre­at with put­ters – cheap put­ters – on bad greens, with all-dan­cing wea­ther, with came­ras and all, and without much trai­ning, etc. com­pa­red to today’s pros. That’s raw skill and luck, and not­hing more. Pros can­not one-putt 10 feet very often, no mat­ter the club. Stats are clear on this, and com­ple­te­ly crush put­ting from a tech­ni­cal stand­point. Now, may­be the grea­test put­ter in histo­ry (unclear who that is) would do a bit bet­ter from all distan­ces, but not after 50 feet, and the put­ter won’t chan­ge a thing.

      Pros – right now, with the best put­ters – hit 1–3 feet putts around 98% of the time, 5 feet putts only 75% of the time, 7 feet putts only 56% of the time, and 10 feet putts only 38% of the time. And, remem­ber, pros are only the top 2% of all gol­fers, and the top 5% is around 2‑handicap, and the 2‑handicappers are qui­te a bit worse than the pros, so the figu­res are even worse for them. By the time you are tal­king about 5–9‑handicappers (good gol­fers but nowhe­re near pro), you can start to cut the­se figu­res way down to the point that a putt over 4 feet is just luck. 7+ feet is most­ly luck for pros, after all. And, for pros, by the time you reach a fair­ly nor­mal 15 feet distance, the putt only has a 22% chan­ce… put­ters are mea­ningless becau­se put­ting is near-impos­si­ble at mid-distance with one-putt with any real con­sis­ten­cy; howe­ver, once again, the bet­ter put­ter may help you get clo­ser to the hole more often; thus, put­ting in with two strokes, whe­re­as, a worse put­ter may requi­re three or four strokes (more so from far away). Over­all, high-end put­ters are bet­ter but not worth it unless you’­re a pro or hap­pen to be qui­te rich. Skill will help you more than money, though. Alas, luck hel­ps more than money in Golf, which is a good and a bad thing, I guess.

      P.S. Sin­ce the average Golf club cos­ts £900 a year plus other cos­ts, along with wha­te­ver clubs you are buy­ing, any­way, paying £150 for a put­ter is pret­ty cheap. So, unless you don’t have a club mem­bers­hip, you are clear­ly rich enough to pay for a £150 put­ter. The­re are some good £150 put­ters which do just as good as any £300 putter.

  2. It’s like cars, you could purcha­se a fair­ly cheap car com­pa­red to a top of ran­ge. Both will get you from A to B, but the qua­li­ty of ride will be dif­fe­rent. Top end clubs are made from hig­her qua­li­ty mate­ri­als and it well last. I have a Scot­ty Came­ron put­ter had it for 12 years.. still loo­ks awesome

    1. Yes, or wat­ches. Its not like a 50K Rolex tells bet­ter time than a 50bucks casio is it? You still want the Rolex and if you can afford it, why the hell not:)

  3. and a man put­ting a few balls is a sci­en­ti­fic test as to “best”? – I love the info about the clubs? BUT as a com­pa­ri­son test of “Best” REALLY? – Won­der­ful Pre­mi­um Head­co­ver is going to take how many strokes off my round? -

    1. a real gol­fer, hit­ting real putts… not sure what more I could have done! I was on the prac­ti­ce green for a good two hours tes­ting the two models. I suspect very few gol­fers would even putt half as many balls as I did befo­re buy­ing a putter

  4. I’d feel a mug with a £400 put­ter in my bag, defi­ni­te­ly not proud?? Proud of what?
    All of Dec­a­th­lon golf pro­ducts are good qua­li­ty. The clothes are far supe­ri­or to the so cal­led ‘pre­mi­um’ brands.

    1. I would­n’t go that far I would say average. Their golf equip­ment is no dif­fe­rent than say modern Dun­lop or Sla­zen­ger even in price.

    2. @Winston wolf The clothes are gre­at, trou­sers are stret­chy, polos gave litt­le fle­xi­ble are­as and star­ched col­lars, base lay­ers are bril­li­ant.. There’s litt­le vide­os on You Tube exp­lai­ning the designs, the one on their balls is very interesting.

  5. If I mis­sed a 5 foot putt with a put­ter that cost 400 pounds I’d feel very disappointed.If I kno­ckers one in with a 14 pound one,I’d feel I’d made a shrewd purchase.I’ve been impres­sed with Ine­sis cheap distance balls and at £4.99 for 12 you can’t go wrong.

