Könnte dies der beste Putter aller Zeiten sein? – Der Honu Putter ist so rein

Koennte dies der beste Putter aller Zeiten sein Der Honu Putter ist so rein analysis

Ich über­prü­fe Ton­nen von Put­tern und die­ser von Honu könn­te ein­fach eine Wei­le in mei­ner Tasche blei­ben. Mas­siv­holz-Put­ter mit einem erstaun­li­chen Gefühl und schließ­lich mit einem guten Gewicht. Honu Put­ter hier ▶ https://​www​.honu​go​lf​.com/ Abon­nie­ren Sie unse­ren News­let­ter hier ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​3​3​a​b​as3 Kos­ten­lo­ser Übungs­plan hier ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​2​R​P​c​VWt Mei­ne Mit­glie­der­sei­te ▶ https:/ /bit.ly/2Vxwtj5 Der PRGR Launch Moni­tor Schau es dir hier an ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​2​v​g​I​LUM Swing Cad­dy SC300 Dis­count Link ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​2​H​G​G​d8w Swing Cad­dy SC200 Plus Dis­count Link ▶ https:// bit​.ly/​3​4​w​o​6Lu LagShot Golf Link hier ▶ https://lagshotgolf.com?ref:matt–fisher V 1 Golf App hier ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​3​k​T​p​jly G1 GPS Watch Dis­count Link ▶ https://bit .ly/34sjLJ4 BLAST Moti­on Hier ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​3​6​T​X​wLH Super Speed Golf ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​2​S​1​5​xJ7 Ver­wen­den Sie den Code: MrShortGameFEB21 Flight­Scope MEVO+ ▶ https://​mevo​.golf/​2​Z​T​j​IGd Flight­Scope Mevo ▶ htt­ps ://mevo.golf/37MBWYa Code: MrShort­Ga­me Atha­lonz Schu­he hier ▶ https://​www​.atha​lonz​.com/​d​i​s​c​o​u​n​t​/​M​r​S​h​o​r​t​G​ame Ver­wen­den Sie Code: mrshort­ga­me für Rabatt! Cart Tek Remo­te Golf Cart ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​3​9​5​y​Ijz Ver­wen­den Sie den Code: MrShort­Ga­me DivotAc­tion Mat ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​2​Y​A​y​0YS Mr. Short Game Align­ment Stick Cover ▶ https://​amzn​.to/​2​N​L​B​ip8 Mr. Short Game Hat ▶ https://​amzn​.to/​2​N​L​B​ip8 PowerStick hier ▶ https://​the​powerstick​.com/​d​e​a​l​/​?​r​e​f=3 Mehr Aus­rüs­tung hier! ▶ https://​www​.ama​zon​.com/​s​h​o​p​/​m​r​s​h​o​r​t​g​ame Bit­te abon­nie­ren ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​2​F​a​D​vFG Home Cour­se – White Colum­ns Coun­try Club ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​W​h​i​t​e​C​o​l​u​mns Best Pri­va­te Clubs – Club­corp ▶ htt­ps ://pxlme.me/eovdfMIR FOLLOW ME: Pod­cast ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​2​k​r​E​0T0 Insta­gram ▶ https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​m​r​s​h​o​r​t​g​a​me/ Twit­ter ▶ https://​twit​ter​.com/​M​r​S​h​o​r​t​G​ame Web­sei­te ▶ http ://www.mrshortgame.com/ Mei­ne Aus­rüs­tungs­lis­te 60 Wedge Vokey SM7 Boun­ce 8 Grad M Grind 54 Wedge Vokey SM7 Boun­ce 12 Grad D Grind 50 Wedge Vokey SM7 Boun­ce 8 Degree F Grind 46 Wedge Vokey SM7 Boun­ce 10 Grad F Grind Tit­leist t200 4 – 9 Iron – LAGP AXS Shafts Tit­leist TSi 3 LAGP Tro­no Shaft – Dri­ver 9.0 Tit­leist TS 3 – 3 Metal – LAGP Tro­no Shaft Scot­ty Came­ron 2018 New­port 2 – Put­ter 34″ Ball – Tit­leist ProV1x ⚠️ Haf­tungs­aus­schluss: Eini­ge der Links in die­ser Beschrei­bung sind Affi­lia­te-Links. Wenn Sie über die­se Links einen Kauf täti­gen, unter­stüt­zen Sie den Kanal ohne zusätz­li­che Kos­ten für Sie. Win/Win! Danke!

