Machen Sie sich bereit für den Aufprall! Fehler der Woche | AusfallArmee

Machen Sie sich bereit fuer den Aufprall Fehler der Woche AusfallArmee 2020

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626 thought on “Machen Sie sich bereit für den Aufprall! Fehler der Woche | AusfallArmee”

  1. I’m wis­hing ever­yo­ne who cli­cked on this chan­nel not­hing but LONG LIFE & PROSPERITY💰☀️🌎.

  2. Хаха, видео кайф, огромное спасибо 🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️
    У меня на канале тоже есть много интересных видео)

  3. Plea­se can we just pay our respects to the bra­ve sol­di­ers figh­t­ing in the war, they are making a chan­ge to the world

    1. @Davo Rob­bo ask anyo­ne that knows me. My sen­se of self pre­ser­va­ti­on is almost irri­ta­ting to some of my friends lol.

    2. @BaronBoar Making hims­elf a human wedge bet­ween a trai­ler and his car sacri­fi­cing his body or life to keep his car from get­ting den­ted is not a Dar­win award can­di­da­te? Okay.

  4. Sooo… the only thing rus­sia is allo­wed to export atm is vide­os whe­re they show their stupidity? 

    JK, though, I know there’s ppl who just can’t express their real fee­lings under thre­at of incarce­ra­ti­on or worse.

  5. That woman said she was going to show ever­y­bo­dy and she did. Poor woman hit all the steps on the way down. That is were being mad got her fal­ling down. Was fun to watch. Gre­at video

    1. The­re was ano­t­her video on this chan­nel simi­lar, I can’t recall the kid’s name, but the sub­tit­les read “HEROIN! HEROIN!” 🤦🏼‍♀️

    2. Ha ha – I just wat­ched again and lis­tened clo­se­ly and you’re right, it’s Jasper! I was obvious­ly thrown off by the sub­tit­les that say Jester 🤣

    1. I would never go to a school that is so dan­ge­rous. On the other hand, she can sue the school for hund­reds of mil­li­ons of dollars.

    1. @LH There’s very clear­ly someo­ne sit­ting on the stairs, you can see their kne­es. And then a hand that pushes the kit­ten off.

    2. @ringosis – I defi­ni­te­ly don’t see any knee. And the thing that comes down and tou­ches the kit­ten is defi­ni­te­ly not a hand, it is almost jet black, seems fur­ry around the edges and seems to just light­ly touch the kit­ten and start­les it into fal­ling, rather than pushing it off the stairs with for­ce. So my guess it that it is a black cat’s leg and paw.

    1. From the video, I’d say they were tra­vel­ling in oppo­si­te direc­tions on that path and col­li­ded. Qui­te pos­si­b­ly the hor­se might also have been spoo­ked by the bicy­cle, or perhaps both the hor­se rider and the bike rider both saw each other com­ing but took evas­i­ve action by stee­ring in the same direc­tion, hence crashing.

    1. @Skeletor Jop­ko Defi­ni­te­ly Jasper. All the mira­cles we can do with com­pu­ters the­se days but we still can’t get cor­rect sub­tit­les, lol.

    1. @problemchild1976 – I real­ly, REALLY hope you meant to say ’spoo­ked’. ‘Spoo­fed the hor­ses’ would be a who­le dif­fe­rent, sti­cky scenario! 😂

  6. @failarmy plea­se stop using sub­tit­les for peop­le laug­hing, we can tell its a laugh without “haha­ha­ha” being plas­te­red along the bot­tom of the screen. But I would like to know what the Rus­si­an father was say­ing to his daugh­ter, not “spea­king in Rus­si­an”. Plea­se use sub­tit­les cor­rect­ly or not at all.

    1. @Menos well, fro me it is just a com­mu­ni­ty-rela­ted acti­vi­ty. You aked, me – ans­we­red, +2–4 comments for vid and kind of com­mu­ni­ty acti­vi­ty, hehe.