    1. Hi Chris – yes, this is on the agen­da. We have a wedge review com­ing soon and will then get on to woods and irons. Thanks for your support!

    1. as I said in the vid there’s a place for aspi­ra­tio­nal pro­ducts in golf and all SC put­ters have (IMO) stun­ning loo­ks but was good to find that a cheap put­ter per­for­med well

  6. I have never been a Scot­ty fan, far too much hype and BS IMO!
    Howe­ver, I have high regard for Dec­a­th­lon and their ethos. Their 3 level approach (Begin­ner, Inter­me­dia­te & Advan­ced) throughout the dif­fe­rent sports works real­ly well, giving good qua­li­ty pro­ducts to the con­su­mer that is sui­ta­ble for their requi­re­ments and at a gre­at pri­ce! What is not to like?

    1. good com­ment ref dec­a­th­lon. we have been impres­sed with their golf ran­ge and dif­fe­rent pri­ce points. keep an eye out for more tests/vids on their products

    2. @Michael Har­ris 👍I would appre­cia­te if you could do a test/review of their Golf Ball ran­ge with a com­pa­ri­son against the more main­stream brands.

    1. Don’t buy it then. It’s not like every put­ter is £400, every dri­ver isn’t £450 and every set of irons isn’t 1k+. And even if you did pay that for the abo­ve, the put­ter will last a life­time, the dri­ver 10+ years easi­ly and even more with the irons. Golf is howe­ver expen­si­ve you want it to be.

    2. how is expen­si­ve kit kil­ling the game? ludi­crous com­ment. the who­le point of this video was to see if a £15 put­ter could per­form… and it did. Pro­ving that you don’t need to spend a lot of money if you are on a bud­get or star­ting out

  7. So I went on a cra­zy golf with the fami­ly and I took my pre­mi­um put­ter while they used the one sup­plied, I was the only one to take ele­ven on one hole. I lear­ned a lot that day!

  8. The second hand mar­ket is lit­te­red with pre­vious years star turns, you can get thousands of gre­at put­ters from under £100 that used to cost twice that or more, shop around and avoid the cheap and nas­ty ent­ry product

    1. A preow­ned and still play­a­ble SC for 100£ ? It is cal­led a fake or I would love to have the link of the site which sells them.

  9. I had a expen­si­ve spi­der put­ter could­n’t make very many putts. Picked up a $35 put­ter mal­let, it was nice and upright, the way I like it made a decent amount of putts left it in the bag.

  10. 26 times the pri­ce of the Ine­sis is a lot to pay for one more holed putt at medi­um and long distance and a pre­mi­um head­co­ver. (Do you hit the ball with the head­co­ver? No – me neit­her.) And I would­n’t agree with the review­er that the Scot­ty “won” the medi­um and long tests. Medi­um pos­si­b­ly but at 30 feet holing a putt is as much luck as jud­ge­ment. Loo­king at the disper­si­on I’d say the Ine­sis won, par­ti­cu­lar­ly given that as the Scot­ty was last I’d expect tho­se balls to be a lot nea­rer just becau­se the tes­ter has alrea­dy had mul­ti­ple attempts.

    1. mal­thus­was­right, the Scot­ty won the medi­um. Every sin­gle one had a chan­ce to go in sin­ce it stay­ed abo­ve the hole. Any ball below the hole is a poor effort

    2. Makes me won­der if Tiger Woods real­ly nee­ded that famed cus­tom Scot­ty 2 (or even his 2018 cus­tom-made irons for $2,000 each… my guess is that Tiger could pitch from the rough using a pho­ne book if he had to). Based on (a) all the tests I have seen; and (b) how gre­at old play­ers were with ter­ri­ble clubs back in the 1910s to 1970s, I would say Golf is more about (a) skill; and (b) luck. Spea­king of luck, sta­tis­tics pro­ve that pros miss a lot of long one-putts and many mid-distance one-putts, and they are pros and tend to use the best put­ters. The only two major fac­tors to take into account are (1) psy­cho­lo­gy: gol­fers using bet­ter clubs may assu­me they will do bet­ter which, in turn, makes them do worse; and (2) not enough tes­ting was done to give a cor­rect read-out, such that if he hit 100 or 1,000 putts with each for (say) one-putts at 7 feet, as anything bey­ond 7 feet is more luck-based for pros, we would most likely find the high-end put­ters are bet­ter, last lon­ger, and are bet­ter on the hands/body. The pri­ce point speaks for its­elf – if you have the money or are a pro; thus, requi­re the best clubs, then you will pay for it, other­wi­se, it’s not worth it. From what I have seen, going bey­ond $150 for a put­ter is fair­ly mea­ningless for non-pros, and may­be even for pros.

