Jay Monahan verteidigt die Entscheidung, PGA Tour-Spieler zu sperren, die sich für die LIV Series ⛳ angemeldet haben

Jay Monahan verteidigt die Entscheidung PGA Tour Spieler zu sperren die sich fuer die LIV Series angemeldet haben european tour

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808 thought on “Jay Monahan verteidigt die Entscheidung, PGA Tour-Spieler zu sperren, die sich für die LIV Series ⛳ angemeldet haben”

    1. @Brian3025 15 of the 19 hija­ckers on 9/11 were Sau­di, you think much has chan­ged the­re in 21 years? The fel­las that have been behea­ded are unavail­ab­le for comment

    1. Untrue, the big win­ners are the addi­tio­nal play­ers making a for­tu­ne who other­wi­se would not have. Look up the LIV winnings.…at least 2x to 5x the PGA per player.

  1. can’t sus­pend someo­ne if they’­ve resi­gned mate lol xD be also fun­ny to see ex PGA play­ers on the euro­pe ryder cup team.. Now that would be a sting to the u.s.

  2. Lots of top play­ers left the Euro­pean tour to join the PGA tour becau­se they got more money, it’s no dif­fe­rent to LIV golf now.

  3. PGA dig­ging their own gra­ve. They also don’t need the PGA “so bad­ly”. Sport evol­ves, when the PGA gets left behind you can have this guy to thank👌🏻

  4. I agree with almost ever­ything here, except for this off 911 ques­ti­on. Ame­ri­ca alle­ges that 911 was direc­ted by AQ, alt­hough the jury is out on that, who are based in Afgha­ni­stan. The­re is no Sau­di Ara­bia con­nec­tion. This is just ame­ri­cans not rea­li­sing that Mus­lims don’t all come from the same coun­try. The moral ques­ti­on is neit­her here nor the­re real­ly, becau­se ame­ri­ca breaches Human Rights laws dai­ly by hol­ding peop­le in Guan­ta­na­mo whithout char­ge, and this has been ack­now­led­ged by the UN. So if play­ers should­n’t play for Sau­dia Ara­bia, they real­ly ought not be play­ing in ame­ri­ca either.

    1. @Brian Halli­day The man respon­si­ble for WW2 was Aus­tri­an, but we don’t bla­me Aus­tria for the war. Simi­lar­ly, ame­ri­ca inva­ded Afgha­ni­stan not Sau­di Arabia.

  5. I wouldn’t mind but there’s only 8 events and the last one is just a team event and the PGA have 47 events through the year , what’s the big fuss ??

    1. Sim­ply put, this year are 8 next year is 10. This is an inau­gu­ral con­cept with end­less amounts of money, which can eit­her bust or grow. I belie­ve the lat­ter will be, and is the con­cern. All the­se money grab­bing ex tour mem­bers, with many more to fol­low, can you see the real pos­si­bi­li­ty of the pga con­cerns. All orga­niz­a­ti­ons can impro­ve in an attempt to make all mem­bers con­tent, as with that there’s poli­ci­es estab­lis­hed for uni­for­mi­ty within.

    2. What the PGA com­mis­sio­ner is Worried about is 2/3 or bet­ter going to LIV then the­re is no PGA Tour!!
      The­se Gol­fers wan­na play Less Golf and Make more Money than they are cur­r­ent­ly!! More Time with their fami­lies play­ing less Golf.
      They Offe­red Tiger Woods
      1 bil­li­on to join LIV and he said no thanks!! If Tiger was­n’t Worried his EX wife would get $250 mil­li­on for child sup­port then He would have said Yes!!

  6. Gre­at inter­view Jim. It’s refres­hing to see chal­len­ging, well thought out ques­ti­ons and ans­wers that don’t bla­me someo­ne else. Clear­ly a com­pli­ca­ted situa­ti­on. Some­whe­re there’s a dis­con­nect. May­be it’s sim­ply egos, money, and greed. Jim should inter­view the NBA com­mis­sio­ner and a few high pro­fi­le play­ers about their part­ners­hip with Chi­na. Hate to see a gre­at game/players divided.

  7. Wee litt­le Monahan’s boos­ted ego is laug­ha­ble. LIV play­ers no lon­ger have to play under Mona­han and they get boat loads of cash to do so. That’s a win win.

    1. This is a pathe­tic take. Mona­g­han said it right. You have true pure com­pe­ti­ti­on ver­ses exhi­bi­ti­on matches. Seems to me the angst against the PGA Tour is more a sign of today’s cul­tu­re more than anything else.

  8. Still think that the PGA Tour is the game of golf ⛳️ not a sin­gle men­ti­on of any other tour in the world 🌎 keep taking the mora­le high ground Jay it will help you sleep at night. Annoys me that the PGA tour thinks they own golf. Regard­less of LIV alt­hough this has brought out their true colours.

  9. You go WOKE you go BROKE!! You know what why don’t you get tig­ger off that sky high pedes­tal you put him on may­be he can pull your arse out of the fire!

  10. Hor­ren­dous and despe­ra­te comments brin­ging sept 11th into it (thru the NYP back door).How can the Liv golf play­ers have any blood on their hands? Doesnt that mean the euro tour does too, plus the lpga?

    1. Awful toxic inter­view with very poin­ted ques­ti­ons and issu­es rai­sed. The PGA has shown the abso­lu­te worst side of its­elf. It actual­ly makes me sad. This inter­view con­firms that the PGA tour thinks it is golf. It is not. And the net­works that have paid them rights to show their feeds have to appre­cia­te the shock that they’re about to under­go. I wasn’t for LIV when it star­ted but this week has con­vin­ced me that Greg Nor­man was right. The game needs a huge shake up. Becau­se if left to the PGA tour , it would be com­ple­te­ly taken away from the public who enjoy the game but don’t want to spent huge sums to fol­low it.

  11. Sure tho­se guys are tur­ning a blind eye to “dir­ty Sau­di money”…our very own government is doing the same!

    They took their gua­ran­te­ed pay check. If that’s what they want so be it. This ent­i­re thing is sil­ly yet here I am 🤣

  12. The com­mis­sio­ner is inco­he­rent in his respon­ses. He real­ly couldn’t ans­wer why they can’t do both. Also they only have to play pga 15 tour events to ful­fill the­re obli­ga­ti­on. He cal­led the LIV tour an exhi­bi­ti­on seri­es… why is he afraid of that? He in my opi­ni­on hand­led this poor­ly, his took his ball and went home. Respectfully.

    1. I don’t think he’s been slee­ping well. He loo­ks dis­he­veled. And he should. But he’s com­po­un­ding his errors.

    1. FedEx cup….garbage. Talk about an anti­cli­mac­tic sea­son ending….in August. 🤨 It’s a cash grab, for The Tour. It’s weird we’re near the end of the season…but it’s not even offi­cial­ly sum­mer yet.

    2. @Senna_Grillo12 You are abso­lute­ly right. It is com­ple­te rub­bish and ever­yo­ne knows it. Golf sea­son for most peop­le who don’t live in Flo­ri­da is from May – Sep­tem­ber. The Tour wraps up and we’­re still going strong try­ing to cram in as much golf as pos­si­ble befo­re win­ter. PGA Tour lives in a Flo­ri­da sta­te of mind and is out of touch with this.

    3. @Adrian Alley Yes, what a joke idea that is, you don’t have to play that much, or even actively per­form some sort of pro­mo­tio­nal work? Just be who you are? Merely extra pocket money for the big names who don’t need it anyway.

    4. Gee, I won­der why they did that? A full calen­dar. I also think the LPGA might suf­fer becau­se of the PGA’s floo­ding of the US TV mar­ket with the Seni­or and KF tours. The Shopri­te LPGA tour­ney final round had very low attendance…

  13. PGA is like a snail retrac­ting it’s eyes when you try to touch them. You can’t play on the PGA becau­se they feel like their pro­duct is being degra­ded. LIV this week has crus­hed the PGA tour and it’s only a mat­ter of time befo­re all the jewels in the PGA tour leave.

    1. LIV got around 100,000 views on You­Tube for each of the three rounds. The PNC got 3.2 mil­li­on views on Sunday after­noon. I don’t think the PGA is exact­ly crus­hed qui­te yet.

    2. @steve G The rounds cur­r­ent­ly have around 600k views on the LIV golf chan­nel. If you are howe­ver refer­ring to live stream num­bers then 100k might be accu­ra­te but that was for a UK based event so the time in the US was ear­ly morning.…just wait until the next event that’s held in the US at a friend­lier time – then you’ll see much big­ger numbers.

    3. @SiLo Mixing and Mas­te­ring not say­ing they won’t impro­ve, but I don’t know how they’ll beco­me more than a tour of mal­con­tents and has-beens. Play­ers get no World Golf Ran­king points, which means the 3 or 4 guys with past win­ner exemp­ti­ons are the only likely qua­li­fiers for majors, and that’s assuming some or all of tho­se exemp­ti­ons aren’t revo­ked in the future. No young guys with poten­ti­al will golf the­re, becau­se the can’t ever qua­li­fy by OWGR into majors. They’ll be fil­ling in their fiel­ds with has-beens and never-weres. Rea­listi­cal­ly, the golf on LIV kin­da stinks. The PGA Tour’s RBC had JT, Rory, and Fin­au due­ling down the stretch, and Jus­tin Rose flir­ting with a 59. On LIV, Ogle­tree finis­hed at 24 over par (in 3 rounds, for gods sake). Brutal.

  14. To the worthwhile per­son see­ing this, your dream is not dead. Don’t allow the past and cur­rent pains and hurts stop and defi­ne you. You’re more than a con­quer­or. Rise up and put yourself tog­e­ther. Keep pushing your future depends on it. I wish you all the best in life ❤.

  15. In the PGA Tour’s tax filing for 2017, the last year publicly avail­ab­le, Mona­han was paid $3.9 mil­li­on, a figu­re that inclu­ded bonu­ses and incen­ti­ve payments.

    1. @G Tanz Monahan’s sala­ry is agreed upon by a PGA Tour com­mit­tee, so he isn’t taking any more than what they give him, and he isn’t taking money from a source that com­mits atro­ci­ties… unli­ke Norman.

    2. @Safetyman99 ‘and he isn’t taking money from a source that com­mits atrocities.’

      If the money is Ame­ri­can then they *most defi­ni­te­ly* are guil­ty of com­mit­ting atro­ci­ties 🤣🤣 You hypo­cri­tes have no clue

    3. @SiLo Mixing and Mas­te­ring That’s the dum­best thing I’ve heard. The money comes from a source that com­mits atro­ci­ties… the deno­mi­na­ti­on does­n’t mat­ter. You think the money comes from Ame­ri­ca? Wrong.

  16. The best thing the pga can do right now is just act like the LIV tour does­n’t exist, sim­ply igno­re any ques­ti­ons about it. Tal­king about it and bashing it is a bad look.

    1. I lived through the last big sports split, the CART-IRL split of 1996–2008.

      That argu­ment does not work, becau­se they will con­flict and they will have play­ers com­pe­te. If the liv wan­ta to be pro­vo­ca­ti­ve, they should sche­du­le some­thing against a major, or try to get a Major tour­na­ment to ban PGA members. 

