Ich hasse meine Familie | Verrückte lustige Familienmomente | AusfallArmee

Ich hasse meine Familie Verrueckte lustige Familienmomente AusfallArmee 2020

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616 thought on “Ich hasse meine Familie | Verrückte lustige Familienmomente | AusfallArmee”

    1. @Frost You do not see a lot of peop­le taking respon­si­bi­li­ty for making the world a shit­tier place – so I got­ta com­mend you for that.

  1. I respect ever­yo­ne who were invol­ved in this Serious­ly the best pie­ce that i ve ever seen on You­Tube 💌 Hate off to well all 💟 love your videos

  2. If you ask me anything that invol­ves modi­fy­ing someone’s body without per­mis­si­on isn’t a fun­ny prank like the whip­ped cream slap is harm­less but shaving the guy’s hair while he’s slee­ping nah.
    8:25 ah yes per­fect way to shed the bla­me off yourself any­ti­me you’re being cru­el serious­ly I hate when peop­le say stuff like that

  3. Most of the­se are very poor tas­te. Or lack it at all. Remem­ber to not take gar­ba­ge from fami­ly if you don’t like them. They aren’t worth it in tho­se situations

  4. Few obser­va­tions:

    1) How Deji’s mum allo­wed him to live after that I don’t know….

    2) The Japa­ne­se Dad is a legend I hope that is true

    3) The mum with bowl 🥣 of cere­al in the air same as point 1 hope the child got his just punishment

    4) The guy screa­ming at the Tat­too par­lour how he has a GF with him is bey­ond me unless of cour­se it is a relative….

  5. When did jokes and pranks evol­ve into hur­ting someo­ne, rui­ning their phy­si­cal appearan­ce, or making a mess of your/their house?

  6. Someo­ne plea­se make GIF or Meme or wha­te­ver the hell they’re cal­led of the girl at 3:15 say­ing “I hope you’re hap­py”. She’s a badass.

  7. 00:08 “…it was meant to be Dad­dy…” am I the only one who thinks it’s weird a guy his age cal­ling his parent “dad­dy”? 🤔

  8. Pau­se at 6:49. Put the speed at 0.25.
    You will under­stand why this “fail” (and many others) is sta­ged! 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  9. Fur­ther to my pre­vious com­ment, this video con­tains a hyper-rare, UNBLURRED bot­t­le of cham­pa­gne, and guess what? The world con­ti­nues to turn and no one was cor­rup­ted or even offended.

    1. This is a mul­ti mil­li­on dol­lar media com­pa­ny. Like they are a sub­si­dia­ry of the com­pa­ny that publis­hes Rea­ders Digest…it’s not some guy making vide­os in his bedroom.

  10. I don’t have a fami­ly … this is just like Play­boy and Natio­nal Geo­gra­phic to me, the things I never had, the pla­ces I never went to.

  11. 2:48, 8:05 and 8:15
    Basi­cal­ly: How to kill someo­ne (suf­fo­ca­ti­on). And sh*t like this is not fun­ny at all… As Fail Army, I would­n’t inclu­de such garbage!

    1. @Gordon Dry Woke peop­le aren’t the ones who lea­ve. They’­re the ones who *fol­low you* and keep *peste­ring* you whenever *you* try to leave.

  12. Cut­ting the hair of your boy­friend or fami­ly mem­ber who is slee­ping and then run­ning around your house like an idi0t is not fun­ny, it’s lazy. That woman has the sen­se of humor of a litt­le kid.

  13. I don’t real­ly under­stand peop­le who like sca­ring their elder­ly par­ents. I don’t think my par­ents would be angry at me. But I’d also never want to make them fear for their lives or safety.

  14. Why would you lea­ve the lawn­mower right the­re?.… how about you’­re the one with the damn chain­saw drop­ping a giant hea­vy rot­ten tree.… look at whe­re your shitsfalling

  15. I am SO GLAD I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s when the Inter­net did­n’t real­ly exist yet. If you did­n’t see a prank on one of the three TV chan­nels we got, you never knew about it would never have to worry about it being pul­led on you! That said, AFV star­ted in 1989 so I guess peop­le were still record­ing fails long befo­re the Internet.