    1. That’s why 90% PGA stars have a Scot­ty in their bag. Becau­se they are over­ra­ted, over hyped, and pro­vi­de no advan­ta­ge. Riggght. Here’s a tip, stick to putt putt golf if you can’t afford $200 (yes that’s what you can buy them for “pre-owned” off eBay.

  11. You can get a used set of pre­mi­um irons on Golf Bid­der for the pri­ce of that Scot­ty. It won’t help you if your put­ting stro­ke is poor eit­her. It would be a resound­ing no for me. Split the dif­fe­rence and buy an Odys­sey perhaps.

  12. Would you spend £400 on a dri­ver without get­ting it fit­ted? The same app­lies to a put­ter with which you will pro­bab­ly hit 3 to 4 times as many shots. You won’t get fit­ted for £14.99.

    1. No but it’s cheap lear­ning. I need a put­ter and wil­ling to break the bank for a good fit­ted put­ter as I know I will have it for 20+ years. 

      If you need to get fit­ted for a put­ter is ano­t­her ques­ti­on, but rather spend the money on some­thing I know I can’t have any excu­ses on

  13. For a fair test, you should have used some tech­ni­cal equip­ment (ie: Sam­putt) and show the data. A test based on how many 3 foo­ters in a row you sink is pret­ty useless.

    1. 99.9% of gol­fers wouldnt have access to that sort of tech­no­lo­gy so if we used it then I dont think it would real­ly add anything to the video – this was just meant to be strai­ght­for­ward head to head test to see how – in the hands of an ordi­na­ry gol­fer – the two put­ters loo­ked felt and per­for­med. The Sam Putt Lab can’t give you any data in how a club loo­ks or feels in your hand and that’s a big fac­tor in buy­ing a putter

    2. @Michael Har­ris yes, but if you sink 3, 6 or 10 3footers says more about your tech­ni­que or cold blood under pres­su­re, than on putter’s quality…

  14. The­re are qua­li­ty second hand put­ters you can get for low pri­ces on ebay as well. The­re is a psy­cho­lo­gy to equip­ment that leads serious com­pe­ti­ti­on gol­fers to be awa­re the­re might be a bet­ter opti­on they could use, which usu­s­al­ly starts by being more expensive-

  15. I have a Scot­ty Came­ron Fut­a­ra put­ter and I love it. I bought I’d second hand as I abso­lute­ly refu­se to pay $400 for a put­ter. Golf Teck and clubs have beco­me ridi­cu­lous­ly over pri­ced. Buy­ing second hand is the way to go. Put­ter selec­tion is all about feel and sound and loo­ks are important for buil­ding con­fi­dence. So if you like what your loo­king down at then your put­ting is just a mat­ter of get­ting a feel for the weight. Once you have it dial­led in you should be able to put with any putter.

  16. £400 for a put­ter, behave yourself.. golf snob­be­ry gone wild… Nick­laus, Pal­mer, Play­er, Hogan, Sneed, Casper all used lumps of non-descript metal & they did alright..waken up golf public

    1. if a gol­fer can afford a pre­mi­um put­ter then why should­n’t they tre­at them­sel­ves to one? the who­le point of this video was to see if a £15 put­ter could per­form… and it did. Pro­ving that you din’t need to spend a lot of money if you are on a bud­get or star­ting out

  17. If the Ine­sis feels too light, a few lay­ers of leadtape could fix it. Good remin­der this, we doesnt have to spend a for­tu­ne on a put­ter. Also a used put­ter in descent con­di­ti­on will hole putts for you for a long time.

  18. It’s plain and simp­le it’s the play­er not the put­ter. If you can putt you can use anything. It’s feel and tech­ni­que the play­er has not the putter.

  19. I’ve got around 30 or 40 put­ters, all bought second hand for next to not­hing and I swap over put­ters pret­ty much every week or even round. It takes hard­ly any time to adjust to the next one.

    I can putt well with all of them, I can putt bad­ly with all of them.
    If you like to splash the cash then go for it, but there’s real­ly no need to.

