Können zwei Scratch-Golfer auf einem SCHWIERIGEN PGA-Tour-Kurs die 80 knacken?

Koennen zwei Scratch Golfer auf einem SCHWIERIGEN PGA Tour Kurs die 80 knacken challenge

GUT GUT⬇️ https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​c​h​a​n​n​e​l​/​U​C​f​i​-​m​P​M​O​m​c​h​e​6​W​I​-​j​k​v​n​GXw My Socials⬇️ Insta­Gram – https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​g​m​_​_​g​o​lf/ Twit­ter – https://​twit​ter​.com/​s​e​a​r​c​h?q =gm__golf&src=typisierte_Abfrage

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692 thought on “Können zwei Scratch-Golfer auf einem SCHWIERIGEN PGA-Tour-Kurs die 80 knacken?”

  1. 🍑Only for fans over 18 years⤵️
    Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusam­men die Num­mern 10 und 1. Eine Local​da​te​.Asia Brü­net­te und eine ande­re Blon­di­ne. Es wäre unfair, wennp ich 4 wäh­len würde

  2. OK, Hole ten, bla­me the Bur­ger Dog…if you do good, bla­me the food, if you do poor­ly, bla­me the food. The Bur­ger Dog was so good, you weren’t thin­king about your game yet.

  3. I like see­ing the har­der cour­ses a lot of peop­le think just becau­se someo­ne shoots low at the local cour­se that they are all the same tour level cour­ses are so hard

  4. I’m a fan of the came­ra mic more than the clip on. The sound of con­ta­ct on the club is so much swee­ter with it also I think when you guys approach the came­ra to talk it gives it more of like a friend­ly fee­ling like your approa­ching us as a view­er to bring us into it rather than spea­king to each other through mics. I like the off the cuff smack talk that hap­pens in the back­ground or Matt yelling as oppo­sed to hea­ring it clear­ly from 150 yards away.

    1. Dis­agree, the sound qua­li­ty is much bet­ter with the clip on. I feel like the poten­ti­al con­tent with the new mics to hear reac­tions will be great.

      The­re will be ways to cap­tu­re the swing sound with the new mic set­up. I don’t see this as a sole rea­son to not use it.

      Also – This a two per­son crew isn’t the best use case of the new mics. It will be much more valu­able with the full crew. 

      Good good should give this a fair experiment/test. Peop­le are reluc­tant to chan­ge. I hope they don’t stop the test due to the initi­al nega­ti­ve reac­tion from fans, this is expected.

    2. I think the lav mics tech­ni­cal­ly do sound good, but the pro­blem is that the con­tent feels much more ste­ri­le with them. Part of the charm of the con­tent is the sur­roun­ding sounds, the wind, the casu­al feel of han­ging out. Defi­ni­te­ly mis­sing the impact sounds as well.

    1. So, obvious 15:47 … some­thing gol­fers around the world have been doing for eons. Ple­nty of trees around to be ‘wate­red’ 😄😉

  5. loved the fans com­ing up to you guys, they’­re echo­ing how we all feel and it was awe­so­me for them to be so cool about it

  6. Can’t wait to watch guys, love your chan­nel. Star­ted play­ing golf in May of this year and went from shoo­ting 115 to being con­sis­tent shoo­ting 85–95 just by watching y’all’s inst­ruc­tio­n­al vide­os and watching y’all’s form. Plea­se keep it up, God bless

  7. you guys inspi­re me so much. ur con­tent is gre­at and this is exact­ly what i nee­ded to watch right now. Keep up the con­tent boys

  8. The mics are okay, good for when your not near the came­ra, but the golf shots don’t make a noi­se or sound as good, came­ra mic is whe­re it’s at boys! keep the con­tent com­ing, loving the videos!

  9. It’s fun­ny, anyo­ne is capa­ble of play­ing bad golf, but not ever­yo­ne can play scratch. Your atti­tu­des are per­fect, it’s so easy to get frustrated.

  10. The came­ra mic is 100% bet­ter. We need to hear the con­ta­ct of the club hit­ting the ball. Tho­se lav mics suck Im sorry.

