Mad Dog befragt Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson und andere, weil sie die PGA Tour für die LIV Golf Series verlassen haben

Mad Dog befragt Dustin Johnson Phil Mickelson und andere weil sie die PGA Tour fuer die LIV Golf Series verlassen haben #firsttake

Mad Dog befragt Dus­tin John­son, Phil Mickel­son und ande­re, weil sie die PGA Tour für die LIV Golf Seri­es ver­las­sen haben Golf-Serie. #First­Take #Golf ✔️Abon­nie­ren Sie ESPN+ http://​espn​plus​.com/​y​o​u​t​ube ✔️ Holen Sie sich die ESPN-App: http://​www​.espn​.com/​e​s​p​n​/​a​p​p​s​/​e​spn ✔️Abon­nie­ren Sie ESPN auf You­Tube: http://es .pn/SUBSCRIBEtoYOUTUBE ✔️ NBA auf ESPN auf You­Tube abon­nie­ren: http://​bit​.ly/​S​U​B​S​C​R​I​B​E​t​o​N​B​A​o​n​E​SPN ✔️ ESPN auf You­Tube TV anse­hen: http://​es​.pn/​Y​o​u​T​u​b​eTV

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176 thought on “Mad Dog befragt Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson und andere, weil sie die PGA Tour für die LIV Golf Series verlassen haben”

  1. Bes­i­des the ope­ning in Eng­land, not a single
    event is play­ed in Euro­pe. That’s why he’s not cal­led Map Dog.

    1. 1. if you lis­ten to the gol­fers exp­lain them­sel­ves, it’s not a lega­cy issue and never has been. they would cer­tain­ly stay if it was. dont be a jea­l­ous hater fan­boy try­ing to sim­pli­fy the conversation.
      2. only a clown would think the money could run dry

  2. The Wes­tern Cor­po­ra­te World is just upset the Gol­fers are going to a non Woke League whe­re they talents can’t be used to used to push LBTQ132 and women’s rights.

    Sau­di Ara­bia, North Korea and Chi­na are no more immo­ral than The US, UK, and Israel

  3. We get it, SAS will do ANYTHING for money. You want him to act like a clown. No Pro­blem, You want him to put a cow­boy hat and do a stu­pid accent, sure. You want him to shuck and jive…stay tuned.

    1. lol Bro what’s your pro­blem? I bet you would do it for a 100 mil­li­on dum­my. This isn’t real life bra the Ste­phen A on TV is not the same per­son in real life. he’s not our friend he’s a personality.

    2. @bayo daman so you would do anything for money?? No ques­ti­ons asked. And you don’t need to cape up for SAS. Stop D1$k Riding

  4. Why does espn have guys who don’t know anything about the sport their sup­po­sed to talk about tal­king about other sports they clear­ly have no clue about

  5. Phil is a noto­rious gam­bler so he defi­ni­te­ly has not made more money than he can spend. He also lost a lot of his big­gest sponsors

  6. Wait a minu­te; did SAS just men­ti­on Chi­na when tal­king about not excu­sing human rights vio­la­ti­ons?!?? ESPN may not be a fan of such a comment….

    1. @Doron Bond right after you hear her say some­thing quick offscreen like she got told by the man in her ear; and she still had some sur­pri­se on here face when she comes back on screen.

    1. Even new upco­mer roo­kies have been taking the LIV bag. Think about it. You join the PGA dai­ly grind. You don’t know if u are going to sur­vi­ve on the tour, making pea­nuts, grin­ding it out or jump to LIV and get paid 6 figu­res instant­ly and have a chan­ce to win 25 mil? I mean pret­ty easy decision.

  7. What pathe­ti­cal­ly con­de­scen­ding, poin­ted ques­ti­ons from pathe­ti­cal­ly woke, blea­ting crowd jour­na­lists that are comi­c­al­ly misdirected. 

    Its time to lea­ve gol­fers alo­ne. More so, Phil.


