Lustiges Golfvideo, in dem alles passieren kann

Lustiges Golfvideo in dem alles passieren kann best golf course in spain

DAS PASSIERT, WENN GOLF SICH BEI DEN DREI AMIGOS ZURÜCKKEHRT! DIESES GOLFSPIEL LÄUFT SCHRECKLICH FALSCH! Wir spie­len auf dem atem­be­rau­ben­den La Cala Resort Ame­ri­ca Cour­se! dan­ke an golf­ma­tes tra­vel, dass sie uns hier­her geschickt haben! Geben Sie ihnen die Chan­ce auf ein Urlaubs­an­ge­bot, Link unten! ►For All Things Golf Mates https://​www​.golf​ma​te​s​of​fi​cial​.com ► Offi­cial Golf Mates Tra­vel Com­pa­ny http://​Golf​Ma​tesTra​vel​.com/ Liam Har­ri­son wird gespon­sert von ► Mizu­no Clot­hing & Shoes https://​mizu​no​golf​.com/​u​k​/​a​p​p​a​rel / ► Mizu­no Golf Equip­ment https://​emea​.mizu​no​.com/​u​k​/​e​n​-​g​b​/​s​t​-​m​i​z​u​n​o​-​g​o​l​f​.​h​tml ► Wer­den Sie ein Golf Mate, indem Sie sich jetzt KOSTENLOS ABONNIEREN! https://​bit​.ly/​2​G​2​S​1vf —————————————– ——————— Mei­ne Socials: Twit­ter ► https://​twit​ter​.com/​G​o​l​f​_​M​a​t​es_ Insta­gram ► https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​G​o​l​f​_​M​a​t​es_ Face­book ► https://​www​.face​book​.com/​G​o​l​f​m​a​t​e​s​-​1​1​0​1​7​2​3​1​0​4​3​1​947 ————————————- ————————- Will­kom­men auf dem You­Tube-Kanal von Golf Mates! Wir brin­gen Ihnen lus­ti­ge Golf­vi­de­os mit einer Rei­he von Cha­rak­te­ren, die Sie alle genie­ßen kön­nen. Es gibt Cha­rak­te­re, an denen wir uns alle erfreu­en kön­nen, von Gol­fern mit mitt­le­rem Han­di­cap, Fun­ny-Gol­fern, Senio­ren-Gol­fern, Scratch-Gol­fern, Ex-PGA-Pro­fis und PGA-Pro­fis. Mei­ne Vide­os sind hier, um Ihr Golf­spiel zu ver­bes­sern und den Spaß und die Gemein­schaft zurück ins Golf zu brin­gen! Play­lists unse­rer Cha­rak­te­re: OMP ► 70 Jah­re Gol­ferfah­rung und legen­dä­rer Gol­fer – https://​bit​.ly/​3​p​n​T​vsD Young Man Josh ► Ein jun­ger Golf-Super­star – https://​bit​.ly/​3​o​e​A​itZ Mr Bar­low ► Der lus­tigs­te Gol­fer auf You­Tube – https://​bit​.ly/​2​Z​M​h​NDV Lee Jones ► Scratch-Gol­fer & Golf-Rezen­sent – https://​bit​.ly/​3​d​d​9​STa Ebay Pete ► The House­wi­fes Choice & Mid Han­di­cap Gol­fer – https://​bit​.ly/​3​D​h​l​GhV Stu ► Roy ‘Chub­by’ Brown Look Ali­ke Bry ► Euro­pean Long Dri­ve Cham­pion – https://​bit​.ly/​3​2​T​Z​PR5 Peter Finch ► Ex-Pro­fi & Scratch-Gol­fer #Sub­scri­be #HitT­he­Bell #Golf­Ma­tes

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284 thought on “Lustiges Golfvideo, in dem alles passieren kann”

  1. if your gon­na play 3 play­er bck to the future it should be rule no one can be given more than one, to avoid col­lu­si­on which is ille­gal in most games haha

    1. @Golf Mates best golf chan­nel by far on you­tube tho. wasnt a cri­tism just a bit of ban­ter from a bias mem­ber of mr bar­lows bar­my army haha, thanks for all the bril­li­ant con­tent and comedy

  2. Love this game.…our 16th is a 150 yard par 3 my mate hit a CB and lan­ded it on the green and it span back to an inch off the 🕳 ⛳ I used my back to the future 😀…he cal­led me few names and hit is repea­te shot into the pond just to the tight of the green.…he refu­ses to play it any­mo­re 🤣🤣🤣 gre­at video chops , well play­ed all 🤗❤

