John Daly hasst die Kleiderordnung für Golfplätze – „Late Night With Conan O’Brien“

John Daly hasst die Kleiderordnung fuer Golfplaetze Late Night With Conan O39Brien hochladen

(Ursprüng­li­ches Sen­de­da­tum: 11.01.06) John Daly spricht über sei­nen Hass auf Bewe­gung und gesun­de Ernäh­rung, sei­ne unge­wöhn­li­chen Spon­so­ren in der Ver­gan­gen­heit und sei­nen auf­ge­motz­ten Golf­wa­gen. Sehen Sie sich wei­te­re klas­si­sche Clips unter http://​con​an​clas​sic​.com an.

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543 thought on “John Daly hasst die Kleiderordnung für Golfplätze – „Late Night With Conan O’Brien“”

  1. It was sure fun watching John in his prime. For 20 strai­ght years (1986 to 2006) I atten­ded the Byron Nel­son Tour­na­ment in Dal­las; usual­ly all four days. So much fun; best par­ty in Dal­las. It was also awe­so­me to jump ahead of guys like Daly and Woods, to stand on the ropes at a par 5 tee box. Real­ly incredi­ble to stand wit­hin 10’ of tho­se guy and watch them crush their drives.

  2. Dude loo­ks like regu­lar at the all you can eat buf­fet restau­rant, but same per­son hits mul­ti­ple shots at the ran­ge with his LEFT HANDS ONLY just to warm up, and he’s a Right hander.

  3. I remem­ber when my cou­sin (a talen­ted bas­ket­ball play­er) went over the dri­ving ran­ge to talk to my dad about an urgent mat­ter. He bor­ro­wed a golf club and hit the ball hard strai­ght with so much power without any pro­per tech­ni­que. He was laug­hing that this game wasn’t that hard and then left. Mean­while I was just a kid having my first les­sons with a PGA pro inst­ruc­tor. The golf pros reac­tions were indif­fe­rent at my cousin’s banter.

  4. It’s so refres­hing to come across a dif­fe­rent drum­mer in a sport with rigid tra­di­ti­ons. No need for pecs, Con­an, your talent overrides.

    1. Yeah, becau­se the under­ly­ing anti-for­ma­lism of Daly’s words haven’t been racing across Wes­tern society–much to our detriment–for centuries.

  5. John Daly is a two time major win­ner – hes no joke. Back in the day he real­ly hit it hard, but he also had a gre­at short game. He’s a very talen­ted indi­vi­du­al. So while it does seem like he doesn’t care much about the game, he is still a pro­fes­sio­nal golfer.

    1. @Aussie Rhi­no yep play­ed super fast too, lined up putted…tons of con­fi­dence would just pick his line and aggres­si­ve­ly outt right at it knowing he could easi­ly make a 5 foo­ter of he missed

    2. @Mark Smith
      He defi­ni­te­ly has a lot of talent.. but I don’t think anyo­ne unde­re­sti­ma­ted him .. When he was play­ing on the tour I often heard them com­ment about how good his short game was

    3. @Michael Mar­tin Yeah, I wat­ched him hit a sand shot way across a green to about a foot to extend a play­off. He did­n’t hole it, came clo­se, but it was a phe­no­me­nal shot under extre­me pressure.

    1. He was a tour pro for 20 years made mil­li­ons and had the time of his life.…. he’s strai­gh­te­ned up now and will be on the cham­pions tour kicking ass if he can beat his can­cer. Squan­de­red my ass!

  6. Don’t let this man’s phy­si­que fool you, John Daly had gre­at fle­xi­bi­li­ty and power, and he was the lon­gest dri­ver on the PGA Tour (yes, he hits the ball fur­ther than Tiger).

    1. My first time at a dri­ving ran­ge as an adult I was hit­ting the ball so hard and far the owner asked me to stop. I though wow may­be I should try this golf thing. I’ve never shot under 110.