    1. Boe­ing and Air­bus sell the Sau­dis bil­li­ons of dol­lars worth of air­planes that crea­te thousands of Euro­pean and US jobs.
    2. The Pen­ta­gon have a mas­si­ve base and sell them bil­li­ons in arms.
    3. F1 sta­ge a Sau­di race.
    4. Coca-Cola, Star­bucks, McDo­nalds, Piz­za Hut and every other For­tu­ne 500 firm ope­ra­te in Sau­di Arabia.
    5. UEFA is sta­ging a World Cup in Qatar, a Roy­al Dictatorship.
    6. Sau­di own NEWCASTLE UNITED of the EPL.
    7. I could go on for years here.….

    And here we have the­se coward­ly clowns bea­ting on PRO GOLFERS?

    Anyo­ne giving gol­fers a hard time at this point are F‑ing HYPOCRITES and COWARDS.

    Its WOKE bullsh*t.

    End of.

  8. Nobo­dy is tal­king about what the fans want from the world of golf. The Liv Tour is an inno­va­ti­on acce­le­ra­tor for both play­ers and fans whe­ther you like it or not. Let’s review this in 5 years’ time with almost unli­mi­ted finan­cial invest­ment for the Liv Tour.

    1. Inno­va­ti­on? What is inno­va­ti­ve? Golf is golf. Will the holes be big­ger? Grass lon­ger? This never works. The PGA has histo­ry and pedigree. When is the last team a com­pe­ting league suc­cee­ded in over­thro­wing an estab­lis­hed league. Ask the XFL and USFL how that goes. I want to watch the best gol­fers play­ing the best cour­ses in the best league. LIV might as well be some mea­ningless Thanks­gi­ving Day shoo­t­out. Nobo­dy cares. Nobo­dy will watch after the first event. You won an event DJ? Cool, I won my local muni­ci­pal cour­se cham­pions­hip. Both are just as relevant.

    2. Inno­va­ti­ve would be upen­ding the PGA tours mono­po­ly over mar­kets, spe­ci­fi­cal­ly the PNW whe­re LIV will make its US debut. The­re has­n’t b top of the world ran­kings talent play­ing in this regi­on sin­ce the dis­astrous US open at cham­bers bay.

      PGA tour should be embarr­as­sed, they have dug their own grave

  9. Ame­ri­ca got the­re own human rights issu­es, so we can’t point the fin­ger we have or own issu­es, in the end it all about the money and power/ con­trol to put it simp­le.. we got big­ger things in this world to worry about , this is not important

  10. Nobo­dy cares about LIV Golf! Yet we’­re going to talk about it! 

    Lega­cy is important! Most pro­fes­sio­nal ath­le­tes care more about the bag than lega­cy. Watch some pod­cast of ex-ath­le­tes and how they move. They always talk about the impor­t­ance of get­ting money. Money » Lega­cy ever­y­ti­me unless you’­re one of the tru­ly gre­ats whe­re at that point u alrea­dy ahve the money lol.

    1. Yup. Peop­le today play­ing for lega­cy are alrea­dy paid bey­ond their wil­dest dreams. Most peop­le are play­ing for that money. The­se guys are not try­ing to be Tiger, Jack, Arnold, Play­er, etc.

    1. Yeah.. its pret­ty much a no brai­ner for the­se guys. They­re get­ting up front and gua­ran­te­ed a sum of money most of them would­n’t make in 10 years on the tour, it’s not as stre­nuous, not as much of a com­mit­ment of their time, and the owners of the league have more money than God and gave pro­ven they’­re wil­ling to spend it.

      I respect Tigers decisi­on to turn down their _BILLION DOLLAR OFFER_ but I respect the other guys decisi­ons just as much. This Rus­so clown has been on the radio yelling about Sam Snead and the Ryder Cup as if the guys on the tour care about what Sam Snead did or whe­ther or not they can play in a tournament.

  11. In a coun­try whe­re 7 in 10 Repu­bli­cans belie­ve in ‘gre­at repla­ce­ment’ ide­as, make the jump. There’s no real dif­fe­rence in the end.

