Höhepunkte der zweiten Runde | LIV Golf Invitational London

Hoehepunkte der zweiten Runde LIV Golf Invitational London hochladen

Erle­ben Sie alle High­lights der zwei­ten Run­de des ers­ten Invi­ta­tio­nal von LIV Golf in Lon­don. Erfah­ren Sie mehr über LIV Golf: https://​www​.liv​golf​.com/ Face­book: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​L​I​V​G​o​l​f​I​nv/ Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​L​I​V​G​o​l​f​Inv

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803 thought on “Höhepunkte der zweiten Runde | LIV Golf Invitational London”

    1. I like the play­ers and cad­dies being mic’ed. I’m wai­t­ing to hear a good “Fuck you ball”. We gol­fers know it’s always the ball’s fault.

    1. Pret­ty much, only the guys at the PGA event are play­ing for a cham­pions­hip with 118 years of histo­ry. It’s fine with me if the­se guys have given up on that, I’m just cal­ling it what it is

    2. @Luke Tay­lor Im not say­ing thats a good thing or bad, but it’s the same in the NFL or MLB or NBA. Cant play in the NFL and the CFL at the same time

    1. Even the­se so cal­led ” average play­ers ” deser­ve a for­mat to go out and have a chan­ce to com­pe­te . They have put in every oun­ce of blood sweat and tears to deser­ve a chan­ce . May­be they are not good enough to play in the pga or may­be they burn out and give up becau­se the card is near­ly impos­si­ble to retain if you aren’t the tip top of the éli­te every time out. I know the­re are many excep­tio­nal gol­fers who sim­ply bur­ned out and moved on becau­se they did­n’t make enough money to pur­sue their dream . To me it’s unfair and a shame to see so much talent just pushed away from the game by the pga , not every per­son peaks at the same time and we as fans are and have pro­bab­ly mis­sed out on abso­lute­ly legen­da­ry per­for­man­ces by men who gave up too soon becau­se the bar­ri­er was so damn high.

    1. @The Truth You mean the guy that won the mas­ters in 2020? Why are you shil­ling for a mul­ti bil­li­on dol­lar cor­po­ra­ti­on like it’s your own? If the­se play­ers are so bad, your tour will do just fine without them.

    1. @Comments Board Refe­ree shame on them for watching out for their fami­lies by using the­re talent and hard work. They should strugg­le from week to week like the also-rans of the other league. 😉

    2. @Andy A Exact­ly. And it’s so gre­at to see the staunch and tireless sup­por­ters of human rights sacri­fi­cing so much for the cau­se. Some are even spen­ding HOURS bit­ching about the LIV Tour on their golf pod­casts. (Thank­ful­ly they still have time to shill for tho­se liqu­or and gamb­ling com­pa­nies so they can pay for their Teslas)

  1. Yea, the lea­der­board reminds me of fol­lowing an F1 race. I have been impres­sed in gene­ral with things, for what they are. I find mys­elf chee­ring for the play­ers I do not reco­gni­ze sin­ce the wind­fall pri­ze money would mean more to them.

    1. @Towelie I hate having to figu­re out the names of gol­fers I do not real­ly know by deci­phe­ring the abbre­via­ti­ons they use.

    2. @Preston Bac­chus Yeah I dont know why they just don’t use the last names – the cur­rent set­up is need­less­ly difficult.


    2. @HyperionSc2 the pins are shit­ty and you can tell they are not nor­mal pins. Anyo­ne who has gol­fed befo­re can tell they don’t sound like that. Even the announ­cers com­men­ted. But other then that I lik­ed ever­ything else

    1. @MatadorPlays The iro­ny is that the­se mer­ce­n­a­ries are accep­t­ing blood money from a repre­hen­si­ble régime. It think Kar­ma is more appro­pria­te for the­se mer­ce­n­a­ries, in which case bluhgh will see his wish come true.

    1. Your state­ment is a joke becau­se you obvious­ly have not wat­ched the Cana­di­an Open. The qua­li­ty of golf at LIV is poor espe­cial­ly from the big names who are not moti­va­ted to play their best and the­re is no com­pe­ti­ti­ve atmo­s­phe­re. APART from Schwart­zel and Du Ples­sis it’s pret­ty crap. And it’s a pret­ty easy track.

  2. The idea is inte­res­ting. Part of the rea­son peop­le love watching golf is becau­se its calm and order­ly. Having up beat com­men­ta­ry and for­mu­la 1 type sco­ring is poten­ti­al­ly a hard sell. Hec­tic does­n’t mean more exciting.…

    1. For what it’s worth, Liv’s ent­i­re ang­le is to make the pre­sen­ta­ti­on more appe­aling to the youn­ger and non-gol­fing population.

    2. @Keeping It Rele­vant Reviews I figu­red that. Also the USA is poten­ti­al­ly the big­gest mar­ket so its pit­ched to that mar­ket. Har­der sell in Euro­pe and Asia…

  3. Get rid of the super loud annoy­ing clap­ping after every shot. Be like tik­tok and play a second of a song or bit. You got rid of the soft tal­king nap­ping com­men­ta­tors but the clap­ping coin­ci­des with that slee­py golf. Moder­ni­ze with some cou­p­le seconds of music

  4. This is awful, loo­ks like a prac­ti­ce round at the peb­b­le pro am. Feels like one of tho­se third rate events when the­res a wgc or major going on. Field full of nobo­dies at some shit­ty cour­se w one or two names you know (Poul­ter, shwatzel).btw if some Sau­di sheik was the ceo and the face of this league and not blond hair blue eye greg nor­man, ever­yo­ne would have the oppo­si­te feel about it. Sub­li­mi­nal image­ry was ever­ything in crea­ti­on of this league

    1. @The Geni­us­man the sal­ty tra­di­tio­na­lists who refu­se to ack­now­ledge that the pga has been a bul­ly for ever will keep squaw­king until even­tual­ly they quiet­ly fol­low all of the best as the migra­ti­on hap­pens . This is a fun for­mat and very view­er and fan ori­en­ted ! Not to men­ti­on they are at least for now very very play­er friend­ly . That’s a good thing inde­ed , the­se guys deser­ve a chan­ce to go com­pe­te for serious money even if the pga has deemed them ina­de­qua­te. They have out in the work and deser­ve a plat­form to show the world their game! win or lose they deser­ve a chan­ce and now they final­ly have it thanks to liv.

