Holen Sie sich diese Kartoffel in das Golfloch, ohne das Grün zu berühren – VOLLSTÄNDIGE AUFGABE

Holen Sie sich diese Kartoffel in das Golfloch ohne das Gruen zu beruehren VOLLSTAeNDIGE AUFGABE 8 out of 10 cats

Ein sehr umstrit­te­ner Task­mas­ter, der dar­über ent­schei­det, wer am schnells­ten eine Kar­tof­fel in ein Golf­loch wirft. ———— Fol­gen Sie der Show auf http://​www​.twit​ter​.com/​t​a​s​k​m​a​s​ter Wer­den Sie Fan auf https://​www​.face​book​.com/​o​f​f​i​c​i​a​l​t​a​s​k​m​a​s​ter Holen Sie sich das Task­mas­ter-Buch und das Brett­spiel: https://​task​mas​ter​.tv/​o​v​e​r​-​you ———— In die­ser mit dem Broad­cast Award aus­ge­zeich­ne­ten, BAFTA und Emmy Award nomi­nier­ten Unter­hal­tungs­show, Task­mas­ter-Tyrann Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuck­oo), Mit der Hil­fe sei­nes treu­en Assis­ten­ten Alex Hor­ne (The Hor­ne Sec­tion und Schöp­fer der Show) macht er sich dar­an, die List, den Witz und die Weis­heit von fünf hyper­kom­pe­ti­ti­ven Komi­kern zu tes­ten. Zu den Come­di­ans, die bis­her Leib, Leben und Wür­de ris­kiert haben, um den Task­mas­ter stolz zu machen, gehö­ren: Frank Skin­ner (The Frank Skin­ner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Gre­at Bri­tish Bake Off), Romesh Rang­a­nathan (Asi­an Pro­vo­ca­teur), Hugh Den­nis (Unter­le­gen), Sal­ly Phil­lips (Brid­get Jones’ Dia­ry), Rose Mata­feo (Edin­burgh Come­dy Award Win­ner 2018) und Rus­sell Howard (The Rus­sell Howard Hour). Ohne zu wis­sen, was sie in jedem wachs­ver­sie­gel­ten Umschlag erwar­tet, kann nur ein Teil­neh­mer der sieg­rei­che Besit­zer des gol­de­nen Kop­fes von His Roy­al Task-ness wer­den und zum nächs­ten Task­mas­ter-Cham­pion gekrönt werden.

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1.223 thought on “Holen Sie sich diese Kartoffel in das Golfloch, ohne das Grün zu berühren – VOLLSTÄNDIGE AUFGABE”

    1. After the voting didn’t work at that point I would have tra­ded my points out for his. I would have taken his zero points and given him the points I won.

    2. this is liter­al­ly the second pota­to style video that’s so rewat­cha­ble that you have to go back once every so often just to appre­cia­te how many unex­pec­ted twists hap­pen up untill the final moment.

    3. @Travis K Bra­cken Alt­hough James Acas­ter is my favou­rite con­tes­tat, that tat­too moment is also my favourite!!!!
      Fol­lo­wed by James Acas­ter being cal­led to the side by Greg and his tem­per tan­trum with Rhod and the exten­si­on buil­ding epi­so­de (tie!)…😜

    1. @Annetjie van Zyl I che­cked out Dai­l­y­mo­ti­on and was able to watch them the­re! A bit lower qua­li­ty but still very much watchable :).

    1. @Adriano Vaz ooh hard to say, what comes tl mind is tree wizard but once you or someo­ne else men­ti­ons a moment ill prol­ly go oh yeah that one.
      When James acas­ter cal­led Greg a pus­sy was a gre­at one. And when Greg saw the pic­tu­re of his mom in the bath, epic reac­tion right there. 🤣

  1. Catherine’s break­down was incredible.
    Also Joe Willkinson’s tra­ge­dy was com­po­un­ded by the fact that Joe brought his wed­ding cer­ti­fi­ca­te as prize.

    1. I’ve had that hap­pe­ning to me. Could be mon­th­ly stuff. Not that it makes you mental­ly unsta­ble, it’s just that your emo­ti­ons (about wha­te­ver you worry about) are more on the sur­face and easi­ly get con­nec­ted with other subjects.