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132 thought on “Könnte dies der beste Putter aller Zeiten sein? – Der Honu Putter ist so rein”

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    1. Hey the­re! I’m the maker of the other wood put­ter he review­ed a few weeks ago. As long as your putt is under 150 yards or so, you won’t ruin the face by hit­ting it!

  2. It loo­ks like the ball comes off the face with mini­mal skid and starts rol­ling quick. That said, I have never lik­ed mal­let put­ters. I putt fine with my Scot­ty New­port 2.

  3. I’m glad that loo­ks don’t put you off like some You­Tube eva­lua­tors. I play the Scot­ty Came­ron Futu­ra Phan­tom and it has the rear loop for weigh­t­ing and I love it but I get a lot on inqui­ries when I pull off the head cover. I like the loo­ks, feel and con­trol but most of all I love the per­for­mance and that is the only thing that actual­ly mat­ter with a put­ter or any club.
    Thank’s for step­ping out the­re and real­ly giving this ‘dif­fe­rent’ put­ter a fair evaluation.
    Good stuff as always Matt.

  4. I guess you pay for the engi­nee­ring – becau­se they are not wood but made of Bamboo.Which is a grass.
    I am not a mar­ke­ting geni­us but near­ly every “new put­ter” that comes out see­med to be aimed at a niche mar­ket of gol­fers with big bank accounts. I expec­ted a put­ter that loo­ks like this to be around/under 100 bucks – not 335 plus shipping.

  5. Loo­ks good. The pri­ce is not good for me – $335US ($400CDN) for stan­dard put­ter, more expen­si­ve for colou­red put­ters. I usual­ly won’t spend more than $100CDN for a put­ter. Will try to remem­ber to check EBay or other sites for a used one in a few years.

  6. Its loo­ks gre­at but would the woo­den face distort over time espe­cial­ly in the midd­le from con­stant ball strikes ?
    How would it mana­ge wet win­ter con­di­ti­ons in less sun­ny cli­ma­tes – sand on the ball hit­ting the woo­den face might be a pro­blem in tho­se sun­ny places ?
    Keep us infor­med – thanks

    1. It holds up very well to both wea­ther and impact, due to the 3 lay­ers of surf­board epo­xy that coat it. I have been using the same one from the first pro­duc­tion run for 4 years of dai­ly play. It was star­ting to look a litt­le dir­ty but a litt­le soap and water clea­ned off the gun­ge that had built up on the top sur­face and some brass polish made the ring shi­ne. The face is in fine shape. The­re were a few tiny sand scratch marks but not­hing that affec­ted the per­for­mance. You can eli­mi­na­te tho­se marks with a scotch­bri­te pad, sin­ce the epo­xy is ple­nty thick.

  7. Does­n’t mat­ter what it loo­ks like as long as it works for you. Loo­ked like it was working well. Peter Finch is using a bran­ding iron. So anything is possible

  8. This Honu put­ter has a very simi­lar sci­ence to the L.A.B. DF 2.1 put­ter !! Any chan­ce you will be reviewing that one soon. Both seem inte­res­ting to me, may­be you could com­pa­re see­ing they are so simi­lar? @mrshortgame golf

    1. Yes, the L.A.B, DF 2.1 and the Honu share the same sci­ence tech. I orde­red a LAB DF 2.1 and will be here soon. I am sold on this type of technology.

  9. It loo­ks ama­zing! Lie ang­le put­ters are loo­king like the future now ! Face balan­ced put­ters have a design fault demons­tra­ted when they’re tes­ted in the REVEALER. Let’s hope this gor­ge­ous put­ter is more afford­a­ble than the LAB Direc­ted For­ce putter!

