Ist dieses 3‑jährige Golf-Wunderkind der nächste Tiger Woods? | Nachtlinie | abc Nachrichten

Ist dieses 3 jaehrige Golf Wunderkind der naechste Tiger Woods Nachtlinie abc Nachrichten abc

„Baby James“ Gri­mes spielt bereits in Kin­der­tur­nie­ren und träumt von der PGA Tour. ABONNIEREN Sie die neu­es­ten Nach­rich­ten und Aktua­li­sie­run­gen von ABC News ► http://​www​.you​tube​.com/​s​u​b​s​c​r​i​p​t​i​o​n​_​c​e​n​t​e​r​?​a​d​d​_​u​s​e​r​=​a​b​c​n​ews Um die voll­stän­di­ge Geschich­te und ande­re zu lesen, besu­chen Sie http://​www​.abc​news​.com Sehen Sie sich wei­te­re Nach­rich­ten von ABC an Nach­rich­ten! Ähn­li­che Geschich­ten von ABC New ► [https://​www​.you​tube​.com/watch?v=IVGAI8o5i4o&list=PLQOa26lW-uI-OGtGrSH3xPaGciCMevaww Mehr von Night­li­ne ► https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​s​P​y​3​8​U​3​a​S​T​s​&​l​i​s​t​=​P​L​3​1​7​5​1​7​6​9​A​1​2​6​4​A20 At Der erst drei Jah­re alte James – bekannt als „Baby James“ – ist der klei­ne Stolz Süd­loui­sia­nas für sei­ne Fähig­kei­ten auf dem Golf­platz. „Er fing an, den Ball im gan­zen Haus zu schla­gen, wäh­rend er krab­bel­te“, sag­te James‘ Mut­ter Nico­le Gri­mes zu „Night­li­ne“ von ABC News. „Wir waren gera­de hier­her gezo­gen und er fing an, dar­auf zu krab­beln und zu schla­gen.“ Nico­le Gri­mes, die sich selbst als „Golf­ma­ma“ bezeich­net, fährt James min­des­tens vier­mal pro Woche zum Üben auf zwei nahe gele­ge­nen Golf­plät­zen. –Um die gan­ze Geschich­te und ande­re zu lesen, besu­chen Sie http://​www​.abc​news​.com. Fol­gen Sie ABC News im Inter­net! Face­book: http://​www​.face​book​.com/​a​b​c​n​ews Twit­ter: http://​twit​ter​.com/​ABC Insta­gram: https://​insta​gram​.com/​A​B​C​N​e​ws/ ABC News hat die bes­ten Geschich­ten gesam­melt um Ihren Tag zu erhel­len und Ihnen einen Grund zum Lächeln zu geben. ABC News bringt Ihnen die bes­ten Trend­ge­schich­ten und vira­len Video­mo­men­te, über die gemein­sam am Was­ser­spen­der gespro­chen, auf Face­book geteilt und auf Red­dit hoch­ge­lobt wird. Von Hun­den, die Wel­pen ret­ten, US-Sol­da­ten, die nach Hau­se zurück­keh­ren, um ihre Fami­li­en zu über­ra­schen, wie­der­ver­ein­ten Goril­la-Brü­dern, tan­zen­den Senio­ren, will­kür­li­chen Akten der Freund­lich­keit, bis hin zu Schul­kin­dern, die Obdach­lo­sen hel­fen; und vie­les mehr! Betei­li­gen Sie sich an der Dis­kus­si­on und ver­fol­gen Sie die herz­er­wär­men­den Momen­te und erhe­ben­den Geschich­ten mit ABC News. Night­li­ne ist eine 30-minü­ti­ge Late-Night-Nach­rich­ten­sen­dung, die der­zeit wochen­tags um 00:35 Uhr auf ABC aus­ge­strahlt wird | 1:35 Uhr ET. Die Mode­ra­to­ren Juju Chang, Dan Abrams und Dan Har­ris berich­ten aus­führ­lich über die wich­tigs­ten Geschich­ten, hei­ße The­men und die neu­es­ten Nach­rich­ten des Tages. Sie kön­nen Night­li­ne jeden Abend kurz nach Jim­my Kim­mel Live! Machen Sie ABC News zu Ihrer täg­li­chen Nach­rich­ten­agen­tur für aktu­el­le natio­na­le und inter­na­tio­na­le Nach­rich­ten, aus­ge­strahl­te Videobe­richt­erstat­tung und exklu­si­ve Inter­views, die Ihnen hel­fen, über die Ereig­nis­se, die unse­re Welt prä­gen, auf dem Lau­fen­den zu blei­ben. Die Sen­dungs­lis­te von ABC News hat sowohl Spit­zen­rei­ter in der täg­li­chen Abend- als auch in der Mor­gen­sen­dung. Begin­nen Sie Ihren Wochen­tag mor­gens mit Nach­rich­ten-Updates von Good Morning Ame­ri­ca (GMA) und sonn­tags mit This Week with Geor­ge Ste­pha­no­pou­los. Holen Sie sich Ihren Abend mit 20/20, Night­li­ne und ABC World News Tonight with David Muir. Besu­chen Sie abc​.go​.com für den Pro­gramm­plan und wei­te­re Infor­ma­tio­nen zu ABC News.

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1.898 thought on “Ist dieses 3‑jährige Golf-Wunderkind der nächste Tiger Woods? | Nachtlinie | abc Nachrichten”

  1. we don’t need more ath­le­tes. we need more sci­en­tists to make the next big human advan­ce­ment. i would at least like more sci­en­ti­fi­cal­ly lite­ra­te peop­le in this coun­try, that would be nice.

    1. Wait until he can con­cen­tra­te more. For three he is gre­at. He plays bet­ter than some 30 year olds I’ve seen.

    2. jui­cy­f­ruit­zy look up Nico­le gri­mes that is his mom and that is how his swing loo­ks now you real­ly expect that kid to make it pga

  2. How come he isn’t the next Arnold Pal­mer. Why does he have to be com­pa­red to such a slea­ze ball? It’s not fair to the poor litt­le guy.

    1. @The gaming dude was? I don’t think Tiger pas­sed away. Last year, he was the pga tour play­er of the year. This year he is inju­red so how is it all of a sud­den “he was an out­san­ding gol­fer”???? He is one of the greatest. 

  3. pret­ty cool, but his par­ents should real­ly tell him to look down ran­ge befo­re he swings lol, most the time he just sta­res at the ground and doesnt even pay atten­ti­on, i under­stand he is 3 and will get much much bet­ter but still. I think his par­ents were actual­ly tel­ling him whe­re to swing cau­se when they were tal­king about the last hole he was just sta­ring at the ground and he hit it into the rough about 10 feet from the fair­way and his mom said it was her fault

    1. Hi, respon­ding to your com­ment about cad­dy. I actual­ly do not play golf, My hus­band or I actual­ly, when James show­ed an inte­rest and we purcha­sed his real clubs, I would tee him up and I did­n’t know a thing about it, He set hims­elf up, then short­ly after he star­ted taking les­sons with his coach. His coach Micha­el tells me things to remind him about and of cour­se now I defi­ni­te­ly know the basics to cad­dy for him and prac­ti­ce with him, James plays his own game, I never posi­ti­on him.

      I only tell him to always aim at the flag and remind him to keep his eye on the ball, and for his lon­ger putts, I tell him to get as clo­se to the hole as he can! I never over coach him, He knows exact­ly what to do, He is very young, and he does get tired. He had a very busy week the week of his tour­na­ment, He had taken part in other golf events two days befo­re his tour­na­ment, so he actual­ly play­ed 4 days of golf which inclu­ded the last two days of his tour­na­ment, We are very proud of him, He was the youn­gest and play­ed with the top three inclu­ding hims­elf in the last round. Gre­at accom­plish­ment!!! Anyo­ne that plays golf knows you have gre­at holes and not so gre­at holes!!! We are very proud of baby James, Oh and yes I do help him deci­de which club to use!!!

