IGN Reviews – Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational Vita – Spielbericht

IGN Reviews Hot Shots Golf World Invitational Vita Spielbericht 2012

IGN-Redak­teur Ryan Cle­ments rezen­siert den neu­es­ten Teil der Hot Shots Golf-Serie „World Invi­ta­tio­nal“ auf der Play­Sta­ti­on Vita. Nut­zen die neu­en Hot Shots die Tech­no­lo­gie der Vita, um ein Hole-in-One zu machen? Ver­öf­fent­li­chungs­da­tum: 14. Febru­ar 2012 Platt­form: Vita Bewer­tung: E Ver­öf­fent­licht von: Sony Com­pu­ter Enter­tain­ment Ent­wi­ckelt von: Clap Hanz Gen­re: Sport Anzahl der Spie­ler: 1–30 Machen Sie bei IGN mit, um wei­te­re Infor­ma­tio­nen zu erhal­ten: http://vita.ign .com/objects/098/098901.html Abon­nie­ren Sie den IGN-Kanal für Rezen­sio­nen, Leit­fä­den, Trai­ler und alles rund um Gaming: http://​www​.you​tube​.com/​s​u​b​s​c​r​i​p​t​i​o​n​_​c​e​n​t​e​r​?​a​d​d​_​u​s​e​r​=​i​g​n​e​n​t​e​r​t​a​i​n​m​ent

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239 thought on “IGN Reviews – Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational Vita – Spielbericht”

  1. @M1Punk xjam­mi is right. bes­i­des look at the 3ds line up at launch last year. it did­n’t even have the Zel­da remake which was rea­dy to go. All the games that came out were 6s.

  2. @masteroflag except may­be Street Figh­ter but even that was worse than the coun­cil ver­si­on due to but­ton lay­out and limi­ta­ti­ons of the 3ds having PS2 graphics.

  3. @masteroflag

    The but­ton lay­out is the same as Ps3 and 360, and a lot play like that. WTF is the coun­cil ver­si­on?? The 3DS does bet­ter gra­phics than Ps2, stupid

  4. @LastRambo341 not by much in fact it runs like the tur­bo gra­phx whe­re spects wise that had more gra­phics than the 8 bit nin­ten­do, but was still 8 bit becau­se of it’s two processors.

  5. @LastRambo341 also I’m spea­king of the fact the but­tons are smal­ler on the 3ds and the shoul­der but­tons behind a screen that make it even more annoy­ing to press quick­ly for adults.

  6. @LastRambo341 basi­cal­ly while games like Tales of the Abyss can come out on it easy enough becau­se they are not pushing the PS2 Gra­phics, any game foo­lish enough to actual­ly show the 3ds can look bet­ter than the ps2 des­pi­te the litt­le need with the smal­ler screen would have hor­ri­ble load times that make no sen­se in a card sys­tem. Your not likely to see a game that loo­ks ent­i­re­ly like the cut sce­nes in Final Fan­ta­sy X on the 3ds without this issue currently.

  7. @masteroflag

    No, it is WAY bet­ter, heck even bet­ter than XBOX1. Are you say­ing Resi­dent Evil Reve­al­ti­ons can be done on Ps2? HAHAHAHHA. No, the but­tons are fine. You’­re just bitching

  8. @LastRambo341 con­si­de­ring resi­dent evil 4 came out on the game­cu­be and wii and the game loo­ks like it’s at that level of gra­phics. yes yes I do think it’s there.

  9. @LastRambo341 I’ll have to look up some cuts­ce­nes then cau­se it loo­ks to me like they are just using the darkness and fuz­zy to the­re advan­ta­ge based on the demo much like the PS1 did.

  10. Good review, poin­ted out the strengths, and weak­nes­ses clear­ly, not sound­ing like a rant. A fair score to a fair game. As a fan of ani­me I’m sure to enjoy this game, but it’s clear­ly not for everyone.

  11. This is why games need manu­als. We can learn from hem befo­re attemp­t­ing to play. Not knowing some thing will cau­se con­fu­si­on thus tra­ding it in.

  12. @rockdude1400 Exact­ly! Pan­gya is the best golf game to me. Pan­gya is awe­so­me and fun. They even review­ed the game and said alot of gre­at things about it so its a gre­at game.

  13. tbh, this review is fla­wed as the only real com­p­laint is you’­re crap at it. I’m not a fan of vita or this seri­es too much but anyo­ne can see this review is bogus

  14. He says it takes the dif­fi­cul­ty out of gol­fing, which is good… then he says its to dif­fi­cult, which is bad… this guy is just confused.