  20. I think that the cheap-expen­si­ve com­pa­ri­son test would have been much more infor­ma­ti­ve if Track­man, high-speed came­ra, or other high-tech equip­ment was used to moni­tor the ball’s initi­al hops, spins, and rolls. Only in such a way can we know the true rolls of both put­ters and go ahead to com­pa­re. Other­wi­se the feel and all the opi­ni­ons are very subjective. 

    Hope you can take the com­pa­ri­son test a notch hig­her as to uti­li­ze modern tech­no­lo­gy. Thanks.

    1. as per other com­ment abo­ve 99.9% of gol­fers wouldnt have access to that sort of tech­no­lo­gy you men­ti­on so if we used it then I dont think it would real­ly add anything to the video – this was just meant to be strai­ght­for­ward head to head test to see how – in the hands of an ordi­na­ry gol­fer – the two put­ters loo­ked felt and per­for­med. The Sam Putt Lab can’t give you any data in how a club loo­ks or feels in your hand and that’s a big fac­tor in buy­ing a putter

  21. When it comes to put­ters it all down to the play­er. I play with a scratch gol­fer who uses a £10 Sla­zen­ger Sports Direct put­ter that loo­ks like an Odys­sey. Put­ting is an aim game the put­ter is just down to confidence.

  22. Any fishing rod will catch you a fish but expen­si­ve gear is so much nicer to use. Same with put­ters, any put­ter will hole a putt but the feel and con­sis­ten­cy comes with price

    1. But this review has pro­ved the oppo­si­te. Ine­sis bet­ter on short puts, same on medi­um and long. He only holed the last putt with the SC after he used all his others to guage the swing of the green. IMO, put­ter ‘tech­no­lo­gy’ is a lick of pain and an expen­si­ve pri­ce tag.

    1. If he were on a cour­se in Thai­land , should he have used Bahts? It’s a Brit chan­nel. They use pounds. That’s it. Per­so­nal­ly, I would pre­fer he use Euros, but I guess we can’t always get what we want.

  23. I play a TP Mills Spal­ding put­ter ( about 30Y old) bought £2 last year from a car boot ( + £7 for a new grip). I have several Scotty’s a cou­p­le of Pings and Odessey’s and this old TPM is the best! 26 putts last round on tined greens!

  24. Low lof­ted flat bit of metal is what a put­ter is, that’s it . Was given a scot­ty futu­ra for my bir­th­day one year and I thought what a was­te of money. Most shit gol­fers have scot­ty came­ron ( wee­kend gol­fers i should say) and it’s most­ly about the pose, went for a put­ter fit­ting and was houn­ded with 3 of the most expen­si­ve ones avail­ab­le and I did bet­ter with an old ping my day put­ter. Its laug­ha­ble the cost of the­se things espe­cial­ly when most of us knock in more putts with a 52 degree wedge. Good gol­fers can use anything and fair enough if they spend 400 sma­ckers on some­thing that matches good skills but, nor­mal wee­kend choa­des should should spend 350 of that 400 on les­sons and balls… been the­re been flash have had ple­nty of the bling in the bag but play­ed with £40 Ebay irons and play­ed the same 🤔🤔

  25. what a was­te of time.….…key fact, bad stro­ke = bad putt.…..400 quid put­ter is just for con­fi­dence frank­ly. or to show you have afew quid.

  26. dont know who did the vid but i saw one whe­re they had a pro using a shit­ty mini­golf put­ter (the che­a­pest shit you can find from any cam­ping site) and the semi good gol­fer used a high end Scot­ty. Guess who won. The pro with the shit­ty put­ter. Its all user it has not­hing to do with what brand you have. Yes we all like to think it does but it real­ly doesnt.

  27. A good put play­er is abo­ve all the right put­ter with the right tech­ni­que. I chan­ged my Ping Ketsch for an Argolf Mer­lin and I lowe­red my score by 5 points. So a good put­ter (adap­ted to my style) matters.

    1. What does ‘boo­mer logic’ mean? You know lots of young peop­le also pay out $3,000 a year to play Golf and have the best clubs, ran­ging from 10 to 35-year-olds? I think what they get more than anything is over­all con­sis­ten­cy on the green and feel for the hands/body. Don’t for­get, the­se clubs are made for pros or clo­se to it, which means they could be hit­ting Golf balls for 5 hours a day… cheap clubs won’t be good for that. It depends on what you are using them for and how you cal­cu­la­te it. You don’t even want to know how many Golf balls Tiger Woods has hit over his care­er. It’s too much for cheap clubs, that’s for sure – though, it was also too many for his body (and too much run­ning as he admit­ted – bad for his knees).