  3. I woke up this morning, 6AM, sip­ped my cof­fee and wal­ked out­side and screa­med at the top of my voice 


  4. Liam, I’m sure we have all had that bad day of golf shots, but not shanks. Nice to see Mr Bar­low hit­ting his dri­ves without that sli­ce. It’s not fair!! Nice to see Roy play­ing good golf LOLA­we­so­me video work Joe. Thanks for the bril­li­ant enter­tain­ment guys👍👍⛳️🏌️🇨🇦🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  5. This litt­le seri­es from Spain has been bril­li­ant. Gre­at to watch. Brought out some of the best golf we’­ve seen Mr B play and ever­yo­ne was dri­ving well … for a chan­ge 🤣 may­be a few jung­le balls but the cour­se isn’t easy. Loo­king for­ward to more. Cheers Golf Mates. Came­ra work and edi­t­ing has made it all easy to feel a part of and appre­cia­te, well done Joe

  6. The second hole I thought I was going to have heart fail­u­re with laughter!!!!
    Mr Bar­low total­ly lost the plot there..😂😂😂
    Gre­at seri­es lads, so fun­ny. ❤️

  7. Ins­tead of giving away shots, play­ers should get a “Back to the Future” for every shot they would recei­ve. Don’t get any shots? Too bad, no BttF’s eit­her. In a comp with 3 play­ers, each play­er gets TWICE the num­ber of BttF’s as the num­ber of shots they would receive.

  8. The Tay­lorma­de Bur­ner Draw was released in 2007, making it 14 years old. The man has more dosh than The Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost put tog­e­ther, and he can’t find a newer draw-bia­sed club???

  9. Can I give some constru­ti­ve cri­ti­sism, hope you don’t mind, the music all the way through is a bit of des­trac­tion (for me that is) others may like it. Just thought I would men­tio­ned as I love the chan­nel. Will always watch eit­her way. 👍

  10. That 1st tee shot on Ame­ri­ca at La Cala is always decei­ving, the ball always lands shor­ter than you think you’­ve hit it. Acr of space though if you play inbet­ween the bunkers.

    1. @Golf Mates going to be inte­res­ting to see how your ses­si­on with Dan­ny trans­la­tes to the golf cour­se. Won’t help your shank­ed pitch though 😂😂😂

  11. Gre­at video again lads !! Think that could be the best £15 Mr B ever spends and if he could sort his chip­ping out you and Roy would have no chance 👍

  12. Abso­lute­ly fan­tastic hys­te­ri­cal wet­ting mys­elf and then Bang­kok Bar­low THATS NOT FAIR 🤣🤣🤣 bril­li­ant boys ⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️

  13. Well let me just say that I feel much bet­ter about my ter­ri­ble round yes­ter­day after watching that Lol.
    Good to see that you guys are human after all .
    I felt Mr B should have had 2 BTF’s the­re as you both used yours on him , Hmm­m­mm hahaha .
    Gre­at video cheers .…

  14. Roy…solid two holes but crum­bled under Bar­low pres­su­re on third.
    Mr B also had two decent holes. He got ham­me­red with 2 BtoFs.
    Liam…I hear the lads on Bad Golf chan­nel may­be loo­king for a new star attraction.
    SSJ..Great work.

  15. Very fun­ny. Roy blew it. Not sure what Liam was play­ing but I don’t think it was golf!! Ha ha. Mr. Barlow’s anti­cs on the 2nd hole were pri­celess. He was deter­mi­ned to keep de-gree­ning the ball!! Lol. Gre­at stuff lads

  16. Just watching this makes me rea­li­se its not all serious if you hit and shot shot who cares pro­per made up after I play­ed awful today cheers 🥂

  17. Gre­at seri­es of golf from Spain, good to see the golf­ma­tes back tog­e­ther and as always Sky Sports Joe is bril­li­ant with the came­ra work.

  18. Ano­t­her gre­at video Liam as always the back to the future games ..Roy .Mr Bar­low and yourself make a gre­at team ..just like to say you have a big fol­lowing in tur­key …from a fel­low Bol­ton fan ..thanks for the gre­at vids from your golf­ma­tes in turkey

  19. Roy play­ed to real­ly good holes the­re lol bril­li­ant mini seri­es in Spain, less said about Liam the bet­ter 😂 and I was near­ly cry­ing watching Bar­low on the second hole. Gre­at came­ra work again joe. The speech at the end brought a tear to the eye 😂.