  15. what i dis­li­ke about most of ign reviews is the reviews are PERSONAL!! if they didnt like the game the beat the shit out of it becau­se of this.…i cant stand it

  16. @Fate862 Pan­gya was ori­gio­nal­ly on the com­pu­ter and still is and its free if you didnt know, that ver­si­on is far supe­ri­or to the wii and psp ver­si­ons. It’s ent­i­re­ly online!! Very fun and light years ahead of any other golf game.

  17. Dude, you are just bad at the game. You prai­sed the game in every aspect except for the exe­cu­ti­on of shots. If anything, that should only take off 2 points. Not 3.5. The game should be prai­sed for fin­ding a midd­le ground bet­ween acces­si­ble game­play and rea­listi­cal­ly com­pli­ca­ted gameplay.

  18. @drjihad86 No. The Vita is a gre­at device and IGN is crap­py. You did­n’t lis­ten to the review. He said ever­ything about the game was good except for the exe­cu­ti­on of shots. In con­clu­si­on, he was being real­ly bia­sed. Just becau­se he sucked at the game he took of 3.5 points for one error. Also, even the­se launch Vita games average around 8 in score. That means most of them are gre­at, well, far bet­ter than the 3DS launch lineup.

  19. Per­so­nal­ly i think the review was fine. Sure he said many aspects of the game were good but they were real­ly only the polish, what he cri­ti­cis­ed was the core game mecha­nics which trumps all else when is comes to deci­ding how good a game is.

  20. psvi­ta is a nice idea, But to expen­si­ve for a gift, and i rather get a Tegra 3 7″ so i can read books and actual­ly get a epic surf expe­ri­ence. and no hdmi out 70% of my psp gaming hap­pen on my 32″ tv. sor­ry Sony cya on your next hand held.

  21. it’s cal­led Golf and no men­ti­on of the Easy mode that you can trig­ger if are having pro­blems, this isn’t that big of a deal. I’ve play­ed sin­ce last wed­nes­day and the game is awesome

  22. doesnt even sound like this guy has ever play­ed a Hot Shots game. If you miss a shot by a few inches it can ruin the your round? Have you ever play­ed Tiger Woods or I dont know real golf? Tho­se things actual­ly happen.

  23. What? 90% of the review sound­ed like he was enjoy­ing it, des­pi­te the punis­hing dif­fi­cul­ty – that 6.5 came total­ly out of left field.

  24. Qui­te a lame review. See­med like just becau­se a review­er does­n’t like the game or want to spend time with it that much, the score should go low. The review­er like this will bring the repu­ta­ti­on of IGN down in no time..The game is much bet­ter than the score he gave, and it real­ly did­n’t jus­ti­ce or reflect it right at all. That kind of score should go for the review­er hims­elf (or even lower)..,not the game.

  25. I thought he said he lik­ed the visu­als and what­not, but it was a takea­way? And also what about the gold starts? Why is having gold stars some­thing that’s nega­ti­ve about the game?

  26. Fuck­ing bull­shit review is fuck­ing bull­shit. Golf games like this, with a three click swing bar, have been around sin­ce the days of the Com­mo­do­re 64 and Ata­ri 800XL home com­pu­ters. If some­bo­dy is going to review this game, they have had almost 30 YEARS to mas­ter one simp­le mecha­nic. From what I saw, it loo­ks like this review­er bare­ly even had a clue what he was doing, and the­re­fo­re could­n’t mus­ter pas­sing scores even in the ear­ly sta­ges of the game.

    Hor­ri­ble, HORRIBLE review.

  27. @red16mage What’s sil­ly here is allowing a review­er – who clear­ly has no pri­or expe­ri­ence with a dozen-year-old fran­chise – to sit the­re and down­gra­de and cri­ti­ci­ze a game based sole­ly upon such wis­dom as “golf are hard!!” and “I gots no skillz and can’t pass an ear­ly round so OH NOES I just lost 30 valu­able minu­tes out of my epic fail life!!”

    A COMPETENT review would have had someo­ne who has play­ed other HS games com­pa­ring this one to ear­lier ver­si­ons. Not this whi­ning garbage.

