Kann ich einen Scratch-Golfer schlagen? | Herausforderung angenommen #6

Kann ich einen Scratch Golfer schlagen Herausforderung angenommen 6 hochladen

Gut Gut: https://​you​tube​.com/​c​h​a​n​n​e​l​/​U​C​f​i​-​m​P​M​O​m​c​h​e​6​W​I​-​j​k​v​n​GXw John­nys Socials: Insta­gram- https://​insta​gram​.com/​j​o​h​n​n​y​s​p​i​n​e​l​l​i​3​?​i​g​s​h​i​d​=​Y​m​M​y​M​T​A​2​M2Y= Tik Tok- https://​vm​.tik​tok​.com/ ZTdQu4EAU/ Mei­ne sozia­len Netz­wer­ke: https://​insta​gram​.com/​g​r​a​n​t​h​o​r​v​a​t​?​u​t​m​_​m​e​d​i​u​m​=​c​o​p​y​_​l​ink Mein Edi­tor: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​t​r​a​a​c​c​c​ee/

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218 thought on “Kann ich einen Scratch-Golfer schlagen? | Herausforderung angenommen #6”

  1. If your ever in Pinellas Coun­ty Flo­ri­da we should play a match. I did­n’t play in col­le­ge or anything. Howe­ver I’m cur­r­ent­ly a mid 10s handicap

    1. @EXTREMExWEAPONS boy oh boy could i get on ur ass right now. Howe­ver not only am I way more matu­re than that, I don’t have the time to scroll through comments and then troll ppl thru comments. The com­ment was strict­ly becau­se I know grant has seen the other com­ment on the good good chan­nel about how much the­se guys have chan­ged my life. The com­ment was simp­le if hes­ne­ver in the area. You think he records every round he plays? Lmfao deff not. This man easi­ly plays 3 times a week.

  2. Grant has been duck­ing me sin­ce Decem­ber and his excu­se has been its becau­se the cour­se I want to play is in buf­fa­lo ny and he claims to have a pro­blem play­ing in 2 feet of snow, with the temps in the teens, smh

    1. @Grant Hor­vat Golf would love to play with you guys one day. Dal­las Texas or any­whe­re sur­roun­ding I’d be a go anywhere

  3. I don’t know your situa­ti­on, but I do know that God has a bet­ter way. Do you know Jesus today? Will you let Jesus chan­ge your life? He chan­ged mine. I know Jesus can chan­ge yours, too. Plea­se come home to Jesus. It’s not too late. “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are hea­vy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and low­ly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my bur­den is light.”
    ‭‭Mat­thew‬ ‭11:28–30‬ ‭KJV‬‬

    John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begot­ten Son, that who­soever belie­ve­th in him should not perish, but have ever­las­ting life.” 

    Do you know Jesus as your Lord and Savi­or today?

    1. If you don’t know his situa­ti­on than how do you know he has a bet­ter way. May­be he alrea­dy knows Jesus and doesn’t need to chan­ge a thing. Are you jud­ging? The­re are ple­nty of quo­tes in the Bible about jud­ging. Of cour­se you’ll claim you aren’t jud­ging, but your state­ment says otherwise.

    1. Does anyo­ne here not know how hdcp sys­tem works? It’s not an average score, but rather what you should shoot on your best day. Peop­le have this expec­ta­ti­on that a 0 should always shoot 72. But on a real­ly tough cour­se with high slope/rating, a 75–76 could actual­ly be pos­ted as a 0.

    2. @Ike Manlick actual­ly that’s exact­ly what the han­di­cap sys­tem us. It takes the average of the lowest 8 rounds of your most recent rounds.

  4. Sor­ry I couldn’t give y’all a bet­ter match! Play­ing on came­ra is no joke, major respect to tho­se who do it for their job! Appre­cia­te Grant having me on the chan­nel, just as nice of a guy in per­son as he is online

    1. Bro I almost bro­ke my three wood yes­ter­day hit­ting 4 inches behind the ball on a my second shot on a long par 5 after a per­fect dri­ve. The­re were no came­ras in sight. You defi­ni­te­ly did not embarr­ass yourself.

    2. John­ny, get a rematch in some­time! Its a lear­ning cur­ve. I enjoy­ed watching you play and can tell you got some gre­at game. Hard to play when you’­re way out of your ele­ment. But you expe­ri­en­ced it.… get back in there 👍🙏💪

  5. I think YOU should chal­len­ge Rick Shiels and play in Eng­land. That would attract a lot of atten­ti­on!!!!!! Play in a links style course!!!!

  6. Match play makes for some bad decisi­ons. I am an 8 han­di­cap and the­re were some spots on the 3rd hole for both of them whe­re I was thin­king just punch out and take your chan­ces with an up and down or with your oppo­nent mes­sing up. Grant got very lucky with his bad decisi­on and John­ny was not. I doubt they make tho­se same decisi­ons in stro­ke play.

  7. 15:14 – Dis­trac­ted by par­ei­do­lia here. The only cloud visi­ble at this time signa­tu­re loo­ks like a sort of slight­ly grum­py face con­tai­ned wit­hin a speech bub­ble. Plea­se, other peop­le, tell me you can see it too.

  8. If you ever cross the water and tra­vel to lon­don drop me a DM!
    Not that I will chal­len­ge you my cour­se record is 96 🤣 but worth a print screen on my phone.

