Höhepunkte des Entwurfs | LIV Golf Invitational London

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Erle­ben Sie den aller­ers­ten LIV Golf Draft, der vor dem ers­ten Invi­ta­tio­nal in den RD Stu­di­os in Lon­don statt­fin­det. Sehen Sie sich LIV Golf Invi­ta­tio­nal Lon­don die­se Woche live auf unse­rem You­Tube-Kanal an. Erfah­ren Sie mehr über LIV Golf: https://​www​.liv​golf​.com/ Face­book: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​L​I​V​G​o​l​f​I​nv/ Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​L​I​V​G​o​l​f​Inv

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212 thought on “Höhepunkte des Entwurfs | LIV Golf Invitational London”

  1. Long Liv Golf. Keep up the gre­at work. Woke media will be cry­ing about some­thing else wit­hin days. Ride it out and smooth sai­ling from then on.

    1. Final­ly ano­t­her per­son who sees the cor­po­ra­ti­ons who are in the medi­as pocket spewing not­hing but bad PR for the LIV tour. I enjoy­ed it and will gla­dy watch the­se quick LIV rounds com­pa­red to some ear­ly morning golf, a nap, and i wake up and were bar­ley on hole 7.

  2. Bet­ter than I thought. But hard to get past the blood money sports washing I’m afraid.
    Howe­ver, you mar­ket it up. You are fun­ded by a bru­tal régime.

  3. The pro­duc­tion of that first cou­p­le of minu­tes was bril­li­ant! Real­ly giving it a go and put­ting effort into making it dif­fe­rent which is a good thing. Not sure about the team names though, a litt­le bit too IPL and T20 possibly!

    1. I agree with you. But its dif­fe­rent and I like it. It was not near­ly as boring of a pro­duc­tion com­pa­red to pga events. And I real­ly enjoy­ed the diver­si­ty of the field!

    1. Greg Nor­man could dri­ve a golf ball 300 yards dead strai­ght with a per­sim­mon dri­ver back in the 80’s, he can call her wha­te­ver he likes 🤣🤣

  4. Liter­al­ly never heard of some of the­se “cap­tains.” This seems like space jam, and without any mea­ning ie. histo­ry that they are play­ing for, I can’t ima­gi­ne wan­ting to tune in each event. Pro­bab­ly is a good live pro­duct tho. Some­thing cool to do.

    1. What is histo­ry you are play­ing for? Golf is dead sport cuz it’s boring slow and goes on for too long .

      Histo­ry has no value or mea­ning when no is watching it or remembers. 

      Liv golf first event day 1 grea­ter than any regu­lat PGA sea­son in its histo­ry. Best golf event can’t wait for the rest of the days.

    2. @UglyhoodRAT I think its gre­at that we have this new for­mat. Its gre­at for tv and exci­ting to be able to see all the play­ers in action and not have to pay sub­scrip­ti­ons to watch cer­tain groups.

  5. Wtf am I watching 🤣🤣🤣 holy hell this has to be the dou­chiest thing I’ve ever seen. Fits per­fect for guys like Dj, phil, Gar­cia, and the big­gest dou­che of all gooch

  6. I wat­ched some of the first round. Have to admit I was bored. Thought went through my head that they make mil­li­ons any­ways without having to win. So you would­n’t get the best play possible.

  7. How long befo­re someo­ne wakes up and has equip­ment manu­fac­tu­rers be the teams. Team Cal­la­way, Team Tit­leist, Team Mizu­no would be infi­ni­te­ly more fun and rela­t­a­ble for ever­y­day gol­fers and the “con­struc­tors cham­pions­hip” would actual­ly be worth some­thing to the manu­fac­tu­rers. I for one don’t care about Team Punch but I love my AP2’s and Team Tit­leist would get my support.

    1. @Ratbacon PGA view­ers­hip has con­sist­ent­ly grown over the last 5 years. Ratings are not the issue. May­be you’­re refe­ren­cing the Euro­pean Tour?

      Sin­ce when is watching stro­ke play boring?

