Höhepunkte | Runde 4 | Wyndham-Meisterschaft | 2022

Hoehepunkte Runde 4 Wyndham Meisterschaft 2022 2022

Sehen Sie sich die bes­ten Auf­nah­men des Tages aus Run­de 4 der Wynd­ham Cham­pions­hip 2022 mit Joo­hyung Kim, Sung­jae Im, John Huh und mehr an. ABONNIEREN Sie jetzt die PGA TOUR: http://​pgat​.us/​v​B​x​c​ZSh Die regu­lä­re Sai­son der PGA TOUR endet mit der Wynd­ham Cham­pions­hip, bei der die Spie­ler eine letz­te Chan­ce haben, um ihren Platz in den FedEx­Cup-Play­offs zu kämp­fen. Nach­dem er letz­tes Jahr ein Sechs-Mann-Play­off gewon­nen hat, kehrt Kevin Kis­ner zurück, um sei­nen Titel zu ver­tei­di­gen. Der Ame­ri­ka­ner hat in die­ser Sai­son sechs Top-10-Plat­zie­run­gen vor­zu­wei­sen, will die­se Woche aber stark abschlie­ßen, wenn er sich um sei­nen fünf­ten PGA TOUR-Titel bewirbt. Adam Scott, Roger Slo­an und Si Woo Kim sind die ande­ren drei Spie­ler aus den letzt­jäh­ri­gen Play­offs, die zum Sed­ge­field Coun­try Club zurück­keh­ren. Si Woo Kim gewann die­ses Tur­nier 2016 und nach zwei Top-15-Plat­zie­run­gen bei The Open Cham­pions­hip und Rocket Mor­tga­ge Clas­sic hofft er auf eine wei­te­re erfolg­rei­che Woche in North Caro­li­na. Will Zala­to­ris tritt zum drit­ten Mal bei der Wynd­ham Cham­pions­hip an und ver­sucht, sei­ne letz­te Chan­ce zu nut­zen, die Sai­son in den Top 10 der Com­cast Busi­ness TOUR zu been­den Davis Love III (drei­fa­cher Cham­pion), Sung­jae Im und die euro­päi­schen Major-Cham­pions Dan­ny Wil­lett und Shane Lowry. Besu­chen Sie https://​www​.pga​tour​.com für eine voll­stän­di­ge Bericht­erstat­tung zusam­men mit den neu­es­ten Nach­rich­ten, Wer­tun­gen und Sta­tis­ti­ken! Fol­gen Sie PGA TOUR online: Insta­gram: https://​insta​gram​.com/​p​g​a​t​o​ur/ Face­book: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​P​G​A​T​our Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​P​G​A​T​OUR Tik­Tok: https://​tik​tok​.com /@pgatour Sound­Cloud: https://​sound​cloud​.com/​p​g​a​t​our Mel­den Sie sich für exklu­si­ve Bericht­erstat­tung an – http://​www​.pga​tour​li​ve​.com PGA TOUR Supers­to­re – http://​www​.pga​tour​su​pers​to​re​.com/

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148 thought on “Höhepunkte | Runde 4 | Wyndham-Meisterschaft | 2022”

    1. @양민수 I won­der if Si Woo will be a cap­tains pick for the Pres Cup. That would mean 4 kore­ans on the team which isn’t a bad stra­te­gy sin­ce you can pair them up. Si Woo is very hot/cold but he plays bet­ter on tough courses.

    2. @alex samain K.H won a gold medal in the 2010 AG, befo­re tur­ning pro. Next year’s AG is the first AG that pro­fes­sio­nal gol­fers can compete.

    3. @alex samain nah it’s just excu­ses noh and bae just sucked ye yang and kj choi all did the ser­vice but is much bet­ter play­ers it’s them try­ing to avoid it like a pla­gue that rui­ned them also if you’re good enough why would it ruin? You can use that time to deve­lop your game. It’s just ove­r­used excu­ses to gain sympathy

    4. @Sabina Lee Nope he’s pro­bab­ly loo­king to drop a Kore­an citi­zenship to avoid mili­ta­ry ser­vice qui­te dis­grace­ful. The­se Kore­an play­ers try­ing to avoid their duties. He is defi­ni­te­ly not a true Kore­an man

  1. A Korn Fie­ry Tour cali­ber play­er just ran cir­cles around “the best play­ers in the world”! I thought this event had mea­ning with so many play­ers wan­ting to impro­ve the posi­ti­on in the Fed-Ex cup ranks. What hap­pen­ed to Will, Patrick, Bil­ly, and Rickey? Talk about lay­ing a big egg with ever­yo­ne watching. That may have been the lamest ending to your year-end event com­pa­red to last year’s 6 man playoff.

