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  1. I’ve been play­ing golf for 2 years and have wat­ched most of your vide­os. You guys have hel­ped me out in every aspect of my game! I’m shoo­ting in the 80s-low 90s

  2. I’ve been struggling to judge the weight and slo­pe of the greens recent­ly guys and it cos­ts me unne­cessa­ry shots. I hope you could help us learn the best ways to judge the weight and slo­pe of the greens

    1. I have only been play­ing golf for 8 mon­ths and have never heard the term, “weight” of the greens. Would you be so kind as to inform me of the mea­ning or defi­ni­ti­on of this term?

    1. It pro­bab­ly depends on the type of shot you are try­ing to hit. On chip shots I usual­ly start my back swing and immedia­te­ly set my wrists to around 90 degrees and rota­te my shoul­ders through impact. I find it crea­tes a nice arching chip with a litt­le run. But that’s just me. Get out on the prac­ti­ce greens and expe­ri­ment with dif­fe­rent wrist sets to see what feels best for your game.

  3. I tend to get too far under my short chips and they some­ti­mes only amount to 2–3 yards when I was wan­ting 5–6 yards. I may be get­ting too far under or it may just come down to club selec­tion. Any sug­ges­ti­ons for my short ran­ge chipping?

  4. Hi both,after watching you’­re video’s and final­ly cor­rec­ting my sli­ce👍 I am now fin­ding it hard to tran­sit my weight for­ward on my down swing,but as I’m get­ting 170–200 yds with my fair­way wood does this real­ly affect my distance? tia..

  5. Always enjoy your faults and fixes vide­os. This one on chip­ping is excel­lent and is a drill I teach my cli­ents to use. Keep up the gre­at work guys.

  6. Whe­re should the ball be posi­ti­on in rela­ti­on to my stance for both the dri­ver and the irons? How do I con­sist­ent­ly find the right position?

  7. Quick ques­ti­on for you guys:

    I have a lot of trou­ble with hit­ting my dri­ver strai­ght. I tend to have a mas­si­ve sli­ce or a mas­si­ve hook. The sli­ce hap­pens about 19/20 times and the hook 1/20 times. I hit my three wood gre­at with eit­her a strai­ght flight or a 3–5 yard fade. The main dif­fe­rence bet­ween the clubs is that my three wood is stiff flex (irons and hybrid are also stiff) and my dri­ver is a regu­lar flex. Is my driver’s shaft flex a main con­tri­bu­tor to my slice/rare hook.

  8. Okay I serious­ly need help! Late­ly I haven’t been able to hit my irons the way I want to. Every time I hit my irons they go left of whe­re I want them to. They are going strai­ght but they go left of my tar­get. I’ve made sure that I’m lining my feet up to my tar­get, so that isn’t the pro­blem. I don’t know what I’m doing exact­ly.. Do you think you can help me out??? Thanks!

  9. gre­at vid, exact pro­blem I’m having around the pin. Short back swing with a big fore swing resul­ting in a high lof­ted most of the time back spin­ned shot. Thanks fel­las, on a second note it’s a bout time you guys made a video on a sun­ny day.

  10. Im’ often play­ing bet­ween 5–10 over par (as a 15 hcp.) on the first 14–16 holes and then mes­sing up my score on the last holes 🙁 Any advice on how to impro­ve endu­ran­ce? Men­tal and physical..

  11. How do i avoid hit­ting the ground and avoiding top­ping the ball? I can’t seem to find a con­sis­tent swing that avoids tho­se both parts at the same time sin­ce they varia­te alot but my swing does­n’t really.

  12. Gre­at tip guy’s loo­king for­ward to giving this a go. Been cut 4 shots sin­ce watching you guys the only thing hol­ding me back is my chipping

  13. I’ve been struggling with my wed­ges. I keep hit­ting them of the hosel and shanking right. What do can I do to fix that? Any tips or drills?

  14. hel­lo my name is domi­nick and i’m 17. I star­ted play­ing 3 years ago. I know have a hcp of 8.1. Do you guys think that I can be a suc­cess­ful play­ing pro­fes­sio­nal one day? Or did I begin to play the game to late in my life? thx

  15. gre­at les­son meand­my­golf. mine second year play­ing golf recent­ly i tried to do chip shots with some lag­ging. i find it gave me bet­ter feel , solid con­ta­ct but i don’t see any yours video recom­mend lag on shots in short game except for gai­ning club speed. what are your sug­ges­ti­on to me ? thanks

  16. Took this strai­ght to the dri­ving ran­ge and instant impro­ve­ment! I was doing good things befo­re but could­n’t qui­te get con­sis­ten­cy then this just see­med to fit it all tog­e­ther. Also gave me gre­at back­spin I was­n’t get­ting before.

    Keep up the good work guys – I watch all of your vide­os, so so hel­pful and just enjoya­ble viewing 😉

  17. How can I stop hit­ting all of my tee shots out of the heel of my dri­ver? I have tried to chan­ge pos­tu­re and address but not­hing seems to be working.

  18. I have star­ted my gol­fing jour­ney on the dri­ving ran­ge. Dri­vers 5 and 3 being used. Only 2 mon­ths into it cur­r­ent­ly and still batt­ling with the tech­ni­cal aspects of it. It is eit­her I’m taking my eyes off the ball, how far apart my feet are, or get­ting the swing con­trol right… How do I get this right?, befo­re I start going to a golf course…

  19. I’m always bla­ding my lob wedge on that 15–30 yard shot. It’s so frus­tra­ting and it real­ly derails my men­tal game.

  20. Gre­at tip ano­t­her method is to stand clo­ser to the ball and keep the shaft qui­te ver­ti­cal and the heel off the ground then use a put­ting stro­ke vir­tual­ly fool proof.

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