Joe & Tony debattieren Golf vs. MMA


Joe amp Tony debattieren Golf vs. MMA Comedy

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  1. Child across mul­ti­ple nati­ons ate have hap­tics without tye virus. Just like Kas­si­di Kurill who ☠️ is Lin­ked to vac­ci­ne Talk about that and was

  2. Nah, golf is har­der. For sure. Not that MMA is easy, as it is not, but golf is very hard at the top level. And, gol­fers are almost cer­tain­ly smar­ter as well. Lol.

    1. It’s har­der to hit a gold ball than it is to fight ano­t­her pro­fes­sio­nal trai­ned kil­ler for 15 to 25 min in a cage? Real­ly? I could play golf with the best gol­fer in the world, I would lose but I would­n’t get the abso­lu­te shit kicked out of me like I would if I step­ped in the­re with a top pro mma figh­ter, so which one do you think is har­der? A hurt pri­de or bro­ken ego+brain dama­ge and pos­si­b­ly lace­ra­ti­ons to the facial structure

    2. @Bing Bong The argu­ment isn’t “which sport is worst to lose at” if that’s the only thing you took away from this 😅

    3. @Bing Bong that’s not the argu­ment being made in the video nor by me lmao.

      Obvious­ly, get­ting the phy­si­cal shit beat out of you would be worse on the phy­si­cal pain sca­le. But, we are dis­cus­sing which sport is har­der to be a top ath­le­te in and golf is much har­der. And, the pari­ty bet­ween even the top 1% of gol­fers to the next 1% of gol­fers is huge.

    4. @aeroeng11 just becau­se they wear fan­cy clot­hing and talk smart does­n’t meant they are smar­ter, the­re is such a thing as fight IQ if you did­n’t know, casu­als of the sport only know of the UFC which is the big­gest mma orga­niz­a­ti­on in the world but the­re are hund­reds of other mma orga­niz­a­ti­ons out the­re, a few big­ger ones like ONE FC, Bela­tor, KSW, PFL… and the dif­fe­rence in talent level bet­ween the­se orga­niz­a­ti­ons is stark, Ben Askren was unde­fea­ted in ONE FC but got abso­lute­ly demo­lis­hed in his UFC run, even in the ufc its­elf the­re is a stark dif­fe­rence bet­ween a guy in the top 20 and a guy in the top 5, the guys in the top 5 are in their own class when it comes to figh­t­ing abi­li­ty. And then there’s game­p­la­ning for a spe­ci­fic oppo­nent that brings a dif­fe­rent skill­set or a dif­fe­rent men­ta­li­ty to the table and what the fans don’t see or don’t pick up on like making reads while you’­re figh­t­ing, how wide is my oppon­ents stance, is he sus­cep­ti­ble to leg kicks, what does he do when i faint low or high, whe­re does he keep his hands when com­ing in and out of ran­ge, does he lea­ve his chin out the­re while thro­wing a hook… etc. there’s much more to figh­t­ing at a top level than just thro­wing pun­ches and kicks and hoping some­thing will stick. oh and obvious­ly the bru­tal natu­re of the trai­ning its­elf, con­stant inju­ries and aches and try­ing to be in the best shape pos­si­ble while not get­ting inju­red in camp. And the simp­le bru­ta­li­ty of the busi­ness of the sport, ima­gi­ne if tiger woods lost a few games in a row and then his golf orga­niz­a­ti­on threw him out… yeah, sounds sil­ly right? Well not in mma, if you lose 3 fights in a row, you’­re gon­na get thrown out of the UFC and lose your abi­li­ty to make a living. And now lets go to the skill­sets that you have to acqui­re to be at the top level, mma stands for mixed mar­ti­al arts, as in, all of the mar­ti­al arts com­bi­ned, you need to know how to kick and defend kicks, low, body, high, side kick, obli­que kick, spin­ning kicks… you need to know the basics of boxing, and then the most important part of mma, grap­p­ling which encom­pas­ses wrest­ling, judo, BJJ and ground and pound which is an art form in its­elf, take bjj for examp­le, did you know that the average time for a bjj athe­le­te to get his black belt is about 10 years? and thats just one part of grap­p­ling, lack in any of the­se skill­sets and its gon­na get explo­i­ted by your oppo­nent, the days of a guy just knowing one way of figh­t­ing are long gone, every sin­gle stri­ker you see in the ufc has at least a basic under­stan­ding of grap­p­ling, usual­ly a very good one, even conor mcgre­gor is a brown belt in BJJ, which is one below black belt but he’s still not a grapp­ler becau­se there’s levels to grap­p­ling, just like the­re are levels to striking.

  3. It’s like when u don’t know how to punch u punch a pun­ching bag hel­la hard n f* up ur wrist/fracture it.

    1. @DantaClaus hmmm gol­fer may­be not, but I wouldnt do ter­ri­ble. Base­ball I’d do pret­ty decent in as well sin­ce I play­ed throughout Col­le­ge. My point was I could do both of tho­se easier than it would to go fight a pro­fes­sio­nal fighter

    2. @T Squir­rel I think you have more chan­ce of lan­ding a lucky kick on a figh­ter than you do bea­ting a pro­fes­sio­nal gol­fer in 18 holes 100%

  4. I would smo­ke a fat­ty bfre my CC races in high­school 🤌🏽 n got 2nd in dis­tract could’ve got 1st but stay­ed in cru­se con­trol prob cus I spa­ced out in my thoughts lol. Back In the day golf play­ers would always be smo­king n drinking.

  5. Golf is way har­der. The men­tal and wea­ther con­di­ti­ons in golf means you have to be ama­zing, and ama­zing at rea­ding the con­di­ti­ons, spin, angles, put­ting, etc. MMA figh­ters can be in the top of their divi­si­on being one dimensional.

    1. Keep tel­ling yourself that while your bel­ly is han­ging out of your golf shirt hop­ping on golf cart to get to the next hole.

    2. @Alexander holy shit, it could rain, sounds about as bad as get­ting elbo­wed in the face and having blood flowing in your eyes while a trai­ned kil­ler is try­ing to put your lights out, but golf does sound very stress­ful… lol

  6. Golf is not a sport. It is a game. Old men ver­sus youn­ger men. Golf is a game for office jockeys who need to do steps at the weekend.

  7. I’ve got to be honest, joe sounds pret­ty igno­rant. “I don’t even play golf” then “hit­ting a golf ball is easy”. Well joe I don’t do MMA but kicking someo­ne is easy. My daugh­ter in my wife’s bel­ly even knows how to kick.

    1. @Spinny most main­stream sports are more dif­fi­cult in my opi­ni­on. The fact that you are essen­ti­al­ly play­ing against yourself in golf is one examp­le of how strai­ght for­ward the game is. You don’t have to worry at all about any defen­se or anyo­ne try­ing to stop you from play­ing your game. The expe­ri­en­ced gol­fer knows how to play the cour­se becau­se they have done so count­less time. Their are very few varia­bles out­side of indi­vi­du­al per­for­mance that effect a gol­fers suc­cess. This is not the case with most other main­stream sports. Golf is main­ly just a skills game that would play out the same regard­less whe­ther you are play­ing by yourself or in a tournament.

  8. Well con­nec­ting a hit on golf ball is easier than kicking someone.
    But hit­ting the golf ball with the goal to land it in a tiny hole hund­reds of yards away is madness.

  9. Lmfao joe says the cra­zi­est shit ever some­ti­mes, no way in hell is it har­der to kick someo­ne than hit a golf ball espe­cial­ly whe­re you want the ball to go. He clear­ly has never play­ed it. And I know he says this becau­se he tried it once and couldn’t do it plain n simp­le. It is one thousand times har­der to be a pro­fes­sio­nal gol­fer than a pro­fes­sio­nal figh­ter lmao!! Gtfo

    1. Golf is “more hard” is it 😀 Why not just say “Golf is har­der” it’s less work and more accurate.

      If you equa­li­se all the vari­ants then I think the kicking would defi­ni­te­ly be harder.

