LIV-Golfer verklagen die PGA, nachdem sie rausgeschmissen wurden

LIV Golfer verklagen die PGA nachdem sie rausgeschmissen wurden 220811__SP02PGA

LIV Gol­fers plant, die PGA wegen Raus­wurfs aus dem Ver­band zu ver­kla­gen. Rick Strom bricht es auf. Tei­len Sie uns Ihre Gedan­ken in den Kom­men­ta­ren unten mit! Rick Strom TWITTER: https://​twit​ter​.com/​r​i​c​k​s​t​rom INSTAGRAM: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​r​i​c​k​y​s​t​rom FACEBOOK: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​S​t​r​o​m​R​ick Fol­gen Sie TYT Sports auf Face­book! https://​www​.face​book​.com/​T​Y​T​s​p​o​rts TYT Sports – eine der dyna­mischs­ten Sport­sen­dun­gen auf You­Tube – kommt zu Tune In! Wir decken die neu­es­ten Infor­ma­tio­nen zu NBA, NFL, MMA, World Foot­ball [Fuß­ball] und aktu­el­le Nach­rich­ten ab, die spe­zi­ell auf jun­ge, ein­ge­wähl­te und pop­kul­tu­rell ver­sier­te Sport­fans zuge­schnit­ten sind. Mel­den Sie sich noch heu­te an und berei­ten Sie sich dar­auf vor, süch­tig zu wer­den. #TYT­sports #Sports #Rick­Strom

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332 thought on “LIV-Golfer verklagen die PGA, nachdem sie rausgeschmissen wurden”

    1. Being ali­ve. Nobo­dy needs a right to “judge” ano­t­her. Ever­y­bo­dy is con­stant­ly jud­ging ever­yo­ne else… its just a mat­ter of admit­ting it or not.

    2. You think peop­le behind the PGA dis­mem­be­red a jour­na­list loke the Sau­dis did? What evi­dence do you have to make such a claim?

    3. They aren’t jud­ging the other league they are sim­ply making their league play­ers abi­de by their con­tracts. It would be like let­ting a KHL league mem­ber also play for the NHL at the same time!

  1. I don’t under­stand why this par­ti­cu­lar instance of doing busi­ness with Sau­di Ara­bia is so off limits but we can buy as much oil as we like from them?

  2. The only ones the LIV gol­fers will hurt with all of this bull­shit is the cha­ri­ties that the pga tour sup­ports. They should be do proud of themselves.

  3. The PGA flat out told them if they go over the­re to LIV Golf, they’d be kicked out of the PGA. It’s even men­tio­ned in the rule book. Some knew they’d qua­li­fied for the play­offs too and still deci­ded to jump ship knowing about the ban and you can’t just sue yourself back into the league after they told you the poli­cy. Yes, even though the Saudi’s are backing this, I have a fun­ny fee­ling all is not well going on with the league. Hard­ly anyo­ne is at the LIV tour­na­ments or watching them for that mat­ter and I high­ly doubt the Saudi’s will keep pum­ping money into some­thing that’s not making them money in return. The gol­fers pro­bab­ly see this shit and are try­ing to come back. If this league folds just like the Saudi’s racing shin­dig, they’re not going to be able to play golf for anyo­ne after this. They didn’t think of all that when the Saudi’s flas­hed all of that money at them.

  4. They real­ly wan­ted to have their cake and eat it too. Lea­ve for gua­ran­te­ed money and bash your for­mer employ­er in the pro­cess. Then try to play in the most lucra­ti­ve tour­na­ments so that you don’t miss out on the oppor­tu­ni­ty to make even more money. The auda­ci­ty of the­se guys. They no lon­ger have any shame.

  5. To the incredi­ble per­son see­ing this, I wish you all the best in life❤ don’t over bla­me yourself, accept things and go for­ward. Don’t let others defi­ne what “suc­cess” is for you. Get up, learn the skills nee­ded and get after it, all the keys to a hap­py life is in your hands. Keep pushing.

  6. The PGA is wrong for sus­pen­ding the play­ers that went over to LIV. They should have released and dis­con­ti­nued their PGA memberships. 

    In the long run, this will hurt the PGA.

  7. And for tho­se sup­por­ting the PGA in this fight, know that they aren’t doing this as a pro America/9–11 action of support.

