Mario Golf Switch! Nintendo Direct Februar 2021 – Irgendwie lustige Live-Reaktionen

Mario Golf Switch Nintendo Direct Februar 2021 Irgendwie lustige Live Reaktionen analysis

Wir reagie­ren auf die ers­te voll­stän­di­ge Nin­ten­do Direct seit 532 Tagen, ein­schließ­lich Mario Golf Super Rush, Spla­toon 3, Pro­ject Tri­ang­le Stre­te­gy, Zel­da Sky­ward Sword HD und mehr. Abon­nie­ren! http://​www​.you​tube​.com/​k​i​n​d​a​f​u​n​n​y​g​a​m​e​s​?​s​u​b​_​c​o​n​f​i​r​m​a​t​i​o​n=1 Unter­stüt­zen Sie uns und erhal­ten Sie die Shows früh­zei­tig hier! http://​www​.patre​on​.com/​k​i​n​d​a​f​u​n​n​y​g​a​mes Schau­en Sie sich unse­ren Shop an! http://​www​.kin​d​a​fun​ny​.com/​s​t​ore Fol­gen Sie uns auf Twit­ter! Bles­sing – http://​www​.twit​ter​.com/​B​l​e​s​s​i​n​gJr Tim – http://​www​.twit​ter​.com/​T​i​m​G​e​t​tys Greg – http://​www​.twit​ter​.com/​G​a​m​e​O​v​e​r​G​r​e​ggy Irgend­wie lus­tig – http://www.twitter. com/KindaFunnyVids Jeden Tag spre­chen Greg Mil­ler, Bles­sing Adeoye Jr. und Tim Get­tys über die größ­ten Geschich­ten in Video­spie­len. Hin­ter­grund­wand­kunst von Orio­to – https://​www​.face​book​.com/​O​r​i​o​t​o​P​o​s​t​e​rs/

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370 thought on “Mario Golf Switch! Nintendo Direct Februar 2021 – Irgendwie lustige Live-Reaktionen”

  1. No Metro­id Prime Tri­lo­gy HD
    No Sora in Smash
    No Crash Band­icoot in Smash
    No New 2D Mario
    No Mario Kart 9
    No Bayo­net­ta 3


    1. @Jo mama I mean it is up to you as to whe­ther or not it is worth it. Defi­ni­te­ly was to me. That’s the point of the diver­si­ty, and it was a remake, so it would never have been “as ori­gi­nal” as the com­ple­te­ly new BoTW, which isn’t that ori­gi­nal see­ing as how it was an ite­ra­ti­on on Sky­ward Sword. 

      ~5 mil­li­on copies makes it the 15th best sel­ling game on switch. So not real­ly true that it didn’t sell that well. Not a sys­tem sel­ler, but not some­thing to snee­ze at either.

    1. @SubjectiveObserver Not so much. I just meant it as in the­re are over­all bet­ter cha­rac­ters in XC2 to pick from. Pyra is real­ly just wai­fu bait. Lol.

    2. @MrDubya I think they focus on intro­du­cing inte­res­ting mecha­nics with new cha­rac­ters, and wai­fu bait is a bonus, so Pyra seems like an obvious choice.

    3. @MrDubya Uh, they weren’t going to pick anyo­ne other than the main cha­rac­ters. Anyo­ne who thought that was kid­ding them­sel­ves. In any case, Pyra does­n’t suck: she’s clear­ly used for dama­ge and kill shots while Mythra is used for com­bos and speed. It’s pret­ty obviousl

    4. @SubjectiveObserver Rex and Pyra/Mythra are the main cha­rac­ters of the game. They are not ‘only wai­fu bait’…in any case, it would be pret­ty stu­pid to pick any of the other cha­rac­ters over them con­si­de­ring 1. peop­le would­n’t know them, and 2. they would­n’t have that mecha­nic. Also a lot of peop­le have wan­ted them in the game sin­ce it came out in Japan and the US.

    5. @sj4iy I know why they’­re being used. I meant that they’­re shit cha­rac­ters, in gene­ral. They’­re just wai­fu bait in XC2. Lol.

  2. I’m actual­ly a litt­le worried that this Mario Golf loo­ks too light on con­tent. Hope­ful­ly there’s lots of cour­ses and the “sto­ry” does a bit more than the last Mario Tennis.

    1. When Andy said the­re was a “lot of” green I laug­hed. Like you do know what golf cour­ses look like right? It was a tease and I’m sure we’re going to get more. Peop­le want ever­ything to be in a trailer.

  3. I was so disap­poin­ted by this. May­be I’ll get Mario Golf if the reviews are good, but bes­i­des that the­re was not­hing here that I want. Can’t belie­ve how they hand­led Breath of the Wild 2. In other words, my wal­let loved it.

  4. Per­so­nal­ly for me Nin­ten­do games just don’t do it for me. For instance Mario Kart the­re not alot of depth just racing. Obvious­ly a bit dif­fe­rent but games like NFS have a sto­ry mode, chal­len­ges, cus­to­miz­a­ti­on. Think they need to go down the Rat­chet and Clank, Lego game rou­te. Just a bit more to it.

  5. I real­ly don’t under­stand this enthu­si­asm and hype. Shaking? For Mario Golf? They slap Mario on ever­ything. Neit­her of the other con­so­les would get away with having so litt­le to offer yet peop­le are chee­ring to the hea­vens for such a medi­o­c­re showing. What’s this hold Nin­ten­do has on people?

    1. I don’t deny they slap Mario on ever­ything but some of the older Mario sports games are fun as hell. Ten­nis on 64, Stri­kers and Slug­gers and Toads­tool Tour on Game­cu­be, etc.

    2. @Artorias Of The Abyss Fun for half an hour maybe. 

