Will­kom­men zu mei­nem ers­ten Pre‑Q für das Montags‑Q, bei dem ich ver­su­che, in das Byron Nel­son Tour-Event ein­zu­stei­gen. Das war eine tol­le Erfah­rung und ich freue mich dar­auf, sie mit Ihnen zu tei­len. ABONNIEREN um kei­ne span­nen­den und neu­en Inhal­te zu ver­pas­sen! Mein Lehr­kurs: http://​micah​-mor​ris​-golf​.tea​ch​a​ble​.com/​p​/​h​o​w​-​d​i​d​-​y​o​u​-​g​e​t​-​b​e​t​ter Gut Gut you­tube: https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​c​h​a​n​n​e​l​/​U​C​f​i​-​m​P​M​O​m​c​h​e​6​W​I​-​j​k​v​n​GXw Mein Edi­tor: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​t​r​a​a​c​c​c​ee/ Mein Insta­gram: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​m​i​c​a​h​t​m​o​r​r​is/

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  1. You are the man. Btw I will buy the sim 2 of yours just to say I have a club when you go big haha­ha but no for real.

  2. I just wan­ted to say congra­tu­la­ti­ons tig you hel­ped me a lot with my jr care­er so far I just qua­li­fied for my first jr event on June 6th I’m so exci­ted to see your jour­ney thank you so much

  3. Hey Tig. I say this out of love. Don’t get in the habit of raking short putts in. Every shot counts. It’s your care­er. Be pur­po­se­ful. You don’t want the pain of an adver­se, thought­less “swi­pe.” Re: hole 1

  4. wish you wouldnt spoil what hap­pens in the tit­le for the­se… real­ly like see­ing how but the big thing is “if” you made it is what most peop­le wan­na see maybe

    1. I think he was using cobra irons;he has the cobra bag in this vid. But he was still using the sim2 dri­ver. Im gues­sing he is more com­fort­ab­ke with the sim2 for now in tour­na­ment play.

    1. @Mike Davis this is a PRE qua­li­fier. I belie­ve it was top 15 goes through. And he was tied with others i think. The actu­al qua­li­fier is mon­day. He needs to finish top 4 this mon­day. Then he plays at the byron nel­son event

  5. To hit the first dri­ve of the day into the trees and bogey 3 and 4 back to back my day would’ve fal­len apart the­re, your men­ta­li­ty is some­thing i wish i could app­ly to my game. congrats Tig

    1. Having play­ed with some plus han­di­cap­pers, it’s fair to say that they don’t hit many shots bet­ter than I do (recent­ly ent­e­red sin­gle figu­res) but they play them ALL THE TIME. Being able to focus for a who­le round, regard­less of the last hole’s score is what sets them apart.

  6. God bless tou micah and what you do. My son loves you hes 15 i play­ed in col­le­ge hes got game loves watching you. God bless you and your wife keep the dream ali­ve my friend

  7. The ol’ snatching vic­to­ry from defeat! Man Tig,you’ve got the length and accu­ra­cy to CRUSH IT! Just win the men­tal batt­le & the cour­ses will bow at your feet! 🏌️‍♂️🏌️‍♂️🇺🇸🦅

  8. The pro­gress that you’­ve shown over the chan­nel is abso­lute­ly insa­ne. I don’t want to ‘old man’ you, but one day you’­re going to be able to look back on the­se vide­os and be so incredi­b­ly proud and hap­py of wha­te­ver you’­ve accomplished.

    Today ain’t that day, though. CONGRATULATIONS on this ama­zing achie­ve­ment, but the job ain’t over yet! Obvious­ly don’t set cra­zy high expec­ta­ti­ons that can mess with all our minds, but live and play with the CONFIDENCE that you CAN achie­ve wha­te­ver shot, score, pla­ce­ment you’­re shoo­ting for and have the EAGERNESS that you WILL do it. 

    Be con­fi­dent. Be eager, not despe­ra­te. Build that com­pe­ti­ti­ve fire wit­hin you, THAT is what makes the gre­at ones gre­at. If we lose, it will hurt. That’s alright, we want that pain. We want to go through tho­se pains and be callu­sed by them.

    You’­re going to do gre­at Tig.

  9. Love watching this. Hole 7 was poor cad­dy­ing to let you switch club he should of been the­re to calm you down and reas­su­re you that 7 was the right choice espe­cial­ly if the­re was a hazard long. Alt­hough Im unsu­re of the exact rela­ti­ons­hip bet­ween you are you cad­dy may­be he has less influ­ence on your shots than most and in which case I take it back. Any­way you got through which is all that matters 🙂

  10. Pret­ty cool get­ting to watch the pro­cess. Always won­de­red how peop­le even get to the tour . GOOD LUCK and GOD BLESS!!