      Last mon­th I was worry­ing about hur­ting someone’s fee­lings that I work with, but I did­n’t have time for tho­se emo­ti­ons then, so I put them away.
      Then I had my “lady-lady-moment” and when I took a book from the free-books-shelf that was very colour­ful, I deci­ded to read it, des­pi­te the fact it was a child­rens­book. It was cal­led; ‘The sto­mach of Mr. Hob­be­ma.’ (De buik van meneer Hobbema.)
      It was about a guy that ate loads of pud­ding and cake, his sto­mach grows and he thinks he’s pregnant. He buys a shit­load of toys and nap­pies, tells *ever­yo­ne* he meets and then goes to the doc­tor, only to find out he has dia­be­tes. (Not real­ly, the doc­tor just tells him he’s fat.)
      So then he bursts into tears and cries; ‘I wan­ted to care for a litt­le baby so bad’ and someo­ne who fan­ci­es him, sug­gests she can help with that. And I kid you not, in the last page, they’­re cuddling in bed tog­e­ther, awai­t­ing their baby in 9 months. 

      Eit­her way, as soon as the pud­ding was men­tio­ned I somehow tea­red up alrea­dy. And when he was cry­ing about the child he could never birth, I just cried out loud. I mean, the emo­ti­ons were pro­bab­ly not con­nec­ted to anything with kids, but he was hurt and I did­n’t want to hurt my col­le­gue (but I was for­ced to hurt her fee­lings with feed­back, other­wi­se she’d never be able to do her job right.)
      Eit­her way, I took the book home (free books shelf) and I keep it in my cabi­net, inca­se I need to cry and can’t get the tears out. I think the situa­ti­on with Kathe­ri­ne is similar.

    1. @It’s okay
      Alex also cra­cked up in sea­son 7 when James Acas­ter & Rhod Gil­bert get into it over the satsu­ma inci­dent. Pret­ty funny.

  2. *spoi­lers* Don’t read if you don’t want to know who won the series.

    After see­ing the first epi­so­de and Kathe­ri­ne cry­ing during the first task, I never expec­ted her to win the who­le seri­es in the end. 🤣
    But kudos to her.

  3. I have to say, if he’d got­ten the win, that would have taken away the humou­ris­tic bril­li­an­ce of it all.

    Side note: He did­n’t touch the red Green, only his shoes did.

  4. This is, for me, one of the best bits of tele­vi­si­on I’ve ever seen. The who­le set up from start to finish – the way the audi­ence is allo­wed to see replay after replay to build up the magni­ficence of Joe’s throw, the let down of see­ing his foot on the mat, the voting to deci­de whe­ther the result should stand – ever­ything was done sub­li­me­ly. I will never get tired of see­ing this… it’s qui­te sim­ply magni­ficent. Well done to all concerned. 👍

    1. @IMightBeBiased But VAR does­n’t only deal with black and white situa­tions. The­re is a lot of grey area invol­ved and some­ti­mes VAR cor­rects decisi­ons and some­ti­mes it does­n’t and that’s the pro­blem. In Black and white situa­tions it works gre­at. In grey are­as it is too inconsistent.

    1. Legit, it’s been over a year at least for me and just see­ing this clip in my recom­men­ded feed tonight brought it all back again.

  5. I would have given him the point. Shit hap­pens… it was a good near­ly clean shot. If it was a 2nd or 3rd attempt at a throw, I might of said go away… but that was an ama­zing first throw.

    Also, like others have men­tio­ned… if objects in hand are con­si­de­red not tou­ch­ing the red, then that could also app­ly to his shoes too. The level of inter­pre­ta­ti­on here is just brutal.

    1. @DeathnoteBB Well, the­re was a pos­si­ble mar­ria­ge licen­se at sta­ke. So ya, I would have put a litt­le more effort into making jud­ge­ment on some­thing like that… that is their one and only job on the show after all.

  6. As much as Kathe­ri­ne Ryan’s break­down was hil­arious it was also very weird. She has so much botox in her face, it bare­ly chan­ged when she was cry­ing. It was like watching a bad 3D ani­ma­ted cha­rac­ter cry. It was try­ing to look real but failed.