  7. I was always sur­pri­sed how good John Daly was con­si­de­ring how big his hands are. I always thought peop­le with Cho­de fin­gers are the best gol­fers becau­se their hands are alrea­dy swol­len without a warm-up prac­ti­ce basi­cal­ly with Cho­de fin­gers you step onto the cour­se and your hand feel like you’ve been on the put­ting green chip­ping and put­ting for two hours. It keeps the short game from being put on ice while you’re wai­t­ing for the other play­ers. I had kind of bony fin­gers I was never con­sis­tent I shot a 67 once though took so much prac­ti­ce it wasn’t worth it. I think the club wig­gles around wit­hin the per­sons grip too much with lon­ger skin­ny fin­gers and it affects the chip­ping giving chi­li dip chips

    1. more leverage wit­hin the arm hand unit with less wear and tear on the body with cho­de fin­gers as well. It’s like how snap­ping in half a long branch is easier than a short branch but with respect to the ten­dons in the arms. Also in golf when you get ner­vous it’s almost always good to basi­cal­ly error 5 yards short of your tar­get. With long fin­gers you get a litt­le burst of leverage some­ti­mes and you go 5 yards lon­ger ins­tead of 5 yards shorter.

  8. He’s the average wee­kend gol­fer who hit it far­t­her than ever­y­bo­dy and won Majors. That’s why ever­yo­ne loves him. He’s a nor­mal guy who was just real­ly, real­ly good.

    1. No, not “ever­yo­ne loves him”. He has very serious per­so­nal issu­es. The fact that he actual­ly won tour­na­ments is the actu­al ama­zing part .…con­si­de­ring the person.

  9. Frea­king love John Daly! He was the only one back in the 90’s to average a 300 yard dri­ve on the PGA tour. Hence, “Long John”. I am from Arkan­sas too. =)

    1. Haven’t wat­ched golf sin­ce Tiger … might have to start again, now that I know who to root for. Hell … it’s Sunday … heard about PGA in Hous­ton on Thurs­day … got­ta go see if my boy is there!

  10. Hey ever­yo­ne Also some­ti­mes I share this, the Bible says that GOD loves us so much that he sent his son JESUS CHRIST to this earth and HE lived a per­fect sin­less life.And JESUS went to a cross and gave HIS life for us.And rose again in 3 days and who ever will recei­ve JESUS AS THEIR SAVIOR AND ASK HIM TO COME INTO THEIR HEART AND FORGIVE THEIR SINS,HE WILL TAKE YOU TO HEAVEN.

    1. Spot on, remem­ber guys smo­king in the car reminds me of Tim Rich­mond, super talen­ted NASCAR dri­ver who had a good time doing it. Tea he may have been a litt­le too care­free some­ti­mes but the stig­ma that came with AIDS back then, kin­da like the drea­ded unva­ci­na­ted kung flu virus people

    1. I dro­ve a 93 SHO years after it’s prime. Gave me not­hing but pro­blems, luck­i­ly my par­ents were wil­ling to tra­de it in for the cash for clun­kers and gave me their mali­bu ins­tead. That SHO was the worst car I have owned by a lot. I did get some com­pli­ments on it though.

  11. He is the grea­test gol­fer who ever lived. You can­not con­vin­ce me other­wi­se. If he would have had an oun­ce of disci­pli­ne he would have been unbeatable.

    1. i think his lack of disci­pli­ne might be a huge part of what made him as gre­at as he was. If he was a coun­try club kid get­ting swing les­sons he wouldn’t be John Daly.

    2. “You can­not con­vin­ce me other­wi­se”. Well, that con­ve­ni­en­t­ly clo­ses this thread 😐. From what I recall he could dri­ve well but what about the rest of his game…

  12. PGA isn’t the same any­mo­re you actual­ly have to work hard and take all the advan­ta­ges you can get now a days to make it. John Daly could­n’t com­pe­te or make it in today’s field. He got in when the talent and skill was­n’t that deep.