    They are pro­tec­ting THEIR PROFIT MARGINS. LiV is a rival golf league and that is what the PGA issue is. 

    The PGA is fun­ded by evil, racist and bigo­ted Ame­ri­can com­pa­nies. All blood money on both sides.

  8. The­se are the same pan­sies that would pro­bab­ly sue if they got beat in a street fight. The court sys­tem is for pan­sies with money.

    1. Sor­ry to inter­rupt your BS com­ment but…
      Whe­re can I score some of that pure uncut despe­ra­te whata­bou­tisim? And do you cut it up and snort it, or do you melt it in a spoon and main­li­ne it?

  9. Good. Tho­se trai­to­rous ass­ho­les have alrea­dy been paid. I real­ly the Opens ban them as well. Michel­son was alrea­dy a dick.

  10. Shhhhhhhhhh! You can’t talk while they’­re sel­ling out~ see what Cau­ca­si­an Jesus is doing to Ame­ri­ca. They’­re in cahoots with Sau­di Ara­bia; they put Chris­ti­ans in prison👉🤡s

  11. All that blood money. Now they want back in. Fuck them. Enjoy that Mickey Mou­se tour that means abso­lute­ly not­hing in the golf world.

  12. “How’d you end up here, it’s a con­tro­ver­si­al choice”? 

    Well, Tucker, the Sau­dis paid me mil­li­ons. So you see I didn’t have a choice.

  13. Cree­py Joe the Pro­gres­si­ves lea­der goes over and Fist Bumps his good bud­dys the tyra­ni­cal Sau­dis, like I have said all along Pro­gres­si­ves are all hypo­cri­tes and don’t real­ly care about human rights, noti­ce not a peep about Cree­py Joe suck­ing up to tho­se tyrants, just white spoi­led golfers.…lol libtardz

  14. What? Are the­se guys real­ly that gree­dy? Now they have to sue the PGA becau­se they didn’t get enough blood money from the Sau­dis? None of them should ever be allo­wed back to the PGA. They now have the blood that dren­ched their money on their hands.

  15. So has has any of the­se player’s spon­sors taken a stand one way or the other? i did­n’t think so. so go play golf and let golf poli­ce it’s own.

  16. For fucks sake. Anyo­ne named Bry­son Dech­am­beau can­not be taken serious­ly on anything, and this fuck­ing idi­ot lives up to his stu­pid fuck­ing name. This is what you get, mouth brea­thers. At least you have your Lets Go Bran­don chant. That seems to keeps the­se morons hap­py while the world crum­bles around them.

  17. It’s ran by a bunch of cri­mi­nals with unli­mi­ted money, of cour­se ppl try­ing to go but I respect ppl who don’t sup­port it, they want all the suc­cess of Ame­ri­ca ship­ped over­seas, they’ve been doing this for the last 75 years

  18. Tiger Woods and Rory McIl­ory have so much class for refu­sing Sau­di blood-money unli­ke the other cor­rupt, gree­dy, LIV gol­fers. Keep scum out of the PGA!

  19. That dis­mem­bers Jour­na­lists? Sounds like Ame­ri­ca, Ima­gi­ne if Juli­an Assan­ge actual­ly bro­ke the law what they would do to him!

  20. The utter auda­ci­ty to take blood money, then bold­ly come back and demand your spot as if not­hing hap­pen­ed. So dis­re­spect­ful and selfish

  21. As the old say­ing goes, “Loyal­ty is to the one signing your paychecks.” If you’­re get­ting checks from LIV, your loyal­ty is no lon­ger to the PGA.

  22. Money grub­bing liv gol­fers are done. Me and many of my golf bud­dies will never watch liv golf ever. They and liv just.killed golf. Hope they love money cau­se none will ever be loved or respec­ted as true gol­fers. Enjoy blood monet gree­dy bas­tards, you guys just kil­led real golf

  23. They knew and were war­ned befo­re that they wouldn’t be able to play if they play­ed with the Saudi’s. They made their choice and now wants back in?! Bye Felicia!

  24. FOXNEWS RUSSIAN BROADCAST news lie on 📺 for the­se 😭 a.. gol­fers 🏌️‍♂️ 🏌️‍♂️ 🏌️‍♂️. Go 😢 to the A..🤡💩👹💀🇷🇺🇸🇦🖕

  25. Liv golf, the trumpers of golf, all money no class. You idi­ots will be hated the same, and deser­ve the hate. Bet­ter stay over­seas, you are not wel­co­me here anymore.