  28. i think i actual­ly agree with the score, but for dif­fe­rent rea­sons. the game does litt­le to train you in the various tech­ni­ques you’ll need to maxi­mi­ze your scores. and the dif­fi­cul­ty takes a drastic and unrea­listic chan­ge once you get to Sil­ver rank– things just don’t make “golf sense.” 

    last­ly, simp­le fea­tures like a “restart round” would be nice, as oppo­sed to going all the way out to the menu screen and having to get back in. litt­le things keep this from being a gre­at golf game. 7/10

  29. What a ter­ri­ble review. Your cripp­led gaming skill should not affect the review. Can­not belie­ve a noob reviews the game though the seri­es has been more than a decade

  30. jesus christ… yes, the game should auto qua­li­fy you as the win­ner. you should send you onto a hig­her dif­fi­cul­ty cour­se, even if you don’t have the skills to play it becau­se you could­n’t beat the one befo­re it. but wait, all the cour­ses should be the same easy dif­fi­cul­ty, so that it won’t mat­ter. if you set it to easy, then swing power should let you get a hole in one no mat­ter the distance. it should­n’t requi­re any pre­cisi­on or aiming… ever­ything should just be “clo­se enough, it counts” smh

  31. yes, the game should auto qua­li­fy you as the win­ner. you should send you onto a hig­her dif­fi­cul­ty cour­se, even if you don’t have the skills to play it becau­se you could­n’t beat the one befo­re it. but wait, all the cour­ses should be the same easy dif­fi­cul­ty, so that it won’t mat­ter. if you set it to easy, then swing power should let you get a hole in one no mat­ter the distance. it should­n’t requi­re any pre­cisi­on or aiming… ever­ything should just be “clo­se enough, it counts” smh

  32. i dont think he under­stands that real life golf also takes long times to set up shots, some­ti­mes only to be point­less becau­se of a water hazard

  33. This guy is an idi­ot. 20–30 minu­tes of plan­ning to deci­ded a shot? I’ve play­ed several of the Hot Shots games and it does­n’t take long at all to deci­ded a shot. It takes me 30 seconds to a minu­te at most. And of cour­se this game is going to punish you for being a litt­le off. That’s the sport of Golf! This game is desi­gned for peop­le who are fans of the sport who want a litt­le more per­so­na­li­ty out­side of the Tiger Woods Seri­es. Once again you can’t spell igno­rant without IGN.

  34. WOW, real­ly IGN? You just made this game sound infi­ni­te­ly more dif­fi­cult than it real­ly is, give me a frea­king break. This game is gre­at I play it every day at work on my lunch break.

  35. Sounds like the dif­fi­cul­ty is what golf is. You play gre­at and screw up one or two holes and you don’t win. Why’s he com­p­lai­ning about that for? It’s GOLF!

  36. IGN, you think peop­le are obli­vious to what con­ta­ct, impact, spin and side spin are??? Wait ano­t­her CoD is com­ing out soon sure to be ano­t­her 9+ for your review!!! Fuck­ing fla­mers, sor­ry your com­pa­ny did­n’t get a check to adver­ti­se this game„, go back to suck­ing each other off„,

  37. @progrocker69 What’s sil­ly here is you don’t know the review­er loves hot shots, and he says at the end of the review that if your a hot shot fan, pick it up. But if you’­ve never play­ed it, this may not be the game to start with…

  38. At around 2:35 he putts and whi­nes about how if your pre­cisi­on isn’t good enough, 30 minu­tes of play­ing goes down the drain.

    *loo­ks at points*
    *loo­ks at score*
    *loo­ks at position*


  39. What hap­pen­ed to the hot shots golf that allo­wed for the­se cra­zy clothes you could use to cus­to­mi­ze your cha­rac­ter and also he dif­fe­rent clubs, like being able to use a woo­den stump as a dri­ver like in HSG: Open Tee?

  40. Real­ly? You’­re giving it a bad score­be­cau­se you suck at the game? I guess Mega Man is the worst game seri­es on the pla­net then.

  41. What’s the best game in the seri­es for a new­bie I got the second game on ps3 for free for being a pen mem­ber then I play­ed the demo but I’m not very good which one is the most for­gi­ving lol

  42. @gamingiskey, my thoughts exact­ly! IGN, in future get someo­ne who has know­ledge of the gen­re to review that par­ti­cu­lar game! Get off your butts and try Golf!

  43. Thin­king I should buy this for the Vita. My only pro­blem is I have only play­ed Out of Bounds on my PS3, which I did enjoy, but I have never real­ly play­ed any golf games befo­re that asi­de from like wii sports resort. Think I’ll like this one?

  44. im thin­king of get­ting this game some­time this week. I have never play­ed a golf game befo­re, but for some rea­son i real­ly enjoy­ed the demo. Should i get the game and if so what should i look out for?

  45. This review­er is upset for no rea­son… Golf games are not sup­po­sed to be easy…just like in real life one bad hole can ruin you… This guy is com­p­lai­ning that golf is…well… golf!… Its a hard sport. Bad review bro.…

  46. They aren’t gues­sti­ma­ti­ons. You’­re esti­ma­ting given the cur­rent fac­tors and know­ledge you have avail­ab­le to you. This review is ter­ri­ble. I know *not­hing* about golf…and not know what “impact” is? Are you actual­ly for real?

