IST DAS DIE AUGUSTA DES VEREINIGTEN KÖNIGREICHS? Wir spielen auf einem der schönsten Golfplätze

IST DAS DIE AUGUSTA DES VEREINIGTEN KOeNIGREICHS Wir spielen auf einem der schoensten Golfplaetze augusta national

Dies ist der schöns­te Golf­platz in Eng­land und mög­li­cher­wei­se der Welt. Der Augus­ta Natio­nal Golf Cour­se im Ver­ei­nig­ten König­reich ist ein Muss für jeden Gol­fer. Die­ses Video zeigt Ihnen eini­ge der bes­ten Eigen­schaf­ten die­ses male­ri­schen Golf­plat­zes und war­um er als einer der bes­ten in der Gegend gilt. ABONNIEREN SIE HEUTE Ver­wen­den Sie die­sen Link https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​m​a​r​k​c​r​o​s​s​f​i​e​l​d​?​s​u​b​_​c​o​n​f​i​r​m​a​t​i​o​n=1 Musik von Label­GREY Sozia­le Links Twit­ter http://​www​.twit​ter​.com/​4​g​o​l​f​o​n​l​ine Insta­gram http://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​c​r​o​s​s​f​i​e​l​d​m​ark Face­book https://​www​.face​book​.com/​A​s​k​G​o​l​f​G​u​ru/

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97 thought on “IST DAS DIE AUGUSTA DES VEREINIGTEN KÖNIGREICHS? Wir spielen auf einem der schönsten Golfplätze”

  1. Coed-y-mws­ter in Brid­ge­nd, Car­diff.. I got mar­ried the­re back in April and play­ed two rounds whilst I was the­re.. bit of tra­vel­ling for you both but 😧 what.. a.. course

    1. Play­ed it a few times as I live clo­se-ish in Bar­ry. Abso­lute­ly stun­ning cour­se. And the pri­ce is ridi­cu­lous for the qua­li­ty of cour­se. Put that cour­se any­whe­re else and it beco­me a hund­red quid a round

    1. It’s his pro­duct… and he thinks it’s worth sharing. Why not share it if he’s put­ting a lot of effort into his pro­duct or service?

  2. Ooh mark and coach – play­ing east Devon on your recom­men­da­ti­on and then Bovey Cast­le Stay­ing Bud­leigh – hummm do you think I should swap Bovey for Stover?

    1. Was a mem­ber of Bud­leigh Sal­ter­ton for many years. very hil­ly. Good views. The design got mes­sed up a few years ago. For views go and play at Teignmouth.

    2. Thanks Mark play­ing the mixed Open at East Devon – won it last time – thanks for the steer much appre­cia­ted – also look at sun­ning­da­le heath runs adja­cent to the big cour­se – that would be a gre­at vid hap­py to join you guys 👍👍

    3. @Roger New­ton Teig­n­mouth secon­ded. Began my gol­fing care­er the­re. Very pret­ty and bet­ter than the card might lead you to belie­ve. Also Daw­lish Warren.

    1. @Justin Ste­phen­son I have two of the bug­gers and they need con­stant pru­ning. But its worth it when they are in bloom.

  3. I think given the cur­rent sco­ring you should have gone for open Quals.. and not just to see the loo­ks on play­ers faces when you pull out the chip­per… st. Andrews 150 years of the Open Championship.. 👍👍

    1. Cant, chip­pers are ille­gal in any PGA tour­ney play, inclu­ding qua­li­fiers. Why you never ever ever see them. Rules could be diff in UK but in US cant use from high school and up.

    2. @Fuzzy Bana­na real­ly? What is the jus­ti­fi­ca­ti­on for the ban? Could you cut down a sgi 8 iron like a Laun­cher and bend it upright?

    3. @Keith Fin­ley I should have sta­ted that bet­ter. They arent by rule ille­gal, but serious­ly frow­ned upon. They take almost zero skill to use and my high school coach said “no one with an once of skill would be caught dead with one in a tour­ney. They are for begin­ners to learn how to chip”. Tech­ni­cal­ly they are legal but cant be 2‑faced and must have a round grip.
      So yes, mark could use one and get laug­hed off the first green. Poor wor­d­ing on my part.

    4. Ima­gi­ne the frown once he drains a few with the old chip­per. I’d love to see it ‚or have the level of golf to be the one that done it.

  4. It is a pret­ty cour­se, but the pret­tiest in Eng­land? Not even close.

    Pret­tiest cour­ses in Eng­land on the 2 days of year that the­re is sunshi­ne and only light winds would be Bam­burgh Cast­le GC (almost links) or Dunstan­burgh Cast­le GC (true links). I will admit neit­her are real­ly dif­fi­cult cour­se but gre­at fun.

