Höhepunkte der Runde 1, MPO | PDGA Champions Cup

Hoehepunkte der Runde 1 MPO PDGA Champions Cup dgpt

Sehen Sie sich die High­lights der ers­ten Run­de des PDGA Cham­pions Cup an! Unser ers­tes Major des Jah­res! Bit­te beach­ten Sie, dass dies eine gekürz­te Ver­si­on der Live-Über­tra­gung ist und nicht als Schuss-für-Schuss-Bericht­erstat­tung gedacht ist. Für eine Schuss-für-Schuss-Bericht­erstat­tung vom PDGA Cham­pions Cup gehen Sie zu unse­ren Freun­den @JomezPro, @GK Pro und @Gatekeeper Media

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55 thought on “Höhepunkte der Runde 1, MPO | PDGA Champions Cup”

    1. Also, may­be they did­n’t have any high­light shots even though they did the best. May­be their shots were just “meh” but got the job done to lead

    1. @DC7 for the spoi­lers that’s why I love them, so tomor­row I can drop them spoi­lers like silent farts to the unsu­spec­ting vic­tims 😂 lol

  1. DGN is a clown show. For anyo­ne thin­king about sub­bing to them. Save your dough. High­lights befo­re you can watch the round, lol.

  2. I wish Ricky’s “tour Mom­my” would shut the hell up.
    I can’t ima­gi­ne other play­ers on his card enjoy hea­ring that whoooo­ing all day.

  3. I’d rather watch the full round coverage befo­re get­ting the high­lights. Does­n’t real­ly make much sen­se to me. (Edit: Nvm did­n’t read description)

    1. nah bro. your com­ment is abso­lute­ly valid. as of this text, 218am est, gk pro gate­kee­per and jomez don’t have any vide­os of the tour­na­ment. just the FPO. so I agree with you.

  4. No foo­ta­ge from the two lea­ders and the signa­tu­re unsta­ble, was­hed out video qua­li­ty. But moving in the right direc­tion, no doubt about it. You’ll get the­re, eventually.

  5. if you have wat­ched any BALL golf coverage, David Feher­ty is the most enjoya­ble guy to lis­ten to by far. So DGPT…start sear­ching for a Feher­ty clo­ne IMMEDIATELY!!! “Plea­se”.…

  6. Guys the coverage video qua­li­ty is sooo bad. I paid for DGPT spe­ci­fi­cal­ly for this major and I felt like I was bar­ley watching anything. The­re are so many shots from the stream that they would not be able to inclu­de in this high­light real becau­se of extre­me­ly poor qua­li­ty video. Also I don’t like hating on spe­ci­fic peop­le but Ian is just a real­ly bad com­men­ta­tor. He’s always asking phill a mil­li­on ques­ti­ons about every sin­gle thing and never pro­vi­ding any insights of his own. It feels like the­re is one com­men­ta­tor in the booth and then ano­t­her 16 yr old kid who hasn’t wat­ched disc golf. Pls lis­ten to jerm and Ulis com­men­ta­ry and try to emu­la­te aspects of what they do. This is not working for a sub­scrip­ti­on based model rn (didn’t even men­ti­on com­men­ta­tors voices are about 1.5 seconds behind video playback)

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