  47. a litt­le tip from a semi pro, play to safe­ty, stay away from hazards, try to ima­gi­on the lan­ding spot and dont always plan for a per­fect strike and you’ll never make more than a bogey and always keep 2 putt in mind, first putt hit wit­hin 2 ft of the hole and second putt is easy…you’ll be supri­sed at how well you start play­ing the basic for­mu­la is cen­ter / good ang­le in the fair­way and cen­ter of the green, if ya would like more tips just check my channel

  48. He gives the game a 6.5 becau­se 1. he does­n’t know shit about golf, and 2. It poses a litt­le bit of a chal­len­ge? Smh. That review makes me want to buy the game even more. When IGN gives a bad review, the game’s usual­ly good.

  49. Yep, I was right. Ano­t­her review by IGN that makes the game look bad just becau­se the review­er sucks at it. I just got the game new for $20 and I’m addic­ted to the thing alrea­dy. You just got­ta know some­what how to play golf becau­se this one does­n’t hold your hand like most games do the­se days. Over­all it was a good buy though.

  50. One mista­ke wont cost you 30 minu­tes of your game­play if you have been doing good all along the way. WORST REVIEW EVER. This game is awesome 🙂

  51. Very disap­poin­ting review, very unpro­fes­sio­nal. The review­er unde­re­sti­ma­ted the game, acting as a ran­dom guy who got into the game by mista­ke, blin­ded by colours and car­too­nish art style, expec­ting some­thing total­ly dif­fe­rent. So games which actual­ly requi­re effort and com­mit­ment from the play­er are gar­ba­ge right? I shoul­d’­ve known this befo­re fal­ling in love with Dark souls.…..

  52. This guy does­n’t get it.


    Quit whi­ning becau­se you mes­sed up. Try again. Geez.

  53. I get pis­sed some­ti­mes sure but hot­shots is still my favo­ri­te! cant take the heat get out of the street and stop whi­ning about losing on the last hole

  54. This guy must think the game us just sup­po­sed to help ya win!!! Golf IS plan­ning, and making a stra­te­gy… If a shot is to hard… Lay up, and pro­tect your score.… Some­ti­mes pati­ence is a bet­ter form of aggres­si­on!!! Hor­ri­ble review!!!!

    1. @GenSneaky81 Real­ly most games ARE simu­la­ting the ent­i­re thing. It’s like gui­ding your DVD towards the best ending (the one whe­re you don’t die).

  55. I was able to com­ple­te HSG 3 and 4 ful­ly when I was 4.…… I guess it’s just you, not the game’s fault you don’t know how to play the game…

    1. This isn’t HSG 3 or 4, it is HSG: World Invi­ta­tio­nal and the game phy­sics are dif­fe­rent in this one com­pa­red to its pre­de­ces­sors. With that said, I do agree with you, I think this review­er was new to the seri­es and pro­bab­ly over-exa­g­ge­ra­ted the difficulty/learning curve. 

  56. Why does­n’t this game direct my ball into the hole? I pre­fer expen­ding litt­le to no effort into the games I play. Chal­len­ge = GROSS. I agree with the review and also love to eat shit sand­wi­ches for breakfast.

  57. hahah, this review must be a joke… I mean serious­ly, if golf is not about plan­ning ur every shot care­ful­ly, then what is it about then?

  58. From what I saw it’s your pro­blem not from the game itself, 
    How can you hit a per­fect shot with that shaky press? 

    If you wan­na fun with this spot plea­se learn the basic of how to calculate.

  59. a lot of this review sound­ed like “Waaah I can’t play the game, the­re­fo­re it suuucks… Math is haaaard, you mean not all greens are strai­ght, this game sucks..”

  60. I don’t own this game, or a Vita for that mat­ter, but I had to pipe in about how bad this review sucks. “I’m not good” and “this game is hard” are not use­ful infor­ma­ti­on or a basis for rating a game. I’d love to see this guy’s take on the old Links games by Access; he’d pro­bab­ly have a stro­ke. “I shot an 85 on medi­um dif­fi­cul­ty. For fai­ling to stro­ke my ego, this game earns a 2 out of 10.”