    1. Apart from my side hust­les and inco­me my port­fo­lio made a move to $970k from the past two weeks, I have lear­ned why expe­ri­en­ced tra­ders make lar­ge returns from the Mar­ket des­pi­te the dip that’s why I always say that the mar­ket are for indi­vi­du­als who real­ly under­stand it’s true signals for instance someo­ne like War­ren buf­fet still keep ear­ning pro­fi­ta­b­ly So Never, ever argue with the tra­ding sys­tem cau­se peop­le keep on bene­fi­t­ing so while you sit right the­re and watch they still eat from invest­ment money never sleeps.

    2. I don’t real­ly have much money right now I’ll have to take a loan and invest with her assap thanks I’m gra­te­ful for the info

    3. Yes pati­ence Jere­miah is the best. Am so glad she has hel­ped me and my fami­ly to over­co­me the finan­cial cri­sis right now I’m finan­cial­ly free it’s not easy to Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

  26. When Ame­ri­can ath­le­tes can be bought with money from a for­eign coun­try respon­si­ble for the deaths of so many Ame­ri­cans they should be expel­led and for­ced to live in Sau­di Arabia.

  27. Look, if you want the big cash (most of the­se guys who signed with LIV have alrea­dy made over $100 mil­li­on for their care­ers on the PGA tour) that’s your thing. But you are not immu­ne from reper­cus­sions. Effin bloated, gree­dy snowflakes.

  28. I hit litt­le plastic balls with metal sticks!
    Pay me mil­li­ons of dol­lars, wor­s­hip me, don’t say a bad word against me.
    *W* *O* *R* *S* *H* *I* *P* *M* *E* !!!!!!!

  29. They should­n’t have went to the sadis for the money when they were alrea­dy get­ting mil­li­ons here. I don’t feel sor­ry for them at all and should­n’t be able to sue the PGA

  30. Bunch of gree­dy anti demo­cra­cy ass­ho­les! I hope nobo­dy goes to or wat­ches their tour­na­ments! Anyo­ne that does is a pie­ce of shit!

  31. Ya know some peop­le will do just about anything for money, and I com­ple­te­ly see both sides of the issue. Would I do it ? I pro­bab­ly would but in my shal­low embarr­ass­ment I would not be giving inter­views and brag­ging and making a fool of mys­elf, I gon­na take that huge lump sum and pur­po­se­ly lose the game , do my inter­views, and then reti­re, and when they ask me why I would just say ‚No Comment.

  32. Lmm­fao! Con­tracts are a thing. What’s that part about beha­vi­or reflec­ting the employ­er and a risk is a risk? What that part again?
    🤡’s you got­ta love them.

  33. The­re should be cos­mic gol­fing like the­re was cos­mic bow­ling. Ima­gi­ne that? You’d need a lot of L.E.D. to pull it off. But imagine.

  34. This reminds me of the suit against the NFL by the USFL, spear­hea­ded buy New Jer­sey Gene­rals owner Donald Trump. They sued the NFL under anti-trust laws and were awar­ded $1.00 (auto­ma­ti­cal­ly $3.00 by law). That check remains uncashed.

  35. Well, you wan­ted to take blood money so you took blood money. Now you have to be jud­ged for it and guess what.… got some stank on you that PGA does­n’t want asso­cia­ted with them.

  36. Cocai­ne addict, gamb­ling Yon­kie and was­hed out play­ers !! 👎🏼👎🏼💩💩!! Trai­tors !! Blood money !! Remem­ber 9/11 ??? I DO !!

  37. I hope the­se gol­fers spon­sors are paying atten­ti­on, I sure as he’ll won’t sup­port any pro­duct the­se enti­t­led ass­ho­les push or use.

  38. Hahaha.…pga is a pri­va­te busi­ness isn’t it? Can refu­se to do busi­ness with anyo­ne they want to.… the­se guys are cowards and a dis­grace to ever­yo­ne that died during 9/11

  39. This is hil­arious. Just to fkn fun­ny! Don’t want to ever see the­se peop­le in the PGA ever again… they’­re a dis­grace to the fami­lies of 9/11 !!!!