      Eit­her way, ever­y­bo­dy loses, nobo­dy wins, and Golf is laug­hed at even more than Indy­Car, becau­se Golf could have wat­ched how Indy­Car died and fixed the pro­blem in their sport without a split. 

      i am an Indy­Car fan and I am watching this train wreck and loving it, becau­se it is sad.

    2. Not­hing wrong with bashing it…but agree he should stop ever men­tio­ning them again.

      Without a net­work and spon­sors it’s going to fail even­tual­ly. So who cares

  17. Guess they can’t do both cos the LIV could have more tour­na­ments so more play­ers would go do LIV – or any other tour – for most of the time and only turn up for majors on the PGA. The rest of the year the PGA tour would be com­ple­te­ly dead.

    1. There’s ple­nty of gol­fers out the­re and PGA is making its­elf look bad and I think is making huge mista­ke ban­ning play­ers that have spent alot of years making them money.

  18. The 9/11 fami­lies should be com­p­lai­ning out­side the Israe­li embas­sy con­si­de­ring it was Mos­sad who orches­tra­ted 9/11

  19. He is sup­po­sed to make tbe PGA look good, but this just makes the PGA look like an inse­cu­re good-olé-boys club, that as a fan I would not be wel­co­me to be a part of.
    They can keep their snottiness.

  20. Yeah good old Jay does­n’t want com­pe­ti­ti­on with an ano­t­her league. PGA greed on full dis­play here and Jay is full of it. While he is brin­ging up 9/11 and Sau­di rela­ti­on the­re is no men­ti­on bet­ween PGA and Chi­na and the con­tracts given to the Chi­ne­se. PGA is as cor­rupt as NCAA.

  21. “I sit on a man’s back cho­king him and making him car­ry me, and yet assu­re mys­elf and others that I am sor­ry for him and wish to ligh­ten his load by all means pos­si­ble… except by get­ting off his back.” ― Leo Tolstoy

  22. Wow this does­n’t look good for the PGA at all, try­ing to put any sort of bla­me on the play­ers and rela­ting them to the atro­cious ter­ro­rist attacks of 9/11 is a low I’ve never seen befo­re. They want all the cake.

  23. He loo­ks very stres­sed and seems to be spen­ding a lot of ener­gy worry­ing about play­ers lea­ving for LIV golf No doubt he will try to per­sua­de Augus­ta to deny 5 for­mer cham­pions from retur­ning and I do not see that hap­pe­ning. This is all sour gra­pes. Why would a guy who got a check for more than your tours all time lea­ding money win­ner care about never play­ing on your tour again. The world is made up of all dif­fe­rent types…some peop­le pros golf for pres­ti­ge and some play for money.…neither of them are wrong in my eyes.

  24. Wow got crin­gy despe­ra­te with the 9/11 refe­ren­ces . It’s the first time the PGA tour has serious com­pe­ti­ti­on it’s not about whe­re the money comes from . I look at it like the ABA or the XFL new ide­as new con­cepts new for­mat. Weird but inte­res­ting. Jack Nick­laus just built a cour­se the­re . I did­n’t hear anything about blood money. Built them in Chi­na too.

  25. This guy doesn’t own golf. The PGA Tour doesn’t own the major tour­na­ments. The United Sta­tes government tra­des free­ly with the Sau­dis. The United Sta­tes is not alo­ne. Why would gol­fers doing busi­ness with the Sau­dis be bad, but their government doing busi­ness with the Sau­dis be allowable?

    1. It’s a nar­ra­ti­ve being pro­mo­ted by the media (and the PGA) to ’shame’ the play­ers that moved into LIV and ’sca­re’ the play­ers who are con­si­de­ring the move. In today’s can­cel cul­tu­re, shaming the­se play­ers is an excel­lent way to dis­sua­de tho­se on the fence as well as tho­se up and com­ing play­ers who are eyeing the PGA tour but now can con­si­der LIV as an alternative.

      It’s a shame that the PGA has acted this way – they talk about the greed of the play­ers, but they are guil­ty of this as well.

      IMO, Mona­han hand­led the who­le thing poor­ly – alt­hough i say this with the bene­fit of hind­sight of cour­se. It real­ly was a tough call.

    2. May­be you will under­stand it bet­ter this way. The PGA is more than the Men’s tour. It is the deve­lo­p­men­tal tours( Korn Fer­ry), The seni­ors tour and the LPGA. They nur­tu­re the play­er once he decla­res he is going to be a pro. It basi­cal­ly crea­tes a minor league for the up and com­ing play­er. Once he is good enough to make it to the Tour he is given the oppor­tu­ni­ty to make a lot of money. They are intro­du­ced to cor­po­ra­te Ame­ri­ca at the hig­hest level. Peop­le pay them to “adver­ti­se” for them. When they are no lon­ger via­ble as a play­er they have a tour whe­re they can make money after the age of fif­ty. They get the venues, the spon­sors, the TV con­tracts and they have been doing it for many years(at least 50). They also con­tri­bu­te to cha­ri­ty and that is why they are a non pro­fit which does­n’t allow them to pay them sala­ries or expenses.

      What is the Liv going to do? Are they hel­ping the young gol­fer or the old gol­fer. Do they con­tri­bu­te to cha­ri­ty? They are just lee­ches ste­aling Tour play­ers. They add not­hing to the game. They just STEAL. They are just try­ing to sport­wa­sh their name but the Saudi’s are barbaric.


    3. @Michael Fong so why sus­pend the play­ers joi­ning LIV? 

      If they play the mini­mum 15 events as requi­red by the PGA, why sus­pend them for choo­sing to play whe­re the money is better?

      If the PGA is all altru­is­tic as you so claim, then should­n’t they allow the­se play­ers to make money out­side – then go back insi­de to pro­mo­te the PGA Tour which in turn can help do the cha­ri­ty work, sup­port the les­ser tours, etc?

    4. @Salvatore San juan You rea­li­ze that LIV golf made tho­se same play­ers sign a non com­pe­te say­ing they would­n’t play in ano­t­her tours tour­na­ment if it fell on the same day as a LIV tour­na­ment… whatsvthe dif­fe­rence? And LIV isn’t try­ing to help or expand golf… it’s just try­ing to cher­ry pick the top play­ers and screw all the other up and comers.

    1. They r sca­red they are going to have to start paying more money to com­pe­te. They’­ve pro­bab­ly been paying the bare mini­mum and loving it. No more! 😂

    2. We’ll never know.. but I do won­der whe­re this would be had LIV not said they were com­ing after the PGA Tour. Had they kept that to them­sel­ves, and just announ­ced the events with the con­tracts, things could be very dif­fe­rent. I love the com­pe­ti­ti­on LIV will give as it will ser­ve to make the PGA bet­ter, ulti­mate­ly giving us a bet­ter product.

  26. Biden is going to beg the Sau­dis to sell us more oil. I think that’s worse than this sil­ly golf stuff! We could have pro­du­ced all the oil right here if Joe did­n’t shut it down. Joe did this.

  27. Having just wat­ched the RBC Cana­di­an Open what a gre­at advert for the PGA Tour. The­LIV event could have been play­ed on the moon. Zero atmo­s­phe­re !!!! Do DJ and Bry­son real­ly and truth­ful­ly want to com­mit to such a non event. How on Earth can this be con­si­de­red to be gro­wing the game ?? It is just a cash grab for 99% of the play­ers who have litt­le or no chan­ce of being com­pe­ti­ti­ve on the PGA Tour.

    1. gre­at tour­na­ment with gre­at play­ers and gre­at fans. The best pro­test is when John­son and Mickel­son tee off ever­yo­ne should turn around and show them their backs. Same for when they get to greens whe­re peop­le are cam­ped out.


  28. Mona­han is exact­ly right – the LIV golf “tour” is an exhi­bi­ti­on, not a com­pe­ti­ti­on… the results have no mea­ning other than lining the pockets of tho­se players.
    LIV golf is par­ti­ci­pa­ting and com­pli­cit in sports­wa­shing by the gov’t that funds them.

    1. @Michael Fong they don’t nur­tu­re the player.
      If you spend all that time at Q school and the Korn fer­ry or wha­te­ver then get your Tour card, you’­re good but not Tiger good and you miss a lot of cuts then it cost you money to play golf.
      While the PGA can use your image of the hole in one you shot during the round you mis­sed the cut on.

      That’s like only paying NFL and NBA play­ers when they win.

    2. @Safetyman99 I never said the Sau­dis were, I said the play­ers are ear­ning that much money not­hing is stop­ping them using that Sau­di money for some­thing positive. 

      You do under­stand that the Sau­di money comes from every Wes­tern coun­try buy­ing oil from them.
      So you’­re say­ing it ok to buy the oil from a bar­ba­ric régime but not take money from them?

    3. @Adrian Alley The US imports 5% of its oil from them. Most of our oil comes from Cana­da. Like I said, I don’t con­trol whe­re the US gets its oil, but I can con­trol whe­re I get paid from. Imply­ing that the LIV play­ers get their money from the US is just plain wrong.

  29. They let Bo Jack­son and Dion San­ders play in both the NFL and MLB, so whe­re the issu­es. And Im sure Mona­han is making 40 mil­li­on a year, the NFL com­mis­sio­ner the gre­a­sy pimp makes 45 mil­li­on last year, and a lot of it from CHINA, so stuff the whi­ning about human rights, they don t give a rip.

    1. @DPS why doesn’t he ans­wer with strength? Ins­tead of enter­tai­ning that Sau­di league is a thre­at, talk about how he just had fin­au jt and Rory all in the hunt this week. Along with some other up and com­ing gre­ats. No, ins­tead he talks about how peop­le “need” pga tour. And how he’s had a “tough week”, and @didn’t want to do what he did” , did not dis­play con­fi­dence IMO , too much inse­cu­ri­ty came out

  30. No-one but me has men­tio­ned the $1bn liv tour has paid the ex pga tour mem­bers to join. It would’ve been more dama­ging to the pga tour if they had just ploughed all the money into the pri­ze money at the cen­tu­r­i­on. 8 events this year they could’ve put ano­t­her $125m into each event. Ima­gi­ne if charl had won $20m for examp­le. Tiger next mon­th for examp­le wins $2m for his 16th major at St Andrew’s. The star play­ers will join liv tour even­tual­ly if they see infe­ri­or play­ers win­ning ridi­cu­lous amounts of money…52 year old mickel­son get­ting $200m to just join is a stu­pid invest­ment. No doubt Nor­man was paid more to be the figu­re head. I just think LIV tour has mis­sed a gre­at oppor­tu­ni­ty here.

  31. “Betray­ing The United Sta­tes” What a bunch of hypo­cri­tes. The Demo­cra­tic Par­ty Does IT Every Day! Cheers to the­se play­ers for making their own con­sti­tu­tio­nal decisions

  32. It’s all about pro­tec­ting PGA money and not­hing else. Charl ear­ned in 3 days what took him 4 years on the PGA. Gol­fers play for money.

    1. The guy made over 5 mil­li­on as com­mis­sio­ner last year, and can’t even honest­ly ans­wer a ques­ti­on!!! “Becau­se I’m the com­mish, and I said so”!!!!!!!!!

