Highlights | Round 4 | Valspar | 2022

Highlights Round 4 Valspar 2022 2022

Check out the best shots of the day from round 4 of the 2022 Val­spar Cham­pions­hip, fea­turing Sam Burns who defea­ted Davis Riley in a two-hole play­off to go back-to-back at Innis­brook Resort and claim his third win on the PGA TOUR.

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The PGA TOUR heads to Innis­brook Resort (Cop­per­head) for the Val­spar Cham­pions­hip. Five of the top-10 play­ers in the world are sche­du­led to tee it up, led by second-ran­ked Col­lin Mori­ka­wa. World No. 3 Vik­tor Hov­land is loo­king to build off a tie for third last sea­son, while Sam Burns is hoping to defend his mai­den PGA TOUR tit­le. Xan­der Schauf­fe­le and a pair of for­mer FedEx­Cup cham­pions, Jus­tin Tho­mas and Dus­tin John­son, are the other top-10 gol­fers in the world sche­du­led to take on Innis­brook. Past cham­pions set to return inclu­de Adam Had­win (2017), Charl Schwart­zel (2016), Kevin Stre­el­man (2013) and Luke Donald (2012).

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64 thought on “Highlights | Round 4 | Valspar | 2022”

  1. Hope­ful­ly Davis Riley can keep his form tog­e­ther cau­se he has serious game. If he did­n’t have that ear­ly trip­le he coul­d’­ve ran away with this tourney.

  2. I hope JT can play bet­ter in the final round. It seems like he’s always down the stretch and then cho­kes. JT my pre­dic­tions for the Masters

    1. @Pulse2AM Tho­mas cho­ked he eas­liy could of shot ‑5 only shot ‑1 burns shot ‑4 Riley Cho­ked So Tho­mas didnt real­ly cho­ke but could of play­ed bet­ter but burns play­ed better

    2. JT alright he’s one of the most con­sis­tent gol­fers finis­hing top 5 or 10 on most tournaments…ALL PGA PLAYERS WOULD PRAY FOR THAT.

    3. As the NLU guys poin­ted out – JT is in top form right now and is hea­ding for Augus­ta with Bones on the bag, he’s going to be dan­ge­rous this year. Real­ly hoping he can win it, would love to see him wear the green jacket

  3. What a putt to win it but i don’t get why he went first. I know there’s been a lot of chip ins this wee­kend but it’s a bit weird the guy put­ting on the green going befo­re the guy chip­ping from off it.

    1. @Logan Hun­ter Assuming it’s one of the new rules? Always play­ed it that if you’­re on the dance­floor you wait for the others to join you befo­re playing.
      I could be 60ft away and my play­ing part­ner might have a 8 yard bun­ker shot but I’d always wait.

    2. @craigratio It’s actual­ly not a new rule. The play­er far­t­her away from the hole always has the right to play first. Many recrea­tio­nal play­ers assu­med that we should­n’t putt until everyone’s on the green ~ no big deal if it’s not a pro tournament.

  4. Even in a play­off they only show the put­ting high­light. What a joke of a high­light reel. Show a dri­ve or a long approach on a par 5 for gods sake

    1. To be fair that putt was the high­light of the play­off, tee to green was average at best from both of them. But they do show way too many putts on here in general.

  5. Burns had a nice put­ter grip. I never cared for the Super Stro­ke at all. The best grips are the old Bull­seye lea­ther flat top..

  6. Every sin­gle week I con­ti­nue to watch the­se high­lights. You guys are abso­lute­ly hor­ri­ble. The high­lights you show are just hor­ren­dous. I guess I’m the fool for watching

  7. Nobo­dy cares if Matt Douchar made an eagle. We wan­na see the con­t­en­ders shots down the stretch. Why is that so hard to figu­re out????

  8. Burns one of my favo­ri­te play­ers, ending up win­ning in sud­den death with Riley. Gre­at day for watching golf. Congrats to Sam!

    1. you are exact­ly right. golf is the only sport that tempts me to bet, becau­se of the very point that you made in your comment.

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  10. How tho­se guys can block out the noi­se and move­ment of all tho­se patrons/media/cameras and focus on each shot, I will never know.

  11. Riley Gutted..showed so much heart though..with ever­ything on the line..ripping dri­ver on 16 &18.. not even fun­ny how hard it is to win on tour..never without a sweat..Burns made the clut­ch putts

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