IN DIESEM VIDEO HABEN WIR SPASS MIT DEN BESTEN ZEHN GOLFSPRÜCHEN, DIE ICH KENNE. ? HABE ICH IRGENDWELCHES VERPASST ►STELLEN SIE SICHER, DASS SIE KOSTENLOS EIN GOLF-MATE WERDEN https://​bit​.ly/​2​G​2​S​1vf ►Fol­gen Sie mir auf Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​@​G​O​L​F​V​L​O​G​SUK 👀Insta­gram: GOLF_VLOGS_UK 👀 Twit­ter: https:/ / ———————- MEINE KAMERAAUSRÜSTUNG PANASONIC CAMCORDER HX 870 X 2 SONY CYBER SHOT SMAL CAMERA GOPRO ses­si­on 5 DJI Phan­tom 4 STRANDARD ÜBER MICH: Ich bin Liam Har­ri­son, gebo­ren und auf­ge­wach­sen in Bol­ton. Ich bin ein Lieb­ha­ber von Golf, Leben und Lachen. Begann vor 12 Jah­ren mit Golf, nach­dem ich mit 28 wegen einer Rücken­ver­let­zung in den Fuß­ball ein­ge­stie­gen war. Ich habe den You­tube-Kanal als Lacher und Wim gestar­tet, um mich zum Üben zu brin­gen, aber das ging aus dem Fens­ter, als ich mit dem Vlog­gen anfing, weil ich es lieb­te, vor der Kame­ra zu sein, aber mehr noch die Inter­ak­ti­on mit mei­nen #golf­ma­tes. In 14 Mona­ten habe ich gese­hen, wie sich der Kanal ent­wi­ckelt hat und zur ein­zi­gen ech­ten Golf-Com­mu­ni­ty auf You­tube gewor­den ist, auf die ich sehr stolz bin. Ich möch­te mich bei allen #golf­ma­tes bedan­ken, die bei uns waren und uns und den Kanal von Anfang an unter­stützt haben. Nicht zu ver­ges­sen unse­re neu­en #golf­ma­tes, die viel­leicht gera­de erst über den Kanal gestol­pert sind.

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  1. “Mother-in-law shot” gets a laugh every round. Defi­ni­te­ly not clai­med it as my own… honest ha.

    “wormbur­ner” gets a gigg­le for the old scut­tler shots n all.

    1. @colin glen LOL, that’s the sort of stunt that I would Pull. I usual­ly mana­ge to put both of my size 11’s in my mouth at regu­lar inter­vals LOL

  2. After your part­ner hits a wide one into the trees – “my dog would­n’t find that if it had bacon wrap­ped around it!!”

    1. I lik­ed OMP ’s when he said ” I’ve been a mem­ber here 50 years, never knew this was part of the cour­se” When the Dick hit it in the trees 😂

  3. Here is one for you if your golf mates putt is extre­me­ly short of the hole and he is still away ask him if his wife plays?

    1. Bril­li­ant. If you use it in one of your vide­os I’ll buy you a pint 🍺👍ha.

      Gre­at chan­nel mate abso­lute­ly love it. 👍

  4. Gre­at video as always! Love tho­se kind espe­cial­ly the one you brought out about how to keep an eye out for cheaters 😂. 

    Need your advice Liam. I’ve been hard at work try­ing to res­to­re my dads old clubs from the 70s. They had rust ever­y­whe­re and whe­re just strai­ght mining. I’m at the sta­ge now whe­re I’m about to regrip the bug­gers and all I have left to do is choo­se a colour to fill in the gaps on the clubs(paint fill). I’m torn bet­ween white or blue. Can you help? Or any other golf mate out the­re? What colour pops on sil­ver clubs 🥵🤯

  5. Elton John 😂😂😂 and the Ben­ny Hill music shoul­d’­ve had OMP and the Dick run­ning round cha­sing you 😂😂😂

  6. My favou­rite com­bi­nes cock­ney rhy­ming slang with a spoo­ne­rism (whe­re you swap the first let­ters of the two words) – when your ball is on the frin­ge of the green.…it’s on the ‘Mary’ – Mary Hin­ge – fringe!