    2. @Enot Pk I get that as well, but I did­n’t actual­ly want a trans­la­ti­on, it was more about making a point about the odd and unne­cessa­ry use of it for some things but then not using them whe­re they could.

  7. 2:21 – Your incom­pe­tent sub­tit­lers real­ly thought the came­ra­man was cal­ling out the fal­len guy’s name as “That, that, that, that”? 😂

    1. How about the fact that I actual­ly thought this chan­nel had got­ten fun­ny in the mon­ths sin­ce I’ve seen it last?

  8. 5:15 fuck­ing hell man, i know he did­n’t want his car dama­ged but its a fuck­ing semi trai­ler… that’s dar­wi­nism right the­re. hard to watch for stu­pi­di­ty and if he got smoos­hed or his back snapped.

    1. If it were a real, Euro­pean bell made of cast iron. But it’s just a cheap, sheet-metal Ame­ri­can one, which would have only given a dent.

    2. That hap­pen­ed i my pri­ma­ry school. Someo­ne kicked a foot­ball which hit the bell abo­ve the door. Hit a girl sit­ting below it and cra­cked her head open. Thank­ful­ly she was okay once the hos­pi­tal glued the crack shut.

    3. @mk we have “real” cast bells here in the USA… refe­rence the “Liber­ty bell” the­re is no such thing as “sheet metal bells” other than some­thing for windchimes

    4. @Toy Yoda you can tell by the way it hit the ground and the noi­se of the impact. It’s defi­ni­te­ly not a hea­vy bell. May­be 30–40 lbs max, but pro­bab­ly less like 10–15 lbs

    1. I’m assuming Eng­lish isn’t their first lan­guage. But then again, it’s not my first lan­guage eit­her. They real­ly should do some­thing about it, though, as the sub­tit­les bare­ly help anyo­ne as it is.

  9. Like a father spea­king Martian…
    Кстати, ничего он такого прикольного и не говорит, father этот.

  10. You guys are pret­ty bad at the cap­ti­ons you add to your vide­os. Like, y’all aren’t lis­tening clo­se­ly or Eng­lish isn’t your first lan­guage. Pret­ty fre­quent­ly the words the peop­le say and the text you add to the video are wild­ly dif­fe­rent and it’s fun­ny. @0:27 you have no cap­ti­on and the guy says “big dog down son!” @1:17 y’all put “fine, just being like that” but the lady says “fine, just be mad then.” @2:24 you have “oh that, that, that, that” but the guy is say­ing “oh Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt.”

    1. @CalmGerman its like they have a non nati­ve eng­lish spea­ker do the sub­tit­les, i noti­ce on like every video the­res so many wrong subtitles.

    2. @Skeletor Jop­ko Knowing kids, i bet that one was pret­ty upset when he got told the other team got him out and he did­n’t get to do his dra­ma­tic roll in to home

  11. When I’m not watching fail army vide­os I’m watching bon­e­head tru­ckers of the week vide­os, and I got­ta say, life is beau­ti­ful lol

    1. The sad thing in moun­tain biking eti­quet­te, the hor­ses have right of way. They should have slo­wed down and let the hor­ses go by. The hor­se pro­bab­ly got startled.

    2. @Steve S. The­se aren’t moun­tain bikes. I don’t know what hap­pen­ed, you can’t real­ly tell the speed that far away and it was enough room for bikes and hor­ses. I met qui­te a few hor­ses in the woods on way nar­rower paths and never had a pro­blem. Just slow down enough and ring soon enough if com­ing from behind so the hor­se and rider know.

    3. @Calmo Omlac Except that the bikes were riding dou­ble wide on the full width of the trail. They pro­bab­ly thought that the hor­se should get off and let them through.

  12. Even though the fails with Car­va­na are annoy­ing, atleast the per­son who was orde­ring the car had got their money back.

    1. If you lis­ten care­ful­ly, he actual­ly said “sub­mer­ging”. Wha­te­ver they use for sub­tit­les needs some fine tuning.

