John Daly gegen angrenzenden Country Club

John Daly gegen angrenzenden Country Club #lovegolf

Wir spie­len ein Big Money Match gegen die Legen­de selbst John Daly auf sei­nem Heim­platz in Clear­wa­ter, Flo­ri­da. Kau­fen Sie Loud­mouth Golf ein – https://​www​.loud​mouth​.com/ Fol­gen Sie Coun­try Club Adja­cent @Country Club Adjacent

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456 thought on “John Daly gegen angrenzenden Country Club”

  1. Going to play his cour­se in Arkan­sas here in 2 mon­ths or so when it cools down a bit. Been gol­fing for a cou­p­le years now and live like 2 hrs from his cour­se but have never play­ed the­re yet haha

  2. Cool to see Griff spon­so­red by Shar­pie. Nice job girls! Big John what a legend! “You look like you were con­cei­ved on a train” that line just kil­led me lol

    1. Pro­bab­ly becau­se they’­re not “PC” enough. The­se dudes and others like “Butt­sy” are the most enter­tai­ning to watch.

  3. Came from Tik tok. How does this not have more views? Love Daly, hap­py I got to meet him a few years ago and would love the chan­ce to meet him again. You guys are living my dream.

  4. Can we get a count of Daly’s drinks and hea­ters for the day? We alrea­dy know he did­n’t drink a drop of water…

    1. Day one Thurs­day US Open the cou­p­le weeks ago in one round 12 diet Cokes 22 ciga­ret­tes and 8 bags of pea­nut M M’s

  5. “where’s the 1st tee and what’s the cour­se record!?” – that’s an inscrip­ti­on on some­thing, at some point! lol

  6. ADVICE for DALY trash TALK… JUST TELL your com­pe­ti­tor… “YOUR DADDY, would be MORE PROUD of YOU, if HE JUST TOOK A PICTURE of the Cum stain on the couch, befo­re your MOM rol­led over!”

  7. Cal­ling your play­ing part­ner that is 30 yards behind you is pure and utter geni­us I can’t wait to use that

  8. Back in the ear­ly 80’s Craig Stadler(The Walrus)played our golf course(Albury Golf Club) and shot a 62 in his thongs!!!!!!!!!!! He was dri­ving bet­ween cities (Syd­ney – Melbourne)and pop­ped in for a hit. He was an incredi­b­ly gifted golfer.

    1. I had a total­ly dif­fe­rent pic­tu­re in my head when I read that first then it cli­cked in my head that Aus­sies call flip flops thongs lol. That would have been even more extra­or­di­na­ry if he was wea­ring only the “thongs” that ori­gi­nal­ly came to my mind

    2. @Vlad 🤣🤣😂😂Yes can you ima­gi­ne him in a ‘thong’ haha, not a pret­ty site!! but yes we call flip flops, thongs lol

  9. I want not­hing more than to play a round with JD. Crush some beers, smo­ke some darts, and hit up hoo­ters for the 19th 😂

  10. Saw JD hit one deeeep into the trees at Sou­thern Hills, he chip­ped out back­wards, stuck a mid iron to 7′ and drai­ned his putt for par. Wal­ked off the green as if not­hing had happened.

    1. Haha sounds just like him the only thing you mis­sed was the ciga­ret­te in bet­ween the t‑shot and fin­ding his ball in the woods… did you see that in per­son at the US Open?

    1. @NO BS There’s an old sto­ry Tiger tells say­ing he was prac­ti­cing for play the next day and every time he stop­ped in the club­house Daly would ask him to have a drink with him. He said Daly liter­al­ly drank the ent­i­re day befo­re the round. he said by evening John was com­ple­te­ly shit­fa­ced. The next day he shot bet­ter than Tiger. Tiger said if he had half Dalys natu­ral talent he would be happy

  11. My God would that be a blast! John Daly was my favo­ri­te gol­fer when he was on the tour. I love his care­free atti­tu­de. Gre­at video

  12. This was fuck­ing awe­so­me 👍🤣👍 at 2012 pga cham­pions­hip in kia­wah John hit off the first tee and I yelled YOUR MY BOY BLUE YOUR MY BOY.He smi­led and poin­ted at me we all laughed.