    Alt­hough if we expand it to UK, Dor­noch would win pret­tiest cour­se for me and is real cham­pions­hip standard

    1. In fair­ness to Mark, he did say ‘has the poten­ti­al to be…’ and ‘in the south West’. Having said that Teig­n­mouth would get my ‘pret­ty’ vote.

    1. Most of the rho­do­den­drons at the Berkshire have been roo­ted out. Mem­bers request appar­ent­ly. On the plus side you now rare­ly lose a ball, the nega­ti­ve is that mem­bers get a rude sur­pri­se if the don’t hit fair­ways when away visiting.

    2. @minno234 yep play­ed swin­ley last week and was told that the coun­cil offer incen­ti­ves to take them out as they are a weed – Went­worth and Sun­ning­da­le haven’t I am glad to say👍

  5. That new shot­scope just loo­ks like a pain. I think I’ll keep the V3 whe­re I can pret­ty much for­get about it until I sink the ball.

    Also thank you for showing an afford­a­ble cour­se, I will keep it in mind next time I’m in South Devon.

  6. Not a bad cour­se, but you have com­ple­te­ly lost the plot, if you think this cour­se can be utte­red in the same breath with Augus­ta , and I have play­ed both.

  7. You would never see the rough unkept like that in Ga, the baring in the fair­ways is com­ple­te­ly unac­cep­ta­ble. Your reaching in fact I can call this click bait.

  8. I’m cele­bra­ting like Coach, my best ever round today of 83, but it could have an 80.…. gre­at video, lovely loo­king course

  9. Peb­b­le Brook Golf Cour­se is the Peb­b­le Beach of Spring­field, Ten­nes­see. Only there’s no oce­an. And it cos­ts $27.

  10. i’m a tech fan but this all just seems to much. a quick look at the distance and i’m away. i won­der if ppl for­get to just enjoy the game anymore.

    1. At the risk of pro­vo­king a pile-on, I com­ple­te­ly agree. I use a Gar­min watch and then work off that. No-one trusts their eyes any more.

  11. Matt recent­ly made a video illus­tra­ting his thought pro­cess when he wants to play his best com­pe­ti­ti­ve golf. It just seems as if he can’t or does­n’t do that in the­se events with Mark sin­ce so much time is spent in con­ver­sa­ti­on and joking around. Won­der what the out­co­me would be if he, or they, play­ed in a man­ner like that.

  12. Shame thats con­si­de­red a top cour­se in beau­ty, and it loo­ks nice. Whe­re i live that cour­se is stan­dard issue. The nice cour­ses blow that cour­se away. Now pri­ce is the HUGE dif­fe­rence. We have 2 cour­ses wit­hin 60 miles that are below $50 US for 18 with cart, and most are $70+. The “super” cour­ses are $135+ and twi­light is $75+. And befo­re you say “just walk”, many cour­ses dont allow it becau­se they are too hil­ly and bring pace of play to a halt.

  13. I think the plants are aza­leas, awe­so­me loo­king cour­se but I think I would be a litt­le anxious like coach very nar­row and lots of trees but main­ten­an­ce is great 👍👏

  14. Lovely cour­se, very tight though, last time I play­ed a cour­se like that I hit every tree at least twice. Yes Mark, no won­der your worked on accu­ra­cy and not power.

  15. How good does sto­ver look now sin­ce brook­sy has arrived…it’s lush…and fun­ny that locky is loving the tight­ness of the course 😂😂

  16. Real­ly miss the old school holi­day vlogs with Rory and Dan (Ire­land tour, Malay­sia etc). For me this is whe­re Rick Shiels is so good at sti­cking to good con­tent rather than Cross­field who now posts mis­lea­ding tit­les that don’t men­ti­on the non­sen­se he’s pushing down peo­p­les throats in every video…

    1. No mali­ce inten­ded I under­stand ever­yo­ne has to make their livings but I’ve lost count of the vide­os that are made with a tit­le that indi­ca­tes a stan­dard cour­se vlog to then have mul­ti­ple in video ads of some­thing they’ve crea­ted and are char­ging for

  17. Love the vide­os whe­re you guys are mic’d up, strugg­le to hear you in the others. Way to make him putt the last Matt! #Lockey­Ar­my

  18. That’s you won a hole so you’ve won the game that’s not a game so that’s one all which is a draw so that’s a win for you. What a day.
    Very fun­ny, I was giggling when you said that.
    Nice cour­se too. I play­ed the­re many years ago in a match for RAF Chi­ve­nor back in the day.
    I love the­se match vids.

  19. Rapidly beco­m­ing my favou­rite You­Tube golf creators 👏👏 you both always look like your having fun and the know­ledge and stars are 2nd to none!!! Thank you

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