  11. Your best excuse…the long drive…arms get tired, all that set­ting, mucles get tight, can’t turn as well…so bla­me the ride in the car.

  12. I need yalls attitudes 

    When i play like $#!♧ my mood just gets hor­ri­ble and i dont even care anymore

    You guys stay so calm and i love it

  13. as someo­ne, who on any given day, can shoot 82 to 102, you get the thumbs up for let­ting it all hang out, and kee­ping it real!! you guys play­ing like nor­mal humans once in a while will surely encou­ra­ge the rest of us mere mor­tals! keep up the gre­at work.

  14. At around 8:00.…the boys are hiking down the side of the tee box, then came­ra dude pans over to stairs and back. Best sar­casm of the video!!! Gre­at video boys

  15. I like the came­ra mic more bc I feel like the only thing I hear is u guys and not the back­ground noi­ses that u nor­mal­ly hear at a golf cour­se it takes away from our expe­ri­ence of the cour­se as view­ers. Howe­ver I’m sure it’s much nicer for u guys so u do what’s best for u

    1. Grants game is pro­bab­ly the most fun to watch, smooth swing and the most con­sis­tent of the group. But does anything beat Matt’s obnoxious comments and ener­gy? Haha

  16. I’ll shoot any­whe­re bet­ween 3 under, and 12 over. I get it. Golf is hard. Gre­at con­tent, guys. I’m enjoy­ing this!

  17. You’­re gon­na love san die­go. While the rest of the coun­try is fry­ing, it’s been a per­fect 75 and sun­ny almost every day. Say what you want about Cali­for­nia but it’s golf wea­ther 300 days out of the year. Cheers from San diego

  18. Even when you guys are play­ing your B game, still best enter­tain­ment on the web! Abso­lute­ly love you guys!

  19. I play­ed 9 holes today. Made 3 pars, 2 bogeys and 4 dou­ble bogeys. That’s an impro­ve­ment by the way and my goal was to make 3 pars in 9 holes and I did it.

  20. I do like the mics I feel like you guys are play­ing a litt­le quicker just based on not having to have an inter­view befo­re every shot

  21. Love the regu­lar mic , but you should have one guy mic’ed up like they do during hockey warm ups for litt­le bloo­per videos . 

    Have Matt or someo­ne mic’ed for one of the vide­os would be gold

  22. It the same when I play with peop­le. I don’t care how bad you do or how bad I do just enjoy the day. I don’t wan­na hear com­p­laints I want to have a good time

  23. Well, a lou­sy round for you guys is a gre­at round for almost all of the rest of us. That cour­se loo­ks pret­ty dar­ned tough. I tho­rough­ly enjoy watching you two batt­le it out.

    1. Nah, it’s a nor­mal round for them, just a tougher cour­se. They are used to play­ing on cour­ses with no rough and bare­ly any ele­va­ti­on changes.

  24. Last time out I only had time to play the back 9 at my local cour­se and shot a 62… I nor­mal­ly average about 85 over 18 holes so your bad rounds are what I shoot on a good day… don’t feel bad guys, lol.

  25. Fan of the clip on mic for comments on the greens/fairways when making shots, and the cart, but you need to blend the came­ra mic in post pro­duc­tion to get more of a live feel on the Tees and gene­ral atmo­s­phe­rics may­be?? If this beco­mes a thing on Good Good chan­nel get a huge wind­so­ck for Scharff..the dude will rup­tu­re eard­rums lol

  26. i don’t like the sound of the club hit­ting the ball with the clip-on mics honest­ly, it’s also nice to hear some back­ground noi­se with the came­ra mic in general

  27. It would be a lot more work, but using the shot­gun mic on the came­ra for club sounds and then clip on for your voices would be optimal.

    Hard to make up my mind. Some­ti­mes you can’t even hear the club impact but hea­ring you guys super clear it awesome.

