Mickelson, DeChambeau unter den LIV-Golfspielern, die PGA Tour verklagen | Golf-Zentrale | Golfkanal

Mickelson DeChambeau unter den LIV Golfspielern die PGA Tour verklagen Golf Zentrale Golfkanal bryson dechambeau

Jodi Bal­sam, Pro­fes­so­rin an der NYU School of Law, erör­tert die Kar­tell­kla­ge, die Phil Mickel­son, Bry­son DeCh­am­beau und ande­re LIV-Golf­spie­ler gegen die PGA Tour ein­ge­reicht haben. #Golf­Chan­nel #Golf­Cen­tral #PGA­Tour » Abon­nie­ren Sie den Golf Chan­nel: https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​g​o​l​f​c​h​a​n​n​e​l​?​s​u​b​_​c​o​n​f​i​r​m​a​t​i​o​n=1 » Für die neu­es­ten Nach­rich­ten rund um Golf: https://​www​.golf​chan​nel​.com Mit­be­grün­der von Arnold Pal­mer und Joe Gibbs am 17. Janu­ar 1995, wur­de Golf Chan­nel 2011 Teil der NBC Sports Group und – mit dem wohl­ha­bends­ten Publi­kum im gesam­ten Fern­se­hen – steht nun fast 500 Mil­lio­nen Zuschau­ern in fast 80 Län­dern und neun Spra­chen zur Ver­fü­gung Welt. Golf Chan­nel ver­bin­det die Welt mit Golf durch eine brei­te Palet­te von digi­ta­len und Life­style-Ange­bo­ten, dar­un­ter Golf Chan­nel Mobi­le, eine umfas­sen­de App mit den neu­es­ten Schlag­zei­len, Ergeb­nis­sen und Ana­ly­sen des Golf­sports; Golf­Now, die welt­weit größ­te Online-Start­zeit-Buchungs­platt­form und Golf­platz-Tech­no­lo­gie­part­ner, die die Golf­Now Mobi­le App mit GPS-Tracking auf dem Platz, In-Round-Sco­ring und Spiel-Tracking umfasst; Revo­lu­ti­on Golf, die größ­te digi­ta­le Direkt­ver­triebs­platt­form im Golf­sport; Golf​Ad​vi​sor​.com, die welt­weit größ­te Res­sour­ce für Golf­platz­be­wer­tun­gen und Rezen­sio­nen von Gol­fern; ein nord­ame­ri­ka­ni­sches Netz­werk von Lehr­ein­rich­tun­gen der Golf Chan­nel Aca­de­my; Golf Chan­nel Am Tour, die welt­weit größ­te Ama­teur-Golf­tour; und als offi­zi­el­ler Medi­en­part­ner von St. Andrews Links, dem Home of Golf. Besu­chen Sie Golf Chan­nel: https://​www​.golf​chan​nel​.com Fin­den Sie Golf Chan­nel auf Face­book: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​G​o​l​f​C​h​a​n​n​el/ Fol­gen Sie Golf Chan­nel auf Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​g​o​l​f​c​h​a​n​nel Fol­gen Sie Golf Chan­nel auf Insta­gram: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​g​o​l​f​c​h​a​n​n​el/ Mickel­son, DeCh­am­beau unter LIV-Golf­spie­lern, die PGA Tour ver­kla­gen | Golf-Zen­tra­le | Golf­ka­nal https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​g​o​l​f​c​h​a​n​n​e​l​?​s​u​b​_​c​o​n​f​i​r​m​a​t​i​o​n=1

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69 thought on “Mickelson, DeChambeau unter den LIV-Golfspielern, die PGA Tour verklagen | Golf-Zentrale | Golfkanal”

  1. Pga tour is now offi­cial­ly the Karen tour com­pri­sed of a bunch of smug snow­flakes. They’ve expo­sed to the world how thin skin­ned, sel­fi­sh, gree­dy, eli­tist, arro­gant they are. Screw them. I hope a lot more play­ers aban­don them for the liv tour.

    1. @chuckyz2 That’s a lot of ifs. So you think Phil is play­ing well? Bet­ter go check the scores he has tur­ned in. I know, I know. Score­cards don’t mat­ter in LIV Golf.

    2. @Camaro ZL1 Guy Tiger Woods has not­hing to do with the latest pur­se incre­a­ses. He has not­hing to do with what’s going on with LIV or the anti­trust lawsu­it. If you have evi­dence other­wi­se, plea­se let me know.

    1. The PGA tour has been hiding money from it’s play­ers for years and are now under inves­ti­ga­ti­on for anti­trust vio­la­ti­ons and you think Phil and Bry­son are the gree­dy ones? 😂

  2. Golf Chan­nel can’t bite the hand that feeds them. This is why they are so one-sided in repor­ting on this sub­ject. Also why the lawsu­it is an antitrust.

  3. ♥️𝗧𝗿𝗲𝗻𝗱𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗮𝗱𝘂𝗹𝘁 𝗽𝗼𝗿𝗻 𝘃𝗶𝗱𝗲𝗼𝘀 𝗼𝗻𝗹𝘆❤️ Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusam­men die Num­mern 10 und 1. Eine warm​thhh​.Online Brü­net­te und eine ande­re Blon­di­ne. Es wäre unfairl, wenn ich 4 wäh­len würde

  4. Go liv!!! Let the play­ers go make their money.. why can a play­er for the Jack­son­vil­le jagu­ars still earn his $10m aye­ar even with 1 win.(sorry jaguars)
    If they are good enough to make it to a posi­ti­on like liv. Let them be.

