Jeder Schuss aus der zweiten Runde von Tiger Woods | 2022 JP McManus Pro-Am

Jeder Schuss aus der zweiten Runde von Tiger Woods 2022 JP McManus Pro Am 2022 golf

Jeder Schuss aus der zwei­ten Run­de von Tiger Woods beim JP McMa­nus Pro-Am in Ada­re Manor, Irland. ► ABONNIEREN: http://​et​.golf/​S​u​b​s​c​r​ibe Will­kom­men auf dem offi­zi­el­len You­Tube-Kanal der DP World Tour. Jede Woche fin­den Sie erwei­ter­te Tur­nier-High­lights und indi­vi­du­el­le Spie­ler-High­lights von Grö­ßen wie Rory McIl­roy, Jus­tin Rose und Tom­my Fleet­wood. Hier fin­den auch die 14 Club Chal­len­ge, Litt­le Inter­views, Fas­test Hole und vie­le wei­te­re Her­aus­for­de­run­gen, Strei­che und Welt­re­kord­ver­su­che mit den größ­ten Gol­fern der Welt statt. ► WEBSITE: http://​www​.euro​pean​tour​.com ► FACEBOOK: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​D​P​W​o​r​l​d​T​our ► TWITTER https://​twit​ter​.com/​D​P​W​o​r​l​d​T​our ► INSTAGRAM https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​d​p​w​o​r​l​d​t​our /

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289 thought on “Jeder Schuss aus der zweiten Runde von Tiger Woods | 2022 JP McManus Pro-Am”

    1. Hey Bozo, could the­re actual­ly be fans of Tiger that enjoy watching him play? Did someo­ne strap you down and for­ce you to watch even 1 minu­te of Tiger’s round?

    2. It does­n’t mat­ter if he’s play­ing well or play­ing bad, he’s the best ever it’s a pri­vi­le­ge just to be able to still watch him play

    1. He was slur­ring speech a bit during inter­views with the press, he is most likely on strong pain­kil­lers to get through the 2 days

    1. @Philip Moo­re yes, peop­le said that befo­re he won the 2019 Mas­ters too. I agree his best days are long gone but with Tiger, never say never.

  1. Bril­li­ant in golf is get­ting bet­ter, fo’sure with him get back in the game’s evo­king the hig­hest level wit­hin the others.

    1. @SiLo Mixing and Mas­te­ring Most of the fair­ways at St Andrews are the same way and we all know the suc­cess he’s had there.

  2. play­ed much bet­ter baff­ling to me how is dri­ver is on point thought that would be the har­dest but seems like its is irons in is comeback

  3. The com­men­ta­tors say­ing its not about the score but him being the­re tal­king to peop­le, then why not show more of that? 🙂

    1. Growth hor­mo­ne does not cau­se a bloated face. Pre­scri­bed ste­ro­ids would not be a good idea after frac­tu­red bones. He is a litt­le older and chun­kier. (An endocrinologist)

  4. Score was­n’t the best but he also did­n’t look a mil­li­on miles from play­ing real­ly well. Dri­ving was the best I’ve seen in years, only a yard or so out on qui­te a few iron shots which put him into some nas­ty run offs. Short game see­med the wea­kest part but I’m sure he’ll tidy that up. Don’t think we’ll ever see him win ano­t­her tour­na­ment bit I do think he’ll make the cut at the open.

  5. Just plea­sed to see him out. He’s loo­ks like he’s star­ting to strugg­le to walk even with a golf cart. Can he and will he use a cart at the open? I’m going to guess even if he could he won’t.

    1. Casey Mar­tin won the right to use a cart for Tour gol­fers with a disa­bi­li­ty in the US via the court case Pga Tour v Casey Mar­tin, which is why Daly was able to use one in a Tour event. Might not hold any water in Gre­at Bri­tain, but Tiger has said he won’t com­pe­te if he can’t walk.

  6. YOU WERE SUPER UNSTOPPABLE TODAY KING TIGER!!! The G in the word GOLF IS BACK!!! SCREEAAMMMS. You were BEYOND PHENOMENAL Today (Smi­le). Your BILLIONS OF FANS around the world can­not wait to see your VICTORY at the Bri­tish Open Tour­na­ment this year. You will WIN for sure. All of God’s Best Bles­sings to you and your ent­i­re fami­ly. You are with ease the GREATEST OF THE GREATEST GOLFERS OF ALL TIME AND THE BEST SPORTSMAN EVER.(Smile).