  13. 1:16 – lol I guess the peop­le who wri­te your sub­tit­les aren’t too good with Sou­thern accents
    1:40 – loo­ooll­l­ll same app­lies to Mid­west white sub­ur­ban baby names

  14. What’s up with all the Rus­si­an clips? The only Rus­si­an fails that I want to see are them losing the war in Ukrai­ne, as well as Cri­mea and Kali­nin­grad! I’m unsub­bing from this chan­nel so I don’t have to see anything else from that hell­pit of a coun­try! Stop put­ting a cute and inno­cent face on the Rus­si­an natio­na­li­ty! They are demons for what they are doing in Ukrai­ne! ‑A for­mer Rus­si­an lan­guage and cul­tu­re stu­dent of five years.

  15. 6:47 Москва. Не далеко от моего дома, не ожидал тут знакомые места увидеть,приятно. А водителям – не очень. 55.85611875662988, 37.51346311802084

  16. Easy way to get good mate­ri­al is to see what Rus­si­an dri­vers are pos­ting. So many drunks, so many driver’s licen­ses bought on the black mar­ket by paying off licen­se-issuing offi­cials, a cor­rupt and ugly culture.

  17. 0:15 that was inches away from seve­re debi­li­ta­ti­on or death. Not sure what exact bell type that is, could be any­whe­re from 100–500lbs.

  18. 1:53, why is it that cyc­list have to fuck ever­ything up. Why would they ride past a hor­se like that and not think they would start­le it.

    1. Becau­se they can be obnoxious, enti­t­led butt­ho­les who belie­ve nobo­dy should every cau­se them to use their bra­kes, stop, or swer­ve even on mul­ti-use paths and roads. Just had one yell at me and a shel­ter dog I was wal­king when he crow­ded us on a wide mul­ti-use path then told me i had to “get that thing under con­trol” when the sca­red dog lun­ged at him. I hope the hor­se and rider were not hurt.

  19. 4:05 во, тихо пожалуйста, дай я тебя сниму. Что случилось? Ты что над… (наделала)
    4:05 Silen­se plea­se, can I catch you on video? What hap­pend? What did you d…

  20. always love the useless lar­ge subtitles
    1:41 Jes­ter? XD 2:22 appar­ent­ly the guy’s name is now “oh that” ins­tead of matt. 🤣
    infact the only sub­ti­tes we ACTUALLY NEED are for the for­eign bits like 4:05,
    and tho­se are the only bits you don’t bother to subtitle.

    1. 4:06–4:19 rough­ly trans­la­tes to
      (Bel­la?), stand still plea­se, let me film you. [Laughs] What hap­pen­ed? You- you- you- wh- you what di-? [Laughs]
      (The stut­te­red sen­tence would be “what did you do?” had the father finis­hed the last word; the word order would be right in Rus­si­an as writ­ten, though it sounds some­what inco­he­rent when trans­la­ted liter­al­ly into English)

  21. Jas­pers Mom.…. this is way you should car­ry a blow­gun and tran­qui­li­zer darts to all soft­ball games!! Good lord, may­be he rolls becau­se his balan­ce is off from all the yelling!!!!!

  22. Wow, the­re are so many inver­ted cars in this video. It seems stran­ge to me that it turns over so easi­ly. Manu­fac­tu­rers should work bet­ter on the sta­bi­li­ty of cars !

    1. So many? I only saw 2 cars flip­ped over. You only can do so much for sta­bi­li­ty. Car against car is qui­te a for­ce espe­cial­ly with speed

    1. @DannyDee yeah he got sand­wi­ched bet­ween his car to the point it MOVED his car. i doubt he had his car in neutral..nobody does that. rip

  23. Poor guy at 05:17.….everyone is just cal­ling him dumb becau­se they think he tried to pro­tect his car. I’ve wat­ched this several times, he was alrea­dy wal­king to the side of his car, then rea­li­zed the truck was com­ing way too clo­se, and he fro­ze up. It’s easy to be watching com­for­ta­b­ly while it plays out and think “well I would have ducked” or wha­te­ver, but some­ti­mes your body real­ly does free­ze up when some­thing bad is about to hap­pen. I am some­ti­mes slow to pro­cess things as they are hap­pe­ning, so this is pro­bab­ly how it would play out for me too if I were in his shoes. Hope he’s okay.