  12. I read an inte­res­ting arti­cle : “The majors hold all the cards.” I agree with that. The PGA can ban the LIV play­ers from the PGA tour­na­ments. But the Majors can also ban the LIV play­ers from the Majors. This is just ano­t­her way to pro­tect the PGA and I think they have that right.

    1. They won’t if they did it would a legal action against them. Worse case sce­n­a­rio… Greg crea­tes his own ver­si­ons. Oh boy.

    1. This is a very valid point! And honest­ly, it app­lies to most working peop­le around the ent­i­re world. How many mil­li­ons of employees in the U.S. would lea­ve their job of 10, 15 or 20 years right now today, if ano­t­her com­pa­ny said they can do the exact same job, but work 30 hours ins­tead of 40, but they will get a 25% incre­a­se in their sala­ry? Or in bet­ter terms, how many employees making $20 an hour would quit today without a 2‑week noti­ce, to go work some­whe­re else for $25-hr? MOST! That’s the rea­li­ty. And that’s what is hap­pe­ning here. Do the same work, but with a ligh­ter workload while get­ting paid more. Most peop­le in the world would take that deal.

  13. i am still wai­t­ing to hear the word ratings–like what the net­works have to say about coverage and how fired up they are about inves­ting in a Saudi/Greg Nor­man enter­pri­se. A half assed league with half assed coverage equals half assed ratings.

    1. Been wai­t­ing for someo­ne to talk about this important part the of the busi­ness. We all know just about every strea­ming plat­form and net­works are dying for live con­tent. Pro­blem: you got­ta find someo­ne wil­ling to part­ner with you. I’m sure the Sau­dis can dump money into this to keep it going but like you, I think it’ll be at a huge defi­cit. If Phil is your mar­quee name, you’re in trou­ble. And the other guys, no offen­se but they’ve had their oppor­tu­nities to pick up the mant­le, inclu­ding DJ, they ain’t drawing a crowd eit­her. They would need Tiger to vali­da­te this league lol.

    2. The PGA tour is in trou­ble and ratings have been dwind­ling for years, this com­ment will not age well, in fact it has­n’t becau­se now Dech­am­beau Reed and Fow­ler will be joi­ning. The­re are now more big names in LIV- DJ, Ser­gio, Lou­is, Graeme McDo­well, Phil, Dech­am­beau ‚Reed, Fow­ler than the PGA tour with only Sheff­ler, Shuaff­le, Rory, Rahm, Koeop­ka and Thomas 

      That’s at least 7 major win­ning gol­fers bol­ting for LIV

      Hope the tour likes having Sam burns and Aaron wise batt­le it out

  14. Phil should have taken his cue from Tiger and ban­ged a few cock­tail wai­tres­ses ins­tead of beco­m­ing a dege­ne­ra­te gam­bler. He would have had more fun, saved a bunch of money and be spa­red the disap­pearing of his repu­ta­ti­on into the toilet.

  15. DeCh­am­beau, DJ, Phil, more will fol­low. The dam has bro­ke How can the PGA tell the­se play­ers whe­re they can and can’t play and how they can make money? The­se strong arm tac­tics won’t work long and are alrea­dy fai­ling as we can see. Once most of the Top 20 take the plun­ge what’s the PGA going to do? Are they going to have Augus­ta without all the best play­ers showing up becau­se they put a line in the sand. They are going to have to even­tual­ly eat some crow on this one. The one upsi­de is if all the big names and best play­ers hop the fence, Tiger can may­be com­pe­te against some wea­ker talent and eek out tho­se last few Major PGA wins once all the top guys bail

    1. @Jv woods The­re are a ton of good play­ers from Asia, South Afri­ca, and Australasia

      Give it 5 years and see how many of them opt to play on the Asi­an Tour

      You’­re also for­get­ting about all the teen­agers from tho­se regi­ons, many of whom will choo­se to play on the Asi­an Tour over the next 5–10 years

      The money and com­pe­ti­ti­on real­ly chan­ge the equa­ti­on, I think they will com­pe­te even­ly with the DP World Tour in the very near future

    2. @DanielSong39 then why aren’t they play­ing on the pga tour? That’s whe­re the best play­ers on the pla­net play. Do you know anything about sports?? Dosent sound like it.