      Thanks again to all of Baby James fans! I do read comments dai­ly and will be hap­py to ans­wer all ques­ti­ons from his fans!!! Thanks again for your support!!!!!

    2. respon­ding to the first com­ment, I actual­ly said it was my fault becau­se I put his tee too high, that’s why it pop­ped up like that, The ball!!! Most of the time I have to tee him pret­ty low!!! That was a rough hole that day, He did gre­at on the next one which was his last hole to com­ple­te the tour­na­ment! He always aims befo­re he hits.…I remind him to make sure!!!

  4. oh come on just becau­se hes good now doesnt mean he will beco­me frea­king tiger woods, he could not impro­ve that fast? tv needs to chill out lol… but stilll congrats to this kid hope hes keeps his pas­si­on in golf!:)

    1. his mom seems pret­ty groun­ded and just nice. If you lis­ten in the video, when he mes­ses up, she takes the bla­me to relie­ve pres­su­re from the kid. Not that he seems like he cares but her heart seems to be in the right place.

    1. Me too lmao, like I’m a scratch gol­fer but I was never cal­led “pro­di­gy” or “the next tiger” just becau­se I could hit a ball well at 3. I feel bad for this kid

  5. Nice skills, but I per­so­nal­ly don’t like kids get­ting into it so young. At around 8 or 9 years of age a child has a grea­ter abi­li­ty to fol­low inst­ruc­tions and will advan­ce very quick­ly from that point. If you have 100 8 year olds and start tea­ching them you will deve­lop a very high per­cen­ta­ge of good young golfers.

    Start them at 3 years of age when they have very litt­le chan­ce of fol­lowing inst­ruc­tions they will only deve­lop bad habits that will be dif­fi­cult to break at a later sta­ge. Yes you may crea­te the odd Tiger Woods but at the expen­se of thousands of was­hed up bur­ned out 8 year olds!!

    1. I’d like to see him play­ing cow­boys and india­ns, buil­ding cub­by houses. It’s no big dra­ma but I do think he will be a nice gol­fer if he takes the game up a litt­le later, and he will have a more roun­ded childhood.

    2. I’m not sure star­ting at 8 would give them enough of a head start com­pa­red to what Tiger was doing at an ear­ly age. But let’s not get exci­ted becau­se the kid can strike the ball “pure”. Tigers stro­ke loo­ked bet­ter than grown men and the only thing that kept him from con­sist­ent­ly bea­ting them was sheer strengt

    1. @Nicole Grimes
      I hope you kept him away from xbox and play­sta­ti­on and he still has a love for the game. I’d be very curious to know how he’s get­ting on, hope he is doing well and it does­n’t mat­ter if he’s not win­ning once he’s enjoy­ing hims­elf and having fun.
      Best wis­hes from Ireland.

  6. Not to put the sto­ry down but if you watch the wee fel­la doesnt even look whe­re he is hit­ting the ball too he just gets down and thumps it . Give him a cou­p­le off years and when he starts to con­cen­tra­te on the game he will be one off the best . But at the min its too ear­ly to judge him the next tiger woods .

  7. Rel­ly you think he good I play bet­ter than him I’m 13 use the same brand as him and hit 190 yards from the. My average score is 42 so shut up.

    1. ^no that does­n’t mean you can be a PGA tour play­er, it all comes down to finan­ces. You’d have to keep shoo­ting low scores to have the money to keep going. Q schools like 7,000$. And that’s just to get in. After qua­li­fy­ing it cos­ts more and more and more.

  8. Now you guys say­ing he sucks, you are wrong. Peop­le who are my age (13) can’t hit the ball that good. I’m sure he will be bet­ter than me in 10 years. I can only shoot bet­ween 78–85 right now…

  9. Spe­cial thanks to all of baby James posi­ti­ve supporters!
    He is tru­ly an ama­zing litt­le boy bles­sed with a won­der­ful gift! I fol­lo­wed James inte­rest in golf and I encou­ra­ge other par­ents to fol­low the inte­rests and goals in their child­rens life. Baby James has prac­ti­ced his gol­fing skills on the cour­se sin­ce he was two years old at least five days a week and that being his choice! It is fun and very rou­ti­ne for him! He plays with his toys and loves his swing set and he is a very hap­py child!!! He can dri­ve his ball 90 yards now, He is just a won­der­ful child and my hus­band and I will sup­port him always! For all of Baby James fans plea­se fol­low him on twit­ter @probabyjames!!! Thanks again to his ama­zing fans!!!!!

  10. Why do peop­le have to judge a three year old? Peop­le get jea­l­ous over not­hing. I think its time for ever­yo­ne to grow up and stop say­ing shit about this three year old.

  11. What is with the dis­li­kes of the video? it is obvious by the video his par­ents did not for­ce him to do this and he enjoys it. PGA play­ers make a lot of money each year and never even have to worry about get­ting inju­red. I hate golf and could careless about it but if the kid wants to dedi­ca­te his life to golf and have a very suc­cess­ful finan­cial care­er more power to him and his parents.

  12. I star­ted play­ing when i was 3 too, won my first major tour­na­ment for the Golf Chan­nel in San Anto­nio at the age of 8, play­ed on a small tour at the age at 10, tried out for my high­schools team fresh­man year 2 years ago and bro­ke my leg on the cour­se. Went and play­ed golf for the first time in 2 years today, shot 98. back to squa­re one 🙂

    1. @Nicholas Hano I quit becau­se i was pis­sed and frus­tra­ted. Dum­best decisi­on I’ve made. Btw, of cour­se it didnt take 2 years, took 8/9 weeks

    1. We all know put­ting can be pret­ty tough! James has always loved put­ting! When we first star­ted going on the cour­se, He wan­ted to just stay on the same hole and just keep putting…lol.….It was hard get­ting him to move to the next hole! We prac­ti­ce a lot but put­ting is defi­ni­te­ly a big favo­ri­te of his!!!

    2. Yeah, it seems that he’s eager enough to play. He will pro­bab­ly enjoy it for the rest of his life. I would­n’t be sur­pri­sed if he gets col­le­ge golf spon­sor­s­hips or pro­fes­sio­nal spon­sor­s­hips by the time he’s twen­ty. I star­ted play­ing when I was eight, but only play about once or twice a mon­th. Keep sup­por­ting what he does. I love golf, and am curious to find out ran­dom­ly in a deca­de that he’s like the best juni­or play­er. Keep swinging!

    3. Thanks so much for your sup­port! He had a gre­at prac­ti­ce today! It’s won­der­ful you still play! I will defi­ni­te­ly sup­port him and encou­ra­ge him! If you have a Twit­ter account plea­se fol­low him at pro­ba­by­ja­mes! We will start a web­site for him soon! Thanks again for your encou­ra­ging words and you keep up your gol­fing as well!!!

  13. Give this kid and his fami­ly a break.Watching this in the Uk and I love his enthu­si­asm for the game​.So long as he isn’t dri­ven to take over his life​.So long as they­re hap­py and he enjoys it the best of luck to them​.you never know you may be clea­ring him on for the U.S In 20 years time!

    1. Thanks he enjoys the game very much! He is a very remar­kab­le litt­le boy!!! Thanks again for your sup­port, It is great­ly appreciated!!!