      I am basing that off of the logic, that the ulti­ma­te dif­fi­cult kick is more dif­fi­cult than the ulti­ma­te dif­fi­cult golf drive.

      The ulti­ma­te golf dri­ve for me, is some­thing like hit­ting a dri­ve 500 yds and get­ting a hole in one; but doing that 5 times in succession.

      The ulti­ma­te kick for me, is some­thing like kicking direct­ly upwards at an egg that is posi­tio­ned so that you will only reach it to crack the egg, if your kick is abso­lute­ly per­fect for your height, mea­ning you can­not kick at less than 180 degrees of ang­le. Then doing it 5 times in succession.

      I gua­ran­tee you, that if eit­her of the­se things were pos­si­ble to accom­plish via sole­ly trai­ning; that you would need to train lon­ger and har­der for the kicking, and still have vir­tual­ly zero chan­ce of ever com­ple­ting it with even 100 years of trying.

      The golf dri­ve you could con­ceiva­b­ly accom­plish had you 100 years of try­ing. And the rea­son is that kicking upwards with for­ce at 180 degrees is MUCH more likely to inju­re you PREVENTING the rest of the time being used. You ain’t get­ting inju­red that easi­ly hit­ting golf balls.

      It’s a fun con­ver­sa­ti­on though! Becau­se I just thought of a way to make the kick far easier lol if the per­son has a dou­ble join­ted hip and leg it would be easy!

      Then again if the golf dude had frea­kish­ly sup­ple mus­cles he might NEVER get inju­red then he would defi­ni­te­ly win.

      UNLESS 😀 Fuck I could be here all day.

    2. @ToraxReborn Dude, 60 year olds with seve­re back and heart pro­blems play golf. The skill floor is low. Obvious­ly the­re is a lear­ning cur­ve, but it’s not insur­moun­ta­ble. Being able to kick in a way that can actual­ly chan­ge the cour­se of a fight against even a semi-decent oppo­nent is way har­der. Try thro­wing that kick when you’­re exhaus­ted and have alrea­dy taken blows. If a new­co­mer to golf spent a mon­th strai­ght lear­ning the game, they would show pro­gress. If a new­co­mer spent a mon­th lear­ning a com­bat sport, not only would most of the popu­la­ti­on be weed­ed out due to sheer phy­si­cal fit­ness, but they would still be excee­din­gly mediocre.

    3. @Aegis as a coa­ching pro­fes­sio­nal and a for­mer tou­ring pro­fes­sio­nal i respect both par­ties per­forming at the hig­hest level.
      Howe­ver what you are por­tray­ing is com­ple­te­ly dif­fe­rent. Play­ing golf its­elf is a pri­vi­le­ge. Any­whe­re you go, golf has a very exclu­si­ve socie­tal acti­vi­ty. To start a mar­ti­al arts or com­bat sport you may need not need the money howe­ver it is impos­si­ble to do so in golf. Not only that you can­not even com­pre­hend the dif­fi­cul­ty of cour­se around as you are play­ing an out­door sports and against the ele­ments on top of the play­ers you are play­ing with.
      Yea sure you may think it requi­res no phy­si­cal capa­ci­ty to golf, howe­ver my cou­sin is a hockey play­er per­forming at natio­nal level, he even descri­bed golf as tiring as the sport usual­ly asks you to learn 4 hours mini­mum men­tal con­trol and some­what minu­te acti­vi­ty. Also the golf swing its­elf when swung with maxi­mum out­put inten­ded is one of the most vigo­rous move­ments you can put into your body. Its sim­ply used rota­tio­nal and put into the most effi­ci­ent way through years of men­tal ima­ging and prac­ti­ce. The golf system(handicap) shows you the pro­gress and sure it is easy to reach 36 han­di­cap after a mon­th but to reach a black belt level which can be said a mas­ter level, which should be con­si­de­red a han­di­cap of 0, doing that wit­hin a mon­th is laug­ha­ble. Its like say­ing I start kicking prac­ti­ce and being able to knock someo­ne out in a mon­th. Now I havnt even said anything about achie­ving that out­put ina match or in an app­li­ca­ti­on of a form wit­hin a fight, as the­re is an exact same level of play­ing in golf. That is why the guy in the inter­view said so. The­re is a rea­son why Micha­el Jor­dan once said Tiger Woods is the most incredi­ble sports­man in his eyes. Now Mj plays to a 5 han­di­cap, he has­n’t got an heart issue but never made it onto the pro sce­ne, which to me is baff­ling as in your logic he shoul­d’­ve reached that long time ago as he’s play­ed the game for decades.
      Golf requi­res many resour­ces, time, money and effort. Most sports requi­re it but just having deter­mi­na­ti­on will not get you off the star­ting line, nor having poor eti­quet­te towards others. You’ll sim­ply be out­s­hun­ned by the indus­try and you’ll be in a heap of trou­ble. Anything else you would like to add? I had a friends dad who a dojo mas­ter in tkd, a black belt 7th dan. His son was 4th dan black belt, both tur­ned pro­fes­sio­nal gol­fers. Now neit­her of them are trai­ning in tkd as you make more inco­me in golf and the exclu­si­vi­ty and the intro­duc­tion of resour­ces and mana­ging that resour­ce out­weighs the sim­pli­ci­ty of mar­ti­al arts and its com­bat sports. Ngl tho, com­bat sports are our most purest form of batt­le, through phy­si­cal out­put and men­tal strength pushed to the limit. Howe­ver golf is simi­lar as the play­ers have dif­fe­rent divi­si­ons, main­ly due to their age. If you want to have a serious dis­cus­sion, plea­se feel free as I have play­ed the sport sin­ce 10 and see­med to reach to heights and achie­ved it somewhat.

    1. I had no idea on which was har­der, but rea­ding the com­ment sec­tion (who would most­ly be made up of MMA enthu­si­asts knowing Rogan’s crowd) it’s clear that hit­ting a golf ball without tech­ni­que is har­der than kicking a per­son without technique!

  10. I can tell you une­qui­vo­cal­ly Joe has never hit a golf ball in his life unless it was mini golf. It’s EXTREMELY fuck­in hard to even be okay at hit­ting a golf ball. Not necessa­ri­ly say­ing it’s har­der than kicking someo­ne effec­tively in com­pe­ti­ti­ve com­bat sports, but Joe has a ten­den­cy to down­play the dif­fi­cul­ty of things he’s never done befo­re or been inte­res­ted in. I gua­ran­tee you he thinks it’s easy to hit a base­ball com­ing at you 90+ MPH for 400+ feet.

