Ist das Drama PGA vs. LIV gut für Golf? | Sportzentrum

Ist das Drama PGA vs. LIV gut fuer Golf Sportzentrum ESPN

Sport­s­Cen­ter wirft einen genau­en Blick auf das fol­gen­de Dra­ma zwi­schen der PGA Tour und der in Sau­di-Ara­bi­en ansäs­si­gen LIV Golf Invi­ta­tio­nal Seri­es, die letz­te Woche statt­fand, als Tony Korn­hei­ser und Micha­el Wil­bon zum heu­ti­gen Bonus­seg­ment von Par­don The Inter­rup­ti­on vor­bei­schau­ten. ✔️Abon­nie­ren Sie ESPN+ http://​espn​plus​.com/​y​o​u​t​ube ✔️ Holen Sie sich die ESPN-App: http://​www​.espn​.com/​e​s​p​n​/​a​p​p​s​/​e​spn ✔️Abon­nie­ren Sie ESPN auf You­Tube: http://​es​.pn/​S​U​B​S​C​R​I​B​E​t​o​Y​O​U​T​UBE ✔️ NBA auf ESPN auf You­Tube abon­nie­ren: http://​bit​.ly/​S​U​B​S​C​R​I​B​E​t​o​N​B​A​o​n​E​SPN ✔️ ESPN auf You­Tube TV anse­hen: http://​es​.pn/​Y​o​u​T​u​b​eTV

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31 thought on “Ist das Drama PGA vs. LIV gut für Golf? | Sportzentrum”

  1. It is good for golf becau­se it is brin­ging atten­ti­on to the game. Golf and base­ball are for older audi­en­ces. That isn’t good. Both sports are fal­ling in view­ers­hip and relevancy.

    1. @Iclimbedfromthegutta when the­re is more on the table com­pe­ti­ti­on gets more fier­ce. I want to see them play for more coins to see an epic match.

    2. This is sus. You don’t watch golf now, but you’­re going to take time out of your day and other hob­bies just to watch a sport you don’t alrea­dy watch just becau­se more money is on the table?

      If a cur­ling com­pe­ti­ti­on star­ted and paid well would you start watching that?

  2. To the ones who likes the­se kinds of post this is for you. I Hope your day, week, even year is a bles­sed one. Life is to short to hate and be mad at anything. Start reaching out to loved one more becau­se you never know when it’s our last day here. Wha­te­ver it is in life you want to do go after it don’t let anyo­ne tell you other wise. Keep on figh­t­ing, pushing, and grin­ding through wha­te­ver you are going through hope all is well peace and one love.

  3. We have poli­ti­ci­ans making money in for­eign coun­tries and the sports world trip­ping on gol­fers play­ing in Sau­di Arabia 😮‍💨

  4. PGA has had it to good for to long and want to be the only one.
    Liv is paying more and the PGA does­n’t want to pay out more.
    The PGA is just greedy

  5. Liv Golf is part­ne­red with the Asi­an Tour and the DP Tour. It’s legi­ti­ma­te. Espe­cial­ly if they get 3 more.names like Fow­ler, Bub­ba Wat­son and someo­ne else

  6. Idk if yall know this but…money is money. Spends the same loo­ks the same cau­se it is the same. Oil money isn’t some­thing to be asha­med of its some­thing to put in your pocket.

  7. Honest­ly it’s a bunch of old white guys from a real­ly exclu­si­ve coun­try club with money arguing with some real­ly Rich royal­ty from Sau­di Arabia.…how is this any dif­fe­rent that what’s been showing up in the news????

  8. Tru­ly a batt­le of mil­lion­aires vs bil­lion­aires vs bil­lion­aires. Ever­yo­ne is gon­na go whe­re the paychecks are. For some, that’s the PGA. For others, it will be LIV

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