Irisches Golf gegen amerikanisches Golf

Irisches Golf gegen amerikanisches Golf hochladen

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128 thought on “Irisches Golf gegen amerikanisches Golf”

    1. Take that with grain of salt sin­ce Daly is a Trumper BUT if he would have added a lot of “interns” were on the cour­se and Slick Wil­ly disap­peared for 15–20 minu­te clips with tho­se interns I would belie­ve it more.
      Others com­men­ted on it but the fact that Trump has the gover­nors remo­ved from his cart and he raced ahead and drops balls in midd­le of fair­way (sto­ry backed by many cad­dies and for­mer play­ing part­ners) howe­ver he is still a pret­ty good gol­fer not sur­pri­sing see­ing he plays so much

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  2. This isn’t real­ly ful­ly accu­ra­te.… you’­re mis­sing limo-sized beer carts (+full bar) with scant­ly clad young ladies who dri­ve around and show up at every third hole. It’s not Amer­ci­an golf without beer carts.

    1. @Sean Grif­fin yeah Cas­sie Hol­land I have seen her befo­re and she has tig bit­ties and says she makes like $500k a year cuz she pours shots for guys whe­ther they order them or not. While she is pret­ty that would get old quick. Local coun­try club here that my bud­dy belongs to has a cart woman who is a New Zea­lan­der and she is hil­arious and a lot of fun. I look for­ward to see­ing her when I play the­re and has not­hing to do with loo­ks, she just takes care of ever­yo­ne and has been known to buy drinks for guys if they are not enjoy­ing their round

    2. For sure. And on the holes whe­re the ladies don’t dri­ve up in carts loa­ded down with beer, they have tables set­up with equal­ly scant­ly clad ladies pou­ring shots. And ano­t­her crew at ano­t­her table, you give them $10 or $20 and get to move up, or shoot your dri­ve out of an air cannon!

    3. At a cha­ri­ty tour­na­ment last year we had the cart girl bring us a bot­t­le of tequi­la and limes, rip­ping shots and play­ing flip cup on her cart. Love golf.

  3. That was awe­so­me! Bre­ak­fast ball is sac­red. You can’t be expec­ted to show up 5 min b/f your tee time and stri­pe one down the midd­le. Play­er 2 is always the play.

  4. As an Ame­ri­can who plays the game with inte­gri­ty, I think I’m sup­po­sed to be offen­ded by this. Howe­ver, I rea­li­zed I’m not a woke putz easi­ly offen­ded by ste­reo­ty­pi­cal humor…THAT’S SOME FUNNY STUFF!!!

    1. Yes, I agree! But this “ste­reo­ty­pe” is a bit over­board. May­be not for a liv fan but most gol­fers are poli­te & know­led­ge­ab­le. That said , it is funny!

  5. Why is Ame­ri­ca the only coun­try that you’re allo­wed to publicly insult? I’m not offen­ded by ste­reo­ty­pes. I think they’re hil­arious, but it’s weird how only cer­tain groups can be made fun of. I guess that’s the pri­ce you pay for being the top dog😂😂🇺🇸

    1. I’m pret­ty sure every coun­try gets made fun of, just mat­ters how much of a lef­tist pc dro­ne you are and which com­mu­nities you par­ti­ci­pa­te in. Nor­mal peop­le still make fun of each other’s dif­fe­ren­ces all the time, they are mental­ly sta­ble and can hand­le the “shock”.

    2. Making fun of? As an Ame­ri­can gol­fer I can say that I know ple­nty of guys for which this is only a slight exa­g­ge­ra­ti­on. And they mis­sed the play­ing of music throughout the round and the 12 pack (or more) of beer that he would bring with him in a coo­ler, and qui­te often a bot­t­le of whis­key. The one being made fun of is the Irish­man who com­ple­te­ly chan­ges befo­re they get to the turn.

  6. I enjoy­ed it. I play­ed with a cou­p­le from Ire­land this year. I com­men­ted how it’s fun­ny that pla­ces with such a big drin­king cul­tu­re they think it’s cra­zy to drink on the golf cour­se. The girl said it was becau­se they could­n’t be trus­ted in Ire­land. Not sure we can over here either.

  7. Haha this hits a litt­le clo­se to home. This is an exa­g­ge­ra­ti­on, but when I play the­re is usual­ly a bre­ak­fast ball, at least 1 other mul­ligan if not 2, gim­mes for anything insi­de the lea­ther and reli­efs are pret­ty darn lenient.

    1. i don’t think the gim­mes are so bad insi­de the lea­ther. It’s a 2′ putt, and if you’­re mis­sing tho­se with regu­la­ri­ty, you don’t need to be kee­ping up with your han­di­cap so much anyway

    1. same here – i thought it was ridi­cu­lous, but then he got to the play­ing loud music and drin­king hard. I hate to say it, but yes, but that hap­pens way too much here in the US

  8. As a Cana­di­an who wat­ches a lot of UK golf You­Tube (Shiels etc.), I try to play with as much inte­gri­ty as I can, but once in a while I’ll end up with some guy who mana­ges to drink 2 beers per hole and says “That’s good man,” any time you have a par putt. Gim­mes are so weird to me becau­se it’s like, you just paid a green fee to NOT play the greens?