  28. nice seri­es so far! I’m won­de­ring if you’­re cut­ting out/not filming your inter­ac­tions with Joey and the assi­stant pro Nick ? It would be cool if you could inclu­de some of your chats with the members/other peop­le you’­re play­ing with on future vids so we can get a sen­se of what their vibe is for the course

  29. You guys should do a myca­re­er type chal­len­ge. You all start with 500$-1000$ to spend on clubs, over the cour­se of the sea­son you do 10 diff chal­len­ge vids with your pla­ce­ments ear­ning you money and then ending it with a good good mas­ters style tour­ney! Hope this sounds as good as it does in my head!

  30. The new mics give such a “distant” fee­ling. Like it’s much more of a pre­sen­ta­ti­on of golf, than being with peop­le on the golf cour­se. This is all sub­jec­ti­ve and not at all logi­cal. But I real­ly enjoy­ed hea­ring the ambi­ent sounds of the golf cour­se, and the hit of the ball. Made it feel much more like I was just with some guys on the cour­se. And that was the nice / fun fee­ling that I got from watching the vide­os. That electri­ci­ty and fun is taken away with the new mics. But again just my opi­ni­on. Do wha­te­ver grows the channel.

  31. Now you guys under­stand how I feel every time I play golf! Love it hate it im a 10hc that prac­ti­ces enough to be a 5 lol. Hit and hope!

  32. About PGA pros “Their low points are our best days though” as I watch them play­ing “bad” and wis­hing I could play a round like this 🤣😂

  33. If you guys ever come to Mary­land I would love to come out and play with you me and my son we love watching your con­tent keep it up you guys have chan­ged and go and make it way more fun

  34. Could you guys show repla­cing the divots you make one time? I think if you quick­ly men­tio­ned how important it is to look after the cour­ses your play­ing, it would help the ent­i­re golf community

  35. I like came­ra mic more than clip on. The sound of a pie­ced up dri­ve on the came­ra mic com­pa­red to clip on is superior

  36. I like the clip mics so peop­le can still talk while the other is hit­ting and we here it. If you could do both clip and came­ra mics tha­t’d be ideal

  37. The clip-on mics make this seem more like an epi­so­de of “The Office” than a round of golf. You can’t hear the ball off the club. Also, a long dri­ve befo­re a round of golf never ends well for me. May­be stay the night befo­re then play in the morning.

  38. Free Tee-shirt idea. Sim­ply a green shirt…two golf balls next to each other..that says “our balls might be tou­ch­ing.” Easy money..

  39. see­ing Gar­rett strugg­le on a few holes is super rela­t­a­ble. Gre­at con­tent as always and gre­at edi­t­ing Ryder!

  40. I per­so­nal­ly pre­fer the came­ra mics, not the clip ons. With the came­ra mics, it gives more the vibes that we are the­re with you. hea­ring that pure club/ ball impact is also much clea­ner and more crisp with the came­ra mics than the clip ons. Over­all gre­at vid guys you guys are inspi­ring me to take golf serious­ly mys­elf… and im only 14!!

  41. This is a gre­at video for me today becau­se I had one of the worst rounds of my life today and well mise­ry loves com­pa­ny lol

  42. Com­men­ta­ry is crisp with the clip on mics, but it just kind of mutes ever­ything about golf. No wind noi­se, dull or no con­ta­ct sound. So I could do without tho­se. Still a gre­at video though 🙂

  43. Came­ra mic for me. But If it’s a super win­dy day then may­be just use the mics becau­se they are good against it 🤷🏼‍♂️

  44. The mics defi­ni­te­ly have their place but the cam mic made it seem so much more per­so­nal… you could feel that your were up clo­se or a litt­le fur­ther away when you’d enga­ge with the came­ra. I think the lap mic is a nice addi­ti­on but not at the cost of your style of video.


  45. I che­cked out that tra­vel map.. loo­ks like you’ll be in my back yard (about 1/2 way from SF to LA), I’m curious to see if you will be play­ing anything around San Luis Obis­po, Paso Robles or Mor­ro Bay. I hope so, I’d love to see it!!

  46. I’d Say lavs for behind the scen­se, shot­gun for the golf. Pos­si­b­ly both for the golf if you’­re doing a two came­ra shoot (or have an audio recor­der). That way you can use the shot­gun for sound of impact and gol­fer but if anyo­ne makes a joke or com­ment from a far (or in ano­t­her cart) you also cap­tu­re it and can lay­er it in.