  20. That was a gre­at seri­es of vids from Spain. It just make you want to pho­ne #golf­ma­testra­vel.
    Liam.….you were “mur­der’ as we say here in Scotland 😂

  21. Had to pau­se the video to catch my breath; poor Cap­tain Slice…2 x back to the future & 2 de-gree­n­ed on the same hole & he says ‘that’s not fair’ 😂😂😂😂

  22. Gre­at video as always lads. Here’s a litt­le idea. You can use your back to the future on yourself if you hit a bad shot, but you lose the abi­li­ty to use it on your oppo­nent. Adds a bit of stra­te­gy. Keep up the gre­at work!

  23. Fun­niest video I’ve seen 😂. Was pis­sing mys­elf and when you said you nee­ded a floa­ter that finis­hed me off…there were ple­nty of tho­se around 😂👍⛳️

  24. Liam you don’t play to you assu­med han­di­cap. Get Bar­low to give you a shot per hole to at least give yourself a chan­ce at winning

  25. That 2nd hole was par­ti­cu­lar­ly hil­arious. Poor Mr B, going back and forth say­ing “that’s not fair.” Mean­while Liam goes blob, blob!!! Three mates who are most fun­ny tog­e­ther. Thank you gents and thank you Joe.

  26. Wow! What a dis­play! Heh, heh. What’s up with you all wal­king through each other’s put­ting line on the greens? Is this some­thing new for 2022?

  27. Bril­li­ant video as usu­al. Mr B sharing the win with a dou­ble dis­ad­van­ta­ge against him with the to back to the futures used 🤣

  28. What a laugh mr Bar­low play­ing army golf and back to the future gre­at game stu hit­ting it to 8 ft bir­die putt play­ing it again duf­fed next 3 shots qua­li­ty golf is about having a laugh and you guys have pro­ved that 😂😂👍👍

  29. Loo­king for­ward to play­ing the­se cour­ses in May . Give Mr Bar­low some tis­su­es and a vio­lin 🎻 🎻🎻🎻 Gre­at golf by Roy .

  30. I was cre­a­sed up with laugh­ter on the second hole. And Mr B com­ment it not Faiiiiiiiir as he hits it off the green the second time. Lol. ( yet still come away with some money ) !!!!!

  31. OMG, near­ly peed my pants at Dr Bar­low on the second hole! All the vide­os from this Spa­nish trip have been excel­lent, keep em com­ing. ⛳️🏌🏻‍♂️

  32. Roy pro­ving again that he’s just too bloo­dy nice! Giving Ste that putt on the last, when he was more than capa­ble of mis­sing it! 🤣

  33. Just come back from play­ing la cala last night. Har­dest greens iv ever play­ed in my life. Gre­at cour­ses but soooooooo tough around the greens

  34. The Spain vide­os have been gre­at.. We have star­ted play­ing this Back to the Future! But surely Liams Han­di­cap of 7 can’t be offi­cial 🤦🏽‍♂️🤣 18 at best… 🎣

    1. Golf­ma­tes, Do you have a busi­ness Whats­App account num­ber on here, as I’ve had a com­ment on your put­ting video you uploa­ded say­ing I’m a win­ner, text this what’s app num­ber. Which isn’t Eng­lish and seems dod­gy? Is it legit??

  35. Liam are you sure you?? Under­stand back to the future yourself ano­t­her good one it’s a plea­su­re to watch you all having fun in the sun 🏌️🏌️

  36. Immedia­te­ly went to the dri­ving ran­ge to try the right foot behind to stop the sli­ce and I’ve never hit the ball so strai­ght. Mr Bar­low the PGA tea­ching pro

  37. Cracking con­tent as always lads. Makes me miss play­ing but I’m not bra­ving the 4 degrees and sog­gy win­ter greens! 🤣 so the dri­ving ran­ge will have to do

  38. Qua­li­ty.… Gre­at enter­tain­ment on a cold win­ters night. Well done Mr B your new dri­ver and set up is working gre­at 😉 You’­re going to get your han­di­cap cut mate😝. They’ll be cal­ling you The Bar­low Ban­dit next🤭🏌️

  39. Lmao love the rain effect for Ste­ve cry­ing 😢. Well play­ed edi­tor. 😄. Gre­at video, nice play­ing Stu up until the last hole. Howe­ver you got done in by the BTF card. Other­wi­se you walk off with 2 points. Gre­at 1st chip shot.

  40. Aim slight­ly right of tar­get with the draw dri­ver, the face is 5 degree clo­sed and will start the ball left. I used to use a weak grip and turn my left hand once I’ve grip­ped the club ope­ning the face slight­ly then boom 😂 Gre­at seri­es lad well play­ed. So lucky to do what you do 👌🏼

  41. Take that wig off Liam you might play bet­ter, it can’t get any worse. You should be off scratch all the golf you play.Take a look at the Ben hogan manu­al, late hit,not the weak flap­ping action you produce

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