    1. Lmao how many play­ers play in a PGA tour event? The majo­ri­ty of tho­se are also nobo­dy out­side of the top 10 play­ers that play lmao it’s hil­arious you brought that up. 😂😂

    2. You show play­ers who gene­ra­te the most inte­rest. That is not­hing new. On the coverage the­re were ple­nty of “unknown” play­ers shown play­ing excel­lent golf on a tough golf cour­se. That’s exciting.

    3. Agreed. I’ll be watching every shot of Jim Knous and Aus­tin Cook at the RBC ins­tead. Keep me pos­ted on the LIV Golf event though.

  5. Hil­arious rea­ding all the over­ly posi­ti­ve comments here…almost like the PR team has set up loads of fake accounts!
    I find the for­mat gim­mi­cky and it’s like the who­le thing is set up for peop­le who need a dopa­mi­ne hit every three seconds. Part of the beau­ty of golf is the stra­te­gy and thin­king – it’s the “space in bet­ween the notes” to bor­row a music ana­lo­gy. This doesn’t com­pa­re to a the pres­ti­ge of the PGA Tour and The Euro­pean Tour.

    1. Wat­ched 90 minu­tes of the first round….. dear me this is abso­lute­ly dread­ful. Never again. Surely the posi­ti­ve comments are from the Sau­di bots…….

  6. The fact remains, peop­le want to watch the best play­ers in the world each week which means the PGA. That is why I did­n’t watch the USFL. I’m not watching a no name lea­der­board regard­less of your format.

    1. Denis, you’ll noti­ce that a lot of comments will be eit­her from peop­le employ­ed by LIV or from bots who will desper­ate­ly try to make this golf tour­na­ment seem bet­ter or more rele­vant than it real­ly is. The­re real­ly can’t be many peop­le tru­ly inte­res­ted in a small field of pre­do­mi­na­te­ly no-name play­ers bey­ond the curio­si­ty value of some­thing new.

    1. Dis­agree com­ple­te­ly. shows team, name and score easi­ly and the move­ment of the name in rela­ti­on to the lea­der­board is a nice touch.

  7. Like the team aspect but it’s a litt­le tuff here in the first tour­na­ment to keep track of play­ers for each team. But I like it and after a few more tour­na­ments I should have all the play­ers strai­ght in my head.

    1. They have so much room on the left side of that score tra­cker. They should move the posi­ti­on num­bers and logos all the way left and allow more room for cha­rac­ters to spell the player’s names out. No extra space is necessa­ry than what is alrea­dy being used (and was­ted). Will allow for quicker and bet­ter iden­ti­fi­ca­ti­on of the player’s names.

  8. can we get a shor­ter high­ligh role? 15 minu­tes is kin­da long – i get they­re try­ing to show all the play­ers, but its too long – should be about 4–6 minutes

  9. “This Hea­ded right at the pin” good call, Jesus. Liter­al­ly the first shot of the high­lights is a joke call and shows the dis­pa­ri­ty of talent on the mics.

    1. Lol – and have you seen the logos?! Keep me pos­ted tomor­row I won’t be watching. I don’t want to miss a sin­gle shot of the Aus­tin Cook / Jim Knous pai­ring at the RBC.

    2. @Comments Board Refe­ree soooo y’all act like the PGA tour calls are gre­at?! Lmao I’ve heard them say worst shit. Like fal­do say­ing “that loo­ks good, that loo­ks good”. And the ball comes up in the water 🤣

    3. @Comments Board Refe­ree I haven’t see a a sin­gle shot of the RBC. Pro­bab­ly won’t watch till Sunday. The PGA broad­cast is boring as hell.

  10. What a joke this ter­ro­rist league, I know it’s just the begin­ning but it’s only going to get worse. “The­se guys are like evil can­ni­bal, they get paid for the attempt”-will be the liv slogan.

  11. Has ” Get in the hole ” guy also been bar­red from future PGA events sin­ce he is atten­ding the new LIV tour event?

    1. Yes get in the hole guy is done , howe­ver the ba ba booey crowd is in full effect the world over , they sim­ply can­not be bar­red from anything ever.

  12. Watching a bunch of spoi­led rich gol­fers who can’t be bothe­red to try and win becau­se they have alrea­dy signed con­tracts and made their money is boring. Even the high­lights sucked. I guess the les­ser known shit gol­fers are try­ing their best but the sco­ring does­n’t reflect it. The vibe is very dull and off put­ting from the press con­fe­ren­ces, inter­views to the golf.

  13. A nice thing about the shot­gun starts is that all com­pe­ti­tors get to play in the same con­di­ti­ons. It’s some­thing that should have been done a long time ago. I guess the “tra­di­ti­on” aspect was important with the PGA though. And I don’t think the­re is anything wrong with that.

    1. @Gch they will be sti­cking with the shot­gun start. they are not going to have huge fiel­ds that’s what makes it uni­que. they may add a few play­ers but not a ton

    2. Most cour­se are desi­gned to be play­ed from the 1st, or the 10th tees. I pre­fer play­ing cour­ses the way they should be played.

    3. @Rene Jean you rea­li­ze most cour­ses have shot­gun tour­na­ments throughout the year whe­re peop­le start on dif­fe­rent holes right? do you think if you start on the 12th hole ins­tead of the 1st one the cour­se will be any dif­fe­rent? would your head spon­ta­ne­ous­ly combust?

  14. Pro­bab­ly the next tour­na­ment they gon­na be play­ing gogo I love Gar­cia I’m just sor­ry that he wouldn’t play in this tournament

  15. I’m brea­king my self impo­sed ban from watching anything to do with this non­sen­se, pure­ly to put this tour to shame. It’s a poor attempt to gain rele­van­ce in the world of pro­fes­sio­nal sport. Spend your money respect­ful­ly and be hap­py that your irrele­van­ce is assured.