  14. the par­ents are REALLY pri­de­ful about him being able to hit a golf ball. com­pa­ring him to tiger woods pshhh! also the mom going up to that kid and say­ing asking how old he is and then say­ing “my son is only 3” like bitch my 4 year old bro­ther could kick that kids ass. 12 on a hole? my 4 year old bro­ther has never shot a fuckn 12 on a hole. STOP MAKING YOUR CHILD UP TO BE SOMETHING THAT HE IS NOT. TIGER WOODS? HE IS ONLY 3 YOU FUCKING WORTHLESS PARENTS!

    1. Thank you for your sup­port!!! As we all know Tiger is an ama­zing gol­fer!!! Baby James loves golf and put­ting is defi­ni­te­ly a favo­ri­te of his!!!

    1. Hi the­re! Thanks for your sup­port, sounds like you play pret­ty well! James will be in a tour­na­ment this wee­kend 9 holes on Satur­day and Sunday each day, first time having par five’s at 200 yards out! We prac­ti­ced last week 200 out and he did real­ly well!!!!! A total of around 1,000 yards each day! He wants to do it, So he will have fun and good expe­ri­ence for him! He has been play­ing nine holes regu­lar­ly and he is doing well! Again thanks for your sup­port and keep play­ing golf!!!!!

    1. Thanks Cory for your sup­port! James has always loved put­ting, If asked what is his favo­ri­te thing about golf? He always ans­wers chip­ping and put­ting! He prac­ti­ces a lot! Thanks again for your support!!!

    1. @nicole gri­mes It’s in our blood. It’s what we were born to do. We feel and see the cour­se dif­fer­ent­ly. I can’t exp­lain how or why ‚it just is. You have won­der­ful times ahead watching his love and pas­si­on for the game grow . Go get’em James !

    2. @Ryan Gri­mes Must have mis­sed this for some rea­son. But any­way, I can’t argue with that. I’d rather go back to when peop­le bar­te­red for stuff. At least ever­y­bo­dy usual­ly went away not fee­ling like they just got bent over a bar­rel; probably. 

  15. My son has the same gift. Made a true par on a 128 yard par 3 as a 3 year old. He is 4 now but still haven’t taken him near a real golf cour­se. Haha toy trains have taken golfs place. May­be one day golf will return:)

  16. Fan­tastic to watch what an exci­ting future this young man has, he’s also lucky to have a mom that is giving him a gre­at chan­ce to be able to excel in a sport that can give you a fan­tastic life. Good luck from eng­land litt­le man

    1. Thank you so much! You have real­ly made my day with this com­ment! Thank you! I do this for James and his future! He is very bles­sed and he loves the game! He play­ed a tour­na­ment today , did gre­at! One more round tomor­row! Thanks so much for your support!!!

    1. Hi Ryan, He did ama­zing! He is real­ly accu­ra­te! His coach says he does­n’t over think, He just does it ! I have to watch how I tee him sometime!

    2. @nicole gri­mes Make sure he keeps his focus on golf, I was like this when I was three and now I can’t find anything for my later life. Well, I was­n’t as skilled.

    3. Thanks Ryan , I will defi­ni­te­ly encou­ra­ge him that’s for sure! He is tru­ly bles­sed with a gift!!!!! I think some­thing is defi­ni­te­ly out the­re for you! I bet you play golf well!!! Thanks for your sup­port!!! James has two more tour­na­ments this year!!!

    4. He has grown so much with his golf sin­ce this video, sin­ce this tour­na­ment even! It show­ed in his last tour­na­ment for sure! He plays ano­t­her tour­na­ment in two weeks! Golf is defi­ni­te­ly a big part of his life, It is very rou­ti­ne for him, but he is very balan­ced and very much a kid!!! 90 is pret­ty good!!!

  17. Obvious­ly this boy is being over­ly pro­mo­ted by the parent’s. The parent’s should be medi­ca­ted to slow the pro­cess down. Other wise you’ll have a child who’s burnt out by 5.

  18. Baby James won his tour­na­ment 1st place in Tam­pa Flo­ri­da, play­ed ama­zing! Short game was gre­at!!! Congrats Baby James! He play­ed some serious golf! 2 rounds of 9 holes!!! Gre­at job Baby James!!!

  19. LOL a “pro­di­gy” and he finis­hes mid pack in the tour­na­ment that ABC covers him at. This kid will be good doubt but he will also likely be burnt out by high school with his dumb par­ents pushing him to be a PGA Tour star. Par­ents have rui­ned more “child pro­di­gies” than anything else.

  20. Any kid that can hit a ball into the air is labe­led “the next Tiger Woods” which seems inap­pro­pria­te today with what we know.

    Golf will be com­ple­te­ly dead by the time he hits puber­ty anyway.

    1. no he is not becaus­ei was doing a hell of alot bet­ter than this kid ive seen 3 year olds do alot bet­ter than him and i was one of them i play with my father he loves golf as much as i do i can hit 160 yards my father can hit 380 yard easy and im 12 but we dont go tto the news every time some one learns som­thing but he is still good but i am never gona doupt him and not unde­re­sti­ma­te what he can do he may do bet­ter than me but im a 12 year old guy but good kid

    1. He is so amazing,I know he is proud to have ama­zing parents.I got a 7 year old girl.but its Barbie,s for.her.may god­bless yall.Yw,thanx for the reply.u made my day,Ty so much.

    2. Thanks Wil­liam! We love the feed­back from our posi­ti­ve fans like yourself!!! Thanks again for your sup­port!!! Baby James is also on Twit­ter at pro​ba​by​ja​mes​.com and We recent­ly ope­ned a fan page on Face­book for him under baby James gol­fer as well!!! Check it out if you have time one day!!! Thanks again, Nicole

    1. Yeah ik. Jus becau­se he can hit a ball and make a putt doesn’t mean he is the next tiger woods! And I think his par­ents will put so much pres­su­re on him later on in his life that he will crum­ble and start beco­m­ing crap

  21. Hi all Baby James fans I am star­ting to upload vide­os of Baby James prac­ti­cing to you tube, I added an awe­so­me up hill set up putt from this evening that is awesome.….Take a look under Baby James gol­fer!!! It’s a gre­at putt!!!

    1. Thanks Khai­ril, James has always loved put­ting! I recent­ly pos­ted a few more vide­os of James put­ting under Baby james golf and baby James gol­fer! Here on you tube. If you have a chan­ce, plea­se take a look! Thanks again, Take care!

    1. Thanks gol­diemcg, I know your abso­lute­ly right!!! Baby James.….I think my par­ents star­ted that actual­ly and it just caught on! Thanks for your sup­port, If ever on Face­book fol­low James, He is under of cour­se Baby James gol­fer! I will be uploading new vide­os and pho­tos of his pro­gress! Thanks again, Nico­le Grimes!

  22. If beco­m­ing a pro­fes­sio­nal gol­fer is the path his par­ents belie­ve in, they should start ear­ly tuning his body pro­fes­sio­nal­ly, kids grow fast and sports will have both posi­ti­ve and nega­ti­ve impact on their young bodies. Cul­ti­vat­ing their body and men­ta­li­ty sci­en­ti­fi­cal­ly will bene­fit and pro­long their ath­le­tic care­er a lot.

  23. All expec­ta­ti­ons asi­de.… this is a fan­tastic sport to teach the young and some­ti­mes the OLD ! Gre­at values and eti­quet­te in life #golf hap­py peop­le ☺️

    1. Thanks Alex I defi­ni­te­ly agree!!! Thanks for your sup­port! If you would like to, Plea­se like Baby James Face­book page under Baby James gol­fer, Thanks again! Nico­le Grimes

  24. “oh he WILL be on the PGA Tour” says the dad. LOL. good luck with that. im a PGA tea­ching pro­fes­sio­nal, just make it fun for him, dont burn him out. and get him into has many tour­na­ments as pos­si­ble. AJGAs mainly.

