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    1. @David Moss Not reti­red yet, fun­ny man. I am a FT para­me­dic and a restau­rant owner. I just don’t have the time to

    2. You can make a “fac­to­ry second” for $315 which is less than most odys­sey put­ters and Scotty’s and it is WAY bet­ter and more con­sis­tent. Just fyi!

    1. Pro­bab­ly a good idea to say that – sor­ry if I mis­sed it in the video…reviews are super com­pel­ling when the­re is no bene­fit to the poster…
      Here’s my “mad” thought…
      14 clubs
      Put­ting is “42%” of the game
      Why only one putter ??
      One feel put­ter for long putts one put­ter like this one for insi­de ten feet … ?
      Or one long one short ?
      Could be a good video

  1. I picked up one of the­se “Used” in Sept of 2019 for $230. I have sin­ce sold off the 3 Scot­ty Came­rons I had, plus nume­rous other put­ters. I’ve been play­ing golf 40+ years and this is hands down the best put­ter I’ve ever used (and I’ve tried them all).

    1. I’ve got­ten simi­lar results — i’ve been play­ing just shy of 40 years mys­elf, and i’m not one to switch out put­ters much — play­ed a Ping Pal for 25 years, then swit­ched to a Ping Pal TR for a few years after that. I got hold of one of the­se LAB put­ters a cou­p­le of years ago in a pro shop and could­n’t miss with it. But the pri­ce sca­red me off. Then ear­ly last year, I saw ano­t­her one in ano­t­her pro shop, and got the same results. So i took the plun­ge, and i wis­hed i had this thing my who­le life. If you miss with this put­ter, it’s you – eit­her your stro­ke or your abi­li­ty to line yourself up. The sta­bi­li­ty of this thing pro­vi­des some­thing i never even knew i nee­ded until i got it. I’ve been play­ing with it for over a year now, and now i can’t help but feel the tor­que of other put­ters now if i try them. They’­re all so bad that i can’t ima­gi­ne ever chan­ging back.

    2. I’ve been play­ing golf for 55 years and used many put­ters but my L.A.B Direc­ted For­ce put­ter is by far the est put­ter i’ve ever used. The feel is ama­zing and i’ve been sin­king at least one bomb every round plus my con­fi­dence on the short putts, 5–6 feet, is through the roof. One thing you need to do is make sure that you have the put­ter shaft in the midd­le of your stance with the ball for­ward. Expen­si­ve yes but worth every pen­ny. If you’­re paying $550 on an dri­ver, why not a putter ???

    3. @hawkey100 so I just got their new LAB Mezz put­ter that just came out. This put­ter is fang-shaped and a much smal­ler head. Com­ing off using a Scot­ty 2012 New­port 2 fore­ver. The face appears to me to look clo­sed at address every time. I’ll try what you say, put shaft cen­ter and ball for­ward. Makes me think ball would go left as face loo­ks clo­sed to me but I’ll try.

  2. Thanks again, MR. S for a gre­at review. I hate to be one of tho­se guys that immedia­te­ly dis­mis­ses a pro­duct sole­ly based on loo­ks, but in this case, I can’t help it. I just don’t go for huge, weird loo­king put­ters. But real­ly, at this pri­ce, Its a moot point, any­way. My put­ting pro­blems will only be fixed when they come up with one that reads greens for you becau­se when it comes to that skill, I am bor­der­line illi­te­ra­te. My put­ting stro­ke is fine and con­sis­tent. I roll it right on my cho­sen line most of the time. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, my lines are wrong too often. I would real­ly appre­cia­te a good video on rea­ding greens, though.

  3. I have a Tour Edge Pure Feel put­ter that’s is very simi­lar and I have impro­ved my put­ting with it. Not near­ly as expensive
    Nice shirt. Only about 70 miles from there

  4. The LAB 1.5 put­ter grip has defi­ni­te­ly hel­ped me. Added it to my ping anser. I don’t think I will ever buy the put­ter its­elf though

  5. Mine was deli­ve­r­ed about a mon­th ago. I real­ly like it – I’m not a gre­at put­ter at the best of times, but this gives me a much more con­sis­tent roll, and seems to be hel­ping me with my pace con­trol as well – always a weak­ness of mine, lea­ving ever­ything short. Expen­si­ve, yes, but I figu­red peop­le spend that much on a dri­ver (I never would do that) and I only use the dri­ver about four times a round. This put­ter I still have to use more often than I’d like, but it’s giving me much bet­ter results now that I’ve got used to it, and is the­re­fo­re real­ly impro­ving my con­fi­dence as well. (I still three putt with it, of cour­se. Just not as often.)