    1. Yeah I see no down­si­de to using both. It would suck if the­re was a fun­ny moment and it wasn’t cap­tu­red becau­se the per­son wasn’t stan­ding right in front of a camera

  47. The fact that watching his swing is like a drug for grant😂. You could see him just itching to see it when G‑rat was mes­sing with him.

  48. So I like the mics on them, but I feel like the other mics have bet­ter ambi­ent noi­se, club sound, swing noi­se, and ball flight noise.

  49. Wow the boys are play­ing like I play at any old track.. wel­co­me to Cali­for­nia boys! My father in-law lives near the Olym­pic Club,but I have never play­ed it.. too tough for me…

  50. In my opi­ni­on, the came­ra mic is bet­ter over­all cus you can hear the club and the cour­se bet­ter, but the clip on is bet­ter for com­men­ta­ry and when you guys are far apart from the came­ra. If the­re was a way to switch it off when you hit, and on when you are wal­king to your ball or com­men­ta­ting a shot, that would be nice

  51. If the­re was a way to inclu­de both audi­os that would be ide­al. The mic on the shirt is way bet­ter when tal­king from a distance but the came­ra audio gets the boom from the D sticks

  52. It’s fun see­ing you guys play in my backy­ard! Wel­co­me to the neigh­bor­hood. I think Good Good should move to California!

  53. Someo­ne said, “It’s such an easy par 5” @ 11:42 on part 1.… Oh boy, I wish I could remem­ber who that was…Still a gre­at litt­le seri­es, look for­ward to see­ing more like this boys…

  54. This is liter­al­ly what I have to deal with every time I golf hahah! I just picked golf up this year and wow this so stress­ful but a blast!

  55. Gre­at cour­se play­ed it a few weeks ago. Loo­ks like you play­ed the oce­an cour­se. The lake is mem­bers only. For the Bay Area it’s basi­cal­ly the cour­se to play near SF. I would say next time play Half moon bay for some links style golf, or go up to wine coun­try and play Char­don­nay or Silverado.

  56. Love the mics. Gives us access to every second of dia­lo­gue, not just the guys wal­king up to the came­ra. I vote to stick with them for sure

  57. Dig­gin the mics on you, love the vlog style con­tent may­be not exclu­si­ve­ly but for this “seri­es” it’s gre­at! Glad to know you’­re humans too and can have an off day, howe­ver coin­ci­dent­al­ly on THE same day. 🤔😆

  58. You guys are liter­al­ly on my dream trip…almost. I’d start in Seat­tle and dri­ve down the coast. Hope­ful­ly one day 🙏🏻

  59. I have been making bur­ger dogs for years, every time I run out of ham­bur­ger buns. Throw some bacon, sau­sa­ge, oni­ons, Jala­pe­nos, wha­te­ver you want.

  60. I’m taking golf so much more serious­ly becau­se of y’all. My wife and I watch y’all ever­y­day and we hit the ran­ge a lot! Y’all are very moti­vat­ing and give golf a good name! See ya on the cour­se some­time in Florida!

  61. I like the clip on mics, its some­thing dif­fe­rent. See­ing as this seri­es is sup­po­sed to be some­thing dif­fe­rent than what you nor­mal­ly do I like it

  62. Haha hope­ful­ly you can. We just play­ed Edge­wood and we play­ed from the tips. Shot 76 and my bro­ther shot 72. Btw the star­ter said they real­ly made the cour­se easy for the celebs at the Ame­ri­can cen­tu­ry tour­na­ment. So hope­ful­ly ever­yo­ne knows, you guys play­ed it at like 6400 not the 7500 from the tips.…..

  63. I would defi­ni­te­ly vote on no mics. It is more rea­listic without them and you cant hear the noi­se of the club face hit­ting the ball espe­cial­ly off the tee shots.