  7. Ever­yo­ne sold this so well, this is what hap­pens when you let peop­le inter­act with each other and they aren’t con­stant­ly scrip­ted word for word. Bri­tish audi­en­ces real­ly have it good

    1. I’m sure this was far more scrip­ted than you rea­li­se. Obvious­ly the hosts knew ahead of time that the throw was disqualified.

  8. Joe’s attempt – (6:34) *I. DID. NOT. SEE. THAT. COMING.* – (I liter­al­ly kind-of screa­med laug­hed) *O. M. G.*

    I expec­ted some exten­si­ve ela­bo­ra­te weird stran­ge method from Joe, real­ly did
    edit – oh no! did not see that com­ing either.

  9. idk why but i abso­lute­ly lost my shit when joe did his. IDK what i was expec­ting but I think the simp­le unex­pec­ted shock of it threw me. liter­al­ly lold for like 30s

  10. I woul­d’­ve just ris­ked it and wal­ked on it and drop­ped it in. It did­n’t say don’t step on it, it said don’t touch it. Joe shoul­d’­ve brought up that argument.

    1. It does­n’t mat­ter whe­ther you or I think he touched it or not, or how we inter­pret the rules. All that mat­ters is Greg’s inter­pre­ta­ti­on of the rules and the results, which is part­ly what I love most about this show. You can’t argue with his ver­dict becau­se his ver­dict is by defi­ni­ti­on the cor­rect one.

    2. The fact that every con­tes­tant knew how to inter­pret the rules should show you that nobo­dy likes someo­ne who goes “tech­ni­cal­ly…” regar­ding ever­ything in life.

    1. @PotatoChips23415 The toes point upwards but that’s far enough back on his foot whe­re if the shoe is cur­ling up that much, his foot has several bro­ken bones

      Tbf tho, if he came up with that excu­se, I think they’d defi­ni­te­ly be heart­less not to give it to him

    1. @Saniya M. that’s not how “tou­ch­ing” works.
      If you are sit­ting on the toi­let, are you tou­ch­ing the sewers?

    2. @Concerned Com­men­ter A litt­le iro­nic that you had a com­ma spli­ce one sen­tence befo­re informing someo­ne about a good use of semicolons

    1. @Douglas well one is a sled and the other is clot­hing. If its clot­hing on you it should count as you. If you wan­ted to strap yourself to a rocket and piledri­ve the pota­to into the ground ot should count cau­se a rocket is not clothing.

    2. @Douglas the most gene­ral term of “you” means your phy­si­cal being, skin, nails and hair, and anything worn by you, like socks, shoes, jackets, i dis­agree with the lat­ter part, shoes is not part of you just becau­se you wear them, they are a ent­i­re­ly sepe­ra­te item, say­ing they are part of what con­sti­tu­tes as “you” just becau­se you wear them is the one and the same as con­sti­tu­ting that a per­son car­ry­ing you is a part of you.

  11. if put­ting a tarp down on the red is fine, why can’t they just walk on it? they’re all wea­ring shoes aren’t they? so they’re not tou­ch­ing it…

    1. If you step in shit do you say “I step­ped in shit” or do you say “My shoe touched shit”? If you say the first you see your shoe as an exten­si­on of yourself which means you are tou­ch­ing the red-green when step­ping on it. Nobo­dy says the lat­ter and if you claim to say that your pants are clear­ly on fire.

    2. @JSmellerM well step­ping on shit doesnt Imply you’­re wea­ring anything. it’s the action that is men­tio­ned. kind of like how you ran over a dead ani­mal. it’s the action that has the mea­ning. you tech­ni­cal­ly ran some­thing over becau­se you were ope­ra­ting the vehi­cle. same goes for shoes. you’­re ope­ra­ting the shoes in a sen­se, so you step­ped in shit. i get what you’­re say­ing, the object can­not take responsa­bi­li­ty sin­ce it was­n’t in con­trol. i get whe­re you’­re com­ing from sin­ce it’s an exten­si­on in this case

    3. @DreamScape but when you run over an ani­mal you usual­ly say some­thing like “I ran over an ani­mal with my car”. You never say “I step­ped in shit with my shoe”. So you do make that dis­tinc­tion of what you con­si­der an exten­si­on of yourself and what you don’t.

