Hideki Matsuyama wurde vom Memorial Tournament 2022 wegen Markierung auf der Schlagfläche des Schlägers disqualifiziert | Golfkanal

Hideki Matsuyama wurde vom Memorial Tournament 2022 wegen Markierung auf der Schlagflaeche des Schlaegers disqualifiziert Golfkanal golf

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392 thought on “Hideki Matsuyama wurde vom Memorial Tournament 2022 wegen Markierung auf der Schlagfläche des Schlägers disqualifiziert | Golfkanal”

    1. If this is chea­ting then no won­der play­ers are going to LIV. The most hono­r­able play­er in the league is dis­graced, figu­re that one out pga

    2. Yeah, he chea­ted. When the offi­cial asked if used the club, he said yes. Yep! That’s a chea­ter, he told the truth. Shee­sh bro.

    3. @Philip Catuo­g­no Pret­ty sure he thought the club was con­forming, use some com­mon sen­se he let peop­le take pic­tures of it. If he was intent in chea­ting he would have told his cad­dy to lea­ve the head over on. This doesn’t even give you an advan­ta­ge anyway.

  1. Ben­di­cio­nes her­mo­sa Celi­na quev Dios te cui­de don­de quie­ra que Kis​s​s​s​ss​.Uno encan­tan tus videos.

  2. My guess is, Mats­u­ya­ma mar­ked his dri­ver for prac­ti­ce pur­po­ses and nobo­dy wiped it off befo­re the round. That’s pro­bab­ly the caddy’s fault. My ques­ti­on is, who tip­ped off the offi­cials? They’­re not sup­po­sed to take TV-View­er Rules Poli­ce tips anymore.

    1. @T. Ryan becau­se you dont like a rule dont mean you can deter­mi­ne its not chea­ting, you dont sound like a pro caddie.

  3. Ben­di­cio­nes her­mo­sa Celi­na quez Dios te cui­de don­de quie­ra que Kis​s​s​s​ss​.Uno encan­tan tus videos.

  4. I won­der if this is what they’­re invoking:
    4.1a(3) By app­ly­ing any sub­s­tance to the club­head (other than in clea­ning it) to affect how it per­forms in making a stroke.

  5. O.m.g. a mark on a club? Wow. If I only knew years ago I could domi­na­te the com­pe­ti­ti­on with this litt­le tip. Gtfo

  6. C’mon like this mar­king of a club will impro­ve his score !!!! What a far­ce , this reminds me of tiger woods mas­ters 2013 the call in from a view­er . Eit­her a call in hap­pen­ed or Rory or reed snit­ched on him .

  7. Com­ple­te­ly BS but you can mark com­ple­te bold line on the ball..have you not see big marks on cal­lo­way clubs or screws on taylormade!

  8. Beha­ved like a true gen­tle­man, accep­ted his punish­ment and wal­ked away grace­ful­ly. Lots of peop­le have their opi­ni­ons on this, all key­board experts.
    In my opi­ni­on a true pro­fes­sio­nal, no dra­ma, wasnt deli­be­ra­te but accep­ted it was a bre­ach of rules. I congra­tu­la­te your professionalism.

    1. Not all are just key­board experts.…some peop­le might have about 38 years of expe­ri­ence under their belt. Bad choice to gene­ra­li­ze pos­si­ble scenarios.

  9. Baloney…Banana oil..how does a mar­ker point on a club face impro­ve the shot????? Want to prees for some­thig, DRUG TEST THE TOP 25 FINISHERS.…..NOW WE will have a level play­ing field.….

  10. That is the dum­best rule that needs to get abolis­hed. It does­n’t impro­ve anything con­cer­ning align­ment, ball, or strike on the course!

    1. Pro­bab­ly not that much.. would help with lining it up and hit­ting it squa­re I guess.. But It is a advan­ta­ge for sure.

    2. @Kirk Long But golf com­pa­nies like Cal­la­way alrea­dy have a mar­king on top of the Dri­ver to show the midd­le of the Club­face. This ruling is a joke

    3. The mar­king on the club face could also be a sub­s­tance to gene­ra­te more spin or distance on the ball that’s why they tre­at it serious­ly. Har­sh ruling by the officials .