  11. Congra­tu­la­ti­ons Micah!!! Roo­ting and Pray­ing for you! Love You and All the Good Good Boys! So Hap­py I found you and all your chan­nels… you tru­ly made my day! God Bless you my friend!

  12. Gre­at Job Micah you having the came­ra in your face will help u so much when u get into one of the­se PGA events . yes you Will get into one of the­se big PGA events. last thing u have Aus­tin the­re for a rea­son. Be con­fi­dent in what shot u guys talk about preshot and once u get up over the ball if u have thoughts enter your mind u don’t like back off reset and hit the shot u guys tal­ked about don’t chan­ge clubs and hit a non thought out shot. You guys make a gre­at team. it’s awe­so­me how into it Aus­tin is that’s the way I was when I cad­di­ed I loved the inter­ac­tion with mys­elf and my play­ers. Gre­at job Micah.

  13. Way to go Bro­ther! The reco­very on the back is the dif­fe­rence bet­ween a club champ and A Pro! It’s been a blast to watch you get here in your golf care­er. Much love Micah!

    1. Gar­rett would be des­troy­ing the­se tour­na­ments. A lot of wed­ges whe­re he always sticks it. Tig hits greens but his pro­xi­mi­ty to the hole isn’t great

  14. Loving being able to come along for this ride with you Tig! Congrats on making it to the Qua­li­fier bro­ther! Best of luck!!

  15. Congra­tu­la­ti­ons on making it through the first round of qua­li­fiers, hope­ful­ly you’ll be a bit more rela­xed next round.

    Kin­da reminds me of Pur­sell Farms when you were ner­vous being on came­ra, you’­ve mana­ged to take that in your stri­de so I’m sure you’ll be unpha­sed with the being filmed during com­pe­ti­ti­ve matches in no time.

    All the best for the future 👍

  16. love your cad­dies ener­gy, can tell he knows you, can tell yall have a good rela­ti­ons­hip. got­ta be a bad ass fee­ling making it through and loo­king over at your guy who is with you the who­le round being a friend. dont think if you had like a golf “coach/caddie” with you that it would be as special.

  17. Let’s frea­kin go Tig. What a cra­zy jour­ney and can’t wait to see what you accom­plish in the near future. Congratulations

  18. This is an awe­so­me expe­ri­ence as a view­er, to see your jour­ney in real time. Thank you for what you guys do, whe­ther that be good good or your own channels

  19. Tig, you’re men­ta­li­ty towards golf and your body lan­guage has got­ten so much bet­ter. The old tig would have held on to tho­se bogies on 3 and 4 and let it affect the next few holes. The new tig is like screw it I’m just gon­na bir­die the next 2

  20. I was having a ruff morning befo­re watching this, sat down with cof­fee in my hand and now that i know you made it though my day has com­ple­te­ly chan­ged!!! feel like im on top of the world and im not even the one that made it in lol So hap­py for you and your team!

  21. Atta­boy TIG! We all know you can do it. Some of tho­se lies though… man you put yourself through a serious obsta­cle cour­se. But I bet the next rounds will be smooth like but­ter! Let’s go!

  22. I love how someone’s just rever­sing their cart through his who­le back­swing on the first tee. I’d be crap­ping me pants

  23. Can someo­ne tell me is this a qua­li­fier for like an actu­al pga tour event. Like not Korn fer­ry tour. He could actual­ly be play­ing against Rory and jt and tho­se guys if he does qualify?

    1. Yea its an actu­al qua­li­fier for a pga event. The byron nel­son held next week. Goog­le pga mon­day qua­li­fiers to know what it is. Basiy if tig finis­hes top4 he gets to play the event. Thats why we are all amped and hoping he gets it.

  24. I thought the PGA Tour owns the rights to any foo­ta­ge shot at qua­li­fiers. I hope someo­ne che­cked with them. It would be a shame to have to take all of this stuff down.

  25. First dri­ve into the trees would have made most play­ers kne­es buck­le. Keep up the awe­so­me work Micah. You’re going places!

  26. That’s awe­so­me bro­ther you’re gon­na do gre­at things in this sport I’m hap­py to be able to fol­low along

  27. The men­tal forti­tu­de it takes to hit a bad shot on your first swing of the day & still per­se­ve­re. “TTP”
    Now… LET’S GOOOOOO!!