  16. 8:32 What a fuck­ing awful parent. Make a mista­ke, bla­me your child, like you aren’t sup­po­sed to be the one loo­king out for them.

  17. 8:35, Dad com­p­lains about a sta­tio­na­ry lawn­mower, after he RAN with a run­ning chain­saw in his hands.….. Richie is an idi­ot and his mom is too, no seat belts on and filming and dri­ving like an idiot.

  18. Ken­neth left the lawn­mower right the­re becau­se he’s tired of pushing it around and hopes your cheap ass will buy a half­way decent riding mower.

  19. First video – - If someo­ne did that to me, they would need exten­si­ve facial and den­tal recon­struc­tion. Did NOT find it fun­ny and did not look at the rest!!

  20. I’m sor­ry but, joke ano­t­her way bes­i­des cut­ting the waves. Y’all don’t know how time con­suming it is some­ti­mes to get em just perfecto

  21. I would­n’t call the­se fails, I would call them vio­lent acts of mean­ness, not­hing fun­ny about mean­ness and cruelty!!!

  22. 8:36 Did you real­ly not assess and veri­fy that whe­re you, as the per­son with the saw, respon­si­ble for fel­ling the tree, make sure the area was clear or drop it in the direc­tion of your choosing?

    1. Quan­do eles tra­du­zem (ten­tam tra­du­zir) do por­tu­guês para o inglês semp­re sai erra­do. Pés­si­mos tradutores

  23. That girl get­ting clothes­li­ned with Saran Wrap at 6:50.…peed myself.
    This video comp had me laug­hing for the who­le thing. Rare.
    Good job, FA.

    1. @tigergreg8 I got my mou­se at the right place and just kept cli­cking it…BAM! BAM! BAM! and each time SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!
      Good times indeed.

  24. @ 0:28 I don’t know the who­le sto­ry so I’ll just make it up.
    I’m a mother and I’ve said I’d do this ver­bal­ly but not phy­si­cal­ly becau­se I’m pret­ty sure I’d cry and hate mys­elf for doing that.

  25. That Asi­an dad that bro­ke his sons ps4 just demons­tra­ted how bad he is at hand­ling situa­tions. That wasn’t a cool paren­ting move. He just taught his kid that when he doesn’t like what some­bo­dy is doing, he can use bru­te for­ce to make others do what you want. What a moron.

    1. Befo­re you fell a tree you have to plan, inclu­ding the expec­ted lan­ding spot. So it’s Dad’s fault. Shame on him for try­ing to eva­de responsibility.

  26. 0:37 you are my hero if only I could have done that to my neigh­bors Xbox and sub­woo­fer I would­n’t of had to sell the house to get away from the boom boom vrooom. The most satisfy­ing video.

  27. Most of the­se were pret­ty hil­arious, but the ones whe­re peop­le are put­ting food into other people’s mouths while they are slee­ping are a bit crin­gy. They could have ended up cho­king the person.

    1. Exact­ly. And risk waking a baby, just becau­se she was­n’t get­ting any atten­ti­on, and of cour­se waking the dad who loo­ked like he had the most peace­ful sleep in ages.

  28. ” Why would you lea­ve the lawn­mower the­re Ken­nen? ” aha­ha­hah… why not. Why are you hol­ding that invi­s­able tur­key leg?

  29. Fail army blurs out beer, but spee­ding and wreck­less end­an­ger­ment in what is clear­ly a resi­den­ti­al area? Com­ple­te­ly fine apparently.

  30. That Japa­ne­se dad at .30 seconds is so sta­ged. I can’t belie­ve peop­le think that’s real ffs. As if 3 youn­ger guys would just let that hap­pen infront of a con­ve­ni­en­t­ly pla­ced camera…

  31. It’s not Kennan’s fault you drop­ped a tree on your lawn­mower – if you’­re cut­ting down a huge tree it’s always a good idea to check the area whe­re it’s going to fall.