    1. The Honu can be set up like a Bio­mech – in fact that is how my per­so­nal one is set up. The thing that got me star­ted on this jour­ney was that I wan­ted to try the Bio­mech set­up but I was too impa­ti­ent to wait for one, so I went into the shop and made some­thing with Bio­mech geo­me­try out of some bam­boo floo­ring that I had lying around. I lik­ed the set­up but the thing that real­ly floo­red me was the incredi­ble feel of the bam­boo. I then tried a lot of dif­fe­rent kinds of wood, and various kinds of insert mate­ri­al, but not­hing felt as good as the bam­boo. I tried lots of weigh­t­ing sche­mes; the cen­ter of mass balan­cing tech­ni­que was the best, by far, for tho­se tri­cky short putts. Twen­ty pro­to­ty­pes later …

  10. It’s dif­fe­rent. Loo­ks like some­thing I tried to make in my fresh­man wood­shop class. May­be I should have stuck to it. lol! I actual­ly think it loo­ks pret­ty neat. Would love to try it, but $$$

    1. That’s gre­at! The put­ter is the only club you use for every hole unless you hole out befo­re you get on the green, which does­n’t hap­pen a lot. So could/should be worth the extra investment

  11. Don’t think I could use it based on loo­ks alo­ne. Not sure if the shaft posi­ti­on would suit me also. Very inte­res­ting put­ter though 👍👍

  12. Hey Matt, good to meet you at Che­s­ta­tee last week. I have the Evnroll ER1TS and real­ly like it. Yes, it loo­ks weird, but knowing that it rolls gre­at no mat­ter whe­re I strike it gives me con­fi­dence. As you know, put­ting is about con­fi­dence. Also, if I push/pull a putt, I see the results instantly.
    Come back and see us again, and let me know if you want to play to cour­se again. My treat.

    1. No, but it responds well to Turt­le Wax 🙂 . Actual­ly, I have tried a lot of dif­fe­rent waxes, inclu­ding some very high end show car waxes, and they don’t real­ly make much dif­fe­rence. The epo­xy buffs out to a plea­sant mat­te finish without any wax.

  13. It’s no sur­pri­se you were immedia­te­ly pul­ling putts when you went back to your SC, the honu is clear­ly going for ‘most face balan­ced’ design and mecha­nics, and once you got used to it the ’slight arc came­ron’ should feel like its pul­ling.. I would game the model that lines up best at address and matches stro­ke dna.. bewa­re mes­sing around too much w face balan­ce unless that is your fit.. I’m a face balan­ce guy though so this loo­ks a cool one to have around

  14. I just don’t think I could use a put­ter that loo­ks like a pad­lock at the end of a stick. You defi­ni­te­ly have to be com­for­ta­ble when using a put­ter, and loo­king down at that would be hard for me to get past.

  15. Hi Matt, once you have tes­ted the Acu­strike golf mat. Can you remem­ber. I real­ly think that is a cool Trai­nings equip­ment. So I deci­ded to order both (indoor and out­door) of them to prac­ti­ce in the cold win­ter in Europe.
    BUT the pro­blem is, nether I did not recei­ve a mat so far nor I did not get an ans­wer to my email.
    Can you plea­se make an announ­ce­ment on your chan­nel, that the golfs should not buy this pro­duct any more?
    Acu­strike makes so much adver­ti­se­ment on You­Tube right now, and the­re are so man peop­le like me who have the same pro­blem like me.