      If EA or Ubi­soft made this, the­re would com­ple­te dis­in­te­rest or pos­si­b­ly even backlash.

  6. Even the things that are inte­res­ting are way out into 2021 or 2022. Haven’t touched my switch in a long time and now I don’t see that changing…

    1. I would­n’t go that far, but no Prime Tri­lo­gy port is down­right pathe­tic. How do they expect to make money on the fran­chise if they never port to to their suc­cess­ful sys­tems with a bunch of fanfare?

    2. @SensaiChill Haha. They did­n’t disap­pe­ar for 18 mon­ths. They just did­n’t have “stan­dard directs.” Things like Paper Mario, Pik­min 3, and Hyru­le War­ri­ors were all released without being men­tio­ned in a Nin­ten­do Direct. Peop­le are frea­king weird. It’s a trai­ler show in Febru­a­ry. What the hell did you expect? If anyo­ne was expec­ting BOTW 2 news or Prime 4 news in a Feb Direct then they were asking to be disappointed.

    1. @Joshua Bar­nett well,tbf they said they were most­ly covering exis­ting games.I bet they saving the Zel­da and don­key Kong for their anni­ver­s­a­ry and the big­ger games near e3

  7. Sky­ward Sword HD, more HD-2D good­ness, Mario Golf, No More Heroes, Worlds ends club and ファミコン探偵 com­ing back?? I’m excited!

  8. What a bru­tal direct…lame smash cha­rac­ter, Mario golf loo­ks average com­pa­red to the ver­si­ons befo­re it, Spla­toon is the game that gets ano­t­her sequel, not­hing updating prime 4, and sky­ward sword only get­ting a remake. Only saving grace is fall guys

  9. This was an A+ Direct for me. I get that that appears to be a con­tro­ver­si­al take, but the­re are at least ten defi­ni­te buys from me in this Direct and ano­t­her five to ten I’ll pro­bab­ly check that outs. Also Pyra/Mythra was one of my only remai­ning Smash wants and I never thought it would happen.

    1. Yeah, i think I have very dif­fe­rent tas­tes than the KFG crew. The Fami­com Detec­ti­ve Games look gre­at (did­n’t know about them). Mario Golf is a must buy for me. I’ve been wai­t­ing for it. I never play­ed Sky­ward Sword, so I’m exci­ted by it. I also think the­re seems to be a lot of revi­sio­nist hate for it (it was well-review­ed). Pro­ject Tri­ang­le Stra­te­gy is a must-buy. My son is exci­ted for Fall Guys. Also, it’s a Feb. direct. I expect that we’ll get a June/E3 direct that will have more. Nin­ten­do noto­rious­ly plays their cards clo­se to their chest.

  10. Smash fans: “Why isn’t it doom guy”😭😭😭
    Me: “I’ve been wai­t­ing this!… I expec­ted you too, Rex.”🤔
    Serious­ly though, I’ve put a pin in get­ting Smash until the XBC2 cha­rac­ters hit. I knew it was inevitable
    XBC2 is my favo­ri­te Switch game, even more than Breath of the Wild.

  11. I loved this direct. While the gene­ral con­sen­sus on Pyra and Mythra is pret­ty poor, I’m abso­lute­ly ecsta­tic about their addi­ti­on as Rex & Pyra were my most wan­ted cha­rac­ter. It sucks to see that peop­le are rela­tively nega­ti­ve towards their inclu­si­on, but it seems a lot of peop­le expect the smash new­co­mers to be mas­si­ve third par­ty cha­rac­ters. It see­med kind of obvious to me that it wasn’t going to be a mas­si­ve third par­ty icon on a ran­dom Wed­nes­day in Febru­a­ry, but that’s just my opi­ni­on. Mario Goof loo­ks real­ly cool, I think Nin­ten­do could have a huge suc­cess on their hands if they can mar­ket it right. Tri­ang­le Stra­te­gy loo­ks like bet­ter Octopath, so I’m sure that it’ll be ama­zing. No More Heroes 3 should be a blast, espe­cial­ly if the rest of the game keeps the gene­ral vibe that the trai­ler had. Final­ly, Spla­toon 3. I love the Spla­toon seri­es, so this is abso­lute­ly a knock­out reve­al for me. The “Cha­os” set­ting from the final splat­fest should pro­vi­de for an inte­res­ting sto­ry, and the new bow wea­pon loo­ks like a blast! Easi­ly a 10/10 direct, imo.

    1. No More Heroes was­n’t an announ­ce­ment though. In fact, it was bad news. The game was sche­du­led to release last year and they con­fir­med it’s com­ing out in August of 2021… lol.

    2. @AREAlhero You’­re kin­da mis­sing the point here. I total­ly under­stand No More Heroes get­ting delay­ed and I never for a second thought it would hit its ori­gi­nal release date, and they def should delay it until it’s rea­dy. I’m just say­ing, I don’t under­stand peop­le being hyped about it showing up in this direct when it’s not a new game and the only announ­ce­ment is an announ­ce­ment of a delay. That’s bad news, not good news.

  12. I get why peop­le are disap­poin­ted but Mario Golf and pro­ject Tri­ang­le Stra­te­gy lea­ve me bea­ming with joy that I’m so happy!

    1. I know. I think what the dif­fe­rence bet­ween Nin­ten­do “top tier” games and ps/Xbox “top tier” is that Nin­ten­do can con­ti­nue to adver­ti­se and sell real­ly well their “flagship” games which the others can’t do. Yes we replay games on the other con­so­les but they are pres­su­red into impro­ving frame rates and gra­phic fide­li­ty whe­re­as Nin­ten­do games are just incredi­b­ly fun and well made. I think the only way Nin­ten­do will make a gra­phi­cal­ly supe­ri­or switch pro is if they make it docked only. Mario golf had me real­ly hyped to play espe­cial­ly the free roam mode.