  32. If you have long hair and you cut someo­ne else’s hair I think you have it com­ing if they fuck up your hair and you got­ta cut it off to keep from loo­king fucked up.

  33. Dude had some serious waves on his head that she just shaved a short path through. She par­ted dudes sea like Moses did. He was mad too. Threw the ted­dy bear and ever­ything. Awe­so­me fails again. Was fun to watch. Gre­at video

  34. Should make ano­t­her fail army chan­nel sole­ly for long for­mat com­pi­les of ver­ti­cal for­mat vide­os for peop­le watching on phones.
    Call it *FailAr­my Mobile*

  35. 2:20 The girls atti­tu­de hol­ding the screa­mers hand who was get­ting a tat­too(?) made me think of Mari­sa Tom­ei in My Cou­sin Vinnie.
    4:50 Never eat a mans Jambalya

  36. Shaving someone’s head while they are slee­ping is actual­ly cri­mi­nal ass­ault, does­n’t mat­ter if you say its a joke. I hope he retur­ned the favour and cut up her wigs

  37. 9:05 spee­ding is not fun­ny and is play­ing with your life and the lives of your loved ones. Should be asha­med of hims­elf for that.

  38. I like how at 5:25 the mum doesn’t even run out and say “omg are you hurt” but ins­tead is like “what was that” lol the­se kids have defi­ni­te­ly bro­ken shit before

    1. At a simi­lar age, doing a simi­lar thing, but out­side of the house, I acci­dent­al­ly smas­hed a win­dow at my grandparent’s house.
      Cer­tain­ly not hap­py, but taking advan­ta­ge of the moment, my grand­mo­ther made a bet on a hor­se cal­led “Bro­ken Glass” that after­noon, and it won the race!
      Nan smi­led at me and said,
      “It was­n’t all bad.”

  39. 9:01 what a com­ple­te imbe­ci­le… so many sce­n­a­ri­os that could have gone ter­ri­b­ly wrong. Not only for mom who is not wea­ring a seat belt but other peop­le around he can put in mor­tal dan­ger. Grow TF up.

  40. The one with the crash test dum­my cos­tu­me had me rol­ling. 🤣 Now I know what I’m doing when my nie­ces and nephews turn 16.

  41. If I see one more video of par­ents brea­king expen­si­ve video game sys­tems I’m gon­na lose it!!! Bring it to a pawn shop or some­thing morons

  42. I love it when dad comes in and smas­hes his Play­Sta­ti­on I’ll need to do that and their pho­nes 😎dad.s. Take care .,…!!!!

  43. I hate when a woman breaks a mans stuff or cuts is hair. If a man did that to a woman, she would cry abu­se. Not sure why women think its ok to do to a man.

  44. Po dwóch minut­ach stwier­dzam że lud­zie z fil­mi­ków to idio­ci do kwa­dra­tu. Jak moż­na komuś ogo­lić kawałek gło­wy dla ułam­ka fil­mi­ku. Albo starszej oso­bie podać klap­ka zami­ast telefonu.

  45. I do not under­stand why peop­le always place a cake on a card­board on top of a cake stand. Oh yes, becau­se they are morons (9:18)

  46. 0:36 more par­ents need to do this. Stop let­ting kids get away undi­sci­pli­ned and teach them respon­si­bi­li­ty. Stop let­ting them spend all their time online play­ing video games ore being locked away from rea­li­ty like that. Kids need to get off their asses and go play *out­side*. video games are fine in mode­ra­ti­on as a rai­ny day thing or wha­te­ver but When kids don’t do or race through their home­work, get bad gra­des and act like their who­le life is online gaming or e-“sports”…no, that’s why we have a genera­ti­on of lazy kids who expect ever­ything in life han­ded to them and call it “a basic human right” rather than work for it like they should. The “enti­t­led” generation.

  47. In 95% of the­se vide­os, if I was making the­se jokes with my dad, we would defi­ni­te­ly be watching a UFC match whe­re I would have to be picked up from the floor with a spatula😂😂😂😂

  48. 1:46 I’m pret­ty sure the guy does­n’t say “Lind­sey” but “¡¿En serio?!”, which is Spa­nish for “Real­ly?!”
    I always get the impres­si­on that Failarmy’s subs are not made by humans but some voice reco­gni­ti­on soft­ware. They always con­tain many mistakes.