  33. Holy cow. Bla­ming 9/11 on pro­fes­sio­nal gol­fers? Laug­ha­ble. What a shame­ful PR hit. The PGA should fire this guy. I hope more play­ers lea­ve. This guy clear­ly doesn’t have the best inte­rest of golf or the Tour gol­fers. He only cares about pre­ser­ving his power. Why not try com­pe­ting and, you know, pay your gol­fers more? Unbe­liev­a­ble. The­se guys are inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors. This stance is ridi­cu­lous, don’t know what Nantz was thin­king, what a shill.

    1. @K C and what coun­try were the other 4 from? I Want to be sure to irra­tio­nal­ly malign anyo­ne asso­cia­ted with tho­se coun­tries too. May­be have a con­vo with Logic befo­re you fal­se­ly asso­cia­te more people.

  34. The Sau­di Tour is not an invest­ment in the game of golf – invest­ments usual­ly are made with an expec­ta­ti­on of a finan­cial return, not to polish a tar­nis­hed image. The­re is zero pos­si­bi­li­ty that this tour will gene­ra­te inco­me – the­re are no inter­na­tio­nal cor­po­ra­te spon­sors, no broad­cast rights reve­nue, and essen­ti­al­ly no ticket sales. At some point, my best guess is Greg Nor­man will run afoul of MBS and the tour will be shut­te­red. The­re will be debts left unpaid, inclu­ding obli­ga­ti­ons to play­ers. And the­re will be no recour­se for them that doesn’t end up with death and dis­mem­ber­ment. Every LIV play­er should serious­ly look at get­ting more life insuran­ce coverage.

  35. Mono­han – “How is this good for the game that we love?” Well, how about the LIV Tour giving oppor­tu­nities for les­ser known play­ers to enjoy a litt­le screen time. We can see dif­fe­rent play­ers from around the world, who have an oppor­tu­ni­ty to cut their teeth with some estab­lis­hed stars. It’s more inte­res­ting and less dull. The PGA Tour focu­ses on fea­tured groups, and argu­ab­ly DJ and Phil are among the most wat­ched. The only play­er that real­ly sto­kes up genui­ne inte­rest among non-gol­fers is Tiger. The PGA Tour attemp­ted to mono­po­li­ze the game, with year round tour­na­ments which pay more than Natio­nal Opens such as the Aus­tra­li­an Open or the NZ Open etc. which strugg­le to attract stars to fly half­way across the world to par­ti­ci­pa­te, becau­se the pri­zes are not as lucra­ti­ve. With all the extra money gene­ra­ted, Mona­han should have ensu­red that all par­ti­ci­pants every week recei­ved some money. It’s all very well for mul­ti-mil­lion­aires like Mcll­roy to say the PGA Tour is a gre­at pro­duct, but is it? What about the rank and file – Tho­se gol­fers who have sacri­fi­ced so much just to make it to the tour, only to strugg­le week in and week out, and miss cut after cut. What about the men­tal stress of making ends meet? They need to make money and feed fami­lies. Nobo­dy cares about the PGA Tour – They want to make money and win majors. If the LIV Tour allows gol­fers to retain the pos­si­bi­li­ty of pur­suing the­se dual goals, then Mono­han had bet­ter beco­me accus­to­med to more PGA play­ers defecting.

    1. Yes the PGA Tour is a gre­at pro­duct. Ask yourself why Tiger would say no to 9 BILLION dol­lars if the­re wasn’t any smo­ke behind this pathe­tic attempt to buy fans.

    2. Are u serious mate!!!
      To be a pro gol­fer is hard but u need to be top notch to earn a good living and thats how it should be!!
      Medi­o­c­re 70 plus scores week in week out should not allow u to walk away with 300 k andy ogle­tree styles liv golf for the have or have nots.
      U pro­bab­ly think the guy that punts the field goal once a game in gri­di­ron should take home the same sala­ry as tom brady!!!
      If your not good enough for the pga, go pay your dues on the asi­an tour..
      Less depth ‚good pri­ze­mo­ney play­ing against good gol­fers, but not the élite.
      Look at the aussie
      Bren­don jones , this blo­ke can play ‚good enough to be on pga tour but elects to play in japan and pro­bab­ly ear­ning over a mil­li­on a year. Yet most golf fol­lo­wers world wide wouldnt know about him.
      So the­re is a care­er to be made in golf, u just have to have the talent and if u dont ‚its like all things in life, try some­thing else to feed u

    3. You are abso­lute­ly right. I think it is qui­te dif­fi­cult for youn­ger play­ers to make it on the PGA Tour. I per­so­nal­ly know a young man who grew up with my son who is play­ing on the PGA Tour. He’s play­ed in 17 or 18 events and made only three cuts, Most likely he will lose his card at the end of the sea­son. Some­thing like LIV would give someo­ne like him an oppor­tu­ni­ty to con­ti­nue to play

  36. Mr jay M, I never watch the pga. I watch tiger. Now tiger is not play­ing I don’t give 2 f about the pga. If tiger is play­ing I watch.

  37. Jim Nan­ce: “Why can’t they play in both events?”

    Jay Mona­han: “I’m gon­na ans­wer that ques­ti­on with a ques­ti­on” (doesn’t come clo­se to ans­we­ring the question)

    That tells you all you need to know about the PGAs position.

    1. This reminds me an awful lot like when Ado­be when nuclear on Apple when the iPad laun­ched and it did­n’t sup­port Ado­be Flash. Ado­be hur­led accu­sa­ti­ons at Apple and threw public tem­per tan­trums becau­se they for­got how to com­pe­te or did­n’t want to com­pe­te. For tho­se who may not remem­ber, Flash was the main way vide­os were con­tai­ned and ads were dis­play­ed on the inter­net for much of the 2000s. It was huge. It no lon­ger exists today.

    1. Yea I was won­de­ring if the play­ers keep the same per­cen­ta­ge when paying their cad­dy for the week. 10–15% is qui­te a nice payday on $4.75M 👍👍

    2. @Tom 54 it will not be in the best inte­rest of the play­ers to lower their cad­dy rates becau­se they will be the same as the pga. The piot cal­ling the kett­le black.

    3. @Imran Haniff I recall hea­ring that in 98 when O’Meara won two majors and a ton of money he fired his cad­dy becau­se he said his cad­dy didn’t work any har­der and didn’t deser­ve all that extra cash.

  38. Plea­se sus­pend all tho­se “play­ers” who jum­ped ship. When the LIV thing fails, like I hope it does tho­se play­ers will be up a creek without a paddle.

    1. And it won’t as peop­le are see­ing what Mona­han and the PGA which they think they can do no wrong. He figu­ra­tively picked up his ball and took it home

  39. I don’t see the big deal. You are eit­her get­ting paid by Ame­ri­can bil­lion­aires or Sau­di Bil­lion­aires, it’s all blood money in my eyes.

  40. Zero vali­di­ty in the “play­ing for LiV is anti Ame­ri­can” ame­ri­ca deals with the Sau­di government all the time. Can’t cry foul when Ame­ri­can ath­le­tes part­ner with them, if you aren’t cry­ing foul about your damn government sup­por­ting them

    1. Total scrip­ted Q and A. They keep har­ping that the PGA is not­hing but the worlds best gol­fers, that the new LIV is an exhi­bi­ti­on. That play­ers are trai­tors to their Coun­try. On and on. PGA will con­ti­nue to lose play­ers. Gua­ran­te­ed $1 mil­li­on just for play­ing 8 tour­na­ments. 4 mil­li­on to win­ner of each tour­na­ment. Year end 25!million tour­ney. Oh, And mil­li­ons in signing bonu­ses. Or if you’re not in the top 50 in the PGA you strugg­le to make cuts and make a 50k a tour­na­ment. Then you have to batt­le to keep your card every year.

    2. @teeduck – Your last sen­tence high­lights the weak­ness of LIV. Golf is a meri­to­cra­cy so if you’­re not good enough, you’­re gon­na strugg­le. But no. You want to have the strugg­lers well-paid and to enter­tain you with their 3rd rate gol­fing skills. Well, enjoy it while it lasts.

  41. Sor­ry LIV golf was just as boring to watch as the PGA. The team for­mat was­n’t that inte­res­ting, the qua­li­ty of golf was way behind the PGA not even clo­se real­ly, the team names and logos were hor­ren­dous, no cut line is a draw back due to less incen­ti­ve to play well, the music and the com­men­ta­ry was iden­ti­cal to the PGA no dif­fe­rence. The only thing I lik­ed was the shot­gun start other than that I don’t get the exci­te­ment around this league, it was golf just at a lower qua­li­ty, and guys making more money from a cor­rupt shady government in Sau­di Ara­bia… I’ll pass this tour will not grow the game of golf.

    1. Hold on, there’s always incen­ti­ve to play well, no cut line just means that you won’t go home empty han­ded if you have a bad week. That’s fair for pro­fes­sio­nal ath­le­tes, other­wi­se we should only pay foot­ball and bas­ket ball play­ers for wins. 

      Boring or not the pace of play was much bet­ter in my opi­ni­on. less down time.

    2. @Adrian Alley the average score was +6 on the liv in 54 holes and the average score in 54 holes at the RBC on the pga was ‑2 on a har­der cour­se. Golf is an indi­vi­du­al sport not bas­ket­ball or foot­ball. Ten­nis is the same thing the far­t­her you make it the more money you get. Average cut in the PGA is 65 play­ers, the cut line signi­fies the money line essen­ti­al­ly more play­ing time, bet­ter pla­ce­ment more media expo­sure equals more money. Why would LIV top play­ers care about pla­cing 48th com­pa­red to 7th when I’m making $150 mil­li­on dol­lars up front and I alrea­dy have brand reco­gni­ti­on? It’s a gim­mi­cky dilu­t­ed pro­duct I don’t care about the money but from a view­ers­hip I want to watch the best and not fair to pro­fes­sio­nal ath­le­tes? The bot­tom guy on the tour makes a bet­ter living then 95% of peop­le I don’t think “fair” is the right word

    1. @Brian3025 Non­sen­se. LIV will be gone as a “for­ce” in a cou­p­le of years. They’ll just have han­gers-on left (which is kind of what they have now).

      USFL got Her­schel Wal­ker and a bunch of other huge names, and they couldn’t sniff the NFL. They just rui­ned the lega­ci­es of their play­ers who was­ted their best years play­ing in the minors.

  42. This kind of con­flicts hap­pen­ed in many sports and imho is ine­vi­ta­ble, …….. in Boxing the­re are WBC WBA then came along IBF etc ………… in Badi­min­ton, first only the IBF and then came WBF etc, …… so i think in Golf, this should be hand­led by the PGA Tour properly

  43. They don’t need you that’s why they’­re play­ing in a dif­fe­rent Tour. The rea­li­ty is you need them and will find that out in the long run. PGA Tour did the same thing to the other Euro­pean and Asi­an Tours, howe­ver, you’­re now cry­ing foul.

  44. Thank you Jay Mona­g­han for stop­ping the play­ers from play­ing in both the LIV Golf Tour and the PGA Tour. Tho­se play­ers should be loy­al to the PGA Tour but they made their choice, hope­ful­ly they come back, only time will tell.

    1. How should the PGA Tour be any dif­fe­rent than any other busi­ness in a free eco­no­my? Peop­le go bet­ween rival banks, rival law firms, com­pu­ter tech firms, auto makers,etc…all the time. The days of peop­le working for the same com­pa­ny for their ent­i­re care­er are long gone. Gol­fers aren’t even hired by the PGA Tour…they aren’t sala­ried under contract…so, why should they be requi­red to only play for the PGA?