  40. Aw hell, I guess 9/11 was­n’t that bad. I’ll go for the money. Do they think no one will noti­ce? Do they think no one will care? I think the play­ers that sold their souls to the devil are in for a nas­ty sunrise.

  41. The Vir­tue signa­ling on this is is hypo­cri­ti­cal at best and com­ple­te­ly idio­tic and asi­ni­ne at worst. We live in a capi­ta­list coun­try and that means you get to do busi­ness and make money howe­ver you can to the best of your abi­li­ty regard­less of the repu­ta­ti­on for wrong­doings of the peop­le you do busi­ness with. And all of you clut­ching your pearls becau­se live golf is Sau­di backed are all using iPho­nes, wea­ring clothes, dri­ving cars, and other things that were manu­fac­tu­red in sweat­shops by peop­le who are basi­cal­ly slaves. So bear me the righ­te­ous indignation.

  42. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Gre­at news. Good man Rory and co! Nazi Greg and co have the greed of hell in them and are dan­cing on the sawn up defi­led bodies of inno­cent peop­le . They dis­gust the majo­ri­ty of decent peop­le in the world. The PGA is the crè­me de la crè­me of tour­na­ments. Liv tour­na­ment is shi­te and sto­mach churning

  43. It appears they have chosen…POORLY
    They can take their MAGA asses and go fuck themselves.
    May­be Sau­di Ara­bia will give them citizenship

  44. If the Sau­dis crea­ted Rival leagues to the MLB or NFL, play­ers could not play in both base­ball leagues or foot­ball leagues. Sor­ry fel­las, you made your choice. Just more idi­ot traitors!

  45. That’s what you get!but the­se gol­fers can stick to donny,just remem­ber gol­fers have your che­que book ready,Donny needs your money!foolish move golfers!

    1. Let’s not for­get Trump’s famous dance in SA. It goes back deca­des. It’s all about oil and money. After ever­ything that SA did and is doing against the USA they still get pre­fe­ren­ti­al tre­at­ment. Oil and money.

    1. @Marked Safe From Being Rai­ded Bajan­king 🇧🇧 Ame­ri­ca is a rich and power­ful coun­try… Whe­re is the free health­ca­re and free edu­ca­ti­on at?

  46. Con­se­quen­ces my friends. What part of that does­n’t anyo­ne under­stand? They knew what they were doing when they cha­sed that check. 😂

  47. The­se “gol­fers” who were out for quick cash, most espe­cial­ly BLOOD MONEY, from Sau­di Ara­bia, are being held to account for being scumbags.
    They left the PGA and then whined just like Litt­le Tucky Carl­son the fro­zen food trust fund toddler.
    It bit them in the backside, and the­se fools are dis­co­vering that the upfront blood monies han­ded to them by Sau­di Ara­bia are deduc­ted from any future winnings.
    How delicious.

  48. The FFAFFFAFF or Fake Figh­t­ing Asso­cia­ti­on For Fake Figh­t­ing And Fake Figh­ters is plan­ning ano­t­her event in S‑Arabia. The WWE I am Tal­king about the WWE.

  49. Honest­ly makes me won­der what’s going on in that league for them to want to come run­ning back to pga so fast. Someo­ne didn’t read the fine print 😂

  50. So…these LIV golfers…not com­pe­ti­tors any more…simply paid playthings for the saudis.…Their newest acqui­si­ti­on. I bet they keep them in stables..
    I guess 9/11 and Kas­hog­gi did­n’t mean anything to the sellouts…

  51. When you’­ve been pri­vi­le­ged your ent­i­re care­er, equa­li­ty in jud­ge­ment of your bad beha­vi­or feels like mistre­at­ment. Wel­co­me to our world rich douchebags.

  52. Have they real­ly thought about how they’d be trea­ted if they were able to come back? I can just hear all the shit the fans would give them for gol­fing for murderers 🤣

  53. Why does ever­yo­ne sud­den­ly hate Cra­pi­ta­lism? Is it becau­se indi­vi­du­als are beha­ving like cor­po­ra­ti­ons? And that shall not stand?

    tRump and Bye­Do­ne and Shrub and Obom­ber bro­ke bread and sold wea­pons to the­se murderers.