  7. Hit­ler – one shot in the bunker
    Sad­dam Hus­sein – 2 shots or more in the bunker
    Chi­cken Stick – taking an iron off the tee on a par 4 (espe­cial­ly off the first)

  8. Liam, STOP IT!! LMAO I may pee my pants!!! 😉 😉 Gre­at fun with tho­se sayings, but I thought if you used your 9 iron it was he hit­ting (Ger­man) NIEN! One of tho­se dual mea­nings I guess.

  9. Like the Leba­ne­se Lawn, Ste­ven Segal and Elton John. 😂
    For a top­per we use Sal­ly Gun­nell – it’s ugly but a runner.
    Ins­tead of Sal­man Rush­die we use Dickie Bird – Its a wide.

  10. A “usga putt” u suck, go again.… “pre­ma­tu­re dejec­tu­la­ti­on” get all angry right off the hit/putt and then it goes in or ends up being a gre­at shot

  11. Lol love my own per­so­nal say­ing if someo­ne goes in the tree or bus­hes is he spends more time in the trees then Tar­zan lol 😂😂😂

    1. I need to come have a round across the pond. Your vide­os always make my day. I always look for­ward to your notifications.

  12. So, you’­re about 120 yards out, top it or thin it, ter­ri­ble shot, but it somehow runs up to the green, we call it a FABIO. Fu*kin Awful But It’s On.

  13. Off to Por­tu­gal on Mon­day . Golf holi­day for 5 days.…..a say­ing is when your on the green..mark that again and I will give you it.x

  14. My gf has a say­ing when she “tops” her dri­ves and goes 50–60 yds, tea­ring up grass all the way. She calls them “Sna­ke Rapers.”

  15. Love it! My faves the­re have to be OJ Simp­son or the Mother In-Law. How about when you cant get it in the air.…worm burner 😀

  16. New one for you. York­shire Rules when you hit your ball down the midd­le and one of your play­ing part­ners has kno­cked way of line .We shout York­shire rules and they say what that reply, f__k go find your own and walk off down the midd­le of the fair­way. 👌🏌️‍♂️

  17. AWwww „,well up big yin !! That’s a favou­rite when someo­ne final­ly gets a shot off the deck .…lol.scottish thing mea­ning ..“you are play­ing shit mate ..

  18. I intro­du­ced the “mother in law” the other day to gre­at effect ‚my mate was ren­de­red inca­pa­ble for a good while😁,if one of us is having trou­ble in a bun­ker we say ” he’s after Eva Braun’s knickers”.

  19. I’ve said it befo­re and I’ll say it again your as mad as a box of frogs. No chan­ce in any Ste­ve sea­gals when I’m around 😂😂 #GOLFMATES

  20. TPG, Don’t know if I’m get­ting used to your cadence or what but I under­stand you now (SCARY). I love your fun­ny sayings, I’ve heard you say most of them except the Elton John one and I rol­led off the sofa. Keep it up. P.S. I’ve got my grand­son hoo­ked as well!

  21. Say­ing I’ve used for many of years for a putt that is ter­ri­b­ly off line and drasti­cal­ly left short or has gone long is, “Other than the line and speed it was a good putt.”, lol. Cheers Liam.

  22. Liam… are you about next week? play­ing pen­wort­ham mon­day, fair­ha­ven tues­day, pres­ton wed­nes­day and cli­the­roe thurs­day? I have some things to give you..

  23. A “Sonia” ugly as f… but will run.
    A “GaryEoin” when you got it a bit high. “Drop­kick” me through the goa­l­posts of life for a drop kick.

    A “Chi­ne­se” fade is a shank.
    A “Mexi­can” dance when two or three balls around the pin.
    A “Pear­lor” when you rip one down the middle.
    A “Dog licen­se” when you beat someo­ne 7&6.
    So many, lol be wri­ting for a week 😂😂

  24. Good fun.if you hit a tree and boun­ces out to the fairway:“How much did you pay the squir­rels” one of the best was OMP after Liam hit into the woods ” I did not know this was part of the course”


  25. Arthur Askey. Just didn’t have the legs.
    Hit­ting a Ger­ry Adams.….a provisional.
    Wet­ter than an Otters pocket.….……
    Or last­ly, why not a Liam?????? Not very good, but made you smile.