    2. @Palermo Tra­pa­ni May­be you will under­stand it bet­ter this way. The PGA is more than the Men’s tour. It is the deve­lo­p­men­tal tours( Korn Fer­ry), The seni­ors tour and the LPGA. They nur­tu­re the play­er once he decla­res he is going to be a pro. It basi­cal­ly crea­tes a minor league for the up and com­ing play­er. Once he is good enough to make it to the Tour he is given the oppor­tu­ni­ty to make a lot of money. They are intro­du­ced to cor­po­ra­te Ame­ri­ca at the hig­hest level. Peop­le pay them to “adver­ti­se” for them. When they are no lon­ger via­ble as a play­er they have a tour whe­re they can make money after the age of fif­ty. They get the venues, the spon­sors, the TV con­tracts and they have been doing it for many years(at least 50). They also con­tri­bu­te to cha­ri­ty and that is why they are a non pro­fit which does­n’t allow them to pay them sala­ries or expenses.

      What is the Liv going to do? Are they hel­ping the young gol­fer or the old gol­fer. Do they con­tri­bu­te to cha­ri­ty? They are just lee­ches ste­aling Tour play­ers. They add not­hing to the game. They just STEAL. They are just try­ing to sport­wa­sh their name but the Saudi’s are barbaric.

    3. @Michael Fong I total­ly under­stand the PGA tour ope­ra­tes the Korn Fer­ry, PGA Tour Latin Ame­ri­ca, and PGA tour cham­pions. But we are not tal­king about tho­se tours are we? The issue at hand is the main PGA tour. The play­ers on tho­se other leagues are not the ones Mona­g­han is screa­ming about. If some­bo­dy wants to form a com­pe­ti­ti­ve Seni­ors tour league and the PGA wants to keep Fred­die, Ernie Els, David Toms, Vijah, etc on that tour, then the PGA tour would face simi­lar mar­ket com­pe­ti­ti­on that they are facing now with the main PGA tour.

      But as for the Col­le­ge play­er tur­ning pro and going to the Korn Fer­ry tour, they get not­hing and many of them are in the red finan­cial­ly. At least for MLB and its minor league sys­tem, the MLB teams have a draft and sign play­ers for some com­pen­sa­ti­on to play in the Minor league farm sys­tem. NFL and NBA rely on col­le­ge to do that but they have to draft play­ers and sign them to play in their leagues.

      So the most logi­cal com­pa­ri­son is MLB to the PGA tour. Both have in essence minor leagues that deve­lop play­ers to play on the Pro­fes­sio­nal level. One of them, MLB plays play­ers and signs them to con­tracts to play, the other does not.

    4. @Palermo Tra­pa­ni Have you ever seen what the major league pays peop­le in the minors? Also do you not under­stand becau­se they are a non pro­fit they can’t pay the play­ers. MLB does not pay play­ers Indi­vi­du­al teams pay play­ers. I would­n’t use the NFL. When they let you go you get 2 weeks pay and they can cut you at anytime.

    5. @Michael Fong Yes, I know that, the MLB use to be a 501C. So you can think of the Tour­na­ments that are on the PGA tour as ana­lo­gous to teams. I know what MLB plays play­ers in the minors, but the rea­li­ty is they do sign them to con­tracts and pay them. The NFL use to be a 501C. The sham of that final­ly was ended as the IRS and NFL kept batt­ling over that clas­si­fi­ca­ti­on but even­tual­ly the MLB and NFL rather than having to con­ti­nu­al­ly jus­ti­fy they were in fact mee­ting the con­di­ti­ons of being a 501C, they final­ly drop­ped that pretense.

      At one time, the MLB and NFL were defi­ned by the IRS as 501C’s. Go look it up. If the PGA had to sign Tiger Woods to a con­tract to play on the PGA tour and Tiger Woods agents then nego­tia­ted tho­se terms, what do you think Tiger Woods would have been able to do. He would sign as part of the PGA tour for some fixed fee up front and he likely would have nego­tia­ted that he could go play 1 event in Asia and 1 in Euro­pe or Midd­le East for appearan­ce fees without that impac­ting his PGA tour sta­tus. Phil in his prime would have been able to sign a lucra­ti­ve con­tract. Now play­ers who did not get signed, they could earn their way on the tour. Per­so­nal­ly, all play­ers on the PGA tour in my view should get com­pen­sa­ti­on to cover the cost of attendance/playing a tour­na­ment, i.e. tra­vel cos­ts, lod­ging, meals, etc.

    1. He is try­ing to choo­se his words wise­ly becau­se he does­n’t want to say the wrong thing… It is a tech­ni­que to appease the players…

  45. Mona­han plays a despe­ra­te hook OB Charl Swart­zel won more money in his first event than he made in 5 years of the PooGA ⛳

  46. Why can’t you plan a win-win outcome….you are dri­ving a wedge and your ego is the size of the gala­xy in being so defensive…you for­get how the mas­ses who love golf look at you as a spoi­led brat­ty child…..get over yourself and look at the future of golf…..

  47. PGA and Euro­pean Tour play events in Sau­di and not­hing was ever said. This is big busi­ness try­ing to bul­ly play­ers. PGA can KMA!!!

  48. Just stop the self righteousness…..Saudi money is a joke with U.S. sel­ling 110B worth of arms to Saudi…the PGA loves China….give me a break Jay!11

  49. What’s fun­ny is LIV is shaking things up. I hope play­ers roll out and for­ce LIV to be a play­er. I can’t stand this guy such a sli­me­ball. You guys have been get­ting fat while ever­y­bo­dy star­ved I hope they for­ce this mono­po­ly to break up. The play­ers should be able to play whe­re­ver they want. Scum­bags I hope all the draws lea­ve this place lea­ve McEl­roy the rest of them should roll.

  50. Why doesn’t the PGA offer hig­her pur­ses for par­ti­cu­lar tour­na­ments? They defi­ni­te­ly have the money to do so, but it seems like they’re only try­ing to pro­tect their busi­ness model. They abso­lute­ly need to do more for the play­ers, offer more incentives.

  51. The PGA tour does not have a mono­po­ly on the game of golf. Golph­ers are inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors. PGA can­not tell play­ers whe­re and when to play. Monahan’s beha­vi­or has been shame­ful: making thre­ats, bul­ly­ing, haras­sing. It real­ly has tar­nis­hed the repu­ta­ti­on of the PGA tour.

    1. Monahan’s memo was dis­grace­ful. He should be shown the door based on that alo­ne. Today’s inter­view only sea­led his fate, imho.

  52. Sin­ce 2019, the coun­try has hos­ted the Sau­di Inter­na­tio­nal, an event form­er­ly sanc­tion­ed by the Euro­pean Tour that has drawn some of the top names in golf, who are paid con­si­derable appearan­ce fees.

  53. Keep your eyes open !
    Go woke. Go bro­ke. The­re are other golf tours in coun­tries all over the world.
    LIV is BIG. You don’t own a person’s choice of whe­re to make a living. Back to the BLUE MONSTER, BABY !

  54. Did­n’t the pre­vious pre­si­dent make a deal with Saudi’s over mur­der of jour­na­list? Does­n’t US sup­ply Sau­di with arms?

  55. This is a trash inter­view! The fact they bring up 9/11 is not­hing but a PR stunt!! What a dis­gus­ting self righ­te­ous speech from a rich snob!

    1. @Michael Fong And remem­ber we were in a simi­lar pre­di­ca­ment in 1969 when PGA play­ers split from the PGAOA becau­se of….money allo­ca­ti­on from spon­sor­s­hips and TV deals. Nick­laus, Pal­mer and PGA play­ers, the most visi­ble enti­ty of the PGAOA then, wan­ted grea­ter allo­ca­ti­on for play­er pur­ses and not the gene­ral fund. It was seen as “ris­ky” back then for play­ers to lea­ve the PGAOA. *Many thought they would fail.* Sound familiar? 

      53 years later, here we are. The game of golf is not named “PGA Tour” or its sub­si­dia­ries. And the LIV play­ers were not under con­tract like an NFL or NBA ath­le­te. Yet Jay is acting like his “pro­per­ty” defec­ted from the plan­ta­ti­on and he has to use *fear* to pre­vent his other “pro­per­ty” from con­si­de­ring leaving. 

      If you belie­ve so stron­gly about your brand, let them go! Wish them well. Talk about the exci­ting things the PGA Tour is loo­king to do over the next year, 3 years, 5 years. And if LIV flops, who will have egg on their faces? The play­ers who left, and are loo­king for come back.

  56. Play a sport I love at a young age, get coa­ched, make it to a D1 school pos­si­b­ly, pos­si­b­ly make it to the Webb tour or Sunshi­ne tour and play for medi­o­c­re pri­ze money and if all the stars align may­be beco­me a fil­ler on the PGA tour..OR, pass all the blocks and head strai­ght to the big show on Liv­Golf and feed my fami­ly right away.…hmmmm tough choice.…evolve or die a dinosaur..simple..slavery was abolis­hed in 1865, yet Augus­ta didnt accept its first black mem­ber until 1990, and still lives by the insti­tu­ti­on of white cad­dy overalls..and THEY have the final say on who can play the Mas­ters, even if youve won? Seems like they have the­re own demons to fix..EVOLVE OR DIE A DINOSAUR…I have love for the game, pay homage to the gre­at ones, respect the rules, but times chan­ge, the world chan­ges, up the pri­ze money foe the play­ers, PGA makes bil­li­ons in revenue..$5 a golf ball now $1500 for a new set..sponsors have the money and so do you PGA, time to thin the herd on the fatcats..

  57. Sounds to like the PGA is a bit more than a litt­le con­cer­ned about the impact of a rival tour. About time someo­ne paid the top play­ers for signing on to their tour like most pro teams do. Why should­n’t a play­er that has pro­ven his abi­li­ty be paid up front ins­tead of having to earn every pen­ny by pla­ly­ing and pro­du­cing. Fans love to watch the game and love to see their favo­ri­te play­ers each and every week end so what is the big deal with having play­ers with the free­dom to play on any and all venues avail­ab­le to them?

    1. You are abso­lute­ly right. The PGA is sca­red stiff. Nine­teen PGA Tour mem­bers have alrea­dy defec­ted to the LIV tour. And while it’s true that a lot of them are on the home stretch of their care­ers, they are still much bet­ter known than the up and comers on the PGA Tour. The­re have been many start up pro­fes­sio­nal sports leagues that have fai­led, par­ti­cu­lar­ly in foot­ball. And they fai­led becau­se they did­n’t have the money to last. Tom Bra­dy isn’t play­ing in the USFL becau­se they can’t afford his ser­vices. But LIV is dif­fe­rent becau­se they can pay the money to attract the top names in the sport. The pur­ses are three times the size of PGA Tour events. And other than the majors, what all­u­re does an event like the Vale­ro Open or the Wynd­ham Clas­sic have that a LIV event won’t have? It seems likely that as time pas­ses, LIV will peel off more PGA Tour mem­bers. I think that over time this tour will take root. The only ques­ti­on is if the money will con­ti­nue to be pum­ped into LIV until it beco­mes established

  58. I don’t think tho­se trai­tors should ever be allo­wed back in the PGA!! They were all about the money – no loyal­ty or honor!

