Jordan Spieth schießt 5 unter 66 | Runde 4 | RBC-Erbe | 2022

Jordan Spieth schiesst 5 unter 66 Runde 4 RBC Erbe 2022 2022

In der letz­ten Run­de des RBC Heri­ta­ge 2022 schoss Jor­dan Spieth einen 5-unter-66, um ins­ge­samt 13-unter zu wer­den und sei­ne 13. PGA TOUR in einem Ste­chen gegen Patrick Cant­lay zu gewin­nen. ABONNIEREN Sie jetzt die PGA TOUR: http://​pgat​.us/​v​B​x​c​ZSh Die­se Woche führt die PGA TOUR zu den Puer­to Rico Open in den Grand Reser­ve Coun­try Club. Zu den­je­ni­gen, die die­se Woche auf dem lan­gen Kurs am Meer auf­schla­gen, gehö­ren der Gewin­ner von 2019, Mar­tin Trai­ner, und die ehe­ma­li­ge Num­mer 1 der Welt, Luke Donald, der auf sei­nen ers­ten PGA TOUR-Sieg seit zehn Jah­ren hof­fen wird. Die Puer­to Rico Open bie­ten Absol­ven­ten der Korn Fer­ry Tour die Mög­lich­keit, auf höchs­tem Niveau an Wett­kämp­fen teil­zu­neh­men. Zu den frü­he­ren Gewin­nern, die an ande­rer Stel­le Sil­ber­me­dail­len gewon­nen haben, gehö­ren Vik­tor Hov­land und Tony Fin­au. Der Lokal­fa­vo­rit Rafa­el Cam­pos hofft auf den Sieg auf hei­mi­schem Boden, nach­dem er 2021 T3 been­det hat. Ande­re PGA TOUR-Gewin­ner, auf die man ach­ten soll­te, sind Jim Her­man, Tyler Dun­can und Sung Kang. Will­kom­men auf dem offi­zi­el­len You­Tube-Kanal der PGA TOUR. Hier fin­den Sie alles, was Sie brau­chen, um über die welt­weit füh­ren­de Golf­tour auf dem Lau­fen­den zu blei­ben. Sehen Sie sich High­lights von jedem Tur­nier sowie Spie­ler­in­ter­views, Spie­ler­pro­fi­le, Tur­nier­vor­schau­en, Schwung­ana­ly­sen und die bes­ten Auf­nah­men und erstaun­li­chen Momen­te an. Besu­chen Sie https://​www​.pga​tour​.com für eine voll­stän­di­ge Bericht­erstat­tung zusam­men mit den neu­es­ten Nach­rich­ten, Wer­tun­gen und Sta­tis­ti­ken! Fol­gen Sie PGA TOUR online: Insta­gram: https://​insta​gram​.com/​p​g​a​t​o​ur/ Face­book: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​P​G​A​T​our Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​P​G​A​T​OUR Tik­Tok: https://​tik​tok​.com /@pgatour Sound­Cloud: https://​sound​cloud​.com/​p​g​a​t​our Mel­den Sie sich für exklu­si­ve Bericht­erstat­tung an – http://​www​.pga​tour​li​ve​.com PGA TOUR Supers­to­re – http://​www​.pga​tour​su​pers​to​re​.com/

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110 thought on “Jordan Spieth schießt 5 unter 66 | Runde 4 | RBC-Erbe | 2022”

  1. That new pre shot rou­ti­ne he has loo­ks awful. Its an over the top hacking chop. Hes still one of the best scram­blers out there.

    1. The pre shot rou­ti­ne is imple­men­ted by a world class golf coach that knows a who­le lot more than you so I don’t think Spieth cares how it loo­ks when hes get­ting a win out of it

    2. Doesn’t mat­ter how the pre shot rou­ti­ne loo­ks, the swing its­elf loo­ks good. Results is the only thing that mat­ters. Only time will tell if this pre shot rou­ti­ne is some­thing that is able to pay long term suc­cess for him.