    1. Nin­ten­do is in the same boat as Xbox. None of their stuff is rea­dy. They do have a lot in deve­lo­p­ment, just none of it will likely ship this year.

    2. @Levi Gard­ner well, tbf they did say most covering alrea­dy exis­ting games. I belie­ve saving big announ­ce­ments for e3 and for Zel­da and don­key Kong anniversaries

  13. 1. I think the expec­ta­ti­ons for Smash are too high. It’s hard for Saku­rai to go over to Sony and Micro­soft to ask for cha­rac­ters in his game. Pyra was a safe bet for Smash and I’m sure ple­nty of peop­le are hap­py about her inclusion.

    2. Yeah over­all this Direct was not good. Disap­point­ment for tho­se wai­t­ing for BOTW2, a Spla­toon game that’s 2 years away, and ANOTHER Mario Golf game that coul­d’­ve easi­ly been Mario Strikers.

    1. @Shiny Tur­key And big enough dif­fe­rence for Nin­ten­do them­sel­ves to address it at the start of this pre­sen­ta­ti­on and for it to trend on twitter.

    2. @Badalight But why does it mat­ter what type of com­mer­cial they announ­ce the games in, it makes no dif­fe­rence to the final product.

    3. Also for the record I’m not try­ing to hate on anyo­ne or their opi­ni­on, I just find it a hard time try­ing to under­stand why it mat­ters to begin with.

  14. Fami­com detec­ti­ve was the high­light of the ent­i­re direct. Play­ed the second game for super fami­com Eng­lish patched and the game was awe­so­me. Would’ve lik­ed for it to have a phy­si­cal copy but wha­te­ver, the rest of the direct was meh

  15. Very under­whel­ming, I appre­cia­te the new xen­ob­la­de repre­sen­ta­ti­on. I’m exci­ted for Neon White, and Pro­ject tri­ang­le stra­te­gy. Other than that I’m disap­poin­ted. I never play­ed sky­ward sword so I appre­cia­te the hd remas­ter, if I ever deci­de I want to get into the Zel­da series.

  16. $60 for Sky­ward sword seems a bit high espe­cial­ly becau­se almost not­hing was done to the port.

    Edit: The defence for 1 old game @ $60 while igno­ring the same com­pa­ny just last year released a 3 game all star collec­tion @ $60 in one packa­ge is real­ly something.

    1. Por­ting actual­ly takes a fuck ton of work, in some cases as much as deve­lo­ping a game from scratch. Non-deve­lo­pers try­ing to add pri­ce tags to the out­puts of deve­lo­pers is comi­c­al honestly.

    2. @AREAlhero in some cases it defi­ni­te­ly does take a ton of effort but we will never know if that’s the case here. Por­ting difficulty/effort is a case by case situation.

      My sus­pi­ci­on is, the worst sel­ling of all 3D Zel­da games pro­bab­ly did not get a “fu*k ton” of effort & money put into por­ting it BUT I’d be hap­py to learn otherwise.

    3. @jlindsa it’s actual­ly pret­ty easy to tell here: por­ting moti­on con­trols from one con­so­le to ano­t­her, espe­cial­ly when the con­so­les have ent­i­re­ly dif­fe­rent inter­nal approa­ches to how moti­on is event tur­ned into an input and way dif­fe­rent OSes, is signi­fi­cant­ly more work most other ports whe­re that isn’t a fac­tor. On top of that, adding in an ent­i­re moti­on­less input method into an exis­ting game that never accoun­ted for it is also an obs­ce­ne amount of work

    1. @Clary C. lol serious­ly but also I didn’t play the game when it came out becau­se I was bey­ond tur­ning my Wii on at that point. And the new Joy­cons along with not nee­ding to play with moti­on con­trols and the upgrade in gra­phics makes it worth play­ing in 2021 for me per­so­nal­ly. I know they were laug­hing at the who­le “if you lik­ed BOTW you’ll like that this game too had a stami­na wheel and para­gli­der” lol

  17. Wow. I now feel weird for loving this 🙁 I have like 10 games I want from now till June. My Ps5 is sit­ting the­re until June for Rat­chet. Ah well. Cant plea­se everyone

    1. @Kenny John­son At what point do they stop being excep­ti­ons and start being the norm? Zel­da games. Mario Games. Smash bro­thers. Metro­id games. Bayo­net­ta games. Spla­toon games… that’s a huge por­ti­on of their catalogue.

    2. @Badalight I dont think you were here to lis­ten to his rea­sons it seems you­re try­ing to sho­ve your opi­ni­ons down his throat

    1. I mis­sed that … kin­da annoy­ed with a lot of their nega­ti­ve reac­tions so star­ted skim­ming. For MHR all I can say as MHW was my first MH game and I REALLY wan­ted to get into it but couldn’t in the demo. Trai­lers for mhr loo­ked fas­ter paced. Tried demo and this one grab­bed me. Total­ly feels dif­fe­rent and bet­ter (for me). The dogs are gre­at with less down­ti­me and the com­bos felt ama­zing … I actual­ly loved slow wea­pons like the horn and ham­mer. Pre orde­red. Even I noti­ced the new stuff and Qol chan­ges and I bare­ly play­ed mhw! Ive heard tons of mhw fans say there’s so much new stuff. Smh 

      So hyped to final­ly get into the series.

  18. Spla­toon is a gre­at game but if no one is online to play, its basi­cal­ly useless. I tru­ly hope they con­si­der, free-to-play or some­thing that lowers the bar­ri­er to entry.