    1. Its all about the con­text bud relax, in the grand sche­me, the act kf hit­ting a golf ball ver­sus, kicking is vast­ly dif­fe­rent, the average 70 year old cant kick but they can get decent at golf, joe usual­ly down­plays sports he knows com­pa­red to what he kmows which is mar­ti­al arts are waaay easier to learn, but if you payed atten­ti­on more ever­y­ti­me its some­thing cra­zier or har­der then figh­t­ing he up pkays it to the max like ral­ly and extre­me sports hes like tho­se peop­le are fuck­ong cra­zy and gives them respect, its just obvious unless your a gol­fer and have to defend it that its not as hard as mar­ti­al arts and yes hit­ting a golf ball is easy its a still object that your hit­ting, alrea­dy the skill requi­red to hit it to a cer­tain loca­ti­on is sim­pli­fied, bowls is more dif­fi­cult someo­nes try­ing to block you lmao

  11. Super easy to hit a golf ball???? What the hell are you 🚬 Joe?? IDK but it’s got­ta be some REALLY GOOD SHIT. Per­so­nal­ly… I don’t think you can com­pa­re hit­ting a golf ball to MMA in the first place. Both are EXTREMELY dif­fi­cult but for total­ly dif­fe­rent rea­sons. The disci­pli­ne nee­ded to strike a golf ball true, far, and strai­ght every time, is unre­al!! I’m 47 yrs old and have gol­fed sin­ce I was 8yrs old. I golf every spring, sum­mer, and fall(from MI) and I haven’t yet mas­te­red a con­sis­tent game. One round I’m ‑2, the next I’m +8. My money is on Rogan get­ting frus­tra­ted enough that he’d break his clubs or toss em in the water hazard.… LMAO

    1. When was the last time that a sin­gle mista­ke in golf for­ced a play­er to reti­re ear­ly? A sin­gle mista­ke in a com­bat sport can inju­re you permanently.

    2. @John Becau­se you’­re con­fla­ting an uncoor­di­na­ted kick with an actu­al striking kick. Anyo­ne can curl their hand into a fist, whip it through the air, and call it a “punch”. Actu­al boxing, whe­re you intend to do dama­ge to an oppo­nent, is more complicated.

    3. @Aegis Not more com­pli­ca­ted than hit­ting a golf ball cor­rect­ly. It real­ly isn’t even clo­se unless it’s a ridi­cu­lous com­pa­ri­son like all you have to do is make con­ta­ct with the ball and I have to kick Jon Jones. That isn’t an app­les to app­les com­pa­ri­son though. I can kick someo­ne the same skill level as me easier than you can hit a decent golf shot.

    4. Kicking some­bo­dy is not dif­fi­cult. If you are tal­king about hit­ting some­bo­dy strai­ght. Any­bo­dy can get lucky. But to hit a golf ball accu­rate­ly, you real­ly need prac­ti­ce and learning.

    1. Who els mis­ses when Joe use to talk about real inte­res­ting things that actual­ly mat­ter to huma­ni­ty like space and extra­ter­restri­al life. Oh wait we need dumb sport jocks to fill the gap of content

    2. golf ball is not moving the­re­fo­re tro­wing the club at the loca­ti­on the golf ball is set at the golf club should make it fly away when the golf club finis­hes its motion

    3. @Sir Der­ty ֎ lmao anyo­ne can take as long as they want to think of a joke on You­Tube com­ment. Stan­dup come­dy is com­ple­te­ly dif­fe­rent then 50 15 word jokes about a video.

  12. Joe defi­ni­te­ly never play­ed golf lol he could pick up golf now for 2yrs and bet he can’t break 160 in tour­na­ment rule

    1. Gold is liter­al­ly like tho­se tik tok chal­len­ges. But you cant sit in your bathroom and prac­ti­ce, you need to be fil­thy rich to prac­ti­ce often. Stop say­ing its hard. Thro­wing a pen in water bot­t­le is har­der than anything in the world is also an argu­ment. But doest requi­re much skills

    2. @Sean O hig­her levels of co-ordi­na­ti­on? Are you cra­zy bro? You need extre­me­ly high levels of coör­di­na­ti­on in MMA way hig­her then any of the sports you mentioned

    3. @YesNow Dis­agree. Wrest­ling and ju jitsu calls on other traits more in, com­pa­ri­son to the sports I lis­ted. If cour­se it requi­res some coör­di­na­ti­on but not near­ly as much. Noti­ced this about him years ago in the comments he made, then like I said I saw him throw a ball. Seen this many times befo­re, he’s sim­ply not that coör­di­na­ted. And so, craps on all the sports that requi­res what he’s missing.
      Inte­res­ting topic and fun to shoot the sh$t over

    4. @Sean Oyeah you are pro­bab­ly right with that but wrest­ling and jiuji­ts are ASPECTS of the sport, The coör­di­na­ti­on you need to be able to have high level striking batt­les is 2nd to none and to say you need more coör­di­na­ti­on to play golf is cra­zy talk

    5. @YesNow Stron­gly dis­agree with that sen­tence. The pre­cisi­on requi­red to pro­per­ly hit the ball is levels abo­ve thro­wing an accu­ra­te punch. In no way am I say­ing coör­di­na­ti­on is not nee­ded, espe­cial­ly for thro­wing pun­ches, that has a much hig­her requi­re­ment than most of the rest in mma but swin­ging that club cor­rect­ly is waaay up the­re for dex­teri­ty. Ever try it?

  13. *They’re both wrong, kicking a golf ball sized human with a club is by far the har­dest ath­le­tic feat human­ly possible.*

  14. Hit­ting a golf ball is hard… so is get­ting 3 bull­seyes in a row in darts.

    Golf is a “sport” for fat­ties who cant enga­ge in actu­al sports.

  15. I lear­ned how to kick when I was like 13 and can still throw a good front and side kick. I also lear­ned how to play golf around the age of 13 and some­ti­mes when I play it loo­ks like I’ve never play­ed a round in my life

    1. @MMA Mul­ti­ver­se That is the rea­son so many peop­le play golf, who would­n’t have thought they would enjoy it. Becau­se it is so much har­der than it should be and peop­le like a challenge.

    2. @Daniel Cas­sell golf may be dif­fi­cult to win but mma is dif­fi­cult to even sur­vi­ve to the end if you face anyo­ne with competence

  16. They say sta­tis­ti­cal­ly that half of all gol­fers that play golf do not have the phy­si­cal capa­bi­li­ty of brea­king 100. That’s peop­le that do play golf. Not just some Joe jack­ass picking up a club for the 1st time.

  17. I can’t stand Golf. Yet kicking a per­son is in fact VERY easy. Kicking them effec­tively, is.… Same with Golf. Hit­ting a golf­balll effec­tively and hard is very dif­fi­cult. Hit­ting a golf­ball is not hard

  18. I miss watching Joe Rogan. It’s like see­ing a touchy uncle I haven’t seen in years when the­se pop up 😅😅

  19. Child­ren can kick each other with litt­le inst­ruc­tion or prac­ti­ce. Golf takes much more skill to be a con­sis­tent suc­cess­ful pro­fes­sio­nal. MMA takes way more guts, strength, endu­ran­ce and high speed vision/reflexes. One thing to note though, the­se two disci­pli­nes are the most dif­fi­cult to be a pro­fes­sio­nal. They are the indi­vi­du­al sports that requi­re suc­cess to keep going. A few years ago the Detroit lions went 0–16. Tho­se play­ers all got paid and right­ful­ly so.….. howe­ver that type of win record in eit­her golf or MMA you aint making a living.

  20. Rogan’s way off base on this one. For star­ters you don’t com­pa­re Jones to Daly. You com­pa­re Jones to Tiger Woods. Now we’­re having an ent­i­re­ly dif­fe­rent con­ver­sa­ti­on. Mad respect for ANY pro­fes­sio­nal athelete.

    1. @714ever Tiger Woods is a built ath­le­te. Not a fat guy who pea­ked in the 90’s. Tiger chan­ged the game of golf. For­ced the ent­i­re world of golf to step up their work­out and prac­ti­ce rou­ti­nes. It’s honest­ly easier to just say you’­re igno­rant to the game of golf lol.

    2. @714ever give me 100 tri­es to kick someo­ne in the right place at the right time in the right way and I’ll figu­re it out. Give you 100 tri­es to hit the flop Tiger did on num­ber 7 at Agus­ta on Satur­day and you would­n’t get one clo­se. Babies can kick in the womb for fucks sake lol. One is the maxi­miz­a­ti­on of an instinct, the other is a lear­ned skill. Both are difficult.