    1. Visi­ted Ire­land a few years back, when we asked “whe­re are the carts” he loo­ked at us like we just asked to sleep with his mum. So yeah, I think they only walk

    2. I was the­re in April for two weeks play­ing golf. Wal­ked 11 rounds. The­re were a cou­p­le pla­ces that had carts. The only Irish peop­le in carts were the older gol­fers who couldn’t phy­si­cal­ly walk 18 and a cou­p­le groups of Ame­ri­cans. Ever­yo­ne else walks. A lot of them had bat­te­ry powe­red push carts.

    3. @Luke Tul­ley Wow. I love wal­king the cour­se while every other mem­ber around me is using a cart. That seems so for­eign to me.

    4. @huntgolf45 Yes, that’s about right. I go the­re every April to play. Gre­at time to go, befo­re it’s over­run with my fel­low Americans.

  9. Haha­ha­ha­ha­ha­ha by the end of the video he has no shirt on 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I don’t think I’ve ever laug­hed har­der to golf video in my life! This was epic

  10. As an Ame­ri­can I’m offen­ded they did­n’t men­ti­on that on tees 7 and 13 it’s cus­to­ma­ry to pier­ce a Coors Ban­quet with your tee, set up the ball and take your swing, and immedia­te­ly shot­gun the beer fol­lo­wed by a loud bear roar or eagle cry to let other gol­fers know of your alpha dominance

  11. Pret­ty dumb real­ly. Could have been much bet­ter with some sub­t­le­ty. “You are all alco­ho­lics, and red hai­red peop­le are devils.” Ha ha ha ha. Not very fun­ny when it’s ridiculous.

  12. Hey man, I haven’t swung a club in weeks, I’m been bus­ting my arse at work, if I have a poo­py lie, I give her the old foot wedge or fluff up, 1 mul­ly out and 1 mul­ly in. Dems the rules

  13. First tee I do some gim­mes but don’t do the drin­king and eating on the cour­se but the video is hil­arious becau­se I have seen ple­nty doing it. I pre­fer carts to walking 😃

  14. I play Irish Golf. 🤚 Not sure after this video if it makes sen­se though. 🤔 I could have fun out­side of the club house. 😃

  15. This is not at all accu­ra­te, the Irish guy would need to sho­ve the club up his tight ass and have a rule­book strap­ped to his glove.

  16. The golf cart is a must. I do walk some, but there’s defi­ni­te­ly added enjoy­ment of a fast golf cart adding some wind at you as you hur­ried­ly get to that crap­py shot you just hit 🙂

  17. I have been showing my daugh­ter how to play golf (Ame­ri­can golf, not Irish golf), and she asked what the­se oval shaped things were in her bag, part of a lot of golf junk we pul­led from her step-grandmother’s golf bag. The­se plastic ovals clip­ped snug­gly onto the tops of woo­den tees – how inte­res­ting – and they were for hol­ding her (or someone’s) cigar so that she (or someo­ne) did­n’t have to put her sto­gie onto the turf when dri­ving (and she play­ed until she was 93 and gene­ral­ly play­ed alo­ne). So, it’s not just the Ame­ri­can men! Grand­ma, whe­re’d you hide the humi­dor? I know it’s in the cart somewhere!

    1. About half of my friends play a lot like this guy, except with more beer (which they bring in a coo­ler) and some of them with music playing.

  18. I hate to critique…but you’­re mis­sing the following:
    Vapes…both nico­ti­ne and THC.
    Blue­tooth speakers…so loud they distort.

  19. Whe­re are the cart girls? 

    Hel­ps to have bud­dies who work at cour­ses and know the staff. Cart girls have us was­ted off free shoo­ters by the 6th hole and they’re all sexy.

  20. I’m Ame­ri­can 51 years old, and have play­ed golf sin­ce I was a kid, and it was only last year that I heard the term bre­ak­fast ball. I actual­ly thought the guy had brought bre­ak­fast for ever­yo­ne. Real disap­point­ment followed.

  21. I’m from Cana­da but this is basi­cal­ly me gol­fing with my dad:

    “fluff it up and give yourself a chance”

    “thats a gim­me” – on a 7 foot putt

    *kicks the ball out from behind a tree*

    and gross­ly mowing a hot dog while dri­ving the cart

    my friends love play­ing with him though he takes about 8 strokes off your score

  22. Bre­ak­fast ball must be a regio­nal thing. I’ve play­ed golf for 30 plus years and have never heard this. Now, you are defi­ni­te­ly allo­wed to keep hit­ting off the first tee until you get a play­a­ble one becau­se who the hell has time to warm up befo­re the round.

  23. Whe­re is pul­ling the lever action .22 out of ur bag and shoo­ting birds cau­se ur stuck behind some slow fuck that takes the game seriously

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