    1. Oil money is doing its best to ruin Euro­pean foot­ball, and now they’­re also having a crack at rui­ning golf. At least they can’t buy the US PGA.

  16. Are they teeing off from the pros becau­se if they are may­be they should do the ladies, may­be they can pro­du­ce a bet­ter lea­der board

  17. Who done the gra­phics? Becau­se they are terrible.

    Why is the lea­der­board con­stant­ly eating 1/6 of the screen? Espe­cial­ly when I cant even read the ridi­cu­lous name abbre­via­ti­ons? Last­ly, what’s up with tho­se ridi­cu­lous spri­tes? They look like they’­ve been drawn by a child!

  18. 3 days means you Got­ta get the game on! And take risks! – love see­ing this – Satur­days will be spent watching the race to the Cayshhhh!

  19. So gre­at to see… .. Congra­tu­la­ti­ons Nor­man, awe­so­me job get­ting this up and run­ning.….. I remem­ber when ol Ker­ry Packer star­ted the world cri­cket seri­es.… he went through the same thing with the Aus­tra­li­an cri­cket board and Lords.…. etc.…. so did the “bre­aka­way” play­ers.…. The PGA do not and never will own golf.….. and I wish the LIV orga­nisers and play­ers the best of luck moving for­ward and I wish the PGA the worst of luck, your beha­viour is dis­gus­ting, dis­grace­ful and disappointing.

    1. 2 years later they were all back play­ing for their coun­tries after being told it would never hap­pen again, hope­ful­ly the same hap­pens here,

    2. The big dif­fe­rence was that cri­cket play­ers were being paid a pit­tance in the 1970s. You could hard­ly make that same claim about golf play­ers in 2022. This is a third gra­de tour­na­ment that has novel­ty value and not much else. The play­ers will rake in the money, but will have to do without any pres­ti­ge atta­ched to what they are doing.

  20. This is honest­ly gre­at , that ang­le from the Mickel­son shot whe­re the turf is fly­ing at the screen was actual­ly kind of bril­li­ant. This is legi­ti­mate­ly the most exci­ting golf tour­na­ment I’ve ever wat­ched live. It’s just the coverage and the teams and the ever­ything is more exci­ting and view­er ori­en­ted . Sor­ry pga but you’­ve got some lear­ning to do. Too many years of hum­drum and bogus anti play­er , anti view­er crap that I just can’t see my self watching pga golf if I have a choice bet­ween the two it’s liv for now.

  21. its different…i dont mind it. The more golf, in wha­te­ver form, the bet­ter for me. I like the mic in the hole but cant get the tas­te of what sounds like Can­ned Applau­se piped into the broad­cast out of my mouth. Kin­da like the Mas­ters and the birds. May­be its just me but the applau­se is sus but also get that they dont want a quiet broadcast

  22. I hear claps and hoor­ays but then the­re 6 peop­le stan­ding qui­te in some angles. For sure the­re is some sound effects going on. Still wai­t­ing for the dont blink moments.

  23. Pros get­ting paid for medi­o­c­re golf
    On the pga if you play bad­ly you don’t get paid
    I do like the shot­gun start though

    1. @Benny Frank the 3rd That’s hil­arious. Your idio­tic com­ment has not­hing to do with anything. Do you even watch golf? Not once have I seen a dri­ve into the rough shown as a high­light on The Golf Chan­nel, likely cuz they have a lot more qua­li­ty golf shots to show.

  24. For the ones who reads this just know this is only the begin­ning keep pushing, grin­ding, and figh­t­ing. Wha­te­ver it is in life you want to do to go after it life is to short. Life is a mara­thon not a sprint so go out the­re and live it up I hope all is well and goes well for you peace and one love

  25. Even if the LIV tour fails i hope it inspi­res the PGA tour to get their act tog­e­ther. Also the PGA tour needs some events out­side North Ame­ri­ca. Can’t grow the game when nobo­dy else in the world can go to tournaments

    1. @Darryl Yee they don’t lose credi­bi­li­ty. all this first event has done is gain credi­bi­li­ty. top.notch pro­duc­tion race reviews from play­ers it’s no supri­se so many more solid names are com­ing to the first U.S. event. can’t wait that should be cra­zy good with Bry­son and P Reed Ricky Fow­ler pro­bab­ly com­ing also per reports. keeps get­ting bet­ter and the­se lower end guys you speak of that’s gre­at live chan­ging money to them what idi­ot would root against that

    2. @Darryl Yee the­re is only 48 gol­fers play­ing in the Liv ‚the PGA tour­na­men has rough­ly 150 a week play­ing and ano­t­her 200 try­ing to qua­li­fy .. how do you pay , how do you pay all of them, rough­ly 75 a week makes the cut com­pa­red to 48 on the Liv

  26. This con­cept is so dumb, its all about the money, golf is a life­style and when guys are paid in con­ta­ct it takes the figh­ter image out of it, 90% are was­hed up, could­n’t hack it on the PGA tour so now they are screa­ming hail mary, it’s greed and not­hing else..This will fail like xfl did, kin­da exci­ted to see them sell­outs at the us open now

  27. See­ing all the play­ers wea­ring shirts we would wear on a Sunday round is nice. Loss of tho­se spon­sor is nice to see 😎🌴

    1. @Brian Ste­wart the pga tour wont go away. The LIV is just a alter­na­ti­ve league not sure what peop­le don’t under­stand. They are giving oppor­tu­nities to all sorts of peop­le. 2 of the top ama­teurs are their well the one just tur­ned pro so it’s not like it’s has been. This is a legit league and Bry­son is joi­ning and Patrick Reed it’s only going to get bet­ter play­ers. The pal­lets love the for­mat and almost ever­yo­ne I’ve tal­ked to has loved the coverage and pro­duc­tion it’s rapid fire golf and shor­ter. Don’t have to watch 0 hours of coverage it’s all done in 5 hours and only 3 days. It’s gre­at for golf they don’t need to deve­lop talent thats what col­le­ge golf and the lower level tours are for

    2. @Brian Ste­wart but why should the PGA hold a mono­po­ly on golf? PGA will undoub­ted­ly impro­ve how it’s run becau­se of this. And let’s not act like 90% of the world would­n’t chan­ge com­pa­nies for 10x the year­ly salary!