  61. Its a game you play against yourself… its fun when you play online or with a friend its cool becau­se you want them to do well even when you’­re losing. You are a very bad cri­tic its cra­zy how bad! I’m not a fana­tic but peop­le just want to play simu­la­tors: Races that let you catch up, Shoo­ters that are all boxed in and appe­aling to the eye but are not exci­ting grit­ty and fun… hey man the­se games are RARE you cant win every time at the begin­ning you must work for the sys­tem… whe­re peop­le are taught to spend time after work on a quick game that is fan­tastic and ama­zing but in the end the video game did not draw that per­son in may­be to play for 8 hours… like some games did when I was a kid. (I’m not refer­ring to Hot Shots Golf) If IGN is dic­ta­ting what peop­le want to play well I have to say that pis­ses me off that we’­re sup­po­sed to belie­ve in all the­se bad games with high reviews. Man this game is dirt cheap right now! AND I think they did a good job!

  62. Ive had the ori­gi­nal ever­y­bo­dys golf for psp for 10 years now and I still haven’t bea­ten the last 2 cour­ses. This dude is com­p­lai­ning? I spent hours get­ting des­troy­ed but still this game is so much fun. Don’t bla­me the game for your shittiness.

  63. Dude! That’s how golf works hahaha 😛
    It requi­res plan­ning and a lot of time, even for a game.

    thumbs down for this review 🙁

  64. Abso­lute­ly ter­ri­ble review and score. “One wrong swing can tank your score”, well no shit. This game is excel­lent, espe­cial­ly if you are a fan of the seri­es. Loads of DLC, Gre­at coar­ses, and fun gol­fers, pret­ty much ever­ything you would want from a hot shots game. And what’s that? It’s only $13.75 in the PSN store, or $15.00 at Wal-Wart, or $10.00 at Game­s­top. Sim­ply must own on Vita

  65. it’s a good game but it’s defi­netely a bit tougher than mario golf espe­cial­ly the put­ting aspect which is very unf­or­gi­ving on slopes.

  66. What a hor­ri­ble review. “If I mess up I might not win” is essen­ti­al­ly what I’m hea­ring through this who­le review. It’s golf.. what the hell do you expect?

  67. $4.72 on PSN right now until 8am 7/5/2016. The mecha­nics look exact­ly like Mario Golf, which is good. Without losing in a game, the­re is no chal­len­ge. As long as the con­trols are accu­ra­te and smooth it will allow for success.

    1. This seri­es came befo­re Mario Golf, but the devs that made the first HSG (Came­lot) went to make Mario Golf and other Mario sports games so that’s why it’s so similar

  68. His very last word of the review of the game was “gross.” I am glad that the amount of dis­li­kes dou­bles the likes of this video as that I hope that anyo­ne does­n’t try this game becau­se of this poor­ly shot, poor­ly writ­ten, typi­cal IGN review.

  69. Do you rea­li­ze how real golf is? Hot Shots Golf is a gre­at simu­la­ti­on of real golf in how tedious each shot can get. Was real­ly loo­king for­ward to a decent review about this game only to hear that this guy can’t play a golf game to save his life and takes his frus­tra­ti­on out in an “objec­ti­ve” review.

    1. Yeah and honest­ly for a Vita launch game it loo­ks gre­at. May­be not as impres­si­ve loo­king as Unchar­ted Gol­den Abyss, but Hot Shots World Invi­ta­tio­nal is a much bet­ter game. On that note, IGN gave Unchar­ted Golen Abyss an 8.5. I feel like IGN has got­ten much bet­ter recent­ly with their review scores but in 2012 they were pret­ty bad.

  70. This is what hap­pens when you grow up being told you are spe­cial and recei­ve par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on tro­phies for ever­ything you do… This is the best hand­held golf game of all time, btw… Chan­ge my mind.

  71. I final­ly play­ed this game this year on my ps now. Idk what this dude is tal­king about. Obvious­ly someo­ne does­n’t know how to win without help.

  72. It seems like the gaming gods were firm­ly against the vita get­ting a fair shot. With reviews like this and Sony them­sel­ves giving up, we were denied the best Vita it should have been. I have a vita slim and this game and I can say it’s bloo­dy awe­so­me. The Vita should have been THE Play­Sta­ti­on hand­held. Every ps1/PSP game should be on the psn store, not the awful selec­tion that’s on the euro psn at least. Reviews like this don’t help but Sony is the one that kil­led the Vita

  73. They need to remake this for switch this game was ama­zing I’d play it ever­y­morning the lob­bies were so fun and pri­zes you could get

    1. Im not qui­te sure about that, espe­cial­ly after play­ing tougher golf games, but hot­shots golf has always been ama­zing. Love this seri­es regardless

  74. This IS a ter­ri­ble review, but I’ll also say that I’ve been watching tons of Top X Games for Vita lists late­ly and this isn’t on anyone’s. Even Top 100 lists don’t fea­ture this.

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