Interview mit Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes und Josh Allen | Das Spiel von Capital One

Interview mit Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers Patrick Mahomes und Josh Allen Das Spiel von Capital One aaron rodgers

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133 thought on “Interview mit Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes und Josh Allen | Das Spiel von Capital One”

    1. Goa­ts of “now & old” are still the same… Bra­dy and Rod­gers! They’­re still lea­ding the league in every stats TF are you tal­king about?

    1. @Kyle Fisher ……so you must not know the amount of times movie sets have figu­red out ways to make him look tal­ler on screen

    1. they need a 4th cur­rent play­er. who would you have picked? tbh coul­da been Staf­ford but that age gap would be weird. i’d­ve love to have seen bur­row, but he’s too new. I get why they cho­se Allen, who would you have wanted?

    2. @Brett for real man. I was rea­ding today almost 70% of the eighth gra­ders in my sta­te fai­led to score pro­fi­ci­ent on the rea­ding test. public school the­se days is a *big* yikes.

    3. Come on now ! That’s an unne­cessa­ry low blow. Josh Allen is a top 5 QB easi­ly. Argu­ab­ly the best.

  1. Tom Bra­dy tal­king about pri­son rules. None of the­se aff­lu­ent shits have ever been to pri­son. Get the hell out

    1. @Neil Wil­son Rod­gers is a pret­ty good play­off QB not the best ever but not bad at all. His play holds up in the play­offs he has a 100 pas­ser rating…

    2. @andrew his rating might be fine but his last play­off game he couldn’t get a touch­down and he defi­ni­te­ly is a dif­fe­rent an in the play­offs when you watch him he doesn’t look like the same beast from the regu­lar season

    3. @andrew it was liter­al­ly his last game that’s why it’s rele­vant but I’ve seen him under­per­forming in play­off games for years when you con­si­der his regu­lar sea­son play.

  2. When Tom ques­tio­ned the regu­la­ti­on of the ball he put a Defla­te­ga­te joke right on a plat­ter for Allen and he did­n’t take it! Lol

  3. Lmao after josh show­ed that unath­le­tic image of Tom he had to get him back 🤣🤣🤣🤣But tbh we have heard of Wyoming 😂😂😂

  4. What more gre­at about this is yes Patrick and josh went against each other in back to back years but still they aren’t mad also Tom and Aaron in the nfc cham­pions­hip still bud­dies this is why we need to show good sports­manship always oh yeah for­got bra­dy and maho­mes went against each other in the super bowl

  5. Still for­tu­n­a­te to be ali­ve the day Charles Bark­ley and Shaq said Tom is the pret­tiest man they’ve ever seen. 🤣🤣

  6. The level of great­ness bet­ween tho­se 4 QBs is not­hing but com­ple­te respect, com­ing from a Chiefs fan! The Best 2 on their way out and the next best two on their way to cement their hall of fame legacy’s 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  7. How come my genera­ti­ons of qb ( maho­mes and Allen) are so boring and like un natu­ral idk this genera­ti­on sucks

  8. Omg no Tom didn’t say first you went to a col­le­ge I never heard of now got a golf ball i never of omggg I’m in real tears 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. As a Pats fan this is tough but I kin­da like Josh Allen. He seems like a good dude honest­ly. You can tell he’s a huge Bra­dy fan too which is cool.

  10. Yeah, just watching them ram­ble on when the­re is so much fucked up with the world. Who cares about gold right now!? When did Tom Bra­dy start play­ing golf!? Wtf?

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