    3. @Michael Allen “i’ll figu­re out” lol your hil­arious without any trai­ning you would­n’t even be able to rai­se your leg abo­ve your knee and throw lol pro­bab­ly end up inju­ring yourself befo­re you even reach that num­ber “babies can kick in womb” haha very fun­ny the phy­si­cal natu­re of mma a lone makes it much har­der con­si­de­ring golf does­n’t have any lol

  21. A miss from Joe in my opi­ni­on, but it’s still enter­tai­ning for the show. Hit­ting a golf ball is not a given for a begin­ner. The­re are a lot of peop­le that haven’t deve­lo­ped the hand-eye coör­di­na­ti­on to even make con­ta­ct with the ball.

    Kicking and hit­ting a golf ball at the most begin­ner level are pro­bab­ly clo­se in dif­fi­cul­ty if I had to guess. Doing both well with a lot of con­sis­ten­cy takes a lot of prac­ti­ce and hard work.

  22. 🙂 *the­se are some most important and pre­cious advices every one should read* 💜🙂

    *1.* _Take risks in your life. If you win, you can lead; if you lose, you can guide._

    *2.* _People are not what they say but what they do; so judge them not from their words but from their actions._

    *3.* _When someo­ne hurts you, don’t feel bad becau­se it’s a law of natu­re that the tree that bears the swee­test fruits gets maxi­mum num­ber of stones._

    *4.* _Take wha­te­ver you can from your life becau­se when life starts taking from you, it takes even your last breath._

    *5.* _In this world, peop­le will always throw stones on the path of your suc­cess. It depends on what you make from them – a wall or a bridge._

    *6.* _Challenges make life inte­res­ting; over­co­m­ing them make life meaningful._

    *7.* _There is no joy in vic­to­ry without run­ning the risk of defeat._

    *8.* _A path without obsta­cles leads nowhere._

    *9.* _Past is a nice place to visit but cer­tain­ly not a good place to stay._

    *10.* _You can’t have a bet­ter tomor­row if you are thin­king about yes­ter­day all the time._

    *11.* _If what you did yes­ter­day still loo­ks big to you, then you haven’t done much today._

    *12.* _If you don’t build your dreams, someo­ne else will hire you to build theirs._

    *13.* _If you don’t climb the moun­tain; you can’t view the plain._

    *14.* _Don’t lea­ve it idle – use your brain._

    *15.* _You are not paid for having brain, you are only rewar­ded for using it intelligently._

    *16.* _It is not what you don’t have that limits you; it is what you have but don’t know how to use._

    *17.* _What you fail to learn might teach you a lesson._

    *18.* _The dif­fe­rence bet­ween a cor­rupt per­son and an honest per­son is: The cor­rupt per­son has a pri­ce while the honest per­son has a value._

    *19.* _If you suc­ceed in chea­ting someo­ne, don’t think that the per­son is a fool.….. Rea­li­ze that the per­son trus­ted you much more than you deserved._
    *20.* _Honesty is an expen­si­ve gift; don’t expect it from cheap people._
    I hope you have learnt some­thing you can recie­ve more from my this channel🙃🙃🙃…🥰..

  23. Joe was abso­lute­ly seething. He shifts his argu­ment to MMA guys look more like ath­le­tes. No shit Joe, that was­n’t the ques­ti­on lmao.

  24. As someo­ne with a histo­ry of scuf­fles, I can tell you that I’d rather play golf. You cal­cu­la­te your swing once, and cal­cu­la­te a fighter’s move­ment constantly.
    Golf is more sophisti­ca­ted than MMA, but the golf­ball isnt going to try to frac­tu­re your skull while you swing.

  25. With all of the poli­ti­cal crap that gets spun out to the world from JRE, in all hones­ty the­se are the best kinds of JRE clips.

  26. it’s inde­ed pret­ty hard to golf.. but the other guy ain’t gon­na des­troy your face if you miss your swing lol. MMA got the respect it deser­ves, so is gol­fing. Got­ta love see­ing all the offen­ded gol­fers in the chat lol! Rea­li­ty check peop­le, that’s how most peop­le see this sport, deal with it!

  27. All I’m say­ing is me and my bro­ther would kick the shit out of eacho­ther very effec­ti­ve at a very young age. After 20 years of play­ing golf I’m not so effec­ti­ve as I was kicking at age 5

    1. @Anuj Of cour­se he could if he was up against ano­t­her per­son at his skill level. In what world is kicking someo­ne hard unless they are a trai­ned fighter?

    1. @714ever When nor­mal peop­le think “sport” they don’t go to MMA, Golf, Nas­car, Bobs­led, Hops­cotch, Rock/Paper/Scissors, I Spy lmfao.

  28. I’m a mma and boxing per­son, not a golf per­son, but golf is ridi­cu­lous­ly dif­fi­cult. I have not­hing but respect for gol­fers that sport is one of the most tech­ni­cal and psy­cho­lo­gi­cal­ly deman­ding out the­re. Joe’s off the mark on this one.

    1. THANK. YOU.
      8 years on and I still suck. I can hit the ball some­what decent­ly most of the time, but even on a good day I still need 36 more strokes than the cour­se was desi­gned for. My bud­dy who star­ted around the same time still needs 54 extra strokes on a good day. Joe does­n’t under­stand that a golf ball is very small, the club is often very long, and the cour­se is very not flat. You don’t get con­sis­tent solid foo­ting for balan­ce, the pres­su­re that loads onto your feet: you are on one foot, then the other on uneven ground swin­ging at 80 to 120 miles an hour and if you swing half an inch low you’­re hit­ting the ground instead.

    2. I’m not a figh­ter but in a ring, as long as Joe isn’t allo­wed to attack back to stop me and only eva­de, I’m pret­ty sure I could land kicks on him. He’s like 2/3rd hea­vier and I’m over 6ft so unless he can teleport.…

    3. I mean you are not real­ly a figh­ter. Whats your record? 2–8? Ever­yo­ne is a figh­ter nowa­days. That bum who is built and born to sit in a cubi­cal, joins a Muay tai gym and starts cal­ling hims­elf a “figh­ter”. Lol

    1. @Randy Reil­ly thank you this is the com­ment I wan­ted to make mys­elf. Idk why the­se 2 sports are even being com­pa­red, they’­re ent­i­re­ly dif­fe­rent in every aspect.

  29. I hope someo­ne hands joe a golf club and films it becau­se I want to see the look on his face when he does­n’t even make con­ta­ct with the ball, several times in a row, an expe­ri­ence all too fami­li­ar to every begin­ner golfer.

  30. MMA is har­der in terms of phy­si­cal attri­ti­on. Golf is essen­ti­al­ly a leisu­re sport. But you can’t real­ly com­pa­re the sports in terms of mecha­ni­cal dif­fi­cul­ty. App­les to Oranges

    1. Good take. Golf has a lear­ning cur­ve, but its skill floor is rela­tively low. That’s why you see old peop­le in hor­ren­dous shape and phy­si­cal health play­ing golf. I know peop­le with spi­nal fusi­ons that play golf. Com­bat sports also have a lear­ning cur­ve, but have strict phy­si­cal mini­mum thres­holds. Thus the skill floor is higher.

  31. Lol. I play golf. I love it, even though I’m not very good at it. The only thing I’m even decent at is put­ting. It is a very chal­len­ging game.

    1. Said this with full con­fi­dence and all lol tf ima­gi­ne thin­king a leisu­re sport is har­der than one of the most dan­ge­rous sports on earth smh

  32. Bro Joe sounds like a enti­t­led know it all. And I love the guy .… anchors won’t let their guest talk , Joe just tells his guests their idi­ots and don’t know what they are tal­king about. He was just say­ing that being able to play gold at a high level is way more than swin­ging and he’s not wrong . You are.