  25. Real­ly? Just becau­se a per­son star­ted at the age of 3 you expect he will be the next Tiger Woods? I’m not try­ing to sound all gre­at but I am 16 now, I average a 39 on 9 holes and I have been play­ing for about 11 mon­ths. Some peop­le pick up the game quick­ly and that is what makes a play­er gre­at, being able to exceed and excel in a small amount of time. 

    1. @hoss011 It’s not a lie. For the past 7 mon­ths I have been going to the cour­se 3–4 times a week, no less. 2 times with my coach and at least once a week to play 18 holes. I am a pret­ty quick lear­ner. You can check out my insta­gram for some swing vide­os and ever­ything if you want. 

    2. @trevor man­di­na golf is a fuck­ing hard game son, i serious­ly doubt that you pick up a club for the first time, regard­less of how much you train during the week and have a han­di­cap of 6 less than a year later. 

    3. @hearts76100 I’ve alrea­dy found my brick wall, and that is Tour­na­ments haha. It’s like I turn into a moron with 0 cour­se manage­ment skills. I take stu­pid shots like try­ing to hit a pit­ching wedge over a tree when I could just as well punch a 4 iron under it. And I’m extre­me­ly incon­sis­tent, I sup­po­se con­sis­ten­cy comes with experience. 🙂

  26. I would like to say Thank You to all of Baby James fans!!! We appre­cia­te your sup­port! Plea­se like Baby James Face­book page under Baby James gol­fer!!! Thanks again!!!

  27. Way­y­yy to much hype for this kid. I get he’s young and he has gre­at con­ta­ct, but they don’t have a clue what he could be doing in the future. It’s a loo­ooong shot to go PGA. And he was hit­ting it max 50 yards. The only thing I was real­ly sur­pri­sed about was his putting.

  28. I remem­ber play­ing when I was 3 or so years old. I think it’s gre­at. Some kids just natu­ral­ly love the game, and have a natu­ral abi­li­ty to wind and unwind in their swing. We put a small chip and putt golf hole in my front yard and I’d be out the­re until it was too dark to see just play­ing it over and over from dif­fe­rent “tees” with my father. By the time high school rol­led around I was alrea­dy begin­ning to be bur­ned out. Golf beca­me all about prac­ti­ce and no lon­ger about just having fun sen­ding a ball fly­ing towards a hole or han­ging out with my father. I began play­ing a lot less, and losing a lot of pas­si­on for it. I still cap­tai­ned my col­le­ge team, but it was­n’t as fun as tho­se days as child befo­re anyo­ne real­ly put pres­su­re on you to shave a stro­ke off your game. I hope Baby James’s par­ents don’t push him, but just let him tre­at it like a game for as long as pos­si­ble. Once it goes from game to sport, it begins to take a toll on you mental­ly. A kid with his natu­ral abi­li­ty will pro­gress leaps and bounds just by having fun with the game and some occa­sio­nal inst­ruc­tion. I tru­ly wish him the best of luck and I hope he always loves the game.

  29. No pres­su­re kid, espe­cial­ly with your idi­ot father self con­ce­ded brag­ging rants and yap­ping about going to the PGA. What an embarr­ass­ment to have a father like that. 

    1. Hi, Khai­ril! Thanks for your sup­port! I will encou­ra­ge him all the way! We tra­vel to Flo­ri­da so that he can play in tour­na­ments, He has won both tour­na­ments he play­ed sin­ce this one in the video and the­se are 2 nine hole rounds for 2 days 1,000 yards each day and he just tur­ned four!!! He has impro­ved his game 10 to 12 strokes sin­ce this video was taken!!! He is tru­ly an ama­zing litt­le boy! Plea­se fol­low him Khai­ril on his face­book page under Baby James gol­fer! It would be gre­at if you would like his page!!! I always add new video and pho­tos!!! James will be eli­gi­ble to play US kids next May, He can’t wait!!!!! Thanks again for your support!!!

    1. @nicole gri­mes
      well,the pup likes to putt and shows a lot of con­fi­dence jud­ging from the pace at which he does. So half the batt­le is alrea­dy figu­red out :-), i’d reck­on he’ll enjoy working his way rever­se (Putt 50% -> Chip 30% -> Dri­ve 20% of the prac­ti­ce time).

  30. He’s actual­ly just like me, I’m 15 and I star­ted at 2,5 y/o but I only took 1 on 1 cour­ses ins­tead of going on the main track, which annoy­ed me so I stop­ped but I star­ted play­ing again several years ago

  31. The kid is 3 years old.. He’s far from the next “Tiger Woods”. All he’s doing is hit­ting the ball, no regards as to what he’s actual­ly accom­pli­shing.. If he was around 10 years of age shoo­ting par and below con­sist­ent­ly and knew what he was doing and how he’s doing it, then he would have a good chan­ce at being the next Tiger woods. (79 tour­na­ment wins, 14 majors) The chan­ce of the­re being ano­t­her tiger woods is almost impos­si­ble con­si­de­ring the varie­ty of skills and play­ers now days.

    1. @A Cab­s­alt no in foot­ball I have to think about the ang­le at which I should throw the ball and the amount of power. Sports (real sports) are based on calculations. 

    2. @notformebeaky I was play­ing foot­ball today And I was about to through a far pass and I thought I need this much power and this arc and I threw a per­fect pass.

    3. @playlist cen­tral
      lol…but keep in mind: in every sta­di­um the­re are other cir­cum­s­tan­ces fpr the wind…
      you have to cal­cu­la­te that into your nee­ded speed as well 🙂
      you don´t cal­cu­la­te anything 😉

    1. Hi Scoo­ter! Thank you for your sup­port! I agree you defi­ni­te­ly have to keep it fun! He loves it!!! He has been doing so well late­ly, We play­ed nine holes this evening and he made a 30 foot down­hill putt for bir­die!!! It was ama­zing! We have it on video on his face­book fan page!!! If you have a chan­ce and your on face­book, plea­se search for him and like his page under Baby James gol­fer!!! Thanks again for your support!!!!!

    2. Inde­ed. I recent­ly beca­me head chef at a coun­try club and me and my wife are play­ing again. My two kids are very inte­res­ted (3 and 5) and have play­ed with us. Its a gre­at sport and a super way to be out­doors. Best of luck. Igno­re all the a‑holes, James will take all of them to the clea­ners in time!

  32. Props Nico­le! This kid could beco­me some­thing awe­so­me, just don’t let him lose sight that is a game and should be for fun. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi again Scoo­ter! I tried to reply to what you wro­te me back with, but it would­n’t let me, I think it’s won­der­ful your child­ren are real­ly inte­res­ted in golf as well as your wife too!!! It’s a gre­at game for the fami­ly to get invol­ved in!!! I tried play­ing with James once but he is too fast for me… Lol… I could­n’t keep up with him! It’s gre­at that you work at a coun­try club as well and head chef, that is awesome!!!

      I do read every com­ment on here and yes they do have nega­ti­ve as well as posi­ti­ve but that comes with anything of cour­se and all of the posi­ti­ve sup­por­ters we have like yourself defi­ni­te­ly out­weigh the nega­ti­ve for sure!!!!! We real­ly appre­cia­te Baby James fans and how they sup­port him inclu­ding yourself!!! Thanks again and defi­ni­te­ly stay in touch on face­book, I always upload new video to James page!!! Thanks again!!! Nico­le Grimes

  33. Thanks ever­yo­ne for the likes on this video pro­du­ced by ABC night­li­ne!!! If you would like to fol­low Baby James pro­gress plea­se like his face­book page under Baby James gol­fer for new pho­tos and video foo­ta­ge of Baby James on the cour­se in action dai­ly!!! Thanks again for your sup­port, Nico­le Grimes!!!!!