    1. I think you’re cor­rect about what hap­pen­ed. He didn’t know how clo­se that was going to be, or how much dan­ger he was in. He didn’t real­ly pro­cess the big pic­tu­re, and most peop­le wouldn’t have, eit­her. Poor man.

    2. Yeah I agree. He put his hand out becau­se it threw him off balan­ce and kin­da pin­ned him more quick­ly than he could under­stand the situa­ti­on. I hope he’s ok. That must have been so painful.

  24. The amount of peop­le here that think the kid is cal­led Jes­ter & not Jasper becau­se of the subtitles. 😅


  26. 1:57 I hope the Biker got Hurt bad­ly and He should be Asha­med of hims­elf. As Cyc­lists MUST give the Right Away/Road Way/ Trail to HORSE RIDERS PERIOD. The Cyc­lists are in the Wrong here and should be issued MASSIVE Tickets for Not giving the Right away to the Hor­se Riders.

  27. Whoever’s filming the dog drag­ging the boy (pres­um­a­b­ly a parent) keeps filming ins­tead of run­ning immedia­te­ly to save the child. Unbelievable.

  28. 1:54
    Hor­ses are easy to sca­re ani­mals, a file of fast moving bicy­cle are like fast moving pre­d­a­tors for them.

  29. Bloo­dy hell, I hope tho­se hor­ses were okay… This is exact­ly why bikers need to respect hor­ses! Can’t belie­ve guy did­n’t even check the rider who HIS WIFE rode into 🙄 abso­lu­te dickheads

  30. 0:42, 4:10, 4:33, 4:47, 5:27, 5:46, 6:53. The­se clips are full of igno­rant beet eating vod­ka drin­king toi­let ste­aling RUSSIANS!

  31. You guys real­ly need a bet­ter per­son to cap­ti­on the­se clips. You guys nee­ded one two years ago. I feel so bad for the hard of hea­ring peop­le they pro­bab­ly get so con­fu­sed at times

  32. Plea­se hur­ry up and crea­te MANDATORY self dri­ving cars so we can get rid of the­se idi­ots once and for all…
    But then again, I would­n’t have anything to laugh at 🤣🤣🤣

  33. Serious­ly!!! Who tran­scri­bes the­se vide­os?! The sub­tit­les are ter­ri­ble! The guy who slip­ped on the rock is clear­ly cal­led Matt but we get “that, that, that, that, that”?

  34. 1:25 – Don’t you hate tho­se peop­le in traf­fic that lay on their horn fore­ver? That guy can blow his horn all he wants but I don’t think that tree is going to move. 😅

  35. This so weird. When I sober, I do be laug­hing at the­se vide­os I am but I’m drunk as shit right now and have the not laug­hed once. What he fuck…

    Never mind, I laugh at my own com­ment becau­se com­ment to go brrrr

  36. I’d love an all-ani­mal Fail Army video. I laug­hed the har­dest at the cat clips on this one, but I have a house full of cats. I may be bia­sed, lol.

  37. Did that guy that got rol­led by the semi sur­vi­ve? Or did all his insi­des get tur­ned into pud­ding and he died later?😱

  38. Whoever’s rea­ding this, I pray that wha­te­ver your going through gets bet­ter and wha­te­ver your struggling with or worry­ing about is going to be fine and that ever­yo­ne has a fan­tastic day! Amen

  39. Well you cal­led the kid Jes­ter so of cour­se he’s gun­na Jes­ter 1:35
    Dude at the bow­ser would rather be crus­hed than get a scratch on his car smh

  40. 5:20 Man that loo­ked scary…

    If that car had it’s bra­kes on, that would have went from an inju­ry to a dissection…

  41. 5:30 this isn’t fun­ny and I hope the tru­cker stop­ped. He should be char­ged with wreck­less dri­ving and attemp­ted murder

  42. 1:52 alt­hough I don’t know exact­ly what hap­pen­ed, Cyc­lists are sup­po­sed to wait for per­mis­si­on to pass a hor­se rider for exact­ly that rea­son, peop­le on bikes can freak them out. I say this as an avid moun­tain biker.