  16. It’s not just euro­pe you clown. And the­se guys will still com­pe­te in the Majors. And may­be some are over the PGA Mono­po­ly you clown 🤡

  17. Dus­tin John­son is going to have more time to be his fami­ly. They also don’t have to play 4 rounds any lon­ger. Having said that, they are going to well paid.

    1. @The Hop tell every bil­lion­aire in the world that they should dona­te ever­ything they have over 100m and let me know how that goes. Ever­y­bo­dy always wants more than they have.

  18. Nope, Ste­ven A. is dead wrong. Coun­tries like Sau­di Ara­bia will never get bet­ter in terms of human rights as long as they can “buy” sell­outs like Mickel­son. It’s blood money and it shows only gol­fers with NO MORALS will accept the blood money knowing full well other peop­le are liter­al­ly being but­che­red and mur­de­red while they are on the cour­se play­ing a game.

  19. Rus­so is a joke. Not play­ing on any gre­at cour­ses????????? Bed­mins­ter, Doral, Pum­kin Ridge, The Inter­na­tio­nal all gre­at cour­ses. Loud mouth Rus­so is not qua­li­fied to report on golf. Tou­ring pro’s would laugh at Russo.

  20. All card ear­ning Tour mem­bers should earn a base seven figu­re sala­ry the next sea­son, regard­less of their per­for­mance in that next sea­son. If they lose their card, they get kicked off the Tour and put on pro­vi­sio­nal sta­tus. Bot­tom Line: Pro­fes­sio­nal ath­le­tes in a mul­ti bil­li­on dol­lar league should be paid for their labor up front; per­for­mance bonu­ses are separate.

  21. Eh.…people lea­ve big Euro­pean Foot­ball leagues for Chi­na and other pla­ces all the time. And for a gazil­li­on dollars.…saying they should­n’t get genera­tio­nal wealth for some­thing with “lega­cy” and “histo­ry”. smh.

    1. PGA tour, that’s why. Which just pro­ves the point that the­re are legit issu­es with the PGA tour. Some of what Phil said was wrong (in my opi­ni­on) but the­re are real issu­es there.

  22. In the end Mickel­son will be pro­ven right even if his tac­tics were brusque. The tour will ulti­mate­ly make nee­ded chan­ges to favor play­ers and Phil will beco­me even more beloved…if that’s even possible.

    1. And favour view­ers. Wiltshire on yt has alrea­dy put up full access video of dj on his prac­ti­ce round. When has pga tour ever allo­wed that. Never.

    2. @swardmusic who cares? You might be the only DJ grou­pie in the world. Seems like he mis­ses every cut late­ly. Needs to go play guys that are basi­cal­ly reti­red and ama­teurs to have a chance.

    3. Ste­ven A
      I have been say­ing, all along. What actual­ly did Phil say that was wrong or untrue. 

      That’s why the PGA is so mad about. It hurts when the lights are tur­ned on, and peop­le start to see exact­ly what you are and what you are about. PGA and Jay M. 

      Phil stood up, took respon­si­bi­li­ty for what he said. He didn’t run away or bla­me anyo­ne else, but himself.

      LIV tour is going to work, and the PGA is going to start paying play­ers to play.

  23. The one thing I don’t get is why no one is tal­king about the busi­ness model of this LIV. How it’s obvious­ly a money bur­ning busi­ness. So to go to the LIV is to beco­me an amu­se­ment-pie­ce for oil tycoons and their expen­si­ve new hob­by. It’s not like joi­ning a real league, one loo­king to make money while chal­len­ging the estab­lish­ment. It’s basi­cal­ly slave fights for bet­ter pay, isn’t it? And money is money so who cares I guess, but when does this oil con­sor­ti­um deci­de to fold up this money bur­ning business?

