Kaputter Double-Bend-Putter – So beheben Sie das Problem

Kaputter Double Bend Putter So beheben Sie das Problem hochladen

Feh­len Ihnen zu vie­le Putts? Es könn­te dar­an lie­gen, dass Ihr Put­ter ver­bo­gen ist. Sehen Sie, wie Sie es über­prü­fen und behe­ben können.

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52 thought on “Kaputter Double-Bend-Putter – So beheben Sie das Problem”

    1. @king shark I will give you my take on CPM mea­su­re­ments. I use my Freq Meter in my vide­os to demons­tra­te some spe­ci­fic results from cer­tain club buil­ding choices. I also use it to mea­su­re radi­al con­sis­ten­cy of shafts. Howe­ver, I don’t use it for fit­ting pur­po­ses. I just don’t think it has much value for most peop­le, espe­cial­ly com­pa­red to other fit­ting varia­bles like weight, balan­ce, length, bend pro­fi­le, etc. CPMs move around so much becau­se of chan­ges in the­se other aspects, that it’s hard to put too much value in tho­se numbers.

      To ans­wer your ques­ti­ons, the meter is a Club Scout 3 (I think, may­be 4). I am not sure you can still get them new. When I bought mine, the owner told me he was not doing too many more. Pret­ty much all Freq meters are the same though, pret­ty basic machi­ne, even though they may have some dif­fe­rent bells/whistles.
      I am in Atlan­ta, and do some club work for friends and some col­le­ge golfers.

    2. @king shark Under­stand why they say that, ear­ly release can’t load the stif­fer ben­ding shafts becau­se the speed and angles are lower ear­lier in the down swing. Howe­ver, an ear­ly release usual­ly means the shaft has alrea­dy fle­xed and released befo­re you get to the ball so any dif­fe­rence in bend pro­fi­le will be mini­mal at best.
      So put the­se things tog­e­ther and what I come away with is just fin­ding the shaft pro­fi­le that feels good in your hands and allows you to make your most repeat­a­ble swing. I always go back to weight in the end though. Weight is the most important shaft spec.

    3. @MOBILE CLUBMAKER GOLF … thanks. Weight I’m lear­ning that is important, becau­se dg s300 , r300, at 125gms I just could never hit. 

      Best iron I’ve hit so far is 90g shaft from some tay­lorma­de bur­ner 1.0’s.

      With that being said, is it safe to say, ligh­ter the shaft the lil lon­ger it can be. 

      Rea­son is.…
      Had a fit­ting, I was recom­men­ded at 44″ dri­ver and 36.25 7irn. In a dg r105. 

      I bought a r105, but it was 37 raw, 38.5 atta­ched, when I cut 2″ off the butt to get to 36.5 , it was stiff and not­hing like what I had tes­ted at the fitting. 

      Yet, my 7irn, was 38 atta­ched in a 90g shaft and is the 288 fre­quen­cy one, and I hit it with no issues. 

      Long long sto­ry short,… and from what I’ve lear­ned from your vids, that 2inches obvious­ly was around 16cycles and must have obvious­ly chan­ged the flex from a r to pro­bab­ly a x 😲🙈

    4. @king shark Did you reweight the head after you cut it down? Sin­ce you are now under “stan­dard” length, the shaft can feel stif­fer if you don’t add weight back to the head to compensate.
      Also I will be put­ting out a new video today or tomor­row that might help exp­lain some of this so watch out for that.

    5. @MOBILE CLUBMAKER GOLF .… nooooope.
      Hmm­mm, so, when I cut it down, must have made it play­a­ble for a hea­vier head. 

      Ahhhh, ok, so that’s ano­t­her pro­cess to com­pre­hend, length and head weight playability. 

      Dang, golf is so dual mecha­ni­cal, some­thing here. Effects some­thing the­re. Lol. F,n golf arrrrrgggghhhh.

    1. Yes, two dif­fe­rent methods. The first being just ben­ding the shaft. This is old school club making, but you can just stand on the head and gent­ly work the shaft in the direc­tion you want. Need to be a litt­le gent­le so you don’t kink the shaft. Other method is depen­dent on the shaft atta­ching to the head with a stem ins­tead of inser­ti­on into the head. If you have a stem on the put­ter head, you can use a ben­ding bar and bend the stem under the shaft.

    1. This one actual­ly came from Cal­la­way Pre Owned and they were more than wil­ling to replace it. I just cho­se to repair it mys­elf. They did send me a new grip also.

  1. you think i could put this shaft into my ER6 evnroll ? i always thought a dou­ble bend shaft was made to be cen­ter shaft in a put­ter but made this shaft so you could see the align­ments on putters.I always used a dou­ble been odde­sey but i rese­arch for best modern put­ter an the ER6 has the best tech but dont offer a dou­ble bend shaft

    1. if i have to heat the head may mess up paint job but it will be ok i got all the paints an spray­er i can cus­tom paint it i was any­way with the cal­la­way 3 line ball mar­ker i use brid­ge­stone balls…saying i think the shaft goes right down in the head it dont have that ring on it…i got golf­works lie ang­le to hold it in the right spot i just never did put­ter shaft

    2. Would main­ly depend how the hosel or stem (not sure how the ER6 atta­ches) is ori­en­ted. A stem of cour­se could always be bent to get the shaft ang­le cor­rect, a plain hole would requi­re pos­si­b­ly ben­ding the shaft if not set at the same ang­le. Only other issue would be making sure the shaft dia­me­ter is the same as the hosel bore in the ER6. I think all the Odys­seys are .370??