    3. @Brian Ste­wart I don’t know what or how much the Tours put back into the game. One thing I do know is tho­se play­ers on the lower tours can’t even make expen­ses most weeks. Top 3 or may­be 5 do okay, the rest requi­re cha­ri­ty to play.
      Should­n’t the Tours be put­ting in more money at the lower levels rather than the obs­ce­ne amounts in the Fed Ex Cup? Does a mul­ti mil­lion­aire requi­re ano­t­her 2 mil­li­on che­que when peop­le at the bot­tom make 400 dol­lars on a week that cost them 1200?
      The tours real­ly aren’t any bet­ter than LIV

    4. @PIP2323 I think this is just one in a num­ber of evo­lu­ti­ons golf is going through. I’ve seen it at my golf club and it’s been fought by peop­le who don’t want it to chan­ge and pre­fer the gate­kee­ping cul­tu­re. I’ve play­ed sin­ce I was 13 (now 35) and Im glad the sport is going through this. Ever­y­bo­dy is enti­t­led to their opi­ni­on though! Golf is owned by nobo­dy and so ever­y­bo­dy can play it how they wish. But chan­ge is always good in the long run. Cri­cket was the same…

  28. You can tell this is 10000% Arab con­trol­led – haven’t seen many mis­sed putts lol 😂 Or even 1 bad approach shot & micro­pho­nes in the hole – defi­ni­te­ly different

    1. @Corry Webs­ter I don’t think you under­stand the true mea­ning of a para­digm shift. A second or third gra­de gim­mi­cky pro­duct will never achie­ve a para­digm shift. The tem­pora­ry cur­rent inte­rest stems from curio­si­ty value and no more at the moment. That will quick­ly fade. LIV golf opens up oppor­tu­nities for very few gol­fers who will as a result be denied access to tra­di­tio­nal golf. Tho­se mil­li­ons of pros you refer to aren’t remo­te­ly clo­se to being good enough for pro­fes­sio­nal tour­na­ment golf. You are once again delu­ding yourself. Pro­fi­ta­ble pro­fes­sio­nal sport is only reser­ved for the very best and not the medi­o­c­re or worse.

    2. @Corry Webs­ter Your pre­vious ridi­cu­lous com­ment about child traf­fi­cking was remo­ved, so I suspect this one will be as well. It was­n’t repor­ted by me becau­se I pre­fer stu­pid and ridi­cu­lous comments to remain so that ever­yo­ne can see that the pos­ter isn’t credi­ble. Are you a con­spi­ra­cy theo­rist or a devo­tee of Q? The US PGA tour will remain the big­gest and most pres­ti­gious on the pla­net. A 2nd or 3rd gra­de gim­mi­cky tour for a limi­ted num­ber of mer­ce­n­a­ries won’t chan­ge that.

    3. @Peter Tay­lor no but I’m an advo­ca­te of taking down cor­po­ra­te con­glo­me­ra­tes that have allo­wed mass cor­rup­ti­on to flou­rish. If my state­ment had no vali­di­ty they would of left it up.

  29. Congrats on your efforts to sport wash a coun­try that silen­ces women, kills jour­na­lists that chal­len­ge the ruling class, and sources ter­ro­rists such as the ones invol­ved in the 911 attacks. Beautiful.

  30. scoreboard shit on the left is so big and annoy­ing as fuck. they need to chan­ge that.
    can’t even tell who’s who with that bull­shit ass naming shit too.

  31. Nobo­dy likes the­se play­ers any­mo­re. Espe­cial­ly Phil . I’m super bum­med DJ was my favo­ri­te but I can’t stand sell outs.

  32. I like the simul­ta­ne­ous play and the F1-style lea­der grid on the side. Also the mic in the cup is a nice touch. It’s a gre­at pro­duct, I hope more play­ers join. Though the majors will always be the big­gest thing in golf.

    1. pres­ti­gious?? man its bloo­dy fun, i’ve never gol­fed in my life, but way bet­ter than woke NBA finals! love it! from Sono­ma, ca

    1. It appears to me to be; a lot of US and Euro­pe A‑players in the twi­light of their care­ers loo­king for easier competition.

  33. The shot­gun start is very inte­res­ting – this brings a more equal play­ing field for all com­pe­ti­tors (it can still chan­ge from hole to hole of course).

    I real­ly hope the LIV tour gets more trac­tion and pulls through – how the PGA acted was a real turn off.

    1. The shot­gun start is awe­so­me. All con­t­end with the same wea­ther. And the announ­cers even make Kevin Na sound exciting,
      Have to admit, Jim Nan­ce is eit­her bored, or hes paid to put peop­le to sleep. I would like to see Fal­do, and may­be John­ny Mil­ler, with unfil­te­red com­men­ta­ry, on a part time level.

  34. equal con­di­ti­ons and fast play means suc­cess. The­re will abso­lute­ly be an ame­ri­can and other coun­tries inte­res­ted in broad­cas­ting it. Easy 5 hours of competition.