    1. @David Par­ker. Laws are point­less as so many cyc­lists will igno­re them. If you fail to offer a hor­se and rider com­mon cour­te­sy howe­ver, a spoo­ked hor­se will fre­quent­ly deli­ver kar­mic jus­ti­ce, as shown here.

    2. I wouldn’t be sur­pri­sed if that many bikers spoo­ked the hor­ses. Unless you’re on or working with a hor­se, you give it a wide berth.

    3. @David Par­ker Stop­ping and let­ting hor­ses pass is more than law or eti­quet­te, it keeps you or someo­ne you’­re riding with from get­ting stom­ped by a 1000 pound ani­mal or the get­ting the hor­se rider thrown off, like the biker and rider in the video. Even hor­ses that don’t spook easi­ly can be sca­red by a fast approa­ching moun­tain bike, it’s a prey respon­se. Have you ever been wal­king down a path and pas­sed by a fast bike? Some­ti­mes I jump even when I hear them com­ing. Source: Me, an avid moun­tain biker that mar­ried an equestrian.

  43. 4:08 thanks for the sub­tit­les, I woul­d’­ve never gues­sed he was laug­hing in Rus­sia if it weren’t for the subtitles.…..

    1. The thing I seen who­le video to the car he got a new but I think gave him that same one with “fixed parts” and the thing is I also own that car 😭😭 RIP Genesis

  44. @5:15 I don’t think you can con­vin­ce me that this guy did­n’t die. Being squis­hed bet­ween a car and truck hard enough to push the car out of the way with your body can NOT be good. That truck never touched the car, that was all done with his torso.

    Let this ser­ve as your friend­ly dai­ly remin­der that if you see some­thing like this hap­pe­ning to your car, no mat­ter how much you feel an instinct to stop it phy­si­cal­ly, you can’t. Just let your car get scrat­ches and save your life!

  45. I hope that the litt­le Rus­si­an girl wea­ring black­face, does­n’t have any plans on making a care­er in politics..

  46. 5:15 spi­nel frac­tu­re, three bro­ken ribs, cra­cked tho­rax, par­ti­al­ly torn kid­ney and some brui­ses…. He’ll be fine

  47. Inclu­ding the clip from the guy get­ting squee­zed bet­ween the trai­ler and his car is not a fail but just tas­teless! He got serious­ly inju­red! Plea­se re-edit the video and cut that crap out!

    1. @Lou Nicker­son not to pro­mo­te vio­lence or that I think it’s fun­ny. But my pops hit a cyc­list a few years ago, poor man bro­ke his foot and left a dent on the roof of the car.

  48. Frea­king idi­ots just walk into the road when they could have wai­t­ing 5 more seconds but per­son was pro­bab­ly tex­ting that smas­hed into the other car. Then he walks over in no big hur­ry. That guy the trai­ler pin­ned on the side of his car pro­bab­ly got hurt pret­ty good. That made me hurt. I don’t know how some peop­le have a cdl

  49. I’m sor­ry but doing 2 suc­cess­ful back­flips in the same string and then spin­ning like 720 in a cork­s­crew back­flip right after and lan­ding less than per­fect is NOT my idea of a fail 😂

  50. 1:35
    The­re has to be a meta­phor in a todd­ler doing roly polys whilst his soc­cer mom screams her lungs out at him for not being com­pe­ti­ti­ve enough

  51. 5:20 com­mit­ment.. and sheer fuck­ing will XD you ain’t scratching muh car… and even fail army could­n’t mus­ter the nobo­dy was hurt XD