    1. There’s ple­nty of peop­le to play with, I don’t know whe­re you come up with this no one online to play. Free to play is a ter­ri­ble idea, as tha­t’d give them an excu­se to fill the game with micro­tran­sac­tions and DLC to pay for! It’s far bet­ter sup­por­ted than the typi­cal annu­al relea­ses in Call of Duty and so on.

  19. Can that quo­te plea­se be on the Sky­ward Sword remas­te­red box art “Sky­ward Sword it’s not Breath of the Wild but plea­se give it a chance”.

  20. I tru­ly don’t get the hate. Sky­ward Sword is an excel­lent game that actual­ly had good moti­on con­trols, unli­ke almost every other game that’s ever tried to use them. They say they are going to be more accu­ra­te than Wii moti­on con­trols, and they even are pro­vi­ding an alter­na­ti­ve con­trol sche­me for the peop­le who wron­gly cling to the idea they were bad in the ori­gi­nal. Not your thing, sure I get that, but they lar­ge­ly worked and not you don’t have to even use them. So what’s not to like? This Zel­da has one of the best sto­ries of any Zel­da tit­le, and mea­ning­ful cha­rac­ter rela­ti­ons­hips unli­ke so many. So what if it’s line­ar (like pret­ty well all the 3d Zelda’s pre botw). My only real gri­pes were Fi being annoy­ing at times (which they may have updated), and the fact we have to fight the impr­i­son­ed 3 times. They did­n’t refe­rence the Zel­da 35th at all which tells me this won’t be it.

    1. @walkley Did it though? The best 1 to 1 moti­on con­trols I tried were play­sta­ti­on Move. They had this gre­at ping pong game whe­re you could manu­al­ly do pre­cise trick shots with your own skill with the padd­le and the game phy­sics. Very addic­ti­ve to jugg­le the ball and put extre­me spin on it. I remem­ber doing some cra­zy “cur­ve the bul­let” tricks around the opponent’s padd­le and still land whe­re I wan­ted it on the table.

    2. @SubjectiveObserver The con­trols were gre­at, the only thing that was a bother was having to reca­li­bra­te. But from my expe­ri­ence (which is only mine and fair) was if you had your Wii/TV/Sensor all set up cor­rect­ly it worked as advertised.

    1. 2D Mario, 3D Mario, 3D World Style Mario, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, 2D Metro­id, 3D Metro­id, Mario Par­ty, 2D Zel­da, 3D Zel­da, Mul­ti­play­er Zel­da, F‑Zero, Star Fox, Fire Emblem, 2D Yoshi, Punch-Out, 2D Don­key Kong, Bayo­net­ta (if you count it), ARMS, Clas­sic Paper Mario, Mario Golf, Mario Ten­nis, Mario Stri­kers, 2D Wario, Wave Race, Kid Ica­rus, Luigi’s Man­si­on, Gol­den Sun, Advan­ce Wars, Pokemon.….…the list goes on. 

      How peop­le say I don’t play enough becau­se I’m not into Ani­mal Cros­sing, Xen­ob­la­de, Kir­by, and Pik­min I will never under­stand. ‑Tim

    2. @Kinda Fun­ny Games Thanks for the ans­wer and clea­ring things up Tim! Also it’s pro­bab­ly becau­se tho­se games are pret­ty dif­fe­rent from the others or hard­core Nin­ten­do fans just thin­king you should be a fan of every long stan­ding seri­es for gate kee­ping purposes.

  21. I under­stand some peop­le are disap­poin­ted but it feels like you guys are acting as if the­se are the only games com­ing out this year. I feel like this hap­pens all the time with Directs: peop­le get over­ly exci­ted -> the Direct hap­pens -> peop­le get disap­poin­ted and just DECLARE it as a BAD direct. Directs are pret­ty much just trai­ler sli­de­shows. You’­re gon­na like some stuff and you’­re gon­na not care about other stuff, that’s how it goes. Nin­ten­do will make a ton of money out of all the­se big games so from that ang­le… the Direct can be con­si­de­red a good one sin­ce it will most likely accom­plish its goal.

    1. @Valen Savaglio I guess peop­le were expec­ting the switch pro and all tho­se big rumors to show like don­key Kong anni­ver­s­a­ry and Zel­da anni­ver­s­a­ry games.but I think they saving them big games for e3 type show and when their anni­ver­s­a­ry launches

    1. Right … he’s always so nega­ti­ve when it’s some­thing he doesn’t want lol. I was always hope­ful­ly from way back when ulti­ma­te was announ­ced and saku­rai said real­ly wan­ted x2 in it but was too late. Having Rex as a mii always made me hope they’d get in with some sort if swit­ching mecha­nic … sooo hap­py! Enjoy when the get here next month!

    2. @Prime Metro­id that gave me faith but the Mii cha­rac­ter had me worried. I think the girls are more inte­res­ting. Very exci­ted as well.

  22. The­re real­ly was not­hing for me here (would get Sky­ward Sword to replay if I was bored but..).

    But as a JRPG Fan I won’t com­p­lain. Even though most of the tit­les never show up in Directs, the Switch is a JRPG machi­ne and my back­log is so huge that I would­n’t even need any new games this year and would still be occu­p­ied. In that sen­se, I don’t feel peop­le who say their Switch has been collec­ting dust.

    As for Breath of the Wild 2… sure, I would have pre­fer­red to see some­thing new too, but I appre­cia­te the trans­pa­ren­cy. Ever­yo­ne flip­ped their tables when they did some­thing simi­lar in 2015 with the ori­gi­nal Breath of the Wild, but we all know the end result is argu­ab­ly one of the best games of all time, so I’d rather wait on this obvious­ly very talen­ted team to get the game to a sta­te whe­re they wan­na show it than rush them and get a sub­par sequel. The Zel­da Team real­ly is the only team in Nin­ten­do (asi­de from Mono­lith, but they aren’t tech­ni­cal­ly Nin­ten­do) i trust 100% to not fuck up. They will put out a phe­no­me­nal game even­tual­ly, I am 100% posi­ti­ve. When? I don’t care. It’s com­ing out when it’s ready.