  33. Whe­re the ball goes 100% mat­ters in golf, Joe being dumb.
    Majo­ri­ty of peop­le could kick someo­ne in the shin, easily.
    Majo­ri­ty of peop­le can’t hit a golf ball strai­ght down the fairway.

  34. Is it easier/more likely to knock someo­ne out in a sin­gle kick in MMA or hit a hole in one in pro golf? 

    Both are ama­zing feats, but the com­pa­ri­son is app­les and oranges.

  35. one of the grea­test foot­bal­lers in the uk in my opi­ni­on was bril­li­ant when he was peed out of his brain i think the drink kills the fear ?!

  36. I swe­ar I’ve seen this same con­ver­sa­ti­on bet­ween the­se 2. When Tony said “Jones Jones I rest my case.” And then he says some­thing about Joe taking a stand on some­thing. That all sound­ed very familiar.

  37. Still don’t want to come out shil­ling for the anti Roe? What will your Repu­bli­can base think? 🤣
    Side bet, Joe comes out against this to get some plau­si­ble denia­bi­li­ty points so he can shill for Trump and point back and say see “Im a lef­ty” 🤣 hope that right wing Nazi money tea­ches your kids how to be shills too.

  38. Well if he’s say­ing it’s easy to just hit the ball with it’s a per­fect hit or a poo hit well I guess that’s the same with a kick you can land clean or you can have poor form and still kick the leg

  39. I think Joe thinks the sport of gol­fing is a fight with the golf ball, whe­re the golf club is a wea­pon, and hit­ting it rea­son­ab­ly far is equi­va­lent to a knock­out, in which case it easier to be vic­to­rious over your oppo­nent (the ball) than an oppo­nent in MMA.

    1. in the past Tony’s just kind of yes-sir’d him so Rogan was damn near stut­te­ring ner­vous­ly when Tony star­ted pushing back 😂

  40. Ever­ything has it own dif­fi­cul­ty and skills thats what make every sport a uni­que form of expres­sing the mind

  41. Who do you think would look more out of place and inca­pa­ble? Isra­el Ades­anya teeing it up at a PGA event? Or, Brooks Koep­ka step­ping into the cage?

  42. figh­ters are dumb and gol­fers are smart becau­se look what they both do and how they get paid.. but the golf ball not moving any­whe­re should be equa­ted to t‑ball whe­re the base­ball isnt moving on the T.

  43. The pro­per com­pa­ri­son for Joe would­ve been com­pa­ring Pool to golf. Mma has many aspects inclu­ding a phy­si­cal opponent(human tar­get) try­ing to pre­vent you from doing things.

  44. Joe using the John Daly argu­ment pro­ves how high he is on this show and Joe could­n’t hit a golf ball strai­ght 99% of the time like all the PGA players.

  45. whe­re golf gets cra­zy hard is when you­re play­ing againts the wind, rain, or a bad lie… some peop­le can do insa­ne things from ter­ri­ble situations

  46. 🌟What type of foren­sic evi­dence did Will lea­ve on Chris’s face?


    (I’m a new COMIC.
    To any hater that says it’s not ori­gi­nal and I sto­le it,
    I have docu­men­ted pro­of that I am the Father)

  47. Joe doing the exten­si­ve coke wipe on his nose after rea­ding about cocai­ne„ Joe we know, ya like the coke who doesn’t

  48. this clip shows rogans low IQ haha i enjoy his pod­casts but this clip shows he gets butt hurt when you say some­thing is har­der than mma

  49. Neit­her is easy. But toe to toe, lan­ding an accu­ra­te kick on a moving pro­fes­sio­nal oppo­nent takes much more ath­le­ti­cism, risk and dex­teri­ty than hit­ting a still golf ball with good tech­ni­que. Sal­ty golf fans that cri­ti­ci­ze Joe also haven’t thrown a kick towards a moving oppo­nent who can HURT you. You can play golf, but you don’t play fighting.

    1. yea kicking in a real fight is obvious­ly har­der, but joe just fucked up say­ing hit­ting a golf ball is easy. which it isnt.

  50. Sports were crea­ted to pre­pa­re youth for war once they were adults and mar­ti­al arts taught less domi­nant socie­ties to hold their own against more deve­lo­ped armies.. litt­le men in the comments say­ing base­ball and golf is har­der than mma tal­king about con­trol­led envi­ron­ments in com­pa­ri­son to their cour­se ha fuck­ing pathe­tic mma shows a good amount of the ani­mal king­dom and all the peop­le in the comments tal­king up golf are prey that are allo­wed to voice their opi­ni­on becau­se socie­ty allows for it

  51. It’s far easier to kick someo­ne then hit a golf ball. Joe would swing a golf club and miss the ball you may not kick them well or in a good spot but gtfo with its har­der to kick someo­ne then hut a golf ball

    1. @Barrett Lucas Well if that hap­pens you dont actual­ly know how to kick when joe is tal­king hes refe­ren­cing thro­wing a pro­per kick against an acti­ve oppo­nent with cor­rect control,accuracy, and speed as your figh­t­ing bunch of peop­le are say­ing they’­ve kicked peop­le without actual­ly con­si­de­ring tho­se aspects the­se peop­le pro­bab­ly cant even kick abo­ve the­re knee

    2. @714ever I fought in the world con­gres­sio­nal tour­na­ment in my youth I spent a lot of time in mar­ti­al arts I under­stand what it is to kick an oppo­nent. Joe said you might not hot the ball well that’s the same as say­ing you won’t kick well. And to say­ing you can hurt yourself or break a bone. You can dis­lo­ca­ted ribs hurt your back her­nia­te discs pull ten­dons on your wrist from impro­per form that cau­ses the club to hit the ground be the ball groun­ding the club can hurt you as well so again it’s the same thing you said impro­per form gets you hurt it can here. I play golf I did fight when I was youn­ger and I found it much har­der to hit a ball then It was to kick someo­ne. And it’s even har­der to hit a golf ball well then it is to kick well.

    3. @Barrett Lucas Well im the com­ple­te oppo­si­te i got the hang of hit­ting a golf ball well rela­tively quick­ly but when i was first lear­ning to kick the­res a lot that had to be done to get the fle­xi­bi­li­ty and control

  52. I mean I guess I under­stand the point Joe is try­ing to make, but it’s just not true. If you are tal­king bare bones just hit­ting a golf ball (like just making con­ta­ct with it) then that has to be rela­ti­ve to kicking like the air or kicking a bag. Now if you’­re tal­king about kicking a per­son… I still think I could kick most peop­le without any issue lol, but that might be more com­pa­ra­ti­ve to being able to hit a ball okay (break 100 or so).… If you’­re tal­king about try­ing to kick an MMA figh­ter I mean you need to com­pa­re that to like brea­king par at Augus­ta.… His com­pa­ri­sons are just real­ly off. It would be like me say­ing dri­ving an F1 car is easy becau­se it’s just a car and I’ve been dri­ving for 15 years.

    1. Best com­men­ta­ry so far. Eit­her way, Rogan is extre­me­ly off the mark and a strai­ght up dick about it at that. He tri­es to gas­light or just use his ego to chan­ge Tony’s stance. Don’t have a guest on your show just to shit on their takes, that’s all bad.