  28. Can tell you are struggling to con­tain all that exci­te­ment. Very well deser­ved, I can­not belie­ve it, but at the same time I can, you’re an excel­lent gol­fer. Best of luck Monday!

  29. Tre­men­dous accom­plish­ment. This stuff is real­ly hard – just keep grin­ding and stay posi­ti­ve. The men­tal game pro­ved it’s worth after your slow start – don’t for­get that.

  30. Congrats! It also still loo­ks like you’re using the sim dri­ver? When do the cobra clubs come in or am I mistaken?

  31. May­be in retro­spect you guys should have deci­ded to go with the 2‑iron off the 10th tee, ins­tead of try­ing to hit a fade with the dri­ver that mes­sed with your thin­king a litt­le. But you boun­ced back, which is clutch.

  32. Congra­tu­la­ti­on to Tig & Aus­tin as well as the sup­port you guys got. One litt­le step at a time. Hope to see you guys in a tour event soon.

  33. Pre-qua­li­fiers are sim­ply to give the guys on the out­side loo­king in a shot. I think it is way bet­tee than Korn Fer­ry. Con­di­ti­ons matter.

  34. Way to stay mental­ly tough and pul­led out that eagle! Congra­tu­la­ti­on on making it through the pre‑q and wish all the best on Monday!

  35. Congrats. Go get it. Obvious­ly not your nor­mal type of video but you see­med real­ly level hea­ded throughout. Even after star­ting into a tree!

  36. Congrats Micah!! You got this man. See­ing your raw emo­ti­on and all the work you put in day in and day out is what makes ever­yo­ne who wat­ches you and Good­Good keep com­ing back. Real peop­le. Real talent. Now go kick some ass!

  37. Good Luck Play hard and get that top 4 Mon­day, tar­get score is 65👍👍👍👍👍👍⛳⛳🏌️‍♂️🏌️‍♂️

  38. Good job boys. Now go out the­re and crush that qua­li­fier! I’ve said it befo­re and I’ll say it again. You defi­ni­te­ly have what it takes to play with the big boys.

  39. Congrats Micah!!! Enjoy see­ing all your hard work lea­ding to suc­cess.. inspi­ra­tio­nal to so many gol­fers and gre­at to watch your jour­ney towards your goals and dreams… con­ti­nued suc­cess young man and go get em!!!
    Will be watching and pul­ling for ya all the way

  40. Assi­stant to the Gene­ral Mana­ger Event…JUST KIDDING!!! Gre­at Job Tig…I feel like a proud Papa! Watching you GG Kids play the­se last few years has been a blast!

  41. STUMPS RULE! loo­oo­ve the who­le squad, but you are kil­ling it sir. I actual­ly star­ted out being twigs lol but Matt is the frig­gin man, bub­bie has got­ten sooo much bet­ter and you my friend are a STUD. Give em hell at the qua­li­fier and make the firld!

  42. The PGA doesn’t rea­li­ze what you and the rest of good good are doing for the game. Hope one of the top level execs gives you a spon­sor exemp­ti­on for a tour­na­ment soon. You’re so clo­se, may­be a sports psy­cho­lo­gist or a pro level swing coach is next.

  43. 👍🎸💖🌞💥👏🙋🌄☄️🎆🎊
    now that I’ve celebrated…
    time to get back into the zone ’nice-n-easy’…
    take it nice and easy (over the next 8 days), the­re’ll be ple­nty time for dan­cing when the game is done…
    good show 👍 ⛳

  44. Congra­tu­la­ti­ons to both of you and your fami­ly Micah. Best of luck. Stay hum­ble. Stay disci­pli­ned. Keep working hard! Thank you for sharing.

  45. YESSS!!! I KNEW you could do it!! You’ve got this Micah. LETS GO!! Also, does Aus­tin remind anyo­ne else of Brad­ley Coo­per?! BTW I love Austin’s ener­gy. He’s calm cool and collec­ted! 🏁☄️🏌🏼‍♂️

  46. Micah, thank you so much for brin­ging us along on this jour­ney. I hope you know how much we appre­cia­te it. This is the stuff most peop­le don’t ever get to see. The grind that it takes to make an event. Plea­se keep it com­ing, and we will keep sup­por­ting. Cheers my guy!