    4. @tryNtryAGAIN Other than its stuff like vase­li­ne then I don’t see the point they can easi­ly just request him to for­feit that club and con­ti­nue play­ing without that sud­den­ly non con­form club.

  11. What a stu­pid click­bait video. If you are going to tit­le the video that way you need to show us the offen­ding rule brea­king mark on the club face. He pro­bab­ly would have been glad to show it to us if the per­son doing the video had asked him.

  12. Got to love how rules offi­cials come to the­se cra­zy rulings. All they’­re doing is put­ting a black eye on the game of golf. Someo­ne needs to stop the­se sil­ly rulings.

    1. @l good I would­n’t go that far. Whe­re a guy is from has no bea­ring on if he is honest or not. That is kind of a racist per­spec­ti­ve. I per­so­nal­ly find it hard to belie­ve that he was knowin­gly chea­ting. But how can I know. I do know that igno­ran­ce is no excu­se. He should know the rules and be very care­ful to fol­low them. It’s not a good look to get caught chea­ting in golf. This isn’t Nascar.

    2. it’s not racist per­spec­ti­ve. JP atta­cked Chi­na during WWII is just the typi­cal examp­le of it. u don’t know the way how jp peop­le think. I live the­re for very long time so I know a litt­le bit of it.

    3. I’m asto­nis­hed at the cri­ti­cism of this ruling?? Hide­ki had a sub­s­tance on the face of his 3 wood that would have abso­lute­ly redu­ced ball spin!!
      REAL GOLFERS would under­stand and accept this cor­rect decision…

  13. so I read into this issue, and appar­ent­ly it was­n’t that the mar­kings on his club face were an issue, it’s per­fect­ly legal to have ori­gi­nal­ly manu­fac­tu­red-in align­ment mar­kings on the clubs. The issue was that the­re was paint arti­fi­cial­ly mar­ked on his 3‑wood which if he had not used the club during the round would be fine, but sin­ce he teed off on 1 with it then his club was con­si­de­red non-con­forming and ille­gal becau­se he used it during play. But this is Mats­u­ya­ma, he is as pro­fes­sio­nal as it gets and this would have been com­ple­te­ly unin­ten­tio­nal. He has an immense respect for this game and the rules that govern it, even when they don’t go his way.

    1. And how does that affect the game? How does that offer an advan­ta­ge to the play­er? They want to pena­li­ze him one stro­ke or a stro­ke for every shot he takes with that club, fine, but a full DQ? PGA being stu­pid is expec­ted the­se days.

    2. @Tyler Wil­helm with the new rules, you can actual­ly have more than 14 clubs in the bag. But you have to spe­ci­fi­cal­ly decla­re the clubs that you will not be using during the round.

    3. @Ryopasmo yeah I saw a clip on IG of the rules offi­cial exp­lai­ning the ruling and that’s exact­ly what they said. New rules you can car­ry an extra club, even a non con­forming one, as long as you don’t use it. So the com­p­laint I had about 14 club rule obvious­ly was addres­sed by this rule change

    4. @Tyler Wil­helm Ian Woos­man was DQ d in a tour­na­ment he was lea­ding on the 1st hole on a Sunday for 15 clubs in the bag. At the ran­ge they were deci­ding which clubs to inclu­de cad­dy never remo­ved the 15th club. Cad­dy was fired on the spot and Woos­man was pissed!

  14. Absurd ruling! Wipe it off or remo­ve the club from his bag as punish­ment. I never knew a mark on the face would have con­trol of my ent­i­re swing and make the ball flight fur­ther and more accu­ra­te!!! I’m off to the ran­ge with my mar­ker pen and clubs

    1. It cau­ses the ball to spin less, play­ers have pain­ted the groo­ve marks in their dri­vers with pen mar­kers, but to plas­ter with white chalk mate­ri­al is too much, Hide­ki would not do this if it has no effect, well call by the officals

  15. The PGA is slow­ly making me not like it. Ever­yo­ne has com­pe­ti­ti­on and so should the PGA!! Be bet­ter or be obso­le­te. So sor­ry Phil!!!