    3. @MOBILE CLUBMAKER GOLF – The .370 refers to the out­side dia­me­ter, cor­rect? Howe­ver, shafts that fit over the stem, as in the case with the Put­ter in this video, are they sold by the out­side dia­me­ter or the insi­de dia­me­ter? Tay­lorma­de itsy bit­sy Spi­der put­ter stem mea­su­res at .323, the shaft its­elf has a out­side dia­me­ter of .370, so, are tho­se Put­ter shafts that fit over a stem sold by the out­side dia­me­ter or the insi­de diameter?

    4. @Concerned Citi­zen They should all be 370 as best I know. Would not use a taper shaft as the taper would cau­se the stem to wigg­le insi­de the hosel. Only other opti­on would be a fla­red tip shaft but that would be obvious upon first glance if it was that kind of shaft (like a Bull­seye or similar).

  2. A friend got exci­ted with his chip shot and jum­ped around and acci­dent­al­ly snap­ped my PXG Dro­ne put­ter at the head (shaft inta­ct but snap­ped it off of the put­ter stem head) when he lan­ded on it. 3/4 of the stem is in the shaft and may­be just a mil­li­me­ter is sti­cking out of the head. Ughhhhh can you help?

    1. Ori­gi­nal grip had to go sin­ce it was basi­cal­ly strai­ght when the shaft was misa­li­gned. The­se grips are very dif­fi­cult to save, but Cal­la­way kind­ly sent me a new grip to install.

    1. First rea­son is I don’t keep a put­ter ben­ding machi­ne in the shop. But even if I did, for this type of adjus­t­ment, I would still just pull the shaft and reset. Ben­ding the stem on the­se kinds of put­ters can be ris­ky when try­ing to get more than 1 degree and ben­ding the shaft can lead to kinks or ripp­les in the metal.

    1. Are you wan­ting to weld a plum­bers neck stem onto the exis­ting head? Having a hard time pic­tu­ring how it will work. Would need more info as to what exact put­ter you are using and your plan for it.
      They did make plum­bers neck ver­si­ons of some of the 2 ball lines also. Might be easier to get what you want that way.

  3. I wis­hed you would of show us a befo­re and after pic­tu­re to com­pa­re (side-by-side) the dif­fe­rence. Why didn’t you use your put­ter loft/lie ang­le che­cker as a jig vs just eyeing it and let­ting it cure free standing?

    1. That would be a good idea. Never even thought about using the loft/lie in that way. 
      Figu­ring most peop­le pro­bab­ly don’t have that pie­ce of equip­ment though, it’s not hard to align the shaft based off the face. If you can install a put­ter grip strai­ght, you can align a dou­ble bend shaft. The fit was ple­nty snug so it did­n’t requi­re any addi­tio­nal bracing.

  4. Gre­at info. I’m thin­king of chan­ging my Odys­sey XG Sab­re­tooth from a dou­ble bend to a sin­gle bend shaft, this should help. Cheers 👍🏻🙂

  5. I got a cus­tom Spi­der tour with the dou­ble bend shaft and when I got it I felt like the shaft felt too far behind the put­ter ins­tead of strai­ght up and down. How can I check at home to see if my shaft it bent incorrectly?

    1. I would just set the shaft as clo­se as you can to per­pen­di­cu­lar (ie no for­ward or back­ward shaft lean) and see what the face loo­ks like. Does it appe­ar to have a few degrees of loft or does in look com­ple­te­ly flat or even nega­ti­ve lof­ted. That would be the indi­ca­ti­on the shaft is lea­ning back.
      But honest­ly it does­n’t mat­ter if it is or isn’t, if you per­cei­ve it to be, then I would adjust it.

    1. Nope it did­n’t. Occa­sio­nal­ly con­vin­ce mys­elf that I like mal­let style put­ters, 18 holes later I rea­li­ze yet again that I don’t!

  6. Gre­at video! 2 ques­ti­ons: 1: Does hea­ting lea­ve dis­co­lo­ra­ti­on to the shaft? I have a black pain­ted metal shaft and don’t want to dama­ge the paint. 2: did you check the head toe-hang befo­re let­ting the epo­xy set? The club in your vid I think is meant to be zero toe hang…rotating that shaft may indu­ce toe or heel hang. Thanks!

    1. If you use lower heat and keep it moving, you should not have any dama­ge to the paint.
      As far as toe hang, I did­n’t mea­su­re it becau­se I know how that put­ter is sup­po­sed to sit at address. The cor­rect neu­tral shaft posi­ti­on will result in a face balan­ced putter.

  7. I have an odys­sey put­ter with a white insert. The insert is very worn and pee­ling. Is the­re a way to repair or replace the insert? It’s an odys­sey white hot xg #1. Thanks for any advice!!! Tim

    1. @MOBILE CLUBMAKER GOLF I did call Cal­la­way, they told me they did not have repla­ce­ment inserts. If you have any ide­as on how I could even things out, I’d appre­cia­te it. Thanks!

    1. The­se are .370 becau­se they need the par­al­lel sec­tion to sit flush when instal­led over the head stem. As a gene­ral rule, put­ters with a stem will always be .370, put­ters with a hosel could go eit­her way.

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