Malaska Golf // Pitching Wedge Drill – Entwicklung Ihres Anstellwinkels

Malaska Golf Pitching Wedge Drill Entwicklung Ihres Anstellwinkels Approach

Hier ist ein Übungs­tipp, der Ihnen hilft, Ihr Gefühl mit dem Wedge bes­ser zu ver­ste­hen. Wenn Ihnen die­se Übung gefällt, tei­len Sie sie bit­te und abon­nie­ren Sie mei­nen Kanal. Sie kön­nen sich die kom­plet­te Pit­ching-Serie auf malas​ka​golf​.com ansehen

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7 thought on “Malaska Golf // Pitching Wedge Drill – Entwicklung Ihres Anstellwinkels”

  1. I am pret­ty hap­py to have come across your You­Tube vide­os. I have play­ed for over 50 years, have read Ernest Jones’ book and tried to put it into prac­ti­ce, unsuc­cess­ful­ly, and have strug­gled, unsuc­cess­ful­ly, to stop com­ing over the top for most of my play­ing time. Every now and then,with a con­scious effort, I could play a round hit­ting with an uncom­pli­ca­ted swing, akin to my prac­ti­ce swing, but that hap­pen­ed rare­ly. Your vide­os are won­der­ful­ly simp­le and short, and get to the nub of the issue, with a cla­ri­ty I had never seen befo­re. Congra­tu­la­ti­ons and thanks.

  2. Having your hips and shoul­ders for­ward cau­se your weight is shifted, can that cau­se a wedge with lots of boun­ce and a wide sole to catch at the back edge almost like the club is begin­ning to swing upward? I’ve got a crisp green line 1/4 on the back edge of my wedge. When that back edge cat­ches it act like a chunk shot but it’s not.

  3. Mike, can you exp­lain swing pla­ne and club face ang­le in pit­ching? To enga­ge the boun­ce with a SW does the club face and pla­ne dif­fer from a full swing? Thank you!

  4. yes, it hap­pens qui­te often to me on cour­se about 50 yards, always hit the ground first and the ball went about 25–30 yards, real­ly ruin the game and feeling.

  5. Hey Mike, can you do a video on how to hit a low/driving wedge shot. One whe­re you can keep the tra­jec­to­ry down and con­trol the distance. Thank you for put­ting out this content!!

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