  26. Ano­t­her gre­at video Liam. Like the Elton John one…will be using that. Glenn Mil­ler shot. Try to go over water but don’t make it.
    Rod­ney King…Over clubbed
    Con­dom shot…Didn’t feel right but safe

  27. In the bun­ker: ano­t­her day at the beach
    A bad tee shot: phuck a duck
    Putt short: you dir­ty who­re get in the hole.…..GolfMate from across the big pond.….

  28. Gre­at video Liam…surely no one is offended?
    What does your hus­band play off? And also…i think you drop­ped your lip­s­tick after that putt came up short.
    You are right Liam…we take this game too serious too much…lets have a laugh

  29. Any­bo­dy remem­ber Sam Tor­ran­ce com­men­ta­ting on a chip shot over a bun­ker “This loo­ks like a NITBY” – Not In The Bun­ker Yet.…. well it was fun­ny wen he said it.

  30. When I play a per­fect pro­vi­sio­nal ball after duf­fing a tee shot, i some­ti­mes say you should be allo­wed to play your Blue Peter shot first ie the one I made earlier.

  31. Got to have some fun mate , still like the mother in law one . nice vlog Liam you have to have a piss take with your mates .

  32. A Ger­ry Adams – play­ing a Provisional 

    A Lady­boy – loo­ks like an easy hole but all is not what it seems

    A Dou­glas Bader – loo­ked good in the air, but did­n’t have the legs

  33. Liam – qua­li­ty abso­lu­te qua­li­ty – was rea­dy to “Geoff Hirst” with laugh­ter at the end!!!!💪💪💪👍👍👍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
    All you nee­ded was to wear a cap back­wards with an uptur­ned peak and a few buxom blon­de babes in sus­pen­ders!!! Job done!!! Dont tell Kirsty – hor­mo­nes – could kill fo an O J Simpson🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  34. We now have varia­ti­ons on your “ger­man”. …“The hun”, or it loo­ks like the right distance for the “SS”. Lest we for­get. We have a ger­man in our group. He is now cal­led “9 iron”.

  35. You hit a dri­ve off line onto the other fair­way but it’s ok, we call it a “Tit Kis­ser” (opens up the Hole.….)

  36. A top – Wormbur­ner A Shank = Geor­ge Arthur Rank or Tom­my Tank A Socket – Davy Cro­cket or Lucy Locket Long Putt Holed = A tram­ri­der A Hook Cap­tain Cook

  37. I love that “loo­ks strai­ght but, is not”.…I get a lots of “that was a good dri­ve” every Sunday morning.…great video, and your right golf is about enjoy­ing life just a litt­le bit more.…

  38. When I play­ed last week I said 5 times “that’s a bit short like your wil­ly “ not sure whe­re I’ve got this say­ing from

  39. Here are some of my favourites:
    – The Che Gue­va­ra, the putt which finis­hes “just one revo­lu­ti­on away”
    – The Sad­dam Hus­sein, when you go from bun­ker to bun­ker and then up and down… 

    - The Adolf Hit­ler : two shots, still in the bunker…

  40. Must have been hard try­ing to chip it like the Dick in tho­se clips 👍
    What about a Glen Mil­ler… Too low and did­n’t make it over the water. 👍

  41. The 3 putts should be a Ben­ny Hill (you know with the music). A top­ped shot is a Sal­ly Gun­nel. Ugly but a good runner.

  42. Liam, I want to thank you for the video onOMP’s advice about play­ing your irons. I was play­ing today and deci­ded to try it with my irons. To my amazment, it real­ly hel­ped my shots. I love your vide­os and your mates, keep up the good work and plea­se give a shout out to OMP with my thanks.