    (Also low key think they might be with­hol­ding news on this for the even­tu­al Switch Pro reveal.)

    1. @Artorias Of The Abyss Rai­ders of the Lost Ark and The Last Cru­sa­de (1 and 3) are the best ones. You can skip Temp­le of Doom (2). Rai­ders is often con­si­de­red one the best movies ever made.

    2. @Joe D it’s OK to have a nar­row broad­band of per­spec­ti­ves… … not ever­yo­ne has to have play­ed ever­ything you have heard of. Yes he’s a “influ­en­cer” but he’s also INDEPENDANT aka, he does­n’t have any obli­ga­ti­on to play anything…

  23. I real­ly thought for a second Nin­ten­do was releasing a sin­gle-play­er, post-apo­ca­lyp­tic, nar­ra­ti­ve-dri­ven Spla­toon spin-off and I am DEVASTATED that isn’t the case.

    1. Has­n’t Spla­toon always been post-apo­ca­lyp­tic? I mean, the only sur­vi­ving mam­mals are an irra­dia­ted cat and its clone 😂

    2. I mean, it is going to have a sin­gle-play­er, post-apo­ca­lyp­tic, nar­ra­ti­ve-dri­ven mode. It’s not the going to be the ent­i­re game, but it’ll still be there.

  24. Appre­cia­te the live stream com­men­ta­ry. I star­ted watching this solo and kept asking mys­elf… is this real­ly what they put a Direct tog­e­ther for?

  25. I’m not real­ly disap­poin­ted in what we got, I’m more disap­poin­ted in what we did­n’t get after a year and a half of no main nin­ten­do directs. I’m hoping we get a Poke­mon direct next week/week after. Also the fact that they said more news for zel­da later this year I feel like we’ll get that infor­ma­ti­on in a summer/E3 direct.

  26. I can’t belie­ve that dod­ge­ball game intro­du­ced their cha­rac­ters with vast­ly more inte­res­ting and diver­se cha­rac­ters lol

    1. I don’t under­stand why ever­yo­ne got thrown off by that. Tho­se first cha­rac­ters were clear­ly deli­ber­ate­ly gene­ric and boring. They were gene­ric video game arche­ty­pes like they use in tv com­mer­cials for retail stores. It was set­ting up for the reve­al that you’­re play­ing a benign game of dod­ge­ball in an exci­ting video game format.

      I’m not say­ing I like the actu­al cha­rac­ters in the game, but every reac­tion video I’ve wat­ched has misun­ders­tood and assu­med the gene­ric orc and foot­ball play­er would be opti­ons in the game… Like really?

    2. @SubjectiveObserver I thought it was going to be tongue-in-cheek sati­re of a game. The inter­view style ope­ning kin­da sug­gested that too. Even though the designs were gene­ric they did have a lot of ran­ge, like the 2d pixel princess fai­ry thing. Ins­tead it loo­ks like even more gene­ric ava­tars are in the game.

    3. @Ron Again, that was­n’t the point. Tho­se cha­rac­ters were arche­ty­pes that repre­sent EXCITING video games. Shoo­ters, fan­ta­sy, pro­fes­sio­nal sports, be a princess. The “payoff” was that they took the mun­da­ne game of dod­ge­ball and unex­pec­ted­ly made a flas­hy video game about it. They made the first cha­rac­ters look gene­ric just to make it *super* clear that they aren’t actual­ly in the game. And yet peop­le thought “guy in tac­ti­cal gear” and “green mmo orc” would be options.

      I’m not even defen­ding this crap! I just don’t get how peop­le were con­fu­sed by the con­cept of the com­mer­cial. Ads have used the “inter­view game arche­ty­pes” a hund­red times before.

      Of cour­se the real cha­rac­ters look bad. It’s a game about fuck­ing dod­ge­ball. I’m impres­sed they had the bud­get to finish it… Wha­te­ver. I ran­ted so I feel bet­ter now.

    1. Peop­le wri­te it off as some gene­ric JRPG when in rea­li­ty it’s a fckin mas­ter­pie­ce up the­re with some of the all time greats

    2. I pre­fer­red XC2 and I know a lot who did. To each their own. Some things and some sto­ry ele­ments were bet­ter in xc1 but over­all XC2 is one of my fav games ever.

    1. Total­ly agree. As long as it isn’t as shal­low as Octopath was, I’m all in. I love the art style, and music is incredi­ble. Just give me solid game­play, and a good sto­ry, and it’s a 10 for me.

  27. Man mons­ter hun­ter is so misun­ders­tood, and cri­mi­nal­ly under­ra­ted. Bet­ween Kevin say­ing, “It’s like Mons­ter hun­ter World but less, right?”, Andy say­ing, “ever­ything just loo­ks the same.” and the count­less peop­le that are still on the fence or don’t care to give the seri­es a shot becau­se of misconceptions.

    It just makes me sad how litt­le exci­te­ment this seri­es gets out­side of the hard­core fan­ba­se. It real­ly is one of the best long run­ning game seri­es out there.

    1. @Joe D Let’s not jump too far ahead of our­sel­ves. MHW is nea­ring 17 mil­li­on copies sold, as of 2021 Q1. I per­so­nal­ly wouldnt infla­te tho­se num­bers with the exspan­si­on. And MHRi­se isnt yet in the hands of players. 

      I feel the suc­cess of MHW has only ear­ned Cap­com alot more main­stream appre­cia­ti­on for MH:World, not real­ly the seri­es as a who­le. World brought in many new­co­mers, but the­res still a lack of accep­t­ance and hesi­tancy for games out­side of MHW. Just take tho­se 2 Kind­of­Fun­ny quo­tes as example. 