    You don’t want the Liv guys to come and ste­al the big­ger pur­su­es they hel­ped crea­te but you guys can’t even go after it when the comp is the second tier. Fin­au did!

    1. He’s bet­ter than KFT qua­li­ty, hes about to be ran­ked insi­de the top 30 in the world with this win.
      Edit – he’s ran­ked 21 now. Only Rory and Ser­gio have been ran­ked hig­her at a youn­ger age in the histo­ry of golf.

  2. What a round by Kim. 27 on the front!? It made me think of the 54 Tour (LIV) and the $54 mil­li­on dol­lars they’d pay to anyo­ne shoo­ting a 54.

  3. J. Kim’s very first hole of the tour­na­ment was a qua­dru­p­le bogie. I think we all can learn some­thing from that. Gre­at job

  4. 1st 6/10 high­lights are put­ting. Nice of the big names to take some time off for the 2nd rate guys to earn some cash. PGA is 😴😴😴

  5. Way to go, Tom! Very nice and appre­cia­ti­ve of PGA Tour inclu­ding his inter­view at the end. Defi­ni­te­ly a very nice ges­tu­re for the kid. Also, a Big congra­tu­la­ti­ons to Sir Nick Fal­do on an ama­zing care­er on and off the golf cour­se. Hap­py retirement!

  6. Tom might be a genera­tio­nal talent. i’m pro­bab­ly over­sta­ting this, but if you take away his quad-bogey from round 1, he has prac­ti­cal­ly lap­ped the ent­i­re field. this is a Tiger-like win here! yes, no wind, and wet greens, but he set a PGA tour record for most putts out­side 10+ feet this week. his speed was dia­led in like no one else..

    1. He finis­hed third at the Scot­tish open a mon­th ago which had a very strong field, so I’m sure he could. He was liter­al­ly ran­ked 34th in the world com­ing into this week and is now ran­ked 21st.

  7. Gre­at vic­to­ry! Hope you stay in PGA for many years and show us the more ama­zing shots and game! Plea­se don’t disap­pe­ar in few years.

  8. Seems like very level hea­ded young man and some awe­so­me golf play­ed the­re! Well done to him. A quad on his first hole just shows it’s how you finish not how you start in this game!

  9. Unbe­liev­a­ble!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wow, we have someo­ne to watch on PGA star­ting now? I real­ly won­der if he can beco­me next Tiger. The­re were so many wan­na­be kids like Rory, Jor­dan, and many more but not as big as Tiger. If this 20 year old kid can pull it again and again, I might con­si­der him as the next one coming 🤯

  10. 축하드려요 그리고 한국인 선수가 최선을 다해서 우승을 이뤄 자랑스럽군요. 항상 건강하고 초심 잃지 마시고 겸손하게 롱런하시길 바랍니다.

    1. PGA Tour. Did you watch the inter­view whe­re Aman­da said to accept his ticket to the PGA Tour? Seems as if you didn’t pay attention

  11. Hi the­re! The thumb­nails of the­se vide­os are qui­te the spoi­ler alert to anyo­ne fol­lowing along one day of high­lights at a time haha. I love watching day 1–4 high­lights but when the thumb­nail of this final video is the win­ner with the tro­phy, it kin­da spoils it at the last minu­te for anyo­ne like me 😂 not a huge deal, just food for thought 😊

  12. what an incredi­ble field at the wynd­ham. guess tony fin­au got tired of bea­ting up on the D league. shame all tho­se has beens moved to liv, obvious jay’s boys aren’t going to sup­port the pga

  13. Congrats Tom!!! It was a gre­at day for you. I loved all you said in the inter­view too. What a 20-year-old boy! Keep it for a long time! 항상 초심을 잃지말고 정진하세요~~

  14. No dis­re­spect to the folks crea­ting the­se high­lights but plea­se step your game up. 2 out of the 5+ minu­tes was just talking.

  15. We have so many things in com­mon. He star­ted his tour­na­ment with an 8.….OK, that’s the only thing we have in common 🤪

  16. So it had not­hing to do with skill, luck or hard work. It was all down to God making it hap­pen. Does that mean all the times he does­n’t win God does­n’t like him that week?

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