  8. Enjoy­ed the first day. Gre­at play­ers. Video made pri­va­te though.
    I like the initia­ti­ve and expect more play­ers to join. It seems PGA tour tem­per tan­trum is out of place, cau­se play­ers should be able to choo­se. Expect court cases. Look for­ward to see­ing what happens ⛳⛳✅✅🦅🦅

  9. I did watch some of the live action on You­tube, but I had a hard time rea­ding the scoreboard…
    Anyo­ne else had the same problems?

  10. Do they pick new teams every week? Or is the teams for all 8 events. If that’s the case then how does Patrick Reed and Bry­son fit in. What team will they be on?

  11. Can they plea­se show the full last names on the lea­der­board? There’s lots of space on the left side of the screen during the broadcast.

  12. TOTAL EMBARRASSMENT! For the first time I actual­ly feel sor­ry for the­se guys. But hey, at least this “league” gives Phil an oppor­tu­ni­ty to pay off his gamb­ling debts.

    1. @Ben Har­ding Run your sil­ly speech past Jack, Tre­vi­no, Tiger, Spieth, Rahm, JT and any other gol­fer who is serious about the game and their place in its histo­ry and see if any of them buy your con­ten­ti­on that it’s sim­ply “hit­ting a litt­le white ball around a field with a stick.” Ask them if it’s deme­a­ning to “pre­tend it’s important.” Plea­se, there’s a rea­son grown men cry when they win a major. And then exp­lain how “the eli­tist sta­tus quo” of the four majors ruins the game. You’­re real­ly reaching for straws here. Give it up.

  13. Lis­ten to draft picks guys you never heard of with 16 wins 9 wins ect..an that not top rated play­ers WOW.….This is a world tour league from peop­le around the world to grow the sport..NOT JUST AMERICA PLAYERS

    1. It was­n’t inten­ded to be a world tour from all around the world. It was ori­gi­nal­ly meant to be for just the big­gest names in golf. Sin­ce near­ly all big name play­ers told LIV golf to piss off they had to resort to what they could scrape and tried to brand it as inter­na­tio­nal tour giving ever­yo­ne a chan­ce from all over the world. It was a good PR attempt to sal­va­ge their fail­u­re. Ser­gio, Poul­ter, West­wood, McDo­well, Kay­mer and few other names would not even get a sniff if LIV had their way let alo­ne the other nobo­dies who I hope make most of this to cash in.

    1. I am not sure if I total­ly dis­agree with you, or if I com­ple­te­ly agree with you. It isn’t the future of golf, but it is more golf…
      Which is never a bad thing, I think! I don’t know if it is a dis­as­ter, or just kind of strange?

  14. A histo­ry les­son for all. I clear­ly remem­ber the nega­ti­vi­ty that sur­roun­ded the rebel Cri­cket fran­chise that had ever­yo­ne divi­ded for and against. The true belie­vers stay­ed with their mis­si­on and now we have a gre­at fol­lowing for the gre­at game and I know that Greg Nor­man is the man who has the visi­on to take this for­ward. I remem­ber mana­ging a pri­va­te room for Ker­ry Packer and his spe­cial guest Greg Nor­man at Syd­ney casi­no I ima­gi­ne Mr Packer would have loved this con­cept. Best of luck Greg, let’s make golf a major sport that is exci­ting and attrac­ti­ve to our new genera­ti­ons. Lee.

    1. @David Geertz cri­cket play­ers in Aus­tra­lia have always been well loo­ked after David trea­ted like gods here, howe­ver I do know we are quick to des­troy them if they go off their game. The game of cri­cket has never been the same and all for the bet­ter. All play­ers now are true ath­le­tes, fit and dececated

    2. I also thought of Packer and One-Day Cri­cket. No doubt Greg had the­se thoughts also – hope LIV is here to stay – Golf needs it. It’s beco­me too stale

  15. The­se are all such shit names… and All of the­se GCs over­lap each other smash, crus­hers tor­que? Lol have you heard of syn­onyms ? How do peop­le get paid to make up this bullshit

    1. @Joseph Hug­hes I’d hope not. I’d want to see the best play­ers play­ing in the majors even if they’re from a dif­fe­rent tour

    1. It is inte­res­ting all the top comments are posi­ti­ve and no one is men­tio­ning whe­re all the money are com­ing from. You­tube has a cen­sor­s­hip now?