  34. It’s in our blood. It’s what we were born to do. We feel and see the cour­se dif­fer­ent­ly. I can’t exp­lain how or why ‚it just is. You have won­der­ful times ahead watching his love and pas­si­on for the game grow . Go get’em James !

  35. My 5 year old daugh­ter hits it bet­ter than this kid. She plays with me every Sunday and shoots in the 50s for 9 holes on a cham­pions­hip cour­se (women’s tees of cour­se!) I have no inten­ti­on of cal­ling local papers or TV sta­ti­ons or put­ting vids up on You­tube. She just enjoys play­ing with her dad as I do with her. I wish this kid all the luck though.

    1. Nice com­ment and good low figu­res con­si­de­ring the­re are still men out the­re hit­ting 120+ after a few years of try­ing to play the game. She’s 5yrs, remar­kab­le and enjoy your day.

  36. Ama­zing to watch, only 3yrs yet a gre­at swing and he keeps his head down after con­ta­ct. Kid has talent, think some of the idi­ots pos­ting don’t know the dif­fe­rence bet­ween 3yrs and 30yrs old. Trolls, not­hing more.

    1. Thanks for your sup­port Kani!!! James is real­ly ama­zing!!! He has grown so much in his golf game sin­ce this video!!! James has a face­book page under Baby James gol­fer!!! Thanks again, Nico­le Grimes!!!!!

  37. Peop­le need to stop making child ath­le­tes the most incredi­ble things. He’s 3. Let him be a child. I got money says his par­ents for­ce him into the sport

  38. If he even beca­me pro, that would be a mira­cle, and is going to cost a crap ton of money. The next tiger , most likely impos­si­ble. But i think it’s awe­so­me how much of a chan­ce your giving him, most kids don’t get the chan­ce to even play golf, becau­se it’s so expen­si­ve, let alo­ne have a coach! Just let him love to play, and who knows what can hap­pen. If he ends up play­ing on the tour one day, I’ll eat my words hap­pi­ly, and defi­ni­te­ly be a fan. Golf is great.

  39. Baby James recent­ly won his tour­na­ment this Decem­ber in Orlan­do!!! He won in the six and under divi­si­on by three strokes, 2 rounds of 9 holes 2,200
    Yards!!!!! He did ama­zing!!! We are so proud of him!!! This was his fourth tour­na­ment this year!!!

  40. umm… he’s fuck­ing 3 years old… and his dad appar­ent­ly knows he will “be on the pga tour”. High hopes the­re pops. I would hold off on that call for a few more years down the road.

  41. Poor kid, par­ents are obvious­ly obses­sed with him being a gol­fer. So what if he plays with golf stuff, if thats all that is put in his hands he will play with it… Jud­ging by the emo­ti­on­less expres­si­on the mother has and her sports atti­re cou­pled with the fathers obvious pushing “We want him to make the pga tour” I would say this kid doesnt get any say. Golf pro­di­gy no, retar­ded par­ents yes. Prac­ti­ce ever­y­day? Full time coach at this age?

  42. You cant say that he is the next tiger woods. What if he gets tired of golf or some­thing hap­pens. I do admit he is pret­ty good for a three year old

  43. Here’s the “pri­va­te” mes­sa­ge this mother sent me via Face­book last night; time-stam­ped at 1:26 AM. If you’­ve been fol­lowing any of the­se comments by this mother over time, you will pro­bab­ly immedia­te­ly noti­ce a lot of incon­sis­ten­ci­es in her “sto­ry”. I cho­se not to give her a “pri­va­te” respon­se. Ins­tead, I will pas­te my respon­se to this as a reply.

    “Hi Brad! This is Nico­le, Baby James mom! I found you here on Facebook.
    I noti­ced you wro­te a few comments on Baby James You Tube video recent­ly, I never expec­ted that from you!!! Anyway.…..Your son is an ama­zing gol­fer! I wat­ched some of his vide­os awhile back! You should be very proud, What age did your son start play­ing golf? James is an ama­zing litt­le boy, and he is 4 and a half now and yes he will be play­ing US Kids very soon!!!
    James wan­ted to start play­ing tour­na­ments and was­n’t old enough for US Kids yet so we would go to Flo­ri­da and play, And he did real­ly well! He would play two rounds! He shot in the lower to mid fif­ties for 9 holes and the yar­da­ge was any­whe­re from 1,000 to 1,100 yards! His last tour­na­ment was this past Janu­a­ry and he shot a 47 in his first round which was ama­zing!!! A few mon­ths ago he bro­ke 50 and star­ted shoo­ting in the for­ties more!!!
    Last week he shot a 46 for his nine hole round which was for 1,100 yards!!!
    He still shoots in the low fif­ties at times, any­whe­re from 50–54, but has defi­ni­te­ly shot in the for­ties many times in the last few mon­ths! I love watching how he grows with the game!!! He show­ed an inte­rest at a very young age and I real­ly did­n’t know anything about golf but I lear­ned the basics real quick!!! I will defi­ni­te­ly con­ti­nue to encou­ra­ge him! I know he does get com­pa­red to Tiger Woods by the media but becau­se Tiger also star­ted gol­fing as a todd­ler!!! James is an ama­zing gol­fer and he has grown so much sin­ce the video on You Tube!!!
    I star­ted his Face­book page short­ly after that video becau­se a lot of his fans were wan­ting to fol­low him, I don’t even use his Twit­ter account any­mo­re! I just load ever­ything to his Face­book page!!! Well congra­tu­la­ti­ons to your son! He is an ama­zing gol­fer!!! Oh I noti­ced you guys live in Utah, My bro­ther lives the­re now, He has lived the­re for about a year now, He lives in Kan­ab, If I spel­led that right! He seems to real­ly love it the­re!!! Take care now,

    1. My respon­se to the mother’s “pri­va­te” Face­book message:

      “So, are you yelling at me here? Or do you just not under­stand when and/or when not to use the “!” cha­rac­ter? I’ve always been con­fu­sed about your use of that cha­rac­ter. Also, how can you pos­si­b­ly make a com­ment like, “I never expec­ted that from you!!!”? You don’t know me, and you don’t know anything about me. In fact, I’m sure we’­ve never met and that we will never meet. So how could you pos­si­b­ly ‘expect’ anything from me, one way or ano­t­her. As far as the rest of your mes­sa­ge, most of it is the same ‘olé blah, blah, blah… that you’­ve been say­ing in this com­ment sec­tion. Out­side of you, your hus­band and your immedia­te fami­ly, who real­ly cares? None of it mat­ters to me.

      I’ll tell you “why” I take issue with this video along with all your comments. To be plain, I just don’t like bull­shit­ters and con artists. The sin­gle rea­son why this video has so many hits is sole­ly based on it having the name “Tiger Woods” in the tit­le; peri­od! And your son in no way, shape or form even com­pa­res to the talent that is Tiger Woods. You must know some­bo­dy in TV becau­se I’m sure that’s the only way he got on the news, asi­de from it perhaps being a very slow news week when that video was taken. And to be honest, I don’t take issue with your son being on the news; they can report what they want for all I care. But the fact that you are explo­i­t­ing it for all it’s worth sim­ply dis­gusts me as a parent. In fact, Tiger Woods real­ly should file a lawsu­it against you and your hus­band for what you are doing, and for­ce you to remo­ve his name from this video. You clear­ly inclu­ded it for your own per­so­nal gain and not­hing more. And let’s not be coy; most peop­le under­stand how You­Tube and Face­book work. The more hits the more likely you are to have peop­le click on the ads, which could be finan­cial­ly beneficial.