    1. Na that’s bull­shit all this the gol­fers back then could­n’t com­pe­te is com­ple­te bull­shit scores haven’t chan­ged at all even with all the tech­no­lo­gy this man was cra­zy talen­ted and could com­pe­te in any era don’t be foo­led with all this gol­fers are bet­ter now becau­se they lift weights and go on the run­ning machi­ne becau­se its not true

    2. @Nathan Crit­ten­den the holes are more dif­fi­cult now that’s why the scores are what they are. this guy would be car­ry­ing bags

    3. So all the play­ers he beat to win his majors weren’t that good? Like Greg Nor­man and Fal­do and Cou­ples ? They were pret­ty good

    4. M.… couldn’t be more wrong. Daly was pro­bab­ly one of the most natu­ral­ly gifted play­ers on tour in the last 40–50 years. With one oun­ce of self disci­pli­ne he would’ve been one of the most con­sist­ent­ly successful

    5. @M not true, some are slight­ly lon­ger (whe­re they had room) but the balls going 50 yards fur­ther so what’s your point

    1. Daly will always be a cult icon for fans of the 90’s. Daly was the one who lit the fla­me for the explo­si­on of golf, Tiger just threw the gas on it.

    2. @C. R.C. total­ly agree … When he won the PGA the game real­ly explo­ded for the blue col­lar working man. Then came Tiger and made the game cool for everyone

    1. What’s fun­ny is that peop­le who live “healt­hy” life­style don’t have any signi­fi­cant chan­ce of living any lon­ger. Sure they might feel bet­ter about them­sel­ves but lasy peop­le tend to live the ful­lest hap­piest lives. Sad rlly.

  13. This guy loo­ks like the mea­nest per­son on earth idgaf wat ppl say im Mexi­can and fs this foo would tre­at me like trash faces nvr lie

  14. Knew John when he was a kid. He was­n’t from my home town, but his grand­mo­ther was and she lived about 2 blocks from our fami­ly when we were just kids.…..John and I are about the same age. John use to spend sum­mers with his grand­par­ents and we met while riding bikes on our block. We got into a lot of trou­ble together.….…..throwing eggs at cars, etc. Haven’t seen him sin­ce we were just kids. Won­der if he remem­bers tho­se days.

  15. I too hate dress codes! Strict tra­di­ti­ons too for that mat­ter. The game does­n’t care how you look, what equip­ment you have or what tra­di­ti­ons you fol­low as the game remains the same. Howe­ver, said codes/traditions do tend to make the game look real­ly snob­bish and also have a way of intimi­da­ting peop­le from get­ting into it by giving the impres­si­on it’s some “éli­te-only” game of sorts or some­thing. But it’s real­ly not, at least not nowadays.

    1. Yeah, I hate the dress codes too. It’s one thing if you’­re play­ing at a pro level on Natio­nal TV. That I under­stand. But if I’m just enjoy­ing a casu­al round of golf on my local cour­se, why do I have to dress like a putz? If anything, it makes me less com­for­ta­ble and makes my game worse. Luck­i­ly not every cour­se enfor­ces one, and is fine with let­ting peop­le be themselves.

  16. Pure examp­le of how golf is a men­tal game. Being con­tent with yourself and not overthin­king is the key to a good swing

    1. Actual­ly you need both. It doesn’t mat­ter if your con­tent with yourself but are lined up 30 degrees left, come over the top and lea­ve the club face open. You’ll just content­ly watch your ball sli­ce into the woods

  17. Can’t think of a more natu­ral­ly talen­ted ath­le­te. Who knows how far he could of actual­ly pushed hims­elf if he actual­ly tried .

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  19. It’s inte­res­ting how life some­ti­mes imi­ta­tes golf becau­se this pret­ty much sums up my mis­si­on state­ment when it comes to slee­ping with hot girls that I meet at bars: “I just hit it as hard as I can and if I can find it, I hit it again.”

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  22. the big­gest play in histo­ry is john daly making ever­y­bo­dy think he didnt try at golf. He tried. You dont win two majors without put­ting in serious work

  23. I used to play with a gen­tle­man who had two sons on the tour (you can pro­bab­ly figu­re out that fami­ly name). He said John is a very, very nice guy and some­bo­dy the play­ers real­ly like.

  24. And NO ONE cares what john daly likes or does­n’t like. A des­pi­ca­ble human being with a histo­ry that should com­ple­te­ly embarr­ass him.

