Keine Gimmes auf TOUR 打

Keine Gimmes auf TOUR 2021

In der drit簫ten Run簫de des RBC Heri簫ta簫ge 2022 ver簫fehlt Jor簫dan Spieth einen 18-Zoll-Putt auf dem 18. Loch von Par4. #Shorts Jetzt PGA TOUR ABONNIEREN: Will簫kom簫men auf dem offi簫zi簫el簫len You簫Tube-Kanal der PGA TOUR. Hier fin簫den Sie alles, was Sie brau簫chen, um 羹ber die welt簫weit f羹h簫ren簫de Golf簫tour auf dem Lau簫fen簫den zu blei簫ben. Sehen Sie sich High簫lights von jedem Tur簫nier sowie Spie簫ler簫in簫ter簫views, Spie簫ler簫pro簫fi簫le, Tur簫nier簫vor簫schau簫en, Schwung簫ana簫ly簫sen und die bes簫ten Auf簫nah簫men und erstaun簫li簫chen Momen簫te an. Besu簫chen Sie f羹r eine voll簫st瓣n簫di簫ge Bericht簫erstat簫tung zusam簫men mit den neu簫es簫ten Nach簫rich簫ten, Wer簫tun簫gen und Sta簫tis簫ti簫ken! Fol簫gen Sie PGA TOUR online: Insta簫gram: Face簫book: Twit簫ter: Tik簫Tok: /@pgatour Sound簫Cloud: Mel簫den Sie sich f羹r exklu簫si簫ve Bericht簫erstat簫tung an PGA TOUR Supers簫to簫re

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57 thought on “Keine Gimmes auf TOUR 打”

    1. A good cad簫dy is hap簫py take the bla簫me 10/10 to pro簫tect his play簫er from losing com簫po簫sure. You should know that.

    2. @Laying The Foun簫da簫ti簫on If you saw the con簫tent on my chan簫nel you would see the golf know簫ledge isnt that deep or tech簫ni簫cal. I just try to have fun . Take care .

    1. @Jeff Holt yep, he got out of his own head and play簫ed. As i said hes a gre簫at play簫er who gets to emo簫tio簫nal and beats himself.

  1. Jor簫dan is my fav gol簫fer and needs to get back in his prime. He would be bet簫ter than tiger if he was in his prime as long as tiger was. But I would love to see him win this.

    1. I can tell you are very young becau簫se he could簫nt even sniff what Tiger did in his prime. Talk to me when Jor簫dan held all 4 majors at once like Tiger did.

  2. Hey man夷ts in the lea簫ther, pick it up. Been the簫re done that..吋he har簫dest putt you will ever have in your life is a 3 foot putt, no breaks, for $25 aint got the $25 if you miss. Remem簫ber Fri簫day after簫noon when Kis簫ner had to make a 3 foot put to con簫ti簫nue into Satur簫day, he mis簫sed it. Just go back to the car.

  3. That a boy. And this is why you can always make money bet簫ting against Jor簫dan Speith. I have been bet簫ting against him for the last 3 years and have made a for簫tu簫ne against the簫se peop簫le that think hes the grea簫test of all time all time hes the grea簫test loser of all time.

    1. @Haeun Kim You簫re right I lost a bunch but thats OK becau簫se Ive made not簫hing but money on this kid for the last 3 years Bet簫ty against his los簫ses when all the other peop簫le kept bet簫ting me that he would win so now he won this tour簫na簫ment But its the same sce簫n簫a簫rio as last years Vale簫ro. In last years Vale簫ro the top 20 play簫ers on theres on tour did簫nt even play in that tour簫na簫ment that tour簫na簫ment same thing here at Har簫bor town the top 15 guys on tour did簫nt play in this tour簫na簫ment. Now everybodys gon簫na be all pum簫ped up about him win簫ning today and they簫re gon簫na start bet簫ting that he wins so you keep track of what Im gon簫na tell you Im gon簫na do Im gon簫na still bet any簫bo簫dy that wants to bet me $5000 ahead that he does簫nt win any more tour簫na簫ments this year. I usual簫ly get 8 or 10 guys to take that bet at so when I win becau簫se he loses its a big pay day Aday when I lose becau簫se he wins yes I lose a litt簫le bit of money but it can never out簫weigh the amount I win becau簫se in the long run hes a loser. Do you get what Im say簫ing. You can do the same thing with a 100 bucks and I gua簫ran簫tee you in the long run you will win more than youll ever lose Any簫how thanks for the com簫ment good luck.

    2. @Garner The Cube No cube but Ill bet you in the last 3 years Ive made 4 times as much money bet簫ting against Jordans Speith Then you簫ve made in your lifetime

  4. He should have made the bir簫die putt but then to make mat簫ters worse he unfo簫cu簫sed rus簫hes the return putt ends up get簫ting a bogey ins簫tead of the bir簫die. Ama簫zing he didnt throw a tem簫per tan簫trum!!! Yeah that miss sucked!

  5. PGA tour has way too many spot lights for Jor簫dan Spieth and Jus簫tin Tho簫mas. The簫re are a lot of other bril簫li簫ant shots on the field. Yall only put came簫ra on the簫se two white young Ame簫ri簫can play簫ers? I thought ever簫yo簫ne is equal?

    1. White young Ame簫ri簫can play簫ers. ? I dis簫agree. They show簫ed all the white Ame簫ri簫can play簫ers today. Oh yeah and Harold Varner. 五

  6. offi簫cial簫ly on the greens offi簫cial簫ly on the greens offi簫cial簫ly on the greens offi簫cial簫ly on the greens offi簫cial簫ly on the greens offi簫cial簫ly on the greens. OH NO!

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