      Peop­le seem to view rise as a les­ser game to world, that is basi­cal­ly just ano­t­her one of tho­se clas­sic 3ds games that they didnt care for. 

      I feel Its going to take a few more suc­cess­ful Mons­ter Hun­ter tit­les across the hand­helds and home­con­so­les befo­re I feel the seri­es as a who­le is wide­ly accepted.

    2. @TomOfAllTrades91 I’m com­ple­te­ly fine with peop­le not being exci­ted for a game they don’t care about. All I’m say­ing is that I don’t think mons­ter hun­ter is get­ting the reco­gni­ti­on that I feel it is capa­ble of having, becau­se its held back by mis­con­cep­ti­ons of the hand­held tit­les and seri­es as a who­le. I’m not bla­ming gamers or cal­ling them out for not being hyped enough. It has more to do with the fact that Mons­ter Hun­ter has more work to in con­vin­cing play­ers its worth their time.

      Even with MHW’s suc­cess, It’s still rela­tively new to the wes­tern mar­ket. Its about get­ting peop­le on board that are on the fence about taking that first step into MH or encou­ra­ging peop­le to try it that assu­me its not for them. I just think it needs more big suc­ces­ses over time to encou­ra­ge more peop­le to give it a shot.

  28. It was­n’t a ter­ri­ble direct, but it just reaf­firms to me why I most­ly play on Play­Sta­ti­on and bare­ly touch my Switch. When Nin­ten­do final­ly relea­ses games that speak to me (like Zel­da and Metro­id), then I’ll play them.

  29. What have Nin­ten­do been doing for the last 500 plus days sin­ce the last direct? More ports Nin­ten­do fai­ling to deli­ver on the pro­mi­se of only having to sup­port one plat­form and an 80 mil­li­on strong base and mini­mal 3rd par­ty sup­port. I don’t bla­me Nin­ten­do I bla­me mys­elf for thin­king Nin­ten­do would bring it after such a long hia­tus. The first 2 years of the switch were gre­at but now sad­ly they seem con­tent to coast until the next system.

    1. They released games that weren’t announ­ced in Directs. Peop­le keep acting like becau­se Nin­ten­do did­n’t have a direct for over a year that they did­n’t announ­ce or release anything. Let’s see, Super Mario 3D World, Mario 3D All­stars, Pik­min 3, Hyru­le War­ri­ors AOC, Paper Mario all released without being announ­ced in a Direct. This is a Feb direct – they aren’t going to have many bombs­hells – tho­se will be saved for E3 (tra­di­tio­nal­ly) or mid-year.

  30. So com­pa­ring Toads­tool Tour to Super Rush this is a bit of a let down. Hoping some of the other cour­ses are more Mario themed.

    Still super exci­ted for the game.

  31. Disap­poin­ted we did­n’t even get anything for Hol­low knight: Silk­Song. Espe­cial­ly after the Edge maga­zi­ne spread. Bummer

  32. Man, I dis­agree soooo much with the assess­ment. This gets Nin­ten­do back on track, and the lan­guage throughout implies a big Direct some­time around summer. 

    But like,
    • Pyra in Smash
    • Mario Golf (w/ RPG mecha­nics in campaign)
    • Pro­ject Tri­ang­le Strategy
    • SS HD w/o moti­on con­trols (HUUUUGE for hard­core Zel­da fans)
    • No More Heroes 3
    • Spla­toon 3

    For some­thing that’s not an E3 direct, this is super solid.

    1. Cool things were announ­ced but…fans are loo­king for new AAA IPs ins­tead of remakes / remasters.

      Per­so­nal­ly, I’ve accep­ted the fact that Switch is the rehash machi­ne. Not a bad thing at all cuz we’­re get­ting the best ver­si­ons of older games (can’t wait to play Sky­ward with Reven­ge­an­ce con­trols) but a lot­ta fans want new shit.

  33. Watching Greg watch Tim to see his reac­tion ins­tead of watching the Direct is the best part of this reac­tion. He’s giggling so hard when he thinks that moti­on con­trols are the only option.

  34. I gave up on Sky­ward Sword back in the day becau­se of the moti­on con­trols. This HD ver­si­on exci­tes me, but the $59.99 pri­ce tag does not.

  35. Sky­ward Sword was incredi­ble. The HD remake will iron out its flaws and a lot of peop­le that tur­ned it down the first time will be plea­s­ant­ly surprised.

  36. Nin­ten­do does­n’t even know what makes nin­ten­do good. Pret­ty sure they just lucked into a few suc­ces­ses in bet­ween deca­des of mediocrity.

    1. Yes, but most of the world isn’t. They did this for Twi­light Princess on wii too, which was mir­ro­red from the Game­Cu­be ver­si­on (the ENTIRE game).

    2. @Mike L. Link has lived many lives. Let’s just say he’s ambi­dex­trous at this point. Heck, in the first game he used both hands becau­se they mir­ro­red his left/right spri­te ani­ma­ti­ons to save memo­ry on the cartridge.

    3. @SubjectiveObserver that’s fair. He’s even right han­ded in BotW, which did­n’t use moti­on con­trols (for sword com­bat). From a Game­Spot arti­cle: Aonu­ma exp­lai­ned, “In terms of right-han­ded­ness of things, when we think about which hand Link is going to use, we think about the con­trol sche­me. With the game­pad, the but­tons you’ll be using to swing the sword are on the right side, and thus he’s right-handed.”

  37. Andy! The­re is liter­al­ly zero input lag in over­watch on switch, may­be go turn off look smoot­hing and adjust your deadzones.