  13. I remem­ber watching big John Daly when he play­ed the PGA CHAMPIONSHIP at croo­ked stick 30 years ago… seems like only 5 years ago. But he was like not­hing seen befo­re it was amazing

  14. How does one even think they could hang with the spe­ci­men that is John Daly. That is the body of a pro ath­le­te gen­tle­men. You do not chal­len­ge that lol

    1. Not the peop­le, just the poli­ti­ci­ans. Same as us in the sta­tes bro­ther. We’re all at the mer­cy of our cra­zy ass leaders.

    2. I think John was being sar­castic. :p Becau­se we Ame­ri­cans are sup­po­sed to hate Rus­sia accord­ing to our government/media.

  15. Plea­se for the love of God learn how to video record. It’ll make watching your vide­os so much more ado­rable. Gre­at content

  16. Yall need to have Fat Perez on here from Bob does Sports. That dude is a legend with his golf and smack talk. His euro step is pure gold. Fat Perez and John Daly is a dream of a partnership.

    1. Tho­se two can’t be on the same pla­ne tog­e­ther. Like the pre­si­dent and vice pre­si­dent. In case it goes down you still have one of them… plus, bet­ween the two of them the­re would­n’t be enough weight for the pilots b4 it gets maxed out.

      If they get too clo­se tog­e­ther par­ti­cles start col­li­ding like they do at CERN and it’s just not safe to crea­te an uncon­tai­ned “God par­ti­cle” They’d have to have their first mee­ting in a vacu­um cham­ber to pre­vent an acci­den­tal big bang. Big Bang would also be their team name and the name of their wai­tress at the strip club clo­sest to wha­te­ver cour­se they’­re playing. 😆

  17. Play­ing a round of golf with John Daly while huf­fing darts and poun­ding Mil­ler Lites fol­lo­wed by a trip to Hoo­ters is on my Bucket List and would be my Make a Wish Foun­da­ti­on request

  18. I play­ed this cour­se last win­ter every Fri­day and almost every time we would run into John and his bud­dies they usual­ly would play as two four­so­mes they always had fun. Hey John next win­ter I will get your auto­graph, cheers.

  19. Is that tRump on Daly’s arm next to an Ame­ri­can flag? Does he still think the vio­lent gib­be­ring idi­ot who chee­red when trai­tors used our flag to beat up cops on Jan 6th and the guy who chea­ted on the mother of his first three child­ren with the mother of his fourth child and chea­ted on her with the mother of his fifth child and chea­ted on her with a porn actress who he paid to shut the fuck up about it is real­ly worthy of being on his clot­hing? Thought you were a smart guy, John!?

  20. JD, what a legend. Lots of peop­le would want to play a round with Tiger, or Spieth, or JT…but not me. I’d cho­se a round with JD all day long. 

    Dream four­so­me: JD, Cam Smith, EAL, and me.

  21. Loo­king fwd to see­ing John Daly Jnr play­ing, and who knows, may­be one day John Daly the 3rd… (If its good enough for Davis Love…)

  22. John Daly’s old over­weight he plays a signi­fi­cant num­ber of holes into­xi­ca­ted and he would be the best five fema­le golf pros in the world 10 out of 10 games I’d love to see that chal­len­ge actual­ly executed

  23. I can tell you this that if you have anxie­ty while you’re play­ing golf if you drink two beers befo­re you tee off tomor­row at the ninth hole you’ll play bet­ter golf you may know his floor but you’ll be far more accu­ra­te once your anxie­ties brought down a notch

  24. John, do you remem­ber Matt Lowe? We did our sur­ge­ry resi­den­cy tog­e­ther . You play­ed with him at Arkan­sas. He taught me to play.
    I use to play Zacha­ry coun­try club.

  25. John Daly needs to pod­cast from the golf cour­se. Wee­kly. He is Ever­y­man gol­fer. Dude that drinks, smo­kes, fails at rela­ti­ons­hips but has won two Majors. He’s liter­al­ly every ama­teur gol­fer who some­ti­mes felt like des­troy­ing the pro­fes­sio­nal field. He’s a natio­nal tre­a­su­re. “Fucked around, took a pla­ne. Woke up as an alter­na­te. Won some jug.”

    1. @Chuck D 89 he’s pro­bab­ly just jea­l­ous becau­se no one plays with him at the local pep­py golf club. He’s pro­bab­ly just a WIE golfer,

    1. You mean let him play more tour­na­ments drunk, becau­se he play­ed a few sau­ced. Pro­bab­ly more than a few. Dude is a legend to the wee­kend war­ri­or brew crews of the world.

