It’s Sexy Time – Odyssey O‑Works 2017 – Golf Putter Review

It39s Sexy Time Odyssey O Works 2017 Golf Putter Review bettinardi

Es gibt etwas Neu­es sexy in der Tasche! Callaway/Odyssey brach­ten ihre neue Put­ter­li­nie, die Odys­sey O‑Works, auf den Markt. Die Geschich­te hier sind die neu­en Microh­in­ge-Ein­sät­ze und Ver­sa-Aus­rich­tungs­de­signs. Ich habe einen Put­ter im Mal­let-Stil von O‑Works 7 in die Hand genom­men, und er ist wun­der­schön. Aber rollt es so gut, wie es aus­sieht? Cal­la­way | Mikro­ge­lenk | Odys­see-Golf | Ver­sa | Aus­rich­tung -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Bit­te anse­hen: “Prince Wil­liam Golf Cour­se Vlog Pt. 1 – Shot Com­men­ta­ry” https://​www​.you​tube​.com/watch?v=F6_gmOmyxbw -~- ~~-~~~-~~-~-

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21 thought on “It’s Sexy Time – Odyssey O‑Works 2017 – Golf Putter Review”

  1. Real­ly nice loo­king putter!
    Love my Odys­sey Put­ter I got it a cou­p­le years ago. I have the Back­stry­ke D.A.R.T.
    The cen­ter shaft posi­ti­on real­ly hel­ped my putting.

  2. I picked up the 1W ver­si­on and abso­lute­ly love it. Did­n’t like the SS grip so got that chan­ged out for a golf pri­de snsr. The black to the white con­trast and red T line made align­ment a bree­ze. I could not belie­ve how quick I was able to adapt .… felt like I’d had it in the bag for mon­ths after only the first round

    1. +cwugrad396 Ver­sa align­ment makes a dra­ma­tic impact on my put­ting. Im a litt­le annoy­ed I want using it befo­re lol.

  3. I like you was wai­t­ing on this to come out. Mine was on back order but just came in today. Can’t wait to try it out this wee­kend. I got the same style you did.

    1. +Ross Andrus I love it. Ever­ything about it has hel­ped my stro­ke. Never con­si­de­red a mal­let befo­re, and cer­tain­ly never loo­ked at this shape, but can’t ima­gi­ne going back.

  4. Bro I hope you blow up on You­Tube, your video edi­t­ing is gre­at and your reviews are awe­so­me! Keep them com­ing out, final­ly someo­ne else to watch rather then Rick or mark on YouTube

  5. Been a Scot­ty play­er in last years but even­tual­ly moved to the new #7 Tank put­ter – got it this week and it will enjoy some air­ti­me on wee­kend. Always lik­ed the #7 and the con­fi­dence it gives with align­ment & rol­ling the ball. The Tank is slight­ly lar­ger and hea­vier then the #7 and for me it was no brai­ner – even more for­gi­ving and real­ly con­fi­dence boos­ting. Been play­ing the Super stro­ke Pis­tol grips (Tour and GT 1.0) and actual­ly enjoy the roun­der mid slim 2.0 grip which comes with the Tank. With most of the new models you can choo­se bet­ween the Pis­tol and the roun­der mid slim and I would cer­tain­ly go out and test both befo­re buy­ing the put­ter. Other­wi­se gre­at loo­king clubs ( the should be a model for ever­yo­ne to choo­se from) with the Ver­sa and insert tech which I would recom­mend to ever­yo­ne. So good choice and thanks for the review.

    1. The Tank was gre­at too, but I like the smal­ler head on the #7 regu­lar. Is a good con­trast to the Bet­ti­nar­di I’ve been play­ing. I shoul­d’­ve got­ten a Pis­tol grip, but the mids­lim works out gre­at. Is the Pis­tol grip weigh­ted as well? I stuck with the mids­lim becau­se I do like the weight pro­fi­le – simi­lar to my coun­ter balan­ced BB1.

  6. I have just bought the same put­ter, it’s a gre­at put­ter and the ball rolls gre­at no skid. How did you fit the game golf tag into the hand­le, Cheers

    1. You can’t get the GG tag into the grip becau­se of the coun­ter balan­ce weight, unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly. But can use the GG or Golf­Pad GPS app to tag loca­ti­on of putts from the smart pho­ne; or add the appro­pria­te loca­ti­ons post-hoc.

    1. My strokes gai­ned over the last 5–6 rounds with it has impro­ved dra­ma­ti­cal­ly. I’m working on my short game, which has lowe­red my putts per round; and now I’m con­cen­tra­ting on lag and short putts. All around my green game is dra­ma­ti­cal­ly impro­ved. Much to do with the com­fort I feel with the mal­let style put­ter, and the align­ment aids in this head.

      My favo­ri­te club in the bag for sure.

  7. Have to agree. It so hap­pens I was try­ing this put­ter out today at the local big box golf store. That means astro­turf and lines worn into it that take almost every putt to the hole. (lol) Tried putts that were not on a hole to hole line, and the typi­cal paths or distan­ces most peop­le use in store.
    Found the face to be soft at impact but not spon­gy. The ball see­med to have that extra roll you would­n’t have expec­ted based on the for­ce you app­lied. Not exces­si­ve, just tho­se extra say 5 or 6 rota­ti­ons that get you that last 1–2 feet. Put­ter feels solid but not over­ly hea­vy. I belie­ve weight kits are avail­ab­le from Odys­sey for tho­se who real­ly want to up the weight to sled­ge­ham­mer class.
    Loved the new Red and Black models that have recent­ly come out. Fin­gers cros­sed I win one in a draw Cal­la­way is having.

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