  47. Was never a Micah fan in good good but can honest­ly say that watching you pur­sue the tour and fight in the qua­li­fiers has com­ple­te­ly chan­ged my per­cep­ti­on of you. I went from roo­ting against you to roo­ting for you. Wish not­hing more than for your suc­cess now, keep it up champ

  48. You play some real­ly good golf in a tour­na­ment situa­ti­on, so much bet­ter than against your bud­dies whe­re you have moments of bril­li­an­ce and then total lap­ses. Impres­si­ve bun­ker shot the­re on that par 3. Keep it up, you have ple­nty of talent to pur­sue this.

  49. 95% of gol­fers after that first tee shot would not have had a chan­ce to keep their head tog­e­ther for the rest of the round. That took some men­tal forti­tu­de the­re to keep things tog­e­ther, good job.

  50. when you qua­li­fy, which ran­king pro­fes­sio­nal, are hoping to tee up with? I hope you make it into the serious “money bra­ckets” of the Byron Nelson.

  51. I have always said it and always belie­ve that put­ting is the big­gest thing that sepa­ra­tes the good gol­fers from the gre­at gol­fers! Love to see the good gol­fer beco­me a gre­at golfer.

  52. That’s frea­king ama­zing Tig, congra­tu­la­ti­ons! Good luck in the Mon­day qua­li­fier. Byron Nel­son, let’s go!

  53. Congra­tu­la­ti­ons bro­ther!!!! Hap­py for you man you deser­ve it !! Your my favo­ri­te out of all of good good

  54. Way to keep it tog­e­ther and make a score after back to back bogeys and a dou­ble dude! That’s what it takes to make it and you’­re showing that you’­ve got it. Exci­ted to see what you do when things go your way for a full round, keep it going man!

  55. Fricking yes!! G’wan Tig you legend. Mon­day qua­li­fier, anything can hap­pen my guy. Ima­gi­ne you pull out your og good­good mas­ters round, imagine!
    You do it bro­ther, much love luck on you way

  56. Ama­zing! Been watching you and the good good lads for a while. Would love to watch you com­pe­te!! ❤️ well done and good luck moving forward.

  57. Gre­at stuff Tig. Real­ly enjoy­ing watching this journey. 

    I think it’s safe to say that when they make the movie about your rise to PGA star­dom that Brad­ley Coo­per will play Aus­tin, pret­ty decent resem­blan­ce there.

  58. Awe­so­me job!
    So just 1 more event to get into the actu­al Byron tour­na­ment, is that how it works? How many qual from the next event?

  59. Gre­at job Micah! Defi­ni­te­ly roo­ting for you on Mon­day 🙂 can’t wait to see this jour­ney! Still wan­ting to add that 2 iron to my bag!

  60. Love it bro!! Way to stay in it the ent­i­re round, and if you let loo­se on Mon­day we will see you play­ing on Thurs­day! Go get it! Focus!! And score low!! 👏!!!

  61. Well done! It loo­ks like you have your Cobra bag but are still play­ing the clubs Stri­pe Show fit and built for you. If so, Stri­pe Show had a good day. He had 4 play­ers in the pre-qua­li­fier and ALL 4 got through to the Mon­day qua­li­fier; 1) Richards ‑1; 2) Sum­my E; 3) Ander­son E and 4) Micah E. Good luck Monday!

  62. Fun­ny I remem­ber back when Tig first star­ted serious­ly pur­suing going pro the­re was this guy J Wild or some­thing like that who was con­sist­ent­ly in the com­ment sec­tion say­ing how Tig will never make it and bashing in anyo­ne who belie­ved he could do it.. but I haven’t seen that dude in the comments for qui­te some time now 🤔

  63. Well done, Micah. Keep belie­ving in yourself. You have a gre­at swing. Just need to dial in tho­se easier shots, as get­ting tho­se clo­se to the pin is the key to making sub par rounds. Congrats too on that hole in one I saw you make with the good good crew!

  64. First off, congra­tu­la­ti­ons! Now we know why Phil com­p­lains about media rights. It’s ridi­cu­lous they won’t let you post that

  65. I’m so dang exci­ted and hap­py for you Tig! Been watching sin­ce day 1 when gar­ret star­ted the KC con­tent and trick shots.. and it’s ama­zing to see whe­re golf has taken the who­le good good fami­ly. It’s awe­so­me stuff bro­ther ⛳🏌‍♂️

  66. Roo­ting for you every step of the way my man. It’s been awe­so­me kee­ping up with your jour­ney with Good Good and the other events you’ve play­ed. Wish not­hing but suc­cess for you in the future Tig!