    4. @JSmellerM actual­ly, you would often just say that you hit a deer (or w/e you hit) and pro­bab­ly would­n’t spe­ci­fy “with my car” unless pres­sed. This is becau­se “hit­ting a deer” in any con­text other than using a car would be pret­ty weird, so it does­n’t requi­re more details. Is your car part of you then?

      It is the same with step­ping in shit. You don’t spe­ci­fy “with my shoe” when you step in shit bc peop­le expect that if you are wal­king around out­side, you are wea­ring shoes. You would only add details to cla­ri­fy that you were NOT wea­ring shoes (or anything else that isn’t shoes), becau­se that would be the unex­pec­ted state.

      You’­re tal­king about using expec­ta­ti­ons of lan­guage to cla­ri­fy a task on a show whe­re part of what is fun­ny about the tasks is that they often sub­vert expec­ta­ti­ons of lan­guage allowing/forcing you to do some­thing lite­ral or unusual.

    1. In simi­lar games, puz­zles, etc. whe­re tou­ch­ing some­thing isn’t allo­wed, anything being worn gene­ral­ly counts as part of the wearer.

  12. This is a fuck­ing joke, I’m fuck­ing livid.…one of the grea­test accom­plish­ments achie­ved by man­kind to this day taken away by human selfishness.…It’s a dis­grace, what a ter­ri­ble world we live in

    1. Maria Lavik she’s real­ly bad at sports, she can’t work it out, she does not care whe­re the ball goes

      Cana­di­an gym clas­ses are gla­dia­tor rings

  13. The who­le time I just wan­ted someo­ne to walk up to the hole and place it in… And say I did­n’t step on anything green… It was red

  14. This is – and I mean this qui­te honest­ly – my favou­rite spor­ting moment of all time. That replay, the dra­ma, it real­ly does have it all. This is how to make television.

  15. This show would hate me or other expe­ri­men­tal sci­en­tists who will ask a mil­li­on ques­ti­ons. “What defi­nes tou­ch­ing the red green? Can I wear boots? Gloves?”

  16. Ever­yo­ne say­ing he did­n’t touch the red green his foot did obvious­ly never play­ed ‘The floor is lava’. If you wear it it belongs to your foot.

  17. The shot should have coun­ted. If it was to be cal­led a foul, it had to be cal­led at the time of the foul. Sin­ce cal­ling it late as they did dis­qua­li­fied him from obtai­ning a pro­per time. The shot should count.

  18. F that! That was a beau­ti­ful one shot that no one saw the pro­blem of until a replay! Plus his foot was bes­i­de the red, tou­ch­ing yes!, But bes­i­de it so the argu­ment of cen­ti­me­ters of advan­ta­ge is bull! Worse call in sports I’ve ever seen! Lmao beau­ti­ful­ly well done by all though. Hilarious.

  19. I would have just wal­ked over the red with my shoes, my shoes aren’t part of my body; they are objects I’ve strap­ped onto my body and the­re­fo­re I wouldn’t be tou­ch­ing the red green.

  20. Actual­ly, tho­se cou­p­le of cen­ti­me­ters didn’t help Joe as the pota­to hit the back rim when it went in, if he is of the red green com­ple­te­ly, it’s a swish.

    1. Well it is on tel­ly on Christ­mas eve so it is ende­ed important for ever­yo­ne. There’s also not many shows what got famous world wide so it is real­ly some­thing to cherish

    2. Doc­tor Who is a Bri­tish cul­tu­ral insti­tu­ti­on, of cour­se most peop­le the­re are some­what fami­li­ar with it. Com­pa­re it to how, say, many, if not most, Ame­ri­cans are vague­ly fami­li­ar with Friends.

  21. That’s pret­ty gre­at. This is the first time in a while I’ve seen Bri­tish rea­li­ty TV that I can stand. Also that Cathe­ri­ne girl is hot. I’d string a pota­to in her green any day.