    Thanks that would be great!! 👍
    And by the way…I love your chan­nel! 🏌️‍♂️

  16. I’m the guy that makes them. The­re is a rea­son why they don’t cost $100. Inex­pen­si­ve put­ters are made by the thousands in fac­to­ries in Asia, most­ly by machi­nes super­vi­sed by mini­mal­ly-skil­led, under­paid labo­rers who will never have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to play golf. Honus are made in bat­ches of 8 by me, a reti­red com­pu­ter engi­neer with a back­ground in phy­sics and a serious golf habit. The manu­fac­tu­ring steps inclu­de pla­ning and lami­na­ting the bam­boo, mil­ling the disc shape with a pur­po­se-built dedi­ca­ted CNC mil­ling machi­ne, mil­ling the T‑line inserts from a dif­fe­rent shade of bam­boo, epo­xy­ing in the T‑lines, san­ding flat, clea­ning up the edges on a belt san­der, re-mil­ling the bot­tom pro­files and roun­do­vers on cus­tom jigs, rou­ting the other roun­do­vers on two dedi­ca­ted rou­ters, and mil­ling the holes for the brass insert. Then they go over to my friend’s surf­board shop whe­re he pre­cisi­on sands – most­ly by hand but also using some jigs that he built – and blends the edge pro­files, using his “surf­board shaper’s eye” for con­tour details. Then he laser-engra­ves the logo on the bot­tom using hard­ware and soft­ware that I deve­lo­ped, and puts on 3 coats of UV-sta­ble surf­board epo­xy, wea­ring a full “bun­ny suit” with exter­nal ven­ti­la­ti­on to avoid all­er­gic reac­tions from the epo­xy, all the while tur­ning them in a spe­cial fix­tu­re so the epo­xy does not drip or sag. It can only be done when the tem­pe­ra­tu­re and humi­di­ty is right. Then I get them back for the fol­lowing steps: pre­cisi­on ben­ding of the brass rings to exact­ly the right dimen­si­ons so they will fit in the holes, deepe­ning the holes (on yet ano­t­her dedi­ca­ted machi­ne) and pro­filing the edges so the ring will go in deep enough to meet USGA regu­la­ti­ons about dimen­si­ons. I then degloss the epo­xy sur­face with 3 dif­fe­rent grits of scuff pad, check the face loft and flat­ness, epo­xy in the brass ring, and find the exact balan­ce point to wit­hin 1/100″ of an inch using ano­t­her spe­cial jig. Then the heads are almost rea­dy for assem­bly – but most Honus are cus­tom-fit­ted by pro­fes­sio­nals who work out the best lie ang­le, for­ward press ang­le, and length for your body and put­ting style. Having deter­mi­ned that, they are then cus­tom-dril­led on ano­t­her spe­cial jig that I desi­gned, which pre­ser­ves the per­fect balan­ce by sen­ding the shaft right through the cen­ter of mass of the put­ter head, regard­less of the lie and for­ward press angles. In addi­ti­on to the cost of tho­se mate­ri­als, tools, and labor, the grips, shafts, and head­co­vers are not free. I will be lucky if I ever recoup the cost of the spe­cial work­shop that I had to build in order to make the­se in any signi­fi­cant quan­ti­ty. I star­ted out doing in my gara­ge but that was­n’t working out after the first 50 or so units.

    1. @Mark The Golf Addict All the tech­no­lo­gy in the Honu Put­ter is eit­her self deve­lo­ped or based on patents that are so old that they expi­red long ago, and in some cases lap­sed due to non-pay­ment of main­ten­an­ce fees. The­re are patents on cen­ter of mass balan­cing going back to the 1960s. Patents last bet­ween 17 and 20 years if the main­ten­an­ce fees are paid, less if not. Do the search.

  17. L.A.B and Edel are doing the same thing. I am glad put­ting tech­no­lo­gy is being advan­ced sin­ce its pro­bab­ly the most used club on the cour­se. Becau­se of the lack of prac­ti­ce put­ting greens ope­ned, my put­ting has got­ten hor­ri­ble. I bought an Edel and it has hel­ped get my groo­ve back and my golf outings more enjoyable.

  18. After che­cking out the HONU web site a year ago and get­ting one I have to recom­mend this to any serious gol­fer !!! To not have to com­pen­sa­te for wob­b­le or tor­que to have the ball roll this well is just sca­ry good. I now average in the mid 20 putts per round and ever­yo­ne I play with wants to try it as it has this bam­boo head and you can’t belei­ve how good and quick play­ers adapt to it just like I did. I also love the feel it real­ly has hel­ped my distance con­trol too. Thanks to Matt here and many thanks to honu­go­lf as well for hel­ping me and my friends, I guess thats the Alo­ha spirt eh.

  19. Why, why, why did you do this to me? I thought I knew what I wan­ted and now…
    FTR, I agree with you. I star­ted serious­ly sear­ching for put­ters after working my way through align­ment (Zebra) through feel, (Wood insert), then roll, (ori­gi­nal Method Model 005). The pro­blem with the face tech­no­lo­gy aiding roll was always that you gave up too much feel on long putts, at least for me any­way. I then found Eric Kaplan’s put­ting method and that com­bi­ned with an under­stan­ding of how the stro­ke arc and pro­per set­up will roll the ball just fine off the face, I star­ted to dig deeper. 

    Spy­der put­ters were the rage so I found the Sil­ver Ray Sr500 and thought I had final­ly sett­led on some­thing. But prac­ti­ce ses­si­ons on a home put­ting set up led me to a ques­ti­on that took some time to ans­wer. Why couldn’t I real­ly relax my hands and keep that put­ter in the pro­per posi­ti­on at impact without the put­ter almost figh­t­ing me? Well, that figh­t­ing-me sen­sa­ti­on is, is tor­que in the put­ter or the putter’s ten­den­cy to twist through the put­ting stro­ke if not held with enough for­ce to sta­bi­li­ze that inherent twis­ting action.