  35. I LOVE LIV GOLF… lifel­ong golf fan… watch pga, korn fer­ry, lpga, Asi­an tour, dp tour, and ncaa on golf… watch em all… I LOVE LIV GOLF

  36. Honest­ly there’s no spon­sors. This is good. I real­ly got tired of tho­se logos on their slee­ves. That was all about greed. Hope­ful­ly the­se com­pa­nies will wake up and see they just might be losing their money in the near future. This shot­gun start is kin­da cool. Gets ever­y­bo­dy rol­ling at the same time. Finish same time. Also 54 holes is good too. Rest on Sunday. Go to church and thank God for your blessings

  37. I’m just in love with this game of Golf. DJ has always been my favo­ri­te play­er and wish him not­hing but the best with LIV as well as to the other play­ers in this FUN tour­na­ment. Still, I watch the PGA but seem to now see their true colors on how their just a bunch of KARENS!! Shame on them for threa­tening any pro Gol­fer of a sus­pen­si­on or a life­time ban if they deci­de to play in LIV Tour­na­ments. This is their pro­fes­si­on, their way of play as an ath­le­te, their way of sup­por­ting them­sel­ves and or their fami­lies. Lega­cy, Tro­phies, Pri­ze Money….this is their reward if they win a tour­na­ment or a Major. It’s Cra­zy how the Golf Chan­nel all of a sud­den star­ted acting like poli­ti­ci­ans, cal­ling the­se LIV play­ers sel­fi­sh and gree­dy and that money is all their after. IDIOT🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️, it is about MONEY as a pro gol­fer asi­de from a tro­phy. Its a pro sport like any other that pays their athlete’s, It’s their JOB….lol. Any­ways I wish LIV Golf not­hing but the best and it’s play­ers. I am very enter­tai­ned and find LIV to be fresh, fun, and exci­ting golf. 🤙🏽⛳️🏌🏻💯

    1. I don’t think it’s fair to say the PGA is a bunch of Karens. They are pro­tec­ting their brand. PGA spon­so­red pur­ses went up to over $10M per event vs less than $1M in the 90s. If half the play­ers defect the tour could pos­si­b­ly go back to the $1M pur­ses and 1/2 of the pro­fes­sio­nal golf tour would be working as swing coa­ches on the side or coa­ching high school golf. Be care­ful bit­ing the hand that feeds you. One that feeds you very very well.

    2. @Douglas Gre­at Point, not taking that away from them in any way. May­be I’m just sad about the who­le back and forth rou­ti­ne. This is a beau­ti­ful sport and I guess I am pas­sio­na­te about it. I have so many favo­ri­te pro play­ers and even find all the up and com­ing ones very exci­ting. Just a wish that’s all that both leagues would work tog­e­ther. May­be one day🙏🏼

    1. I’m just a regu­lar dude so I have no idea but I did just glance over at the sub­scrip­ti­on count for liv golf. It was nea­ring 100k, plus over 5 mil­li­on views on clips and replays.
      In rea­li­ty I have no idea and to be honest it does­n’t affect me at all. I was just thin­king about the 125 spots on the pga tour and thought shoot there’s alot more than 125 golfer’s in the world who could beat any of the­se guys with the right oppor­tu­ni­ty. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly win­ning the lot­te­ry is more likely than making the pga tour full time😁

  38. Com­men­ta­tors try­ing way too hard to make it sound exci­ting. Alot of audio issu­es. So fun­ny when he touts the incup Mic and next shot silence. The beep aler­ting whar play­er is being shown is super annoy­ing. The name abbre­via­ti­on is dumb. The team names and logos are so lame. Did a fiver reject do them? Shot­gun start is hard to under­stand whe­re play­ers are. Ooo look play­er A just got a bir­die on the 16th and he is minus 1. Alot to make up. O wait. He star­ted on the 15th so.…ugh.

  39. I hope I never play a golf cour­se with tho­se kind of flag sticks, it’s ridi­cu­lous, like play­ing pin­ball out the­re if you hit it. That shot of Mickelson’s divot fly­ing towards the came­ra was very cool. Gre­at job on the pro­duc­tion changes.

    1. Fiber­glass or hard plastic sticks are best. Alu­mi­num suck. They’ll kick away a decent chip shot let alo­ne a fly­ing iron. Typi­cal tout flags aren’t like the­se, not at the base of the stick anyways.

  40. Like the tour­na­ment action, but still don’t qui­te under­stand the team aspect. Espe­cial­ly sin­ce it’s real­ly not tal­ked about, the team aspect doesn’t real­ly pro­vi­de any exci­te­ment. Perhaps a ‘bet­ter ball’ approach might be bet­ter. Play­ers can then be infor­med what they’re team­ma­tes shot befo­re each hole if alrea­dy play­ed and see if they can impro­ve the team’s score for the hole – this might help pro­mo­te aggres­si­ve play.

  41. They should of just cal­led it the golf world tour… con­si­de­ring all the dif­fe­rent play­ers play­ing from around the world… but LIV is cool no big­gie.. I’m liking it…

    1. A third gra­de tour­na­ment with a very limi­ted num­ber of qua­li­ty play­ers invol­ved. The ran­dom team ele­ment adds no value to what is an indi­vi­du­al sport if it isn’t play­ed in a Ryder Cup type format.

    2. Per­so­nal­ly I’ve lost all inte­rest in watching golf now and I’m sure I’m not the only one, so yes they do have some­thing to worry about

  42. Augus­ta Natio­nal should ban every sin­gle one of the­se trai­to­rous pricks. We still don’t know what the Sau­di government’s invol­ve­ment was during the 9–11 ter­ro­rist attacks on America…but we do know that 15 of the ter­ro­rists whe­re Saudi’s. Augus­ta should have a poli­cy that until we know Sau­di Arabia’s invol­ve­ment, anyo­ne who works for that government is not eli­gi­ble for a green jacket. And if you’ve alrea­dy won one, give it back…just like O.J. and Reg­gie Bush’s Heis­man Trophy’s! Augus­ta is the one golf club that has the power and clout to stop this nonsense!

  43. Whe­re the money comes from is important. You eit­her have ethi­cal stan­dards.… or you don’t. 

    We’­re cur­r­ent­ly boy­cot­ting Rus­sia. Given their human rights record.…. decent peop­le boy­cott SA.

    1. @Scuzpwns typed on my US made lap top. But thanks for playing.…

      But if you think recei­ving 200 m from a régime that kills you for being gay is in any way equi­va­lent to a high street purcha­se.. then God help tho­se who have to do busi­ness with you.

  44. Why would I care about any of the­se play­ers or the tour? They are get­ting bag loads of money befo­re even teeing off. There’s no edge to care about them.