  53. Ball below feet, down­hill lie, 3 iron. Let’s see it Joe. A first timer is not gon­na make con­ta­ct with that ball.

  54. “Stfu, don’t ever say that again” ‑JR
    Someo­ne was easi­ly offen­ded… lmao. JR has a point but super offen­ded by that comment 😆

  55. Kicking someo­ne like a pro figh­ter and an éli­te level has got to be qui­te difi­cult and golf must be equal­ly hard but Ander­son SSil­va one of the best of all time snap­ped his leg kicking and i sup­po­se you could break your leg swin­ging a golf club to but it would have to be a near miracle

  56. I’m a very effec­ti­ve stri­ker, I am Ter­ri­ble at hit­ting a golf ball, let alo­ne at laun­ching it in a pro­per direction

  57. Jon Jones brin­ging up the par­ty­ing thing is kind of weak sau­ce. If he lost, he had an excu­se. He’s the GOAT, and is pro­bab­ly my favo­ri­te figh­ter but some of his anti­cs are ques­tion­ab­le. I would rather be the BOAT (best of all time) than the GOAT.

  58. Honest­ly I’ve done both the­se things in my life. Kicking is way easier than hit­ting a golf ball. You can miss a kick and still catch enough to hurt the per­son you miss a golf ball by 1/2 an inch and it’s off to the woods.

    1. @714ever Real­ly what Joe was tal­king about what try­ing to kick a trai­ned per­son. You take 2 untrai­ned peop­le and tell them to try and kick eacho­ther and they are both going to have sore feet. It is WAY har­der to hit a golf ball hard and accu­rate­ly than to kick someo­ne hard and accu­rate­ly. It’s not even remo­te­ly close.

  59. Sor­ry Joe, to do what Daly did, pick­led and smas­hed on the sauce/alcohol, and still spank a golf ball a mile, pre­cise­ly, is a rare, freak of natu­re. Boy was he enjoya­ble to watch. 🥃

  60. I could demo­lish any gol­fer. And intel­li­gence is sub­jec­ti­ve, I’d trust a figh­ter over a mathe­ma­ti­ci­an any day on anything

  61. Golf ball is small, club face not much bigger, 

    i swung some clubs at golf balls with a friend, boy did i get some respect for the game, i sug­gest to go to dri­ving ran­ge and just make con­ta­ct on the Ball, prac­ti­ce makes perfect,

  62. Get high and fight, or get drunk and play golf? Both of the­se things seem coun­ter­pro­duc­ti­ve to their respec­ti­ve sports lol.

  63. joe rogan.. it’s a lot har­der to hit a golf ball. there’s a small of pool of peop­le in this world that con­sist­ent­ly can be good at golf at the pro­fes­sio­nal level. and john daly isn’t a good examp­le. you try golf joe.. get the fuck out of here

  64. It’s soo fun­ny to watch Joe lose it whenever anyo­ne eit­her insults or nega­tively refers to : MMA, MMA figh­ters and/or come­di­ans. He’s so rabid at get­ting defen­si­ve and com­ing to their aid. It’s qui­te disap­poin­ting actual­ly, he’s nor­mal­ly real­ly good at stay­ing impar­ti­al .. until u hit tho­se ner­ves, lol.. then he’s suu­per easy to trig­ger. As far as base­ball and golf, if base­ball fiel­ds were as nar­row as most fair­ways, with all the sides being out of bounds or loss of a run, base­ball would be in trou­ble. A base­ball is big­ger and the bat is fat­ter so one could argue you need to be more pre­cise in golf. Golf is hard and it’s not about just hit­ting it, it’s about at tar­gets – very dif­fe­rent things. Last­ly, I’d say someo­ne who’s never trai­ned in MMA or figh­t­ing in gene­ral has a bet­ter chan­ce at kicking someo­ne and making con­ta­ct over someo­ne who’s never hit a golf ball and making con­ta­ct first try. Kicking or defen­ding yourself is an instinct we’­re all born with, hit­ting a golf ball is not.

  65. Golf is hard becau­se it’s point­less in real life app­li­ca­ti­ons. Nobo­dy gol­fed for sur­vi­val thousands of years ago lol. Do shit that incre­a­ses your life skills, golf isn’t one of them. Peop­le that love gol­fing are not that intelligent.

  66. haha, Its way more com­pli­ca­ted mas­te­ring any given golf club than mas­te­ring a kick. Sin­ce joe got a good spin­ning side­kick, lets say he mas­te­red it – now go prac­ti­ce one club until he mas­ter It, I’ll wait.

  67. i wan­na see Joe hit a bucket of balls at the dri­ving ran­ge. Lem­me cor­rect mys­elf. see Joe TRY to hit a bucket of balls at the dri­ving range.

  68. Dum­best take of all time. I have been talen­ted for every sport I tried from soc­cer, basketball(was best at) to ten­nis… yet golf is by far the most dif­fi­cult of them all. I love it but I just am not natu­ral­ly talen­ted for it so I can never find my swing, its so erra­tic, I need a lot of prac­ti­ce just to be on some basic level whe­re I dont lose 6 balls in a round lol to Gim­me 6 mon­ths of kicking trai­ning and I will land a kick on any pro level figh­ter, low kicks count right? But 6 mon­ths of golf will get you nowhe­re near a pro gol­fer. The thing he is right about, des­pi­te not knowing anything about golf, is the inten­si­ty you should swing with, even des­pi­te being total novice you should start swin­ging as fast as you can right away and then get bet­ter at accu­ra­cy and tech­ni­que as time goes on, this is advice from a lot of golf trai­ners and pro golfers.

    1. “Gim­me 6 mon­ths of kicking trai­ning and I will land a kick on any pro level figh­ter, low kicks count right? But 6 mon­ths of golf will get you nowhe­re near a pro gol­fer. ” lol what a ridi­cu­lous­ly bia­sed state­ment mans real­ly said in 6 moths hed be able to kick a pro figh­ter im liter­al­ly dying🤣🤣 some people’s igno­ran­ce when comes to figh­t­ing is out­stan­ding they real­ly think its that easy lol train for liter­al­ly a week and keep that ener­gy lol

    2. @714ever he would quit after the first day becau­se his pri­de and ego could­n’t take the fact that there’s peop­le out the­re that could play with him phy­si­cal­ly and there’s not a sin­gle thing he could do about it

    3. @Bing Bong Honest­ly as someo­ne that trains mma this com­ment actual­ly asto­un­ded me i dont expect peop­le to under­stand how vast the levels of figh­t­ing are but this guy say­ing with no pre­vious expe­ri­ence hed be able to kick a pro figh­ter in his fan­ta­sy world when hes got not­hing to sam­ple of actual­ly just melts my brain i dont under­stand how someo­nes ego can beco­me that infla­ted ive spar­red with pro and ama­teur figh­ters and you cant even fathom the clock the­re ticking on in com­pas­si­on to you i dont wan­na be offen­ded but as someo­ne thats been doing mar­ti­al arts my who­le life see­ing a dude say that as much as a clown as he is is aggravating

    4. @Bing Bong But yh what your say­ing is 100% cor­rect guys have ent­e­red my gym with that same ego and con­fi­dence then after the first few weeks you all of sud­den dont see them any­mo­re lol and with this fal­se fan­ta­sy world he lives in hes pro­bab­ly the most text­book examp­le you could find lol espe­cial­ly with the con­fi­dence he speaks with

  69. The ball lays still on the ground a per­son who can stand upright can hit that litt­le thing. You dont have to be smart to do that. But suc­cess­ful peop­le tend to play golf not fight. Figh­t­ing is all about knowing yourself, your true capa­bi­li­ties. “kicking ano­t­her human being” yes you can do that at age 1–2 as well but come on. Not ever­yo­ne can fight. This dude is get­ting the SHIT kicked out of him soo­ner or later hahaaa cant FUCKING wait.

  70. Figh­t­ing is tougher. A lot of figh­ters play golf for fun. Not a lot of gol­fers would fight for fun. Golf may be hard, but so is threa­ding a need­le. Golf is not­hing to brag about. Figh­t­ing is very brag worthy.