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  3. I find it very inte­res­ting that the club Jor­dan is hit­ting is near­ly always one less than what Track­man says the avg pro hits their irons. I.e. 147 to the pin 143 to cover the bun­ker (Jor­dan flies the pin by 3 yards) announ­cer says this is a PW…is track­man this far off? And befo­re you say it’s about aver­a­ges, it’s not; it’s about club effi­ci­en­ci­es and ball speed. His ball speed is more in line with that of a 9 iron on that shot, accord­ing to track­man averages.

    1. Many varia­bles to con­si­der. Publis­hed Track­man aver­a­ges are out­da­ted – they are from 2013/2014 iirc. Envi­ron­men­tal con­di­ti­ons are dif­fe­rent from nor­ma­li­zed Track­man aver­a­ges. Launch con­di­ti­ons are dif­fe­rent – hig­her launch and lower spin, for instance. Tracking error – if broad­cast is using pro­tra­cer for mea­su­re­ment there’s going to be a sub­stan­ti­al vari­an­ce. It also mat­ters whe­re Track­man is pla­ced rela­ti­ve to whe­re play­ers are teeing off.

    2. @MahanFan1 I may­be belie­ve this par­ti­al­ly. But you can’t fake initi­al ball speed. That’s one thing that’s the same at every ele­va­ti­on. The track­man num­bers flat out don’t sup­port it.
      After my own nume­rous hours on it, you can’t chan­ge club effi­ci­en­ci­es by much eit­her without chan­ging lofts (chan­ging clubs). The num­bers sug­gest that most com­men­ta­tors are tel­ling the public the wrong club. I have zero idea why, if only to make pros seem like gods if it were.

    3. @Drew Gwins You’­re com­pa­ring a con­trol­led envi­ron­ment with a dyna­mic one. If Track­man is in front of you on the Tee box, you’ll get a lower initi­al ball speed than actu­al as the first appearan­ce of ball in radar was post impact when ball flight was alrea­dy decaying. Not sure how effi­ci­en­cy is rele­vant here given how unre­li­able club speed mea­su­re­ments are and vari­an­ces in loft/CG placement/overall club design/etc.

    4. @MahanFan1 For track­man ball speed is an abso­lu­te! Doplar radar can’t get an accu­ra­te speed unless behind the ball. Even if the ball speed was somehow lower, this would imply that an even fas­ter ball speed was achie­ved. Which would fur­ther dis­pu­te the accu­ra­cy of club selec­tion. Also, track­man aver­a­ges were from the real world. Track­man ana­ly­zed some­thing like 40,000 shots taken on the pga tour for their averages.

    1. I bet he loses sleep 💤 over you not liking him! He just put 1.3 mil­li­on $’s in his bank account but I’m sure he’s worried about you! 😂😂😂😂

    1. I saw a tweet that Jor­dan gai­ned over 13 strokes on the field tee to green. His long game was very good but his put­ting has been ter­ri­ble. His strokes gai­ned put­ting was the worst by a win­ner sin­ce Sean O’Hair in 2009 at Quail Hollow.

    2. He lost ‑2.55 strokes to the field in strokes gai­ned put­ting how is that put­ter on fire? He made just enough to keep him in it. If his put­ter was his posi­ti­ve strokes gai­ned like all of 2015 he’d of ran away with this tour­na­ment by 7 shots.

  4. Who­le­so­me to see Jor­dan win again. Ever­yo­ne was hating on his swing and pre-shot rou­ti­ne. I’m glad he pro­ved them wrong.