  7. watching his last two round, I feel that his adjus­ted swing has impro­ved his dri­ving con­sis­ten­cy but he still has to re-learn his irons, which were honest­ly his bread and butter. 

    Time to switch to game impro­ve­ment and lee west­wood it out there?

    1. Tigers game is too depen­dent on spin, game impro­ve­ment irons would take away his abi­li­ty to crea­te so many shots. Addi­tio­nal­ly his irons would just go too far and iron gap­ping would be difficult.

  8. Over­all loo­ked good I think he’ll tigh­ten up his game come time for the open plus this is more a rela­xed event good to see him having fun and I have that fee­ling he’ll do real­ly well at St. Andrews 💪💪💪

    1. @Alosina Lea­lai­ta­fea EXACTLY !! In the end Woods WON’T BE ANYWHERE NEAR THE TOP and all his WOODS LOVING LOSERS will be MAKING EXCUSES AS USUAL !!

  9. Who was the girl I the green hoo­dy? She loo­ked like she was off to get a luco­zade and a chi­cken fil­let roll after a long night on the jager­bombs and Smirn­off ice

  10. Today he loo­ked much bet­ter than yes­ter­day. Still the short game is rough but he real­ly loo­ks good off the tee. Hope­ful­ly he can putt well n make the cut at the Open.

  11. If he dri­ves the ball well, he’s got a legit chan­ce to win the Open Cham­pions­hip. He knows St. Andrews like the back of his hand. His swing loo­ks real­ly good right now. Just needs to tigh­ten up the short game befo­re next week.

  12. Got to see him up clo­se at the PNC at my club here in Orlan­do. The leg clear­ly still bothers him signi­fi­cant­ly, but it’s nice to see him play­ing for sure!

    1. You think it’s that bad that he’ll make a full reco­very? Or you think he’s on a decli­ne now? From what you saw I mean….

    2. @GTF85 His swing and play­ing style was so depen­dent on him being stron­ger and fit­ter than ever­yo­ne else he was play­ing against. His lower body strength was a big part of his abi­li­ty to fire his hip rota­ti­on and aggres­si­ve­ly trans­fer his weight from his right leg to his post (left) leg. At best, his dama­ged lower right leg (his right calf mus­cle loo­ks to be almost ent­i­re­ly mis­sing) won’t allow him to repli­ca­te his pre-acci­dent swing. If he’s depen­dent sole­ly on his core to gene­ra­te speed, then he’s asking his sur­gi­cal­ly repai­red back to with­stand that kind or use. At any rate, wal­king is causing him sub­stan­ti­al pain, later in rounds, but espe­cial­ly after mul­ti­ple days, as we saw at the Mas­ters. Con­si­de­ring his histo­ry with pain meds, I’d guess he’s hesi­tant to go over­board with them in order to play tour­neys. I think he’s accep­t­ing that it’s time to prio­ri­ti­ze his kids and his life away from the Tour, which is good for him, but sad for us as golf fans. I’m hap­py for him to get to this point, though. If he picks and choo­ses, he can still play enough events to get a tas­te of com­pe­ti­ti­on. St Andrews is a good one, flat enough, any­way. I’m sure he hopes the wea­ther is mild. Loo­king for­ward to it and hoping for the best! I’m a litt­le over inves­ted emo­tio­nal­ly in Tiger, as I am with my beloved Bucca­neers and my other sports teams, lol!

    3. @GTF85 who knows? May­be Tiger will be the bene­fi­cia­ry of some sort of advan­ced brace or prost­he­tic that hel­ps him over­co­me his chal­len­ge with wal­king, yet allows him to still swing?

  13. Tiger loo­ked nice an rela­xed he should be the same at the OPEN he knows the cour­se very well, hope and pray for him daily

  14. Love it – anyo­ne who’s had an inju­ry and tra­v­eled knows it can take a cou­p­le of days to acclimate.….aside from when you’re on your pri­va­te jet fol­lo­wed by being chop­pe­red in. Bes­i­des that – we all know how tra­vel days feel😂

  15. Swing loo­ks fan­tastic. Seems like he’s phy­si­cal­ly in much bet­ter shape than he was at the Mas­ters. Just needs some putts to drop and he could be the­re on Sunday at St. Andrews.