    1. Com­pe­ti­ti­on makes ever­ything bet­ter. Iron shar­pens iron. I never heard of an awe­so­me Soviet car that sold well in the US. No such thing, why? No competition.

  16. Bunch of uptight bas­tards if you ask me. Just give Hide­ki a 2 shot penal­ty and keep play­ing, no need to dis­qua­li­fy the blo­ke. Wouldn’t have put it past both Patrick Reed or “tea­chers pet” Rory dob­bing him in

  17. the play­er is ful­ly respon­si­ble for the con­di­ti­ons of their clubs at all times, not the cad­dy or their coa­ching staff. they did­n’t do a pre inspec­tion and their crew did­n’t eit­her it seems.

  18. The PGA should be asha­med of them­sel­ves for such a har­sh ruling on a mas­ters cham­pion first offen­se. This is an utter dis­grace. The PGA just pro­ves it’s stuffy self once again. I can’t wait until the­re are more leagues to watch

  19. Last time this hap­pen­ed it was tho­se white dots that you put on the club face when using the GCQuad swing com­pu­ter thing. It uses high speed came­ras to see the face and someo­ne else was DQ’ed a cou­p­le years ago for that.

  20. How stu­pid is that!!!! Who do the­se “offi­cials” think they are anyway.…just ano­t­her black eye on “Golf” period!

  21. This is fucked up! This might be part­ly some of the rea­sons why the pros are boun­cing for the Sau­di tour…I suspect Reed

  22. Holy shit, did you guys hear that the mark was giving him ano­t­her 40 yards off the tee? I heard that if you draw a big dink on the club head you’ll get upwards to 50 yards!

    1. some­ti­mes it is tho­se litt­le sil­ver sti­ckers they use for GC Quad.….might of forgot.…but I get it.…dumb rule.…next gol­fer would put sti­ckum on face to pre­vent ball from slicing.….

  23. Offi­cial should have yelled *clean your dri­ver face befo­re teeing up*. Greg Nor­man is going to end up with ple­nty of players 😀

  24. And this Ladies & Gen­tle­man is why the PGA Tour is going to lose More Pro­fes­sio­nal Gol­fers in the Future to LIV Tour.. Dis­qua­li­fied becau­se of a Mark on the Club. WOW

  25. This is bey­ond ridi­cu­lous. The­se old men in the PGA real­ly have not­hing bet­ter to do?
    At the very least show some respect to a Mas­ters Champion.

  26. PGA Direc­tor thin­king to hims­elf “We’­re onto some­thing here”. Next thing you know PGA offi­cials wal­king around DJ’s & Na’s bag with a Sharpie.

  27. They did­n’t check his clubs befo­re the round. He hit the club once on the first hole befo­re they stop­ped him – which he did­n’t lie about.
    We’­re tal­king about a Mas­ters cham­pion… Should have had him take the club out of his bag and con­ti­nue play­ing; or have him replay the first hole.

    A full DQ for that is why play­ers are loo­king at LIV…

    1. I was thin­king along the same lines. The man pro­bab­ly has 15k inves­ted in tra­vel, lod­ging. To be dq for some­thing like this will con­ti­nue to dri­ve play­ers to liv tour.

  28. Respect to the PGA. Sti­cking to the rules. In an era of no one taking bla­me for brea­king the rules or their faults Mats­u­ya­ma took it like the real champ he is.

  29. Dis­qua­li­fi­ca­ti­on during a round is appal­ling, he should be allo­wed to finish the round, and then his team cal­led into mee­ting to dis­cuss with clo­ser exami­na­ti­on of club.
    This is BS

    1. @Dougy Doo­litt­le Alrea­dy there…but thanks for the sug­ges­ti­on. Just loun­ging & rela­xin’ & cal­ling out whiny babies.

