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  1. This is likely to be an unpo­pu­lar obser­va­ti­on but I was disap­poin­ted in the feel offe­red by the Miz­zy put­ters. I thought they felt har­sh off the face and fair­ly for­ge­ta­ble in that regard

  2. I play an m craft mizu­no put­ter. Swit­ched from odys­sey. The ease of adjus­ting the weight and the appearan­ce and feel were all important to me. I’d rather have some­thing that fits me than just bag a Scot­ty cau­se it’s a Scotty.

    1. Agree… in terms of qua­li­ty of work­manship and qua­li­ty con­trol, I see no dif­fe­rence bet­ween the Mcraft line and the offe­rings by Scot­ty Cameron/Bettinardi.
      After that it’s down to fit, feel, loo­ks and per­so­nal taste/bias. I real­ly like the look of the new Mizu­no models, and would love to try the new MCraft V and VI. Also liking the look of the new Bet­ti­nar­di Ino­vai 7.0. Loo­ks-wise there’s not­hing in the Scot­ty ran­ge that tempts me, alt­hough I like the feel and quality.
      Have been using a Mizu­no MP-T102 for years, but loo­king to chan­ge and would buy Mizu­no again without hesitation.

  3. That pri­ce is way bet­ter than a Scot­ty Came­ron, and it seems to be made the same way. Why wouldn’t you go for the Mizu­no? Nice putters. 👍🏻

  4. Gre­at review! Mizuno‘s web­site doesn’t even have the M4, M5 or M6 lis­ted. Would’ve been bet­ter if you show­ed the models, unless you didn’t have them ?

  5. After 25 years of various face balan­ced put­ters I tried a Yes Mor­gan toe hang nap­per style put­ter, what a reve­la­ti­on, it’s so easy to takea­way strai­ght! But I miss the loo­ks of a mal­let, the M5 loo­ks awe­so­me and with weights to make it hea­vier / ligh­ter I’d love to test and purcha­se one, if you were a bit clo­ser I’d defi­ni­te­ly come to see you.

  6. Yeah, it would have been nice if they pri­ced them simi­lar to how they pri­ced their dri­vers. For dri­vers, their pri­ces are qui­te a bit lower than Ping, Tay­lorma­de, cal­la­way and tit­leist while still being com­pe­ti­ti­ve in performance.

    1. But they are com­pe­ti­tively pri­ced. £219–249 with a weight kit. A scot­ty is £350 and the Weight kits are sepe­ra­te and cost over £100

  7. After get­ting their JPX 921 irons, I would 100% check this out. If it felt good, I would have no pro­blem paying that pri­ce. Cur­r­ent­ly using a TM Spi­der even though I went to the store to get a Scot­ty. Couldn’t tell enough of a dif­fe­rence to jus­ti­fy the pri­ce dif­fe­rence bet­ween the two.

  8. Like most things Mizu­no tho­se Put­ters ooze class and look gor­ge­ous, I can see the­se gai­ning a Cult fol­lowing in the future.

  9. Loo­ks ama­zing and bet­ter qua­li­ty than tay­lorma­de or odys­sey. Pro­bab­ly £100 che­a­per than a scot­ty. So a gre­at alter­na­ti­ve. I play­ed a tay­lorma­de Ard­mo­re 2 but cer­tain­ly pre­fer the look of this. 👍

  10. Becau­se it’s made of 1025 car­bon steel, what’s the feel if com­pa­red to the usu­al stain­less steel mil­led put­ters? Any dif­fe­rence at all, sound-wise and impact-wise?

    Also, sin­ce its face is “fly-mil­led” pat­tern (so cal­led by Bet­ti­nar­di), usual­ly the feel would not be very soft – more crisp ins­tead I suppose?

  11. Thank you for all your infor­ma­ti­on. Keep up the gre­at work. I recent­ly had a put­ter fit­ting. I tried 7 dif­fe­rent brands of put­ters. So of the big brands. I had the most suc­cess with the Mizu­no M‑craft 3 in black. The look, feel, and con­trol for me just matched my game. I have a cus­tom one on order, to match my lie ang­le and shaft length. I must say. I did­n’t go into the fit­ting expec­ting to end up with a Mizu­no. I had­n’t even real­ly focu­sed on the reviews on the­se as much as some of the other big names brands. I high­ly recom­mend ever­yo­ne who is con­si­de­ring a purcha­se of a new put­ter. Go get fit­ted. If you have a bud­get? Let the fit­ter know that up front. Take advan­ta­ge of try­ing anything they have to try, and just enjoy the experience.

  12. Scotty’s in the US are $399. I recent­ly bought a Mizu­no M‑Craft V. I abso­lute­ly love it. The engi­nee­ring and manu­fac­tu­re of this pro­duct is second to none. I kept the 3g weight in the heal, and pla­ced an 8g weight in the toe, to be sure that the face clo­sed the way I want it to.

  13. Just purcha­sed the Mark 5 after try­ing the Scot­ty Fast­back and the TM offering.

    Must admit as soon as I sat the Mizu­no down behind the ball on the floor I knew I wan­ted it, the only choice for me was the colour and ended up satin white 

    Alrea­dy have a TM Spi­der X and a SC Phan­tom x and had a putt off……Mizuno won on 2 of the three lengths of putts – 3 foot and 10 foot, it came second on the 20 foot putts to the SC so think I Hav made the right choice. Fin­gers Corossed

  14. I never thought to con­si­der Mizuno’s put­ter. But went to test out evnroll and odys­sey put­ters and then the Mizu­no m craft v out put­ted ever­ything. From grip to length and head shape, it felt the best. Com­ple­te­ly sho­cked by the out­co­me and glad I tried Mizu­no out

  15. The qua­li­ty of Tay­lorMa­de put­ters is ter­ri­ble , this one loo­ks very good , I’ve gamed a few dif­fe­rent brand with the years and for now the best I’ve used is Scot­ty Came­ron and second would be bet­ti­nar­di , I’m loo­king for­ward to try this Mizu­no put­ter as it seems up the­re in terms of qua­li­ty . (Right now I’m using a Tay­lorMa­de spi­der and I real­ly hate it )

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