HEISSESTE Gol­fe­rin­nen AUF DER RANGLISTE! Will­kom­men zurück bei Spor­to­pia. Pro­fes­sio­nel­le Gol­fe­rin­nen sind eine zusätz­li­che Attrak­ti­on für den Sport. Frau­en im Sport haben immer die­sen zusätz­li­chen Charme, den sie in Kom­bi­na­ti­on mit ihrem außer­ge­wöhn­li­chen Talent mit­brin­gen. Für den heu­ti­gen Kanal stel­len wir die ATTRAKTIVSTEN Gol­fe­rin­nen der Welt vor. San­dra Gal, Lexi Thomp­son, Lily Muni He und Che­yenne Woods. Dies sind eini­ge der ATTRAKTIVSTEN Gol­fe­rin­nen, die Sie jemals sehen wer­den. Die­se Frau­en haben all das Talent, Golf zu spie­len, plus eine offen­sicht­li­che Schön­heit, die mit ihnen ein­her­geht. Schau­en Sie sich die­ses Video an und sehen Sie sie sowohl in Akti­on als auch in ihren attrak­tivs­ten Momen­ten. #Golf #Golf­spie­le­rin­nen #Attrak­ti­ve­Golf­spie­le­rin­nen 10 HEISSESTE KOREANISCHE GOLFERINNEN | DIE SCHÖNSTEN KLPGA-GOLFERINNEN https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​W​x​F​B​4​K​q​N​0Jc Top 10 der schöns­ten und hei­ßes­ten Gol­fe­rin­nen 2021 https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​Q​D​k​f​d​D​i​u​G9E Top 10 der hei­ßes­ten Frau­en im Golf [ Die hei­ßes­ten Gol­fe­rin­nen]🔥🔥🔥🏌️‍♀️ https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​W​6​Q​N​8​6​O​p​V5k

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181 thought on “HEISSESTE Golferinnen AUF DER RANGLISTE!”

    1. @Leslie Robert Smith I just loo­ked her up and yes she is qui­te attrac­ti­ve. The­re are some others that are not as popu­lar as the ones lis­ted but are very good loo­king. Per­so­nal­ly I would have pre­fer­red that they only use LPGA play­ers in their list and Gretz­ky did not belong here sin­ce she’s not a golfer!

  1. That was a stu­pid thing that Cha­y­an­ne Woods said. ” Becau­se there’s only 8 black fema­le gol­fers and no black fema­le has won an LPGA event means it’s not diver­se enough “. That’s stu­pid. Black peop­le make up 12% of Ame­ri­ca and not that many play golf. That has not­hing to do with racism. The lar­gest crowds ever watch and root for Tiger Woods in a most­ly white sport with most­ly white fans.

    1. SO RIGHT ! In sports, you earn your way in. It is not an affir­ma­ti­ve action thing. If we want to make ever­ything more diver­se some weird way exclu­ding the com­pe­ti­ti­on, the white boys should have a LOT to say about the lack of diver­si­ty in men’s sprinting.

    2. Che­yenne Woods is con­fu­sing inclu­si­ve with inte­rest. All women of race and color are inclu­ded in golf, they’­re just not all inte­res­ted in it.

    1. Ok Donald Jr. its obvious you can’t com­pre­hend what she means. I guess she should be thank­ful to even be ALLOWED to golf right ?

  2. The­re was only one or two actual­ly acti­ve LPGA Tour play­ers on this list peri­od And even tho­se two weren’t very good loo­king. How about you do a top 10 list of actu­al play­ers who are suc­cess­ful and on the tour as we speak not just a bunch of models

  3. what a load of bull.…Paulina Gretz­ky ??? not even a play­er ffs.…..what an AWFUL video, made worse by the fact its nar­ra­ted by a female.….