  49. Most of the­se jokes are not fun­ny at all for tho­se who are being joked about, they are very offen­ded and some­ti­mes even sca­red. I would­n’t want to be part of a fami­ly whe­re they can joke like that. It’s good that I don’t live in such a family.

  50. “Huwag basta’t ang pami­lya mo?.…
    Mag­ba­go ka na! sa Hil­arious Fami­ly Fails.”
    I’m say­ing on the first video and intro.

  51. @ 1:10 that can be serious­ly trau­ma­ti­sing. And the chick befo­re “you play too much” was­n’t gross until she spoke

  52. 5:31.….I’d like to have a buck for ever­y­ti­me that I’ve slap­ped a turkey/chicken in front of the family.…that “loo­ks so jui­cy and plump” slap.😜😁

  53. @ 0:30. Bril­li­ant paren­ting that in the UK is unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly no lon­ger allo­wed. Your kids don’t lis­ten they get punis­hed. Today they just sit in front of a screen, beco­m­ing more brain dead every day and refu­se to do anything. becau­se of the idi­ots who deci­ded that you can­not phy­si­cal­ly punish them they walk all over the adults (not me though). I never let any of my nephews even bring a game con­so­le here, I never play­ed on one, never had one in the house. We wat­ched docu­men­ta­ries and Sci-fi, they got used to it.

    1. ☎ᴛᵉˣţ𝄍✉𝑾𝒉𝔮ᴛᵗ𝑠𝑨𝑝𝑝
      ʀᴇɢᴀʀᴅɪɴɢ ʙᴛᴄ/ᴇᴛʜ ɪɴᴠᴇsᴛᴍᴇɴᴛ ɪᴅᴇᴀs👌

  54. Man, the girl that ran into the clear plastic at 6:51, total set up. How sad. Ducks her face down invol­un­ta­ri­ly right befo­re she hits the plastic, becau­se she knows it’s com­ing. Makes it look good, but not good enough. Not proud to admit it, but I see this kind of stuff.

  55. Хорошее видео, спасибо. Но не смешное, увы. Боль и страдания других людей а тем более родных, близких.. местами выглядело как предательство.

  56. 6:48 total­ly sta­ged. The girl run­ning into the plastic wrap ducks her head and puts her hands up to run thru the door­way. Fail Army can do bet­ter than that. Play it in slow moti­on it’s obvious.

  57. Breh y’all dumb with them sub­tit­les at min 1:44 he said “Es en serio” which in Spa­nish means “are you serious” not fricking Lind­say y’all some damn GRINGOS🤣🤣🤣

  58. 0:57 LMFAO 🤣 !
    Dress up as a dum­my to be dri­ven by her girlfriend…
    OMG she must dri­ve like a jerk X_X .
    In all way he’s at the dead place .

  59. Plea­se, don’t put liquid in someone’s mouth when they’­re asleep, it could go in their lungs, it isn’t fun­ny, it’s a serious cho­king hazard.

  60. In the first clip, if I had done that to my mother (or tried it on my dad), I would be picking mys­elf up off the ground about a week later. 

    He still calls his father “Dad­dy”, at his age?

    1. It’s a thing in African/Caribbean cul­tu­re. You hear grown adults cal­ling their par­ents mammy/ dad­dy more often than mom/dad

    2. @Selisha Romeo: Thank you for exp­lai­ning. It’s nice to expand my know­ledge of other cul­tures I am igno­rant about becau­se of lack of interaction.

  61. Yeah Right, like that fema­le gen z would have the sligh­test clue what a crash test dum­my is!

    Half of them don’t even know why we cele­bra­te the 4th of July in America.

  62. ok befo­re i pro­ceed first one to do that too mom is a shame of a person…that isnt accep­ta­ble under any situa­ti­on sooo im not watching any­mo­re bye