  64. i lik­ed the mics a lot more this video, the sound when you hit the ball sound­ed a lot bet­ter this time around and it is for sure bet­ter sound qua­li­ty overall

  65. I like the idea of the clip-on mics, just at a grea­ter level of qua­li­ty. It makes for more free­dom with the con­tent and also hig­her qua­li­ty, espe­cial­ly if you have someo­ne who will do audio stuff in the post-edit

  66. On the same hole Gar­ret talks about his balls tou­ch­ing ano­t­her man’s then having 5 guys! What’s the rating on this channel

  67. The Olym­pic Club has to be play­ed from the Fair­ways. Got to keep the dri­ver in the bag for a lot of tho­se holes. Hit hybrid, 4 iron off the tee and you’d be much bet­ter off. You guys would have done much bet­ter the second time you play­ed that course.

  68. I don’t com­ment much, but I feel like I got to say that I do like the clip on mic and think it’s a litt­le more fun, but I think that if the­re is a way to get the audio of the club hit­ting the ball on each shot as well then you’d be golden

  69. The Clip Mic 🎤 is per­fect for your vlogs but the came­ra Mic with the dead rab­bit 🐇 is clut­ch for the cour­se. Love that sweet sound of clean con­ta­ct. Keep this con­tent going. And btw you guys were so clo­se to Ban­don Dunes. I see a good good major inclu­ding Rick Sheils the­re in your near future.

  70. Play­ed at sea level in So Cal my who­le life. Take 1 more club, at least. This round expo­ses flaws and just shows that the­se guys are about 6–8 han­di­cap­pers, about the same as me.

  71. the came­ra mic should be used for the tee shots for tho­se crisp sounds but i like the far away com­men­ta­ry with the small mics

  72. Gar­rett loved the video!!! You and grant are a dyna­mic duo that just keeps giving loved you cal­ling him and Grand­pa grant has hil­arious ener­gy. But never stress the­se tough rounds still ama­zing golf. Been watching fore­ver just remem­ber how far you have come proud of you for stay­ing humble

  73. You’­re lucky to play any cour­se in Bay Area without gusty winds. Always makin things inte­res­ting [read hard]… O‑Club beat me down bad. Bur­ger Dog was the high­light of my day there.

  74. Awe­so­me cour­se. Clip on mics all the way. Bet­ter sound from a com­men­ting stand­point. Gives dif­fe­rent editing/productions opti­ons that impro­ve the qua­li­ty. Some have said the strike sound is bet­ter on the came­ra mics. They’­re right but depen­ding on your set­up, you should be able to cap­tu­re both, assuming the LAV are record­ing to an H2 (or some­thing like that). Keep up the excel­lent vide­os! Loo­king for­ward to the rest of the series!

  75. Keep tho­se heads boys, some days are just like that. I still enjoy the vide­os regard­less of how you play tbh. You guys are kil­ling the game­play and content!

  76. You guys should do a hot dog review like port­noy does with piz­za at every turn on your tour. Meat miss­les hea­ding into the back 9 are part of everyone’s round, defi­ni­te­ly gre­at content!

  77. Grant com­mit­ted a here­ti­cal act com­p­lai­ning about grain on Olym­pic Club greens. I was wai­t­ing for a light­ning strike! Gre­at con­tent. Love you guys! But I got to know, what is a bur­ger dog?

  78. I love watching peop­le putt on poa and they suck butt on a slo­ped cour­se with speed. They fixa­te on grain and real­ly the slo­pe is much more important to read with the speed.

  79. Got­ta give it to em. They are pros at try­ing to stay posi­ti­ve while giving each other reach arounds even though they haven’t got­ten any birdies.

  80. Honest­ly, you don’t have to be 5 under par for me to enjoy watching you guys play. I like see­ing you strugg­le like the rest of us!! Lol

  81. It’s actual­ly nice to see “bad” golf from any of you GG guys from time to time. It’s still very enter­tai­ning, it’s a remin­der to us average gol­fers that this game is in fact very dif­fi­cult even to good play­ers, and it shows us who you guys are when things get tough. Rock on, CatchYaARound 🤙

    1. Its not bad golf. Con­di­ti­ons are real­ly tough on the nor­cal coast. And they got a good day. Tho­se mis­ses would be rough at most cour­ses, and the con­stant wind is very dif­fi­cult if you don’t play in it all the time. 