  26. Just found you guys. I feel like I just unco­ve­r­ed a hid­den gem. Thanks for the con­tent guys new sub 🤙 don’t know how I just found this channel

    1. Riiii­ighttt?!? I just found this chan­nel too! Annnnd I never watch golf!!! ⛳️
      Like…everrr!!! Haha 😂
      But somehow this is real­ly entertaining!!! 😂👏🎉🥤🍻

  27. “Arkan­sas Mine­ral Water” 🤣🤣🤣 John Daly is abso­lute­ly hil­arious! Actual­ly met him at a major (T)our event in Ari­zo­na 20 years ago, and he was abso­lute­ly GOLDEN that day. A True Legend of Golf 🤘

  28. Came­ra­man has to get way bet­ter. I wan­na see the ball go in the hole lol. The frame mis­ses the last 5 feet of the putt.

  29. Many years ago Daly was in debt to Sil­ver Star casi­no in Phil­adel­phia, MS. They had him teeing off for teams on a hole during a pro-am. He actual­ly hit it off a Diet Coke can for us. Told me it would go far­t­her off of a mil­ler lite can 😂. Cool guy.

  30. You hear that ladies! If you hap­pen to be a les­bi­an in a biker gang?! You might be John Daily’s type!! Line up!

    13:41 😂😂

  31. Jesus tho­se fing pants are the worst I’ve seen in my ent­i­re life, not only is the pat­tern ter­ri­ble, but my god, why did they get cut that way, you look like a fat woman from the ghet­to at the dol­lar general.

  32. Abu­ser of all sub­s­tan­ces……. Mul­ti­ple bro­ken mar­ria­ges, hor­ri­ble dresser and loud mou­thed. What a gre­at examp­le not to put on a pedes­tal as a good example.

  33. Y’all all have game. I’m impres­sed. Not­hing that anyo­ne over 30 does is cool. Who buys your clothes?? And do they shop for mens clothing?

  34. Lets get John and his other 3 guys to play and not be haras­sed. The club is down the road from char­lot­te motor speed­way in con­cord Nc. He can play when he comes to char­lot­te. It’s about 5 minu­tes north char­lot­te. He is wel­co­me to play the cabar­rus coun­ty coun­try club lol

  35. “Where’s the 1st tee and what’s the cour­se record?” Now that is f’ing con­fi­dence. I’m gon­na start my round tomor­row say­ing that!

    1. @Christopher W no frown’s for an 88! That’s good my guy. If you’re anything like me, any day you break 90 is a gre­at day 😂

  36. The­se guys tal­king smack with JD is like me wal­king up to And­re the Giant and pun­ching him in the face. It’s cal­led “anni­hi­la­ti­on”.

  37. Did­n’t know that JD had moved to Clear­wa­ter. Last I knew he was still living in Arkan­sas, and his home cour­se was the cour­se he owned the­re. I like JD. He’s a fun guy to watch play­ing the game, but his rea­li­ty is that he is kil­ling hims­elf. He has gai­ned all the weight back that he lost from his lap band sur­ge­ry and his life­style in gene­ral is kil­ling him. He could­n’t walk a full 18 holes if he had to. I under­stand he can live his life howe­ver he choo­ses, but I belie­ve he stays in deni­al that it’s kil­ling him. Any­way, I wish the best for him.

  38. Best part of the ent­i­re video was the guy in green lea­ning in to the came­ra and ner­vous­ly whis­pe­ring, “I don’t have $500”. LOL!

  39. Ever­y­bo­dy who knows the game knows that it’s easier to make a pot with the flag and the hole. #pose a damn flag or it don’t count! And PS thanks Vicky

  40. Ima­gi­ne the play­er Daley would have been if he was sober for 15 years of his care­er also heard he said he gam­bled 50 mil­li­on away

  41. Isn’t it still a rule you have to remo­ve the pin befo­re the ball goes in the hole when put­ting from the put­ting sur­face? They should be DQ’d and lose every hole they did that on.