  43. HA! HA! I just used “nice dri­ve” last wee­kend when one of our group hit a 280 yard dri­ve down the midd­le on a par 4, and ended up with a 7.

  44. call the sand the kit­ty lit­ter, and when im on the green you can say your dan­cing, i say im Ted Dan­son. Then of cour­se the SBU, Shi**y but useful.

  45. Loo­ked at all the comments and no one came up with the Lin­da Ron­stadt! When you out­dri­ve your play­ing part­ner, Blue Bay­ou (Blew by you). Loved it!

  46. When you de-cell & duff a chip.….“played that with as much com­mit­ment as my ex wife”
    When oppon­ents having an off day.….“someone lea­ve you that han­di­cap in their will?”

  47. “A posh spi­ce”. A bit thin but not bad. Or when you chunk one.….“That was fat and nas­ty, but thats enough about of the wife”. When you stri­pe one down the middle.….…“I dont go that far on holi­day”. And when you keep get­ting Kate and Ger­ry McCanns.…“Really poor lies but keep get­ting away with it”. When your mate is put­ting befo­re you on a simi­lar line but he hits a Dai­ly Sport.…“A shi­te read”.
    And this always gets a titter.….“Ive gone through more balls today than Elton John’s chin!!”

  48. Bra­zi­li­an putt, clo­se shave
    Greek, in the back door
    South Ame­ri­can putt, just nee­ded one more revo­lu­ti­on to be in.…

  49. Haha most golf ban­ter isn’t as high qua­li­ty as demons­tra­ted here. What is infu­ria­ting is when a play­ing part­ner feels com­pel­led to com­men­ta­te every shot you do… this redu­ces fun lol. I don’t need someo­ne to point out my shank…

  50. YOu for­got one cal­led : Lan­ce Arme­s­trong : Liam play­ed fine for one hole , then he went all Lan­ce Arm­strong , Lost a ball and star­ted cheating .….… 😁😜🤪

  51. Play­ed with a black golf­ma­te one time down in Ari­zo­na USA. He mis­sed a putt qui­te wide and said, ” boy did l Ray Charles that one!

  52. Hey, Liam. I hope you’­re doing well.

    No, real­ly. I hope you’­re doing WELL. Becau­se if you ever put out ano­t­her video that I laugh out loud at work while watching and have to exp­lain what an Elton John putt is, I may end up having to move in with you, sin­ce I won’t have a job any more.

    Abso­lute­ly hilarious. 👍

  53. If you hit from a fair­way bun­ker into a green­si­de bun­ker it’s cal­led a “bin laden” – bun­ker to bunker…

  54. Here’s a cou­p­le more. A Princess Grace! ( I should of used a Dri­ver!) or a Princess Dia­na! (I shouldn’t of used a Driver!)

  55. When you have a putt of 15 feet and you lea­ve it short by 7 feet, we say did you get caught up in you blou­se 👚 or did you drop some­thing when you hit the ball, if they turn around to look you say it must off been your lip­s­tick 💄. No lady’s whe­re har­med with typ­ing this mes­sa­ge. The­re are some good ones Liam, I might pinch a cou­p­le for my Cana­di­an friends, they don’t under­stand me eit­her, being a Old­ham boy. 😀😀🏌️🍻🇨🇦🇨🇦

  56. Not sure if this one has been added yet. When your part­ner is having a sho­cker and not finis­hed a few holes: “your card has more rings than a Sterns cata­log!” Sterns is a jewel­ry store in BTW.

  57. Fol­lowing on from you cal­ling your nine iron your “ger­man”, I’ve got a mate who’s a Strict­ly Come Dan­cing fan who calls his seven iron his “Len Goodman”!

  58. Old one but a good one (haven’t sent it yet in the comments and apo­lo­gies if it’s there).
    When your part­ner hits a fat one “the­re a big lump of shit on the end of your club the­re mate”, and as he loo­ks at the face of the club you add “the other end mate”.

  59. Play­er takes a drop= “Hey one ball drop­ped… You’­re half­way there!
    Play­er hits into the water= Bloo­dy Hooker…it’s slop­py and wet!