  6. Not sure about most for­gi­ving, but takes the podi­um for the ugliest. Down for anything that can help my score, but not sure I can look at this thing.

  7. Bought this exact put­ter and align­ment aids, but using broom­stick model … my play­ing part­ners have noti­ced I am making more putts than usu­al, even 15–25ft more than my pre­vious put­ter. Many of us buy cus­tom fit­ted clubs, I final­ly after 30yrs of cus­tom clubs, inves­ted in this put­ter… loving it.

  8. Tried it. I drai­ned almost ever­ything as I was wai­t­ing at club cham­pion for my irons to be adjus­ted. If I had t just purcha­sed a see­mo­re I would have grab­bed it. More than likely will get it soon anyway

  9. Ugly is so sub­jec­ti­ve. When Kars­ten Sol­heim came up with his design for the Ping Anser, the guys on tour were hesi­tant to try it becau­se it loo­ked so radi­cal from what they were used to (think Wil­son 8802). Scot­ty Came­ron tur­ned the Anser into one of the most sought after put­ters on tour in the New­port design. So who knows, this might be the stan­dard of the future in put­ter designs. It’s not too far off from the Futu­ra I once used.

  10. Did i hear twerking? 😂 good review. I had one of the­se and they are gre­at. Good align­ment, but ugly as sin. They are huge. They per­form tho for sure. Cus­to­mer ser­vice is gre­at with online fit­ting. The no tor­que con­cept is neat but i real­ly dont think it con­tri­bu­tes to much, as it doesnt take hard­ly any grip pres­su­re at all to miti­ga­te tor­que on a nor­mal put­ter. Ulti­mate­ly i swit­ched and went to some­thing that loo­ks and feels bet­ter to me.

  11. Its ugly as hell and for a club I would use 30+ times a round, that ain’t happening.
    Rule #1. if you’­re going to design some­thing, make sure peop­le want to be seen with it.

  12. I own a cus­tom DF1 put­ter. It repla­ced my Scot­ty Came­ron New­port 2. The DF1 is easier to squa­re to the hole = more putts made. The­re is a lear­ning cur­ve as set­up chan­ges are requi­red and a strai­ght back and through stro­ke is requi­red. That being said the DF1 is my gamer.

  13. Peter Finch did a gre­at video on the LAB Put­ters. He used one for qui­te a while until he tes­ted a bunch of them just this year and it bare­ly lost out. Gre­at put­ter and worth the money if you know how to order your own gear without a professional.

  14. I’m fee­ling that dice put­ting is not as com­pli­ca­ted as the big­ger golf swing I may need to medi­ta­te more on the put­ting stro­ke to deve­lop feel.

  15. Found one used at the pro shop. Got one for $115 and thought, I’ll flip it on ebay use the pro­fit to buy a Scot­ty. Big mista­ke was giving it a try. The­re is no way it is lea­ving my bag. My put­ting skills and more important con­fi­dence are sky high. When I play in scram­bles, the team often says, “Let the bran­ding iron putt, he never mis­ses.” I can­not say enough good things about this put­ter. Igno­re the comments about the loo­ks as you pocket their money at the end of the round.

  16. I have a bunch of put­ters inclu­ding a cou­p­le of Scot­ty Came­rons, Evnroll, TM Spi­ders, etc. I’ve found that out of the gate, I putt just as well with any of them. Howe­ver, as I get tired or start get­ting too many swing thoughts going through my head my abi­li­ty to putt remains con­sis­tent with the LAB. The other put­ters requi­re more fines­se to get the face back to squa­re at impact. The LAB is neu­tral and more con­fi­dence inspir­ting regard­less of what’s in my head or how long I’ve been in the sun. I wish it had an insert becau­se it feels a bit tin­ny. In spi­te of that it’s stay­ing in my bag.

  17. Thanks for the review but honest­ly it loo­ks like a clowns put­ter. Might need to get a second golf bag just for the put­ter. Oh, the fun we could have if one of our 4somes show­ed up with this thing.

  18. How would you com­pa­re the LAB put­ter ver­sus The Honu that also doesn’t tor­que and cost about $200 or less that you review­ed in Decem­ber? The no tor­que con­cept I belie­ve is refer­red to as a cen­ter of mass putter.