  42. this is faked to get ratings. He stop­ped drin­king as he is batt­ling can­cer… the spon­sor has him try­ing to look like a bad boy to boost ratings for this video…

  43. John Daly is a DIRTY OLD DRUNK MAN.. and it’s obvious he does not care what any­bo­dy thinks.. he flaunts his dis­gus­ting life­style and I have a hard time watching him. What a water skin.. UCK…

  44. Late to the par­ty but this is awe­so­me con­tent haha I remem­ber my first set of clubs we cavi­ty back John Daly’s in like 2010 lol it’s what got me into golf and for that I salu­te the man the legend John Daly 👏 🤙⛳️ I drink in your name 🍻

    1. @Luigi Ran­daz­zo Even Tiger Woods said he wis­hed he had the god given talent that Daly had, cau­se he would­n’t have to work near­ly as hard to be as good as he was.

    2. @Bigz82 We base the mea­su­re of suc­cess at this level by num­ber of wins, spe­ci­fi­cal­ly majors. The­re are many other far more suc­cess­ful func­tio­n­ing alco­ho­lics than John Daly. Now I will give that Daly is a world class clown.

  45. I find this Video kind of sad. Not becau­se JD isn’t a gre­at guy and from all accounts a very generous man, but becau­se he had so much god given talent and was­ted it. He won’t go down in golf histo­ry with the “gre­ats” but rather an under­achie­ver, who could­n’t over­co­me his demons…so much talent…

  46. LOL – At the begin­ning when John got out of the cart, I thought he was ben­ding down to stretch and warm up.…NOPE…Picking up a beer. Classic!!!

  47. I used to love John Daly and actual­ly felt sor­ry for him during his trou­ble with fame and alco­hol.….. But now his dumb Trumpie sup­port and atti­tu­de makes me hope he trips over his San­ta Claus beard.… The way he has trea­ted his body and was­ted his talent is sad.…. unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly he won’t be around in 20 years.

  48. It would be awe­so­me to spend a day gol­fing with Daly at my home­town coun­try club. What can we do to make that hap­pen? We can offer awe­so­me views of the foot­hills of Appa­la­chia, ple­nty of beer and gre­at com­pa­ny. LOL I doubt that would do it but a good scram­ble might bring in a cou­p­le thousand bucks. Nah, I doubt that would do it too.

  49. #1 Rule of Golf- if you can’t play dress a litt­le less loud… If you can play dress like John Dai­ly – a pro, with a game to envy… God Bless you Mr. Daily ..

  50. John Daly has to be one hell of a cool guy to get away with some of tho­se comments about mis­sing cuts and his album name. Ima­gi­ne how fast you’d get sued by one of today’s big names in golf for that! Love this video!

  51. John Daly show­ed you boys what a real vete­ran of this game can do, while simul­ta­ne­ous­ly , bea­ting you guy’s to the ⛳️ after 3 5ths of vod­ka, befo­re the 2nd hole…LEGENDARY.… out­clas­sed you on your own joke’s, and had us dying laug­hing the who­le time! Thank you coun­try club adja­cent for this con­tent, the world nee­ded this for healing soul’s! ❕️❕️❕️❕️❕️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😂🤣✌🏼

  52. Love this. Daly had a respec­ta­ble golf care­er and had more fun doing it than anyo­ne. My guy!

    edit: Also, never bet someo­ne befo­re you see what club they pull out for the first hole. If they have a 5 iron and you need a wood DON’T bet!

  53. I thought that clear bot­t­le in the begin­ning of the video was water. I was appal­led until I rea­li­zed it was Vod­ka. Have to guard against dehydration.

  54. JD signed my Kil­ler Wha­le dri­ver at Bay Hill years ago. I car­ri­ed it around fol­lowing him and he was lea­ning on an iron wai­t­ing to tee off, smo­king a ciga­ret­te. He saw me and motio­ned me over. I han­ded it to him with a shar­pie and someo­ne said he “he actual­ly uses it.” I loo­ked at that auto­graph every time I teed off after that, and it’s still one of my favo­ri­te pos­se­si­ons and it’s moun­ted in my den. What a class act to take the time to ack­now­ledge a fan during a tour­na­ment. I never had a doubt. Can’t wait to see Jr come up through the ranks. Thanks for the memo­ries, JD.

  55. Ama­zing John has las­ted phy­si­cal­ly as long as he has with his obe­si­ty and alco­ho­lic ten­den­ci­es accom­pa­nied by smo­king; A clear reci­pe for dis­as­ter. But he is entertaining.