  60. if you hit a shot/putt and its short.… did­n’t hit that hard enough…no shi­te sher­lock, is that why it did­n’t reach?.

  61. When your play­ing part­ner hits a huge slice…….we shout C.T.F. – CUT TO F*@K!!!Another one…when your play­ing part­ner hits a putt but does­n’t lose his turn.…DEAD SHEEP…STILL YEW!!!Thin run­ning shot that boun­ces up the fairway…SALLY GUNNELL!!!!love the Ger­man, I’ll have to remem­ber that one!!!Another gre­at video and laugh during the morning cof­fee break!!

  62. You got an “Elton John” mixed up with a “Rock Hud­son.” An Elton John is “a big ben­der that lips the rim!!!” 😨

    “Kate Wins­lett” – A litt­le bit fat but other­wi­se OK.
    “Cap­tain Kirk” – Whe­re no man has gone before.

  63. A Ricky Mar­tin (same as Elton John),
    Red Arrows all the 4 ball are in dif­fe­rent posi­ti­ons off the tee,
    defi­ni­te­ly a Sal­ly Gunnell,
    worm shag­ger (a ball that never gets off the turf)
    Law­rence of Ara­bia (Leba­ne­se Lawn),
    Tho­mas Tan­ked it (shank­ed)

  64. Liam: When is The Dick back and is he gon­na tell us all about his Thai exploits? Do you have the abi­li­ty an you get him to tell all?

  65. A Hit­ler – 2 shots in a bunker
    Shaving the hole like a gynae­co­lo­gist assi­stant- If your putts are clo­se but run by
    A Sal­ly Gun­nel – an ugly shot but it’s running
    A Robin Cook – It died on the hill
    Dou­glas Bader – loo­ked good in the air but didn’t have the legs
    A Glen Mil­ler – kept low but didn’t make it over the water
    An Arthur Scar­gill – A gre­at strike but a poor result
    A Mara­dona – ano­t­her nas­ty 5 footer
    A Micha­el Jack­son – star­ted off gre­at but faded badly

  66. Your Elton John is also known as a Rock Hud­son. What about:

    Dou­glas Bader – a putt left short becau­se it “has­n’t got the legs”
    Does your hus­band play? – again a putt that does­n’t get to the hole
    Don’t trip over your hand­bag – simi­lar to above
    Try taking the head cover off it – a short drive
    Den­nis Wise – a nas­ty five footer
    Mick Jag­ger – a put that “lips out”
    Fri­to lay – A fat chip (that’s the Ame­ri­can ver­si­on of our crisp)

    Some others too I won’t men­ti­on publicly.

  67. Mis­sed a short one when my dad was cad­dy­ing for me, he remar­ked, ‘Your eyes must be pain­ted on’ chee­ky bugger!

  68. Richard Boxall said s good one, last week: A “Son in Law” shot I.e. you were hoping for some­thing better!

    What about the “Honey­moon Shot”: opens up the hole!

  69. It’s not an Elton John that loo­ks strai­ght but isn’t, its a Rock Hud­son! An Elton is when the ball rims round the the hole and then goes in the back door!

  70. Love it we don’t need poli­ti­cal cor­rect­ness in ever­ything when it’s deli­ve­r­ed in good fun and not meant in a mali­cious way

  71. That ball is run­ning like a two-year old’s nose… or for the WWII Navy Vets…That ball is run­ning like a sailor’s dick.

  72. Flip­ping bril­li­ant mate – loved that. The Ste­ve Sea­gal one was a new one for me.
    Fun­niest bit was you say­ing “…and take the money off OMP”
    Cheers from #500

  73. Pmsl here.… a few bel­ters I’m kee­ping up ma cuff for when I’m out with ma mates.….… I recent­ly hit a shot and was still behind my mates dri­ves with ma second shot… one of them said ” deid sheep John­nie ‚(dead sheep) … I said what do you mean.… he then replied ” Still ewe”😂😂

  74. When you hit one into a tree and a second or two later it drops down on the fair­way, I’ve heard guys say “Ill have to give that squir­rel a pea­nut” or “Good squir­rel!” I also heard a guy say to his part­ner when he swung so hard he whif­fed it, “They go far­t­her if you hit them.… blowing them down the fair­way does­n’t work.” An old guy who wat­ched his part­ner, who was famous for impro­ving his lie, go into tall rough told him “Take a club with you, you might see a sna­ke or need more than your ‘foot wedge’.”