  4. ‘…and here are golf’s most attrac­ti­ve fema­les.…’ Real­ly? Isn’t that kind of a sub­jec­ti­ve app­rai­sal? In some­bo­dy else’s opinion…‘these’ are the most attrac­ti­ve women in golf? Also: WTF do their looks/clothes have to do with the qua­li­ty of their play? Just askin’.….…

  5. You mis­sed a LOT of the hot­test women in golf. Few of the­se would be on my list. That being said, #1 is easi­ly and without any doubt SHARON SHINAE AHN. You can have all the rest.

  6. Blair O’neal is defi­ni­te­ly hot. I’ve seen her on the Golf Chan­nel and she is real­ly good and may I say again HOT. Defi­ni­te­ly my favorite.

  7. I’m gon­na call it, pure sexism, Male gol­fers are not jud­ged by their loo­ks but it’s okay to rate fema­le gol­fers as sex objects, I woke up this morning thin­king I was in the 21st century

  8. The­re are only two of tho­se that I would con­si­der good loo­king, Muni and Blair. Some of the rest just think they are good loo­king. Pai­ge and Hol­ly are only the­re to flaunt the­re sexuality.

  9. Put­ting Blair in front of Pai­ge is what we call a “mer­cy hump “ lolol …. Pai­ge is the hot­test fema­le gol­fer and no it’s not even close.
    Blair got the sym­pa­thy win here.
    Pai­ge is the one haters.

  10. This is racist! The LPGA and fema­le gol­fing world is domi­na­ted by Kore­ans. Yet, the­re are 0 kore­ans that made this list. The­re are dozens of hot Kore­an LPGA players.

  11. More acces­si­ble and more inclusive?…Well I have to say as someo­ne from midd­le class who has tried to get into the sport of golf, the cost is abso­lute­ly outra­ge­ous! if they whe­re to make che­a­per sets and equip­ment you would see an abso­lu­te huge spike in new players/viewers…unfortunately most peop­le can­not even afford with the pri­cing. Luck­i­ly I was able to pick up a cheap second hand bag and set alt­hough most peop­le arent as lucky!

  12. Pai­ge not only has the loo­ks, and talent, but also the brains. She can teach all aspects of golf right up the­re with the best of them. And if that is not enough her bright yet modest per­so­na­li­ty makes her irresistible.

  13. I thought this was going to be a list of actu­al ladies that make a living play­ing golf, like tour pros. This is most­ly sexy models and influ­en­cers that have some weak con­nec­tion to golf through play­ing in the past or through a rela­ti­ve who plays. Gretzky’s daugh­ter?, Hol­ly Son­ders?, even Pai­ge Spira­nac, give me a break. The­se are swim­su­it models that have a decent golf swing, not pro golfers.

  14. I ques­ti­on #7 for a few reasons
    1. she loo­ks just like tiger in the face and that should des­troy any chan­ce of her being on this list.
    2. shes about as afri­can ame­ri­can as that Rachel Dolezal bitch. Hell! Tiger isn’t even afri­can ame­ri­can! Shes 98% mutt

    I’m put­ting in a vote to move #10 up a few spots.…

  15. Pai­ge Is my favo­ri­te, she Is extre­me­ly Beau­ti­ful, Gor­ge­ous, sexy with over­flowing sensuality. 🔥🔥🥰🥰😘😘💘💘😍😍

  16. Muni He, Hol­ly San­ders, Bel­la Angel and Pai­ge Spi­ra­nic in no par­ti­cu­lar order. Woman gol­fers are the most beau­ti­ful of any sport, the­re are no Pai­ge Spiranic’s in Ten­nis that I know of, or a Muni He when it comes to being pretty

  17. Char­ley Hull defi­ni­te­ly should have been men­tio­ned on this list! She is a Real Women Gol­fer not a cele­bri­ty, who can golf or TV announ­cer, who golfs, or a Golfer’s spou­se, who’s the daugh­ter of a Hall of Fame Hockey legend!

  18. The hot­test tigh­tiest babe in golf! She has done mini skirts and biki­ni golf, its time for a ppv naked golf tour­na­ment! Play­boy, hust­ler .…spon­sors make your bets for such an event of all ages!

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