  22. My solu­ti­on was, poke a hole through the pota­to with a screw­dri­ver, loop a strong and long enough thread, wire, yarn or rope through it, throw pota­to rough­ly at hole. Posi­ti­on mys­elf on the oppo­si­te side of the hole from pota­to, pull it in. I feel like the guy wal­king on objects is kin­da chea­ting. If that’s a valid solu­ti­on, then sim­ply wea­ring shoes is a valid solution.

    1. Yeah same. If you had a long string (or tape) and a lad­der you can attach it to one end then lower it down into the hole.
      I was first thin­king some sort of bola method, but that would be very dif­fi­cult to get right (pro­bab­ly har­der than just thro­wing the pota­to in)

    2. I would have got­ten a rope, made a sin­gle loop around the flag­po­le with the pota­to tied to the rope, and then pul­led on the rope until the pota­to made a full rota­ti­on and even­tual­ly got into the hole.

    1. @Blake Orth But whe­re does it end? Is what hap­pen­ed at 5:20 a violation? 

      Tech­ni­cal­ly, he is even wea­ring the con­trap­ti­on and that did touch the red green

  23. Ohhh so the Swe­dish show I thought was real­ly fun and ori­gi­nal, unli­ke most shows here, was actual­ly based on this from Eng­land. Like most good shows here. Uh

    This is prob even bet­ter then : O

    1. Rekom­men­derar den här, rik­ti­ga ver­sio­nen. Klas­ser bätt­re! Alla säson­ger och avs­nitt finns gra­tis på Dailymotion. =)

    2. @elftax The Swe­dish ver­si­on is cal­led “Bäst i test”, you can pro­bab­ly watch some con­tes­tant com­pi­la­ti­ons on YT. It’s shit in com­pa­ri­son to Task­mas­ter though. Have seen one full epi­so­de plus a cou­p­le of com­pi­la­ti­ons on YT and so many tasks are just com­ple­te copies of the original.

  24. I have an idea: take off all clothes except under­we­ar, put them down like lil­i­pads and then hop across. Plop the pota­to in and then you’­re done.

    1. In golf the put­ting green (or just the “green”) is the area around the hole. In this case ins­tead of grass it’s red fab­ric. Hence the “red green.”

  25. I would take some string and tie it around the pota­to and place it down on the green. Then I would walk to the oppo­si­te side of the green with the string so that cross sec­tion of the string goes strai­ght over the hole on the green. Then just slow­ly pull the string with the pota­to towards me so it ends up in the hole.

  26. This has got to be the stu­pi­dest show I’ve ever fuck­ing sce­ne and I hate ever­ything about it not­hing they say is fun­ny but they laugh way too much

    1. @L W I know she’s very intel­li­gent , but this is still not a light bulb moment for her. I’m just joking about that moment of hub­ris that didn’t pan out right

  27. See now, task was to get the pota­to in the hole without tou­ch­ing the red green.

    Just walk up to the hole and drop the pota­to in. Pota­to didn’t touch the red green. Pota­to made it in the hole without tou­ch­ing the red green. You just got the pota­to in the hole without tou­ch­ing the red green.

    1. In golf the area around the hole is cal­led a “green”. In this situa­ti­on “green” means “clo­se area around the hole”. So they cant touch the red area around the hole

  28. Katherine’s break­down is my favo­ri­te moment of Task­mas­ter. So much emo­ti­on over some­thing so simp­le. A life­time of repres­sed frus­tra­ti­on let out over a pota­to (not) going in a hole.

    1. +1!! I come back to this epi­so­de so very often. Her reac­tion is so reco­gnis­able and genui­ne. It must be dif­fi­cult to live in a world whe­re sports play such a lar­ge part in everyone’s dai­ly life, news and con­ver­sa­ti­ons when it does­n’t bring you joy or enter­tain­ment like it does most peop­le. Honest and relatable.

    2. She must have thought at the time that her break­down would be the part of the task that ever­yo­ne would talk about. And it would be, if not for the who­le Joe situation.

  29. this is a sub­t­le com­men­ta­ry of how modern socie­ty is sca­red of incre­a­singly socia­list poli­ci­es (as depic­ted through the red carpet).