  54. EFF THEM ALL! Greg, Phil, Bub­ba, etc. Biden should­n’t have gone the­re eit­her. Over 50 peop­le have been exe­cu­t­ed this year in the “king­dom” sim­ply for pro­tes­ting against the gov’t! The­re are thousands of Asi­an workers who had their pass­ports taken away when they got the­re. They are now SLAVES! And for all you peop­le that are quick to go the “hypo­cri­te” rou­te, here’s this: It’s ridi­cu­lous to say, if you dri­ve a car, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED to speak against this HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSING THEOCRATIC DICTATORSHIP! Any­bo­dy that does­n’t speak out against “prince bone saw” and his hor­ri­fic régime has no soul. And I don’t give a damn about the PGA eit­her. THIS IS MORALLY OUTRAGEOUS!

  55. I saw a guy with what I thought was a liv golf hat. I was about to call him trash to his face when I rea­li­zed it was a super bowl 54 hat. But call them trash to their faces.

    1. Yeah I bet you was tough guy lol. One thing we know for sure… nobo­dy that wat­ches golf on tv is say­ing anything out of the way to somebody’s face

  56. I’m so hap­py to see this & to here the­re gen­tle­men say it will be gre­at to get rid of the cir­cus & get back to the game, I had a fee­ling Trump was rui­ning others fun.

  57. Do any of the­se gol­fers remem­ber 911? Is money enough to be a sell­out? Phil Mickel­son used to be my favo­ri­te gol­fer. I’ve lost all respect for him. He’s alrea­dy a mil­lion­aire why does he need more? I’ll never watch a LIV tour­na­ment. Bye bye Phil, I honest­ly hope you live to reg­ret your decision.

  58. You know what other com­pa­ny is fue­led by Sau­di Money? Twit­ter, Ama­zon, and almost ever­ything else you enjoy in this coun­try. Stop being a bunch of hypocrites

    1. @Carseye1 you keep figh­t­ing the good fight bud­dy. I bet Sau­di Ara­bia has mee­tings in the work right now to try to figu­re out how to make you guys happy 🤣

  59. Watching all the­se cry­ba­bies in this chat talk about the­se guys and they are the same ones sin­ging the prai­ses of Lebron while he is sel­ling out to chi­na. You peop­le are so phony

    1. Damn can’t you see you bene­fit from that same cheap labor that you are try­ing to cri­ti­ci­ze lebron 🤦🏾‍♂️how in the world has he sold out to anyone!!

    2. @Bobby Car­ter he does­n’t know, in fact we all bene­fit from cheap labor in Chi­na. Peop­le like him kill me with BS that spout off, they will com­p­lain about manu­fac­tu­ring jobs moving out to to cheap labor coun­tries, but be damn if they pay a .10 cents or a dol­lar more for some­thing made here in the USA. Do we have a pro­blem with labor being out­sour­ced to cheap labor coun­tries, yeah we do. But we also have the ans­wer to our pro­blems, pay a dime more or dol­lar more for your items. But as usu­al with most USA citi­zens, the moment some­thing rai­ses in pri­ces they all want to cry about it. So to “My Cats are Libe­ral and anyo­ne like him/her buy made in the USA or bet­ter yet don’t spend $100s of dol­lars for shoes made in Chi­na or Indo­ne­sia, try to buy USA made pro­ducts, pro­blem solved.

  60. I don’t see whe­re the con­fu­si­on is. If you have an exclu­si­ve con­tract with an asso­cia­ti­on then you have to honor that. It’s no dif­fe­rent then an MBL play­er not being able to go play over­seas for a dif­fe­rent league while they are under con­tract. Even simp­ler. It’s no dif­fe­rent from being in a uni­on. Sor­ry, you can’t dip one foot on one side and one in ano­t­her just becau­se you want to pro­fi­teer. Con­tracts don’t work that way.

  61. Hey they were the ones that cho­se to go to a golf tour­na­ment with Trump in the Saudi’s spon­so­red and now they wan­na run back to the PGA and the PGA in my book has the right to not let them go on tour if they don’t want them till they cho­se to join liv Becau­se they care about the money and not who the hell was spon­so­ring it too bad live with it

  62. Why do you give LIV any press? TyT sports is the king of giving shi­theads extra atten­ti­on. You’re part of the pro­blem. Let the­se gree­dy fucks fade away

  63. When you deci­ded to take Sau­di Blood Money you don’t get to whi­ne about the con­se­quen­ces of get­ting Black­bal­led by Ame­ri­can Organizations.