    I’ve play­ed over­watch sin­ce day one on ps4 and sin­ce I bought it on switch that has beco­me my pri­ma­ry way to play it. Alt­hough obvious­ly PC is best. 

    Still, don’t go tel­ling peop­le it has input lag becau­se it doesn’t.

  38. The second Tim rea­li­zed Xen­ob­la­de was in Smash I knew this was going to be a kil­ler Direct.

    I’m exci­ted for Mario Golf but NMH3 loo­ked rough. Con­si­de­ring they show­ed off Switch games releasing in 2022 then Switch Pro defi­ni­te­ly isn’t this year.

    Nin­ten­do bet­ter not pho­ne it in the­se next 15 ‑18 mon­ths. Hoping the Sum­mer Direct is stronger.

  39. Anyo­ne who’s dis­sa­tis­fied is nuts. A gre­at showing for them. Even more third par­ty sup­port reve­a­led, first par­ty of cour­se, and they go back to that solid release every mon­th till august sche­du­le like they’ve been try­ing to main­tain sin­ce 2017. And sans Spla­toon 3, which is awe­so­me that they’re actual­ly sup­por­ting the hell out of a newer IP like they have with that one, most of the­se are com­ing out by August and by then they will have coas­ted to 100 Mil­li­on being that the PS5 and Seri­es X have had such half baked laun­ches. And I’d ima­gi­ne they will steam­roll Halo and Horizon/God of War when they announ­ce Zel­da com­ing in Novem­ber or Decem­ber (I’m sure age of cala­mi­ty 2nd DLC will prime peop­le for the BOTW sequel). And that’s of cour­se lea­ving out almost that last quar­ter open for relea­ses that we don’t know about yet.

    1. @Major West well,the big ones for me were the jrpg/rpg,Ninja Gai­den and cap­com collec­tion announ­ce­ments. But they defi­ni­te­ly wai­t­ing for Zel­da and don­key Kong for their anniversarys

  40. Hey good evening just wat­ched video it was gre­at. Wan­na be best­friend y’all got to ask for a mon­th off for that Mario golf tour­na­ment and marathon

  41. If I was able to sup­port tbe patre­on to ask a ques­ti­on on tomorrow’s Games Dai­ly it would be this:

    “I obvious­ly under­stand peop­le being let down over not get­ting their dream announ­ce­ments. Not­hing wrong with being a bit bum­med out, or not inte­res­ted in much they had to show today.

    My ques­ti­on is this. Do you think it would be for the best to have cra­zy hype-level announ­ce­ments, only for the game/project announ­ced to be two, three, or more years away? While I per­so­nal­ly pre­fer­red Aonuma’s update that BOTW 2 is going steady and without issue, would moon-shot announ­ce­ments be worth the resul­ting months/years of frus­tra­ti­on at not knowing when the game was actual­ly going to come out?

    Tl;dr – Are mas­si­ve block­bus­ter announ­ce­ments worth it when the games could be years away?

    Hap­py KF has been chug­ging along during the last void of a year. Stay healthy!”

  42. My best announ­ce­ments were all the jrpg games,Ninja Gai­den and cap­com stuff.they pro­bab­ly saving Zel­da for its anni­ver­s­a­ry same as don­key Kong news

  43. Why has nin­ja gai­den guy been so pre­dic­ted for smash? I’ve seen him hyped as being for sure the next cha­rac­ter but I’ve never known why

  44. While sky­ward sword is my worst zel­da game ever I do rea­li­se that without it we wouldn’t have got­ten such a gre­at game in BOTW. Give me wind waker hd port!

  45. For me it was okay, not­hing mind­blowing, but about half of the things I would play, with legend of mana, tri­ang­le stra­te­gy and fami­com mys­te­ry as my high­lights. I also vast­ly pre­fe­re port of the last good 3d zel­da ‚to the release date of the sequel to the worst 3d zel­da (but not for 60 $).

  46. This Direct was abso­lute­ly FINE. Peop­le need to get their expec­ta­ti­ons in check, par­ti­cu­lar­ly Tim. Ple­nty of games are on their way, and the reac­tions to this just show how enti­t­led gamers are.

  47. Peop­le who think MH Rise loo­ks like World/Iceborne but less clear­ly have never play­ed MH befo­re lol. No master/grank sure but come on. This game has added so many cra­zy good things as the demo showed.

  48. It was a ok direct but giving the cir­cum­s­tan­ces it was mas­si­ve disappointment.
    But I bet the media will still call it a success

    1. @Ace Sawy­er Actual­ly we have no idea what new fea­tures or upgrades have been added. Its 5 mon­ths away I’m sure there’s more we dont know

  49. 32:00… remem­ber when Col­lin mocked the shit out of Octopath and clai­ming Switch was going to do like 25 mil­li­on hard­ware sales max. Basi­cal­ly mocking the ent­i­re launch.
    Boy was he wrong. Octo got so much love and from a tech­ni­cal per­spec­ti­ve this game look more interesting.

  50. So we just not get­ting an ori­gi­nal Mario Kart for switch? That toys to life bull­shit doesn’t count and 8 delu­xe just added some batt­le maps. Whe­re the fuck is Mario kart switch?!?!

    1. @Prospect bruh, the thing is they bar­ley give a reac­tion. You need to under­stand is that even though the­se games have come out, they are clas­sics, so hea­ring thi­er opi­ni­ons, at least get­ting some­thing insight­ful or inte­res­ting out of what they think, is the basic expec­ta­ti­ons of reactions.

    2. @SoSickRick I’m assuming you are not a Nin­ten­do fan, cau­se the­se games, even though some being brought back, are inte­res­ting to a lot of peop­le. Honest­ly get of this side of the Inter­net, the ori­gi­nals of the­se games whe­re my child­hood, and it is ing­aging to me to see the direc­tions the com­pa­ny takes with the­se game brands.