    But then I’m like, why is this put­ter figh­t­ing me in the first damn place? Shouldn’t it balan­ced for the stro­ke? This had alrea­dy occur­red to me as all my other clubs are cur­r­ent­ly end weigh­ted to bet­ter balan­ce the bla­de at impact. It only see­med natu­ral at that point to ques­ti­on why the put­ter isn’t for lack of a bet­ter term, balan­ced? I’ve used Base­ball bats, pool cues, kni­ves, and golf clubs that are all inten­tio­nal­ly balan­ced for bet­ter performance.

    Turns out the term I was loo­king for was Lie Ang­le Balan­ced (LAB). LAB golf makes put­ter that is lie ang­le balan­ced as well. They have the same set­up as Honu, except they call theirs a revea­ler. It does the same thing, which shows how sta­ble lie ang­le balan­ced put­ters are through impact.
    I’m a pen­du­lum stro­ke feel put­ter and it felt like a long jour­ney to the right ques­ti­on and the cor­rect ans­wer was in front of me…

    Then you come along with this video and tho­se Honu put­ters are beau­ti­ful, dang it! Man, why??? smh, lol…

  20. Seems nice, but at almost $400 and no chan­ce to try one.…never going to con­si­der. Direc­ted for­ce is the same pri­ce and I can find fit­ters some­whe­re near me

  21. Appears to be a nice put­ter whe­re can I get more info. so as to be able to may­be get one,that’s if it’s not that expensive !

  22. Very inte­res­ting – I agree that the balan­ced head will be the future of put­ter design. Honu appears to use the same design tech­no­lo­gy as LAB Golf’s Direc­ted For­ce 2.1 put­ter. Loo­ks like LAB has some competition!

  23. Try out the Wil­son infi­ni­te put­ter. It is a some­what bud­get put­ter around 100$ and it is cen­tershaf­ted. I would just like to know if I can hold up with other bet­ter qua­li­ty put­ters like your Scotty.

  24. How did it sound? For me sound is important. But the main thing is con­sis­tent feel so you can have the con­fi­dence to hole more putts. I have a Scot­ty Futu­ra X. Did­n’t like the sound when I tried it out. But then dis­co­ve­r­ed the sound has a lot to do with the ball you use as well. I use Pro V but when I tried it for the first time it was a sof­ter ball. Made a dead sound com­ing off the face. Pro V made a much nicer solid tick com­ing off the face. The guy who sold it to me had the best sale line ever. He said you’ll like the sound of the ball going in the hole best!😉

  25. I think it loo­ks awe­so­me! Total­ly dif­fe­rent but gre­at! As long as it feels gre­at and you make putts there’s not­hing else I would want.

  26. I purcha­sed a Honu, put a Winn­pro X 1.60 grip on it and I abso­lute­ly love to putt now. It’s not hype, my score liter­al­ly went down becau­se my mis­ses are clo­ser and I’m holing more putts than ever. Plus the feel of the put­ter hit­ting the ball is just fan­tastic. I for­got how good it felt like to hit a golf ball with wood. It took a week or two to adjust my stro­ke and stance, but once I did, it was just magic. What I get a kick out of, is when I play with others, their first reac­tion is “wtf is that thing”. By the end of the round after I smo­ke ever­yo­ne on the green, their like, “can I try that”.

  27. Lol just finis­hed watching the video loved it I’m actual­ly from Oahu too Hawai­ian words aren’t the easiest to pro­noun­ce don’t worry about good vid keep it up

  28. I just bought one and thank you so much for your review MSG. They should give you a com­mis­si­on becau­se I trust your judgment and your reviews are always honest and sta­right­for­ward. Gre­at stuff.

  29. I have been chom­ping at the bit wai­t­ing for the local golf cour­se in big Wau­kee, iowa. I get the­re ope­ning day first guy I see has one of the­se put­ters. I walk up to him and say I like your put­ter man I just saw a You­Tube video about them. He was like Mr. short game YES i replied I love mr short game I bought this on his advice. The word is out mr short as I refer to him is the best!!

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Spielen Sie besser Golf, indem Sie Ihren Putter nach unten schneiden.Spielen Sie besser Golf, indem Sie Ihren Putter nach unten schneiden.

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