  67. So hap­py for you Tig! Watching you pro­gress on this jour­ney has been inspi­ring for us wee­kend war­ri­ors. Wish you all the best my friend 🤙

  68. Love to see that the hard work and humi­li­ty is rea­ping its rewards. You’re my favo­ri­te You­Tuber pro­bab­ly just as much for the way you car­ry yourself along with the cra­zy good game and fun con­tent. Keep it up, Tig.

  69. No one’s doub­ting you Tig !!!
    We all know you can do it. So many peop­le sup­por­ting and roo­ting for you 💪
    Good luck Monday

  70. Aus­tin look clean with the GG merch. You can tell he has Tigg’s atten­ti­on throughout the round. The power of posi­ti­ve vibes.

  71. This is my first ever com­ment on You­Tube. First­ly a mas­si­ve congra­tu­la­ti­ons on your con­ti­nued suc­cess. You have been what has made me pick up my clubs after 15 years off. I watch all your litt­le tips and play­ed first round club champs to be equal lea­der with a par round. Keep doing you Tig, I will hope to see you on my TV play­ing the pga. Keep up the good work brother

  72. LFG Tig!!!!! The past 12 mon­ths sin­ce you said you’­re tur­ning pro has been such a jour­ney. Always pur­sue your dreams.

  73. What a fight­back from +2 twice! This was a round of ‘if only’, could have been a 69 or 70 rea­listi­cal­ly. The men­tal game is com­ing along, which is what Tigs weak­ness was, but not anymore.

  74. I got­ta say after the back to back bir­dies I’m say­ing to mys­elf that’s huge for the pro­gram. Then just a rol­ler coas­ter of a round but so pum­ped for you, I feel like I’m on this jour­ney with you.

  75. 3 holes left to play, +2, second shot behind a tree, you punch it out, hope is almost total­ly gone i guess but Aus­tin has his arm up and yells that’s it come on! That guy is the per­fect wingman.

  76. Congrats my man!!! You not only deser­ve this, u own this man!! Real­ly frea­kin proud of your work and com­mit­ment!!! Stay strong man, keep it up!!!

  77. Man if tig makes a pga event… he is gon­na have a pret­ty good sized fol­lowing… #good­good… let’s go baby!!!

  78. I am proud of you Tig. I’m always pul­ling for you. Watching your approach to golf and life dri­ves me to be a bet­ter person.

  79. It’s is a big deal. You said it per­fect­ly. That dri­ve on 17 was incredi­ble. You gave it 110%. Your who­le body came off the ground at impact. After com­ing off that eagle to stand over that dri­ve on 18 and smoot­hing it 90% (I’d guess) with all that adre­na­li­ne flowing show­ed true con­trol over your game. Congra­tu­la­ti­ons and best of luck on the qua­li­fier. We’­re all roo­ting for ya. Fair­ways and Greens to the team. 💯👍

  80. Congrats Tig! You guys defi­ni­te­ly make a gre­at team! Love hea­ring you guys talk about what you’re gon­na do on each shot! Catch wait to see more of the­se! Good luck on the Mon­day Qualifier!

  81. So easy to rou­te for you, Micah. Deligh­ted for you. Your cad­dy seems like a real Steady Eddie on the bag to keep the highs and lows into per­spec­ti­ve. Best of luck in your Mon­day qua­li­fier – sen­ding good vibes from Boston!

  82. Watching GM Golf and Good Good Golf with Tig for years. Gre­at achie­ve­ment, bud­dy. Like see­ing an old friend make his dreams come true. You CAN and you WILL be in the Bigs.

  83. Congrats tig, as a com­ple­te stran­ger to you I’m still real­ly hap­py to see you make it through and see­ing you pro­gress your game from the old gm golf days to now is incredi­ble to see! Shoot well on the Monday

  84. Whoa! Hole 17 ..I could tell you real­ly wan­ted that putt. You play­ed that who­le per­fect­ly. Congrats.. You’­ve got a real good game.. keep it up..!

  85. Sug­ges­ti­on man… name your video neu­tral and let peop­le watch to see if you qua­li­fied. Just like watching any spor­ting event. I didn’t even watch becau­se of I knew the result.

  86. Keep working that push draw with grant. Love the fade as the go to with the dri­ver. But having con­fi­dence in the draw when you do need it will real­ly help your game

  87. Micah, been a blast watching how far you have come the last cou­p­le of years. It’s all men­tal from here. Let’s go!

  88. That’s one hell of a rol­ler coas­ter score­card! When you can go in to the 16th hole at +2 knowing you need to make some­thing hap­pen and you do, that must fill you with con­fi­dence. A very good sign of a qua­li­ty men­tal game. Will be fol­lowing with inte­rest, well done to this point 👍