  59. This was well put. No politics(of cour­se the pathe­tic inter­view­er had to push it in), just a simp­le rea­son. The play­ers that left don’t care if they were sus­pen­ded. They eit­her are on the ver­ge of reti­re­ment, or will never make it on tour.

    1. @Peter Anza­no it’s a pathe­tic ang­le to take. The guy gives a sound rea­son for sus­pen­ding them and the dude for­ces in the main­stream pro­pa­gan­da crap. It’s pathetic…

    2. @SK_TRADES I respect your opi­ni­on the­re. All I’m say­ing is that your point about guys being on the ver­ge of reti­re­ment or not being able to make it is wrong (DJ, Bry­son, Reed, etc), and “the dude” is Jim Nantz. He does play by play for golf, foot­ball, and col­le­ge bas­ket­ball at the hig­hest levels, and is one of the most reco­gniz­ab­le voices in sports. It seems as if you don’t know who he is.

    3. @Peter Anza­no having a long care­er in media does­n’t make you immu­ne to using pathe­tic tac­tics to get a reac­tion and a head­line. The per­son inter­viewing is irrele­vant. It has to do with the sta­te of our media orga­niz­a­ti­ons. I know who he is and his trol­ling here is pathe­tic. The inter­view was to get the rea­son for sus­pen­si­on. He for­ced in the who­le “human rights vio­la­ti­on, and tur­ning their backs on Ame­ri­ca” thing. As if Ame­ri­ca has never com­men­ted a human rights vio­la­ti­on. It’s just dumb.
      As for the play­ers you lis­ted. You don’t know what was in their heads. I actual­ly know a tour pro, and my cou­sin was draf­ted by the Tam­pa bay rays. Life in pro­fes­sio­nal sports is extre­me­ly dif­fi­cult. Espe­cial­ly for the best play­ers. It’s all golf all the time. On the road. Inter­views. Prac­ti­ce. Spon­sor obli­ga­ti­ons, etc. Most nor­mal peop­le would be rea­dy to reti­re by their mid to late 30s like dj, who is the only one with an actu­al resu­me that is still in his prime. The other guys have defi­ni­te­ly had flas­hes of bril­li­an­ce, but I think it takes a freak of natu­re to go through life on tour, and still be able to win. Liv offers an easy out. All of them have said they want to go ano­t­her direc­tion. That to me means they want to reti­re, or they don’t have what it takes to con­ti­nue on, or to make it, to para­phra­se myself.

    4. @SK_TRADES I think we’re not under­stan­ding each other here. I didn’t make a poli­ti­cal com­ment at any time, nor will I. The other com­men­ter and I are merely making obser­va­tions about your sports knowledge.

    5. @SK_TRADES I mean you’­re star­ting off your com­ment with an intel­lec­tual­ly disin­ge­nuous state­ment by empha­si­zing kil­ling it on the pga tour when in fact both have majors past three years both have play­ed in most recent ryder cup. Serious­ly man. They are real­ly good gol­fers who are going to con­t­end at majors for a long time. No need to knock them to knock the LIV.

  60. The PGA is a mono­po­ly and sexist. I appre­cia­te the LIV orga­niz­a­ti­on for brea­king bar­ri­ers and having a fema­le commentator.

    1. May­be you will under­stand it bet­ter this way. The PGA is more than the Men’s tour. It is the deve­lo­p­men­tal tours( Korn Fer­ry), The seni­ors tour and the LPGA. They nur­tu­re the play­er once he decla­res he is going to be a pro. It basi­cal­ly crea­tes a minor league for the up and com­ing play­er. Once he is good enough to make it to the Tour he is given the oppor­tu­ni­ty to make a lot of money. They are intro­du­ced to cor­po­ra­te Ame­ri­ca at the hig­hest level. Peop­le pay them to “adver­ti­se” for them. When they are no lon­ger via­ble as a play­er they have a tour whe­re they can make money after the age of fif­ty. They get the venues, the spon­sors, the TV con­tracts and they have been doing it for many years(at least 50). They also con­tri­bu­te to cha­ri­ty and that is why they are a non pro­fit which does­n’t allow them to pay them sala­ries or expenses.

      What is the Liv going to do? Are they hel­ping the young gol­fer or the old gol­fer. Do they con­tri­bu­te to cha­ri­ty? They are just lee­ches ste­aling Tour play­ers. They add not­hing to the game. They just STEAL. They are just try­ing to sport­wa­sh their name but the Saudi’s are barbaric.

  61. Greg Nor­man lives rent free in this tool bags head. It sickens me that now they are using 9–11 as an excu­se to for­ce ath­le­tes to play in their league. Play­ers should be free to play golf whe­re­ver and whenever they want. They should all be paid for that as well. The PGA has beco­me a dino­saur eli­tist old boys club.

  62. Per­so­nal­ly, his appearan­ce during the tour­na­ment was a dis­trac­tion for fans and play­ers. When he appeared, I tur­ned the sound off and wal­ked away. The LIV play­ers don’t give a damn about him.
    So what did Rory win for his Cana­di­an Open vic­to­ry? At least a mil­li­on and a half I ima­gi­ne. What did the guy who finis­hed last after making the cut get. Pro­bab­ly around ten K. And what did the guys get who did­n’t make the cut… abso­lute­ly nothing!!!
    The 48th pla­ced play­er at the LIV tour­na­ment made $120,000. No One was cut, and they only play­ed for three days. Can you ima­gi­ne an extra day with your fami­ly whe­re you did­n’t have to play in front of peop­le who thought that the pri­ce of admis­si­on allo­wed them to be com­ple­te and total fools?

    1. @SiLo Mixing and Mas­te­ring no mat­ter how good or bad he may be right now there’s no way they’d sus­pend Tiger Woods

  63. Not many real golf fans com­men­ting here it seems. May­be a bunch who’s favo­ri­te play­er has defec­ted. The Play­ers will deci­de how this goes and most seem to be sti­cking with the PGA. As of right now the com­pe­ti­ti­on on the LIV tour is minor league com­pa­red to the PGA. You’ll see the PGA incre­a­se their pur­ses I’m sure, to help keep it that way.

  64. Tho­se “decisi­ons” being the PGA deny­ing its best play­ers an abi­li­ty to be ful­ly com­pen­sa­ted. The­se guys were deman­ding com­pro­mi­se… the PGA, a non-pro­fit, strong armed them and is losing. This is nar­cis­sistic gar­ba­ge from irrele­vant peop­le. The PGA is the play­ers, not the staff.

  65. Ter­ri­ble decisi­on that won’t age well. LIV and the PGA tour would com­pli­ment each other well. The Cana­di­an Open next year will just be a few moo­se play­ing for a tin of map­le syrup once all the top dogs even­tual­ly move over to LIV. Rory made only a frac­tion for win­ning a 4 day event that Charl Schwart­zel made for win­ning a 3 day event.…there’s only so long the PGA play­ers will put up with that for, no mat­ter what they say now.

  66. Oh boy…Jay…amigo…just when we thought you had reached rock bot­tom, you begin to dig…if your actions didn’t say it, today you made it clear…you’re acting like one of tho­se spoi­led kids who’s never had someo­ne tell them no. Making Phil’s com­ment that the PGA Tour is a bunch of bul­lies look pret­ty accurate…And that over-rehe­ar­sed Q&A with Jim Nantz…painful…and then having the announ­cers at every oppor­tu­ni­ty talk about the histo­ry of the RBC Cana­di­en Open, and the lega­cy, and the tradition…seemed like you put out a chal­len­ge to pay whoever used all tho­se words the most would get a mil­li­on dollars…seemed very con­tri­ved, fake, and over­all uncomfortable…even para­ded out the RBC Cana­di­an guy and had him spou­ting the PGA Tour tal­king points…Thankfully next week is a USGA event so we can get a break from the PGA Tour whiners….

  67. Pro gol­fers make unpre­ce­den­ted money, demons­tra­ting the growth and popu­la­ri­ty of the game. PGA tour respon­se: “this is a sad day for golf”. 

    I wasn’t roo­ting for LIV but I am now. Thanks Monaghan

  68. Guy is doing ever­ything he can to pro­tect the Mono­po­ly- And 9/11 hurt us all but has Zero to do with any of this not to men­ti­on it was 21 years ago which was fore­ver ago

  69. Wait til peop­le find out that it wasn’t the Saudi’s who didc9/11 but our own government. Then what will the argu­ment be jay? I’m exci­ted the tour is get­ting taken down a few not­ches. Has anyo­ne noti­ced how this tour­na­ment the­re were more efforts to fist pump and do spe­cial events? May­be the­se tour­na­ments will be more inte­res­ting to watch now that they have com­pe­ti­ti­on. And final­ly last time I che­cked the­se play­ers are inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors but they aren’t being trea­ted as such by the tour.

  70. This is the inter­view of a man that hates com­pe­ti­ti­on and ulti­mate­ly about the fear of losing dol­lars long term as more play­ers go to LIV Tour. The NBA and other leagues need a legi­ti­ma­te com­pe­ti­tor as well.

  71. You have to be a fool to belie­ve a word this despe­ra­do has said!!! Why on God’s green earth would anyo­ne want to be under his dictatorship???

  72. The­se are very very very for­get­ful that they are also a break away tour… The bro­ke away from PGA Ame­ri­ca to crea­te PGA tour run by Arnold Pal­mer.… ABSOLUTE IDIOTS!! LIV golf is the best thing for the sport

  73. Mona­han your an ego­tis­ti­cal psy­cho­pa­thi­ci­cal hypo­cri­te. How do you sleep at nights?? You allow pro­ducts on the pga tour made in chi­na who are the worse human rights vio­la­tors but you’­re find with it! What gas and oil are in your car and home? And Why don’t you open the pga reve­nue books and let’s see exact­ly why you short chan­ging the­se guys reve­nue they deser­ve?! Advi­se, your going to lose in court. You fai­led mise­r­a­b­ly as a com­mis­sio­ner and you would ser­ve its play­ers best if you just quit! CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU GET FIRED!!!

  74. Monahan’s non-ans­wer to “Why can’t the player’s do both?” was idio­tic. There’s serious com­pe­ti­ti­on on the LIV tour and to sug­gest other­wi­se is ludicrous.

    1. No com­pe­ti­ti­on just a glo­ri­fied exhi­bi­ti­on it’s embarr­as­sin­gly bad no mat­ter how their play­ers or fans badge it up. Loo­ked a rus­hed out pro­duct that will flop imo

  75. The Sau­di government is attemp­t­ing to mus­cle in on pri­va­te sports ven­tures in golf, soc­cer and F1. They are doing this with unli­mi­ted government oil money in an attempt to dis­tract from their hor­ri­fic human rights abu­ses and not becau­se they care about the­se sports. Even­tual­ly they will lose inte­rest or their government will be over­thrown. Hope­ful­ly the tour that attempts to pre­ser­ve the lega­ci­es and gol­fing inte­gri­ty of Jack, Arnie and Tiger will still be around to car­ry on when the Sau­di government is out of the picture.

  76. Hahah he CLAIMS they are going to grow fas­ter in next 10 years than ever befo­re. On the cusp of glo­bal depres­si­on. Have a seat. Fic­tio­n­al Jesus.