  45. You get the fee­ling something’s wrong here when the LIV second round gets 7000 views.…and a chess match on You­Tube gets 68 million !.

  46. Just cli­cked to com­ment, will not watch a sin­gle second ever. Play­ers who sold out to Sau­di money WILL reg­ret it.

  47. What’s with the lay­out loo­king like some cheap Golf Play­Sta­ti­on game? I expect to see that kind of lea­der­board lay­out and pin­ging noi­se on Mario Kart.

  48. gre­at to see PGA’s mono­po­ly bro­ken: golf as good as you’d see any­whe­re, good com­men­ta­ting and crowds giving their sup­port. Well done Greg for having the fore­sight and perseverance.

    1. @Tyler Holt And your point is what exact­ly? How is that rele­vant to my com­ment? Are you say­ing US PGA tour play­ers don’t have fun or the peop­le who watch tho­se tour­na­ments don’t enjoy what they are seeing?

    2. @Tyler Holt Just think of the fun if they threw in a hole whe­re they’­re on rol­ler skates or had to hit a shot with a swarm or kil­ler bees released on them. Any limits to what you think fun is?

    1. But l bet his enjoy­ing his US$200, sign on fee, plus the win­ner gets US$5, bet­ter than any other Toura­ment yet play­ed ever play­ed in World Golf !!!

  49. I thought Jer­ry Folz’s voice sound­ed fami­li­ar. Guess it’s not just the PGA guys jum­ping ship, it’s Golf Chan­nel repor­ters too. Don’t bla­me the play­ers for wan­ting to be Actu­al pri­va­te contractors.

  50. I would like to see team jer­seys… and all four play­ers in a team play in the same four­so­me. That way they cele­bra­te as a team MORE on came­ra sin­ce cele­bra­ting a good shot is not being dis­re­spect­ful sin­ce only play­ers the­re are your team mates. To make it more lively to watch you have to have cele­bra­ti­ons. That’s what makes a touch­down in foot­ball so rewar­ding to watch etc.

    1. Yes DJ and Mikel­son in over­si­zed hockey jer­seys with fun­ny hats on. May­be fart sounds when the ball goes in the hole. Let’s get drunk to the possibilities!

    2. @Tom San­ger not jer­seys lol but a team uni­form. Per­so­nal­ly… I’d like to see it in a scram­ble for­mat. That way whenever on TV they cut to ano­t­her shot or putt or wha­te­ver it will only be the teams BEST sin­gle shot from wha­te­ver posi­ti­on. The­re is not­hing more boring than watching PGA events and play­ers mis­sing putts by wide mar­gins. Peop­le like to see lip outs at worst.

  51. the live­stream is on you­tube for kids so the­re isn’t a live chat…if we could have a live chat during the round that would be sweet…I love golf con­tent and so thanks for the effort…It’s a work in pro­gress obvious­ly so let’s chi­me in on what works and what is lacking…more cow­bell please!

  52. the amount of care­ful­ly intert­wi­ned bots in this com­ment sec­tion is hil­arious. *insert gene­ric, but not toooo gene­ric quo­te here*

  53. All that’s mis­sing, shorts, shirt tails out and chug­ging beers! They are play­ing golf, but it’s no dif­fe­rent than the old fall “sil­ly season”!

    1. @Mesagsp it’s not an exi­bi­ti­on it’s a real and legit league that is gai­ning steam. many.more.players are signed up for the next event already

    2. @PIP2323 so what exact­ly do they play for except for cash? No FedEx, no Pre­si­dents Cup, even world ran­king is ques­tion­ab­le, just collec­ting cash. Sounds like a barn­stor­ming troupe!

    1. @SAB FAN the only way I can watch a PGA event is to record it so I can fast for­ward through the com­mer­cials that come every 2 minu­tes and the com­men­ta­ry. I usual­ly watch with the sound off. They have rui­ned tele­vi­sed golf.

    1. Yeah.…who wants to watch the best play­ers in the world in the PGA when you can watch the­se has beens or no names com­pe­te for blood money…

    2. @azcharlie2009And what’s the cur­rent OWGR for tho­se gol­fers? To say that the­se are the best gol­fers is a joke. Schwart­zel lea­ding this tour­na­ment by more than a few strokes shows how weak this field is. They’­ve alrea­dy got­ten paid like they’­ve won. And as for the oil blood money, yeah we don’t need it. Other coun­tries need to diver­si­fy their ener­gy needs but the US is fine without them.

  54. All my favo­ri­te gol­fers are play­ing in LIV! I can see that LIV is going to be a big suc­cess!! 🥰⛳️🏌️‍♀️

    1. Good for u
      When u add the white lines nar­dia bar­tels styles with dj
      Thats the com­ple­te menu the­re baby
      Add bry­son and his oran­ge bloo­m­field antics
      Im sure cha­se koep­ka and him are going to be the best room buds ever 😤😤😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩
      Who is bla­ke windred??

    1. I doubt they will get to play again. Who do you think is making way for the likes of Bry­son and Fow­ler. So much for gro­wing the game.

  55. Still try­ing to figu­re out the pur­po­se of teams, am I sup­po­sed to pull for a spe­ci­fic team? Y’all going to get crests like EPL teams or work on the names a bit?

  56. I didn’t back LIV after being a fan of the PGA my ent­i­re life but wow the PGA are going to have to make some big moves to com­pe­te with LIV. Very impres­sed so far with con­cepts and coverage. The more golf for us view­ers the better.

    1. @Alvin Enri­quez shot­gun start is cool to see in the pro­fes­sio­nal golf seen but having teams is dif­fe­rent con­si­de­ring all we get is Ryder cup. Good to see korn fer­ry level play­ers having a shot against some of the best in the world and play­ing very well along­side them. It’s more pro­fes­sio­nal golf to watch along side watching pga. Good tele­vi­sed peri­pherals in terms on lea­der­board. This is all good for the sport, in regards to my com­ment on it being a thre­at to the pga I don’t think it will be but money will chan­ge ever­yo­ne and this just opens more doors for play­ers and more tour­na­ments for us view­ers. Dif­fe­rent is always bad. Just didn’t know I would’ve lik­ed it as much as I did after tuning in for the first time.