    1. @Jae I think you can now. Have you seen his legs? He loo­ks like he’s escaped the 1984 Ethio­pia Fami­ne or Ber­gen Belsen

    2. @S Anders­son I have seen them inde­ed. And may­be you can say that. But my point is the who­le world was also say­ing that befo­re the 2019 mas­ters. You just never know what what can hap­pen, even if it’s not likely

    3. @Jae The stan­dard is hig­her now, yes. 3 years ago the­re were no Mori­ka­wa or Scheff­ler for a start. Plus Woods is 3 years older and ten times more the cripple.

  16. How about the unbro­ken bou­le­vard of green lights this guys life has been? Reset the ENTIRE record book as a juni­or and ama­teur, has had mil­li­ons in his bank account sin­ce he was 21, still wears the same sized clothes he gra­dua­ted high school in, and beca­me the grea­test gol­fer in histo­ry. With the excep­ti­on of the hic­cup with the blo­wies in ‘09, i’d say over­all a decent run 👍👍

  17. That cour­se loo­ks beau­ti­ful, but very tough. Good to see Tiger in com­ple­te con­trol of the dri­ver. Hope he can get the irons and put­ter sor­ted befo­re The Open !

  18. Did Tiger even miss a fair­way? He may not be a bom­ber by today’s stan­dards but dri­ving like that is enough to get the job done at a cour­se like St. Andrews. Just sayin’.
    I think he’s still got the game to win. My only reser­va­ti­on is his stami­na. Five or so rounds at the Open with *no* cart.

  19. How much pres­su­re do you think spon­sors like Nike etc Tay­lor made put on him just to be on cour­se no mat­ter what score is tiger is big business

  20. It’s the phy­si­cal part of the game that will defi­ne how he does. If St. Andrews plays hard and fast I wouldn’t bet against him

  21. +7 for 2 rounds but his swing loo­ks good and he’s play­ing well accord­ing to ever­y­bo­dy in the com­ment section 🤣

    1. First round +5 was pro­bab­ly due to jet lag. He loo­ked tired. Second round +2 wasn’t bad. Will be inte­res­ting to see what he does tomorrow.

  22. He’s dri­ving the ball incredi­b­ly well. His short game loo­ks sharp. His put­ter is cold but the stro­ke loo­ks good and it’s his first week back so I expect that to impro­ve at The Open. 


  23. What an incredi­ble golf cour­se. The lines, the aes­the­tics, the back­drops, the design. If the­re are golf cour­ses in hea­ven they likely look simi­lar to this.

  24. What a plea­su­re to see TW enjoy hims­elf and play some fun golf. The matu­ri­ty of the man con­ti­nues, and frank­ly just keeps get­ting bet­ter with each pas­sing year. The golf nice, but the jour­ney is sweeter.

  25. Just about 9 shots left out the­re that he can and should’ve made. If he cleans that up and the wea­ther is bet­ter for the Open he serious­ly has poten­ti­al to contend

  26. Sad­ly Woods best may be past him, unless he wakes one day and pulls out a per­for­mence of the ages. He will win ano­t­her Major! But I would not pay him clo­se to a bil­li­on dol­lars from LIV to join. I would still watch him with interest

  27. He should­n’t be play­ing golf in pro tournaments…I mean look he des­troy­ed his body somehow play­ing golf or may­be Elin shot him in the kne­es who knows but this is just not major cham­pions­hip level golf. Howe­ver he is the GOAT in my book.

  28. Would be nice to see him at St. Andrews next week at the 150th Open cham­pions­hip , it’s also about time the R&A chan­ged the rules on bug­gi­es , I recall a few years ago tho­se litt­le bug type bug­gi­es being tri­al­led at one of the championships

  29. At the PGA when he had to with­draw. His legs weren’t strong enough to car­ry his heart around. Man’s hit­ting the ball well. Just needs to tigh­ten up that short game.

    1. Pro­bab­ly he should not have chan­ged his put­ter. Scott Car­men put­ter gave him nume­rous wins during his ear­ly career.

  30. Hit­ting decent­ly with the dri­ver. St Andrews won’t have the seve­re drop offs around the greens he strug­gled with. If that put­ter can hot up then watch out! His know­ledge and con­fi­dence round the­re could get him close!