    1. Well the­re not gol­fing at an éli­te level if the­re doing it for fun to make that type of com­pas­si­on the gol­fer would­n’t “fight” he would just train and spar

    1. @714ever I’d bet he could do it bet­ter than Jones play­ing golf. Plus, the sight of over­weight Daly without a shirt on in shorts would be awesome.

    1. You serious­ly think all figh­ters have “anger issu­es” wow guess this game hasnt evol­ved like i though if peop­le still talk like this lol

  71. Play­ed baseball/ foot­ball my who­le life, play­ed col­le­ge base­ball, i picked up golf last year, my swing speed is that of a tour play­er, i can hit the ball when hit­ting it strai­ght 300yds which is com­pa­ra­ble to your play­ers but let me tell you golf if very frus­tra­ting. Their are peop­le way less ath­le­tic than me that hit it way shor­ter than i do but that play bet­ter than me. Golf it’s 75% tech­ni­que, 35% luck but it is one of the most aggra­vating games you’ll ever play in your life.

  72. Golf is an incredi­b­ly dif­fi­cult sport to mas­ter. That being said.…i know a LOT of scratch gol­fers that drink a 6 pack or smo­ke a bowl while playing.

    MMA is signi­fi­cant­ly more phy­si­cal­ly deman­ding, golf takes a lot more knowledge.

  73. I dont know whe­ther it’s Joe’s ten­den­cy to win which crea­tes such a dis­agree­ment or the fact that joe feels a lot of pas­si­on about sub­jects sen­si­ti­ve to him and does­n’t want to see anyo­ne dis­pro­ve his points and views about them, I’ve felt curious on whe­ther his ten­den­cy to argue is to find the truth or to win the deba­te i feel he feels both there’s a ten­den­cy to win and to find the abso­lu­te truth,if it’s a guest who joe respects joe is rea­dy to lis­ten and agree whe­re­as if it’s someo­ne bene­ath him joe can act in an igno­rant way which i think we all are guil­ty of.

  74. I’ve been in juni­or Olym­pics tkd when I was youn­ger and trust me I know it’s hard af to kick someo­ne in the head. Many peop­le out the­re who come from gym­nastic back­ground who are fle­xi­ble can look good kicking air or even a hea­vy bag but it’s a thousand times har­der in spar­ring or a in a real fight. Howe­ver I don’t think joe tru­ly under­stands gol­fing. To hit that small ass ball with good power and form is not easy. If your try­ing to hit the ball just a several yards yeah it’s much easier but to dri­ve that thing is hard af. First time gol­fing I remem­ber mis­sing the ball like 15 times in a row.

  75. It takes a *LOT* of core strength to hit a ball pas­sed the 300 yd. mar­ker. Even peop­le without big mus­cles can have ama­zing core strength. Think of rock clim­ber or gym­nast build. It does­n’t mat­ter how big your arm mus­cles are. Hip mus­cles are more important than arm mus­cles when dri­ving a golf ball!

  76. MMA is equi­va­lent to the PGA tour. Top of the food chain. Joe, go to a dri­ving ran­ge, bet you wiff that not moving ball more than a few times. Easy game? No, the har­dest game the­re is.

    1. Hes pret­ty good about it most of the time. But when it comes to cer­tain topics, he falls and beco­mes an asshole. 

      To be fair though, he puts out 2 hour plus long pod­casts mul­ti­ple times a week and he cant be per­fect for all of them. I hope he ana­ly­zes this situa­ti­on though.

    2. @Steve Saephanh yeah I’d agree with that. This was just defi­ni­te­ly one of tho­se times whe­re he choo­se to not even bother lis­tening lol

  77. If you do both than you can under­stand how they are very simi­lar. The hips turn in both and the tiniest incre­men­tal dif­fe­rence can eit­her be real­ly good for you or real­ly bad for you. Both take an incredi­ble spi­rit and atti­tu­de to get good at. The hours of lear­ning to get the form down on both is just as hard. The only fac­tors golf has that MMA does not is the wea­ther, the other com­pe­ti­tors, the cour­se con­di­ti­ons and topo­gra­phy etc. Obvious­ly MMA has fac­tors that golf doesn’t have. Try­ing to exhi­bit skill onto ano­t­her human resis­ting while they try to exhi­bit their skill on you resis­ting. Dif­fe­rent but both incredi­b­ly hard.

  78. Joe, you have so much self con­trol man. I would have cal­led that litt­le kid a fuck­in ass hat fo say­ing figh­ters are dumb. Lol

  79. Figh­t­ing high is not a big deal when your tole­ran­ce is as strong as Diaz. I am sure it liter­al­ly just cal­med him down a bit befo­re the fight, if anything it might have hel­ped him

  80. Yeah as a per­son who­se gol­fed and did kara­te sin­ce I was 5 golf is a mil­li­on times har­der than kicking someone

  81. My son went to SEMA in Vegas, while wan­de­ring around he hit the pun­ching bag w power num­ber how hard it was hit. My son is 6’5 200 with zero figh­t­ing expe­ri­ence, he was the 3rd best the who­le show. “I hit it like my golf swing, right through it!” The mea­theads wai­t­ing their turn shaking their heads..

  82. Hi Joe. I saw ever­ything that Raf­in­ha Bas­tos and Glenn Green­wald told you about Brazil…you should bring other peop­le, other opi­ni­ons so that you have a clea­rer and less bia­sed view of the situation.

  83. I’d love to see Joe hit 100 dri­ves and Tony throw 100 kicks, it’s bla­tant­ly obvious that an accu­ra­te golf dri­ve is more dif­fi­cult IMO

  84. Golf is way har­der. I did sika­ran kara­te from 8 up. It’s not hard to kick someo­ne. Golf inclu­des luck wea­ther con­di­ti­ons etc. golf if way har­der to learn than peop­le give it credit for and it takes real skill. It’s just not incredi­b­ly phy­si­cal­ly demanding.

  85. Taking into account that Glenn Green­wald has a dif­fe­rent stance here in Bra­zil than he appears in the US, and Raf­in­ha Bas­tos is avo­wed­ly left-wing and oppo­sed to the right-wing government… it seems that it is necessa­ry to lis­ten to other peop­le and not just these.

  86. A life without Christ is no life at all. Jesus loved you so much that He gave His life for you. Ever­yo­ne rea­ding this is a sin­ner, the­re isn’t one of us that is “good”. All of us have fal­len short and need a savi­or… Trust in Christ, find true and sin­ce­re hap­pi­ness in this life and dwell with Him in the next. God bless you and I pray ever­yo­ne of you finds sal­va­ti­on in Jesus.

  87. they should make tiger woods vs con­nor mcgreg­gor with golf rules… yeah thats how dumb you sound when you want mma dudes to box whichi obvioul­sy CANT

    1. @714ever no is not, the­re are lots of world cham­pions and gre­at figh­ters but not many guys can have an éli­te handicap

  88. lol, only hear to com­ment on tit­le. Ander­son Sil­va would knock out Tiger Woods in any fight, unless it was a Shil­lelagh fight, Woods may have the jump on him in that situation. 

    I know I may have got­ten the con­text incor­rect, but I’m drunk, Its a thur­day and I haven’t wat­ched the video yet.

    Half of the comments are from peop­le who bair­ly wat­ched the video any way, what does my ini­tal com­ment mater to you.

    Peace and love, stay safe.

  89. Joe you think being pun­ched in the head and smo­king dope hasn’t given you brain dama­ge? ‑Tony i think you pro­ved your point bro.