  57. Soooooo hap­py the­se guys are resigning from the pga
    When u add chea­ter pat reed
    And men­tal health aspi­ra­ti­ons des­ham­bles to your menu!!!
    Well liv golf has just ser­ved up what gor­dan ram­sey would say on kit­chen nightmares
    That was SHIT AT ITS abso­lu­te BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. May­be
    Lee west­wood can final­ly win his elu­si­ve major on liv golf tour
    The venue!!!!!!
    Hen­bry golf club
    Kan­dos ryl­e­stone nsw !!!!!!!!
    Have a rick sheils sau­sa­ge roll at the half way house baby!!!!!

  59. Liv is like bit coin.not sure how it’s gon­na work.but popular,intriguing inno­va­ti­ve, the future chan­ging pary­dym. Very threa­tening to the power­ful ones!!

  60. The play­ers posi­ti­on with their score, yar­da­ge to green on the left screen seems more refres­hing than the “old” one that we wat­ched on golf channel.

    1. @Tom San­ger was a solid field and next event going to be much bet­ter. More play­ers are joi­ning. League is off to a gre­at start good for the fans

  61. Charl swit­ching to broom­stick put­ter is inte­res­ting.. his put­ting loo­ks much bet­ter. He had mas­si­ve pro­blems a mon­th or 2 ago.

  62. I like how the announ­cers act like it’s the 1st bir­die they’­ve ever seen every time a bir­die goes in. It’s kind of for­ced and cor­ny. You’­re try­ing too hard lolololol

    1. @Peter Tay­lor Third gra­de but most are going to make more than almost all PGA tour play­ers. On top of this the stand out gol­fers (minus DJ) are play­ing like ama­teurs. Phil (+4) con­tract is $200 mil for 2 years, Lee West­wood (+6) get­ting a chan­ce to win at least a cou­p­le mil­li­on. If I wan­ted to see most of the field shoot over par i’d go to my local club.

  63. Why is the­re such a lar­ge gap of empty space bet­ween the left edge of the screen and the lea­der­board? Reada­bi­li­ty? Seems the field of view could be incre­a­sed slight­ly, or the full last name could at least be shown.

  64. My take for what it’s worth(not much).
    I am a fan of the new and chan­ge but I am not sure I am a fan of the format.
    It reminds me as if they wan­ted to chan­ge but weren’t real­ly committed.
    I think team golf is fan­tastic to watch and is part of the rea­son why the Ryder cup and Pre­si­dents cup are the big­gest specta­cle in the game.
    Guys going head to head is fun to watch.
    So if you’­re going to have teams why not play team golf for­mat. Have the team pur­se the big­gest. Then indi­vi­du­al bonus for the best play­ers of the week.
    Name the teams after a geo­gra­phi­cal place like Cities. And pay the play­ers to be part of the team for the year just like any other spots league.
    So Ian Poul­ter signs on with the Lon­don Jets for 2 mil for the season(example).

    1. Agree. Would be fun to make a league. And each team can be named by a spon­sor. Having a regu­lar sea­son and play off. That would be real­ly fun to watch !

    2. Mike47 some good ide­as. More money per team as oppo­sed to sin­gles puts more empha­sis on picking the team. I like the geo­gra­phi­cal names (like IPL cri­cket). Perhaps you could limit the team picks to a mone­ta­ry value (like a Fan­ta­sy Foot­ball team) so that you can’t just pick all the best play­ers but have to balan­ce your lin­eup out with les­ser play­ers or less well known players. 

      With half a dozen more play­ers stron­gly rumou­red to be signing on (3 of which are Ryder Cup team mem­bers), momen­tum is star­ting to grow. Noti­ce that DP World haven’t made any announ­ce­ments as yet. They are kee­ping their pow­der dry. If they don’t align with PGA, PGA are going to be in a pret­ty tenuous posi­ti­on, espe­cial­ly if about a dozen or more play­ers jump ship. Will be a very inte­res­ting sum­mer ahead.

    3. @Howard Jones I noti­ced that too. The fact is that the best play­ers from DP World had a ten­den­cy to lea­ve DP and play in the PGA Tour… so it does­n’t real­ly make a dif­fe­rence for DP play­ers to join LIV. LIV is defi­ni­te­ly a posi­ti­ve thing for all other Tours except PGA (they are used to be the boss).

    4. @健爸 think about this logi­cal­ly. If you are com­pe­ti­ti­ve enough to want to com­pe­te in The Mas­ters, US Open and The Open and are able to play in a few key Euro­pean events (Scot­tish, Irish Opens, Val­deram­ma, BMW etc) and you can play in 8 of the­se LIV events, you’­ve pret­ty much got all the golf you need to sus­tain your com­pe­ti­ti­ve edge, all the money you could ever need and you will still get ple­nty of time off bet­ween to enjoy life and get off the golf tre­ad­mill for a few mon­ths each year. A lot of gol­fers are phil­an­thro­pists (Bub­ba has hea­vi­ly sup­por­ted children’s hos­pi­tals in USA for examp­le) so some of their ear­nings could be put to bene­fi­cial use and they will have down time to sup­port tho­se gre­at causes.

  65. All the­se play­ers going to the LIV league is bull­shit gree­dy litt­le gol­fers. And if they don’t make enough money play­ing PGA and endor­se­ments. Sau­di who are finan­cing this tour are kil­lers of inno­cent people.

  66. Sor­ry but I felt like I was just watching plain old golf I don’t real­ly get the exci­te­ment behind the LIV. Even the announ­cers and music sound­ed the same as the PGA and I thought it would be a litt­le dif­fe­rent, may­be the team for­mat will get bet­ter but no cut line is a draw­back in my mind.

    1. Too much money up front and no cut, whe­re is the incen­ti­ve? The ran­dom team for­mat is also lar­ge­ly irrele­vant, unless it is in a Ryder Cup type for­mat. This is just a tour­na­ment for indi­vi­du­als with the com­bi­ned scores of 4 par­ti­ci­pants added together.