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  26. Is like top see Daly and dech­am­beau play tog­e­ther 🤣 John would get pis­sed of and quit after wai­t­ing 10 min for him to putt🤣

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  29. I agree – drop the dress codes – this is 2021 not 1921.. I play golf & love it but the only place in my life that still cares what I wear is the golf club. Some of the grea­test human bein­gs I ever met have never worn a tie. (and there’s qui­te a few crooks get­ting around wea­ring ties !)

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  31. John Daly has a 2500 squa­re foot put­ting green he had built into his backy­ard when he had his house built. That’s a gre­at idea. 

    Most of the suc­cess­ful pros who have mil­li­ons should have at least one full hole built on their pro­per­ty so they can prac­ti­ce as much as they want , without having to tra­vel any­whe­re, or be bothe­red by the public or repor­ters so they can get the­re reps in without being bothered…

    Or buy natu­re cour­se next to your house so you can wear flip flops and a wife bea­ter, suck­ing down pabst blue rib­bon tall boys without a care in the world…

  32. “you refu­se to work out”, damn con­an he just told you he walks like 7 miles a day when he’s at work while you’­re at a desk. Give him some slack.

  33. John is rei­tera­ting what I belie­ve. It takes years and years and hund­reds of thousands of swings to per­fect a golf swing. It’s mus­cle memo­ry. Once Tiger Woods starts doing weights his game got worse. Mus­cles get big­ger and can even tigh­ten with less flexibility.
    He could­n’t con­trol his swing like he was used to.

  34. John sued the PGA to be able to golf bare­foot and lost. Then he tried to use the disa­bi­li­ties act. Lost again. He cracks me up.

  35. Try­ing too hard to be an “ever­y­man”. He’s a pro gol­fer with a weight pro­blem and mil­li­ons of dol­lars. Stop wor­s­hip­ping him.


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  38. Big John real­ly likes his golf! It’s always gre­at to watch him play and inter­act at games; espe­cial­ly tour­na­ments. Love that guy !

  39. Love this guy. His fol­lo­wers are not the tight butt dude with his sun­glas­ses upsi­de down and back­wards on his head. You know the guy. Swea­ter tied around his neck,his girlfriend’s name is Tif­fa­ny, he eats with his fork upsi­de down in his left hand and he likes Brie. Oh, almost for­got. He’s also the one who yells “get in the hole!

  40. We should have various defi­ni­ti­ons for the so cal­led “gol­fer.” Some of them try to “win” the “com­pe­ti­ti­ons,” while some of them “enjoy” the “games” every time. John fits both cate­go­ries. As for me, I am trans­forming mys­elf to be a game play­er, after watching this interview.

  41. I direc­ted a cou­p­le of com­mer­cials with him and for one of them he was put­ting with his gui­tar, and he had so much fun try­ing to make that putt with a gui­tar lol.

  42. Daly was pro­mo­ting bat­te­ry powe­red vehi­cles 15 years ago. Huh… so. He and Jay Leno, were so far ahead of the cur­ve they don’t even get credit for it. Lol

  43. I want Con­an to fix his SHO to dri­ve occa­sio­nal­ly, win this race with John, and meet up with Jay Leno at his gara­ge to catch up and crui­se around.

    1. Your com­ment got me to Goog­le “Con­an sho.” I had no idea!
      Edit: I wro­te this com­ment about 20 seconds befo­re Con­an brought it up lol.

  44. Golf is a men­tal game. While yes, hyper phy­si­cal­ly fit folks can exceed in some ele­ments of the game, at the end of the day it comes down to your men­tal sta­te, your under­stan­ding of the cour­se, your par­ti­cu­lar stra­te­gy in wha­te­ver tour­na­ment you’­re play­ing, the envi­ron­ment, and good ol luck.

    1. I’m a gol­fer and I agree.…John Daly is the most rea­listic gol­fer who just hap­pens to be bet­ter than most. Pro­bab­ly the type of guy who gets super exci­ted for the wee­kend to play a round with the bois and does­n’t get over­ly competitive/intense about it.