  28. Loved this video, fun­ny on my bud­get I’m using a 10 year old Ben Say­ers copy of a Tay­lorma­de Rosa Mal­let put­ter with added lead tape to make up to 355 grams, it not tin­ny any­mo­re, puts lovely.
    Adding lead strip com­ple­te­ly chan­ge the beha­viour of the cheap light put­ter, the­re some tuning of the stro­ke to do, but well worth the lear­ning cur­ve. Tape to the under side worked fine as too behind the bla­de but to the back cau­sed a bad wobble.
    Can hand­le long greens just fine now.

  29. Does a Rolex read time any dif­fe­rent than your stan­dard wrist watch? Not so much. It’s about what makes the play­er hap­py. With most things in life , price/value doesn’t often cor­re­la­te with performance.

  30. Put­ting is all feel. Used my old Ping for 15 years..felt I had to upgrade and bought a Scot­ty for 400.00. Put­ted worse..and worse. Final­ly went back to my old Ping and put­ted good again. Clubs now are get­ting all about “sta­tus”

  31. Golf equip­ment, the big­gest load of bol­locks in the world. Its all about how good you are, its not­hing to do with the equip­ment, tiger woods would beat me with a dun­lop set every day of the week even if i had Ping clubs.…

  32. I have 3 Scot­ty Cameron’s put­ters (dumb but I love the look) and buy decathlon’s golf clothes several times a year both are per­fect for what they are made for : let me dream of the gol­fer I could be for SC and main­tain my body warm and dry for Dec 🤗.
    Impos­si­ble to resell an expen­si­ve golf trou­sers but you will find dozens of buy­ers for a10 years SC. INESIS clubs are gre­at for tran­si­ti­ons, when you want to test a new archi­tec­tu­re or flex, when you are pro­gres­sing. When your game is sta­bi­li­zed you can buy the clubs that are tru­ly fit­ted for you.

  33. Nice video and is very true with no sur­pri­se. Golf is a game but not only about results. It’s about style and self-demons­tra­ti­on as well from its begin­ning. I have Ine­sis clubs, very satis­fied with them, but I would love to own a Scot­ty one day as well. By the way, who does­n’t dream about a Fer­ra­ri, a Rolex etc. even they seem to be superflous?

  34. I just bought the Ine­sis 100 set, and at first I thought this put­ter was bad becau­se it was too hea­vy for me to con­trol – to my sur­pri­se this video is say­ing other­wi­se! I sup­po­se I just have to impro­ve my game!

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Welcher Putter ist der Richtige fuer Sie Weicher Putter vs. harter Putter Bettinardi-Putters

Welcher Putter ist der Richtige für Sie? | Weicher Putter vs. harter PutterWelcher Putter ist der Richtige für Sie? | Weicher Putter vs. harter Putter

Wel­cher Put­ter ist der Bes­te für Sie? Ist eine wei­che Put­ter­flä­che am bes­ten oder eine har­te Put­ter­flä­che? In die­sem Video bespre­chen wir ver­schie­de­ne Schlag­flä­chen und Frä­sun­gen, die am bes­ten zu Ihrem Spiel pas­sen! ————————————————– ————————————————– ———– ►Golf Ascen­ding jetzt abon­nie­ren http://​bit​.ly/​S​u​b​G​o​l​f​A​s​c​e​n​d​ing ———————— ————————————————– ————————————- Es gibt eine TONNE ver­schie­de­ner Put­ter-Gesich­ter



#mizu­no #mcraft #put­ter Ich schaue mir den neu­en Mizu­no M‑Craft V Put­ter an, einen geschmie­de­ten Put­ter mit ein­stell­ba­ren Gewich­ten, aber ist er den Preis wert? Sehen Sie, wie eine Online-Golf­stun­de mit Micha­el Ihrem Golf­spiel hel­fen kann.….. https://​you​tu​.be/​v​1​1​m​k​8​P​x​cyY Kau­fen Sie eine Online-Golf­stun­de mit Micha­el sicher mit PayPal über sei­ne Web­site (scrol­len Sie