  24. S.A.S. is tal­king about PGA Tour pros like they’­re the folks who mar­ched from Sel­ma to Mont­go­me­ry to rid them­sel­ves of opp­res­si­on and ine­qua­li­ty. What?! DJ and Phil and all the rest are mil­lion­aires on top of mil­lion­aires. They’­re trea­ted like royal­ty at every event. They’­re rock stars. Phil had enough PGA money he could lose $50 mil­li­on on bets. Phil-the-Oppres­sed? Plea­se. Save the “chan­ge the opp­res­si­ve sys­tem” rant for someo­ne who is actual­ly oppressed.

  25. Loo­ks like it’s only the USA who doesn’t want LIV (PGA TOUR MONOPOLY), the rest of the world… we are very excited!!!

  26. Tiger Woods is one of the cheapest/greediest peop­le out the­re. The Navy Seals let Tiger train with them for a few weeks, and the last day they all went out to lunch. Tiger who is a bil­lion­aire, made each of the­se guys pay their bills ins­tead of picking up the tab. The­se guys still talk about that.

  27. This guy is a com­ple­te clown, $94 mil­li­on for DJ? If you go on TV to make a fuss, at least have the cor­rect infor­ma­ti­on. DJ made about $74 mil­li­on dollars 

    What a clown show, both the­se blowhards would bolt for FS1 if they were offe­red $125 mil­li­on guaranteed

  28. It’s naï­ve to say someo­ne should care more about the lega­cy of a tour or his­to­ric play­ers vs the best way to make their own living as a pro­fes­sio­nal. This is a busi­ness for the play­ers and the Tours and no one is in the busi­ness of giving money away. The employ­er now has to figu­re out a way to replace the talent that felt underva­lued and under­paid and found an opti­on that meets their cur­rent pro­fes­sio­nal needs. Period.

    1. I’d call it naï­ve to con­fla­te making a living, which the tour has allo­wed hund­reds if not thousands of young men to do, with hund­red mil­li­on dol­lar pay outs for yesteryear’s stars. 

      As for repla­cing talent, that’s not an issue the PGA tour has.

  29. I abso­lute­ly love when peop­le espe­cial­ly ath­le­tes break tra­di­ti­on. Evo­lu­ti­on & pro­gres­si­on is more important than tradition.

  30. Who cares peop­le, I would do the same thing. New oppor­tu­ni­ty and make lots of cash🎉 with less work. PGA is sca­red to death to have new com­pe­ti­ti­on in the ring. Youn­ger play­ers will wait up eventually

  31. Ste­phen A is WRONG. The NFL or NBA does­n’t deal with Sau­di Ara­bia. When our Government deals with Sau­di Ara­bia, it is wrong and we con­demn them and hold our elec­ted offi­cials accoun­ta­ble. He is wrong.

  32. Does any­bo­dy have any pro­blem with major league soc­cer play­ers play­ing in Sau­di Ara­bia becau­se it hap­pens does any­bo­dy have a pro­blem with WNBA play­ers play­ing in Euro­pe during the off-sea­son becau­se it hap­pens so why is Phil Mickel­son get­ting this ener­gy if he does­n’t want to play in the PGA.

    1. It’s weird how the peop­le on tv are so angry with Sau­di money going to gol­fers, but are fine with Chi­ne­se money going to the NBA. Eit­her you have a pro­blem with both or neither.

    1. Golf club tech­no­lo­gy has rui­ned most of the “gre­at” golf cour­ses for pros. The­re are gre­at cour­ses that are obso­le­te now becau­se of the technology.

  33. I’m baff­led as to why peop­le on tv are so angry that gol­fers are “dar­ing” to lea­ve the PGA tour. PGA does­n’t pay anyone’s sala­ries; the play­ers EARN their paychecks with per­for­mance. And if they want to play some­whe­re else, that’s their choice.

    1. They should be ban­ned from ever play­ing in a pga event ever again. Most of the­se guys are alrea­dy set for life any­way. Just a bunch of guys that can’t beat the best play­ers in the world anymore.

