Ich bin immer noch der beste Minigolfspieler aller Zeiten (Golf It Funny Moments)

Ich bin immer noch der beste Minigolfspieler aller Zeiten Golf It Funny Moments Funny Moments

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943 thought on “Ich bin immer noch der beste Minigolfspieler aller Zeiten (Golf It Funny Moments)”

    1. @AxxL your vide­os are abso­lute­ly ter­ri­ble, but that’s the beau­ty of it is you have the free­dom to crea­te no mat­ter my opi­ni­on! Keep doing you my dude🙏🙏🙏

    1. @Green no, tear­down is qui­te trash tbh. whats more smii7y is way fun­ny­er when hes with friends, just like all of his friends are way fun­nier when they are together

    1. I sow­wy some peop­le awe awwo­gant and can’t appre­cia­te the cwea­ti­vi­ty you have by stay­ing in cha­wac­ter with your pro­fi­le pic and name… but I wuv it!!!! (If you judge some­bo­dy for doing some­thing they genui­nely enjoy, then I feel sor­ry for you and your friends… you must suck to be around.… I’d rather be jud­ged for doing some­thing I enjoy and makes me hap­py then look like an arro­gant jack­ass tel­ling peop­le how to act or shut up… who are you to tell them to stop doing what makes them happy?…)

  1. When you are get­ting your win­screen for your car repai­red and have to wait, open you­tube and new Smit­ty video is 1 minu­te ago! I know whats gon­na keep me from bore­dom! <3

  2. The­se are my favo­ri­te vide­os of yours. I get so hap­py when I see the­se and I click as fast as I can. Also a side note, I can burp on com­mand, so accord­ing to John, I am powerful.

  3. I can burp on com­mand. It’s awe­so­me. I basi­cal­ly just swal­low air, let it all com­bi­ne into one “bul­let” and let that fker go!

  4. Ima­gi­ne that if you got a hair­cut your hair had like veins in it and then you would be like blee­ding whenever you get hair­cut isn’t that wild post most com­ment oh I have to press the litt­le tri­ang­le thing

  5. Hi smit­ty its my bir­th­day and I just want to say you’­re one of my favo­ri­te You­tubers I’ve been watching you from like 2017 love you

    1. @Enju Nes­to­ris Lapidemsibilus
      “I’m a girl, for context
      I watch a lot of ani­me. I have freinds who are… into lewd things XD”

      Ever­ything about this com­ment just screams over­weight 40 year old man.

    1. @_RealUnderscore_ My point is that its a bit over the top to say every chan­nel is cen­te­red around gaming and come­dy, you get way you’­re loo­king for, rather its skits coo­king, sci­ence, math, you know ever­ything, Buil­ding robots, making art, pro­gramming, it isn’t all based around gaming.

    2. @Elijah Dilullo When did I ever say all chan­nels are based around gaming?? You good? “Aren’t most chan­nels cen­te­red around gaming and come­dy like that?” You want me to dum­bi­fy it for you…?

      “Aren’t edi­t­ing in *chan­nels that are cen­te­red around gaming* most­ly like SMii7Y’s?”

      That dumb enough for you to comprehend?

      I even exp­lai­ned my point and you still could­n’t under­stand… are you well?

    3. @_RealUnderscore_ You said “arnt most chan­nels cen­te­red around gaming and come­dy like that” which isn’t spe­ci­fy­ing what kind of channel

  6. Smii7y has nega­ti­ve con­no­ta­ti­ons about the US in just about every video and asks peop­le to sub­scri­be. I’m sure your ana­ly­tics are great.

    1. @alexa rami­rez it won’t be gra­ded for a few days. I’m expec­ting a b. Also wow sin­ce when was the smii7y com­mu­ni­ty so cool?

  7. wait. I can burp on com­mand. I shall begin ascen­ding to power star­ting with this com­ment sec­tion. Not even like small ones I can do ones that sound like ive been saving in gas for years.