    2. @Padraig Col­lins not at all, Dani­el Ber­ger is a big­ger cheat than most.
      Patrick Reed did his time, in a long care­er with Came­ras on Patrick, only a small act was over dra­ma­tised by the Pea­nut gallery

  30. So, he could have the manu­fac­tu­rer put tho­se lines into the face from the fac­to­ry and that’s fine… With so many rules in the PGA that look at inten­ti­ons, why not look to see if he inten­ded to cheat here?

  31. Love Hide­ki and kind of agree that DQ was too har­sh, but if you see the pho­tos of the club, having white­out in the groo­ves can affect the spin. May­be give him some stro­ke pen­al­ties ins­tead of a DQ.

  32. Holy shit I didnt know I could be obli­te­ra­ting the com­pe­ti­ti­on if I put mar­ker on my club!!! This is a real game chan­ger for us. Just kid­ding PGA, get your head out of your ass.

  33. No won­der why some gol­fers are sick of PGA Tour… 3 day events, more money, less dumb rules, no won­der why DJ wants to play in LIV…

  34. Just to show how stu­pid is the PGA beco­m­ing. Stu­pid pet­ty rules that does not give advan­ta­ges to the play­ers yet you can be dis­qua­li­fied for it. Why allow mar­king on the ball then? Now should look into the shoes, shirts under­we­ar etc etc coz it might give advan­ta­ges to the players. 

    Come to think of it…Greg and Phil are right in set­ting up ano­t­her plat­form for play­ers to choo­se to com­pe­te in. Not­hing last forever.

  35. What a load of bull­crap! This is why the pros need to be able to screw the PGA tour over and go play whe­re­ver they want!

  36. honest mista­ke. Hide­ki hand­led it with utmost class. Whe­ther you like it or not rules like this have to be enfor­ced, other­wi­se whe­re do you draw the line.

    1. Dis­agree.. it’s this type of rigi­di­ty with rules that lack com­mon sen­se that keep more peop­le away from the game. Golf is like any other sport or anything in life – if it does­n’t evol­ve, it won’t thri­ve. It takes golf way too long to update archaic rules that have litt­le impact on results.

    2. @mikearon1970 this was­n’t just a mar­ked club though. that is actual­ly allo­wed. the paint stuff was caked on and coul­d’­ve easi­ly affec­ted the spin. if you don’t enfor­ce this you will have play­ers attemp­t­ing to affect their spin and tra­jec­to­ry by mani­pu­la­ting the face.

    3. @nsxdarin was it that signi­fi­cant? It did­n’t look it to me on came­ra, but obvious­ly I’m not the­re to see in person.

    4. @mikearon1970 that’s what they said during the tele­cast. just basic mar­king is legal but they deci­ded it was too much and covering the actu­al con­ta­ct area a bit and not just in the grooves.

    1. It’s actual­ly a good look. Rules are the­re for a rea­son. Be a gen­tle­man and know them and fol­low them. Just like the law.

  37. Obv unin­ten­tio­nal .… Remo­ve the club from the bag for 18 holes or assign a 1–2 shot penal­ty etc. A dis­qua­li­fi­ca­ti­on is far too much.

  38. Just give him a penal­ty for any shots he hit with that club, make him remo­ve it and play on. He’s not on fuck­in HGH hit­ting the ball 80 yards far­t­her, dumb ruling

  39. Just one of liter­al­ly hund­reds of ridi­cu­lous­ly stu­pid rules in the game of golf. The Roy­al and Anci­ent is exact­ly that.

  40. I’m not a fan of the ruling. Com­mon sen­se says it’s not on the­re for an advan­ta­ge. The for­eign sub­s­tance isn’t hel­ping anything about the ball’s spin. It’s an align­ment aid for prac­ti­ce. Wipe it and con­ti­nue. Or give a two shot penal­ty becau­se he f’d up. DQ is ridi­cu­lous. Com­mon sen­se is not in golf rules even after they revi­sed them.