      Also, the more times I hear your “sto­ry” the big­ger the lies get. That’s the thing about lying that I guess you guys just don’t under­stand. The more you lie, the more you have to lie to cover up or exp­lain the pre­vious lies. At first, your son was play­ing from around 800 yds. Then your comments indi­ca­te it was from around 900. Then 900 – 1000. Now, in this com­ment to me, it’s grown to 1000 – 1100 yds over­night. You also more recent­ly indi­ca­ted that your son has con­sist­ent­ly drop­ped 10 – 15 strokes off his scores. Based on this com­ment he’s now shoo­ting around 50. So that means he was at 60 – 65, or perhaps more if not for your exa­g­ge­ra­ti­ons? Which almost exact­ly matches my recent, intui­ti­ve com­ment about if he shot 75 and won the tour­na­ment only becau­se all the other kids could­n’t break 90 in 9 holes. And shee­sh! Tell the sto­ry 5 more times and he’ll be brea­king par from the back tees.

      I actual­ly appre­cia­te you tel­ling me what his scores are; that will save me from having to look them up later. Howe­ver, it only con­firms to me what mys­elf and a lot of other peop­le are say­ing about this video and your comments. And that basi­cal­ly is that both you and your hus­band are obses­si­ve­ly delu­sio­nal. Sure, your son made a few putts during the cour­se of being filmed; so what. We all alrea­dy know that the news cuts, clips and spli­ces their way into gre­at news sto­ries. So keep on pos­ting sto­ries that imply your son is capa­ble of making 10 or more con­se­cu­ti­ve putts from various posi­ti­ons on the green and from over 30 ft.

      Final­ly, I don’t wish any ill will upon your fami­ly. Just drop all the bull­shit, that’s all. And for shits’ sake… stop begging peop­le to run and ‘like’ your Face­book page and beco­me ‘fans’. If your son ends up being as good as you think he is, then his golf will do all the tal­king that’s necessa­ry, and his fan-base will grow natu­ral­ly. It’s only going to hurt ‘him’ in the long run if you and your hus­band con­ti­nue like you are. In fact, if it were me in your situa­ti­on at this point, I would hit the reset but­ton by taking down this video. But I alrea­dy know by your pre­vious comments that you are way too vain to do some­thing as sen­si­ble as that.”

    2. Hmmm… Based on your com­ment, it appears like you did­n’t read and/or under­stand my com­ment ful­ly. It also appears like you did­n’t pay good enough atten­ti­on to the inter­view in the video (the father’s comments).

      Any­way, you’­re enti­t­led to your opi­ni­on so think what you will. But at least I for­med my opi­ni­on after ful­ly under­stan­ding the situa­ti­on. You may want to read my com­ment again, but more care­ful­ly this time. I can see 2 ques­ti­ons in par­ti­cu­lar that you asked that I’ve alrea­dy answered.

  44. I’m 10 and he’s way bet­ter than me but I don’t care I bare­ly play I only play­ed like 20 times so I don’t care but gust say­ing he has mad skillz

    1. He real­ly is. I just tur­ned six­teen and final­ly I have a golf/sports ath­le­te I can look up to. I’ve lik­ed him even befo­re he could get a spon­sor­s­hip with Under Armor. I’m so hap­py to see him at this level. He is gon­na be a good per­son to be the face of golf

    2. Tiger domi­na­ted the PGA for over 10 years strai­ght. Jor­dan won one major.. I’m sor­ry but jor­dan is no whe­re near the level that prime tiger woods was at.

  45. All i hope is this kid has a love for the game and the par­ents arent for­cing him into play­ing becau­se he is good. This world would have alot more ath­le­tes if the par­ents let them cho­se on their own!

  46. I star­ted just like this, hit­ting the plastic balls into the tv screen right when I lear­ned how to walk. I mode­led my swing after John Daly. The very, very bey­ond par­al­lel swing, yeah that was me at 5. I am 13 now and play in tour­na­ments every wee­kend. Its gre­at to see kids star­ting out at such a young age on a gre­at sport like this!

  47. It’s good to see that this kid has got­ten the sup­port of both his par­ents when it comes to play­ing golf. Hope he goes pla­ces to beco­me even bet­ter than Tiger Woods.

    1. Thank you Fair­way minis­tries! James will always have our sup­port and encou­ra­ge­ment!!! He is doing very well! He is a very deter­mi­ned litt­le boy!!! James has grown so much sin­ce this video, If you would like to fol­low James plea­se do so on face­book under Baby James Gol­fer!!! Thanks for your support!!!

    2. @nicole gri­mes My litt­le one is swin­ging his plastic sticks real­ly well aswell and thin­king of get­ting him some real sticks. Your son is real­ly good and whats more important than anything else is that he is allo­wed to be a kid,and have fun and you doing great.

    3. TheFun­ky­Tech­Guy, Thank you! James real­ly Loves the game! He will play in his 7th tour­na­ment this wee­kend, He loves having other kids to play with in the tour­na­ments. If you deci­de to get your litt­le one real clubs, Look into the U.S. Kids golf clubs! They are gre­at, That’s all James plays with! Gre­at for kids! Thanks for your sup­port, and Good Luck with your litt­le one!!!

    1. @TheSpyt67 Your Dad has pro­bab­ly never play­ed cour­ses that are as tough as a PGA tour – and if he did, he would be doing qui­te well to break 80 on them. Your coun­try club is not 7400 yds with rock hard greens, mas­si­ve bun­kers, for­ced car­ri­es to greens, ect, ect. It’s not even to be com­pa­red. Tiger is in a big funk, but he did have a top 10 at the Master’s this year – a tour­ny that the best ama­teurs in the world find very dif­fi­cult to even qua­li­fy for.

    2. @VWRabbit2008 you are right he can’t right now, but still most play­ers in the world have a hard time brea­king 100 much less 80 so my com­ment still stands his dad can not beat tiger woods. Yeah tiger is in a funk but was ran­ked num­ber one for ten years. That’s a feat i dooubt anyo­ne will accomplish

    3. @TheSpyt67 Even scratch gol­fers are sooo far behind the pros when it comes to con­sis­ten­cy and pres­su­re exe­cu­ti­on. Not to men­ti­on that hard­ly anyo­ne plays greens as fast as the PGA – like put­ting on ice.
      It’s very unli­kely your dad could beat even the worst play­er on the tour, and Tiger’s not qui­te the worst.
      10,000 “scratch gol­fers” tried to qua­li­fy for The Open last year.
      *10,000* – and they’­re pret­ty much _all_ the best gol­fer any of their friends or fami­ly know – and yet, almost NONE of them can sur­vi­ve on the Tour. Tiger’s been on the Tour for almost 20 years, and com­ple­te­ly domi­na­ted the sport for a decade.

      The _worst_ play­er on the PGA tour is like the worst play­er in the NBA – may­be he’s not as good as Shaq, but he’s still almost cer­tain­ly waaaay bet­ter than anyo­ne you know.

    1. @Cole H Right! If this pie­ce was honest they’d fea­ture dozens of 1- and 2‑ye­ar-old girls stan­ding near­by watching him with ear­nest. At least what cad­dies say about women spec­ta­tors at tournaments.

  48. I think the rea­son why they com­pa­red him to tiger is becau­se of the video of tiger when he was litt­le. The par­ents even said in the video they don’t know what his future holds. Peop­le take things too serious­ly. Just reco­gni­ze his talent at such a young age and only time will tell what he will do with it.