  64. Spoi­led, coun­try club, frat boy litt­le c*** whi­ners. Take your blood money and stfu, the lot of you. T****, Tucker, Mickel­son, MTG, and all the par­ti­ci­pants 🤐. Your time will come, with hand­cuffs, and there’s not gon­na be any­mo­re bigo­ted coun­try clubs or golf tour­na­ments left. Keep it up!

  65. Let’s call them out for what they are… damn dir­ty Com­mies. They quit their gym and still insist on all the perks of the mem­bers­hip. That’s not how it works.

  66. No sym­pa­thy for the­se “money over ever­ything” folks.
    We can’t pre­tend that they’­re not in bed with ter­ro­rists, both inter­na­tio­nal and domestic.

  67. Golf is the dum­best sport on the pla­net. Dum­ber than poker (of which I mys­elf don’t con­si­der a sport)
    They use up way too much land, and water requi­red for the grass

  68. Aus­tra­lia has now revo­ked Greg’s citi­zenship becau­se peop­le in Aus­tra­lia don’t sup­port the human rights vio­la­ti­ons of the Sau­di government and prince 💩🤡

  69. F… PGA tour, it’s Sau­di time now, whe­ther you like it or not. This coun­try is living to the max for its peop­le. Living in total peace­ful com­mu­ni­ty, unli­ke USA whe­re taking lives is like cashing out a dol­lar check from Walm­art. Car­jacking and so many more evil on a dai­ly basis and y’all wan­na talk down about a coun­try that’s doing right. Pathetic.

    1. Last time I check, Sau­di Ara­bia was­n’t a hot desti­na­ti­on spot. Yall talk all this and that about Ame­ri­ca but wan­na come visit here and wan­na have what we have over the­re. Knock it off F…LIV golf tour.…how many atta­ckers was from Sau­di Ara­bia on 9/11..???? Never will trust them

  70. Go get that money! All the­se peop­le screa­ming at the­se gol­fers about get­ting paid, the Sau­dis invest in Apple too.….are y’all watching this on an iPho­ne still. Dri­ve late­ly? Just stop with this weird non sto­ry sto­ry. Tiger does­n’t play, so who cares anymore?

    1. Apple does­n’t choo­se who buys it’s stock, the­se gol­fers are wil­lin­g­ly choo­sing to play in a tour­na­ment bank­rol­led by the Saudis.

    2. Well done Jon, ama­zing to see so many dumb out of con­text comments in one sen­tence fol­lo­wed by the most disin­ge­nuous “I don’t care any­way”. Do you read what you wri­te befo­re you hit “Reply”. P.S. I’m watching on a pc 🤣🤣

    3. @Aussie this outra­ge is disin­ge­nuous. PC, made of plastic, a bypro­duct of oil. .…… The point is it’s just becau­se golf does­n’t affect day to day life that peop­le are pre­ten­ding to be outra­ged. The US sells the Sau­dis arms, and trains their pilots in Pen­sa­co­la FL. But I’m the igno­rant one, no… I just don’t get mad when told , but hey, bah bah right?

  71. Fuck all of them how is it Ame­ri­ca first but choo­se to side with killer’s they bom­bed us now u want to make money off them what about the fami­lies that lost fami­ly on 9–11

  72. PGA offe­ring them litt­le ass checks if I was a gol­fer I’d do a LIV tour and get mil­li­ons of dol­lars why not plus the histo­ry of racism in the PGA why not I say f*** the PGA and go strai­ght to LIV now it’s a big deal huh remem­be­red sto­ries of black folks having issu­es on golf cour­ses here in Ame­ri­ca yeah now that ano­t­her Top Notch Asso­cia­ti­on is com­pe­ting with the PGA the good old boys are having a pro­blem kee­ping up

  73. It’s simp­le. Eit­her you’­re in or you’­re out. You can’t have it both ways. LIV golf are a direct com­pe­ti­ti­on to PGA tour. It’s taken them deca­des to build up their repu­ta­ti­on and now LIV comes in and wants ever­ything deli­ve­r­ed on a sil­ver plat­ter. Or in the Sau­dis case a gold platter..

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