  51. The mario 35 direct did­n’t hap­pen until sep­tem­ber (I think) so a zel­da one will come. And poke­mon day is in a week so tho­se are my two big nin­ten­do fran­chi­ses. The stuff will come eventually

  52. Honest­ly I thought this direct was pret­ty good i don’t get the hate. Octopath was a big sur­pri­se but the pre­vious game was review­ed by most major out­lets and with high app­rai­sal. Zel­da was a bru­tal but honest update, fall guys is major, mario AC update loo­ks ama­zing, all the DLC gives fans stuff to wait, and spla­toon 3 i mean.… It’s SPLATOON 3. Only thing mis­sing was may­be a new silk­song trai­ler or some­thing but that was kind of expec­ted. Sure most new games are com­ing out in June but we just have to keep remem­be­ring not to dull the impact covid has still.

  53. Too soon for Spla­toon 3? When it relea­ses, the­re’ll have been a 5 year gap bet­ween games. Spla­toon 2 only came out 2 years after the first one

  54. How can anyo­ne be disap­poin­ted in this? 

    Seems to me like peop­le jum­ped strai­ght to zel­da anni­ver­s­a­ry just becau­se, the­re has been no indi­ca­ti­on of it com­ing, in fact Nin­ten­do spe­ci­fi­cal­ly did not men­ti­on it even though they announ­ced sky­ward sword,which leads me to think that, what with the ani­mal cros­sing news, they are still focu­sing on Mario’s anniversary.

    Mea­ning that wha­te­ver they have plan­ned for zel­da, it has yet to begin and sky­ward sword is not part of that at all.

  55. Inte­res­ting.… very inte­res­ting… see, stubb’s the zom­bie runs on the ori­gi­nal halo engi­ne mea­ning that… well you know.

    And PvZ runs on the frost­bi­te engi­ne… hmmmm… 

    And apex loo­ks sho­ckin­gly play­a­ble, which means that titan­fall 2 could pro­bab­ly defi­ni­te­ly run on the switch and by exten­si­on any game made wit­hin the source engi­ne inclu­ding but not limi­ted to half life 2, por­tal 2, left for deads 1 and 2 etc…

  56. Peop­le it’s to ear­ly to be get­ting news on BOTW2 but the pre­sen­ta­ti­on was mid but I’m hap­py for a lot of other peop­le get­ting what they want.

  57. Man the dis­re­spect to Sky­ward Sword is unre­al. Fan­tastic game that gets mis­jud­ged cau­se peop­le can’t look past moti­on controls.

    1. Per­so­nal­ly think the moti­on con­trols real­ly enhan­ce the game, but yeah they actual­ly gave peop­le a way to play without them and a lot of peop­le are still disap­poin­ted. It’s one of the best Zel­da games out the­re, in my opi­ni­on. Fan­tastic dun­ge­ons and a gre­at story

  58. Spla­toon 3 was legi­ti­mate­ly exci­ting (and sales wise is now a top 5 Nin­ten­do pro­per­ty) but get that this is an abso­lu­te train­w­reck if you don’t care about Spla­toon. Mario Golf was also a nice sur­pri­se and com­ing rela­tively soon. Hoping that is is just the start of the year for directs and mini directs for this year that will pad the year. Remin­der this anni­ver­s­a­ry wise this year with very pos­si­ble games: DK 40, Zel­da 35, Metro­id 35, Poké­mon 25.

  59. Ten years of replay­ing sky­ward sword and I’ve never had an issue with the con­trols. I’ll never under­stand the hate for that, I guess…

  60. Ah Tim the Nin­ten­do guy that gets pis­sed ever time a Nin­ten­do cha­rac­ter gets in smash. Time to hire a new Nin­ten­do guy lol.

  61. Why the­se sony fan­boys watch a Nin­ten­do Direct ? Pla­se stop this. Its a pain for us as for you.

    Stick to your shit­sta­ti­on please.

  62. wan­ted to watch reac­tions, but you­tube ads every 2 minu­tes stop­ped me. 9 minu­tes in alrea­dy had 4 YT ad breaks, no thnx fel­las, was­n’t a good show­ca­se any­w­ho, just wan­ted to see levels of disappointment.

  63. *Nin­ten­do Direct has a few ban­ger reveals*

    Tim: “They coul­d’­ve just drop­ped the­se ran­dom­ly on twit­ter and it woul­d’­ve been more hype.” 

    *Sur­pri­se ban­ger just announ­ced on Twitter*

    Tim: “This is some­thing they coul­d’­ve saved for a direct.”

  64. I con­ti­nue to be ama­zed at how “small” Nin­ten­do ope­ra­tes des­pi­te being a mul­ti-bil­li­on dol­lar com­pa­ny. I have not play­ed my Switch sin­ce 2019 when Lui­gis Man­si­on 3 came out.

  65. Could you ima­gi­ne play­ing this on switch bro like bro why would any­bo­dy play some switch bro look how mucky it is bro I need 60 FPS 44k for my pew pew shoo­ting shoo­ting bang bangs.

  66. I think this may be the last direct reac­tion I watch from the guys. I real­ly like a lot of the­se announ­ce­ments and they liter­al­ly found some­thing to com­p­lain about with EVERYTHING that was shown, and I real­ly don’t need that much nega­ti­vi­ty from them.

  67. I don’t real­ly play my switch much any­mo­re but I may try golf. Other than that the­re was cool stuff just not up my alley.

  68. 44:43 “Ok. Yeah. Let’s go” “🙏”
    A few mins laytar .…
    44:53 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  69. 45:14 “ok thank god”
    45:20 “oh sky­ward sword.… sigh” 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Wait… at 45:25 was than ganon­dorf laughing? 😂😂

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