  9. Let’s see a tra­di­tio­nal South Flo­ri­da golf video. Crack open some Busch Lights and play Cham­pions Club in Stuart! LOL. Gre­at video Grant!

  10. That was good (good). Have to say I real­ly enjoy watching your swing👍, though you need to stop smi­ling so much as it’s blinding!😁

  11. Steven’s is a fun track. So many pla­ces on that cour­se that you’­re dead if you hit it to without even knowing it. #2 on the right side of the fair­way bun­ker, #4 long, #5 and #6 anything left. Back 9 gets pret­ty interesting.

  12. Match play is a fun con­cept, thru 7 Grant is only 1 up Lol. if this was a stro­ke play, grant would pro­bab­ly be 10 up thru 7

  13. Min­u­to 4:45 que sus­to me he dado! 😱 estoy en la cal­le vien­do el video, y he mira­do para atrás por si venía una moto 😅🤣

  14. The fact grant says he loves match play and it’s fun when he’s made it abundant­ly clear he pre­fers stro­ke play is a tes­ta­ment to this guy’s mentality💪🏻

  15. Grant, you should do a seri­es with guys try­ing to get bet­ter and you teach them after each shot. Ano­t­her gre­at video and love the series!

    1. I’d be up for an over­all advice recap after the match, but we’re loo­king at some short matches if the chal­len­ger is taking swing advice after each shot.

  16. Did anyo­ne else catch that at 19:46? I thought your chan­nel was fami­ly friend­ly! Lol
    Keep up the good work Grant! Love this new series.

  17. Grant you’ve got­ta play the boys over at bub­ba­jack golf. They abso­lute­ly stri­pe it like yourself! Think itd be your best com­pe­ti­ti­on you’ve seen on the channel!

  18. What’s up with the con­di­ti­on of this cour­se? Bun­kers are was­hed out. No grass on the tee boxes. Chunks out of the greens. This cour­se loo­ks Po.

  19. Scratching my ass thin­king how this guy is a scratch gol­fer. That last putt from him off the green was an easy read even from came­ra view. The read was clear­ly left to right…. He pro­ceeds to aim 3 holes to the right..

  20. Not even the legend Tiger Woods ever play­ed per­fect golf. Love watching you guys and the good good crew. Still try­ing to play catch-up on all your guys’s vide­os. Shout out from Van­cou­ver Island Bri­tish Columbia

  21. I’m a big fan i watch you play all the time I would love to have that mozo­no dri­ver I have a who­le set of irons I just need the driver

  22. Love the con­tent. One small cri­tic for ya Grant if you’ll allow…When you’ve hit the came­ra in hand you tend to make me dizzy swin­ging the thing all over. Just fun­ny as soon as you hand it to whoever is with you it sett­les my eye­balls then back to you and goog­le eyes again😂. I’m sure it’s not easy and know I’m being picky but hope the feed­back hel­ps. Again, gre­at content!

  23. Would love to play a round with ya if you’re ever out near Jack­son­vil­le, FL. Play­ing off 13.4 so I may need a few shots.

  24. Shout out to John­ny for ack­now­led­ging Grants distance. He gets oversha­do­wed from the Good Good guys hit­ting abso­lu­te bombs and it gives the per­cep­ti­on of Grant being a short hit­ter. Dude can still hit bombs.

  25. Grant gre­at seri­es and gre­at match! Next time your in Flo­ri­da you should chal­len­ge Sta­cked Golf to a match may­be even do a thrift store club challenge!!

  26. Love your vide­os Grant. Most of the good good squad are enter­tai­ning. Tig is a cry­ba­by and Ste­ve final­ly lear­ned to play a litt­le and drops his club like he always expects good shots. Loser imo

  27. Tip for hit­ting hooks off tee. Sin­ce you get a bit more distance and roll­out from a hook, a lot of pros adjust their 3‑woods to draw set­tings and play that club when a tee shot requi­res a hook. And then many play fade on every shot with driver.

  28. Dude, you never respond to my match requests. I’m a cocky gol­fer that thinks he’s way bet­ter than he real­ly is and I’m even com­pe­ting in a Korn Fer­ry qua­li­fier this year that I have no busi­ness doing. Kick my ass Grant.

  29. Grant you lip out more than any other gol­fer I have ever seen, but I have wat­ched that last putt like five times – that ball loo­ked in the hole and just denied you. Haha

  30. Let’s play blue mash in Mary­land. We can go to Mgm casi­no after. Ive never play­ed the­re and it would be an auto­ma­tic win for you no pres­su­re lol.

  31. So glad that you final­ly play­ed Steven’s Park. One of the OLDEST, if not the OLDEST, cour­ses in DFW. The view of down­town is legit. Very inex­pen­si­ve and fun litt­le track. Not very long.

  32. just a heads up your came­ra work need a bit of help twit­chy came­ra whilst moving is not a good thing to watch you need a gim­ble not good viewing sorry

  33. “this guy is a scratch golfer” 

    *came­ra turns on*

    10 han­di­cap golfer 

    lol takes some get­ting used to for sure. you guys should play a few more matches i think it’d be good batt­le once he gets com­for­ta­ble with it.

  34. Would not think John­ny is a scratch gol­fer. Has a gre­at swing but obvious­ly comes across the ball a litt­le to much losing alot of them to the right.

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