  77. Monahan’s case is that of a pathe­tic monopolist.…BUT…BUT…sportswashing with the house of Saud is irrever­si­b­ly shame­ful beha­vi­or on the part of the play­ers that defec­ted. Mona­han dril­led with his point about 9–11…that is a care­er ender for the­se play­ers in THIS country.

    1. @Michael Fong When the LIV play­ers are making more than the top PGA tour players,defection will occur in a big way.This is just act 1 and with 100$ oil the Sau­dis have signi­fi­cant stay­ing power.

  78. Shwart­zel won about $4.5 mil­li­on, Rory won $1.5. That kind of dif­fe­rence will get a lot of other top play­ers loo­king at LIV.

    1. I read that Schwart­zel won over 6 mil­li­on in total.…there’s only so long that even a guy like Rory can sit back and watch a les­ser play­er than hims­elf like Charl (who is obv still a beast) make more money than him for win­ning a tour­na­ment AND play 3 days ins­tead of 4 lol.….

    2. Minus cad­die share, agent, coa­ches, mgmt fees, taxes (Cana­di­an & US pro­bab­ly), wife/girlfriend taxes Lol , the $1.5 mil­li­on isn’t loo­king so gre­at for all that effort and pres­ti­ge. The enor­mous gua­ran­te­ed LIV con­tracts and generous pur­ses are loo­king bet­ter by the minute

  79. This is like watching a scrip­ted sit­com (inci­dent­al­ly, Jay Mona­han loo­ks very much like Micha­el Scott in The Office). Jim Nantz fee­ding the (scrip­ted) ques­ti­ons and JM giving the (scrip­ted) answers.

    Bot­tom line, if I don’t see anything wrong with play­ers going to LIV, then I should­n’t see anything wrong with them being ban­ned from the PGA.

    The PGA is a busi­ness and LIV is a com­pe­ti­tor. Eit­her you stay with me or you go with them.

    1. Sure does, fun­ny thing is the Sau­dis have over $100 mil­li­on inves­ted in FedEx so in return Mona­han is working for the Saudis

  80. 4:20…Nantz is wrong. The ludi­crous cri­ti­cism of LIV play­ers by the 911 Vic­tims group hasn’t “gathe­red steam”. Ratio­nal peop­le know Sau­di Ara­bia as a coun­try had not­hing to do with 911.

  81. It is about play­ers inte­gri­ty.… that is why com­pe­ti­ti­on is important…golf has been known all over the world about peop­le hust­ling other people…for MONEY…even some world class play­ers, unless they are dedi­ca­ted to achie­ve excel­lence in golf and see how much they can be more about it.…money, or hust­ling for money, is the venue that pro­vi­des exci­te­ment… Greg Nor­man is the play­er that is dif­fe­rent from Tiger Woods and now the world will see clear­ly this dis­tinc­tion…:)) but late­ly may be the PGA play­ers are not real­ly competing…they are having good times…some play­ers need both spi­rit and earning.…LIV golf may pro­vi­de the new ground for real competition…because they must do for both them­sel­ves and the team…and the sta­ge is real and high.…every match matters.…PGA may not as com­pe­ti­ti­ve as LIV in the long run…I THINK…

    1. For good­ness sakes, he could­n’t even pro­per­ly ans­wer the soft­ball ques­ti­ons Jim Nantz was thro­wing up the­re to him. Very very bad look for the PGA commissioner!!!!!!!!

  82. I see the­re are a few PGA mini­ons siding with Jay. He would have been bet­ter off NOT expres­sing his chil­dish opi­ni­on. Jay’s mad and taking his golf­ball and put­ter home.

  83. What a load of crap! How does he sidestep a direct ques­ti­on about Sau­di events and in the same breath invo­ke 9/11?!?! Will he ask Biden to apo­lo­gi­se to tho­se fami­lies when he’s over the­re next mon­th? Will he ask FedEx to apo­lo­gi­se to them for taking bil­li­ons from and inves­ting mil­li­ons back into Saudi?

    This is self-ser­ving jin­go­istic rhe­to­ric, that he would toss asi­de if the Sau­dis came to him to invest direct­ly! He just can’t sell his pro­duct to his spon­sors if his best inde­pen­dant con­trac­tors are away at a dif­fe­rent event. And if enough go, this spon­sors will fol­low them with not a kind word for thos 9/11 families…

  84. And tho­se “unfor­tu­n­a­te decisi­ons” invol­ved Jay going to the­se extre­mes, which I feel was promp­ted by the spon­sors. Having lost the money advan­ta­ge, the PGA Tour only has heri­ta­ge, nost­al­gia and lega­cy to tie them­sel­ves to…which inclu­des the Majors. BUT, if LIV play­ers can play 3 of 4 majors, that will real­ly hurt the PGA Tour’s efforts.

    1. @LRN_News – You seem to be for­get­ting the fact that one of the rea­sons that some of the­se play­ers claim that they signed with liv is so that they can play LESS golf.
      I’m not sure how jet­ting to all cor­ners of the world to try to get world ran­king points aligns with that.

    2. @DPS exact­ly. Bes­i­des the Majors win­ners that can keep play­ing that major as win­ners, guys won’t be able to play majors once they fall in ran­kings. U get what u deser­ve, guys wan­ted the $$, they have it, Gre­at for them, but don’t com­p­lain when u won’t be able to play in majors in yrs to come.

    3. @c lesu­er If they were unfair­ly ban­ned, and then they made all that money, they won’t care one bit. The unfair ban would tar­nish the mas­ters just like it did the pga. High­ly doubt the mas­ters would do that.

  85. The PGA Tour is making a big mista­ke. It’s ok if the PGA Tour makes $$ from the Saudi’s, but when they don’t? …. Hypocrisy.

  86. I was not real­ly on eit­her side pri­or to see­ing this but I got­ta be honest, this makes me side more with tho­se whom cho­se to play on the LIV tour. Not a good look for the PGA in my opinion.

    1. I felt the same mate… real­ly bad ener­gy. But, lets see whats he has to say after 10 more play­ers accept play­ing on Liv tour­na­ments… cau­se money speaks louder

    2. @o che money and free­dom, not only do they get paid more but they’ll be able to spend more time with their fami­ly, and build their brand.

  87. Ten­nis has the ATP. Why can’t golf have a uni­fied world tour??? The PGA and Euro­pean Tour should have com­bi­ned years ago. With a 2 or tier event sys­tem like the ATP. And this mess would­n’t have happened.

    Let’s final­ly make golf a uni­fied world sport!

  88. Did the world of golf freek out when the PGA sanc­tion­ed the tour­na­ment play­ed in Sau­di Ara­bia on the Euro­pean Tour? Did the USA freek out when Biden went cap in hand to the Sau­dis asking them to help him resol­ve the self impo­sed oil cri­sis in his coun­try? They did not­hing! The hypo­cri­sy sur­roun­ding the LIV tour is staggering!

  89. You start poin­ting fin­gers at people
    Can very well point back
    US government, pga , mili­ta­ry indus­tri­al corporations
    Ever­yo­ne needs to stfu and enjoy money n golf

  90. Jay is in over his head. His lea­ders­hip will cost the PGA. Tho­se play­ers that did not resign from the tour will sue and win. All they had to do is make room. The human rights argu­ment is hypo­cri­ti­cal in that the tour is hap­pi­ly in bed with Chi­na. I will watch and sup­port all tours. Inclu­ding LIV. As you will see, its ALWAYS about the 💰.

  91. I don’t care who you play for but here’s the real ques­ti­on. Why are the Sau­dis thro­wing all this money away to run a golf league? They do not­hing without a rea­son espe­cial­ly when it comes to busi­ness. You real­ly think they are doing it becau­se they care about the game of golf or the play­ers they are just using it to fur­ther their agen­da wha­te­ver that may be.

  92. The way I see it is if I deci­ded to do work for my company’s direct com­pe­ti­tors, it is likely that I would get fired. I wouldn’t expect to be able to work for both. How is that dif­fe­rent for the PGA players.

    1. I get you but they don’t work for the PGA tour – they don’t get a sala­ry – they are just members
      Basi­cal­ly like being a mem­ber of a golf club – they just hap­pen to play at mul­ti­ple cour­ses and it’s a bit more organised

    2. The player’s are effec­tively inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors. No dif­fe­rent than any other ‘con­trac­tor’ working mul­ti­ple pro­jects for mul­ti­ple cli­ents during the same time period.

  93. He asks why.… to make more money and have more con­trol over their own care­er. Gol­fers are inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors not their employees

  94. why cant they play in both tours? it will keep atten­dence up and bes­i­des alot of play­ers play ovrrs­sas dont let your con­trol freak ten­da­ci­es and have the pur­ses lar­ger for everybody!!!!

  95. It’s inte­res­ting how the PGA Tour is reac­ting to LIV when this is exact­ly how the PGA Tour came to be in the first place. A group of pros threa­tened to break off the PGA of Ame­ri­ca in a dis­pu­te over pri­ze money and in com­pro­mi­se the PGA Tour was born.

    1. And tho­se three play­ers that led the char­ge up the PGA hill just hap­pen­ed to be Arnold Pal­mer, Gary Play­er and Jack Nicklaus.

    2. The play­ers crea­ted the Tour, now the tour puts it’s inte­rests & mono­po­ly over the player’s best inte­rest. I like open, free enter­pri­se, com­pe­ti­ti­on, not mono­po­ly, coer­ci­on & extor­ti­on. Let play­ers play whe­re­ver & whenever they want.

    3. @Warren White should it bother anyo­ne as to whe­re the money is com­ing from and if the­re is an ulte­rior pur­po­se to it?

  96. He’s pin­ning a lot of his argu­ment on “That Tour won’t count in world Ran­kings, so you won’t be able to play majors”.… Uhhh, it feels like, any minu­te now, the World Ran­king peop­le will figu­re out an algo­rithm for how to score LIV events.…. 

    And, as ano­t­her com­men­ter alrea­dy said.… Here’s a gre­at tour­na­ment, gre­at sce­ne, Cana­di­an Open, frickin 2 years later, Cana­di­ans final­ly deci­de it might be “safe” to have a golf tour­na­ment.… Crowd is going wild, loving it… Rory, JT, Tony Fin­au, due­ling.… Liter­al­ly EVERYTHING you would want… CBS Sports Pro­du­cers are in the trai­ler, loving this action… And here’s Mr. Suit tal­ki­ing about “It’s a sad day for golf”.… Dude, serious­ly???? omg… face­palm.… Thanks a lot Cap­tain Buz­zkill.… Wow… 

    Serious­ly, what a colos­sal blun­der. PR dis­as­ter­pie­ce. If you want to “defend your decisi­on” to sus­pend play­ers, call a pres­ser for a Tues­day Morning, and say your pie­ce.… Get­ting on your soap­box, on Sunday after­noon, during a com­pel­ling final round at a gre­at electric venue.… with gre­at play­ers, Major Cham­pions, due­ling for the tit­le, mind you… Not just Major cham­pions, but POPULAR Cham­pions… tho­se guys MOVE THE NEEDLE, okay, even casu­al fans know who they are.… His litt­le speech the­re pro­bab­ly is a fire­ab­le offen­se, qui­te honest­ly… Wrong place & wrong time for your litt­le speech, dude ran­ger.… Yikes.