  8. Every Smit­ty video with John in it pro­du­ces a smit­ty John thumb­nail, and every Kryoz video with Smit­ty pro­du­ces a Smit­ty Kryoz thumbnail

    1. That shit made me laugh cal­led it and pan­da is like bet the emo­tio­nal tur­moil he went through when the pre­dic­tion came true xD

  9. I am wai­t­ing for the video whe­re he says “that’s it” wit­hin the first 2 minu­tes and then actual­ly ends it the­re. with just outro for the last 10 minutes

  10. Smit­ty.…. I DARE you to play Groun­ded with John. It would be a good stream game, and a good co op seri­es. It’s also 4 play­er so, more peeps

  11. John breat­hing quickly/begging to get in the hole sounds too simi­lar to my gf pani­cking and i con­stant­ly had to keep pausing the video to check. Eerie.

  12. How come Pan­da sounds like he’s tal­king into a pho­ne and then his voice is com­ing out through the other pho­ne into a mic?

  13. For me it’s the worst video of Golf It on this chan­nel. I had a break with watching your vide­os Smii7y but i come­back becau­se i miss your sen­se of humor but vide­os of “Golf It” at the begin­ning was some­thing new, cra­zy and fun­ny stuff. Things like kno­cking each other out, unbe­liev­a­ble shots etc. are fun­ny but in this video it’s too much to me. I know that this isn’t “game­play” how you play Golf it right but some­ti­mes a litt­le bit of serious game­play add a varie­ty to video. Here is an idea – make one game with reward for the first place and all of you try play for serious without col­li­si­on but keep tal­king cra­zy shit or dad jokes or be yourself becau­se it’s obvious to me that some of your plays are for­ced just for public or fun­ny content.

  14. Smii7ty left golf it after a long and rough go of it, then retur­ned seconds later to pro­ceed to show his abso­lu­te god like powers over the game again. What an ama­zing comeback!

  15. god the­se vide­os used to be so good when you guys actual­ly com­pe­ted.. now they­re boring becau­se all you are is despe­ra­te for con­tent in this game

  16. The­se maps are pro­bab­ly old…but can creators start put­ting tho­se blue nets in the holes so that boun­cing into it still counts

  17. I love how when he restarts things he does the “this is the first time doing …” bit even though ever­yo­ne knows he’s put­ting it in the video lmao one of my favo­ri­te bits no cap

  18. I wat­ched you’­re Golf IT! Vide­os the who­le week and honest­ly I rewat­ched them all at this point.
    AND THEN you drop this.… BIG POG

  19. Pan­das mic sounds like he’s hol­ding his nose… SOUNDS LIKE THE “hi my names Chel­sea what’s your favou­rite din­ner food” VINE OMG

  20. Smit­ty can pull off some cri­mi­nal­ly sick clut­ches and sni­pe shots, but the men strug­gles with put­ting a ball in a big hole

  21. 0:20 I can in fact burp on com­mand. I do it by suck­ing in air and then swal­lowing it and then when I let it out it crea­tes a power­ful burp.

  22. Wait yall cant burp on my com­mand???? Ive been doing that sin­ce I was a kid. Dont all 80s and 90s kids able to do it🤣🤣🤣

  23. 0:10 I can burp on com­mand ha out­s­mar­ted by me I can do that by con­cen­tra­ting my air and making it so boi­led up to a point whe­re it sounds like a burp haha I have foo­led you SMii7Y

  24. SMii7Y run up the second map I’m not joking release the next one 😈😈😈😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. The power of a big hole is gra­vi­ta­ting me into its big slop­py wet hole. I’m try­ing to fight it but I don’t know how long I’m going to last. if you see this mes­sa­ge it means I’ve been con­su­med by the hole

  26. SMii7Y, pls NEVER stop making the­se vide­os or any video, you are my favo­ri­te You­Tuber and pls never stop your gre­at work btw your vide­os are hil­arious and so funny.

  27. I taught mys­elf selec­ti­ve hea­ring becau­se of you. I should be doing my school work but no I rather watch you hit a ball into a hole, but fail to do that bc you want to be pog­gers bro, so Uhhh thank you for hel­ping me fail 🙂 you make my depres­so seem less stresso

  28. Smii7y: “you know what, i think imma take this hole in front of antony’s”
    Me: “this clip will be in the pre­dic­tion complilation”