  5. Love Jor­dan! As a man with autism, I’ve always had a spe­cial place in my heart for him. His youn­ger sis­ter has autism as well and that’s why I love him! Way to go Jor­dan! Keep doing you! 😊

  6. Too bad all pro­fes­sio­nal Ame­ri­can ath­le­tics have to be play­ed on Sunday. If I had my wish, we’d have a four day work week, a wee­kend on Fri­day and Satur­day, and a natio­nal day of rest on Sunday. It would be so gre­at to shut down ever­ything except essen­ti­al ser­vices, get back to church ser­vices and qua­li­ty time with fami­ly and time to reflect and con­tem­pla­te and con­nect with God. I know that not ever­y­bo­dy is a belie­ver and I under­stand that. I’m just expres­sing what would be so gre­at to me. I’d get into the­se sports con­tests, which I don’t watch on Sunday, becau­se they would end on Satur­day ins­tead, then I would spend Sunday wor­s­hip­ping with my fami­ly and doing spi­ri­tu­al ser­vice, which I also cur­r­ent­ly do. It would be won­der­ful from my per­spec­ti­ve. Just my wish.

    Congra­tu­la­ti­ons to Jor­dan Spieth. It’s gre­at to see him be suc­cess­ful! I wish him con­ti­nued suc­cess moving forward.

    1. Yeah that’s not hap­pe­ning. Basi­cal­ly all sports play on Sunday. The NFL exclu­si­ve­ly (with the excep­ti­ons of one Mon­day and Thurs­day night game). I don’t think watching sports on Sunday should qua­li­fy as being inap­pro­pria­te. You’­re just sit­ting the­re, which I’d say qua­li­fies as “res­ting.” Also it does­n’t real­ly make logi­cal sen­se for god to feel the need to be wor­s­hip­ped. That would essen­ti­al­ly mean he’s inse­cu­re or pri­de­ful. Can’t ima­gi­ne God having fla­wed cha­rac­te­ris­tics. Isn’t God sup­po­sed to be per­fect? Plus do you actual­ly just sit the­re and say “Thank you, God” over and over all day? I mean I think going to church is suf­fi­ci­ent wor­s­hip. Don’t think Sunday should be rele­ga­ted to being boring (Becau­se that’s the rea­li­ty). Just sayin… But obvious­ly you can do wha­te­ver you want. No harm done eit­her way. Have a good day

    2. @JHaz God doesn’t need to be wor­s­hip­ped. We wor­s­hip Him becau­se He saved us from eter­nal dam­na­ti­on. Some­thing that we cele­bra­ted today actual­ly. Jesus rose and the tomb was empty. I hope you one day find peace in that truth

    1. Whe­re is he? Can someo­ne fill me in! I did­n’t even know Spieth was a father. I haven’t been watching Golf for a while now except the masters.

  7. F———— oath could­n’t be more hap­pier for speit­hy 🌅✊ so much talent, peop­le keep kno­cking him he gets back up to fight 🦁 .
    Too talen­ted not to give in .
    Well done bud 🇦🇺

  8. Jor­dan is the defi­ni­ti­on of never give in, he had a rough week last week at the mas­ters and then comes out then next week and plays his best. Might not have been the best for him put­ting wise but he won after being 3 back. I love watching Jor­dan come­back and play golf the way I know he can! 🔥 congra­tu­la­ti­ons Jor­dan. Let’s just remem­ber the grind it takes to win out here!

  9. It’s so cra­zy how pros are non­cha­lant about making eagles, holing out from the sand, making long bir­die putts, etc. If I holed out from a bun­ker, I’d be dan­cing and hol­le­ring like a fool!!! 😧

  10. when will gol­fers stop brin­ging their wives and fami­lies to golf tour­na­ments i’m sick of it..I don’t bring my fami­ly to the office whats with ya’ll…

  11. 🙄I know I’m not the only guy who ..thinks spief­fy is a slow pain­ful play­er to watch .. has anyo­ne else noti­ced his play­ing part­ners never play well ..& he #spief­fy is never rea­dy to hit after them … it’s tv time to talk to my cad­dy for 3 minu­tes !!! If he wasn’t would be so spo­ken about on a tour­na­ment basis

  12. That baby did­n’t like his mother run­ning while hol­ding him 🙂
    Nice final round to watch with all the gol­fers wit­hin striking distance

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