Ich habe diesen ICONIC GOLF CLUB von CASH CONVERTERS gekauft!!

Ich habe diesen ICONIC GOLF CLUB von CASH CONVERTERS gekauft golf

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60 thought on “Ich habe diesen ICONIC GOLF CLUB von CASH CONVERTERS gekauft!!”

  1. If you get the Nike, make sure you get eat pro­tec­tion too. I had that club. The ting off the face is the lou­dest I’ve ever hear and if I was hit­ting it with a bunch of trees around me, it would actual­ly hurt my ears.

  2. you need to retro-review an old ori­gi­nal Cal­la­way s2h2 3wood or 4wood man… with the old hea­vy RCH stiff shafts, tho­se are still rocket laun­chers if you but­ton it…

  3. Love your reviews Alex, but I still play the Cobra Dri­ver and Woods…Will till I can get it to 300 yards.…I know it will go that far, Some How…Thanks.…

  4. Welll PXG has released their gen 5 clubs! Wan­na see you try them all! The irons woods and dri­ver! I’m due for a new golf bag

  5. I love the Retro. Gre­at stuff. 90.00 and sold new for about 299.00. It has held its value. So now I can tell my wife that paying 550.00 for the Ste­alth Dri­ver is an INVESTMENT!!!! This could work.😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤥🤥🤥🤥

  6. You should retro review on the Adams Speed­li­ne fair­way. So good that Tay­lorMa­de sto­le the idea and when Adams tried to sue them, Tay­lorMa­de bought Adams and kil­led the brand

  7. Love it, retro reviews are so much fun!! Love the thrift store idea too, picked up 2 irons for 10 bucks, old Mizu­no MRX but they still move the ball when you hit it. And sin­ce I’ve never real­ly gol­fed much I don’t know what kind of for­gi­ve­ness I’m mis­sing out on! LOL

  8. Dude! That’s awe­so­me that you are get­ting sponsored/partnered vide­os! You deser­ve it big guy. Hope the chan­nel starts to boom here soon. Defi­ni­te­ly deser­ves it

  9. I had an R9 amd upgraded to the 11s and the R9 was way bet­ter but not as good as the R7 I had befo­re the R9. The R7 was the best model of the R seri­es for fair­ways and the R7 Super­quad was one of the best dri­vers that deca­de. I miss that Driver

  10. I like a shal­low head on a wood, even a dri­ver. I wish I would have bought the ori­gi­nal Sim Dri­ver, the face loo­ked shal­low on it!

  11. its bad enough that you­tube throws adds at you and now you do great
    and i do under stand the rea­sons but the­re is no point having add free youtube
    but still love your work dude keep up the vids

  12. Haha, love the “Jack” refe­rence 😆 – Kin­da remin­ded me of “Tin Cup” refu­sing to give up and hit­ting the water every time…

  13. IMHO the best clubs to retro review would be Tit­leist dci 962b irons. The David Duvall irons. I got them in high school 20 years ago, and I’ve never been able to move away.

  14. Thrift clubs are an excel­lent seg­way if you loo­king to start play­ing golf.. Most­ly sui­ted to high han­di­cap­pers with cavi­ty backs.
    but they do get a few top teir sets.
    Tbh i picked up my tay­lorma­de r7 draw from a cashies

  15. Wow this does not feel like 13 years ago. I had an R7 Super­quad (my favo­ri­te dri­ver I’ve ever owned) and repla­ced it with the R1 (the least favo­ri­te dri­ver I’ve ever owned) and this all felt like yesterday

  16. This is still my gaming woods to this day.…and it help me with a alba­tros on a par 5…so…yeh best woods by far if I can say so my self!!

  17. Love this chan­nel but swit­ched off immedia­te­ly when you tur­ned into an adver­ti­sing chan­nel, sor­ry AL but that’s not retro or cool

  18. 😂 Lol i love your waff­le, Jack’s going to have to let go now hes just been hit on the head with a Pin­na­cle. Your head is in some 3rd dimen­si­on 😅😂😅 keep it up too funny. 😄😄

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