  34. LIV is gre­at for the FANs. Teams, Cap­tains, DRAFT DAY. Older gol­fers tea­ching youn­ger gol­fers, shot­gun starts The PGA and LIV will have to add the PGA/LIV WORLDS a 5th major even­tual­ly It gives more oppor­tu­ni­ty to gol­fers around the world to play the game as a pro­fes­si­on. It’s gre­at for the LIV play­ers and the­re family’s and for the FANS of GOLF. ITS PROGRESS

  35. Wait a minu­te hold on let me get this strai­ght we had a for­mer pre­si­dent and a cur­rent pre­si­dent who have both been accu­sed of being for­eign assets and you guys are trip­ping over Phil Mickel­son making a cou­p­le dol­lars in the sand.

  36. As a sports ana­lyst, how can you cri­ti­ze a play­er moving for more money? Near­ly every play­er from every sport is wil­ling to move for more money… even the mas­si­ve millionaires.

  37. I’m play golf but I want to play with someo­ne bet­ter than me why ? If I want to be a bet­ter play­er I have to beat the best

  38. Hate to break it to y’all but Ame­ri­ca isn’t gre­at with social right’s eit­her. The last pre­si­dent used the mili­ta­ry to attack peace­ful pro­tes­ters and then encou­ra­ged an attack at our capitol

  39. Once again out­side money tears apart Ame­ri­ca! Geor­ge Soros effects us poli­ti­cal­ly, now the Sau­di money tears apart the PGA. I will never rout for any of the­se money grab­bing trai­tors. I’d like to see peop­le turn their backs to them while they play in the future! Greed plain and simp­le and as an average joe I can’t inva­si­on mys­elf ever rou­ting for the­se men again even if they play in the Ryder cup!

  40. The­se dudes are more upset about gol­fers play­ing for the Sau­di tour, than they were about Tiger Woods dri­ving 90mph during rush hour in a resi­den­ti­al zone, lucky he did­n’t kill someone.

  41. Just a bit unfor­tu­n­a­te its the Sau­dis backing it being all mur­de­rous and bru­tal and what­not. Go get paid though.

  42. Remem­ber folks the pga tour is having their shills out in for­ce right now becau­se they have a 600 mil­li­on dol­lar con­tract with them. Soon as that con­tract is up or they get bought out watch how the media chan­ges its tune.

    PGA has tour­na­ments they appro­ve of alrea­dy in Sau­di and Chi­na. They are not a moral examp­le of anything. And neit­her is the west eit­her as we muti­la­te our child­ren, todd­lers and make them trans. We have ple­nty of dis­gus­ting trash of our own.

  43. The ath­le­tes get­ting paid is fine and all but just thro­wing asi­de the atro­ci­ties com­mit­ted in Sau­di Ara­bia is pret­ty irresponsible.

  44. That’s becau­se he is gree­dy for money, and becau­se he thinks he lives for eter­ni­ty to spend all that money. Lost respect for this guy.

  45. As a spec­ta­tor I hate the 130 man fiel­ds with groups of 3’s teeing off all day having to watch all day becau­se some guys tee off in the morning and tee off in the after­noon that you want to watch. I don’t care about tho­se feel good moments of some no name final­ly get­ting to play an event becau­se of a Mon­day qua­li­fier. I love the WGC events small field no cut and the best of the best. All names in golf that I know are play­ing and a com­pe­ti­ti­ve gre­at tour­na­ment. That’s what the PGA tour should be. I’m a spec­ta­tor, I just want to watch good golf.

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In der zwei­ten Run­de der Charles Schwab Chal­len­ge 2022 erreich­ten Scot­tie Scheff­ler, Scott Stal­lings und Beau Hoss­ler alle 9‑under für das Tur­nier und beleg­ten damit das Drei­er-Unent­schie­den für die Füh­rung am Wochen­en­de. ABONNIEREN Sie jetzt die PGA TOUR: http://​pgat​.us/​v​B​x​c​ZSh Fünf der 10 bes­ten Spie­ler der Welt wer­den die­se Woche im



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