  16. it’s a fun con­cept, i won’t lie. and i like that it is strea­med live on YT for free, until they find a way to mone­ti­se that too.
    i just real­ly wish it was­n’t bank rol­led by the Saudi’s
    fun inclu­si­ve golf, shot gun starts, team matches all good. com­ing from the same peop­le who chop up jour­na­lists Bad, very Bad!!

    1. @Y C I’m sure the­se names weren’t cho­sen by the cap­tains them­sel­ves but were sug­gested by Liv golf ins­tead. I think the­se names don’t reso­na­te at all with me. I would sug­gest other naming solu­ti­ons like for examp­le coun­tries and play­ers of that same coun­try in the team. Or brand name teams for examp­le “Mizu­no”, but you could add tho­se fun­ny names behind if you would like for examp­le “Mizu­no smas­hers” or “Fran­ce royals”. Ano­t­her solu­ti­on would be to name the team as per the cap­tain name, examp­le “Mickel­son smashers”.

    2. @Y C by the way I’m a mar­ke­ting expert and golf fan. I see a few things that are wrong with Liv golf as per such but I think things will get bet­ter with time.

  17. Peop­le say­ing “love this pre­sen­ta­ti­ons…” and all that non­sen­se MUST be get­ting paid too. This was so crin­ge­wor­thy. Not sure I’ve ever been more embarr­as­sed for a group of ath­le­tes and so cal­led enter­tai­ners. The only thing worse was the pro­duc­tion today and the con­stant ina­bi­li­ty to watch the golf on a phone/I‑pad or lap­top. Porn sites adver­ti­sing in the chat, having to keep swit­ching feeds and being asked to put my credit card on line to watch… THIS IS GOING GREAAAAT!

  18. This is golfs ver­si­on of the ” Mon­day night wars” bet­ween WWF and WCW in the 90’s. It’s going to gain a lot of atten­ti­on and grow the sport even more. This is gre­at for golf.

    1. We will see about that. When that Sau­di guy who is backing this gets bored and fed up of golf and pulls the fun­ding this is going down the drain becau­se they have no plans for a sus­tainab­le. Reve­nue stream. This is liter­al­ly Sau­dis just having a bit of fun for some atten­ti­on. PGA tour have done huge amounts for the game of golf. Also this is a launch event of cour­se they are going all out even though it was super crin­gy. The qua­li­ty of gold for 2 days has been dogshi­te and can’t ima­gi­ne what crap the last day has in store.

  19. I’m con­fi­dent that Jay Mona­han is glued to ever­ything LIV the­se days! He’s obses­sed with it! And his supe­ri­ors are deman­ding to know how he let things get so mes­sed up for the ana­chro­nistic and pas­se PGA! LOL. Mona­han has been on ‘defence’ this who­le time reac­ting to LIV initia­ti­ves, when he should have been busy moder­ni­zing the PGA and making it more pal­la­ti­ble for play­ers. The PGA needs a new Chair­man ASAP! But do I care one iota what the PGA does now? No I don’t! They blew it big time! LOL

    1. The only rea­son LIV exists is becau­se of the rich Sau­dis who have more money than brains. If they get bored and deci­de to stop then this who­le cir­cus goes down. They have done not­hing for the game of golf or have any inten­ti­on. They are just try­ing to make them­sel­ves look and feel bet­ter. As a busi­ness The­re is no busi­ness or finan­cial requi­re­ments or tar­gets. They don’t have to worry about bud­gets or expen­ses. PGA Tour have had to work hard to build the game of golf and bring in money into the game. Also play­ers can go whe­re­ver they want as con­trac­tors but the PGA Tour does­n’t have to accept them or their ser­vice as a con­trac­tor. The play­ers are working against the Tour what do they expect. 

      Also I think golf has been moder­nis­ed. Look at the fashion, rule chan­ges and huge num­bers of young fans and gol­fers that you can find at golf cour­ses and dri­ving ran­ges. At the end of the day golf is fun and it’s best when it’s 18 holes. You against the cour­se. If you want to play quicker just play 9 holes. 

