Learn to pitch it clo­ser. In this online golf trai­ning Dan­ny Mau­de shows you why you may strugg­le to strike your chips and pitch shots consistently. 

He then gives you a very simp­le way of crea­ting a con­sis­tent pit­ching action which will lead to bet­ter struck pit­ches with far bet­ter distance control.

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78 thought on “HOW TO PITCH A GOLF BALL”

  1. Gre­at tip and explana­ti­on. Espe­cia­ly on how you felt and how your body didnt want to do what you want. Thats spot on! Thank You and keep up the gre­at work.

  2. Hi Dan­ny, just found your vide­os and like what I’m see­ing. This pit­ching tech­ni­que is the same moti­on that you speak about in your hit your dri­ver dead strai­ght video, so are you recom­men­ding this moti­on for all full swing shots too,. My only con­cern is that when I try to swing more ful­ly it just ends up loo­king real­ly flat and low, how do I incor­po­ra­te this moti­on into a full length swing?

    1. Gre­at ques­ti­on David. The key is to make sure your ster­num is stay­ing inli­ne with the ball and not moving away from it as you take the club away. A small sway in the back swing can cau­se the swing to flat­ten out. So too if you are moving your arms more than your body in the rotation.

      Perhaps the most com­mon howe­ver if the abo­ve is ok is if you don’t allow the wrists to hin­ge. I both this video and how to hit a dri­ver strai­ght I real­ly exa­g­ge­ra­te the lack of wrists as it real­ly hel­ps gol­fers feel more of the arm body connection…something I’ve found most ama­teurs lose almost as soon as they take it back.

      Once you have done some serious prac­ti­ce with the exa­g­ge­ra­ted half swing and begun to get the fee­ling you begin to let the wrists hin­ge and its this that gets the club on a hig­her plane.

      I hope this cla­ri­fies things a litt­le for you

  3. Love the way you exp­lain all of your les­sons which is prac­ti­cal, clear and simp­le. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly exe­cu­ting it is ano­t­her chal­len­ge. Thank you!

  4. Hel­lo Dan­ny, a feel-thing ques­ti­on. From the video it’s visi­ble how the club head is lag­ging behind the hands throw the impact zone. Is this what you feel when con­trol­ling the shot with your upper body and being less acti­ve with your hands and arm? Like a “late hit”.

  5. What do you think of the hin­ge and hold method used by Phil M? A bit dif­fe­rent from your method but I’ve found it to be qui­te suc­cess­ful from 20yds in. I like your method for may­be bey­ond 20yds. Cheers for the vids mate, good insight.

    1. Love Phil’s method alt­hough gol­fers must be awa­re that Phil uses many more methods than just the hin­ge and hold. 

      The short game requi­res so many dif­fe­rent shots it’s gre­at to have a num­ber of methods in your armoury

  6. Thanks Dan­ny,
    I was having a lot of trou­ble with my game until I came acroos your vide­os. The easy to remem­ber drills have hel­ped me to enjoy my game of golf again par­ti­cu­lar­ly strai­ght dri­ving and short chip­ping so once again thanks and keep up the gre­at tui­ti­on videos.

    1. Hi Way­ne, I think you turn them off at your end by pres­sing sub­tit­les but will defi­ni­te­ly look into this.

      Could you get back to me and tell me if this remo­ves them

  7. Easy to teach, hard to repro­du­ce, espe­cial­ly if you’­ve got years of prac­ti­ce not doing it (which I have); howe­ver, am working on chan­ging it and it alrea­dy feels like it’s impro­ving ball strike consistency.

  8. This is gre­at for pitch shots… Would you recom­mend this (con­nec­ted and rota­te) for chip shots as well, just with no wrist hin­ge? And for 50 yard pit­ches, just lon­ger swing ?

    1. Yes when I want the chip to release out when it lands. I use the one in my latest video more often howe­ver as it crea­tes more back­spin and control

    2. @Danny Mau­de thanks so much for all the details. This is solid! I was going too extre­me body then too extre­me wrist. This to me feels like the right wrist still hin­ges but its more like 70% body and 30% wrist hinge.

  9. Ano­t­her gre­at video Dan­ny. You descri­bed exact­ly what I am doing wrong on a regu­lar basis. Your tip makes per­fect sen­se and I’m going to app­ly to my game this Spring.

  10. Hi Dan­ny, my pit­ching is what’s kil­ling my game.. to the point whe­re I’ve snap­ped a wedge over my knee! I’ve tried ever­ything, so I’ll give this a whirl and see how I go. Cheers

  11. Tried this. Arms con­nec­ted to tor­so lead to deaden­ed shots. No rockets. Loved this for both chip­ping and pit­ches around green.

  12. Hi Dan­ny. In which direc­tion you take it back? I assu­me, loo­king from the moti­on, direct­ly back? So it’s simi­lar back­swing direc­tion­wi­se than a more hand­sy pitch would be, right? Thanks.

    1. Dan­ny Mau­de thanks Dan­ny , nice if you to reply. When I play tho­se boun­ce shots they work nice­ly but very limi­ted distance anything Over 30 yards and I’m half shot­ting a pw ball first ! I’ll keep at it 👍👍

  13. Dan­ny this was very eye ope­ning for me in par­ti­cu­lar Bec­ca I’ve been bla­ding my chip shots from around the greens regard­less of the distance.i tried this tech­ni­que and was ama­zed at how good this was for me to use to stop hit­ting the ball across the green on all of my chips and pit­ches now at least I’ve got so much bet­ter at get­ting the ball clo­se to the cup on I’d say more then half of my attempts.thank you for your very infor­ma­ti­ve videos.

  14. I love you being wil­ling to share the things you are working on per­so­nal­ly. I am a psy­cho­lo­gy pro­fes­sor and the best pie­ce of advice my men­tor gave me was to ‘always let your stu­dents par­ti­ci­pa­te in your own evo­lu­ti­on as much as pos­si­ble.’ This is what you are doing. It just rein­for­ces to me you are the best online golf tea­cher out there.

  15. Thanks Dan­ny. I have used my arms in pit­ching rather than rota­ting my body. Was incon­sis­tent in pit­ching and losing too many strokes by not get­ting the ball clo­ser to the pin. Love your tips which have me to lower my handicap.

  16. Hi Dan­ny, I’ve just dis­co­ve­r­ed this video four years late. Gre­at idea. I am going to try it out as I need more con­sis­ten­cy with my pit­ching. With this tech­ni­que are you still aiming to brui­se the ground under the ball using the boun­ce of the club like you descri­be in other short game lessons?

  17. Hi Dan­ny, when pit­ching from about 75 yards and a nar­rower stance do you still need to start the downswing from the ground up like you would with a lon­ger shot? Thanks

  18. Well done. You always keep the les­son simp­le, and you repeat your inst­ruc­tions for empha­sis. I also noti­ced that you pro­vi­de a con­cise syn­op­sis at the end of each les­son. You are the best inst­ruc­tor I’ve ever had, and I’ve spent qui­te a bit of time on both online and in-per­son les­sons. Many thanks.

  19. Hi Dan­ny, gre­at video. I belie­ve this moti­on gives very con­sis­tent ball con­ta­ct. Thank you for sharing. I had very simi­lar moti­on in the past but then over­ti­me I lost it. Do you hit down or more sweeping moti­on? Do you use the boun­ce of your wedge? Do you slight­ly press your bicep and chest?…I think the key is rota­te with your chest as well and not stop at impact. Sor­ry for some ques­ti­ons but would be hap­py to know. Thanks.

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