  97. What an unbe­liev­a­b­ly pathe­tic dis­play by the head of what I thought was the most digni­fied pro­fes­sio­nal game. Why can’t PGA share play­ers? The respon­se was a plea to adver­ti­sers that LIV Golf ain’t not­hing and the PGA will con­ti­nue to retain the best on the busi­ness, so keep that obs­ce­ne level of cash com­ing our way. This is small, emo­tio­nal, vin­dic­ti­ve and to me, only hel­ps to cha­se away play­ers and investors.

    1. Boy did they ever, Payouts for LIV Tour 1st 4.00 mil, 2nd 2.12 mil, 3rd 1.50 mil and 4th 1.05 mil.
      Payouts for PGA Tour RBC 1st 1.50 mil, 2nd 948 Thousand 3rd 600 thousand and 4th 391 thousand.

    2. The PGA com­men­ta­tors were so spi­te­ful during the who­le wee­kend. Nantz and Fal­do were abso­lute­ly pathetic

  98. Yea.… if LIVs first try is any indi­ca­ti­on it won’t be around by the end of sum­mer… ter­ri­ble broad­cast, a lot of bad golf, around 100,000 view­ers­hip on strea­ming, 50% crowd capa­ci­ty in Lon­don and they were GIVING tickets away. 48 play­er field and EIGHT bro­ke par and the­re were a cou­p­le +23 & +24 over par scores… I can shoot that!😅

  99. As someo­ne has alrea­dy com­men­ted befo­re. Opens are open , open. Poli­tics have not­hing to do with any Sport, period!

  100. Jamie M is a dino­saur, he has no idea what fans want, what play­ers need .
    Hold on tight Jamie, in the end it will cost the PGA but ulti­mate­ly help the LIV Tour.

  101. PGA is so gree­dy. You are so hypo­cri­ti­cal. You’re about to take second place. You ought to figu­re out that “you don’t own or have juris­dic­tion over the pro­fes­sio­nals and talent of the pros.” Jay Mona­han is so arro­gant. Hey Jay, sin­ce you like “pure com­pe­ti­ti­on”, then com­pe­te for the pros dum­bass. Dou­ble or trip­le the payouts, make the PGA bet­ter than the up and com­ing, and quit being so damn intimi­da­ted by LIV. Your fear is pie­cing PGA fans through the lens. Hey PGA, it might be time for a chan­ge. Jay gon­na be out soon?

  102. Play­ing the 9/11 card. Take Sau­di oil but not their money. Will Joe Biden recei­ve an open let­ter for tra­ve­ling to Sau­di Ara­bia to plead for oil?

  103. The PGA tour cate­go­ri­sed its­elf as a non pro­fit so it could avoid hund­reds of mil­li­ons in tax reve­nue. That decisi­on is now haun­ting them sin­ce it also means they can’t hand out gua­ran­te­ed money con­tracts like other pro­fes­sio­nal sports.The LIV tour is doing exact­ly that so it’s not sur­pri­sing top level gol­fers want gua­ran­te­ed money. If someo­ne loses their PGA tour card they’­re gone with very litt­le sup­port. I don’t see how you can tre­at peop­le as inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors and then com­p­lain when they go elsewhere.

    1. The only pro­blem with the gua­ran­tee argu­ment is that even if the PGA could give them it wouldn’t chan­ge anything here. The amount of gua­ran­tees LIV is able to offer thanks to their finan­cing struc­tu­re would be impos­si­ble for the PGA to com­pe­te with even if they could pro­vi­de gua­ran­tees. Reports are say­ing bet­ween DJ, Mickel­son and Dech­am­beau alo­ne the­re are gua­ran­tees of $4–500M. The PGAs pro­jec­ted reve­nue for 2022 is around $1.5B. They can’t com­pe­te mone­ta­ri­ly with an enti­ty that can com­mit a third of what the PGA even brings in just for the guys to show up.

    2. @cozyslor the US Mas­ters is play­ed in Geor­gia a sta­te that lega­li­sed Slavery in the 1740’s and ban­ned blacks from play­ing at Augus­ta from 1934 to 1975 where’s your ethic’s?

    3. I also can’t under­stand why inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors can­not be denied or rejec­ted from doing a job. Surely PGA tour can refu­se to accept the­se Inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors as they are inde­pen­dent and have bro­ken rules and agree­ments of their ser­vice. Works both ways. I hope they are ban­ned from everything.

      Joi­ning a rival tour that has threa­tened to take­over and replace the PGA tour and cement its­elf as the top tour by just thro­wing money at it and not doing anything posi­ti­ve for golf his­to­ri­cal­ly or cur­r­ent­ly just shows that the play­ers who joi­ned have zero inte­gri­ty or princi­ples. I don’t even care about the money, it’s just the princi­ples. Any­way the first event pro­ved how tacky and awk­ward LIV golf is with the lowest qua­li­ty of golf I have wit­nessed on TV. Has been gol­fers lack­lust­re­ly Hacking around a fair­ly easy cour­se. Com­pa­re that to the Cana­di­an Open on PGA tour. Now that’s real golf. 

      I actual­ly honest­ly enjoy watching the old Shells won­der­ful world of Golf on You­Tube more than LiV. LIV WAS FREE on You­Tube and viewing figu­res was crap and they were giving it away.

  104. The­re are cur­r­ent­ly 14 golf cour­ses in Sau­di Ara­bia, 7 on grass, and 7 on sand.
    Golf beco­m­ing more frin­ge in America.

  105. Play­ers don’t play every week. 

    So if he’s worried about play­ers play­ing else­whe­re, why aren’t they requi­red to play ever week in the PGA

  106. The PGA won’t chang and the PGA will die out if they can’t chan­ge the way the pro’s are chan­ging. I didn’t watch one minu­te of the CA Open, but I wat­ched more than 10 hours of the LIV Lon­don Yourney

  107. Mono­han is sca­red. More good play­ers will lea­ve for the $$ and not look back.
    He ans­wers to the ques­ti­ons were weak and petty.

  108. Jim Nan­ce is a paid hack and ball was­her for the PGA and Jamie. 

    This has not­hing to do with 911. Acting like it does is shame­ful and tra­gic, shows just how sca­red Jamie and the PGA of the LIV Tour.

  109. This is such a bad look for the PGA Tour, came off as spi­te­ful, try­ing to mono­po­li­ze the golf world. Also, the money fun­ding the PGA events are also not that clean, so lets stop the moral arguments.

  110. The PGA Direc­tor just exhi­bi­ted the men­ta­li­ty of the White Old Guard Busi­ness Owner; loyal­ty to the com­pa­ny, the mot­to of Ame­ri­can busi­ness both Cor­po­ra­te and small in the 20th cen­tu­ry, which is a car­ry over from Impe­ria­list England.
    We give you 401, Sick lea­ve, 2 weeks a year and you show loyal­ty by lea­ving becau­se you want $5 an hour more or $10k more a year; where’s your loyal­ty to the com­pa­ny and me, I’m your mas­ter, lea­ve ser­vant, I’ll black­ball you and it’ll be hard to find work.
    He’s a per­fect examp­le for the 20th cen­tu­ry White Owner; I should know, I expe­ri­en­ced this men­ta­li­ty several times in the 80’s and 90’s, the last of which made it hard to find work, I strug­gled for two years.

  111. I saw the inter­view live. When he brought 9/11 into the con­vo I thought I was watching an epi­so­de of Fami­ly Guy or some­thing. The­re being so defen­si­ve it’s obvious their worried.

  112. This is com­ple­te BS. The­re is no jus­ti­fi­ca­ti­on for this kind of reac­tion on the PGA’s part other than they are scared.

  113. What BS. Now the media who said we shouldn’t call ter­ro­rists, ter­ro­rists, 2 deca­des ago are now invo­king 911 and say­ing tho­se that left the Tour are aban­do­ning the USA.

    What a crock.

    Pho­ny bologna.

    1. You need to under­stand. Nan­ce said he was dis­gus­ted by LIV Golf. He’s a a Jay Mona­han fan big time. So, Nan­ce is sup­por­ting the PGA.

  114. Jay’s in well over his head to deal with this cri­sis, you can see it in his eyes and his response’s are despe­ra­te attempts at smea­ring some­bo­dy else as oppo­sed to taking respon­si­bi­li­ty that his pga tour needs to make some adjus­t­ments for the best inte­rest of the pga tour , the spon­sors and the players.
    The NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL don’t have any for­eign thre­ats becau­se their indi­vi­du­al sys­tems are in place and they’re fair for all parties .
    When you aren’t fair to the workers, stuff like this is going to happen.
    Best wis­hes to whoever can sort this out.

    1. I’ve wat­ched all the Liv launch and I must say,it was as exi­t­ing as a major event,and it’s only going to get big­ger and better.

  115. As a Golf Fan, the Cana­di­an Open final was way more com­pel­ling and awe­so­me than LIV final. LIV was like watching paint dry. Dis­mal at best.

  116. Pathe­tic respon­se real­ly. Love the pga tour, but real­ly hope this hea­vy approach back­fires on the peop­le respon­si­ble. They are threa­tened by some­thing new which is nor­mal, but the bull­shit ratio­na­le from this guy is just weak.

  117. While some attempt to shame a few pro gol­fers for doing biz with Sau­di Ara­bia, our cur­rent US Prez is down on his kne­es begging the SAME Sau­di gov’t to sell us oil for our auto­mo­bi­les at a cost of $100 mil­li­on dai­ly. Who­se the big­ger hypocrite?

  118. The U.S. Open is going to be real­ly inte­res­ting for much more bey­ond golf this week. For staters, you’­re going to have ope­ra­ti­ves from the PGA Tour watching their cur­rent mem­bers every move, while the­re will be the same from LIV Golf actively recrui­t­ing talent – inclu­ding the play­ers who have alrea­dy defec­ted tel­ling tho­se that haven’t jum­ped ship how gre­at their expe­ri­ence in Lon­don was. The golf will likely beco­me secon­da­ry to the poli­tics, but the net result is I expect the­re to be a num­ber of cur­rent PGA Tour play­ers that will sign on the dot­ted line with LIV Golf ahead of the Port­land event fol­lowing the U.S. Open. Depen­ding on who the next wave of gol­fers lea­ving is, it very well could lead to the col­lap­se of the PGA Tour as we know it.

    1. @Hammer Tyme The LIV tour isnt a young play­ers opti­on. If you play the­re, you get ban­ned from the PGA Tour… If you dont per­form on the LIV Tour ( like any other cor­po­ra­ti­on) youll get thrown out like yes­ter­days trash.…slippery slo­pe for an up and com­ing player

    2. Agree…what most peop­le for­get, is that the PGA tour is very expen­si­ve for a majo­ri­ty out­side of the big names. Expen­ses (tra­vel, lod­ging, etc), is all out of pocket. LIV took that hea­da­che away, by pro­vi­ding all expen­ses for their tour­na­ments and a mini­mum payout for last place at their tour­na­ments that equal mid-level payouts on the PGA. LIV is acting more like a cor­po­ra­ti­on and trea­ting the gol­fers as employees. I think a lot of youn­ger gol­fers will think long and hard on try­ing it out.

    3. I wat­ched both events this week. The PGA event had lar­ge gal­le­ries. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, they were unru­ly, loud and drin­king. Not a good look. Are you lis­tening, Mr Monahan?