  41. To all the com­menters com­p­lai­ning about a har­sh ruling. The rules gover­ning equip­ment are set by the USGA and R&A. The punish­ment is writ­ten into the Rules of Golf. He would face the same penal­ty in any tour­na­ment orga­ni­zed by a body that fol­low the Rules. That inclu­des the USGA, R&A, PGA Tour and Euro­pean Tour. If LIV fol­lows the writ­ten rules of the game, they would enfor­ce the same penalty.

  42. I bet the LIV Tour would never dis­re­spect such a hero and cham­pion. Mar­king on the club face? Must have some­thing to do with adver­ti­sing and the PGA wants theirs ($)

  43. Hide­ki to the LIV tour…after being screwed out of the 2million dol­lar bonous for most goo­g­led gol­fer becau­se pga did not inclu­de inter­na­tio­nal fans so they could give it to tiger and now being dq for a mark on his dri­ver that he pro­bab­ly didnt even know was the­re , Hide­ki should go

  44. Ama­zing that they would pull this kind of BS when a com­pe­ti­tor is doing ever­ything to poach play­ers from the PGA to their tour…

    1. @E Migs Its not inte­gri­ty if they will DQ one but someo­ne like Reed can cheat over and over again without even awarning.

  45. Not a big deal, it hap­pens. Just deal with it and move on to the next tour­na­ment. Extre­me­ly unli­kely Hide­ki inten­tio­nal­ly bro­ke the rule, and pro­bab­ly just for­got to check the club. Gua­ran­tee his cool with the ruling, and is rea­dy to play the next event he enters.

  46. When I star­ted mar­king the sweet spot on my club faces I was able to drop my han­di­cap by 11 strokes, none of my play­ing part­ners ever caught on to my fla­grant chea­ting and I never told them. Props to the PGA for catching this total dis­re­gard of fair­ness and sportsmanship…It would be so unfair if someo­ne bro­ke a cour­se record or won a tour­na­ment in such a devious manner…

  47. who knows, the play­er is always respon­si­ble and that’s whe­re the rub­ber meets the road. I’m sure it will wash out in the main stream media very soon

  48. I was just out hit­ting today…Marking my club would defi­ni­te­ly help with my setup.
    Hide­ki was Chea­ting, and got caught. It’s why he did­n’t real­ly fight it.

  49. Does any­bo­dy have a pho­to of the vio­la­ti­on on the club face?

    Does any­bo­dy know how he was squea­led on ?who Cal­led in and if so how did they get the number?who tatt­le­tail­ed? I guess you can email in nowadays

  50. Bet­ter to get DQ’d on a Thurs­day vs a Sunday I guess. Head to next weeks venue for a few prac­ti­ce rounds?

  51. Loving the Small-Min­ded LIV comments. The LIV will Clear­ly be SO MUCH BETTER…just think…
    A NEW League spen­ding 100’s of Mil­li­ons to STEAL men from the PGA Tour.
    A NEW League that is ONLY about Money.
    Pos­ters are ALL MAD becau­se PGA is stan­ding on integrity.
    With such a long tra­di­ti­on and integrity…how could the LIV ever make it’s shal­low play­ers mad? LOL

  52. How could you for­get the impact tap was on?… You can see it clear as day, even on a 6.5° dri­ver. Keep in mind, play­ers are favo­ring the hig­her degreed dri­vers now, like DJ who plays a 10.5°. Bry­son is the only one who plays with a 6.5° driver.

  53. I real­ly don’t get it. I mark lines on my ball all the time„, how’s that any dif­fe­rent. Did he start the round with the­se mar­kings? If the mar­kings help in any­way the manu­fac­tu­rer should inclu­de it on the club!!!

  54. PGA giving more stu­pid rea­sons to sign up for LIV ins­tead. I love PGA but the­re are some rules that does not make any sense.

    1. Becau­se you don’t play…or you’­re not real­ly a play­er. The­re are BIG rea­sons for rules peop­le don’t understand.

      Do you know why there’s a 4th left-fin­ger ring on a trumpet? It’s not a big deal…but for professionals…it’s a HUGE deal.