      Golf cour­ses in the sou­the­as­tern US are big af, and wind is rare. Golf cour­ses in the sou­thwest deserts, are super flat(sure the­re are some in the moun­tains, but its not stan­dard), and typi­cal­ly pret­ty wide. The­se cour­ses are tight, fast, with not many level lies. 

      In my last round alo­ne i play­ed 9i from 118 (typi­cal­ly 150 club). 8i from 129 (typi­cal­ly 165 club), 5i from 168 (typi­cal­ly 200 club). All shaped low. Then get a quar­te­ring down­wind from 225, and have to shape a 22* hybrid (215 club) high over a tree with a fade to ride the wind, land pin high roll to back(should have hit a 5i and knew it, but the hybrid is so much easier to hit high). This is all in one round. Its standard.

      My point is, unless you play in the­se con­di­ti­ons a lot it real­ly mes­ses with your mind. Con­stant­ly second gues­sing with the wind, and signi­fi­cant tem­pe­ra­tu­re chan­ges during a given round. Play­ed rounds star­ting out with ther­mal lowers and pants to run­ning into the bathroom to take it all off for the back 9. Calm front 9 to 30 mph gusts to finish the last 3 holes.

      I have lived here 8 years gone from an 11 to a 5 han­di­cap. If i still lived in GA i would be scratch as i can have a loo­se dri­ve, i would­n’t have to think about my approach shots other than distance, greens are sof­ter, fair­ways won’t kick your ball ob if you land on the wrong side. The­re are just so many more varia­bles when you have 30 degree temp swings on cour­ses 30 miles apart, con­stant wind with chan­ging speed, and mul­ti club ele­va­ti­on changes.

  82. Grant “hope this is some rela­t­a­ble golf” yes grant pro­bab­ly 90% of your audi­ence doesn’t even play as good as your worst! I would kill to play like that

    1. Ama­zing I also star­ted tra­ding with Mr shel­ton recent­ly. $670,000 pro­fits in just 2 mon­ths and still coun­ting, Mr shel­ton Mor­ri­son is the cryp­to tra­de king as far as am concerned.

    2. My wife and I hold Mr shel­ton Mor­ri­son in high este­em becau­se of the £21,000 wee­kly pro­fit we’­re recei­ving tra­ding with his strategies

    3. l just got mys­elf a new Tes­la model car just few weeks back after star­ted tra­ding with Mr Mor­ri­son, he’s such a gre­at man👍.

    4. Thank you I will mes­sa­ge him through what’s apk right away, I see this as an oppor­tu­ni­ty to escape my finan­cial situation.

  83. I got­ta say I’m a huge fan of the came­ra mic , I do like the chit chat­ting clear­ly on the green and far from came­ra but I still enjoy the natu­ral came­ra mic wind, club sound.

  84. when Gar­rett said they’­ve been see­ing num­bers like never befo­re I felt like that was for me becau­se I’ve wat­ched like 40 good good vide­os in the last 2 weeks lol

  85. I abso­lute­ly love the vlog­ging por­ti­on of the vide­os! It adds just ano­t­her lay­er to your alrea­dy abo­ve and bey­ond vide­os! The clip on mics are also a huge plus, love hea­ring the dia­lo­gue even when not taking shots

  86. Enjoy­ing this so much guys. It’s a Cali­for­ni­an road trip – and golf! Does­n’t get much bet­ter than that 🙂

  87. Defi­ni­te­ly like the body mics, my on knock against em is they just doesn’t pick up the sound of y’all hit­ting the ball as well. 

    But love this video seri­es so far, through­ly enjoy­ing it.

  88. That’s a tough track. Dri­vers off the tee with approa­ches well over 150 from the fair­way. Tough greens with wind as well. 99% of ama­teurs aren’t brea­king 100 here

  89. This duo is got­ten real­ly good and I real­ly enjoy the grant and gar­ret con­tent and Ryder is doing an ama­zing job as well props to all the boyssssss

  90. Loved hea­ring Gar­ret say “some days you don’t have it” that implies one day I will have it. I would be ecsta­tic to shoot +6 thru 18 lol

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