  75. Liam, love the chan­nel. I have some­thing I would like to send you so you can give it a go on the cour­se. Check it out at stem​ja​ckets​.com. If you’re inte­res­ted I’d love to have you and your buds try them out.

  76. What about:-
    1) a boun­cy ugly run­ning shot
    ” a Pau­la Ratcliff”
    2) two shots in the bunker
    “An Adolf Hitler”
    3) it flies ok but lan­ded miles away
    “A Ryan Air”
    4) a suc­ces­si­on of poor lies
    “A Tony Blair”
    5) a shot that’s fat but holds onto the green
    “A Miss Piggy”

  77. When your play­ing part­ner takes a huge divot, “ Are you golng to replace that or take it to the har­vest festival”?

  78. You need to have your clubs shor­ten­ed by 3″.
    Will that make me a bet­ter golfer?
    No, they will just fit in the whee­lie bin then.

  79. When you hit a ball on the head and it runs real­ly well down the fair­way on the green we call that a Cathy Free­man ugly but it can run

  80. If you lag a putt and lea­ve it short “does your hus­band play golf too?” or “did your skirt get in the way?” Sor­ry ladies. It’s just a joke.

  81. LOVED this, Liam. Had a good ol’ laugh!!!!! Love being a #Golf­Ma­te awe­so­me com­mu­ni­ty! Think you need to visit South Afri­ca for a round of golf with me, you might be using A LOT of the­se sayings… more espe­cial­ly, “that’s a mother-in-law” hahahahaha

  82. Favou­rite anec­do­te. Ame­ri­can golf trip­per says to cad­dy at St Andrews. “Do you think I can get the­re with a 5 Iron?.. .… Aye..Eventually sir.”

  83. I don’t swing the club very hard; the­re­fo­re I often pay “ladies” balls (low com­pres­si­on, stam­ped Lady on them). When my guys find out, I tell them, “It’s Okay to play with Lady’s balls; at least that’s what Bruce/Caitlyn Jen­ner tells me.”

  84. At a tour­na­ment a group of us were hit­ting balls at the range…which was a man made lake. One kid a few yards away lost his grip and his 7 iron went fly­ing about 35 yds out to the water. Just befo­re it splas­hed my bud­dy yells BITE! The timing was per­fect lol.

  85. When you sky a dri­ve your using a pit­ching wood. Crap chip or put touch of an Ele­phant, crap first putt not a dust­bin lid more like a skip

  86. Thanks Ran­dy, ” I have never seen any­bo­dy take so long to hit such a bad shot”. Or, play­ing a new cour­se with peop­le you don’t know and hit­ting a bad dri­ve on the first hole, ” That’s it Bil­ly, don’t show them ever­ything on the first hole”.😁

  87. *A 9 can be an Elton too, as in 9 bob­ber or 9 bob note.

    A Cap­tain as in “he’s hit a Cap­tain” when you hook it.

    A Colo­nel as in “he scored a Colo­nel” as in bogey, or you can just do the Colo­nel Bogey tune to it once they sink the putt.…Ask OMP if you don’t know how it goes.

    A Kami­ka­ze “he’s hit a Kami­ka­ze” when you top it.

    Or when someo­ne puts it in the bun­ker you ask did they bring any bread with them becau­se they’­re “gon­na need a sand wedge.”

    *Or they’­re in the “Court­ney Love” as in rough…Lady Gaga, Lin­day Logan and Kel­ly Osbourne work too and all can be shor­ten­ed to a Court­ney, a Gaga, a Lind­say or a Kelly.