    1. bro the­se comments would be polar oppo­si­te if it was patrick reed… he would get ridi­cu­led so hard bc of his past… inten­tio­nal or not lolol

  55. unless it was Vase­li­ne, I can­not think of ano­t­her sub­s­tance smea­red onto the face of a dri­ver that could pos­si­b­ly give a PGA tour cham­pion like Hide­ki an advan­ta­ge. But Vase­li­ne would be vir­tual­ly invi­si­ble. The PGA Tour is real­ly star­ting to suck.

    1. Not real­ly. The rules are the­re for a rea­son. Don’t mark your club­face and you won’t get DQed. Only a dull tool would have a pro­blem with under­stan­ding that?

  56. PGA Now that’s how you tre­at a mas­ters champ. I won­der if that hap­pen to tiger what do you think the out­co­me would be. I know rules are rules but real­ly. Some­time the PGA has some Fu=ked up rules. HUMM I guess ano­t­her play­er hea­ding to LIV

  57. of cour­se Patrick Reed hovering near the chea­ters tent!! ok Patrick they did­n’t see your chea­ting today the coast is clear

  58. Pga site in the 2017 whats in bag arti­cle . Has a pic of his 3 wood then … it loo­ks to have been hea­vi­ly pain­ted too .….

  59. Phil mickel­son should make his own golf orga­niz­a­ti­on. The PGA is a joke, plus Phil hims­elf is more inte­res­ting than the ent­i­re­ty of the PGA cham­pions­hip. What even was this rule again? No clue

  60. I think Mats­u­ya­ma as a pro­fes­sio­nal ful­ly under­stands the rules per­tai­ning to con­forming clubs. It is the play­ers respon­si­bi­li­ty as to the lega­li­ty of his equip­ment not his caddies.The penal­ty is har­sh for tho­se who trans­gress the rules and so it should be. Mats­u­ya­ma accep­ted the decisi­on and did not com­p­lain and argue, he accep­ted respon­si­bil­ty for his actions which is more than I can say for some pros. As to who rat­ted him out does­n’t matter.

  61. Ok the PGA has got the rival league with unli­mi­ted funds breat­hing down their neck and they call out the big­gest star in Japan for an obscu­re ruling to ali­ena­te mil­li­ons of Japa­ne­se fans who love golf. Gre­at job the­re Monahan!

  62. Golf is this man’s living! Get the heyell off your high hor­se and wipe the crap off. Like he would get ANY advan­ta­ge from that?? The­se guys are PROS! Com­ple­te­ly ridi­cu­lous! Embarr­as­sed for the PGA.

  63. He did it to get an advan­ta­ge ever­yo­ne needs to quit dick riding him just becau­se he’s a “pro” and mas­ter champ lmao.

  64. Abut har­sh! Penal­ty point, ok, remo­ve the club, ok but dis­qua­li­fied? Har­sh! This is a mas­ters cham­pion, and with what’s going on with LIV tour­na­ment, the PGA don’t need this.

  65. All wee­kend ama­teurs are dis­qua­li­fied. I see beers, chips, ener­gy drinks and ciga­ret­tes in their bags. Clear­ly an advantage.

  66. This is so dumb on a cou­p­le of levels. #1 Whoever’s drawing on that club­face bet­ter know the dang rules. #2 The­re is NO uni­ver­se whe­re this could pos­si­b­ly give a play­er a leg up (if so, enligh­ten me). #3 ‘We tried to get to him in time to tell him…’ well you did­n’t. So take the club away, and may­be add a stro­ke. But kicked out of the who­le thing for this? Seems like overkill.

    1. Still not as dumb as still having to hit it out of a divot when you stri­ped one down the midd­le of the fair­way. THAT is the dum­best rule.

  67. I never know this is a rules on this sports..where is the rules on the rules book..anyone can show me whe­re is the chap­ter of that rules..how this mar­king will impro­ve play­er scoring..🤔🤔

  68. Peop­le have been known to put chap­stick on their dri­ver face so it redu­ces the amount of spin on the golf ball. I think this is why the­re is a rule that you must not have anything on your club face…still think he was unfair­ly dealt with though.