  5. WHAT A BUNCH OF CRY babies!!!! so they are suing the tour that gave them ever­ything becau­se they can­not win on that tour any­mo­re!!! and btw… NOBODY from PGA is SUING LIV TOUR sin­ce they can’t play!!

    1. That makes no sen­se! Why would they sue LIV for no rea­son??? If the­se play­ers win, MOST of the top play­ers will play LIV, or I suspect PGA will reach an agree­ment with LIV to incor­po­ra­te them into the Tour.

    2. First of all the tour didn’t give them anything, they ear­ned it. Second, The Depart­ment of Jus­ti­ce is alrea­dy inves­ti­ga­ting the PGA for anti­trust vio­la­ti­ons. You clear­ly have no idea what’s going on and just sound angry

  6. Mickel­son is pur­suing this suit to divert atten­ti­on away from how bad he has sucked out on the golf cour­se ever sin­ce joi­ning LIV. I don’t ima­gi­ne peop­le want to pay money to go to an event to see him play like a 10 handicapper.

    1. @Camaro ZL1 Guy you liter­al­ly just clai­med he filed this lawsu­it becau­se he’s play­ing bad golf. Of all the bad takes I’ve heard, that’s pro­bab­ly the worst 😂

    2. Phil is suck­ing and his bills are piling up ….. he needs all the money he can get. He’s got to buy 4 man­si­ons for tho­se girls.

    1. I’m just a golf suck up. No one owns GOLF . It’s a shame how the PGA TOUR is acting. All they had to do is grant their release. Sad.

  7. And the jus­ti­ce depart­ment is doing the same, pga tour chan­ging their rules to deny and discri­mi­na­te and also deny play­ers who have ear­ned and qua­li­fied to play in the FedEx cup„ also some play­ers have life­time mem­bers­hip they are now try­ing to rene­ged that !.
    Heard Rahm is cal­ling ser­gio now.

    1. Don’t hold your breath wai­t­ing for the Jus­ti­ce Depart­ment to save the day for you. It has inves­ti­ga­ted the PGA Tour on pri­or occa­si­ons and found no wrong doing.

  8. Phil Mickel­son, what a disap­point­ment. You cho­se your new part­ner, The PGA and most of the PGA play­ers don’t won’t you, and neit­her do I, a lifel­ong PGA fan.

  9. This may give the PGA a pala­ta­ble rea­son to nego­tia­te after they had drawn such a hard line. Say what you want about the PGA tour but they have given mil­li­ons and mil­li­ons to cha­ri­ty, built an orga­niz­a­ti­on that rewards per­for­mance, and is lar­ge­ly gover­ned by the play­ers. Who’s to say the LIV tour has any stay­ing power bey­ond the Sau­di governments wil­ling­ness to throw what is basi­cal­ly fake money at this. Not sure anyo­ne would be wil­ling to spend that kind of money on some­thing in per­p­etui­ty if the­re was a rea­listic chan­ce of no posi­ti­ve return and basi­cal­ly ter­ri­ble press, which is the oppo­si­te of what they were hoping for.

  10. PGA is going to have its ass kicked.…they ope­ra­te as a mono­po­ly in regard to their play­ers. Their action is unlaw­ful. In addi­ti­on, The Golf Chan­nel is showing the­re bias as well; hence they have their head up the PGA ass.

  11. Phil Mickel­son and friends sold their souls to the Devil for cash! May the same fate await all of them, and Trump, as was done to Jamal Khash­og­gi!!! They all need to pack up and move to The midd­le east whe­re they belong!!!

  12. This is going to end bad­ly… Greg Nor­man has been try­ing to break the PGA Tour for years. He’s found a back­er and they have unli­mi­ted funds – The big­gest pro­blem is all of tho­se gol­fers are on tape say­ing they want to play less; now they are suing say­ing they want to play more. That’s neit­her here nor the­re, but it will be used to dis­credit their claims. All they had to say was I’m doing it for the money! If they tru­ly don’t think it’s bad why not tell the truth. Last­ly, they signed con­tracts with the PGA and we all know, inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors who sign con­tracts like Pro Wrest­lers (AEW, WWE) usual­ly lose tho­se anti-trust cases. I think their best bet is that injunc­tion to play in the play­offs but that anti-trust lawsu­it, they’ll (LIV Play­ers) will easi­ly lose that one.

  13. if they win how will they com­pe­te in the requi­red events if LIV golf will have 14 events next year? are they try­ing to bankrupt the PGA?

  14. Ope­ning a can of worms. This will be a mess. Per­so­nal expe­ri­ence, labor court they always find in favor of the employee.

  15. I remem­ber all the second class foot­ball leagues signing second rate play­ers to as much money as they could afford. Never worked out. This instance, Sau­di Ara­bia has ple­nty of blood money to throw at the­se anti Ame­ri­can play­ers. Phil went from being respect­ful man to ever­yo­ne in the world knowing what he’s real­ly about. Just look at the histo­ry of him and his habits. DJ too. Coke addicts arent real­ly out the­re for the inte­gri­ty of the game

  16. Its not sur­pri­sing to see Trump cult golf “fans” sup­port the Sau­dis and their new league 100%. Nobo­dy is sur­pri­sed at all…

  17. Won­der if this was Joe Biden doing this if Joe owned a golf cour­se I’m sure tucker would not be the­re and fox news would go cra­zy with blood money it’s ama­zing a bunch of hypo­cri­tes hope PGA never bring any of this play­ers back

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