      LIV golf and the spoilt play­ers all just need to admit it’s all about the money ins­tead of pre­ten­ding and making stu­pid rea­sons for doing this like they are try­ing to help grow the game, chan­ging PGA tour and moder­ni­sing the game. If the Sau­dis weren’t paying ever­yo­ne that amount of money no one would have joi­ned or would sup­port this cir­cus and pro­bab­ly ridi­cu­le it. This draft was pret­ty embarr­as­sing. Who’s who of liter­al­ly who?????

  20. 12:46 I thought the­se guys got money to play on that league, can’t belie­ve they couldn’t pro­vi­de GOOCH with a decent outfit.

    1. No it’s giving ever­yo­ne the same 4 rounds it’s like base­ball why not you could shoot 2 59’s and win by 1 there’s abso­lute­ly no harm

    2. @Samuel Moo­re as a PGA pro you need to work your ass off to make the wee­kend cut. This bogus league hands out par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on tro­phies to everyone!

    3. This is liter­al­ly just a Sau­di pas­si­on pro­ject that will end when they lose inte­rest. A lot of rich peop­le in deve­lo­ping and 3rd world coun­tries see golf as a sta­tus sym­bol that the rich and power­ful play. They love indul­ging in it for that rea­son. They are defi­ni­te­ly not doing it to grow the game or bet­ter the game. Trust me they don’t give a damn about intro­du­cing golf to poor and dis­ad­van­ta­ged com­mu­nities. Look at when the Chi­ne­se bil­lion­aire bought Went­worth GC and tur­ned it upsi­de down into his playground.

  21. This is gon­na be gre­at for golf. For too many years our sport has had a stig­ma about it. Let’s hope this will shake things up. 👍

  22. All the enter­tain­ment and gloss with a litt­le bit of Sports­wa­shing. Do enjoy watching Nor­man go to the inter­lock grip during the sell.

  23. Go Punch GC, Wade Orms­by is from my home­town, and I never thought I would have a “local” golf team to sup­port on the inter­na­tio­nal stage.

  24. This is so awe­so­me! We final­ly able to root for and fol­low our favo­ri­te golf team just as we do for the NFL, NBA and MLB. I’m defi­ni­te­ly team “Aces”. Now, I need appa­rel for my new favo­ri­te team.!!

  25. So awe­so­me … I wish they worked a litt­le bit har­der on the names though lol seems like the cheap teams you can choo­se from on a video game.

  26. Neit­her exci­ted nor disap­poin­ted to see LIV launch. Frank­ly it’ll make the PGA more exci­ting sin­ce it’ll weed out some of the older guys, and also inju­red now that Bry­son joi­ned. And tho­se who pre­fer LIV, then go right ahead. I’m glad to see 2 sepa­ra­te worlds, even though I have mini­mal inte­rest in LIV

  27. Super crin­ge. I don’t know what peop­le mean when they say it’s some­thing new and dif­fe­rent. It’s 18 holes of golf. Wow they added music and enter­tain­ment. Hap­pens at lots of major golf events. Shot­gun starts hap­pens down the local golf clubs. Team events is not­hing new. Yes they are try­ing to attract youn­ger audi­ence but this is just done so badly.

  28. Just know and remem­ber this fact, Jamal Khash­og­gi was bru­tal­ly mur­de­red and dis­mem­be­red by the same régime that is fun­ding this tour.

  29. Man pga real­ly gon­na lose ever­y­bo­dy that’s tough the media is com­ing for this league like cra­zy but idk it seems just fine

  30. I’m sure they will lis­ten to feed­back and get things worked out. The big­gest thing they need is a TV deal. If things pro­gress and more big names come on board I’m sure they will but they must do it right

  31. So proud of the gol­fing world brea­king out of their father’s opp­res­si­ve wings. This is gon­na be good for the PGA and the game of golf., albeit hard to see if you’­re an old figurehead.

  32. Greg Nor­man is loo­king after the play­ers and trea­ting them with respect. This is Greg’s dream. He will be clo­se to get­ting Adam Scott and Jason Day’s signa­tu­re. I am hap­py that this tour is off and running.

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