    2. This was an old inter­view 2006 if you read the video descrip­ti­on.. Been a long long time sin­ce Big John won a major.….
      But some­thing big just hap­pen­ed in his care­er… he and his son just won basi­cal­ly what felt like a major at the PNC cham­pions­hip father-son.
      John and his now 18 year old son, litt­le John or John 2, who is cur­r­ent­ly a fresh­man play­ing at Uni­ver­si­ty of Arkan­sas golf team just beat Tiger Woods and Char­lie Woods to win the father-son championship…
      Big deal

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    1. @Greasy Flight A lot of golf cour­ses are more rela­xed now. Who gives af about all tho­se stuffy rules. They used to make you wear a jacket in the club­house lol

  46. Hoo­ters had to drop him after he mis­sed a tour­na­ment. See the thing was, part of his deal with Hoo­ters was he would get free beer at all loca­ti­ons. So at rough­ly 10am he was pas­sed out in a front bush at Hooters.

  47. He jokes about the booze/drugs/lack of exer­cise lifestyle/poor decisi­ons life­style, but it cost him. John should have been Tiger’s #1 com­pe­ti­tor in the late 90’s ear­ly 2000’s. He is was­ted talent that could have accom­plis­hed much more in golf. He was that good and that is what upsets me about him becau­se he is a genui­ne nice guy and was a wel­co­me for­ce for the game of golf.

    1. Like he said, chan­ging hims­elf would throw off his game. The fact he could drink, smo­ke, and kick ppls ass in golf IS an accom­plish­ment. He never sold hims­elf out.

  48. Con­an is the worst talk show host ever ctfu he starts off the first 5 minu­tes insul­ting Daly and his body/health. Talk to the guy about some­thing else Jesus.

  49. John… they have tho­se dress codes becau­se some peop­le pay thousands of dol­lars for mem­bers­hips, so they want the cli­en­te­le to look some­what respec­ta­ble. Unli­ke the slop­py look you have. if you could­n’t dri­ve the ball 300 yards nobo­dy would have ever heard of you. I used to sym­pa­thi­ze with you when you first had your bouts with alco­hol to com­bat the mons­ter known as Fame. But after nume­rous rehab trips and divor­ces , not to men­ti­on the mil­li­ons in gamb­ling los­ses while drunk , that has run out. Grow the hell up !

  50. id like to see an ent­i­re epi­so­de of john daly play­ing golf with con­an… i think con­an could keep up with johns drin­king. Andy rich­ter dri­ving the cart.

  51. Sounds like me. I got a job after high­scool on a cou­p­le cour­ses. If I got board after smo­king a fat dut­ch­mas­ter full of weed in the base­ment of the pro shop. I’d chip shot or dri­ve. My first chip was a hole in one my first par 3 was 4 inches from a hole in one. My dri­ve did­n’t stay insi­de the ran­ge. On my first par 5 I shot over the pond and no one else I worked with tried lol they tal­ked about it the ent­i­re day. Along with my impres­si­ve chip shot and putt on the dai­ly. Ever­yo­ne wan­ted me to play golf with them ins­tead of working even the owners. I did­n’t think I was good enough becau­se I did­n’t dress the part or act the part. And I was 18.. Don’t let minor things hold you back is the moral of my story.

  52. They can’t hand­le a man that does­n’t care for slacks on golf cour­se. My dress code would be sole­ly kilts. No kilt; no greens time. Kilt accordingly.

  53. LeBron James rui­ned his game cau­se of his work out bulk. MJ done speed buil­ding work­outs cau­se he was not only bet­ter he was also smarter

  54. Love the guy. You know the estab­lish­ment hates his approach but he brings in extra audi­ence. Go Big John Go. Speak out for us regu­lar folk.

  55. He star­ted gol­fing at age 4, no won­der he’s got this approach (and also the results, both good and bad).
    Doing some­thing over and over sin­ce you’­re that small turns you both in a per­fect machi­ne and a bored slop­py player. 🤗

  56. It’s cool to see Daly genui­nely laug­hing at Con­ans jokes when he is poking fun at John. Loved watching him play. Defi­ni­te­ly my top 10 favo­ri­te gol­fers of all time.