    The ones I like say­ing the most though are “you shoul­da gone for it” whenever you know someo­ne has gone for the green or a putt and they lea­ve it short by miles and using “that’s a air­way shot” in a sen­tence after a bad hit, as in “that’s a fair way from whe­re it should be.”

    *I’m not par­ti­cu­lar­ly proud of tho­se though, as it’s a bit jud­ge­men­tal and mean-spi­ri­ted lol

  88. *A 9 can be an Elton too, as in 9 bob­ber or 9 bob note.

    A Cap­tain as in “he’s hit a Cap­tain” when you hook it.

    A Colo­nel as in “he scored a Colo­nel” as in bogey, or you can just do the Colo­nel Bogey tune to it once they sink the putt.…Ask OMP if you don’t know how it goes.

    A Kami­ka­ze “he’s hit a Kami­ka­ze” when you top it.

    Or when someo­ne puts it in the bun­ker you ask did they bring any bread with them becau­se they’­re “gon­na need a sand wedge.”

    *Or they’­re in the “Court­ney Love” as in rough…Lady Gaga, Lin­day Logan and Kel­ly Osbourne work too and all can be shor­ten­ed to a Court­ney, a Gaga, a Lind­say or a Kelly.

    The ones I like say­ing the most though are “you shoul­da gone for it” whenever you know someo­ne has gone for the green or a putt and they lea­ve it short by miles and using “that’s a air­way shot” in a sen­tence after a bad hit, as in “that’s a fair way from whe­re it should be.”

    *I’m not par­ti­cu­lar­ly proud of tho­se though, as it’s a bit jud­ge­men­tal and mean-spi­ri­ted lol

  89. You are a ray of light Liam enjoy­ing life and having fun we can see, most gol­fers who play golf do not have many disa­bi­li­ties, we are ali­ve and most of us can see, play with your mates or fami­ly, ali­ve each day, so set yourself free, enjoy the air, free­dom even when your in the trees! You have a gre­at fol­lowing as you can see, this will have been noti­ced and am sure it won’t be long till we see you on TV, You will remem­ber your golf mate and they will work with you for free
    Golf mate is your baby and you give to others for free, you speak your mind which can be so fun­ny! All the best golf mates as we are all family!

  90. Was play­ing a round with a few mates and my son we were on the green he put­ted the ball lip­ped out, put­ted again and did the same thing he cal­led it a Kim Kar­da­shi­an cau­se not­hing but black balls were going in there…

  91. Catching up on older videos.
    Adding what I say on a pop up dri­ve. “Ano­t­her 300 yd dri­ve: 100 yds up, 100 yds long, 100 yds down.”
    Also heard this one used: “USA” U’re Still Away
    Then there’s “the member’s boun­ce.” and when the approach shot is 2–3 feet short, “they just didn’t make the green big enough.”

    1. Thought of ano­t­her one: 🥴
      When a putt lips put or other­wi­se takes a peak at the hole, it’s a Ham­bur­ger putt. Named after a fair­ly famous ham­bur­ger chain in the US west coast: “In-N-Out”.

  92. Den­nis Wise nas­ty 5 foo­ter. Forest Gump run Forest run. For a chunk or duff, hit the big ball ins­tead of the litt­le one

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Wie ein Golfer mit mittlerem Handicap 85 brechen kann jeder Schlag wird gezeigt BEST GOLF SAYINGS

Wie ein Golfer mit mittlerem Handicap 85 brechen kann – jeder Schlag wird gezeigtWie ein Golfer mit mittlerem Handicap 85 brechen kann – jeder Schlag wird gezeigt

Wir haben ebay pete (unser ansäs­si­gen Gol­fer mit mitt­le­rem Han­di­cap) zum App­le­by Golf Club in Cum­bria mit­ge­nom­men, um zu sehen, ob er unter 85 schie­ßen kann, und wei­ter­hin zu zei­gen, wie er als nor­ma­ler Gol­fer gut spie­len und die­se Ergeb­nis­se erzie­len kann. Pete wird jeden Schlag erklä­ren, damit Sie von