  31. Lets go Tiger! So many of us are pul­ling for you! He deser­ves the majors titt­le even though I must say its loo­king very impro­bable. Todays tour just has so much more talent than back in the day. Thats why I say his 15 are bet­ter than Jack’s 18. Its a dif­fe­rent game today and even though most of his majors were won 20 + years ago, the fiel­ds in the majors still had com­pa­ra­b­ly more play­ers who could actual­ly win. Its cra­zy that he’s also tied right now with Sam Snead for most PGA Tour wins with 82. He will get his 83rd…

    1. Don’t focus on the field, look at his sco­ring sta­tis­tics. He aver­aged 67.8 or some­thing in 2000 and 68 average a bunch of years. Regard­less of the com­pe­ti­ti­on even today. Tiger in his prime would have bea­ten them con­vin­cin­gly. May­be his wins would be clo­ser and he wouldn’t run away with it like he used to by 7 shots all the time but he would still domi­na­te. In 2019 he won the Mas­ters and Zozo. Tour cham­pions­hip in 2018 and top 5 in the open and 2nd in the PGA cham­pions­hip. That’s when he was in his mid 40s with a fused back and other major sur­ge­ries. Ima­gi­ne what he would have done to the­se guys when he was in his 20s and healthy 😂

    2. I agree com­ple­te­ly. Jack play­ed with woo­den clubs, com­ple­te­ly dif­fe­rent era. Cour­ses and com­pe­ti­ti­on were so vast­ly dif­fe­rent it’s like ano­t­her sport ent­i­re­ly. Jack wouldn’t have come second in 19 majors in this genera­ti­on there’s no chan­ce. That just shows you how dif­fe­rent ever­ything was.

  32. If you don’t think that bur­ned Tiger to the core hea­ring “the grea­test gol­fer of OUR time” think again, you bet­ter belie­ve he wants to hear “the grea­test gol­fer of ALL time”. You can tell by the litt­le smirk on his face

  33. A Living Legend and a class act. Thank You Tiger for all you have done for golf! Very enter­tai­ning to watch this! 🙂

  34. Sim­ply awe­so­me ! Not at his best but after what he has been through wow !! For sure much more to come. Good Luck Goat !

  35. The announ­cer sta­ted that Tiger is the grea­test play­er of our time. Sor­ry, but based on the offi­cial major wins total, plus Jacks equal­ly very high 2nd pla­ces in majors, Jack Nick­laus, is still the grea­test gol­fer in our time, and it is unfair and incor­rect to sta­te other­wi­se. What’s wrong, with Jack, is the­re a rea­son they can’t sta­te the truth?

  36. I hope he can car­ry on, but the­re is a pos­si­bi­li­ty in my opi­ni­on he’ll call time at St Andrews and what a fit­ting event to do so. After a cou­p­le of holes, he had a golf bug­gy hel­ping him to get around, which was­n’t for spee­ding up play. I know what it’s like car­ry­ing a limp and tole­ra­ting pain. For the tour­na­ments he loves, it’s 72 holes and too much. Even 54 holes on the cham­pions tour would be too much I feel. Matt

    1. Not a chan­ce he’s reti­ring until he breaks Snead’s record. Dude made the cut at both majors and his swing loo­ks real­ly good. Leg will get bet­ter by next year.

  37. He just seems to be out the­re having fun… not the super inten­se Tiger of the past. He doesnt need to domi­na­te any­mo­re. The­se days hes just an entertainer.

  38. No deny­ing Tigers abi­li­ty to draw fans and view­ers. He liter­al­ly was and still is the tide that lifts all ships in the golf biz

    1. He out pre­pa­red ever­yo­ne in his prime. Kin­da like stu­dy­ing for a test and knowing you’­re going to ace it. Now he will rely more on his team doing the prep work, his expe­ri­ence, and feels of yet ano­t­her new swing.

  39. He must get past old issu­es, clear his mind and he soars again! He need someo­ne that is so out­side most thin­king to coun­sel him and a per­son that has wal­ked the path!

  40. Spook good to see him play­ing. Can’t get down to read the green so he is mis­sing. May­be he should have cad­dy help him

  41. Cool that the Irish golf fans got to see Tiger play, and good on them for such warm recep­ti­ons and admi­ra­ti­on. Its just nice to see him loo­king healt­hy and play­ing golf.

