ALTER PUTTER GEGEN NEUEN PUTTER BEWERTUNG Put­ter für 6,00 $ GEGEN Put­ter für 499,99 $, ich kauf­te einen alten Put­ter bei EBAY und beschloss, zu sehen, ob es einen Unter­schied zwi­schen dem alten und dem neu­en gibt. Kann ein neu­er Put­ter Ihnen wirk­lich dabei hel­fen, mehr Putts ein­zu­lo­chen? Ihre Punkt­zahl sen­ken? Mal sehen .… bedeu­tet das, dass Anfän­ger kein Ver­mö­gen aus­ge­ben müs­sen? Das Tol­le ist, dass ich die­sen Put­ter frü­her hat­te und das Gefühl der Schlag­flä­che lieb­te. Vie­len Dank an AMERICAN GOLF – https://​www​.ame​ri​can​golf​.co​.uk/. Dies ist mein Kanal, auf dem ich alle mei­ne Lieb­lings­übun­gen, Tipps, Rezen­sio­nen und Her­aus­for­de­run­gen tei­len wer­de, damit Sie Ihr Golf­spiel ver­bes­sern und genie­ßen kön­nen. MEHR ABONNIEREN Sie mein You­Tube Kanal https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​c​/​a​l​e​x​e​l​l​i​ott… FOLGE mei­nen sozia­len Medi­en: Twit­ter: @alexelliottgolf Insta­gram: @alexelliottgolf Face­book: @alexelliottgolf E‑Mail: alex@alexelliottgolf.co.uk

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    1. AlexEl­liott­Golf a Hap­py a tay­lorma­de itts­bit­sy ascot­ty­cam­ron dou­b­le­back odde­sy works you name it I got it a 2 ball as well can’t putt with none of them lol

  1. What pis­s­ta­kers the­se big com­pa­nies are with their stu­pid pri­ces. Love to see gol­fers rebel and refu­se to pay the­se pri­ces, all star­ted by Callaway.

  2. See­ing you’­ve cho­sen the ori­gi­nal 2 ball put­ter, can I offer you a fiver for the other one?😂😂
    Loved the video, Mau­ri­ti­us?? You live like a king Alex.🍺🍺

  3. £5 for an old two ball. Did you buy a sto­len one 🤣. Put­ters are too expen­si­ve nower days. I under­stand that you play most of your shots with your put­ter but £300-£400 for a put­ter is just to expensive

  4. It wasn’t that long ago that new put­ters and dri­vers could be purcha­sed for around $200 to $300 dol­lars. Serious­ly $500 to $600 for one sin­gle put­ter or dri­ver is absurd. It’s beco­me extre­me­ly ridiculous.

  5. the big­gest myth is expen­si­ve put­ters. its a mar­ke­ting ploy by big com­pa­nies. a well fit­ted cheap put­ter would be as good as any scot­ty came­ron or ben­ar­di put­ters. put­ting is all men­tal, feel and rea­ding and under­stan­ding the greens. 

    Some­thing like a fit­ted cleve­land or wil­son put­ter is just as good for 95% of ama­tu­ers. Same with dri­vers as most ama­tu­ers do not have the skill or tech­ni­ques to get the value of expen­si­ve drivers.

  6. I still use the ori­gi­nal two ball put­ter, bought when it first came out. Every time our pro shop get a new put­ter in , I try it on the prac­ti­ce green and seem to putt bet­ter, but it’s just becau­se I’m con­cen­tra­ting hard on the stro­ke. That con­ti­nues , back with my old putter.

  7. I’m still rockin that old “$6” two ball that I paid 150 bucks for years ago. I also added a lot of lead tape becau­se it’s too light. I’m thin­king about loo­king into the Exo two-ball with the Sta­bi­li­ty shaft. It’s a gre­at design that’s hard to get away from.

  8. I have a Scot­ty and I was struggling with my put­ting. I recent­ly bought the ori­gi­nal 2 ball put­ter. I love my $40 put­ter more than my $400 one.

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