    2. @Peter Tay­lor ya it’s irrele­vant why would I watch this ins­tead of the PGA it’s just a money grab and the qua­li­ty of golf isn’t near­ly as good. Not to men­ti­on worst team names and logos I’ve ever seen in sports hahah

    3. @Marc Lapra­de Usual­ly with small fiel­ds it means they are éli­te play­ers. In this case 27 of the 48 play­ers score bet­ween 6 and 24 over in just three rounds, which indi­ca­tes the poor qua­li­ty of golf on dis­play. They will sign some fur­ther decent play­ers by thro­wing boat­loads of signing on money at them, but that level of expen­dit­u­re is com­mer­cial­ly unsus­tainab­le and only desi­gned to polish a turd. To make it worse I actual­ly hate the gim­mi­cky for­mat. I just hope the Majors don’t was­te star­ting spots on the LIV mercenaries.

  67. Love it. PGA tried to mono­po­li­ze the game via a cor­po­ra­te mind­set. The­se guys get to live life more now, play the game they love in less time, and a more fair way, and get paid more. #LIVGOLF baby!

    1. @alex samain got­cha, but i was won­de­ring if it was being broad­cast on tele­vi­si­on. as a sub ques­ti­on as well… is golf chan­nel affi­lia­ted with pga tour? mea­ning will golf chan­nel ever pick up coverage of LIVGOLF?

  68. What’s real­ly gre­at is how they no lon­ger hit bad shots. Ser­gio now, sud­den­ly, has no more bad luck eit­her. They’­re all win­ners! Who needs real com­pe­ti­ti­on? That’s why the WWE is so good too.

    1. I was disap­poin­ted when they hyped “Golf like you’­ve never seen befo­re” sin­ce its golf exact­ly like we’­ve seen befo­re. I think you’­re on to some­thing with the WWE ang­le. May­be play­ers should get hit with a chair on their back­swing or tack­led right at impact. Now THAT would make them earn their millions!

  69. As long LIV has the desi­re to keep this tour ali­ve for 3 years, the PGA Tour will be made an offer they cant refu­se and play­ers will not be for­ced into for­ced loyalty.…and its about time.

    1. The cash for com­menters want peop­le to belie­ve dif­fer­ent­ly, but the truth is plain to see. Third gra­de tour­na­ment lacking credibility.

  70. None of this mat­ters millionaire’s making more mil­li­ons and good for you all the best, but as a fan the PGA is whe­re the real com­pe­ti­ti­on is and they won’t suf­fer one bit.

    1. Exact­ly! The­res no incen­ti­ve to play well. This is just a handout and a midd­le fin­ger to the PGA tour. Tru­ly zero com­pe­ti­ti­on here.

  71. I love watching play­ers I have never heard of play. Our “US” best play­ers do not sem to be able to hold up. Tomor­row is ano­t­her day to see if they start moving. The­re are three days in the­se events so no Sunday miracles

  72. Charles is lay­ing it down. Been awhile sin­ce I have seen him play this well. Tomor­row is goi­ung to be good. I have to look up how this side team part­ner thing works. Let me know if you all know this is about

  73. I will NEVER watch this liv tour. The fact the Sau­di govt is fun­ding this is a non star­ter. Remem­ber 9/11? Or how about the fact they sen­tence gay peop­le to death! This is des­pi­ca­ble that the­se guys are playing

  74. just greed is all..most of the 25 or so gol­fers have ple­nty to care for them­sel­ves n family…so what does it mat­ter if there’s 10 mil left over? this is gon­na be like NFL when scabs n has beens cros­sed the picket line..mediocre at best..plenty of young guns in our coun­try n more now sin­ce there’s oppor­tu­ni­ty from the gree­dy bsturds who left

  75. ter­ri­ble new league like after­work jr golf league … omg cringgg­gy… Phil just come back USA PGA­Tour… omg.. can lea­ve dus­ty­cokedDJ there

  76. Well the 15min high­lights packa­ge is alrea­dy a big win for LIV coverage over the turd the PGA puts out. Still can’t figu­re out how the teams are grou­ped but loo­ks inte­res­ting so far.

    1. I was so against this at the start. But I have to admit it was gre­at viewing. And can see this working. Ps I reck­on the will hust­le UFC next. Dana must be shaking in his boots. It is cri­mi­nal how low tho­se guys get paid to put the­re body on the line in the octagon.

  77. I love the live streams and how they are so acces­si­ble on You­Tube… the only thing I wish is that they would enab­le chat

    1. I know it’s somehow flag­ged as “con­tent for kids” so You­Tube won’t allow chat… I know it’s secret­ly Rory try­ing to sabo­ta­ge LIV… 😆

    2. @MrFoffof So Sau­di backed golf = bad. But you’­re per­fect­ly ok put­ting Sau­di pro­vi­ded gas in your car right?? Hypo­cri­te much?? 🤡

    3. @uNkLeRaRa4 yeah it’s flag­ged like that becau­se they cli­cked the but­ton on You­Tube that says it’s made for kids, all they’d have to do is click the box under it that says no this video is not made for kids

  78. I don’t think I’ve ever hated anything more than having that lea­der­board on the left side. What the actu­al hell is that?

  79. Cowards.. all of them. Zero com­pe­ti­ti­on here. Show up, get paid. No incen­ti­ve to play well. They all came to LIV for a hand out. Worth­less humans.

  80. I real­ly hate how the lea­der­board is the­re at all times… cuts out a lot of the shot. Good in theo­ry bad in execution.

  81. Pro­Tra­cer on every shot plea­se, would be ano­t­her huge advan­ta­ge over pga. That’s half the fun see­ing all the shot shapes/creativity the play­ers use. Love the for­mat keep up the good work!

  82. Why didn’t they chan­ge the flag sticks, this is the inau­gu­ral comp and you want good shots to be rewar­ded. Not pena­li­zed if you hit the flag