  49. I just hope his par­ents keep it fun for him and don’t start try­ing to ride on his incre­a­sing talent and put pres­su­re on him to use it to make money. They don’t seem like that type but who knows.

  50. lol why am i watching this… the only golf i have seen is few clips on the inter­net and only play­er i know is tiger woods…

    1. @Sparta T Yea that was kin­da fun­ny. You have to be one of the worlds top 2–300 gol­fers to be on the PGA tour. But he is off to a gre­at start. Good luck to him.

  51. This video is pret­ty sad. The kid show­ed abso­lute­ly no oun­ce of spe­cial talent in the video, all he did was (poor­ly) mana­ge to hit a golf ball. Any 3 year old that is taught golf is capa­ble of doing what this kid is

    1. Robert Hicks- Gre­at News! James won his U.S. Kids Tour Cham­pions­hip this past Sunday, He shot a 41. Just 5 over par for the who­le 9 holes! It was real­ly ama­zing! His lowest score yet for his U.S. Kid tour­na­ments, He also made both of his par 5’s as well. I knew he could shoot clo­se to par , We just had to wait until he was rea­dy. He is only 5 and a half years old now. He was so hap­py and excited!

    2. Andrew Jack­son, I wan­ted to update you on James.….He had an ama­zing sea­son, He shot
      37, 33, 38, 41, 34, 39, 37. He won The Local tour cham­pion award in his age divi­si­on for Sum­mer 2016, Fall 2016, And Spring 2017.
      He is very bles­sed, Now he is in the 7 age divi­si­on, He will turn 7 the end of July. I can’t belie­ve he will be 7 years old. Time flies.
      He has qui­te a bit more distance now in this divi­si­on, But he is doing real­ly well with it.

    3. In terms of making solid con­ta­ct he is gre­at but when he putts he kind of loo­ses con­cen­tra­ti­on I’m not say­ing I could do bet­ter at his age but I think his par­ents are pushing him to hard

  52. anyo­ne think the kid may just be catching on becau­se his mother did it…not just the kid turns out to love golf and be gre­at at it. His mom is a gol­fer, his dad obvious­ly feels pas­sio­na­te about gol­fing as well. May­be the kid is only doing that becau­se his fami­ly only buys him golf clubs to play with or they could even be enfor­cing a punish­ment if he deci­des he doesnt like play­ing it… That ever come across anyo­nes mind? Or he could just have it in his DNA. No kid at the age of three is going to cra­zi­ly prac­ti­ce gol­fing all the time unless the par­ents are prai­sing him for it.

    1. + Lan­ce John­son, Hi I just wan­ted to respond to your com­ment about My son James who plays golf! I am actual­ly not a gol­fer, I cad­dy for James but I never play golf! My hus­band actual­ly just star­ted play­ing a litt­le golf so that he can play with our son every now and then!

      James prac­ti­ces a lot yes, But not con­stant­ly, He prac­ti­ces every evening any­whe­re from 45 minu­tes to an hour and a half, and He plays a nine hole round plus his tour­na­ment round during the week! He plays with toys, rides his bike, and plays on his swing set just like a nor­mal kid!!! He wat­ches car­toons!!! I feel that he has been bles­sed with a very spe­cial gift, Which is his gol­fing abi­li­ty and he is very smart!!! He enjoys play­ing golf very much and loves to chal­len­ge himself! 

      My hus­band and I will always encou­ra­ge him with his gol­fing becau­se he is so ama­zing!!! James will be play­ing in his 10th Golf tour­na­ment this wee­kend, and he is 4 years old! He loves play­ing in tour­na­ments!!! James has a gre­at life, and He is a very hap­py child, He just hap­pens to also play Golf extre­me­ly well!!!

    1. +Gavin, Thank you! He is an ama­zing litt­le play­er! He was sup­po­se to play in a tour­na­ment today, but it was can­cel­led due to the rain! It will be reschedu­led soon though! Thanks for your support!!! 😊

  53. Tiger Woods had a gre­at swing even when he was 2 in the video. Peop­le could tell that he was going to be one of the grea­test in the world at the time.

  54. Hey you want a golf pro­di­gy with a dif­fe­rence, in Young­s­town Ohio the­res a 4 year old who cri­ti­ques the game of his 11 and 12 year old team mates and gives LESSONS to adults lucky enough to be in his gal­le­ry. Per­fect form, calm deme­a­nor, fre­aky under­stan­ding. His first name is Riley. Amazing …

    1. +Bryan Kin­sey exact­ly what’s wrong with video games…? You DO rea­li­ze the gaming indus­try is boo­m­ing. Pro gamers make more than some/most pro­fes­sio­nal ath­le­tes. In a sen­se video gaming is con­si­de­red a sport.

  55. Just becau­se he can’t stop hit­ting the ball does­n’t mean he is the next Tiger Woods, you kept on going on about how he plays so much. He show­ed not a sin­gle oun­ce of talent.

  56. This is not­hing my 3 year old is twice his size and hits the ball every sin­gle time. This kid does not have the power my kid has.

    1. @CollegeFootball4Life lol.
      Talk that non­sen­se after you can hit a golf ball 300+ yards down the fair­way, as tour play­ers like Tiger do every day.

  57. He shot a 12 on a sin­gle hole and he is the next Tiger Woods? LOL! It’s obvious the par­ents are losers that are try­ing to turn their kid into a goldmine.

  58. Loo­king at the comments, it seems peop­le who don’t golf real­ly have no idea how hard it is to do what this litt­le boy is doing.
    “Pure” they call it. Litt­le James “pures” the ball.
    3 year old todd­lers aren’t sup­po­sed to be able to do that.
    Adults can bare­ly mana­ge it. And novices… haha­ha… they pro­vi­de enter­tain­ment just by trying.
    James Gri­mes is _remarkable._ No doubt about it.

    1. +Mat­thew H Real­ly? lol The brag­ging about money is a pret­ty sad, imma­tu­re and useless tac­tic for you to try.
      Golf isn’t some­thing that even CAN be “mas­te­red.” Peop­le can lose their swing. Tiger Woods might be the best gol­fer who ever lived, but then he lost his swing. The grea­test gol­fer in the world for­got how to golf. *Golf can’t be mastered.*

      Golf isn’t one skill, it’s a hundred.
      At about 5:00 into the video, James hits a tee shot and his mom says “nice draw.” Hit­ting a good draw is some­thing that many gol­fers never mas­ter, no mat­ter how many hours they devo­te to it. At 3, that’s insa­ne. James should­n’t be _able_ to do it. You _seriously_ have no idea how hard golf shots real­ly are.

      To have James’ skills at his age makes him not­hing like _you,_ Mat­thew H: “juni­or dri­ver pro­grammer” – Baby James’ peers are guys like Mozart and Pas­cal and Fischer.
      You’­re just a “juni­or dri­ver pro­grammer” – you’­re repla­ce­ab­le. The­re are hund­reds or thousands or tens of thousands who can do what you do. You’­re not­hing spe­cial. *James is genui­nely one of a kind.*

      Any­way, I’m sure you’­re going to keep lying about golf being easy, becau­se you’­re hyper self-cen­te­red. But all this blus­ter and crap talk on golf and *a three year old child!* is real­ly just pathe­tic. How old are you?
      Grow up a litt­le bit, okay? Give it a rest.

  59. Cool litt­le kid. And a lot of talent for a three-year old. It might be a stretch to say pro­te­gy though, but best hopes for him. Just too early.