  119. Biden has accor­ded today full reco­gni­ti­on of Sau­di Ara­bia. That makes the­se gol­fers heroes. I encou­ra­ge every PGA gol­fer to lea­ve the PGA and join LIV.

  120. Can’t he just be honest and say we are sus­pen­ding them bc we don’t want com­pe­ti­ti­on from the golf mono­po­ly we’ve had for the past half cen­tu­ry? Inte­res­ted why pga execs don’t say this. It’d be one thing if they were w2 employees but they are 1099 contractors.

    1. Or is this bc they don’t like admit­ting to the mono­po­ly they have. I also think NBC should have framed the ques­ti­on as “why can’t an inde­pen­dent con­trac­tor be free to play whe­re­ver he wants?”

  121. 9/11? Why didn’t the USA sanc­tion­ed Sau­di Ara­bia and their oils? This is a bunch of hypo­cri­sy. Don’t act holier than thou PGA.. I think it’s has more to do with PGA poten­ti­al­ly losing its Mono­po­ly than it has to do with a hand­ful of PGA tour play­ers play­ing a dif­fe­rent league.

  122. Jay made the only unfor­tu­n­a­te decisi­on. The play­ers choo­sing to make more money is the defi­ni­ti­on of for­tu­n­a­te. For­tu­ne…. Which is why they’ll be making by lea­ving haha

  123. He is so poli­ti­cal and full of anger. If he real­ly wants to help the game, by using his posi­ti­on, he’d wel­co­me the com­pe­ti­ti­on by impro­ving the PGA tour. Right now, the éli­te gol­fers are making tons of money while many others are struggling who are try­ing so hard and play so good. Why not incre­a­se the perks to Korn Fer­ry tour as a start?

  124. Jay Mona­han is a bul­ly, simp­le. Gary Play­er said it best, golf is a game for ever­yo­ne, all over the world.
    And why would ppl have to apo­lo­gi­ze for going to the LIV tour, the money comes from the Sau­di Public Invest­ment Fund, don’t want that money, stop impor­ting the oil that sup­plies the fund, oooo wait, don’t want to stop doing that, but say­ing ppl that play on the LIV tour need to apo­lo­gi­ze for 9/11? what a scum­bag! grow up dude, golf is not yours to mono­po­li­ze and control.

  125. Well said. 👏💪 They’­ve made a ter­ri­ble decisi­on that will not stand up against time. Bye bye boys. Say good­bye to Augus­ta too

  126. I’m so sick of hea­ring that it’s not about $. Idc care of they go just don’t crawl back when it does­n’t work! It’s not fair to the play­ers that stay­ed. All Liv is a car­ni­val just mis­sing the fer­ris wheel and bum­per cars. I find it gree­dy of them to take blood money becau­se thats what it is.

  127. They can play majors for a year until they lose their points and fall out­side top 50 and top 100 etc then may­be the pre­vious win­ners (Phil being one) can play in on pre­vious win­ner exemp­ti­ons. But suspect that will all chan­ge. They can for­get major golf wit­hin 12/18 months.

  128. I real­ly like the poi­gnant questions.
    Thats real reporting.
    Does his body lan­guage look like he’s defea­ted and his clothes to large?
    The PGA could come out on top but their messaging is all wrong.

  129. So they won’t collect world ran­king points to play in majors. Wow I can’t belie­ve the­se guys cho­se blood money over histo­ry! They are basi­cal­ly inven­ting a new sport

  130. This guy is such a moron! He thinks he own them like a slave. LIV play­er can play Euro­pean tour after 8 events. Why do you make over 10 mil­li­on a year from non-pro­fit orga­niz­a­ti­ons cal­led PGA? Sports washing? That means all the sports are alrea­dy inves­ted hea­vi­ly in other sports and businesses.

  131. PGA is a mono­po­ly which is try­ing to pro­tect its mono­po­ly sta­tus. So its laug­ha­ble that one of the rea­sons he says as to why the play­ers need the PGA tour is becau­se of “com­pe­ti­ti­on”. Oh the irony

  132. Oh plea­se, I’m sick of hea­ring about “Sau­di League” and “sports washing”. If watching 48 gol­fers get paid mil­li­ons in pri­ze money, makes you more accep­t­ing of a régime without morals, then whe­re are your morals?

  133. For all of the issu­es with the PGA Tour, and the­re are many, Moy­ni­han is right to pro­tect his pro­duct and it’s mem­bers­hip. It’s sim­ply, you play on the PGA Tour or you don’t. If you want to play on other Tours go ahead. That’s why so many of the­se guys resi­gned their mem­bers­hip from the PGA Tour, on some level they under­stand this concept.

  134. The 911 refe­ren­ces are just stu­pid just becau­se the ter­ro­rist that com­mit­ted that atro­ci­ty whe­re Sau­di dose not make the Sau­di government or the Sau­di backed liv tour respon­si­ble for 911. Are the­se Idi­ots try­ing to rewri­te history?

  135. Folks the LIV Tour is not going away. As more play­ers defect the publi­ci­ty will be over­whel­ming for this first year. And befo­re you know it this tour is going to have some real hea­dy com­pe­ti­ti­on when a few top ten play­ers deci­de to tee it up with Darth Vader.

  136. The only per­son respon­si­ble for not allowing the the fami­ly of the vic­tims of 911 is Oba­ma who veto­ed the bill to allow them to sue Sau­di Government. Many U.S. coöperation/organization get money from the Sau­di government so what are we real­ly tal­king about.

  137. wow~ the respon­se from Jay reeks of arro­gan­ce. “we’­re not going to allow” “they NEED us” “free-ride” …disap­poin­ting to hear this verbiage.

  138. Make no mista­ke here the PGA Tour is the one star­ting this. Greg went out of his way to make sure none of the­se events inter­fe­re with Majors or Play­offs. Jay is acting like he owns golf and is gon­na ruin his tour and the Ryder Cup if he does­n’t stop this.

  139. Liter­al­ly don’t under­stand why LIV and PGA can’t just both exist. Isn’t more golf bet­ter for the sport and ever­yo­ne watching?

  140. Gree­dy play­ers with no Ame­ri­can pri­de when it comes to the Sau­dis. Head hun­ters and pla­nes sent to des­troy ame­ri­can lives and peop­le. Sell your soul to the devil and the Sau­dis have bought you. What hap­pens when you come up mis­sing like the Sau­di repor­ter. What hap­pens when you let Phil M take all the heat and you had your oppor­tu­ni­ty to speak then and said not­hing. Golf hypocrites

  141. Jay Mona­han is a clown and hand­led this about as poor­ly one could. He and the tour are sca­red and non­stop bashing/belittling of LIV and its play­ers by the tour’s media clear­ly pro­ves this. Fun­ny how the PGA Tour is so anti Sau­di Ara­bia right now but their play­ers have been play­ing in Dubai for years now and not­hing is said about that! Hypo­cri­ti­cal much Jay? PGA tour real­ly f’d up big time with how they are hand­ling this and it will cost them

  142. solu­ti­on
    exclu­si­ve play­ers win their usu­al ie 100%
    non-exclu­si­ve play­ers win 50%
    & the unawar­ded 50% is also dis­tri­bu­t­ed to exclu­si­ve players

  143. Jay’s overthin­king and loo­ks sca­red, IMO. Let ‘em play. If Rory deci­des to skip the Cana­di­en Open next year, he’ll have to ans­wer to RBC, tour­na­ment offi­cials, vol­un­te­ers and his Cana­di­en fans why he did.

  144. Jay Mona­han sounds like a spi­te­ful ding bat. It’s pret­ty dis­gus­ting that the PGA is attemp­t­ing to gas­light peop­le and use the 9/11 vic­tims to guilt play­ers and attempt tur­ning the public against LIV – it shows they are real­ly sca­red. They / ever­yo­ne also bet­ter stop using other things which PIF have inves­ted hea­vi­ly in star­ting with Face­book, Uber, Cap­com, Boe­ing, Citigroup, Dis­ney, Bank of Ame­ri­ca, Elec­tro­nic Arts, Take-Two Inter­ac­ti­ve, Acti­vi­si­on Bliz­zard, Nin­ten­do, Embracer Group, among many others.

  145. Jay couldn’t even ans­wer the main ques­ti­on regar­ding why they can’t play at LIV. He ans­wers a ques­ti­on with a ques­ti­on. Plus, he seems stand­of­fi­sh with Jim. Crazy!

  146. ALL PRO SPORT is all about money, DJ signed for $124 mil Tiger ear­ned $121 in his who­le care­er. PGA tour must com­pe­te with LIV Golf or lose players.

  147. The pga tour its­elf is not bad it is the small min­ded back­wards thin­king peop­le run­ning it. They should embrace the LIV and allow play­ers to move across both tours. if LIV tour makes it then it will help both tours. It could even­tual­ly crea­te two leagues with year end all star type tour­na­ment pit­ting one league’s top 20 agai st the other. Gre­at oppor­tu­ni­ty to grow the fame.

    1. Say you are a PGA tour play­er ent­e­ring a tour­na­ment which you have play­ed well in the past and have high hopes for a win. A LIV golf mem­ber, who won the $4,000,000 pur­se the week befo­re, is allo­wed to enter and walks away with the win­ning check for the PGA tour event. All ok with that? No hard feelings?

  148. 9/11 has not­hing to do with this and if that’s the case why is our government buy­ing their oil and that’s okay. Jay mona­hans a joke

  149. Not too long ago you could­n’t play the PGA becau­se of the color of your skin. Then they spent years ‘Tiger Proofing’ their cour­ses until Tiger beca­me their main eco­no­mic engi­ne. To this day they’­re pray­ing that a ‘white gol­fer’ domi­na­tes. Remem­ber the Caro­lyn Bivens inci­dent in the LPGA? No one is holier than thou here.

  150. Sucks to on the ver­ge of get­ting disrupted…PGA can’t mono­po­li­ze without inno­vat­ing or impro­ving the lives of its pros as com­pa­red to the competition.

  151. Even a bro­ken clock is right twice a day. And him say­ing to beco­me part of a league that has no chan­ce of tur­ning a pro­fit is odd is actual­ly cor­rect. And you can sort of argue to sign up for this makes you a big game head­pie­ce on the wall of Sau­di oil tycoons and thus, not a true-blue com­pe­ti­tor. And I’m still not say­ing I would­n’t do the same thing. It’s sort of how you’d look at a rock band that ins­tead of tou­ring, just does big money pri­va­te shows for the mega wealthy.

  152. Name one PGA tour event that is a must watch out­side of Play­ers cham­pions­hip? Its a sta­le boring tour, Fed Ex cup has chan­ged for­mats more than my drink selec­tions at a wed­ding. Go Liv

  153. Yep, coward­ly act!
    Go Liv golf!

    And the Golf Chan­nel needs to cover their tour­na­ments as well!
    It’s golf now isn’t it.

    Lmao, it’s all about con­trol and being and acting like the left that is des­troy­ing our country!

  154. What hap­pens when the Sau­dis offer the PGA Tour 2 bil­li­on lar­ge to cut a deal allowing them to run LIV golf in con­junc­tion with the Tour. Morals will go out the window.

  155. Two bit hypo­cri­te who got in bed with Chi­na deca­des ago pre­ten­ding to be on the moral hig­her ground becau­se of Sau­di Ara­bia. Ama­zing this isn’t poin­ted out.