  57. God Con­an is the last of a dying breed of ter­ri­ble late night talk show hosts that pan­ders to a mind­less audi­ence of boo­mer. Jon Daly loo­ked so annoy­ed he had to be out the­re with this clown

  58. He’s like, the anti-gol­fer. Daly is someo­ne us ate­eists can actual­ly root for!!

    I also think of Con­an any­ti­me someo­ne men­ti­ons a Tau­rus SHO

  59. John is the clo­sest we will ever get to a real life hap­py Gilmo­re he blast balls of the tee and his short game is unbe­liev­a­b­ly good

  60. John is from Arkan­sas, and Arkan­sas is a bad place to be stuck in your who­le life. Pro­bab­ly the most Impo­ve­ris­hed sta­te in the coun­try. He was hungry to suc­ceed when he was young

  61. He’s the rea­son why ever­yo­ne loved Ame­ri­ca 🇺🇸 back in the 80’s ….
    He’s epi­to­mi­sed ever­ything that was f’kn awe­so­me 😎 about the US of A and John is just the same kil­ler dude that he’s always been 💪🇺🇸❤️

  62. I thought John Daly was fic­tio­n­al as he was in Hots Shots Golf as a play­a­ble cha­rac­ter. “Grip it and riiip it” is some­thing I still say!

  63. I met Con­an right befo­re he got his show and he was so hum­ble. He laug­hed at my stu­pid jokes and see­med so hap­py to be a part of Hollywood.

  64. Just pro­ves that you don’t need to be ath­le­tic to be a pro­fes­sio­nal gol­fer and it’s real­ly not a sport when basi­cal­ly your cad­dy does all the hard leg work lug­ging around the clubs all day long.

  65. I can’t say that I respect him.. but after see­ing the way he pis­ses off the “hig­her class” gol­fing com­mu­ni­ty… I’ll be dam­ned if I don’t respect him.

  66. This is the first time I ever heard of him, seems like a good guy. Though I would­n’t play at his cour­se as I like to dress nice when I play and would­n’t want to go to only be told I can’t play.

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  68. My grand­ma would call me over for her favo­ri­te shows this time she show­ed me golf and this guy was smo­kin tal­king and win­ning at the same time I loved as well as so many I’m glad to have old enough to see this on the tube

  69. The­res a Fami­ly Guy epi­so­de whe­re Chris and Peter go to a sport memo­ra­bi­lia con­ven­ti­on and the­res a sign out front that says, “Plea­se do not feed John Daly”

  70. John Daly is one of the most talen­ted peop­le to ever pick up a golf club. 

    His natu­ral hand-eye coör­di­na­ti­on is off the charts. He liter­al­ly just plays like that without thin­king. Lmao

  71. I’ve heard he’s a real­ly gre­at guy. Has time for ever­y­bo­dy. Not an aro­gant bone in his body. The Hap­py Gilmo­re of golf.

  72. Tiger woods said John Daly is someo­ne he respec­ted the most. At least that’s what I heard. He would excel without prac­ti­ce. Every time I see John Daly, I think of my late father. Dad was a huge fan of John Daly

  73. he was natu­ral­ly gifted. to achie­ve any pre­cisi­on on a swing that hard, he basi­cal­ly coi­led his body and wound up on the back­swing, requi­res imma­cu­la­te timing. even for a play­er of his abi­li­ty it crea­ted incon­sis­ten­ci­es, that’s why you don’t see a dri­ve like that often. he could pull it off, but no golf tea­cher this side of the glo­be will advi­se you to repli­ca­te it. he also had an impres­si­ve short game, again, talen­ted in all are­as. watching his clips brings me joy time and time again.

  74. John Daly needs to start a less strict golf league. Per­mit­ting alco­hol (not idio­tic drun­ken­ness), casu­al dress code, carts, and on cour­se side bets. I’d watch!

  75. Anyo­ne else hate this con­de­scen­ding bull­shit com­ing from con­an? hes nor­mal­ly not this crin­ge but god­dam cor­rect urself when spea­king to a goat