  69. Ridi­cu­lous yet they can play Red Pain­ted Car­bon faced dri­ver, not a mark not a spot or line but the majo­ri­ty of the SWEETSPOT PAINTED IN RED.
    I would be more agree­ab­le if he used chap­stick but it was­n’t so just some pet­ty anti­qua­ted rule that needs adjus­t­ment but did­n’t so we got stuff like this happen.

  70. Ano­t­her idio­tic archaic rule that should be eli­mi­na­ted. Litt­le respect for the play­ers intel­li­gence and zero respect for a Master’s champion.
    Dus­tin John­son once got pena­li­zed for tou­ch­ing the sand out­side the bun­ker, but Mats­u­ya­ma gets disqualified?
    No won­der PGA’s loo­sing peop­le to the LIV.
    Exp­lain to the patro­ni­zed how some mar­kings would make you a super ball-stri­ker. What’s the mira­cle sci­ence involved?
    Play­ers get also dis­qua­li­fied for prac­ti­cing during play. Why in the world none are for taking prac­ti­ce swings any­whe­res from tee-to-green? It beats me!
    One more thing. Mr. Mats­u­ya­ma should wash his hand right after shaking hands with that uni­ver­sal­ly known chea­ter Patrick Reed, just saying

  71. That’s mes­sed up.
    I just don’t under­stand the rules that are just stupid.
    How on gods green earth would that give him or anyo­ne an advan­ta­ge over any of the other golfer’s.
    Who ever come up with that rule is a dum­bass & I’d tell them to their face.

  72. I love the edi­t­ing!!! Right after they deal with this dis­qua­li­fi­ca­ti­on they cut strai­ght to Bry­son using the arm­lock put­ter – we did­n’t miss the iro­ny – a mecha­ni­cal advan­ta­ge that should have been ban­ned but isn’t .….….. yet.

  73. i saw his 3w club face defi­ni­to­ry it was out of rules. Offi­cials were right jud­ges. I have never seen such a stu­pid mat­ter. I have never seen such a stu­pid acci­dents ever.

  74. The PGA is metho­di­cal­ly making me hate it more and more with each pas­sing year. They have beco­me so pet­ty to some, and let others sli­de. I hope the LIV gives them a run.

  75. A mark on the club. Was it on top of the club? Or on the face area. Got­ta won­der though. Dis­qua­li­fi­ca­ti­on sounds like it was too much. More like 2 stro­ke penal­ty. But if the mark was enhan­cing his game then yes dis­qua­li­fi­ca­ti­on is the norm.

  76. I had some ball marks on the hosel of my 7 iron and was dis­qua­li­fied for it. I had wiped them off but after my warm up they were back. Har­sh but fair.

  77. The rule is very clear, hide­ki was in vio­la­ti­on of the rule, the rule was cor­rect­ly enfor­ced… Why is the­re a back­lash against the PGA??

  78. Wait a minu­te here…i mean what in da blu fuq…???😳😳😳 so I mark my ball with a red shar­pie and i make a huge round blot under my PRO-V1,I use that as my cho­sen spot as I stand behind the ball,that’s to ensu­re that my eyes never move away from the ball and when I hit that ball flush in the midd­le that mark remains on the face of my driver(I use a 2008 Tour Edge Exo­tics Dri­ver) with a very,very shiny face.
    Are you tel­ling me that I would be dis­qua­li­fied if a match offi­cial were to see that mar­king embed­ded on my club­face becau­se of my hit­ting a mar­ked ball that lea­ves that very same imprint on my clubface…???

    That hap­pens with my irons and main­ly with my Spin Mil­led Wedges…would I be dis­qua­li­fied for such???

    This is real­ly absurd…Hideki must just go play in the SAUDI LEAGUE and lea­ve the PGA Tour with their Ridi­cu­lous Rules that are gra­du­al­ly and surely kil­ling the game.

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