  30. Yo what, just walk over and put it in. As long as you got shoes on it’s the same as the guy who put down a tarp. They try to bash you for it you just take your shoes off and chuck them on the red, then ask if that’s ok.

  31. I would argue that if we had a dif­fe­rent came­ra ang­le, we would be able to see if he is actual­ly tou­ch­ing the red or not. His shoe could have still been a bit abo­ve it. Sin­ce it can’t be pro­ven eit­her way, the act must be dis­re­gar­ded. Give Joe his win

    1. That’s what the host was say­ing; “you found a way to move the green…and you deci­de to tie a pota­to” (mis­quo­ting but that’s the jist)

  32. The­se peop­le aren’t very smart. I’d just walk up to the hole and put it in. I’m wea­ring shoes so IM not tou­ch­ing the green. Same as if I were to have pla­ced a tarp.

  33. you learn things about them when they have to vote
    Richard is an honest man he defen­ded Joe throughout the who­le thing, kathe­ri­ne did­n’t want to break his heart
    Jon is such a stick­ler to rules he can’t allow it and doc is a litt­le shit
    Joe is just the best

  34. So wait, Kathe­ry­ne used her boot as a tool to touch the red green. Richard put some­thing bene­ath his feet to count as not tou­ch­ing it. So at what point do your shoes count as you? Becau­se it was only the tip of Joe’s shoe touching.

  35. The­re You­Tube, I fuck­ing wat­ched it. I skip over the video 20 times and it still shows up in my recom­mend ins­tead of my subscriptions.

    1. @EXY It’s a joke and as pota­toes ori­gi­na­ted from South Ame­ri­ca, the­re was a time befo­re ‘we’, which I’m assuming means peop­le in the UK, had potatoes.

    2. I reck­on the Irish most­ly star­ved really.

      Kind of a cru­el joke to put the pota­to and the Irish on oppo­si­te ends of the glo­be when you think about it.

  36. If you look at the tips of his shoes, like a lot of other types of shoes, the tips are poin­ted up a bit. The part that was sup­po­sed­ly tou­ch­ing the red was actual­ly til­ted up, so it real­ly was­n’t tou­ch­ing the red at all.

    1. It does­n’t mat­ter. It’s his shoe that tou­ches the green. All the other con­tes­tants also touch the green with some sort of exten­si­on, but sin­ce it’s not with a part of their bodies, it is allowed.

    1. Denis Guba The green is the direct area around the hole on the golf cour­se. On this area, the grass is plan­ted dif­fe­rent, the pat­tern is dif­fe­rent, and play­er must employ a dif­fe­rent club – a put­ter- to roll the ball into the hole.

    1. “the green” is a a term in golf for the area direct­ly around the hole, in this case that area is colou­red red, hence the red (colou­red) green

  37. I would’ve just wal­ked over the red green. My shoes are tou­ch­ing it not me. The­se guys got no brain 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. But the rules was not that they could­n’t touch anything red, it was that they could­n’t touch the red green, which was the green around the hole, not the mat.

  38. WTH is wrong with the girl she pushed it away but she still insists on tos­sing it in ins­tead of fol­ding it to make the distance shorter

  39. That guy made a stick long enough to push it into the hole. Then pro­cee­ded to throw the pota­to and use the pole to pull the potato

  40. How are not more peop­le tal­king about Katherin’s break­down about how litt­le she cares about sport??? 😂😂 That was one of the fun­niest things l’ve seen! “I don’t care whe­re thr ball goes” had me dying xD

  41. That was fuck­ing bull­shit, the per­fect throw counts for not­hing just becau­se his front shoe touched the car­pet just a little?
    Fuck off, he should at least have got­ten points for it or something.
    Taking the vic­to­ry from someo­ne on a tech­ni­ca­li­ty, that’s the pet­tiest thing you can do in a sport.