  60. Oh look, ever­yo­ne is a win­ner and gets a medal! Why!?! Why are we still doing this as a socie­ty? You don’t always deser­ve a pri­ze or a medal. That is the who­le point of competition.

  61. I hate peop­le that com­ment shit say­ing “ame­ri­cans” this or that, but damn is this is the epi­to­me of why peop­le hate us!! this kid is good but serious­ly “the next tiger woods”!!!???? holy shit ABC wan­ted tho­se viewers!!

  62. The­res a big dif­fe­rence bet­ween tiger and this kid tiger had to deve­lop using a set clubs that are hor­ria­ble to hit and if you go to pla­ces like asia the­re are gol­fer at that age who are so much bet­ter as the­re work ethics are ridi­cu­lous at ever­ything they do

  63. Just becau­se he is remar­kab­le at a young age does­n’t mean he is going to turn out ama­zing… I play­ed with a kid in base­ball when I was 7 who would hit a home­run 1 out of every 3 at bats and now he is just an average play­er. The game will catch up to him eventually.

  64. the kids awe­so­me all you guys tal­king smack are obvious­ly not gol­fers! easy to say BS behind a key­board. keep it up kid

    1. Thank you Ian!!! Golf is a very tough game, James ama­zes me ever­y­day!!! He will turn Five in a week actual­ly, So he has grown sin­ce this video and has play­ed in twel­ve tour­na­ments just in a year’s time!!! He is doing very well with his Golf Game!!! Thanks again, and Take care!

  65. hope hes not the next Tiger Woods.. money wise sure but you dont want him to grow up and throw away the chan­ce of being the grea­test ever, blowing a record sma­shing care­er cau­se he cant keep it in his pants… you hope hes the next Jack Nicklaus!

  66. My friends child was exact­ly the same as this boy real natu­ral spor­ting talent at every sport he did, when he was 6 he was bea­ting adults with ease

    Give it a cou­p­le years and see if he even likes golf! Pushy par­ents are often the kids failure

  67. The rea­son tiger woods is not such a “gre­at” gol­fer is becau­se he gets so aggres­si­ve and makes mas­si­ve divots and hurts his spi­ne and shoul­ders but he isn’t bad

    1. James has alrea­dy play­ed in 7 U.S. Kid events, He shot his lowest score ever while play­ing on U.S. Kids this past Sunday!!! He also came in the Top Five for his tour­na­ment Cham­pions­hip! He is doing ama­zing!!! James just tur­ned 5 recent­ly! My Hus­band and I will always encou­ra­ge him!!!

    2. Jay­and­gem, Thank you for your very kind words and sup­port. James enjoys play­ing golf very much, And he is get­ting bet­ter and bet­ter! He has a tour­na­ment this after­noon actual­ly! He has play­ed in 18 tour­na­ments sin­ce this news video, and is doing ama­zing!!! Thanks again, and take care ⛳️

    3. +nico­le gri­mes and he will burn out the best US golf kids play­er tur­ned pro was jor­dan spieth and he made top 40 once he was 33rd ‚I think what hap­pen­ed to the 32 kids befo­re him?

  68. Whats up with all the­se aver­age­ly skil­led child­ren around age 5 who are being given their own seg­ments on TV and being cal­led pro­di­gy? Im not hating, this kid is good but pro­di­gy is defi­ni­te­ly not the word to descri­be him. Lets see if he’s still even inte­res­ted in golf 5 years down the road, and if he’s even inte­res­ted in it at all then, and he can make par or almost par on a pro cour­se, may­be pro­di­gy would be an accu­ra­te descrip­ti­on of this child.

    1. He has play­ed in 13 golf tour­na­ments sin­ce this video a year ago and 1 being one of the big­gest World Cham­pions­hips in the world!!! He plays Cham­pions­hip cour­ses! James tur­ned 5 recent­ly!!! He does extre­me­ly well!!!

  69. I hope his par­ents don’t over­do it. Not­hing gets more boring more quick­ly than golf. Espe­cial­ly if the child­ren aren’t given a well-roun­ded education.

    At least video games have heaps of reading.

  70. Honest­ly this kid knows how to play, and he has some talent. I have been play­ing golf sin­ce 2 and a half years old. My first ever shot was 40 years dead strai­ght, I attrac­ted all of the golf trai­ners the­re. I am now 13 years old and I can hit my dri­ver 250. But the thing is I was on and off with my golf game, I wish I did­n’t or I would be almost a scratch gol­fer. All I have to say to this kid, keep prac­ti­cing and don’t make the same mista­ke I did by not prac­ti­cing enough. If you keep on prac­ti­cing, by the time you’­re my age, you’ll be a scratch gol­fer. If you don’t keep prac­ti­cing, you’­re going to end up being an 11 Han­di­cap (which is actual­ly real­ly good for my age, my dad’s a 9). If you keep prac­ti­cing, you’ll make the Majors at 14–16 easi­ly. Also, Tiger Woods sucks my left nut.

  71. This boy has incredi­ble coör­di­na­ti­on for so young. The com­pa­ri­sons to Tiger Woods are sil­ly becau­se Woods is irrele­vant in the golf world except to PC zea­lot worshippers.

  72. I’m sho­cked I play­ed foot­ball when I was 4 years old and this kid has talent. It dosnt mat­ter how old you are if you put your mind to it anything is posi­ble You should be proud of your son I can tell he is going to have a future I’m proud of your son I wish him the best of luck and I hope he’s in the PGA some­day. I’m jared I’m an ath­le­te too from one ath­le­te to ano­t­her I’m proud. 🙂

  73. I thought the news guy was about to say ” this is a golf pro­di­gy, they call him Baby Jesus”, in the intro, I was like o hell no… haha­ha. We’ll see, the­re is a lot that needs to hap­pen bet­ween whe­re he’s at now and whe­re Tiger Woods was when he tur­ned pro. I hate the word prodigy.

    1. +Sher­win M. and if you say that in golf you only swing a club, then think about what you do in base­ball, you swing a bat, and then if you talk about run­ning, a MLB play­er runs an average of 7 miles per game, and in golf you walk 10 miles car­ry­ing a 30 pound golf bag.

    2. 30 pounds is not­hing if its not the actu­al play­ing of the sport thats dif­fi­cult then why would it be one? The only thing your get­ting a litt­le fit from is the car­ry­ing not even the swin­ging and the­se days they have a cady or a golf cart to do the job for them

    3. jack­son blanks not true. Peop­le who play more ath­le­tic sports do get ath­le­tic from their sports. Only the less ath­le­tic sports like golf whe­re you dont need to use as much ath­le­tic­ness in sports like foot­ball or hockey needs trai­ning to be athletic

  74. You can tell right now that the­se par­ents are tools… Thin­king of pos­si­bi­li­ty of future $$$ I hope they don’t for­ce him into anything he does­n’t want to do.

  75. He’s gon­na hate golf by the time he’s 14 or 15… Child­ren brought into com­pe­ti­ti­ve sports or just con­cen­tra­te on one sport will end up get­ting fed up of that sin­gle sport.

  76. Hes not that good. I was play­ing when i was 4 or 5 but gave up and came back a cou­p­le of years ago. It doesnt mat­ter what hap­pens when your that old, it mat­ters when you’­re 13–18 which is when big chan­ges in your game occur. The­re are pro­bab­ly thousands of kids like this

  77. He bet­ter learn how to wri­te and read befo­re tur­ning pro. Not signing your score­card at St . Andrews is kin­da important!.….and could cost you THE OPEN

    1. Thank you! James is doing ama­zing! He shot a 41 for 9 holes in his tour­na­ment a few weeks ago, The tour Cham­pions­hip and he won! He starts spring sea­son in about a week!