Malaska – Eine bessere Art, sich aufzuwärmen

Malaska Eine bessere Art sich aufzuwaermen fitness

Mikes neue Unter­richts­sei­te ist live auf Malas​ka​Golf​.com. Mach bei uns mit.

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62 thought on “Malaska – Eine bessere Art, sich aufzuwärmen”

  1. Mike.….great set of warm up and stret­ching exer­ci­ses. Is the­re anything you recom­mend to incre­a­se swing speed after the warm ups? Like swing a hea­vy club or an ultra lite shaft minus the head?
    Thanks for your videos…they’ve real­ly hel­ped my game!

  2. Excel­lent! Thanks. I’m going to use an abbre­via­ted ver­si­on of this for first tee loo­se­ning up, espe­cial­ly when its office/home>car>first tee.

  3. When I go to the ran­ge, I see most peop­le, just walk up to the tee box and just start hit­ting balls. I spend a good 10 minu­tes on the gras­sy area stret­ching and flex­ing in all kind of pos­ti­ons inclu­ding lay­ing on the ground.

  4. Watch out for some of this stret­ching. If you read a lot about whe­re ath­le­tes are nowa­days with this sort of stuff you’ll find its all about get­ting war­med up, get the blood flowing, loo­sen up – rather than stret­ching when cold befo­re you play. Sports sci­ence now shows that you’ll incre­a­se the dan­ger of inju­ry from ‘cold’ stret­ching rather than just ‘war­ming up’. Mike shows a gre­at set of warm ups – but do the­se as post round stret­ches and use them as easy warm ups before. 

    Any ide­as Mike?

  5. If we take inven­to­ry of the mus­cles we use in our golf swing this video ans­wers how to stretch tho­se mus­cles. What dis­turbs me (about other sites) is their fail­u­re to address stret­ching routines.

  6. Tho­se are the best stret­ches I’ve ever seen. Love the descrip­ti­on of what mus­cles are being worked and why and the cor­rect sequence to the final stretch.

  7. Awe­so­me stret­ches man. I have one sug­ges­ti­on to make regar­ding the clubs at (4:23). The club grips should be poin­ted to the ground with the club heads up. I just think it will redu­ce the risk in chan­ging the lie ang­le on the club. Thank you for this video though. I’m pro­bab­ly going to use the­se stret­ches every morning, espe­cial­ly befo­re golfing.

  8. I real­ly appre­cia­te this video I pul­led a mus­cle in my back in the begin­ning of a tour­na­ment and I found this video and did the stret­ches and I could alrea­dy tell it loo­se­ned me up and I could feel that it was stret­ching my mus­cle that I pul­led thanks again

  9. Wow! The last thing Mike said is soooo True!! “If you hit balls to loo­sen up, your swing is going to feel dif­fe­rent every day.” Boom!

  10. I’m going to do this rou­ti­ne every day, golf or no golf. The Golf-Moti­ve is bet­ter than stret­ching to a gene­ric (i.e. gym) video.

  11. Very good for fle­xi­bi­li­ty and easy to fol­low. The best round of golf I ever play­ed was after a full body mas­sa­ge. Can­not over empha­sise the impor­t­ance of being war­med up and loo­se when swin­ging a golf club. Plus has the added bene­fit of cal­ming you down and reli­e­ving stress. Thank you for sharing. Now all I need to do is to repeat this every time I play!

  12. Enjoy­ing the quick natu­re of your pre­sen­ta­ti­ons. I’ve been used to Roger Fre­de­ricks and his approach, while simi­lar stret­ching-wise and effec­ti­ve, is so much slower, your’s is what I’m using befo­re every prac­ti­ce ses­si­on the­se days.

  13. I love lis­tening to your ide­as. I ‘found’ ide­as of your basic swing a few years ago as I taught phy­sics and also app­lied the ide­as of for­ce and rota­ti­on. But, alas I tur­ned 59 and two years ago dis­co­ve­r­ed 3 begin­ning her­nia­ted discs. I have no daunt that the les­sons I tried in the 70s and 80s has­te­ned their inflamma­ti­on. As you sta­ted you also have such ailm­ents can you talk about how your swing hel­ps and how you hand­le this con­di­ti­on now?

  14. “If you use hit­ting golf balls to loo­sen up, your swing is going to feel dif­fe­rent every day.” The­re is an epi­pha­ny! (Talk about hold back the kil­ler point until the last!)

  15. You taught me to do the shoul­der rolls and stret­ches at least 25 years ago. I still do that befo­re hit­ting balls to this day. I hope you’­re well Mike. Thanks for all the videos.

  16. This stret­ching rou­ti­ne is fan­tastic! Thank you. I have been a mar­ti­al artist sin­ce the age of 4 and some of the­se are the same as or regu­lar stret­ching régime. Some peop­le think golf is not a super ath­le­tic sport but guess again! Pro­per fle­xi­bi­li­ty and con­di­tio­ning is ano­t­her important key to beco­m­ing a suc­cess­ful gol­fer. Thanks again!

  17. This video is extre­me­ly hel­pful. as someo­ne who knows how bene­fi­cial stret­ching is, espe­cial­ly when its focu­sed on your sport, for me examp­le lif­ting, and hockey. I wan­ted to know what stret­ches are the best to get the most out of my body when play­ing golf! Thanks Mike, and btw I cant lie i am tho­rough­ly impres­sed by your fle­xi­bi­li­ty. I am 21 and I dont even think I can do some of tho­se stret­ches as effort­less as you made it look!

  18. Gre­at les­son. How long befo­re a round should you be doing this? Can you do it at home befo­re you lea­ve for the cour­se or will the bene­fits dimi­nish befo­re you actual­ly tee off,

  19. I obtai­ned the­se golf swing tech­ni­ques , Jοm­tοnο Naha (Go ogle it), read it in a sin­gle evening, and the fol­lowing day at the dri­ving ran­ge app­lied it. I was sur­pri­sed when I instant­ly hit my irons with cor­rect divots with strong impact. I hit ten to fif­teen yards more distance than the stan­dard ran­ge I have with my irons. Try it out yourself!.

  20. Wow, he’s pret­ty fle­xi­ble! I’m going to keep doing the­se stret­ches becau­se I can hard­ly do any of tho­se the way he can!!

  21. Gre­at video. From what I have heard from peop­le who know a lot about stret­ching, you should do dyna­mic stret­ches befo­re working out or play­ing a sport and sta­tic stretch’s after.

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