  42. My favou­rite bit is that Doc and Jon take task­mas­ter so serious­ly that they would­n’t give up the points (SPOILER) to someo­ne who was­n’t going to win anyway

    1. That’s my least favou­rite bit! How can you take a game so serious­ly and bes­i­des, even if, if you loo­ked clo­se­ly enough I’m sure ever­yo­ne “touched” it

  43. To be honest, he used some­thing green to not touch the red. I don’t get it. I know it’s a golf term, but they should have made the green, well.. green.

  44. From Kathe­ri­ne being moved to tears about hating sports, to Jon’s gno­me-run­ning, to Joe bury­ing the pota­to, the gloa­ting, the reve­al, the despe­ra­ti­on, the vote, then to Doc’s “that is harsh”…this is the task that keeps on giving.

    1. @thomas red­dy that easi­ly can be an opti­cal illu­si­on. Red green can be hig­her on grass stalks so it can look like he is stan­ding on it 🙂 i think they have more Cams views so they would show it in final

  45. Should have brought back the red and had him retry chuck­ing the pota­to in. If he gets it in again he gets 10 points, if he mis­ses he gets – 5 but he can choo­se to not take the gam­ble and take the 0.

    1. A green is the part off a golf­cour­se clo­sest to the hole. And, usual­ly, is green. The task­mas­ter-green, howe­ver, is red. I hope this makes it clearer.

  46. “That was har­sh”— my takea­way is that peop­le who may appe­ar to be on your side are socio­paths some of the time.
    Wow. I guess he did it as a joke. But. Just wow.

  47. When he sunk it I replay­ed it twice
    Then I kept watching and he said “let’s watch that again”
    I almost skip­ped it.….……
    .….….….….….….…..you poor poor man.…. I’m so sorry.….….…..

    Am I the only per­son who would have gone sui­ci­de and just jum­ped from the edge and dove at the hole and tos­sed it in just befo­re I landed.…?

  48. Joe is the only one who abi­ded by the actu­al rules.

    Ever­yo­ne else touched the red green with SOMETHING. Joe…nothin’ but net. Er, hole.

    EDIT: wAIT

  49. Yes tho­se 2 cm might have made a dif­fe­rence, but he was­n’t awa­re of em, so he made the shot as if the cir­cle was 2cm smal­ler. Had he put his foot at the cor­rect distance, he would have cor­rec­ted his shot and the pro­ba­bi­li­ty of get­ting it in would be the same. This is an abso­lu­te dis­grace. Rules aren’t made to be fol­lo­wed to a tee. You have to app­ly the spi­rit of the law, not the word. I will be con­ta­c­ting the Fede­ra­ti­on Inter­na­tio­na­le de Lan­cé de Pata­te (FILP for short, or inter­na­tio­nal pota­to chuck­ing fede­ra­ti­on) short­ly and they will per­se­cu­te the Task­mas­ter as I, and they cer­tain­ly too, see fit. Good luck old chap, you’­re going down.

  50. This video has ever­ything! It’s got humor, emo­tio­nal break­downs, a sen­ti­men­tal moment, an impres­si­ve alth­le­tic achie­ve­ment quick­ly fol­lo­wed up with a dra­ma­tic con­tro­ver­si­al twist. A grown man is on his kne­es begging for for­gi­ve­ness at one point and then back­stab­bed by his peers! This video is perfection!

  51. So sad. I also get the fee­ling that Joe was not the only one who actual­ly had touched the cir­cle. I feel so sor­ry for him.

  52. I gas­ped in awe. I chee­red. And then they zoo­med in on the slow-mo.
    I actual­ly yelled out “No!” when I saw his foot touch the carpet.
    Until that moment I had never real­ly cared about sports. Until that moment. I think I get it now. 


  53. When she pul­led out the broom and star­ted moving the green, I thought, bril­li­ant, she is just going to roll it up out of her way and then walk right up to the hole and drop the pota­to in… But that woul­d’­ve been too easy, huh?

    1. I was expec­ting one of them to crawl under the green and place it in the hole but then rea­li­zed that by doing so, the per­son would still be tou­ch­ing the green (the underside).

  54. The ent­i­ret­ly of Joe’s attempt was obvious­ly the best thing to come out of this task, but I think clo­se second would be Alex eager­ly jum­ping up to hug Greg seconds after he hug­ged Kathe­ri­ne during her sports meltdown