  56. Wow it’s nice to see big John play calm­ly, cou­p­le vod­ka drinks will do that for ya I guess, he play­ed well! I always chee­red him on becau­se he was always con­si­de­red the under­dog. Bet­ween Dai­ly and Tom­my the Duke Mor­ri­son they were my favo­ri­tes to watch, some­way they both always see­med to pre­vail and shi­ne! Gre­at video 👍

  57. I seen John at Maple­ga­te Coun­ty club I belie­ve he was doing some­thing for Ree­bok. I said hey John can I get an auto­graph? No! Lol

  58. 2 things how you going to play a round with John Daly and take him to that shit­ty as cour­se, 2 y’all’s came­ra man is shaky we want Jet From Bob Does Sports, This just ain’t it jack

  59. oh lord, I’m only at the “don’t put that on the­re, we hate rus­sia” point of the video, and I alrea­dy know it’s going to be banger.

  60. How can you guys be spon­so­red by Hawai­ian Tro­pic for this round yet the­re were no beer girls in biki­nis for caddy’s? So fun to see John doing his thing. Thanks for sharing. 👍🍻🇺🇲

  61. John Daly – the John Belu­shi of golf. In my prime I could’ve out drunk and par­tied 95% of this coun­try to their f’ing kne­es. But JD is, and always will be the 5%. I say this with all the respect in the world, man is a f’ing beast! And I’m retired. ✊🏻

  62. Lot of good to be said about this chan­nel and video. Pro­duc­tion needs some major work!! Could­n’t even see the putt drop on the 2nd hole. Satu­ra­ti­on needs mes­sed with as well. Other than that, love the video guys!

  63. came­ra guys… you are in the sun … bump up that iso and push that F stop abo­ve 8… ever­ything will be in focus and you can track the ball.……

  64. That was so awe­so­me you guys recor­ded that„„„ I liter­al­ly Would have paid to watch that„„„ John Daley drinks are on me in Ohio🍻👌🍻

  65. I hate to say it but J. Daly appears to have beco­me a huge­ly over­weight uncouth slob.
    In my opi­ni­on he belongs in a comic strip. The­re is more to golf
    than to see how far you can hit a golf ball and how much you can curse.
    Class and digni­ty are more than lacking. He is not­hing more than a comic draw and this litt­le movie is an insult to golf.
    Hope he doesn’t die of a heart attack.

  66. Years ago John was in town for the Kem­per open. We ran into him in Gaithers­burg, Md. racing RC cars. He’s a cool cat and made fans out of peop­le that never touched a club let alo­ne fol­lo­wed the sport. The people’s ambassador 👏 🙌

  67. OMG… John Daly , now Over the Hill Golf Hust­ler for Social Media. That is Enter­tain­ment. He was always the ONLY fun­ny guy in the PGA. Love HIM!

  68. I always loved Dai­ly for being untra­di­tio­nal and say­ing screw you to the stuffy snob­by crowd. It’s a game not an eli­tist sport.

  69. i thought daly quit drin­king other than beer. he just had can­cer i would ima­gi­ne if he wants to live ano­t­her 15 to 20 years he would exer­cise, diet and stop drin­king and smoking

  70. What is also ama­zing is how far John can still.hit it!! For such a big guy his swing is full like it has always been!! Tru­ly an unbe­liev­a­ble character!!

  71. Pro­bab­ly is a pro­blem when you’re sma­shing a bot­t­le of rot gut vod­ka strai­ght and cha­sing it with Mil­ler lights at a casu­al after­noon golf outing with your son to film a video. Still he smas­hes the ball a mile strai­ght down the midd­le and hits em one han­ded while on the pho­ne so may­be it’s a not a bad pro­blem lol.

  72. I got to stand in a tee box with John while he swung a 5 iron with one hand and had a drink glass and a ciga­ret­te in the other: he was giving us swing tips and hit­ting it fur­ther than i could with my driver!

  73. For hes a jol­ly good fel­low! For hes a jol­ly good fel­low! For hes a jol­ly good fel­el­low! Which nobo­dy can deny. Thanks John

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Wir spielten Golf gegen Caitlyn Jenner fuer eine Facetime mit Kim Kardashian best pranks

Wir spielten Golf gegen Caitlyn Jenner für eine Facetime mit Kim Kardashian!Wir spielten Golf gegen Caitlyn Jenner für eine Facetime mit Kim Kardashian!

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