  19. Tit­leist must be paying Mr. SG a for­tu­ne as every club he tests he does­n’t game and always reverts to and sticks with his Tit­leist gamer’s, this chan­nel is losing its punch

  20. This put­ter seems like a major gim­mick for bad put­ters. Feels like thro­wing money at equip­ment that puts a band aid on your bad stro­ke when you could spend $50 and go get a les­son and be a bet­ter put­ter without having to get that ugly thing.

    1. I agree. Howe­ver, the tor­que that they talk about exist. The amount of hours you have to spend to miti­ga­te the tor­que of the put­ter is cra­zy. If you are a 0 hdcp and have 31 to 35 ppr and hit­ting 13 to 16 gir I would recom­mend this put­ter. It will move you to a +2 or +3 hdcp

  21. Love ur enthu­si­asm during ur vide­os. Sub­ject mat­ters are always well exp­lai­ned, defi­ni­te­ly hel­ped my game and pro­duct buy­ing decisions

  22. I use one of the­se with a sta­bi­li­ty shaft. I like it but most of the peop­le I play golf with never saw one so they think I have a giant put­ter head.

    1. most of the guys on tour are paid to play some­thing. And the ones that aren’t, pro­bab­ly don’t like the loo­ks of this putter 🙂

  23. Matt, Have you ever heard of Honu put­ters out of Maui? I was thin­king of purcha­sing one of the­se. Was hoping you could do a review on one befo­re I buy one. I 100% trust your judgement…

  24. I have had mine about 1 year. On long putts, I use an open stance and look at the hole. Shor­ter putts I still have an open stance but look at the ball. Excel­lent put­ter. You need to get fit for it by someo­ne who knows hot to fit as the length and lie ang­le are very important to get right.

  25. Cra­zy put­ter! Would love a video exp­lai­ning the bene­fits or pro­blems of having (and play­ing) more than one set of clubs. For examp­le, some peop­le have a Sunday bag that is a dif­fe­rent set than their day-to-day clubs. Thanks Mr. SG!

  26. Just got one off eBay for $250. Had my most con­sis­tent put­ting round I can remem­ber. Every 1st putt was eit­her in or wit­hin 10–12 inches of the hole on all sides. Had a cou­p­le that sett­led about 2–3 foot from the hole.

  27. I pul­led the trig­ger on this put­ter after rea­ding all the posi­ti­ve reviews. 

    It’s not a magic wand. I gave an exten­si­ve test to my exis­ting odys­sey tri hot. For me, I could not get used to the weight of it. Most peop­le, they can’t stand the loo­ks. I figu­red if I was saving putts I could­n’t care what it loo­ked like.

    I found mys­elf con­stant­ly pushing putts and my lag put­ting was­n’t as good com­pa­red to old faith­ful. I liter­al­ly gave it 10 rounds and hrs of com­pa­ri­son on the prac­ti­ce green.

  28. First to go in depth on the LAB? @peterfinchgolf would beg to dif­fer, sir. The maniac went so far as to put the ridi­cu­lous thing in his bag for a bit!

  29. Finch and Shiels both did a review of this thing. Of cour­se, Shiels makes ever­ything he loo­ks at with it, but deci­ded he did­n’t like it 🙂

  30. I have one. It’s made this very bad put­ter pret­ty good. I now, for the first time, have con­fi­dence on short putts. It makes me lag bet­ter. I so rare­ly have a three putt now that my part­ners com­ment if it hap­pens. In the past befo­re I had this put­ter, I’d have several a round. It may not look pret­ty but in my eyes this is the most beau­ti­ful put­ter in the world. Thank you Lab Golf!

  31. I bought one used befo­re the begin­ning of this sea­son. I was reluc­tant on loo­ks alo­ne, but it is the best put­ter I have ever owned. The­re goes my days of gaming beau­ti­ful Scot­ty putters. 🙁

  32. Just picked mine up yes­ter­day and can­ned some beau­ti­ful­ly long putts. Alrea­dy loving it. Slight­ly ligh­ter than I anti­ci­pa­ted but I’ll get used to it. Anyo­ne inte­res­ted in a used EVNROLL put­ter? I can also use my new put­ter for bran­ding catt­le or making my wife pan­ca­kes becau­se it is the size of a fry­ing pan. This put­ter is so easy to line up. My friends were at first making jokes and then later in the round serious­ly che­cking it out. That’s when I knew this was going to be a gre­at addi­ti­on to my bag!

  33. I just bought the put­ter, did the remo­te fit­ting, and it feels good to have a cus­ton made put­ter in your hands, it’s been in the bag for about 2 1/2 weeks. It feels good in my hands and gives a bit of con­fi­dence when lining up a putt.

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