  90. golf is weird. wal­king 4 days in a row to win a tour­na­ment takes a lot of effort. That’s a 4 hour round, with put­ting and dri­ving ran­ge befo­re­hand, wal­king 4+ miles and stan­ding 4+ hours. You have to be in shape, but somehow can still be fat and out of shape

  91. Lol say­ing figh­ters are “dumb” is the most retar­ded thing I’ve ever heard.. just train a mon­th and take part in the most lowest level of match and you’ll under­stand the men­tal capa­bi­li­ties of a figh­ter is top 3 in all kinds of sports

  92. Haha­hah they are dif­fe­rent but same. Just hit­ting a ball is like lear­ning to kick. But to hit a golf ball with accu­ra­cy and distance is like lear­ning to clo­se distance and kick someone.

  93. You can’t win.… you can only burn everyone’s child­ren to death while refu­sing to do man work . And des­pi­te what your fathers tought you , that does not con­sti­tu­te winning

  94. Golf is much har­der for Han kicking come on now 😂 Jon Jones never show­ed up high but was con­stant­ly posi­ti­ve for coke. MMA figh­ters are smart lol 2 words “Diaz brothers”

  95. Joe com­ing off as someo­ne who’s never play­ed golf lmao. You could play for 40 years and suck. Most peop­le do. If you trai­ned for 40 years on how to hit someo­ne, you sure as hell will.

  96. ever­yo­ne thinks golf is easy until they try it.… and the dri­ving ran­ge does­n’t count. I’ve been play­ing sin­ce I was 8 and it still kicks my ass on a wee­kly basis

  97. The­re are count­less sto­ries of unbe­liev­a­b­ly suc­cess­ful figh­ters (boxers and mma figh­ters) who pick up the sport late and go on to be world champions.
    You won’t find a sin­gle gol­fer who picks up the sport late and goes on to be super successful.
    Having said that, golf is stu­pid, figh­t­ing is cool.
    I joke i joke. Mad respect to anyo­ne who makes it to the top of their craft

  98. Tony is such a wan­na-be golf fan-boy. Some of the best gol­fers are not high­ly intel­li­gent. They don’t overthink the shot, cau­se they aren’t bright enough to. Fred­die Cou­ples is a gre­at example.

  99. Golf is defi­ni­te­ly not easy. Its a fun and chal­len­ging sport.
    With that said it is laug­ha­ble that anyo­ne actual­ly thinks you can com­pa­re golf to com­bat sports.
    Golf what over­weight ger­iatrics play to pass time.
    Com­bat the oldest and most pri­mal acti­vi­ty, often ban­ned and or high­ly restric­ted throughout time and cultures.
    Now if golf invol­ved someo­ne con­stant­ly try­ing to attack you then you have an argument.

    1. Your points make no sen­se. Old peop­le don’t do mma becau­se it’s dan­ge­rous and they could die. That doesn’t mean it’s not easy. You could just as easi­ly swing your arms and legs and knock someo­ne out. Seen it hap­pen a bunch when peop­le wind­mill against someo­ne who doesn’t know how to fight. If you don’t know how to fight and your put up against someo­ne who also doesn’t know, you can still fight. Do the same for gold and you’ll likely be the­re for hours on the first few holes if you even mana­ge to hit the ball without hit­ting out of bounds or in a trap. You think golf is easy? Ok, go try and beat the high scores at your clo­set popu­lar local golf area. Doubt you even get close

    2. @Michael Tha­to­ker Thank you for pro­ving all of my points.
      Dan­ge­rous and pos­si­b­ly fatal by defi­ni­ti­on makes it difficult.
      Old peop­le play golf to enjoy and relax when the wea­ther is plea­sant. My dad would take me and my bro­ther gol­fing when we were very young. It was fun­ny becau­se alt­hough we did­n’t hit it far we both would con­sist­ent­ly hit the ball strai­ght. At 7 years old I would finish 9 holes qui­te easi­ly. This was from sim­ply watching and lear­ning from my Pops who would some­ti­mes play recreational.
      To your sug­ges­ti­on to match or beat my local golf cour­se top score is so absurdly ridi­cu­lous as someo­ne who does­n’t play golf just shows how weak your argu­ments are.

  100. Tony should have com­pa­red golf to pool ins­tead of mma. Joe plays pool. He’d under­stand that golf and pool are pure skill with litt­le ath­le­ti­cism. Alter­na­tively, Tony could have made a bow hun­ting ana­lo­gy. It would have been more apt.

    1. Try wal­king 18 holes then tell me how you feel after. You will need a nap trust me. Espe­cial­ly on a hot day. Not ath­le­tic? Gtfoh

  101. Modern golf, you learn how to hit hard first. And it’s not easy. Takes power, gre­at twitch mus­cles, and a sta­ble base, and gre­at foot work. Alot to do with gene­tics as well.

    1. @J L Cur­ling? You start off try­ing to throw the bas­ket­ball as hard as you can at the bas­ket when you first start? My point was this is how golf is now, it’s rela­tively new thin­king, it’s always been about accu­ra­cy off the tee, not anymore.

  102. I think if we’re tal­king about just hit­ting the ball, then yeah, it’s easier but that’s not what golf is. That’s like say­ing bas­ket­ball if just chuck­ing the ball. There’s a hole you have to make it into in the least amount of strokes. Rea­listi­cal­ly, you could be retar­ded, just know how to swing your arms and legs around with zero tech­ni­que, and still knock someo­ne out and joes point about jon not figh­t­ing on drugs. First off real­ly? And second, if you use the drug to train for the fight and you fight/spar 100 times and only stop using coke when it’s actual­ly time to fight, you’re still a coke user who fights? Just becau­se you stop­ped one time doesn’t mean the other 364 days when you didn’t just go away

  103. joe said you just have to hit the ball, you don’t have to hit it well, the same could be said for kicking someo­ne. Also, the ball isn’t moving, but that means every joint In your body is a moving varia­ble in the golf swing, ankles, kne­es, hips, ver­te­brae, shoul­ders, neck, elbows, wrists, fin­gers, eye­balls. Golf is under­ra­ted as fuck. John Daly is an extre­me­ly talen­ted, power­ful, agi­le, coör­di­na­ted big man, like an NFL line­man, just becau­se he’s big and drinks doesn’t mean he’s not a 1 in a mil­li­on ath­le­te. Good luck try­ing to be John Daly.

  104. What are you all on about? Golf is easy, i used to smash Tiger Woods golf all day bir­die after eagle after bir­die… Its a golf sim so i obvious­ly know what i’m tal­king about..
    Jokes asi­de i can take a bucket of balls of balls on the ran­ge and i’m near­ly empty befo­re i get the con­nect semi good. Accu­ra­cy? For­get about that i’m just hap­py to get a good wack

  105. Two things: Why are gogo­pla­tas so rare in MMA? I just wat­ched the video they were tal­king about and it see­med like a fair­ly easy posi­ti­on to get to and exe­cu­te. Is it just becau­se Nick is that good?
    And why would JBJ doing cocai­ne be a dis­ad­van­ta­ge? Cocai­ne is a sti­mu­lant. If he was on cocai­ne during fights I would ima­gi­ne you would feel ener­gi­zed, power­ful, alert and hyper awa­re. Not dazed or any form of per­for­mance decrease?

    1. The skill floor for golf is ridi­cu­lous­ly low. That’s why old men with back pro­blems can com­pet­ent­ly play golf. Of cour­se the skill cei­ling is high, but that’s a dif­fe­rent mat­ter. The skill floor for figh­t­ing is very high.

  106. Here is what Joe doesn’t understand

    Jamie sma­shing the ball on a dri­ving ran­ge is the equi­va­lent of kicking a pun­ching bag

    Play­ing on a cour­se is the equi­va­lent of kicking a person