  42. It is a far­ce to call this a DP world tour event. It is a far­ce that the deser­ter McIl­roy is the­re when he refu­sed to play in his own Irish Open —- held only a few miles from here. He preaches loyal­ty – that’s a far­ce. The DP World tour is a far­ce and does very litt­le or not­hing for the REAL DP World tour play­ers BY WAY of incre­a­sed pri­ze money or a full sche­du­le of tour­na­ments. Now DP is being run by the USPGA so the DP play­ers can expect even less. BEST thing that could hap­pen that the REAL DP World play­ers ditch their manage­ment and join LIV GOLF. They would be respec­ted and at the same time have a full sche­du­le and gre­at pri­ze money, OF the 50 play­ers 20 were US tour play­ers 20 were euro Play­ers WHO live in ame­ri­ca and play full time in ame­ri­ca. and ten were odds and sods like Mcgin­ley – Ome­ra etc. WHY and HOW is the a DP event ??? what has it done for DP Tour play­ers ? NOTHING !!!
    Time for the REAL DP world play­ers (tho­se who play every week in their tour) to waken up and and see that they are being used by their manage­ment and now the USPGA and the so cal­led euro play­ers like McIl­roy and all the other who play full time on the US tour BUT cher­ry pick the big­ger events when THEY PLEASE !!! inclu­de the Ryder Cup in this farce.

  43. Honest­ly I wish Tiger would just play the LIV tour and set a pre­ce­dent that can’t’ be stop­ped. He loo­ks like he’s actual­ly having fun and it would still gear him up on Majors.

  44. “Plea­se put your hands tog­e­ther for the grea­test play­er of our time” !!!!!!
    Been wai­t­ing for someo­ne to offi­cial­ly just come out and say tho­se words !

  45. It’s fun­ny how tiger can still draw the crowds. PGA is being aban­do­ned by the top play­ers becau­se of money. And Ame­ri­ca is in the pot!! Look how piti­ful Ame­ri­cans appear..

  46. You can see the win­cing, but if that ever goes away, and he gets his stami­na back to pre Tiger, this guy is still a for­ce to be play­ing against. We see Rory, Spieth, Rahm, Tho­mas, strugg­le each week to stay in it, nobo­dy had Tigers con­cen­tra­ti­on, nobo­dy, this man was laser focu­sed, you can still see that in his face, hes not done yet folks, nice to see him smi­le, a true living legend, look at the shape he is in, you can see mus­cle through the swea­ter, go Tiger go.

  47. No thanks, I’ve got bet­ter things to watch or do than to watch a has been shoot a 74.
    Think I’ll catch a few my winks..or may­be watch the grass grow.

  48. Its gre­at to see Tiger so rela­xed and enjoy­ing hims­elf. He’s come a long way from the stone-cold-kil­ler sta­ge of his com­pe­ti­ti­ve life.

  49. Swings like an old tiger now????? put­ting is average at best buy com­pa­ri­son, his irons have drifted a lil both way and his chip­ping well.…’s average

  50. Its always odd to me how peop­le sta­re at their pho­nes record­ing a tele­vi­sed event ins­tead of actual­ly watching the player

  51. Don’t expect too much from Tiger at St.Andrews, my tip he’ll be clo­ser to the cut than the lead after 2 rounds…he’s just despe­ra­te to play becau­se it’s St. Andrews

  52. Geez No pres­su­re for the next guy, ‘Put your hands tog­e­ther for the grea­test gol­fer of our time Tiger Woods’

  53. I love Tiger and wish him well but his balan­ce and swing is no whe­re the same as it was. He needs to drop the smi­le and bring back the eye of the Tiger! Quit try­ing to be Mr. Nice guy on the course!!

  54. If he just would have used a pass­word on his cell­p­ho­ne so she would­n’t have seen all tho­se text messages. Cost him bank and majors . The down­ward spi­ral after that.

  55. Nice to see Teegs Woods hit­ting the ball so well. His put­ting was not sharp, but new greens can be tough on anyo­ne. I think Teegs should be able to ride in a cart any­ti­me. He was inju­red very badly.

  56. You when you look at Tiger and real­ly think about all he has done in Golf it’s ama­zing he is the Best Ever and we wat­ched him grow up in our Era I real­ly don’t think we will ever see anyo­ne as good as him again incredible

  57. Dudes done. He was suck­ing and struggling befo­re the acci­dent and now he’s older and dama­ged. He won’t come back.

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