Highlights | Jordan Spieth vs. Justin Rose | Round 2 | WGC-Dell Match Play | 2022

Highlights Jordan Spieth vs. Justin Rose Round 2 WGC Dell Match Play 2022 2022

In the second round of the 2022 World Golf Cham­pions­hips-Dell Tech­no­lo­gies Match Play, Jus­tin Rose defea­ted Jor­dan Spieth 3 & 2.

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The PGA TOUR heads to Aus­tin, Texas for the only match play event on the calen­dar. 2021 win­ner Bil­ly Hor­schel will return to Aus­tin Coun­try Club hoping to beco­me the first play­er to defend the match play tit­le sin­ce Tiger Woods in 2004, after bea­ting 2022 Arnold Pal­mer Invi­ta­tio­nal win­ner Scot­tie Scheff­ler in last year’s final. The World Golf Cham­pions­hips – Dell Tech­no­lo­gies Match Play also marks the return of 2020 U.S. Open win­ner Bry­son DeCh­am­beau, who hasn’t play­ed sin­ce The Far­mers Insuran­ce Open in Janu­a­ry due to a wrist inju­ry. The top five play­ers in the world inclu­ding Jon Rahn, Col­lin Mori­ka­wa, Vik­tor Hov­land, Patrick Cant­lay and Scot­tie Scheff­ler will all enter the 64-man field which will be split into 16 groups of four play­ers for round-robin play. After round-robin play con­clu­des, the play­er with the hig­hest amount of points from each group will move onto sin­gle-eli­mi­na­ti­on play, whe­re the matches will con­ti­nue until a cham­pion is crowned.

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39 thought on “Highlights | Jordan Spieth vs. Justin Rose | Round 2 | WGC-Dell Match Play | 2022”

  1. Felt like announ­cer man was tal­king down to the $20 hour cut­ting grass guy that, you know, hel­ped main­tain the cour­se the­se guys are covering. Never dis­re­spect the grounds crew.

    1. @Robaldeenyo The UK. Just one ques­ti­on befo­re you run away. Are you this boring in real life or do you save this cata­to­nic dreiness for your online pre­sence exclusively?

    2. How on gods green earth can you read into a com­ment that is pur­po­se­ful­ly out of con­text? The­res liter­al­ly no way of under­stan­ding what they are tal­king about, so you are sup­po­sed to assu­me its neu­tral bc uk ur not a judg­men­tal person.

    3. @Robaldeenyo this sen­tence is right on the edge of liter­acy… is it sup­po­sed to be a dis or a joke? To put it in lan­guage you might under­stand: ‘dude you talk the joke no .. you’­re from X sta­te (my 19yo mind thinks is drasti­cal­ly dif­fe­rent than my sta­te). Enjoy struggling with rea­ding and wri­ting the rest of your life – sounds like an easy life!

  2. Why are PGA high­lights so abys­mal? No con­text or nar­ra­ti­on. Just see­min­gly ran­dom shots. Any ran­dom golf You­Tuber with access to the coverage could make such a bet­ter match play recap.

  3. How does Spieth con­sist­ent­ly make 25 foo­ters and also con­stant­ly miss 3 foo­ters in the same round. May­be he has the yips on short putts?

    1. @JT yea his put­ting hasnt been gre­at but he does not con­stant­ly miss short putts. It might seem like it but tho­se “short putts” are actual­ly like 6–9 feet from the hole, and in that wind and tho­se slick greens, not an easy thing to do at all.

    2. @JT defi­ni­te­ly not “con­stant­ly” but he appeared to miss a hand­ful of short putts in the match while making a few real­ly long ones. May­be cal­ling it “con­sis­tent” is an overstatement.

    3. @Jeff Schnei­der he had a pro­blem with them 3 and 2 years ago but if we are tal­king about the past year or this video… Tho­se were not 3 feet in my eyes and second­ly it didnt hap­pen all the time and third­ly cal­ling it a yips based on one round is very har­sh. Yeah they migh­t’­ve been short-ish but the per­cen­ta­ges drop dra­ma­ti­cal­ly insi­de 10ft whenever we add a foot. Got­ta give the man some respect

    4. @JT I love Spieth – he’s one of my favo­ri­te gol­fers. I’m genui­nely hap­py for him that he’s back win­ning tour­na­ments. As a gol­fer, it’s hard to recon­ci­le how many long putts he hits with watching him miss shor­ter ones. I’m sure the­re are sub­t­le dif­fi­cul­ties in the greens as well as the pres­su­re that we can’t per­cei­ve as viewers.

  4. “there’s a guy gets paid $20 an hour to cut that grass every other day” – the guy get­ting paid thousands to talk…maximum disrespect

    1. Yeah they talk about inclu­si­on in the game yet have some of thee most boring announ­cers… get me in the­re and livin up the same olé commentary!

  5. Jor­dan has lost his love for the game. You can tell he is just going through the moti­ons. He has too many peop­le rely­ing on him for inco­me that is a weight he never had befo­re. Wife and baby that take up more and more of his time. Too many coa­ches chan­ging his game, fine tune this, fine tune that. He needs to find his 2015 mind­set and let his natu­ral talent resur­face and just play.

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